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i guess this is an unpopular opinion but i dont rlly like barry bluejeans that much at all. like his names funny and all but when griffin made him like, one of the most important characters i was like uhhhhh. also the whole hetero "greatest love" thing w him and lup sorry griffin cant relate

oh me the fuck to i give no shits about him, like i actually liked that like.. i like the concept of a joke character coming back and being real important like because griffin kept saying that he was dead and never coming back so it was really hilarious to be but as a character i do Not care about him, i love lup but i.. feel nothing for her relationship with barry, im on team lupcretia, lucretia is taakos sister-in-law and lup sees angus and instantly wants to adopt him but lucretia already has so hes their son now

Reading my Great-Grandfather’s wikipedia article and we just found out he wrote several books. 6 to be precise.

Most of them were related to theology studies as well as Bible translations.

However he also wrote several stories for magazines and such for the whole ‘youth’ fiction thing (I’m guessing aimed mostly at boys because 1920s - 1930s)

More interestingly, his series was about a boy who explored a local forbidden cave system where he found a pirate, who had been put into a sort of cryo stasis thing from the unique gasses found within the cave. When the boy helped him get back to the surface he was revived.

The stories seemed to focus on this 15th century pirate trying to both come to terms with living in then-modern society as well as recounting his own past adventures on the ocean in pirate times.

So apparently my great grandfather wrote science fiction stories and I had no idea .__.


I’m gonna fight u Tommy is “oh you’re vaguely family-ish? family now” (and also pretty much every robot/android Tommy’s met has been somewhere in his family tree so be c a r e f u l)

I agree w the overall statement tho Billy is absolutely a little spitfire that Tommy has to hold back from starting fights

// o c i was going for more of what will family excuse in that statement than whether or not any of them would accept ppl into family roles. i kind of think the whole fam is like ‘‘oh damn i guess were sorta related– nice plus one to party’‘


billy is a mess and also will p fite a tree for looking at him funny– tommy has his work cut out for him

I’ve been hip deep in Star Wars since The Force Awakens came, which naturally led me to delve in the realm of Star Wars canon I hadn’t touched before: The Clone Wars.

I remember trying to watch the old Clone Wars cartoon back in the day because I heard it was cool. And it is hells of stylish and I guess it was okay, but it still had Anakin in it, and that was a problem.

And I remember when the Clone Wars animated movie came out, being weirdly angry about it. Like, dear god, they are trying to sell me this shit again except now we have a younger character for the kids to relate to and how the FUCK does she fit into canon, hunh? Just… I was offended at the whole concept.

I was wrong. I was so wrong.

I’m about halfway through season 2, and I understand that it only gets better, but it’s already done what the prequels utterly failed to do by a) making me like Anakin, and b) exploring the implications of armies of genetically identical people

(I mean, seriously, on part b, if you’re not going to explore that you need to turn in your license to write science-fiction–even extremely loose science-fantasy stuff like Star Wars. I honestly think it was an attempt on Lucas’ part to make bad guy deaths Not Count. And fuck that. Fuuuuuuuuuck that.)

On the one hand, this is great, I am having a grand time, but on the other hand this all ends in tears. I did not order these prequel-era feels. I revisited Revenge of the Sith in novel form and ugh, I did not need to have feelings about Anakin “hates sand and murders children” Skywalker.

And do you know who Anakin reminds me of in Clone Wars? This will only mean something to a very few people but Rachel Berenson. Getting gradually more reckless and bloodthirsty as the war goes on, being used as a hammer by their superiors, people near them wondering what the heck this person is going to do with themselves after the fighting ends…

(And believe you me, if I compare something to Animorphs, that is a High Honor.)

So, in conclusion, watch The Clone Wars. Watch it even if you actively hate the prequels! Sorry I was so late to this party! 

Well, well, well, ladies and gents, I cannot believe that I’m saying this, but did we just have another good day? Hm…
Hamlet rehearsal pictures FINALLY! WORK related news always makes us happy! Is that a tiny (teeny-tiny) spark in the eyes I noticed in those pictures? A few extra pounds piled on? Hm…
Bonus scruffy BC supporting Loo on her opening night of Constellations - great! (Although announced, SH did not attend – on pillow watch I guess). That takes me back…reminds me of the good old days. PR, have another piece of cookie! No * slaps on PR’s hand  * don’t take the whole packet! No, no, no, we’re not quite there yet! The whole packet will be hard to earn. As Wiki said, some fucks are rumbling here and there… observe, take notes and learn. BC that’s for you too! Furthest away you are from the Sham, the better - obvious…since last November!

I don’t want to get too optimistic (surely there’s more fuckery to come), but we have another win here, I think.


