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Does this mean you'll make some Claire and Frank gifs to piss off the Jameva shippers? 😋

I’ve made some but I’m saving them for my own personal use because suddenly people think I’m a Frank sympathizer. Guess what? It’s true—they totally caught me! This will be me on Sunday.

At least I’ll have my gifs to comfort me. I’ll miss you, you boring, racist, cheating, yet fedorable fucker. Icy roads, to you.

“I don’t think I’m going to miss eighth grade.  It’s been a tough year.  A lot of my friends are struggling with depression and self-harm, and it’s hard for me to watch.  I just care about them so much.  Growing up is so hard for some people.  It’s such a big thing.  It’s your foundation, I guess.  You’re becoming you.  It’s such a big thing and we’re going through it right now.  Some of my friend…s are struggling with loving themselves and loving life.  I think they forget that we’re still learning.  They think that they’re already who they’re going to be.  They think they know the future.  And it’s going to be horrible.  And they’ll never be able to fix it.  But that’s not true because we’re still changing.  And we’ll always be changing.  Even when we’re old, we’ll be changing.”

i’m not an “ace exclusionist”, though?

i don’t care if ace people are in the lgbt community or not. i’m not going to throw out a gay man because he’s ace, and i don’t see why ace trans women couldn’t be here. i’m not at all excluding ace people.

i am, however, excluding cishets. some of whom are ace. and that’s fantastic for them, but they are not lgbt.

it’s funny that we’re not called “kink exclusionists”. or “mentally ill exclusionists”. or “woman exclusionists”. theoreticallly, we are excluding people from all of those groups, oppressed or not. 

but we’re not excluding them because they’re women, or kinky, or mentally ill, or whatever. we’re excluding them, because they’re cishets.

so. yes. that’s the view this week from me. i’m sick and tired of this fake term that implies things that are entirely not true about this debate. i don’t care if ace people are in here, i don’t care if lgbt people ID as ace, i don’t care if said ace people have weird discourse opinions.

i’m not excluding ace people. i’m excluding cishet ace people. 

which, i guess, is the same thing as “all ace people” to some :/

Okay, so Yuuri’s hobby is gaming.

Has there been art done of him playing video games? Is there an artist somewhere who also finds the idea of Yuuri gaming in baggy house clothes, thick socks, in the zone and ignoring a whining Viktor in the background cute as hell?


For some reason, I imagine Yuuri to be a console gamer? I think we have only seen him with his laptop, but still, I don’t know. Somehow I imagine him playing solitary games and RPGs. He probably tried MMORPGs, I guess. While I think Yuuri would get stressed out by the demands of real-time gaming - not to mention the weird-ass angry players… yeah, I’m looking at you Russians - it’s also fun to imagine him as that Asian kid with a strong af high-level mage trouncing everyone else. But maybe his one true online friend is Phichit, lol.

Plot twist: Yuri Plisetsky is an Angry Russian Gamer™ and probably encountered Yuuri at some point online without either of them knowing.

Oh Sehun//For Her

Summary: The first words you’ll hear your soulmate say are tattooed onto your skin from birth. You hear the words, but in the worst possible situation - he’s in love with your close friend. 
Scenario: Soulmate AU, angst, fluff
Word Count: 5,746

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alright so 

Kubo-sensei has, in my eyes, now confirmed that Viktor and Yuuri are indeed lovers/significant others


but I know that some people still had doubts or wanted an official confirmation so wELL HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE I GUESS IT’S AS CANON AS IT GETS NOW

If you need me I’ll be over here screaming into my pillow over these two 

their love is too good to be true I owe Kubo-sensei my life

there is nothing more beautiful to me than a relationship portrayed on tv as something rooted purely in friendship and understanding and just a mutual respect of one another. Something where two people can always rely on each other, can make each other laugh, can be their best and worse selves around each other and not feel ashamed. Something healthy and realistic and honest and not depicted as an “epic true love” that is toxic and harmful and only ever requires sacrifice. there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than watching healthy relationships develop and grow and become even better.

Jewel In The Crown (M)

florist!kihyun, 15.1k, he knows what beautiful is but he’s also a bit jealous and has shitty friends

warning: smut (kihyun is a virgin, his first time, oral for both, slightly dom!kihyun i guess??)

“You look really nice by the way…Ignore that. You look beautiful. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.”

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Can cranes and herons pick up objects with their feet? Can their feet even reach their mouths (e.g. to bring a food item to it)?

So, though they look pretty similar, cranes and herons aren’t that closely related. Herons are part of Ardeidae, with other stabby-faced predatory birds like egrets and bitterns. Cranes are all the way over in Gruidae (I guess… also stabby-faces, but different, okay), and the two families are not even that closely related

That being said, both herons and cranes can, in fact, reach their terrifying knife faces with their weirdo spindly feet!

