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long haired yurio.

there he is!


seventeen × al1 tracklist posters


he didnt think she’d get this far

inspired by this kinda


Some more sparkly flower crown edits, this time of @kapitan5o 

Love you and your content so much! Keep being aesthetic goals dear! ❤️

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None of these strong amazing boys actually needs protecting but is that gonna stop me from trying? Is it?? (the answer is no)

Anon said: Hi! If you haven’t already answered this, would you mind listing the tags/ships you aren’t comfortable with people tagging your art with?

Ohhhhhh what an interesting ask, I’ve been thinking about how to answer since I got it and?? I’m not sure, so let’s put it like this: generally, if the art is obviously meant as platonic I’d prefer it if you didn’t use the ship tag on it, but as a general rule I don’t actually mind people tagging ships anyway? I know how this site works so if I’m really uncomfortable with the idea of it being misinterpreted as romantic I’m just not gonna post anything with those characters in it from the start

That said, sometimes people tagging ships confuses me a lot??? For example the majority of people who’ve reblogged my latest bnha comic have tagged it with the bkdk tag and? There’s nothing romantic about it?? Bakugou is literally off to kill Deku why is that romantic we just don’t know, bkdk shippers seem to have an understanding of romance completely different from mine haha

Ah, also I’ve been having people tagging my bokuro and akaken arts with the ot4 tag, even if I rarely ever draw all of them in the same place. Please don’t do that. Like. Seriously.

As for the general tags, there’s a lot of tags I don’t understand, but from there to saying I’m uncomfortable with them is a bit of a huge step… the one thing that comes to mind is people trigger-tagging Bakugou’s mom. That’s. Hm. I happen to really like that woman and my drawings depict her in a positive light always, so if people could stop that it would be very nice? That’s about it tho~

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10/10 would date (pt. 3) - spideychelle hc

https://riarkledale.tumblr.com/post/163486934074/1010-would-date-spideychelle-headcanon - part 1

https://riarkledale.tumblr.com/post/163518972984/1010-would-date-pt2-spideychelle-hc - part 2

-flash slams his fist onto the table

-and both ned and peter are shook

-flash sits down and he’s like

- “alright. spill, you dickwad.”

-peter and ned look at each other and they’re just kinda like ‘??’

- “i meant, what did you do to michelle?”

- so peter explains (while leaving out the spidey part)

- and flash is like ‘oh my fuCKING GOD, PARKER’

- and peter is once again, confused

- ‘you did all this because you got cut from the decathlon team?? dude she’s literally miserable! i’ve known her all my life and i’ve never seen her this sad. i’m giving you a day to fix it, or else.”

-ned is shook

- same, ned. same.

-who would’ve thought that flash really cared about someone other than himself

-flash is about to walk away but then he stops and he looks at peter

- “you’re clearly whipped, dude. go fix it and make her happy again.”

- peter is shooketh

- but then he yells from across the hall “PARKER IS IN LOOVVEEE.”

-and…he’s back

-so right after school, he makes it his personal mission to get his suit back from tony

-and once he’s done with some uneventful patrol

-he reaches michelle’s building

-and he’s wearing a hoodie and a pair of black sweatpants over it

-bc he kinda just realised that bright red and blue spandex isn’t exactly…inconspicous

-so he scales the buliding until he reaches the roof

-all while mumbling ‘pls be there, pls be there, pls be there’

-and she’s there


-but she’s reading so

-it gives him time to think of a cool entrance

-even though it prolly doesn’t matter but he’s peter the dweeb so

- “i was told to pick you up at 7?”

- omg this boy i swear

- mj has kinda just given up on everything

- so she sighs (over-dramatically bc that’s who she is as a person)

- and she’s like ‘what do u want, peter.’

- ok she’s talking to him at least. thats good.

-so he walks up to her and pulls off his mask

- and now he looks like her peter again

- “honestly, peter? i’m not in the mood to talk.”

- “that’s great! i mean-it’s good because you don’t have to talk, i just want you to listen. yeah.”

