but i guess that means i'll have to go out and shoot again

What went down in The Pharaoh
  • Ladybug: *is swinging*
  • Alya: and we're live on the Ladyblog, we can see that Ladybug is swinging
  • Ladybug: oh god she's doing this s**t again
  • Ladybug: *throws textbook at Alya*
  • Ladybug: that's what you get, Alya!
  • Marinette: well that was fun!
  • Tikki: this is not a good use of your powers
  • Marinette: say, do you wanna tell me about some history
  • Tikki: sure! I'm more than 5000 years old, and once I helped stop a pharaoh from resurrecting his dead wife
  • Marinette: cool! and you're just telling me that outright rather than forcing me to drag Alya to the Louvre in a series of cryptic riddles?
  • Tikki: why would I do that? it sounds unnecessary
  • Marinette: true. anyway, all this talk of history made me want to go to the Louvre, so imma meet Alya there
  • Marinette and Alya: *meet at the Louvre*
  • Alya: so anyway, Ladybug threw this textbook at me, and imma figure out why
  • Marinette: maybe because you're always filming her?
  • Alya: why would she have a problem with that?
  • Marinette: idk
  • Jalil: hey dad so what if I make a bunch of zombie mummies and then resurrect this pharaoh's dead wife?
  • Mr. Kubdel: *smacks Jalil upside the head with a priceless artifact*
  • Jalil: well this sucks
  • Hawkmoth: here, I'll help you make it happen
  • Jalil: do you mean my proposed method actually works for resurrecting people, thereby suggesting that Egyptian gods exist, or do you mean you'll make a butterfly that has the same effect
  • Hawkmoth: idk, lemme check
  • Hawkmoth: miraculousladybug.wikia.com/wiki/Egyptian_papyrus
  • Hawkmoth: looks like that's just a thing that works, with or without an akuma
  • Jalil: if you can just resurrect people like that, why do you need Ladybug's and Chat Noir's Miraculouses?
  • Hawkmoth: ok time for you to transform now
  • Marinette: me too!
  • Pharaoh: I call upon the power of Sekhmet to make Ladybug get rekt
  • Chat Noir: *is there somehow*
  • Pharaoh: kk cool, I'm taking Alya
  • Ladybug: *throws textbook at Alya*
  • Alya: not helping!
  • People: *are milling about outside pyramid*
  • Pharaoh: hey guys you wanna be mummies
  • People: no
  • Pharaoh: I call upon the power of Anubis to pretend they said yes
  • Ladybug: Chat Noir, whatever you do, don't antagonize the mummies
  • Chat Noir: hey mummies, let's be antagonized
  • Pharaoh: you'll never guess the final stage of my plan, Ladybug
  • Ladybug: it's gonna be a sky beam
  • Ladybug: that's gonna shoot up from the top of the pyramid
  • Ladybug: and it's gonna go into a weird portal hole
  • Pharaoh: you've encountered this sort of thing before?
  • Ladybug: only in every blockbuster this decade
  • Pharaoh: *takes Alya to the top of the sky beam*
  • Chat Noir: and somehow, Ladybug did not anticipate that
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • *costume happens*
  • Ladybug: ok Chat Noir, put on this costume and then he'll think you're me
  • Chat Noir: hey Pharaoh, I'm Ladybug, here's my Miraculous
  • Ladybug: aaaaaaaand GOTCHA!
  • Chat Noir: I am a master of disguise
  • Ladybug: *frees akuma*
  • Alya: well I guess we're done h—
  • Ladybug: *throws textbook at Alya*

prompt: ssmonth day 23, it was always you.

summary: innumerable heart of the wind / fluttering over our silence of love.   -pablo neruda

note: i missed writing for you all. ssmonth is like christmas. ❀

she’s different now, and he can’t help noticing. were he less prudent, he might have asked the dobe just what it was that made her scurry off to work each time he came around, or why it was she could look him in his stupid face but never at sasuke. he wonders if he wears it on his face each time, the seed of disappointment that digs deeper and deeper into his gut. “she needs time,” kakashi spoke to him one day, his nose deep in the pages of his orange paperback, “give her that, she’ll come around.” this was a level of transparency sasuke would never get used to.

he isn’t certain just when he started keeping mental tabs of her weekly schedule, only that he made it a point to be at hokage tower in the early evenings on tuesdays and on thursday mornings, or near the hospital just about every other day. false coincidence was the name of the game. their encounters were as brief as a short walk down the street, or up the stairs; the leisure of conversation would occasionally bring a soft smile to her face. but something always turned sour, something silent and nagging within her eyes. gaze averted, she would excuse herself to her tasks. peace times were packed with daily tedious work; sasuke never could have imagined hating the sight of her walking away as much as he did now. he definitely never imagined going as far as asking naruto.

“does she hate me,” he spoke one day, a tone low enough that it hardly escaped the low hum of life on the street outside of ichiraku.

naruto set his bowl down mid-sip, and sasuke felt his gut seize up. it couldn’t be a great sign when the human ramen vacuum stopped eating.

the blonde scratched his head, pensively, “it’s definitely not that…” blue eyes grew more reluctant, his foot tapped nervously, “she says she’s just…not sure.”

not sure? sasuke wanted to say, about what? about me? about my character? about loving someone who has quite literally just hurt her over and over and-? sasuke composed himself, “she said that?”

naruto nodded, “i guess she just,” he shrugged, “doesn’t know what you want.” he was silent at this, feeling the tension collect in his shoulders, along with the ever-increasing sinking feeling he experienced when he tried to begin to fathom what he might say to her. 

“hn,” he finally responded, pushing his empty teacup away.

blue eyes turned to meet the side of sasuke’s impenetrable expression. “what exactly do you want, sasuke?”

sasuke put his half of the tab down and exited the stand.

it’s friday, roughly half an hour after her shift at the hospital has ended. he figures just a half hour off work, she’d be taking her time, ambling her way home at a calm pace. it was a nice night. there were three discernible routes from the hospital to her house. the road most traveled crossed through the akimichi bridge. she loves that stupid bridge, he notes, crossing through the various channels of the village, wondering all the while if he has his timing right. the red of the bridge comes into view as he crosses a corner, eyes searching wildly for any trace of pink in the falling night. there, he catches sight of her at just the other end of the bridge, crossing leg after leg down the lane, face upturned to the stars. he wants to stay there, in the shadows, witnessing the small joy of her walking home on a clear spring evening.

just her, and a stupid bridge, and the stars.

he can’t help himself as his feet start carrying him across the bridge, or his voice as it rises up to meet her, “sakura.”

and he can’t help the way his mouth goes dry and every salient thought shoots directly out of his mind as she looks at him with those damned eyes. he wants to tell her just how suffocating it is when she looks at him like that. 

she doesn’t open her mouth to speak, but she looks at him, and for a moment, he wonders just how much she knows.

“i don’t know why it is things aren’t normal for us,” his voice is even, if only a little too low, “and i don’t know why it seems like neither of us can say something-” he stops. her eyes are steady on his own, he finally notices, unblinking, sincere. suffocating.