As I mentioned before, when you think about it, they are technically “birds of prey” - i.e. they are predatory birds. They’re distinguished from the true raptors by not having murder talons to match their murder face. Their “talons” look like they belong on some kind of beautiful, delicate songbird instead of a leggy fish assassin. Not at all suitable for murder.

They can grab with their feet, and will use them for very impressive high-kicks, but their primary “tool” is their beak. Anything that requires manipulation, such as nest-building, hunting, picking something up - their first instinct will be to use their beak.  So I guess my final consensus would be that they could bring something up to their mouth, but they probably wouldn’t.

On My Own (Harry Hook)Part Six

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“You swore you’d never hurt me.”

“You swore you’d never leave me On My Own.”

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven

Chad Charming thought himself a man of the people, another reason he should have been crowned King instead of Ben. He hoped that if he proved it, the people of Auradon would realize their mistake. Which was why he found himself trying to find that pirate kid that Jay hated.

As a very fit, athletic, muscular man himself, he had a feeling he would easily find him. SO, when he followed the sounds of anger to the weight room, he wasn’t surprised when the pirate kid was beating ruthlessly at a punching bag. “Hey there, Harry,” Chad greeted, strolling over to the angry boy.

“What do ye want, Charmin’?” Harry grumbled, less than happy to have his alone time interrupted. Chad shook his head, holding the punching bag steady. “Just checking on a friend. I know if that fight had happened between me and Audrey I would be very sa- I mean angry.”

“That brown-haired lass you have hangin’ off yer arm?” Harry asked, raising an eyebrow as he recalled the princess inviting him to “study” with her on a Saturday night with a few flirtations glances and a hand toying with the buttons on his jacket. He of course declined.

“Yeah, she’s my girlfriend,” The blond stated proudly, frowning at the laugh he received. “What’s so funny?”

“Ye need to keep a better grip on yer lass, Charmin’. She seemed to have taken a liken to some men in me crew,” Harry remarked with a snicker.

“I’ve noticed. Which is another reason I came here. To offer a… mutual exchange of advice. I’ll tell you have to be the prince Y/N wants, if you tell me how to be a…delinquent like you,” Chad offered, a smug smirk on his face.

“That’s one reason I don’t like you Auradon brats,” Harry remarked, zoning in on the young Prince. “Someone wants ye to be someone ye aren’t, ya change yer clothes, your hair, the way ye talk, the way you act, you change yer entire personality just to be what they want. But on the Isle? Well, if someone dares to tell ye to change yerself, you feed’em to the dogs. We don’t change for anyone but ourselves. You. Are. Pathetic. Changin’ yerself for a lass.” Harry scoffed.

“What are ye starin’ at?” He snapped at the boy when he noticed him staring at him in something akin to awe.

“You just… You don’t care. I’ve never met someone as uncaring as you,” The boy replied. “Teach me your ways. Please!”

“I told ye, Chad-” Harry started before pausing, remembering Uma’s plan.

They’ve had it too good here for too long. It’s time for Auradon to meet chaos. We need to tear this school apart from the inside. Prove who really has control here.

“Fine. I’ll help ye.”

At lunch that following Monday, Chad sat with the pirates, eager to be taught Harry’s ways. He was in the middle of telling Chad how to snap back at someone giving him a hard time when he was interrupted.

“Excuse me, uh Harry?”

The pirate turned around, staring at the brunette girl holding his hook and hat in her hands. “Why do ye have my things?” He asked, standing up to stare down intimidatingly at the girl. It worked, seeing as she started fidgeting.

“Y/N told me to give them to you. you left them on the tourney field Saturday,” The girl explained. Harry gave a scoff. “Lass couldn’t even give them to me herself,” He sneered, snatching the hoot and hat from the girl.

“A-actually, she’s not here today, so she asked me to do it,” the girl explained before quickly scurrying back to her group of princesses.

“Really? Chad was with them?” You asked in awe from where you sat curled up in your bed amidst a sea of tissues.

“Yep,” Lonnie replied. “Jane said it sounded like Harry was coaching him on something.”

“Oh no,” You groaned. “And I can’t go find out what it is because of this stupid cold!” Lonnie laughed.

“Don’t worry, Sniffles. I’ll get Jay on it. You just focus on getting better. I have no one to help me bully the Coach into making a girl’s tourney team,” Lonnie replied. “Oh! I just remembered my mom gave me a book of recipes my grandma used to make for her when she was a kid. I think there’s some food for colds in there, I could make you some if you want,” She offered.