- ok y’all brace yourselves this is about to get real emotional and fic-like and v sappy

- “okay, i guess i kind of always knew that you knew i was spider-man in the back of my mind. and the only reason i never told you was because…bad things happen to people i love. and god, michelle, if anything happened to you, because of me, i would never forgive myself. ned and aunt may found out by accident. trust me if i had my way, no one would know. i trust you with my life, please don’t ever doubt that.”

-michelle’s kinda blank after that

-she’s trying to process everything that he just said

-and it wouldn’t hurt to forgive him, right?

- she can literally feel his nervousness

- but she gives it a few minutes bc why not amirite

- then she’s like “ok you dork i forgive you.”

- and peter is so relieved

- but also super happy

- so without any warning, he just hugs her

-and hoLY FUCK




- and when he finally pulls away, she’s like

- “you still hurt me a lot, so you owe me”

- and he starts bringing her tea every morning in school

- whenever she’s on her period, theres always a chocolate bar waiting for her in her locker

- bc of course he knows her cycle

-and he starts walking her home and telling her about all the crazy fights he’s had

- not because he wants to impress her or anything

- and when she decides that he needs her love and affection after a fight, she’d show up with a bunch of his fav snacks

- she’s sipping on her black tea

- when it hits her

- that night, when he apologised to her

- he told her that he loved her indirectly, but STILL




- but then why is she so happy !!

- and she’s in a happy mood for the rest of the day

- and lemme tell u somethin

-michelle is rarely in a happy mood

- like the kind when your mind drifts off to the source of ur happiness and you can’t stop smiling and giggling

- the one time she was in a happy mood was when flash fell into a bush

- but anyway

- during decathlon, everyone is like wtf is up w her

- flash secretly thinks she’s high

- wtf she keeps on smiling at her stupid cards

- so then after grilling them, and after cindy asks her if she’s okay,

- flash starts teasing peter about his ‘stark internship’ and asks him why he’s so obsessed w spider-man

- and peter panics

- whAT DOes HE DO

- so then she steps in

- and maybe she wasn’t really thinking when she said this

- “because i think spider-man is hot and peter’s being a jealous lil shit.”






- jedhkjdhkjsks he looks so red michelle really wants to laugh

- the whole team is ooh-ing and ahh-ing

- “i just don’t think s-spiderman is attractive.” peter manages to say

- and she looks him in the eye, “well, i do. so u better respect that you loser.”

- everyone’s kind of uninterested

- but there’s a double meaning behing what mj just said

- and peter doesn’t know how to react

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Idk i just wanted to say that my favorite things a vet can do to make me less anxious is to kind of coo over my rats and really look at them and interact with them and talk to them. Especially my blind rat bc she gets very nervous at the vetLike, treat them like a science, yes, but also the adorable little creatures and individual personalities they are. I get that theres not always time to do that but i really appreciate when people do that. So uh, i guess thats a bit of advice for future vets?

It’s good advice. It’s helpful and wise to take a moment at the beginning of each consult to green your client and your patients. You’re less likely to get bitten, and it’s kind of fun. Those two minutes of non-exam interaction are probably the whole reason we got into this profession in the first place.

markhyuck prince/servant au

mark as a prince and hyuck as his servant and….. this is like headcanons i guess 

this is way too long jesus christ good luck 2 reading </33

- ok so mark would be the most admirable prince ever because he is so hard working and modest and kind and all the girls swoon over him tbh

- hyuck is his like… personal servant kinda?? who always wakes him up and makes him his bed and all so he isn’t like too low in the hierarchy  

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  • I: For Ruki-kun, what are the differences between love and passion?
  • R: Passion is wanting to be together, to embrace each other, that sense of your desires overcoming you--those sort of things. For me, 'love' is when you live for the sake of the other person. Wanting to protect that person, save that person—a feeling that's kind of like family, I guess. A brief “I love you” kind of feeling is closer to passion. Seeing a future together, that's a feeling closer to love. For example, seeing moments when I become an old man and my partner becomes an old woman, and we're tidying up together. Even if there are some lies, it's a relationship without shame or embarrassment. I think, more so than receiving, love is about providing for and giving.