“you’re looking at me,” he says.

“you’re looking at me,” she somewhat shrugs, her voice low.

“you never look at me.” anymore. he doesn’t mean to be confrontational, but his eyes do not waver. 

green eyes grow deeper in their dolefulness, “i don’t always know that i can.”

this, he tries to breathe, i didn’t account for this. suddenly, every memory comes rushing into him, a life of regrets he can’t swallow and words, actions, he can’t right. pink hair flying into the open air, lost; emerald eyes searching for goodness where it does not live. please, sasuke-kun. he feels for a moment he might just blow away, ashes into the wind, just scattered. her eyes are so clear even in the dark; he knows he’s been here before. all those years ago, looking at her just as he is now—it’s been so long, and she’s finally here.

“sakura,” he speaks her name, hoping she can feel for a moment just how good it is to say it. she looks like she’s preparing, her eyes are dry, bracing for the force.

“i’m going to kiss you,” he says, taking steps toward her, “if you don’t want that, that’s okay. but i’m going to, if you let me.”

her face is composed and beautiful in the moonlight, a graceful yet indiscernible pain growing in her expression as he draws closer. prudently, he reaches his hand up to move the hair from her face. his breath hitches in his throat as she closes her eyes, allowing him to sweep his thumb down the length of her jaw. something stirs in her expression, softening slowly.

he places a kiss on her lips, soft and grateful.

holding her face in his hand as he pulls back, he speaks, “i can’t stay here.”

she opens her eyes at his words, the pain in her face deepens in the slightest, but she does not look away.

“but please let me know i can keep coming back.” to you.

thought consumes her expression as she looks at him now, as she reaches up to touch him. he relaxes beneath the graze of her lithe fingers on his face, wondering absently if he would ever wish to feel this again should she reject him. nothing feels like this, he knows. no one is like her.

“as long as you keep coming back,” she speaks in a voice even and assuring, hands clearing the hair from his eye-line. her gaze is strong, holding his own, keeping him on the ground.

sasuke wishes to stay here forever, breathing her in, frozen in this night.

The Woman of Many Faces

This was actually one of the harder analyses for me to start, because with Maddie, I’m not sure where to start. She seems to be a simple woman who reacts to each situation as it comes to her, but the fact is, Maddie’s demeanor completely changes depending on what role she’s playing. There’s mother Maddie, wife Maddie, scientist Maddie, ghost hunter Maddie, and even each of those can be different depending on what situation she’s dealing with.

When you also consider that each of these roles are equally important to her, how am I supposed to decide where to start talking about her first? I’m still not entirely sure, but I’m gonna give it a shot. Hopefully this won’t end up as too much of a mess.

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What went down in Darkblade
  • Ms. Bustier: all right we need a premise for this episode so it's time for student government elections
  • Chloé: and I'm gonna win!
  • Marinette: really? you're absolutely horrible to everyone
  • Marinette: there's literally one person who'd be willing to vote for you and I'm not even sure what her deal is
  • Sabrina: I desire death and destruction the way others desire the air they breathe
  • Marinette: face it Chloé, there's no way you're gonna win
  • Chloé: oh there is bc I blackmailed everyone
  • Marinette: everyone?
  • Chloé: yeah, everyone
  • Chloé: this is how politics works, dontcha know?
  • Marinette: wow that's some real subtle social commentary there
  • Marinette: well I guess I have to run against Chloé
  • Marinette: yay
  • Adrien: now let's see what I'm doing
  • Armand: *attacks Adrien with a sword*
  • Adrien: oh holy f**k a guy is attacking me with a sword
  • Armand: ha! I caught you unawares and successfully penetrated your defenses
  • Adrien: who are you and why are you attacking me with a sword
  • Armand: this is a move my ancestor devised, "dark blade"
  • Adrien: looks like a normal blade to me
  • Armand: no that's the name of my ancestor
  • Armand: or maybe the move he made up, it's not really clear
  • Adrien: that's really odd but whatevs
  • Armand: anyway according to very real history, my ancestor took over the city and then got killed
  • Armand: and then I ran for mayor to continue his legacy
  • Adrien: wow now I understand how André keeps winning
  • Armand: but someday the flag of my ancestor will fly again
  • Adrien: oh, so this is all setup for you to be akumatized, got it
  • Armand: what
  • Nadja: and we're live on TF1 News, here's Armand D'Argencourt who got three percent of the vote in the last mayoral election
  • Armand: oh f**k this
  • Hawkmoth: fly my akuma and all that s**t
  • Darkblade: I HAVE A SWORD
  • Nadja: are you gonna sword me with it?
  • Darkblade: no it's a laser sword
  • Nadja: why
  • Nadja: why not just have a regular sword? or if you're gonna have a laser then why does it have to be in a sword
  • Darkblade: kk you're transforming into one of my knights now
  • Nadja: ok does this mean I get cool fighting skills
  • Darkblade: no just armor
  • Darkblade: so you're pretty much useless and you're gonna be wrecked by Chat Noir
  • Nadja: darn
  • Marinette: ok back to me now
  • Chloé: so anyway my dad's running my student government campaign
  • Chloé: we've got a press event with Jagged Stone!
  • Marinette: this is totally excessive for a student government campaign
  • Marinette: like this would only make sense if you were trying to appeal to huge numbers of people who don't know you personally
  • Marinette: there are literally fourteen students in our class and all but one think you're awful
  • Sabrina: with every word from Chloé's lips our society inches towards its inevitable glorious demise
  • Chloé: this is how my father does politics though
  • Marinette: also doesn't he have mayoral duties to attend to
  • André: nah
  • Darkblade: hey mr. mayor come outta there so I can sword you
  • André: how about nah
  • Darkblade: you have nothing else to say to me?
  • André: nah
  • Darkblade: all right then imma use one of my knights as a battering ram
  • Nadja: I didn't ask for this
  • André: ok time to run and leave all these teens to secure the building, I'm sure they'll be fine
  • Chat Noir: hey Darkblade, knights to meet you!
  • Darkblade: imma sword you
  • Chat Noir: and imma sword you back
  • Jagged Stone: wow those two people are swording each other really hard
  • Jagged Stone: they must be crazed fans of my music so imma go out and play guitar for them
  • Jagged Stone: *plays epic rock solo as Chat Noir and Darkblade fight*
  • Chat Noir: omg this is perf
  • Jagged Stone: *shoots fire out of his guitar like he's in Mad Max*
  • Darkblade: YES
  • Darkblade: can you please play our battle music as we storm the mayor's palace
  • Jagged Stone: sure I got nothin better to do
  • Jagged Stone: have fun storming the palace
  • Darkblade: come forth, my armies!
  • Ladybug: ok Chat Noir let's kick some ass
  • Darkblade: now imma plant my flag and transform all of the people in Paris into my knights!
  • Darkblade: *plants flag*
  • Chat Noir: I'm callin your bluff bc I'm defs not a knight right now
  • Darkblade: it takes a while
  • Darkblade: see that black tube of stuff things?
  • Darkblade: you only become a knight when that passes through you
  • Chat Noir: that seems really arbitrary and unnecessary
  • Chat Noir: it gives us more time to stop you
  • Chat Noir: Hawkmoth coulda saved a lot of trouble by just having it be instantaneous
  • Darkblade: hmm good point I'll let him know
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly
  • Darkblade: wait I didn't finish letting him know!
  • Ladybug: good bc if he figured that out he might actually start winning
  • Ms. Bustier: and the new class representative is Sabrina bc we can't have Marinette be the best at literally everything
  • Ms. Bustier: also bc I deliberately miscounted the votes in her favor
  • Sabrina: as your representative I stand for bringing about the destruction of the world as we know it
  • Ms. Bustier: now THERE'S our realistic depiction of politics in action
Model (Taehyung x Reader, smut)

a/n: shoutout to my best friend being a film major

“You want me to what?” You ask incredulously, and he looks almost nervous.