“Please marry me.”

“Y/N!” Audrey called, awakening you from your sick-sleep. You groaned, pulling the covers over your eyes. “How do you people keep getting in my room?” You whined. You heard her scoff.

“Maybe you should try a better hiding spot that on top of the door frame. But that isn’t important right now! Your pirate boyfriend has brainwashed Chad!” She complained, stomping her foot on the ground. “He’s walking around in those ripped clothes flirting with every girl he sees! And he won’t do what I say!”

“Or maybe he’s finally figuring out who he is,” You mumbled, rolling away from the girl. Audrey growled.

“Did I mention he slid a stink bomb into your locker?”

“He’s dead. I’ll fix it later. Get out of my room and let me sleep you evil little fairy,” You grumbled, burying your face in a pillow. You were only able to lay in bed for ten minutes before you tore yourself out of bed to go confront Harry.

You didn’t know why you had five outfits laid out on your bed. You were just going to tell Harry to leave Chad alone, but for some reason you wanted to look nice. You carefully chose an outfit that was nice enough for Auradon, but reminded you of your clothes in Auradon. To be completely honest, you had been feeling homesick ever since you came back from your impromptu “Save the King” mission.

And now, being around the pirates made you want to retreat to your old self. But, you couldn’t let that happen.

You anxiously shifted from foot to foot as you stood outside of Harry’s dorm room, waiting for him to answer the door. You knocked again, in case he didn’t hear you. “Who the hell is it!? Ye better have a good reason for wakin’ me up or ye’r dead!” His voiced called out as the door was flung open seconds later.

“Y/N?” He asked, looking both surprised an confused, before recovering his expression to a blank face. “Come in, I guess.” You walked in, keeping a safe distance between you and the pirate.

“What do ye want, Lass?” He asked, leaning against the door with crossed arms. It took all of your self control to not stare, seeing as he didn’t think answering the door was important enough to put on a shirt. 

“Harry, what did you do to Chad?” You asked, figuring there was no use beating around the bush. He chuckled, eying you.

“I didn’t do anything to’em. He asked me for a favor and I happily complied for me dear friend,” He answered, a sly smirk on his face. “It’s not nice of ya to keep accusin’ me of things, Lass. Makes ya seem a bit biased against me. And that’s not possible, is it?”

You clenched your teeth as Harry slowly walked forward, resulting in you pressing yourself against the wall in order to get farther from the pirate.

“Admit it, Lass. Admit why ye’r accusin’ me every five seconds,” He egged, leaning down so he was eye level with you. “Admit you hate me. Or, maybe you still love me. And that’s why you keep tryin’ to distance yerself from me.”

You clenched your fists at the pirate’s taunting. If this were the Isle, you would punch him and be done with it. But, unfortunately this was Auradon. And punching him could possibly get you sent back to the Isle for good.

“You know what, Harry?” You asked, glaring up at the brunet. “Hmm?” He asked, sliding a piece of hair behind your ear. “You’re right,” You stated.

A small smirk started on his face. “About what, Lass?”

“I do hate you.”

Harry could hear his world crashing down and his heart shattering in a single second. He cleared his throat, standing up straight. “Is that so?” He asked, voice cracking slightly.

“You cheated on me, Harry. With your Captain! When I tried to confront you about it you tried to accuse me of cheating on you with Gil instead of owning up to it! How can I not hate you!?” You cried out, astonished that he could have the audacity to even think he had the right to be hurt.

“You swore you’d never hurt me!”

“And you swore you’d never leave me on my own!” He shot back, angry tears welling in his eyes. “Ye know I’m not good at expressin’ how I feel or admittin’ when I’m wrong! But ye didn’t even give me a chance! You ran away from me, Y/N!”

“You’re the one that ran away, Harry! I waited for a week for you to come back! But you never did! You ran off to Uma like you always have! You always put her above me! You treated her like some sort of goddess! Like you were just settling for me! Do you know how that felt!?”

“Why do ye think I kept tryin’ to get yer attention when I got here!? I wanted to make up, Y/N! But it seems you’ve finally revealed yer true colors! You want some perfect prince, not a mangy pirate! And I’m not a perfect prince, Y/N! I never will be! I’m me! And if ye don’t like that then I guess we’re done here!” Harry yelled. He felt weak with tears leaking from his eyes, but he couldn’t seem to make them stop.

“I don’t want some perfect prince, Harry! I want you! But all you do is hurt me! You fight with me over every little thing, and god forbid I say something bad about Uma all hell breaks loose! Is she that much better than me!?” You shot back, glad to finally get everything off of your chest.