I’m a bad Gru.via fan. I heard about the spoiler that Juvia was going to be in the next chapter and I didn’t even care that Juvia regressed because that means a whole lot of Juvia. I’m not a monster, it hurts to see my baby sad but it makes me so happy to see my beautiful Juvia again.

I’m really hoping for the nostalgia theory where Mashima is just making everyone coming back to fairy tail similar to how the originally joined (The whole Na.lu comparison and Wendy having to leave a guild to join Fairy Tail). So LET’S JUST SEE HOW JUVIA GETS HER SUNSHINE BACK! (I’m guessing not Gray related but I’m cynical.)

About Sasaki’s Hair and Nails.

Anon said: Is it me or has Haise’s hair been getting whiter and whiter as the series goes on?

(Clarification: This was sent when chapter 31 was released). Until recently, it had:

However, after around 4 months his hair is mostly black again.

shiroikumo​ said: Did Haise’s hair grow black because his ghoul side is supressed? And his hair is a bit more wavy then Kaneki has… I wonder why

Even after the whole Aogiri Arc, Kaneki’s hair was never as long as it is now: guess that’s the reason his hair is more wavy. As for it going back to black, we can see it two ways:

  • It’s been about 2 years ever since the end of the first part of the manga. After all that time, his hair was ought to start growing the colour it originally was.
  • In :re, we see that Sasaki’s hair gets whiter as he gets more stressed. The cause of this stress: Kaneki. He represents everything related to his past. When :re start, he seems to have some control over his memories (rather, the lack of memories); it is the encounter with Nishiki the reason he starts doubting again.

Anon said: Any theories about Haise’s hair color?

Just answered a couple of them. Also, feel free to wander around these: 

Anon said: Hello,i was just wondering why Haises nails went white again i always thought they went black because Yamori often cut Kanekis fingers off

Yup, that’s the reason they became black. The first part of the manga ends around 6-8 months after the Aogiri Arc, then we have a time-skip of almost two years. I assume that after that long, his fingers finally healed properly.

Side note, closing the AskBox in around 12 hours (gotta go to the hospital in the morning).

Crazy (maybe not so much) theory time!

Ok it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything bleach related but I kept reading it and it is the very reason why I got on this hell that is tumblr so I though to share my theory about the final battle here!

So it has been set up during the entirety of the last arc that Yhwach and Haschwalth are opposites, like the two faces of the same coin (or at least that is my take on the whole “swapping powers at night” thing) and guess who else have always been symbolized by polar opposites?

Yes, Ichigo and Rukia.

Now remeber that a couple of chapters back Urahara said that it was up to them? (beacause really he couldn’t have been talking about Byakuya when it said “Kuchiki”)

Well my theory is that while Ichigo will face off with Yhwach, Rukia will fight Haschwalth.

My guess is that Urahara knows something that might lead the final stage to be this or to a version of it at least (maybe Rukia and Renji vs. Haschwalth as opposed to Ichigo and Orihime vs. Yhwach?) why else mention BOTH of them? Why not just Ichigo? He IS the main character after all and it would make sense (both for the characters and for us readers) to put all our hopes in him in the darkest hour and yet Kubo decided to give the spotlight to Rukia too.

It may have something to do with Rukia’s Bankai or the training she recived in the soul palace or it may be something related to the very beginning of the series: the fact that (even if it was short) Ichigo and Rukia actually shared powers (or more accurately he usede hers).
This arc Ichigo’s powers and their connection to the quincies has been a big deal… He is kind of a unique being due to the convergence of all the pawers he has (Shinigami, Hollow, Fullbring (does he still have it?) and Quincy) so what if when he “stole” Rukia’s at the very beginning he also modified them somehow? Like the hollow had an influence on masaki maybe? (I don’t really know how but it would be a nice touch to me ok?) Or maybe it might have to do with the fact that she was in close conctact with the Hōgyoku for such a long time. This could actually explain why Urahara thinks she will have a major role in the final stage along side Ichigo, I mean he build the damn thing he must know about possible lingering side effects. I know that it’s been a while since that whole storyline but having seen what that thing did to Aizen, how much it enached his powers, in a way shorter amount of time (I think at least, I mean she had the Hōgyoku inside of her for about 3 months right? And since the end of the SS ark to Aizen’s downfall what it could have been? a couple of weeks? a month?) I can’t believe that she didn’t have any effect at all (I know Aizen was is way stronger than maybe every other character of the series but I still find it hard to belive that it didn’t do anything, not even a tiny little change to her considering how much longher she had it)

And she would fight Haschwalth because it make sense that the white moon to the black sun would fight the night aspect of the main antagonist while Ichigo figths the day aspect or Yhwach himself.

It would be a fight full of parallels and yet rich on the symbolism of opposites that Kubo seems to love so much. It would be epic and poetic and exactly how I immagined Bleach ending.