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Hi.. I want your help.. I'm trying to find 3 stories. I think they deleted. But I really loved that stories. Please will you try to find it for me? First story is like this, I think its name is gifts of the god or something. It's about kagome is a poor school/college girl. Inuyasha is a rich man. Who marries kagome on contract base or something. For take revenge on his ex-lover kikyo, & kagome's father is a famous artist.

Marriage contract fics? I know a couple of those. Let me see if I can figure out if one is the one you are asking for. 

Marriage of Convenience for Whom? by Emilyblood Well this is a everyone is an actor fic. There is no ex-lover Kikyo cause she’s married though…

9 Months by DeletedAccountNotChangingMind I don’t remember everything about this fic. Kikyo is Inuyasha’s college friend and Kagome gets a little self conscious but no revenge to my memory. 

Human Compensation by LianaLyn Not really marriage contract more then a deal (rather blackmail) for Kagome’s father to pay up. 

College Adversity (used to be called Honey Island) by akaSky There is a contract and they are in college. 

Trust your Heart by XoXoStoryprincessXoX This one is about Inuyasha getting together with Kagome to make Kikyo jealous. 

Inevitable Impulse by BlueMoon Goddess Inuyasha is a rich man and they are on a contract to have a baby. 

Picture Perfect by JoFoxx Inuyasha is VERY rich and he does bid on a picture of her. Kikyo is also his ex. I’m not to sure about Kagome’s father being a painter I’m not sure I remember a fic with that TBH. 

Sorry I don’t really recall Kagome’s father being a painter in fics. So I’m not sure if it’s even one of these. Sorry I couldn’t be more help! 

au where transforming also makes adrien and marinette very hungry

they can be found making mug brownies and sitting on the floor eating doritos at like three am after patrol

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how to anatomy please explain i demand it

Something like this. You can add nicer hair or a beard.




You wish you could stop time and spend the rest of forever with Jaehyun.

Wrote this at 4 am listening to heaven by troye sivan on repeat, so I guess if you wanna listen to that while you read, you can. This was supposed to be 500 words and became like. 1000+ instead so. hopefully the lil anonnie who asked for it likes it. Enjoy ^^

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Nalu Week Day 7 : The End [is a New Beginning]

Extremely late Nalu week submission. 

Don’t ask me what Lucy is wearing. Can we just agree that it’s a star dress of sorts??

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△ Tara, how much of a hot body do you think Allen has? Is he hot or not?

[Before the winter event]

“W-W-W-W-What stupid questions are you even asking anon?!? I-I mean of course he’s…aaahhhh don’t you even dare asking me again?!”

[After the shipping stuff happened]

“Of course he is!! 10/10!! He’s also sweet and nice and perfect and mine!!!”

We’re The Bestest™

So, I guess it’s @stylesunchained​‘s birthday or something (although shhh, she doesn’t want to talk about it! Because at 23…).

It’s been just shy of a year since she stalked me (her words) and decided she wanted to be my friend. It was actually all a very well thought out plan, which I didn’t learn the real details of until recently (”I could tell you were a very private person, so I didn’t push” – that’s diabolical, let me tell you).

There’s nothing private anymore. Who’s sorry now?

I’m trying to get through this maintaining a casual, aloof, vaguely roasting tone, but I don’t think I’m going to succeed. ANYWAY.

 In 9 months, she’s become one of my fiercest and aggressive supporters and closest friends. She listens to me, she humors me, she lets me flip out and talk me down from the ledge, she makes sure I know that I and my feelings matter, and she also wrote me one of the very few pieces of fanfic into which I’ve been able to insert myself. AND it had smut in it, and if anyone knows how much she loves Harry, you know how much of a feat that was for her to accomplish. 

(EXCLUSIVE: footage of B writing Pretty Eyes below.)