“Because she’s always been there for me, Y/N! Ever since I became part of her crew she’s treated me like I’m not worthless! You’re the one that always starts fights with me, she’s the one that calms me down! So yeah, I guess she is better!”

Harry’s breath caught in his throat, wishing he could yank the words back into his mouth. “Y/N,” He whispered, noticing the tears that now flowed down your cheeks. You looked utterly crushed. “Y/N, I’m so sorry,” He whispered, reaching out for you.

You shook your head, pushing the pirate away from you and furiously wiping your eyes. “I knew it,” You whispered. If Harry could choose the animal that most resembled you at the moment, it would be a kicked puppy. No, you resembled a puppy left alone to watch their owner drive away, leaving them in a strange place with strange people. Completely broken, in the most unrepairable way.

And as you walked out of his door, he could only imagine he looked the same.

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Shinsou x reader p.t 1

Hiya got a sorta cute idea, this also involves me and another writer who loves BNHA and is super sweet and kind and we both came up with this idea. Hope you enjoy !

The steady hum of chatter followed you out of the lunch hall as you began to make your way down one of U.A’s glassy and sleek corridors.

Sighing in content you let a small smile grace your lips whilst your eyes flickered from the sunny view outside to the end of the corridor.

Hushed voices sounded from up ahead drawing you from your calm daydream like state. A group of students that you didn’t recognise as class 1-A students were huddled and one end of the corridor their heads turning to peak around the corner and then quickly snapping back, snickering and whispering once more.

Curious and a little confused you raised an eyebrow, giving them a few glances as you hesitantly walked past them.

“Tch i don’t get why they let him into the school.”

Eyes widening you nearly froze at one of the students comments, caught off guard by their malicious tone.

Now very curious and slightly annoyed at the nasty conversation they appeared to be having you slowed down your pace, enabling you to listen into more of their conversation.

“Monoma you shouldn’t say stuff like that !……but it is kinda true I mean I guess they’re heroes and all and they just probably want to give themselves a good image.”

“Yeah but he’s a freak. I mean look at him quirk, if that’s not villainous I don’t know what is.”

“What a loser.”

“I’ll bet you 100¥ he ends up becoming a villain by second year.”


By now you were nearly trembling with fury at their hateful words, feeling angered at their sick and twisted comments that were being so harshly directed at some poor innocent victim.

Nobody deserved that type of treatment.

One of them snuck a quick look around the corridor, eyes widening and instantly hushing the others, some of them covering their mouths to quieten their snickers.

Footsteps sounded from ahead of you, slow and sluggish thuds against the cold tiled floor.

Was this it ?

Was this their victim ?

The first thing you noticed was his hair. It was purp- wait not just purple it was violet and soft and honestly one of the prettiest things you’d ever seen.

Matching purple eyes lazily looked ahead, highlighted by the quiet shocking bags that ringed them.

Concern fluttered through you at the prominent sight of his sleep deprived state.

Yet only one word came to mind when you first saw him.


He didn’t even acknowledge the snickering students, all of them eyeing him up and down, some even jeering quietly.

He didn’t spare their bullying a wink, something that you found quite admirable but also upsetting. Was he really that used to being bullied that he just ignored it ?

Realising that he was walking closer and closer to you, you snapped out of your gaze, gazing up at him as he stared straight ahead.

He looked so alone, so bored and tired.

But that all changed once he glanced st you and noticed your bright, closed eyes smile. His eyes widened, instantly confused and alert as he watched you raise your hand.

Were you going to attack him.

But all you did was wave.

All you did was smile and wave.

He’d never been more confused in his entire life.

Why were you smiling at him ?

It had to be a joke, why would a good looking person in class 1-A be waving and smiling at him ?
There was no logical explanation except for the fact that she was either being dared or making fun of him in a way.

Wow, he shouldn’t even be surprised by now but why did it sting a little when he imagined this sweet and angelic person mocking him ?

Your smile drooped once he rolled his eyes and continue on walking, trashing down the corridor and leaving you behind, hand still in midair and smile faltering.

'What just happened ?’

“See Shinsou is such a freak !”

The gang of students all burst out into laughter, which angered you further but you couldn’t help feeling relived once they walked away to the lunch hall.

'Shinsou……so that’s his name…..it’s cool….Shinsou I’m gonna become your friend ! Whether you like it or not !’

Hope this was okay and look out for p.t 2

Family Of Fighters

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Request: Can you write one where the teenage reader finds out her parents are hydra? When they leave for work she gets into their office and finds a dangerous file with plans to destroy the avengers tower. She takes it and runs away till she gets to the tower. She’s crying when she gets to the receptionist cause her parents will kill her for what she did. Tony relocates her to the compound since it’s safer and Nat wipes out her identity and helps her with a make over. She finds a family with them.