“I know it sounds crazy, but it’s for the project. I’m using the film to examine natural movement and how it carries over to different forms. It’s silent and it won’t be graphic or anything, but”-

“But you still want me to have sex with you in front of a camera?”

He rubs his hand on the back of his neck, watching you carefully.

“Kind of.”

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anonymous asked:

I'm probably not going to be able to say this in one ask, so I'll number them. I became aware of Kaylor and Taylor being gay sometime before the breakup with Calgon Hubcap, around the time she went Bleachella. Before that, I always thought Taylor looked awkward around guys, but I didn't understand why until I read KaylorNation's masterposts. I fell down the rabbit hole and became a believer quickly. I saw the pics of 2014 Kaylor, and it's obvious they were giddy in love. Then came 2015 ... (1)

which was obviously a Kaylor desert and extremely painful all around. Next was the break-up with HC and the embarrassing stunt with Hiddy. Then it seems like there was a Kaylor renaissance of sorts until the end of October and the Drake party. After that, mostly desert again, even for Taylor’s birthday. Besides the fact Karlie hasn’t let go of Josh even thought the stunt is way past its sell-by date and hurting her image, it seems like something is off with Kaylor. Tay has been MIA … (2)

and Karlie has been globe-trotting, but even when we were getting Kaylor pics last fall (like the Eliot concert and Drake party), it’s not the same exuberant joy they had in 2014. Of course, the relationship would have matured by now, so I understand it may not be as giddy as the first months, and it may never be again. And I blame Kissgate and Taylor’s need to stunt, and I guess I’m in mourning because I don’t think we’ll ever see that kind of pure exuberant Kaylor love again. (3)

I don’t think it’s gone. It may have matured but they’re still very much in love. Remember Taylor did fly straight from her shoot in London to get some time in New York with Karlie. Remember they’re still closeted. Hopefully Karlie will publicly cut Josh loose very soon (Which means it should have been done months ago Kloss. smh). I think Taylor could be slowly preparing the way for a glass closet in the next era. Maybe a coming out. She doesn’t seem like she has many fucks left to give.

Single Riders

(I’m sorry that this is so late!!)

My piece for @cloraholic as part of the Voltron Positivity Exchange! They requested Klance and Shallura, so I threw in a little bit of both! I hope it doesn’t disappoint!!

AO3 Link

“Why is the ferris wheel here only a two seater?” Keith grumbled, trudging behind his brother and his brother’s girlfriend like the third wheel that he was. “And why do we have to ride it?”

“Aww, come on, Keith! Try to have a little fun!” Shiro nudged him with his elbow, shooting him a pitiful pout behind Allura’s back. “Besides, you might just get a whole car to yourself! How sweet would that be?”

“I just came for the shooting games and diabetes-inducing junk food.” The teen crossed his arms stubbornly, but kept pace with his companions. They were his ride, after all – he couldn’t afford to lose them in the crowd.

“We promise that we’ll stop by the games after the ride,” Allura conceded gently, lacing her fingers with Shiro’s as she tugged him playfully into the line.

It took nearly twenty minutes for them to reach the front, during which Keith adamantly ignored the calls for other “single riders.” Just as his patience began to crumble, they reached the front, where he was immediately stopped from boarding after Shiro and Allura entered their car.

“Do you have a partner, sir?” the young woman manning the ride asked monotonously.

“No, ma’am, I’d rather just ride by myself, if that’s alright.” He hoped that flattery would spare him an annoying five-minute ride with a total stranger.

He was wrong.

Rather than address his request, the woman responded by calling into the line, “Are there any single riders?”

A hand sprung up from the crowd before anyone else could answer. Its owner maneuvered his way carefully to the front before pausing beside Keith, leaning against the railing of the line dividers to shoot a smoldering look at the ride operator.

“I’m totally single if you want me to be, babe.”

The woman only rolled her eyes, gesturing for him to board the car. The ride couldn’t move until they got on.

It was then that the young man noticed Keith, eyes lighting up almost challengingly. “Well, if it isn’t Kogane, my arch nemesis.”