these are kind of old and kind of blurred but. 


zia: .. yeah, my dad was actually working on a wormhole generator when he.. ya know.. [clears throat] um.. anyways, he was going to try to get to sixam!! you can actually almost see sixam from here, its like.. right.. there i think!!?? 

mollie: thats so cool.. and you wanna finish it, i’m guessing?? thats why you want to be a scientist?

zia: yeah, pretty much.. my dad was pretty high up in his job, i guess.. so he basically ran the facility with another guy, his partner.. i talked to him about interning there when i get out of school, and he said if i get a 3.8 gpa or above he will offer me a paid internship!!

mollie: zia!! thats fucking awesome.. good thing you’re a genius because for me that would be near impossible [laughs]

zia: yeah.. i guess.. my grades are kind of slipping though, i’m like.. losing focus, i guess? 

mollie: you’re so smart z, you just have to motivate yourself and- oh shit, they gave me the wrong burrito ugh

zia: no worries cutie, i’ll get it for you!!


I reached a follower milestone not too long ago, so here’s a chibi crew thanking you guys!

Thank you! o(*^▽^*)o

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not only MP, now also misha said that cas will be back but we must consider there are also alternate universes, this is making me more nervous I don't want an alternate cas , all the character development and his history with dean lost, it's so upsetting :(

Yeah, I’ve had questions along this line, but I haven’t been able to really answer formally. Along these lines and also in my inbox this morning: (AN: all things in italics are other anon messages… sometimes my inbox helps me out with anons sort of answering each other… Eldritch Inbox):

Hello, i’m sorry if you answered this already, but i do have a question about a certain theory going about about the idea of an au!cas (possibly the one who got killed?) I guess i’m kind of confused about it and was wondering if you’ve either already spoken on it or can expand on the idea? thanks :)


Im worried now theyll just exchange Cas for AU cas and think thats fine because we still have the same actor. The flash did the same thing had the character leavd and brozgh the guys alernative version to stick around


While I can see them (hopefully) using AU Cas in good way for a few eps (tho it doesn’t make sense because there would be no reason for JimmyCas in the other world, but they often don’t address stuff that doesn’t make sense well) I don’t think they would decide to not bring regular Cas back. They have 2 seasons left. I don’t think they would get rid of 1 of the mains. 50% if you counted Crowley. Tho they did that with Angel and the relationship on that show in the last season. Hmm.

Okay, I really, truly 100% honestly don’t think they’re going to use AU Cas at all as a replacement for OUR Cas. If the show is going to open up more alternate realities, I can see OUR Cas (and Sam and Dean) meeting those alternate universe versions for an episode here and there, if only to MIRROR what our Cas is going through, but WHY would they bring Cas THIS FAR in his story, to the point where HE HIMSELF has developed and grown and learned SO MUCH ABOUT HIMSELF, and been prodded by practically EVERY CHARACTER EVER about WHO HE IS and WHAT HE WOULD CHOOSE TO BE if they were just gonna toss him out and bring in replacement copies with entirely different life experiences?

We don’t just love the concept of what would essentially boil down to a random character wearing Misha’s face, WE LOVE OUR CAS. Who we’ve watched struggle FOR NINE DAMN YEARS to get to this point in his understanding of humanity, his compassion, his sense of family, and his LOVE for the Winchesters… like two steps before he was ready to make some BIG FINAL CHOICES for himself… And I can’t think of ANY reason for the writers to just erase ALL of that and start over with a “blank slate” version of Cas. Honestly if that’s what they’re planning to do, I would forever be officially done with this damn show.

Talk about your Jump The Shark moments.

BUT! Considering the Cas we saw on screen looked identical to our Cas, down to the coat and tie, and the fact that the Apocalypse AU didn’t look like they had a Dillard’s, I’m assuming that we have not met a Castiel from that AU. What reason would he have for looking like Jimmy Novak in our Castiel’s outfit when AU Bobby looked the way he did, and when AU demons LOOKED like demons (not possessed humans), and when we heard AU angels were human-hating monsters too… Something tells me AU Cas would look NOTHING like Jimmy in suit and tie. It just makes no logical sense.