Pairing: Avengers x reader

Summary: You didn’t mean to find what you did, but you did. Now you need protection and the only people that could save you are the people they want to destroy.

Word Count: 2,075

Genre: Angst, fluff

Notes: There will be a second part to this! It was too long for one fic so I broke it into two :)

“How long are you guys going to be gone this time?” you ask your mother as she drags her bags into the living room.

“This business trip, about two weeks? I think anyways. Your father knows for sure” your mother says monotonously.

You nod and wait with your other for the cab. Your parents had a government job, although you didn’t know exactly that they did, and it took them around the world for weeks at a time. Every time you asked about your parent’s career they brushed you off, telling you that they were just advisers but never who for. As you grew older, you noticed all of the inconsistencies in their stories. You began asking more questions and those questions lead to many fights which lead to your very tense relationship with your parents. After two years of fighting, you had finally resigned yourself to a type of symbiotic routine with your parents. You would go to school and come home then up to your room without disrupting them, only ever really speaking when they were leaving for another trip.

You hear a honk outside and your father rushes into the living room with his bags, ignoring you and walking out of the house.

“We left money for take out. Don’t do anything stupid.” your mother said.

With that you were left in your big home, all alone just like you had been for most of your life. You sigh and go into the kitchen where you expect to find the money for food. Your face twists in confusion as you look around the bare counters to find no trace of the money they had promised. You walk around the house looking for the money but find nothing, until you stood in front of the study’s door. You were never allowed in there, it was strictly under lock and key held by your parents. You didn’t know why, it wasn’t like you were a problem child, if they told you not to do something you didn’t do it.

As you reach up onto the door frame looking for the spare key to open they door, you scold yourself lightly. This was a serious situation as if you didn’t have the money you couldn’t eat for the next two weeks so you knew your parents wouldn’t be to mad about it. You pull down the key, open up the door and walk to the giant mahogany desk on the other side of the room. You see two crumpled up hundred dollar bills sitting on top of a manila folder marked with a small red label on the corner that read ‘Top Secret’. Obviously, when something reads ‘Top Secret’ you curiosity is peaked. Maybe this is your chance to know exactly what your parents did.

You pocket the cash and slide open the folder carefully, as to not make it look tampered with. You pull out the papers and are greeted with a picture that filled you with dread. The cover photo of the title pile of documents was a red skull with six curving tentacles, the symbol of HYDRA. Your heart was racing as you pulled apart the other papers. You find ones that had pictures of your parents in soldier’s garb along with details you didn’t even know about them. Was this why they were so secretive? Were your parent’s really members of HYDRA?

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So about Matt Holt: A Voltron Theory

With Season 3 coming out some time in September I thought I’d take a moment or two to wax poetic on Matthew Holt, Katie “Pidge Gunderson” Holt’s elder brother and missing member of the Kuroberos space mission.

Matt is an odd one because what little we have is from Pidge and Shiro’s memories, and neither are 100% correct since we’re only seeing what they saw rather than who Matt really is. So with that in mind what do we know about Matt Holt?

Well when we first meet him in the very first episode where they’re captured, Matt is very invested in the ice and talks about how the ice may hold the key to meeting aliens. From this very first interaction with Shiro and Dr. Holt we get a sense that Matt is a young man that his highly involved in the idea of research. He’s soft spoken, polite and very invested and excited about what the universe has waiting for them.

However this changes when we next see the Galra attack them. Matt is both confused and shocked and it takes Shiro grabbing his arm and pulling him away, forcing him to drop the ice sample to get him to move. This is very different then Katie who acts on her own when in danger and reacts quickly by either following Shiro’s lead, or reacting on her own as a means of helping herself or her friends. Matt it seems needs some push to get him moving.

We don’t see Matt again until we get Katie’s backstory when Shiro gets his memories back.

 According to one of the aliens that the crew rescues Matt was the first set to fight and that Shiro injured him.

 However Shiro clears this up and notes that Matt was scared. Matt states that he wasn’t going to make it and the first thoughts were of not seeing his family again.

 Shiro then pushes Matt back and goes after the robot that is holding the blade weapon and shoves him into another alien.

To everyone’s horror Shiro wounds Matt on the leg and then attacks him screaming “I want blood!”

This terrifies Matt and seems to really shake him up something fierce. 

Keep in mind that his and Katie’s father has been taken away with the weaker prisoners. (If this wasn’t Voltron I would say that he’s dead.) 

However his look changes when we see him reacting to Shiro’s sudden change to normal, “Take care of your father.”