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Mass Effect 2 - a (not so) short summary
  • Shepard: this is a routine mission
  • Joker: yeah we are just chillin in the empty calm space without worries that is the life eh
  • Shepard: tru homie no danger in sight we are just like little bugs in the infinite field of the universe
  • Collector's ship: DID SOMEONE SAY BUGS *destroys the Normandy*
  • Shepard: sorry wrong quote
  • Joker: let me save the ship
  • Shepard: let me save your fragile ass
  • Joker: Shepper nooooooo
  • Shepard: Shepper yooooooo *crashes into a planet like a comet and dies*
  • Joker: look at that lemme make a wish real quick
  • Joker: I wish one day I'll fuck a robot
  • ---
  • Miranda: Allusive Man we found Shep's corpse
  • Illusive Man: nice now let's spend a shitload of money to resurrect him/her
  • Miranda: cool let's make him/her our slave by modifying the brain
  • Illusive Man: damn girl what is your problem we can't manipulate someone's mind that's fucked up shit
  • Illusive Man: anyway how is the project of turning Grayson in a human reaper going?
  • ---
  • Shepard: *wakes up after a 2 years coma*
  • Miranda: Shepard we're under attack stand up and fight u inferior slut
  • Shepard: aw shit I can barely move *runs like a leopard* *fight like a demon from hell* *tears shit up*
  • Jacob: hurry up commander
  • Shepard: wait I need answers
  • Jacob: Shepard for the love of god we're in the middle of a fight mechs are shooting at us we can't talk rn
  • Shapard: so how was your day?
  • Jacob: OMG it was nice thank you, I wake up and had a toast then I did some push ups then...
  • Miranda: let's get out of here gossip girls
  • ---
  • Illusive Man: hello I'm Cerberus' boss listen to me you have to find out why humans are disappearing
  • Shepard: fuck you Intrusive Man I don't work for you
  • Illusive Man: I revived you
  • Shepard: oh fuck ok then
  • ---
  • Tali: holy fleet Shap is that u
  • Shepard: ye it is me Tali I missed you so much
  • Tali: cool bye
  • Shepard: no wait Tali join my squad
  • Tali: nah better later I got stuff to do now
  • ---
  • Mordin: *fast shit-talking*
  • Shepard: haha I like you I'll make sure nothing bad will ever happen to you trust me
  • ---
  • Kasumi: god I miss Keiji so much I will never love again
  • Jacob: hey
  • Kasumi: yooooooooooo
  • ---
  • Shepard: Zaeed you squinter swine you set fire to a refinery just to find your boyfriend we are all going to die
  • Zaeed: that fucker shoot me in the head
  • Shepard: aaw isn't this love
  • ---
  • Grunt: Shepurd I feel strange I just want to kill everybody and destroy everything
  • Shepard: oh Grunt baby it's perfectly normal you're just becoming a woman
  • Wrex: Shep he is a krogan. Male. It's like our puberty
  • Grunt: do you mean I don't need this XXXXL tampon?
  • ---
  • Thane: my son is in trouble and my wife is dead
  • Shepard: k
  • Thane: "The fire has gone to be kindled anew.” He begs them not to take her away. They let her body slide into the water. He hits me. “Don’t let them! Stop them! Why weren’t you–” It rains. It always rains on Kahje. Warm water pours down his face.
  • Shepard: Cole is that you
  • Thane: what
  • Shepard: what
  • ---
  • Jack: fuck you and fuck everything and fuck Cerberus in particular
  • Shepard: girl put a shirt on it's raining cats and dogs
  • Jack: fuck shirts fuck cats and dogs and fuck me
  • Shepard: kinky
  • ---
  • Samara: help me kill my daughter
  • Shepard: shit why everyone in my squad are psycopath or have tragic stories and why do I have to solve everyone's problem?
  • Samara: so you won't help me?
  • Shepard: sure I'll help you let's do it girl
  • ---
  • Garrus: guess who's fucking back and ready to be romanced
  • Shepard: fuck yes I'm gonna date the shit out of you
  • Garrus: ...
  • Shepard: so-
  • Garrus: shut up I'm calibrating
  • ---
  • Shepard: why do you have a piece of my armor you creepy weirdo
  • Legion: there was a hole
  • Shepard: are you telling me you just have to close every hole you see?
  • Legion: yes
  • Shepard: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • ---
  • Shepard: all right let's go kill all collectors as requested from the Incisive Man
  • Harbinger: we are the beginning, you are the end
  • Shepard: yeah I'm YOUR end
  • Harbinger: this hurts me
  • Shepard: fuck my second life what is that big ass blue motherfucker
  • EDI: it's a human reaper
  • Shepard: woah tough shit better destroy this ship and everything in it
  • Illusive Man: wait Shepard don't do it we need this technology
  • Shepard: shut up Disquisitive Man I do what I want and I want to tear this abomination up
  • Illusive Man: damn no I should have enslaved your mind when I had the chance
  • Miranda: called it
  • Shepard: well too fucking bad Dispositive Man let's do this homies
  • ---
  • Shepard: and that's how I saved the day once again
  • Hackett: Shepard you gangsta you forgot to say you killed 300.000 batarian in the process
  • Shepard: I do it for a good cause
  • Hackett: what cause
  • Shepard: peace
  • Hackett: *cries* this is beautiful
  • Shepard: I know buddy
  • Hackett: you're under arrest
Platonic VLD Month: Day 3

*rolls in at the last second with iced coffee and an oreo candy bar* waddup time for lowkey keith angst

Day Three: Baby Pictures/Memories

Day One     Read it on AO3

“Oh. My. God.”

“Hunk!” Keith whined, flinging himself across the couch with a desperate plea. “Give it back!”

“You had a baby cowlick!” Hunk squealed, his cheeks aching from smiling so hard as he held the baby picture out of Keith’s reach. “And you were so chubby!”


Hunk chuckled and handed back the photo in defeat, shaking his head as he watched Keith put the tattered photo back into his wallet. “Why do you even have that, man? Not the wallet, I mean, the picture. Who carries around their own baby picture?”

Keith scowled and snapped the wallet shut, shoving it deep into his pocket before shooting his glare at Hunk. “Someone with only one baby picture and no one else to give a shit, that’s who.”

Hunk clicked his mouth shut, features going guilty. “Keith, I’m s-”

“It’s fine,” Keith managed, swallowing his anger and climbing off of the couch. He dusted off his pants and straightened his jacket, lips pursed. “It’s fine. I’ll see you later.”

He left the room as fast as physically possible, leaving Hunk alone to sit on the end of the couch.

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Day 1: Trust

Read it on AO3! http://archiveofourown.org/works/12132927

“Where are you headed at this time of night?”

“Yeek!”  Pidge stumbled in surprise, whirling to face whoever had sneaked up on her — Lance, as it turned out, with Hunk standing reluctantly behind him.  “I could ask you the same thing,” she retorted, disgruntled at having been caught sneaking out.

“Little idea of mine,” Lance said with half a shrug, a hint of a smirk playing around his lips.  “Whaddya say we go out on the town, get milkshakes, maybe meet some ladies?  Little bit of team bonding?”

Hunk frowned.  “I still don’t—”

Lance shushed him with a wave of his hand.  “Remember the milkshakes, Hunk.”  That did the trick for Hunk, but Pidge had more important things to do.

“Sorry, Lance, I didn’t come here to bond with a team.  I came here to find—”  Shoot.  Shoot, shoot, shoot.

“To find what?” Suddenly Lance was all ears.

“Nothing.  It’s nothing.”  Heat rose to her face as terror and anger built within her.

Unfortunately, Lance noticed and sorely misinterpreted her blush.  “Ooh, did you come here to find love?”

“Of course not!  That part was an accident.”  Pidge froze, clamping both hands over her mouth.

Hunk and Lance exchanged a glance, then turned to regard her with wide eyes.  “Seriously?” Hunk asked incredulously.

“Dude, you’ve gotta tell me who she is!” Lance demanded.

Thankfully, they were interrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching.  “We can have this conversation some other time,” Pidge insisted.  Without further words, the trio took off running.

“I still can’t believe you dragged me into this,” Pidge grumbled, trying not to enjoy the peanut butter milkshake Lance had bought her.

“Honestly, neither can I,” Lance admitted.  “Usually I can never convince you to come on our little team bonding outings.”

“That’s because your idea of team bonding is risking expulsion, and the way things are, I can’t let that happen.”

Hunk stood.  “I’m gonna go get a refill.”

Lance gave him a brief nod, then fixed Pidge with an intense ocean-colored gaze that left her trying to remember how to breathe.  “So, what is it you’re not telling us?  What did you really come here to find?”

Pidge took a long sip of milkshake to avoid answering, savoring its sweet peanut buttery deliciousness.

When it became clear Pidge wasn’t going to say anything, Lance spoke again.  “Look.  If it’s some huge secret, I’m not going to tell anyone – not even Hunk.  And if it’s not, why are you hiding?  Understanding each other is what being a team is all about, isn’t it?”

Pidge hated to admit it to herself, but he was right.  Can I trust him?  She met his eyes and saw nothing but concern, comfort, and confidence.  If I can trust anyone here, it’s Lance.  “All right.  So, first off, my name isn’t really Pidge Gunderson, it’s Katie Holt, and I’m technically banned from the Garrison for life.”  She explained the whole mess that her life had become since the Kerberos mission was reported a failure.