Even MAGIC in that AU didn’t seem to work properly. Crowley’s spell didn’t seem to be what closed the portal. It was the nephilim’s birth that closed it.

Which brings me back around to the beginning of the line (just like the structure of the episode, and the meta-ness of the title– a song that ends at the beginning…)

Kelly grabs Cas’s hand, after he’s seen the AU that the nephilim SHOWED HIM SPECIFICALLY, of what the world without the Winchesters would look like– remember in 12.09 when Cas was ADAMANT that the world needs every last Winchester? And he was willing to break cosmic-level deals to make sure the world could keep its Winchesters? To me, in this scene where Kelly needs reassurance about Castiel’s “vision of the future” the nephilim showed him, that is something that’s ALSO forefront on his mind:

Kelly: Tell me again. Tell me again what you saw.
Cas: All right. I saw… I saw (he closes his eyes and concentrates on Kelly taking his hand in 12.19, exactly as she just did now)… I saw the future. (flashback to 12.19, with the nephilim’s power flowing through Cas and lighting his eyes up gold). I saw a world without pain, or hunger, or want. I saw the world that this child– that your child– will create. And it is a world without fear, and without suffering, and without hate. I saw paradise.

As he finishes recounting the memory for her, the lights flicker and we hear the Impala pulling up outside. Like the nephilim was alerting Cas to the Winchesters’ presence.

And then Cas learns that Lucifer isn’t in the cage. He can’t even believe it at first. So that’s something the nephilim obviously didn’t bother informing him about… Dean asks Cas if he’ll be able to torch Lucifer the same way he torched Dagon, and Cas attributes that 100% to the baby (who’s a little busy being born at the moment…). But in 12.19, Cas said it was a combination of their powers… so what’s the truth?

Even as Cas tells Dean that it was only the nephilim working through him, he heals Dean in a way that is VERY DIFFERENT from every other time in history. I’m not the only one who noticed. I refer you again to my inbox:

I think it’s interesting that literally seconds after Cas tells Dean he doesn’t have the nephilim’s power at his disposal, he heals Dean’s leg with the nephilim’s gold light. It makes me wonder if Cas has some of the nephilim’s power within him that could save him. OR when Cas healed Dean, maybe that power transferred to Dean. He seemed oddly invigorated after he was healed, ya know? Like more so than usual.


Hi so when I was watching the second ep after Cas first left the alternate dimension I noticed he seemed a bit off. Do u think there’s any way that he was like possessed or something?

BECAUSE YES! HELLO! I’ve been saying that the nephilim has somehow been using Cas since 12.19. Maybe it’s not “brainwashing” or “mind control,” but I’ve been struggling to explain the nuance here. Maybe more like “infection?” or “poison?” In a similar way the Lance of Michael “poisoned” Cas in 12.12, But that’s not even right.

Like the Angel Tablet was able to direct Cas to protect it over everything else, even his relationship with the Winchesters, I think the nephilim has that kind of power over him. And that for whatever reason, he Chose Cas as his protector.

Cas also tried to prevent Sam and Dean from going out back and seeing the portal in the first place. And then he downplayed it while also being mesmerized by it. But he’s absolutely certain that Jack OPENED the door, and that he will close it too.

Cas then goes up to talk to Kelly alone, and she asks him what’s wrong… and it looks like he’s SINCERELY HAVING DOUBTS. While Dean’s downstairs telling Sam that he has faith in US… 

WE DO NOT SEE WHAT GOES DOWN BETWEEN CAS AND KELLY aside from him holding her hand AGAIN and sort of robotically saying, “Don’t worry, it will be fine. Remember, paradise.”

Did he tell her about the portal between worlds, and the horror on the other side of the doorway her child had opened? When Crowley showed up at the exact right moment, seemingly already knowing about the portal and exactly how to close it (in theory?) When Lucifer shows up out front (seemingly NOT already knowing about the portal?).

And Lucifer’s reasoning is the same as Amara’s was, and the same as Jack the Nephilim’s is– “I can do better than god, so I’m gonna burn the place down and start over to make the world just how I want it.”