She’s got not even half an idea how amazing she is, and it’s going to be a long struggle trying to get it in her brain, but I’m up for it, cause it won’t even measure up to a quarter of what she’s done for me (EVEN IF SHE REFUSES TO ADMIT IT). She’s kind, and funny, and loyal, and fair, and ALSO ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE EVER!? And I’m very happy to have her with me and to call her my friend. 

So, I guess it all boils down to: thanks for stalking me. 

Things that I dream about hearing during The Talk™ that will happen Later™:

  • Vex asking how long he’s felt that way about her and Percy confusedly answering “Well, since the dungeon.” and Vex going “What, in Whitestone?” and Percy, even more confused, going “No - Stillben…?”
Holy cow, 200 follower art raffle!

How  did this happen???

I’m not sure??

But boy howdy this sure does diddly darn makes me happy!!

So uh;; I guess i’m gonna try and do an art raffle??

Hopefully i don’t mess this up lol

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Raffle will end on November 20th

(I hope that’s a reasonable time)

And, Thank you!!

(And i’ll try to be more active from now on!!)

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Same anon here and for one your hot as hell like honestly holy fuck. Two you are a dark brooding type and boys like that. Three you have long hair to fiddle with and boys love to run their hands through other boys hair. Honestly your personality can use some work but other than that, you're pretty dam fine.

1. What

2. What

3. What

And rude.

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okay Joseph, you're old but you're also so CUTE. WHY

haha anyway i’d prefer ‘handsome’ to ‘cute’ 

but whatever works i guess

just… no-one tell suzie i’m getting these kinds of letters. i think she’s still mad at me.

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💉, hands

Evidence of past trauma(s)?

Oh.. looks like you touched on a sensitive topic - if the immediate appearance of perspiration, and the flash of cyan are anything to go by.

He glanced down at his left hand, and the thick slanted scar that ran the length of his palm. It looked like an old burn, a black singe over the bone that never quite healed.

He let out a heavy sigh, closing his sockets with a slump of his shoulders, fidgeting a bit uncomfortably.

‘this was.. an accident. wasn’t long after we.. started getting close, undyne and i.. ‘

He paused, rubbing at the back of his skull with his unmarked hand, leaving the other open in his lap to leave the scar visible.. though he usually kept it hidden for his sister’s sake.

‘we uh.. both had a lot of trouble sleepin’.. so it wasn’t unusual for us ta’ just.. pass out on my couch when we were hangin’ out.. i guess we felt safe nuff’ ta’ let our guard down.. when we were together like that.’ 

He averted his gaze, his jaw clicking softly.

‘one night she had a nightmare.. a really bad one. when she woke, it was like she was stuck in it.. she summoned a spear, tried ta’ fight me..’

A shadow passed over his eyelights, dimming them as his voice took on a much more somber tone.

‘ya can say i’ve had experience with stuff like that. i grabbed the point without thinkin’.. so i could push it away and reach her.. didn’t even feel the burn till’ she came ta’ her senses.. she actually noticed it before i did.’

He raised his head, his sockets narrowed, shoving both hands into his pockets - a menacing aura emitting from his hunched figure.

‘like i said, it was an accident. and my own stupid fault. so don’t ya go buggin’ my sis over it.. or i swear.. i’ll make you regret it.’

the first time we went on a date
we kissed three times
after our first kiss
I remember asking you if we could do that again
you said yes and proceeded to kiss me
you kissed me goodbye that day
you didn’t just hug me or smile at me
you kissed me goodbye
I remember kids looking our way
a vague feeling of serendipity
“it mustn’t be that bad, belonging to someone”

// “Is this a date?” “I guess it is now” //

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Can I hit you up for any bi Carisi head canons you have/ask what your preference is when it comes to Carisi being confused or confident in his sexuality? And indeed, his reaction to that conclusion?

That’s a heavy question for me, anon, because I’m bisexual myself, and sometimes I feel I’m projecting when I write Sonny (or Barba, for that matter) as bi.