There’s a lot of things going on here, but I’ll try to dissect it as best I can. From these few scenes there’s a lot to take in on regard to Matt and Shiro, their relationship and how Matt sees both Shiro and himself.

At first Matt is clearly terrified. He knows that his life is practically over as he’s not built for fighting. This means that he never served in the Garrison in a post like Shiro did. He more than likely was on the research end of things, and never had to worry about facing combat. His fear comes from an internal worry of dying and not being able to see his family again. We see it in the way that he starts to freak out and the way his body language shows utter fear. What’s interesting is that Shiro sees this too and tries to calm him down in his normal tone, however Matt’s not having any of it and seems to be on the verge of a breakdown. 

Shiro, realizing what’s going on here, after the robot comes out and shows the weapon to them, pushes Matt back then proceeds to act crazy and attacks him, wounding him in the shin with a blow and allowing himself to be taken away to fight.

 Shiro also tells Matt to take care of his father and get stronger. These actions show how much Shiro cares about Matt as a friend and crew member. His first goal is getting Matt out of danger, even if that means hurting him to do so, his second action is to tell him to protect his father. This shows that Shiro cares deeply for the Holts and wants to keep them safe.

What’s interesting here is Matt’s reaction to all of this. He sees Shiro go crazy, is terrified of that, then recognises that he’s not about to truly hurt him and he’s sacrificing himself so that Matt can find a way back to his father and keep him safe, since he’s weaker now due to the wound. The fact that Matt seems to take in what Shiro says indicates that there’s respect there, possibly a brotherly love going on as they are crew mates and Shiro is the sort that will do what he can for his friends.

But what about Matt? Thinking about it a bit more, while we see Matt is scared, to me at the very least I got a Raditz feel about the whole thing. What does that mean? Well in Dragon Ball Z Radditz was Goku’s older brother, an older Sayian, but he was different then Goku. He was cowardly, afraid of death and also someone who thought of himself.

Now, the thing about Matt in these scenes makes me pause. While we can tell he’s not one for a fight, that’s more Katie’s area, we also can see there’s some selfishness to him. He doesn’t think about Shiro, he’s more worried about what’s going to happen to him, rather than trying to think of a way out and help the others. Now this doesn’t mean that Matt’s a bad person, but rather he’s less altruistic then Katie or Shiro is. In fact it looks like he’s taking in what Shiro said about getting stronger. The question is, is he looking for Shiro, or is he planning on getting revenge with the Rebels.

Remember there was a reason why those two former members left, and that indicates that whatever this group is doing it’s not going to be like the Voltron crew nor the Blade who seem more empathetic to protecting others and willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their crew. Something Shiro willingly does, Matt on the other hand…

Then we have the situation at home in Katie’s memory. Matt teases his dad about eating peas and we see the family together. The issue is that it’s just from Katie’s view so we get more about her dad then Matt. However we do see that they care a lot about one another and that he took a picture with her.

Things change up during the escape from the space jail Beta traz. We know that Matt was held captive for a time in a place where the Rebels were able to find him and take him. The question is why? Could his dad be part of the rebels, or was someone else looking out for Matt. Or could it have been the Aliens that were let go by Voltron that informed the rebels of matt? That doesn’t really tell us much of who knew where he was or how though.

What’s interesting is that he willingly seems to go with them, he’s being led by the arm again and it’s clear his cell was the one that was targeted.

 It also seems like they broke him out of a similar jail where there were guards, the robot kind, but again the question is who knew all that? Even Shiro didn’t and why do the Rebels want him in the first place.

Now here’s where things might get depressing. If the story of matt plays out like I think it might, this is not going to be a happy home coming for Pidge. Matt in the time that he’s been with the Rebels will have changed, a lot. Assuming that they didn’t just recently break him out, as he’s wearing the uniform that he was in the pit, then he’s been with them since before the time that Shiro escaped. If this is true then that means that Matt has been staying with the Rebels for some reason rather than finding a way to get to Earth and back home. Why? My guess, he’s become obsessed with what Shiro said. He wants to stay with the Rebels to fight Zarkon and get back at him for attacking them and other people. It’s clear that Matt is a sensitive caring person but also one that is selfish and tends to see things in ways different then Katie.

What I think will happen is that Katie will find the rebels, either with Lance, Hunk or Keith at her side. However while Matt is happy to have her back he gives her an ultimatum. Either join with the Rebels and fight Lotor with him and take back over the places that Zarkon had with less than good ways of doing so, or become their enemies. I can’t see this turning out good till far later, and I’m pretty sure that Matt will have to eventually accept the Voltron group working with Keith and the others. This is going to put Katie in a rather bad place, one that will ultimately pit her against her brother during events of this or future seasons.

