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You laughed at the joke Archie told you when e does those things you feel like e has feelings for you. Then Veronica comes over with her dark raven hair and cherry red lipstick and you remember you have no chance. On queue, veronica came over calling Archie. 

“Come on Archie we need to talk”Veronica pulled Archie away before you could even say goodbye. 

You walked to class passing through the buildings secret stairs. As you passed through the door flew open Veronica and Archie coming out. You froze when they both saw you. Most couples go to these stairs since they're private. 

“Hey y/n sorry about earlier-” You cut him off want to leave them as quickly as possible.

“Archie its fine, I have to go I can be late but its fine” You left them both walking to class. The rest of the day you were mostly quiet not really wanting to speak. 

When the bell rang for your last period you walked out of class heading to the next one, Veronica was walking towards you. You tried to walk past her but she bumped you into the janitors closet. 

“Ok whats up with you, you've been acting strange even Archie noticed” You just stayed quiet. “Hello earth to y/n whats wrong with you” 

“You”You didn't know what came over you but that’s what came out of your mouth. “Well, not exactly you but… It’s nothing you know what forget it” You tried leaving the closet but Veronica blocked your path.” She stared at you for a couple seconds like if she could see inside you, 

“You like Archie” She muttered. You didn’t know how she guessed so you weren't prepared to respond. 

“Veronica I know you two are dating or whatever, im sorry and im not trying to sabotage your relationship” She scoffed while rolling her eyes. 

“Im not dating Andrews” Now you were the one confused. She noticed and continued. “ Listen Archie is my best friend and im sorry if it looked like something else”

“So does he like me” 

“Im not telling you you'll just have to figure it out yourself”She smiled leaving you alone in the closet as the bell rang.

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whats the craziest thing you've ever done

me and my sister and our friend stole a car last new years day because this guy was soooo drunk and passed out at our house and it was like 4 am and he gave is keys to our friend so we decided to go for a joy ride but the roads were covered in snow and we got like 6 blocks from my house before we saw a cop a few streets away so we high tailed it back home i guess we didnt really steal it we just borrowed it lmfao