(i.e. long post ahead)

I’ve said it before, I change it up when it comes to both Sonny and Barba’s sexual orientation. I don’t know that I even have a preference, frankly. Especially when it comes to my episode tags, I find it creatively interesting to work on different scenarios, just to keep it fresh. I often play with the relationship between Sonny and Barba (i.e. is it preslash, or a first time, or a fling turned into more, or a full-fledged established relationship?) but their respective orientations are also something I like to write differently.

They’re fictional characters to begin with, which means that a new SVU writer can change their orientation in an instant, plus I’m writing meta/fan fiction about them, which means this is only my interpretation and it has no bearing on canon. From my perspective, as a writer, I find it more challenging to try to write them in various iterations, just to see what changes in their characterization. I feel that allows me to illuminate different aspects of their personalities and their relationship.

Let me take a look at some of my work:

  • In the Groove Series (my longest story), Sonny is bi, he’s out and proud, and he has a super-supportive family (for reference, Barba is gay and there’s a bit of a rift between him and Lucia, at least at first).
  • In Hiding Places (my other extensive piece) Sonny is gay, and he came out as a teen, but his Staten Island friends punched him when he told them, and then he had to struggle with being forcibly outed at work when he was a uniformed cop. Even so, “this” Sonny always had happy relationships with men, and a supportive family (conversely, Barba is bi, he’s out, and he was once married to a woman, plus his major heartbreak came from Yelina choosing Alex over him).
  • In Divine Intervention, one of my angstiest stories (and the only one dealing with sexuality in such an extended capacity), both Sonny and Barba are gay, and they both had to struggle with it, in part because of their faith. Sonny’s father didn’t take it well, and he almost kicked Sonny out (he would have, if not for Sonny’s sisters), and Lucia has a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy with Rafael, and it’s all painful, except they are both at a place in their lives where they can understand and accept they have done nothing wrong, and love is love.

So yeah.

I should say that I’ve never written a “realization” story about them. A story in which they realize they’re not straight. I think that’s my own limitation if not projection, because the one constant is that they have both known they’re not straight from a younger age. Make of that what you will. spoiler alert: it’s because i knew i was bi when i was like 11 and fell in love with special agent dana scully

But to answer your question a little more specifically, when it comes to Sonny being bi, I feel that he’s young enough and open-minded enough to realize it’s not a big deal.

Problem is, it’s not uncommon for people to struggle with their own (bi)sexuality, even if they’re totally fine with the concept in abstract. Even if they totally accept other bi people. Sometimes it’s harder when it’s you, know what I mean? Sonny seems introspective, to me, and sensitive, and it’s likely that he’d be holding himself to a different standard, especially if you take his faith into account. Also, we know he’s been bullied, so maybe he did struggle with being bisexual, if not with being out. We also know he comes from a less progressive environment (his parents but also his friends, as a kid), so there’s a chance he wasn’t just struggling, but he was in denial.

But, he was also a law student in New York City (where I’m sure he met plenty of other LGBT people at least judging from my own experience studying law in the UK, lol), and again, he’s a young guy, and I’m sure he’s read the books (let’s be real, he’s definitely red the books) and he’s seen the films, and there’s a good change he’s been fine with his bisexuality from the start. I kinda love the idea of a young Sonny being totally confident in what he wants, and who he is, even if he had to keep it a “secret” at first, until he could get away from a more oppressive environment. Until he could be himself openly what did i say about projecting?

If I had a preference, I guess that would be it. That, even though it hasn’t always been easy, Sonny was able to accept himself from a young age. The alternative might be more realistic, and more painful, but this is fiction, so I’d like to think Sonny didn’t suffer too much :)

Oh wait, my other constant is that all 3 of Sonny’s sisters support him unconditionally. Always. No matter what. You can take that to the bank, anon.

also sonny is a woke bae (lol j/k) and i totally envision him speaking out against bigots in high school and being a scrawny lil’ badass

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i have news for u hotpants u got 2 registries somehow

how have i already fucked it up this badly who in their right mind would give a child to someone who can’t create an effing baby registry