Surprisingly, Lance held his tongue throughout her story.  When she finished, he waited a moment before speaking.  “Wow.  I had no idea you were so brave, Pidge – I mean, um, Katie.  Should I call you Katie now?”

Pidge laughed and shook her head.  “Pidge is fine.  Calling me Katie would blow my cover anyway.”

Lance chuckled.  “Right.  So um, I have one more question.”  He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.  “You mentioned you were in love with someone.  Can I, uh, ask who that might be?”

Is he blushing?  Pidge knew she was definitely red as a cherry.  Heart pounding, she stared determinedly into her milkshake, unable to bring herself to meet Lance’s gaze.  “Yeah.  It’s… that is, I… um.  This is harder than I thought it would be.”  Gathering her courage, she forced herself to look him in the eye.  “It’s you.”

“Oh.”  Lance looked stricken, and Pidge’s heart sank at his less-than-positive reaction.

“Sorry, forget I–” she began to say, but stopped short when Lance covered her hand with one of his.  Their eyes met, and her heart melted.  I guess it’s worth it to trust, once in a while.

mysterious-teen-blogger  asked:

You are planning to write another part I the sequel of a sequel right??? I think I would die if you didn't! Please, please when you get the chance write that shiz!

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Chloe doesn’t understand how Beca could fall asleep after the conversation they just had, after asking her to come to LA with her. But here she is, sleeping like a baby, drooling on Chloe’s shirt with one arm around her just like she had before they both awakened. Chloe wonders if maybe she’s dreamed the whole thing.

The thing is, she knows she didn’t.

She has dreamt of confessing her love to Beca before, and the girl returning her feelings. And every time she did, she woke up empty, like the dreams had drained her for everything she had. As if her mind had to work so hard to imagine such an unrealistic thing to happen, they couldn’t preform any tasks during the upcoming hours.

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My second SinJa fic!  A modern AU of sorts, where they’re both contestants on some kind of reality show.  Enjoy!

Jafar grimaced as one of the other competitors openly napped during one of the preliminary sessions.  Every word he spoke grated on his nerves, and everything he did was deeply annoying.  He was a slacker, a rogue, childish, not taking anything seriously.

Jafar was going to destroy him.

Whenever the man caught Jafar glaring, he winked.

By the time they were getting ready to start airing, they’d been in six shouting matches, three of which almost came to blows.  One of the producers took them both aside, grinning.

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anonymous asked:

Neuro tech for 20 years. Beth was shot, point blank range, through her frontal lobe, cerebral cortex and exit wound through the occiptal. No human, has ever survived that, ever. 2 lobes destroyed and the brain stem. She bled out. Did you not see her lifeless, colorless body? Given the heat and her size, she's be in rigor mortis before the grave was dug. Do you not think they'd notice? Tara has a concussion. Till you see blown pupils, you dont know how bad it is. Survive 24 hrs, odds are damn ok

Hi neuro tech for twenty years anon. 

I’m not a neuro tech. I’m a law student. I take issue with four of your assertions.

(1) Anyone can look at a chart and see that her brain stem is fine.

(2) In my life as not a neuro tech I’ve read about this woman, maybe you’ve heard of her, she has almost the same injury that you think Beth has, in your expert opinion (sans x-ray and everything, you must be good) except it entered through the back of her skull. I am unsure why you’re unfamiliar with her case, but it’s that kind of mistake that would get you in big trouble if you were a lawyer. I guess neuro techs are allowed to just say shit without being familiar with case law though. Good for you.

(3) We’re on point three and I’m still not a neruo tech, I am, however, a person with a basic understanding of the laws of physics and your use of the words “point blank” with the more arcane definition of “a close shot” is seriously making me roll my eyes, let’s take a look at the alternative and much clearer meaning of “true and clear shot striking its intended target at perfect trajectory”

It was definitely close but it wasn’t a true and clear shot striking its intended target at perfect trajectory. It struck her in the forehead at about a 75 degree angle, unless you think there was a second shooter. Here’s what happens when a bullet hits a human skull (they are very hard, but I guess you ought to know that) at a steep angle -

…if the bullet is fired at an angle or hits a curved portion of the skull, deflection will usually result. In some cases, the bullet will form a wound track as it follows the curved bone, and may even exit without perforating the skull. It is also possible that a bullet piercing the skull will richochet along the inner skull and remain lodged in it. In such instances, bullet-brain interaction is minimised, resulting in minimal brain damage. - Missile Wounds of the Head and Neck by Aarabi and Kaufman

It’s a wound rarely seen off the battlefield, but let’s face it, in the ZA it’s always kind of a battlefield, isn’t it?

(4) It’s a television show, they can do whatever they want.

In closing, I never respond to negative anons, but I made an exception for you, mostly because I just REALLY like talking about the fact that even on the most basic of physical levels, Beth Greene should be alive. I don’t think there was a second shooter. I don’t think the bullet defied the laws of physics. I don’t think the production crew just screwed up. You don’t have to be a neuro tech for twenty years, or a lawyer for no years in order to draw a straight line from Dawn’s gun to the exit wound and see what I’m talking about. It would have been really easy to shoot her through the chin, thus fixing the trajectory, ensuring that she bleed out etc. But they didn’t. They made the very inconvenient point of hitting her in the forehead at this ridiculous angle. I believe there’s a reason for that and I think that reason is her survival. Maybe I’m wrong, and it was just a really embarrassing mistake that the production crew made, but I feel like even the laziest of crew might’ve noticed what they were rehearsing and asked the question “Don’t guns usually shoot straight?”

I would encourage you to do something else with your life besides troll people on the internet. Go have some frozen yogurt, you never know when the ZA will happen and make it so you can never eat frozen yogurt again and you’re weirdly sad about it. I don’t know where you are, but it’s a beautiful Sunday morning here and I’m going to go for a walk in a pretty new outfit and meet up with some friends. Do something fun like that. There’s a place in town here where you can rent a puppy, maybe go rent a puppy if they have that where you are, the more you cuddle with affectionate, soft animals, the less you unnecessarily and futilely gripe at people in their inbox. 

Plus, cuddling puppies just feels so good. 


Here is the part 2 of the high school AU post. Find part 1 here

Moved on from Whispers by wishingonalightningbolt

5,346 [one shot]


He’s not dumb. Out of everyone in the school, Derek is second in grades only to Lydia Martin, and the only reason Stiles is third is because he’s taking more APs than Derek, so his grades are suffering the slightest bit. That’s why Derek knows, when Stiles arches an eyebrow at him, why what he said was so incredibly dumb.

Stiles didn’t break into Lydia Martin’s upstairs bathroom to take a piss. He broke into Lydia Martin’s upstairs bathroom while Derek was in it, because—because of reasons.


Stiles is tired of pretending like and Derek don’t want each other.