Given that I have a feeling Matt might be more selfish then Katie I’m kind of betting on this happening in the end.

Work Harder #1

“Lance, what were you thinking?” Shiro questioned him. His arms were shaking as he stepped towards the smaller boy. “You could have gotten one of us killed!" 

Lance shivered under the harsh glare of the elder, "I understand that but the Galra were surrounding Keith and if I didn’t go there he would have die-”

 "He would have been fine!“ Pidge interrupted. They crossed their arms and pointed at Lance with a furious stare that rivaled Shiro’s. "Keith was perfectly fine on his own! He’s capable of defending himself and obeying orders, unlike you.”

 Lance frowned, “Okay, I get that but-”

Pidge shook her head, “Obviously not.” She sighed. She turned around, “Maybe you could actually do something right for once?”

“It’s not my fault.” The moment Lance had opened his mouth and said those words he regretted it.

Pidge blew up. “Of course it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault that you’re not strong enough. It’s not your fault that you’re too stupid to actually analyze and see what the outcome might be. It’s not your fault that every mistake that happens in this team is somehow related to you. It’s not your fault that we probably would have defeated Zarkon months ago if you weren’t involved. It definitely isn’t your fault that you’re the most useless paladin on this team. Why did blue even chose you to pilot her? You’re the worst paladin ever!” 

Lance stopped. He couldn’t move. 

“Pidge that was too much,” Lance heard Keith say to the smallest of the group.

Hunk nodded his head, “ I agree with Keith.”

Shiro shook his head, “She does have a point though. Please take things seriously, Lance.”

Keith sighed. If you can’t beat ‘em agree with them to some extent, “I guess.”

Hunk frowned, “No, he-”

“It’s okay, Hunk,” He heard Lance speak out. Lance gave a small sad smile. He turned to his ‘team mates’, “It’s all true.”

Lance turned away to walk back to his room.

No one chased after him. Maybe if one of them did, none of the following events would have happened.

How did Jasper die tho?

So I have two theories as to how Jasper actually died. They both seem plasable (at least to me), but wouldn’t be able to co-exist. and because i want to keep all my information in one place, imma post it here.

Mr. Campbell murders Jasper

This one i find quite interesting, but the basic premise is the headline, Mr. Campbell murdered Jasper at some point off screen. 

- He seemed fully content in going to kill Davy 

As soon at it was thought that Jasper was dead, Mr. Campbell IMMEDATELY takes out his knife to end Davy to hide the fact they ‘witnessed’ anything. So he certainly is not against the idea of killing children, since he only backpedaled when it came to light that Jasper was alive. 

    + Willing to kill children

- He is rarely at the camp unlike in previous days

It’s shown in the flashback (and in confirmation from David’s photos) that Mr. Campbell was very present in the other iterations of Camp Campbell. He is no longer present from being extremely wanted by the government, but what if possibly he stays away for other reasons also? Perhaps he distances himself from the camp to disassociate himself with the death of Jasper - which was his fault.

It’s possible that Jasper found out whatever illegal activities Mr. Campbell was up to, and because he ‘knew too much’, Mr. Campbell went to kill him. With the sudden death of a child, he could be held accountable, so began to try and distance himself from the project. 

    + Killed to hide the truth about his illegal activities OR to take revenge for Jasper telling somebody about his illegal activities 

    + Fled from Camp Campbell to distance himself from the issue.

- Torture chamber in Journey to Spooky Island

This was definately Mr. Campbell’s summer home (as seen by the letterbox earlier in the episode), and just further adds to the fact he has most likely killed before in the past.

    + more evidence to the fact he’s killed others

- Jasper was first seen on Spooky Island

Spooky Island, isolated and the place where Mr. Campbell keeps his summer home. Possible that Jasper was murdered here, hence why he was there in the first place. However, that being said, it’s possible that this was were the ‘trek’ was (look further down for other theory)

    + Mr. Campbell’s home was here and isolated

    - could be from other trek

- Possible foreshadowing?

i’ll be honest, this one could literally mean nothing, but it’s a thought none the less.


  • He doesn’t seem phased at all by murder
  • Definately has done some fucked up things (The fact he’s wanted)
  • Torture chamber on Spooky Island
  • Jasper was first seen on Spooky Island

(Will add more to this if i think of anything)

David lied about his story

This one is another theory that i find plausable, since David definately lied about some things in his story. Yet others remain true.