Right before Cas attacks, Dean says, “See you on the other side, boys.”


The other side of the house… the other side of the portal.


I think that’s what the nephilim WANTED. And also why he waited SO LONG to close it… because Crowley’s spell was never going to work there. But the nephilim wanted Sam and Dean and CAS TOO on THIS SIDE OF THE PORTAL. I think that AU was the nephilim’s solution to shoving Luci back in the cage. To send him to a world where his vessel bloodline is extinct. A world he can’t possibly destroy any more than it’s already destroyed. He wanted an apocalypse, that’s what Jack gave him.

Cas is knocked out in front of the house. I’m sort of enamored with the idea that he’s still unconscious out there, and the Cas we saw in the rest of the episode was nothing more than a construct– an illusion sent by Jack to act as a lure, for whatever reason. Because his actions after this are a bit confusing…

Sam and Dean lead Lucifer around to the portal and then cross over to lure Luci through. Dean plays bait while Sam and Crowley work the spell (why on THAT side of the rift? Why not on the “right side”?

Sam pulls Dean away to the rift as Crowley sacrifices himself, and for some reason they just stop there? They stand around watching Crowley’s demise. YET SOME VERSION OF CAS THAT DOESN’T EVEN RESPOND TO DEAN, JUST PUSHES PAST HIM AND SAYS NOTHING, just charges through the rift toward Lucifer, and then seemingly just– walks up to Lucifer, stabs him, and then turns right around and comes back out again?


We see Lucifer completely unaffected by the bullets Dean shot him with in the AU, as if Cas hadn’t been expecting Lucifer to be able to follow him out for some reason…

Kelly’s body has mysteriously returned to the bed after the light flash, and Jack’s huddled in the corner of his nursery staring up at Sam with those creepy yellow eyes.

I think Jack’s been using Cas all along, ever since 12.19, and I have seen nothing to break me of that belief.

It’s as if every time Cas gets near Sam and Dean, Jack loses a little bit of that control though. But Jack understands that Dean is both necessary as a motivation for Cas (he does everything for the Winchesters, not for heaven, not even for himself), as well as a potential risk. It’s as if Dean is what’s opening up Cas’s “doorways to doubt,” that he told Dean about in 4.16, right after Uriel told Dean that he was Cas’s “weakness.”:

DEAN: What’s going on, Cas? Since when does Uriel put a leash on you?
CASTIEL: My superiors have begun to question my sympathies.
DEAN: Your sympathies?
CASTIEL: I was getting too close to the humans in my charge. You. They feel I’ve begun to express emotions. The doorways to doubt. This can impair my judgment.

Then in 4.18 Cas relents and gives Dean the nudge in the right direction he needs to stop Sam from making a deal with Lilith (which could’ve potentially STOPPED the apocalypse, but that was before we knew killing Lilith would START it… but feels almost like a test of Cas’s loyalty to Heaven as much as anything, because that entire EPISODE seems in retrospect like a strange loop of Chuck getting to know the players in his own game), and leads directly to him being dragged back to Heaven Boot Camp for reprogramming.

When Cas comes back at the end of the episode, he’s changed. He serves heaven again, not man, and certainly not Dean…

I think Castiel’s “death” in 12.23 is serving the same sort of function. I’m thinking of it as Jack’s answer to Heaven Boot Camp. I am still absolutely convinced that Jack has been influencing Cas’s actions since 12.19, and that Cas is imbued with Jack’s power (hence the golden light when he healed Dean). There is no other explanation for it. Why else give Dean that little cut on his face that we got to see healed with that weird gold light, if it wasn’t to tell us that it was Jack’s power that healed him? It wasn’t clear in 12.19 because Cas was healing an internal injury beneath Dean’s jacket. We didn’t see that healing at work, because we were supposed to be asking ourselves whether or not Cas was being controlled by Jack still… but NOW WE HAVE VISUAL PROOF.

Why would Jack go through all this trouble to keep Cas close while keeping the Winchesters away unless they (or Dean, really) were interfering with that control somehow? Like Cas and his doubts in s4? And even in s5?