It’s like he’s all that by MemeKon

3,639 [one shot]

Teen and Up

Stiles is different. Stiles is not nice under any definition of the word, he’s such an asshole. Sure, he’s a good guy deep down, he punched Jackson square in the jaw when he mocked the McCall kid for an asthma attack that one time, and Derek knows he helped Erica Reyes get that video of her seizure taken down, but he’s so—

“Fuck off, Derek.” Stiles tells him without sparing him a glance when Derek sits next to him on chemistry. “I’m not up to play She’s All That with you, dude.”


(School crushes are so complicated.)

the one that I want by rebeccabethstilinski

4,376 [Incomplete; 3/?]


“Scotty, I’m just glad you now know what personification is, maybe you can pass English this year while I slave away in AP. Which, by the way, is a class I share with none other than Derek "Eyebrows McBroody” Hale. Hell yes.“

Five Times Derek Wished He Was An Only Child (and one time he was glad he isn’t) by Anyanka

1,767 [one shot]

Teen and Up

In ten years, Derek will get down on one knee and ask Stiles to marry him. In ten years, Stiles will go silent and freak Derek out before finally jumping out of his chair into Derek’s lap, yelling “Yes, you asshole! Yes, fuckin’ yes! I will!”

Right now, Derek doesn’t know all this.

Right now, his sister is embarrassing the hell out of him.

This is the story of how Derek’s siblings are the worst.

Propelled or Compelled by fauvistfly

4,336 [Complete; 2/2]

Teen and Up

Based on this prompt that I posted and then filled:

I need the Sterek fic where Stiles is the skater punk who’s really a good kid but always has a skateboard and sort of has a reputation, and Derek the All-American baseball player who has a great smile for the parents but is just not all that happy. And Stiles is always at the park in his flannel shirts, doing little tricks on his board to get his energy out, and Derek can’t help but notice because his shirt always flies up and gives him a glimpse of that fucking happy trail.

My Loser by sterektothemoonandback

1,302 [one shot]

Not Rated

"That loser is my boyfriend, okay? And you better stop harassing him or else you won’t be able to use your hands for months.” Derek hissed out as he leaned in closer to Gas, his eyes hard as stone.


or the High School AU where Derek is a good boyfriend that no-one asked for but got anyway.

Oh God, He’s Hot by lupus

6,062 [one shot]


When Stiles came home a couple of days before junior year started from a summer away, he was a little more than excited to see his best friend Derek, especially now that he’d finally gotten the courage to act upon his long standing crush on the guy. There’s just one problem; somewhere in the span of three months puberty hit Derek like the bus hit Regina George and all of the sudden Derek is hot.

And Stiles isn’t the only one who’s noticed.

you’ve got something i need by Resacon1990 

11,569 [one shot]

Teen and Up

WARNING: Implied suicidal thoughts, panic attacks

“You think he’s ‘practically perfect in every way’!”

“You can’t quote Mary Poppins. Especially not in reference to Derek.”

Wait For It by otatop

3,804 [one shot]

Not Rated

Funny, how you can exist adjacent to someone through elementary, middle, and high school and not really know them. Funny, how Stiles had always had some strange crush on Derek without actually being his friend.

(You Drive Me) Crazy by I_glitterz

5,631 [one shot]


When he catches Stiles looking at him, his lip quirks up the tiniest bit and Stiles’ insides melt as his heart starts to race. A blush spreads across his face and he looks back at Scott’s love struck face when he catches Allison walking into her classroom.

He’s pretty sure he’s just as gone on Derek as Scott is on Allison, but at least Scott has a fat chance in hell with Allison.

Just the Same by ericaismeg

68,066 [Complete; 7/7]

General Audiences

Something is seriously up with the captain of the lacrosse team. There’s just no way Derek Hale is human.
“I was wondering if you’re even human. You move so quickly. I mean, it’s ridiculously fast. No human should be able to move that fast, y'know? It’s unfair for us. I mean, it’s obvious you work out, and I don’t, so that could be why, but like…I was just wondering if you were human, that’s all.”

“Stop talking, Stilinski, or I'll—”

“Put me on the bench all season?” Stiles asks knowing full well that Derek Hale can’t threaten him with shit.

A Guide to Wooing Unsuspecting Jocks Accidentally by failwolfhale

1,673 [one shot]

General Audiences

Derek knew that he was good at approximately four things - six if you counted his strength and talent at lurking as being good at something. And he was okay with that. He was just glad to be good at ONE thing.

(I Hate to Be) The One to Ruin the Night by wishingonalightningbolt

14,550 [Complete; 2/2]


High school senior Derek Hale only has one goal for the rest of his time left at BHHS: avoid Stiles Stilinski. He’s wreaked enough havoc as it is, having spent all summer breaking Derek’s heart. Everything would be better for both of them if they just never saw each other again.


Derek doesn’t plan on ever getting mixed up with Scott McCall and his little gang of idiot friends. In fact, if he knew to avoid it, he would, but he guesses he just isn’t smart enough. Unfortunate, considering the consequences.

In My Veins by siriuslymcfly

37,759 [Complete; 2/2]

Not Rated

It is the beginning of his Senior Year and Derek is so ready for High School to just end already so he can get out of the stifling town. But his new fascination with one Stiles Stilinski makes him rethink everything about his perfect life. The Hale family are total meddlers in said fascination and Stiles flails quite a lot.

Here is the second part! Both of these parts were your basic kind of high school AUs, which is what I tend to do with my vague asks. You asked for high school AUs, so I gave you a lot of high school AUs that take place in high school and what-not. If you want a more specific kind of high school AU, don’t be afraid to shoot me an ask. I have so many high school AUs, it’s kinda ridiculous. Angsty underestimated me, and well, her response was “Jesus, Fluffy.”

Love and internet hugs, 



Summary: “Junko-sama is MINE.” She emphasizes, glaring at the taller boy. He blinks, pauses for a second before smirking, leaning down until their faces were centimeters apart. “Oh, is she now?" Pre-Island. Spoilers.

Notes: Junkomamiki… It’s an interesting love triangle… I mean wow I don’t really ship Junkomaeda or Junkomikan BUT don’t you see the possibilities? He has Junko’s hand, Tsumiki loves Junko, Junko loves despair…. no? Only me? …. / hides my only question is why the eff are there sO MANY DIFFERENT SHIP NAMES FOR ALL OF THEM examples are komamiki komatsumi tsumaeda junkomikan junkomiki tsumishima junkomaeda komashima komajunko

I tried to balance out Junkomamiki but Junko’s a hard character to get right…. it’s my first time writing her. =u= 

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College Roommates: Part 15

Character: Dean x Reader 
Word Count: 2400-ish
Meanings: Y/N=First Name L/N=Last Name H/C=Hair Colour B/S = Body Shape Y/H = Your Height
O/H/C = Other Hair Colour than yours
A/N:  Again, let me know what you think!

Masterlist (including all parts of College Roommates)

“Please Mistress, take it off. Please take it off.” “You think you’ve earned that, Dean?” You said, whipping his chest again. He nodded furiously, unable to speak out of frustration.

You’ve been in an two hour session with Dean. Dean had gotten used to your regular teasing so you introduced a new toy. Dean seemed to like it… well maybe not right now but mostly. You’ve made him beg for a good fifteen minutes now and tears were starting to form in his eyes but he kept saying ‘green’. However, enough is enough even if Dean didn’t admit it.

“You’ve been such a good boy to me, Dean.” You said, putting away the whip and sat on top of him, leaning in for a kiss. But you stopped whispering on his lips. “Do you want me to take off the cuffs too?” “Please.” You first let him out off the cuffs, hearing his relief. You then made your way down and carefully took off the cock-ring. Dean letting out a relieving moan.

Dean took a hold of your shoulders and flipped you two around, kissing you roughly. You let him.

Dean been around a lot lately, this was your 5th session in a week? So after 5 sessions you knew that when he was like this, you had lost. He was no longer a sub, he’d taken over.

And he did, going right to your core and taking you quick and hard. After you two came, the two of you laid still in bed next to each other. Catching your breath and enjoying your high. You noticed Dean sighing and he let his hand cover his eyes.

“Something wrong?” You asked, looking at him. “No, absolutely not.” He responded referring to the sex but you didn’t believe him. “You know, I don’t only provide physical aftercare but also emotional, right?” “Well, I didn’t know you provided emotional aftercare. If I knew shrink sessions would be like this then I might’ve come over sooner.” You shook your head at, yet again, his covering sarcasm. You scooted over to him and let your head rest on his shoulder. “Shoot, what’s going on?”

Dean let out a sigh before answering. “There is this really cute O/H/C girl and…” O/H/C girl? Who was he talking about? “Do you like her or something?” “Yeah.” He answered softly, you could feel your heart break but you can still hear some hesitation. “But?” You asked hopefully. “No, it just. This girl” He sighed, searching for words. “She’s amazing. I just. Don’t want to scare her away.” He said. You have to admit, you felt heart broken knowing he’d fallen for another girl but if you could help him then you will. “Well you can’t scare her away if you never try. Right?” Dean stayed silent for a minute before responding. “Yeah, I guess so.”

You then thought of something and pulled yourself up to his ear, whispering. “And I really shouldn’t say this but if you do finally have the guts to go after her then maybe you shouldn’t have to keep spending your money here. If you know what I mean?” You said chuckling, as did he. “What? Am I not pleasing you mistress?” He whispered back. “Are you kidding me? On the contrary, it’s great but if you like this girl then you should really go for her and not come here on the side.” You finally whispered into his ear and got back to the position as you were before. Laying your head on his chest. You felt an arm sneak around you and hold you. “Yeah, I guess so.” Dean mumbled as he softly rubbed your arm with his thumb.

School starts tomorrow. You had to admit since your previous session with Dean you were a bit upset and tried to avoid him at home. He did sort of admit to your face that he liked another girl.

Also Dean hasn’t been around to miss Martinez anymore since your last session, which was 5 days ago. It got you into a slight trouble since Dean was a good customer who suddenly didn’t show up anymore. So it wasn’t going so great at miss Martinez.

But anyway now you could focus on school and had 2 weeks off. At least that could give you some space and time to think.

It was Wednesday, school had started slowly and you didn’t have a lot of homework yet. You laid on the couch, watching a re-run of one of your series and were almost asleep when Dean came in but since you didn’t feel like chit chat you pretended to still be sleeping.

“Y/N?” You could hear Dean whisper but you didn’t respond. Keeping your breath even and your eyes closed. To be honest your were really tired and laid comfortable, you didn’t want to get up and go to bed.

You could hear Dean move around a bit.

“Y/N.” You felt his hand on your arm, softly shaking you. “Mmm. Dean?” You responded, rubbing eyes. “C’mon put your jacket on.” You looked at the clock, it was midnight.  You raised your eyebrow and looked at Dean. “Why?” “C’mon just trust me, it’s worth it.” Dean said with a honest smile. He looked pretty excited, you didn’t dare to shoot him down. So you got up, put your shoes and jacket on and followed Dean.

He took a hold of your hand as he guided you outside. “Where are we going?” You asked. “It’s a surprise.”

You ended at the football field… again.

“I swear Dean I’m not going to play football again. I thought we agreed that you’d be doing that and I’d look for another sport.” You said as he dragged you along the field. You noticed there were more people sitting in the stands. Dean suddenly stopped, making you walk into him. He let go of your hand and turned around. “Stop wasting your breath nerd and just trust me.” He took a hold of your shoulders and pushed you down onto the grass. “What are you-” You were saying when he laid down next to you, pressing against your side and cut you off. “Look.” He said pointing up.

A falling star? Wait a minute another one and another and another. It’s a meteor shower. Dean had dragged you out here to see this awesome meteor shower.

“Oh my god.” You whispered already amazed by the view. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” He said, you looked at him as he was watching the meteors.

What held you back of going for this sweet guy? You didn’t understand yourself. You looked back up. Maybe you could ‘wish upon a meteor’? But what would you wish for, how could or what would you change? You don’t even know what Dean thinks of you, besides being his nerd roommate.

You looked back at the meteors and thought it was beautiful but you were feeling cold. You moved towards Dean for warmth and in response Dean wrapped an arm around you as you laid your head on his shoulder.

You could hear his heartbeat again. It was going pretty fast.

“Dean?” “Yeah.” “Why did you bring me here?” Dean chuckled a bit. “I thought you’d like it, don’t you?” “No, I mean, I do. It’s amazing. It’s just I thought you might’ve wanted to share this with some of your friends or so.” You answered way to quickly. Dean was silent for a bit too long. Did you ask the wrong questions? Did you already fuck it up?

“You appreciate this, my friends don’t. I’m not going to waist this on them.” He answered. You wanted to bring up some kind of smart remark but couldn’t really come up with one. Even thought you knew this meant nothing special to him, you had to admit that loved this… you loved him.

You put your arm around him, over his chest and hugged him a bit closer. “Thanks.” You whispered as you looked up at the sky.

Dean didn’t say anything, instead you could feel his hand going over your hair. Making this moment to you feel even more perfect.

Then and there you decided to no longer ignore Dean. You have to get over yourself and move on. Try to have as many fun and special moment like these with him as he’ll allow you.

And who knows maybe you might ever find the courage to tell him the truth about your work and your feelings.