Like every time Cas has been “programmed” in Heaven one of his primary objectives was to STAY AWAY FROM THE WINCHESTERS? Like in 7.17 when he was Emmanuel. One day with Dean and he remembered EVERYTHING. Like Naomi controlling him in 8.17, where one day with Dean and he broke free of her control, only to be ruled by the angel tablet and immediately feel the need to run away from Dean again.

We even learned that CROWLEY spent most of s6 trying to convince Cas to stay away from Sam and Dean. It was the foundation of his entire plan to crack purgatory for the souls… 

Instead of bringing Kelly back to the bunker in 12.19, KELLY (under the control of the nephilim already) STOLE THE IMPALA and ran away from the Winchesters. And then when Cas fell under Jack’s power he booped them unconscious and fled.


Because all of heaven, earth, hell, and purgatory KNOW that Cas needs to be kept away from Dean if they want to use Cas for their own ends… and that’s exactly what Jack wants. But how can he sever Cas’s connection to the Winchesters?


He doesn’t have a Heaven Boot Camp with the Dentist’s Chair of Horror.

My guess? The Cas we’re going to see in 13.01 is going to be disturbingly familiar to the Cas at the end of 4.20. Instead of serving Heaven, he’s going to be all aboard the Jack bandwagon. Because Jack still needs SOMEONE, but he needs someone whose faith in him is unshakable. And as long as Cas has ties to the Winchesters as anything more than a symbolic reason for following Jack’s plan for bringing “paradise” to the world, a symbol he’d been willing to sacrifice himself for, then Cas’s loyalty was always in jeopardy.

But resurrected as something NEW, bearing Jack as the source of his power instead of Heaven or God or wherever angel Grace is hooked up to as a power source, he may have much greater control over Cas.

At least, that’s how I’ve been thinking of it…

(and I suspect that Cas will be restored to himself by midseason, and Jack will have effectively moved into Big Bad territory by then…)

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I like that you make art of Drift and Rodimus (together) because that's kind of rare nowadays because of Ratchet and Drift are a huge thing, so bless you.

Hey my dude I love em i might not know much about them cause i don’t read mtmte/ll but i do always wait for something new to come os i can find it around here i really like them together 

Sadness and New Adventures (Elina’s post on the trade)

Yesterday didn’t really start the way we thought, we woke up and found out that we got traded to Arizona, just like that, It came as a shock, even tho we knew that the Blackhawks had some issues with the salary cap we didn’t think that we needed to worry, but oh we where wrong! For ten years Chicago has been our home, thats 1/3d of our lives! In ten years you build a whole life, all the friends you made through the years, all contacts you’ve gotten, the city we know so well, you know how the organisation works and where to go and all the guys on the team that we pretty much been growing up with thats our family there, you now have to leave it all, just like that and you don’t have a choice or a voice to do anything about it.

I was incredibly sad all day yesterday and it was hard to keep the tears away but now when most of the shock has simmered a little, Im just trying to think positive. I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason and I guess we just have to see this as a new chapter in our lives and as an adventure even tho I still have a knot in my stomach from everything thats been going on. But I just have to say one thing and that is THANK YOU everyone who’s been texting and calling us and all the messages and kind words and LOVE that we have gotten from family friends and fans, we appreciate it more then you think and you all are making everything feel a little bit better, it really warms our hearts! Me and Nik is now going to sit down and try to figure our how to plan out our nearest future with all the changes! Hope you all have a good night! lots of love to all of you!

my new fav question to ask people is what wtnv lesson hit u hardest like what thing was said where u had to like sit down and reconsider ur whole life because despite it being vague and also being centred in night vale, a place which is intentionally unreal, it also feels direct and very, very personal

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Namjoon, sorry if the question seems weird but... how big are you? Like compared to a normal human? I'm just curios

nj: i guess, compared to human proportions, i’m not that much bigger? i’m way bigger than jimin, though he hates when i point it out..

jm, offscreen: namjoon i swear to your fellow gods if you use my head as an armrest again i will bite your holy hand off