Part 16?

texts I never sent

25 June 2014, 7:37am
why did it take you this long to ask for my number I’ve been flirting with you as much as I possibly could have for weeks

26 June 2014, 11:58pm
I thought maybe I was imagining that you liked me but you held my hand on the way home and now I think I should have kissed you when we were dancing

28 June 2014, 3:26am
I feel bad that she’s right across the table from us but fuck it’s hard to remember that when you’re touching my leg and leaning into my neck like this

01 July 2014, 10:52pm
I’m going into this thinking “this is it this is the one that’s gonna break my heart” and praying I’m wrong but maybe you’re kinda worth it

14 July 2014, 11:23am
I’ve never met anyone that looks like you and I can’t imagine how you look in the mirror and don’t see stars and I know you hate when I call you cute but god cute doesn’t even begin to describe it

15 July 2014, 1:01pm
I think your ex girlfriend is stalking me on tumblr and I’m flattered you told her enough about me for her to find me

23 July 2014, 11:46pm
He has nothing on you.

02 August 2014, 3:33pm
I heard you guys “have a thing” and I know you don’t like her as much as you like me and I know you didn’t kiss her and I know you’re not mine but it feels like you are and you act like you are and I don’t know how I’m supposed to handle this

07 August 2014, 2:12am
I’m so drunk and i kissed him and maybe it’s because he’s here and you’re not and the alcohol on his breath makes me think i can run away from this empty pit in my chest and fill it with vodka while you’re away but all i really know is that i miss you

08 August 2014, 10:27am
You said “it’s fine, we’re not together, you can kiss whoever you want” and I thought hearing that would kill me but the way you said it made me feel like you cared about me enough to not try to keep me tied down to you from far away and that’s when I realized I want you to keep me tied down. I shouldn’t have kissed him

15 August 2014, 9:56pm
I haven’t heard from you in a week and I can’t get out of bed

16 August 2014, 12:30pm
our friends invited me to stay with them and I know it’s only 15 minutes from where you live and the beach is really nice this time of year and I hate last minute plans but seeing you is the best thing I could imagine right now

21 August 2014, 2:47am
I know the only reason we’re back to talking this much is because we’re going to see each other soon but honestly I’ll take any excuse I can get

29 August 2014, 9:35am
They told us we couldn’t get on the bus and I cried and she held me and rubbed my back and told me that I’d see matthew soon anyways, but you were the only person I cared about seeing there

29 August 2014, 9:48am
We got onto the bus. that’s all that matters right now, I’m actually going to see you again

30 August 2014, 12:44am
all I can think about is your lips on my neck and your hands in my hair and down my back and your body pressed against me and how even when your lips weren’t on mine I still couldn’t remember how to breathe and I swear we found heaven in that little corner of the pool

30 August 2014, 5:21am
there’s no way to explain how waking up next to you feels

01 September 2014, 11:32am
I’m trying really hard not to cry because there are people around and she’s sitting next to me and I don’t want her to think I’m weak but you’re the only thing I can think about right now

02 September 2014, 1:29am
I think I got all my crying out. we’ll see each other in a few weeks, I can toughen up until then

17 September 2014, 12:01am
I know you’ve got to wake up early tomorrow and you should have gone to bed hours ago but my first “happy birthday” text at midnight came from you and maybe that’s good luck

19 September 2014, 10:46pm
We can see the entire concert from the top of this ferris wheel and thousands of little white lights make a sea below us but a hundred feet above ground I’m drowning in your eyes and can’t feel anything except your hand on my neck and while my favorite band plays my favorite song all I can hear is my heartbeat in my throat

21 September 2014, 7:13am
Maybe if I keep telling myself I’ll see you again it’ll come true

24 September 2014, 11:58pm
I know it’s late and we’re tired and unreasonable and we’re deluding ourselves with this but that little bit of false hope is keeping me going. at least I know you need me as much as I need you.

11 October 2014, 3:46am
When you said you cared about me more than anyone my heart grew into the sky and when you finished with “but long distance would be too hard” I felt an arrow shoot into my chest so to keep you happy I said “yeah I agree” but honey I’ve been laying in bed for four hours staring at the stickers on my ceiling and all I can hope is that you’re doing the same and thinking the same and that you’ll text me any second saying you were wrong. I’d drive three hours to your door every damn day if you wanted me to.

11 October 2014, 8:08am
Please change your mind.

31 October 2014, 9:43pm
A boy at this debate tournament I’m at was hitting on me pretty hard and I want you to be here to get jealous and kiss me in front of him like you did at the concert but you’re not here and you can’t kiss me and I’m not yours and it’s frustrating to no end that I can’t tell you things like this anymore because you think we can’t have feelings for each other anymore

13 November 2014, 10:07pm
I’m glad you were honest with me about you seeing someone else but god I wish you’d realize how much this is breaking my heart. I know I told you I’m seeing other people, and I am, but I guess I didn’t tell you that none of them even hold a candle to how much you meant to me

13 November 2014, 10:22pm
I found her instagram. she’s prettier than me. I hope that when she tells you you’re a good kisser you remember who taught you how to kiss.

26 November 2014, 12:35pm
I ate a lot at thanksgiving yesterday. that was the first holiday in two years that I haven’t slipped food off my plate into the trash when no one’s looking and i think you’d be happy for me

10 December 2014, 7:27am
We haven’t spoken in weeks. I stopped caring about a week and a half ago.

16 December 2014, 6:32pm
Do snapchat conversations mean we’re friends again?

26 December 2014, 9:12am
I’m going to be back at the beach in less than a week and it’s so much more disappointing than I thought it’d be, hearing that you won’t be in town

27 December 2014, 12:22am
I’m not going to let you control my mood. I got over you a long time ago and there’s no chance in hell I’m going to let your influence over me come back. I can have fun without you there. I’m stronger than I was when you left.

01 January 2015, 4:05pm
I can’t look at the bed we slept in or walk past the pool where you first kissed me or lay by the beach where you held my hand and pulled me into the water with you and told me you wished I lived there with you. memories of you are fucking haunting this place

01 January 2015, 5:43pm
I made a decision to push you out of my thoughts and take care of our friends this weekend and it’s not working enough to keep me okay but it’s enough to look okay. it isn’t fair that you can fuck with my head from 600 miles away and not even know what you’re doing

03 January 2015, 11:21pm
we’re driving home late at night down the same roads we took with you a few months ago and constant conversations just came on my ipod and I let it play and all I could think of was that last night here with you with our friends asleep in the back of your truck and your hand wrapped around mine and this song shaking the bass around our seats and your eyes switching between me and the road while we flew seventy miles an hour down the interstate and your lips meeting mine and not caring if you wrecked the car because god I would give anything to die in a moment as peaceful and safe and loved as that. it isn’t the same here without you.

04 January 2015, 2:00pm
the second I was alone I couldn’t stop crying and god it feels like someone’s died. I thought I got over you but now fuck you’re everywhere

Our Love (Part 1)

Title: Our Love (sorry I’m really crappy at titles) 

Summary: You were an actress on the show since season on and you and Jared were friends for a long time, and you slowly started developing feelings for him, you tried dating, but decided against it for the sake of your friendship, a few years later you realized you still had feelings for him, strong feelings, but all of that broke when Genevieve came along, and was completely smashed when he proposed to her (each chapter is based off a song, for some odd reason these songs popped into my head while I was writing and I listened to them while writing so…)

Song: I Never Told You- Colbie Caillat (listen to the song while reading it, adds to the effect)

Warnings: angst (don’t say I didn’t warn you)

Word Count: 1051

A/N: I have NOTHING against Jared and Gen’s relationship, I adore how much in love they are and I absolutely love their kids, but a girl gets bored okay? Cool? I mean no harm to their relationship whatsoever, Mkay? Cool.

Feedback is always loved and appreciated. Tags are at the bottom, if you want to be tagged or don’t want to be tagged anymore just shoot me a message…Please don’t kill me

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