- David probably wouldn’t tell children about the death of somebody

David wouldn’t go telling kids about how a child died at Camp Campbell when he was younger - he wants to protect them and keep them happy! He also would probably guess if he just shrugged it off as nothing, the kids would likely see something as off (Max states that ‘as long as we don’t trigger any of David’s long winded stories–’, implying David does things like this a lot). 

David wanting to excite the kids about the ‘adventures’ he had when he was a camper might also have played a role in his decision to lie. Just cutting out all the ‘bad’ parts. 

It’s unclear how much of David’s story was true, however it was clear he also wanted to teach a lesson to Max also [expanded on a bit later]

    + David wouldn’t tell the truth about a child’s death on camp

    + If he shrugged it off, the kids would know since he often goes off on tangients

    + He wanted to excite them with an interesting story 

    + He wanted to teach the kids a lesson.

- The obvious lies that seep through

The way that the other two camp counsellors talk is VERY much how David would exaggurate things for the kids. “Oh no! Not Davy!”, “He’s such a troublemaker!” Is the type of thing that would be read in a children’s book rather than spoken in real life. 

Another line thats spoken is “Davy, you have so much potential. If only you would apply yourself!” which is the type of thing David would likely say to Max.

It’s definately possible they’re lies too since of the obvious one Max calls out “YOU DID NOT FUCKING SAY THAT!”

So by these lines, it’s obvious David is lying about aspects of the story. 

It’s also unclear if Davy was ACTUALLY a bad kid, or if David simply changed his personality to attempt to resonate with Max and teach him a lesson. Considering the worst things being said were ‘dang’ and ‘hooey’. Either Davy WAS a bad kid, but David censored the things he actually said, or Davy wasn’t and David went to just teach a lesson to Max. either way, there was some form of lie here too (Either in Davy’s speech or Davy’s character).

Considering all of this, it’s not too far of a stretch to think that David lied about if Jasper died or not. 

    + Lots of over exaggurated lines that David would say

    + No real proof that Davy was ‘misbehaved’

    + Max calls out David’s lie

- Jasper clutches his chest where the bear slashes him

(great editing by me i know)

This is another subtle thing that might be linked to foreshadowing that the slashes actually killed him. 

    + Subtle Foreshadowing perhaps


  • David isn’t the type of person who would tell kids about a tradgedy like that
  • He knew they’d get suspicious if he said nothing
  • To get them perhaps excited, he tells them this adventure about how they ‘saved’ Jasper, and to teach them a lesson
  • David definately lies during the episode as indicated by small speech patterns
  • Subtle foreshadowing from Jasper clutching his chest

(Will add more to this if i think of anything)


(Mr. Campbell kills Jasper)

  • He doesn’t seem phased at all by murder
  • Definately has done some fucked up things (The fact he’s wanted)
  • Torture chamber on Spooky Island
  • Jasper was first seen on Spooky Island


  • David isn’t the type of person who would tell kids about a tradgedy like that
  • He knew they’d get suspicious if he said nothing
  • To get them perhaps excited, he tells them this adventure about how they ‘saved’ Jasper, and to teach them a lesson
  • David definately lies during the episode as indicated by small speech patterns
  • Subtle foreshadowing from Jasper clutching his chest

I’d be really interested to hear feedback on shit i might have fucked up on or more evidence towards either theory - oR HECK HOWEVER U THINK JASPER DIED

lakritzwolf  asked:

A bad accident involving a bus full of kids (6 years) happens in a large city. I guess ER turns into a madhouse when suddenly ca 40 kids come in, a lot of them severely injured. 3 adults were on the bus, two severely injured, one DOA. How are procedures for identifying kids and getting them reunited with their families when the waiting area fills with panicked parents? Some of the kids are unconscious/not able to tell staff their name. MC is the dad of one kid, how might things happen for him?

Hey there! Welcome back. 

You’re making some assumptions about the way kids are distributed after a crash like this which aren’t exactly true. Let’s walk this back to the scene and talk about triage

First, the kids who are DOA don’t go to a hospital. If the crash is this bad, and some kids aren’t breathing, EMS will try to position their head. If they don’t start breathing, they’ll give them a few quick breaths with a bag-valve-mask (BVM). If they still don’t start breathing, that child is “black tagged” and EMS moves on to people they can save. They simply won’t have the resources to invest in unsalveageable children when there are others – the severely-injured-but-still-living – who can  be helped. 

Covering the bodies with a sheet is polite, here, but are often hard to come by. These kids may simply be laid out and exposed. 

Next are the “red tag” children. These are kids who can’t follow commands or who have severe blood loss, as demonstrated by their vital signs, or have some severe life-threatening injury (e.g. evisceration). These kids will be airlifted or driven to the closest pediatric trauma center. 

All of this depends on exactly where this happens. In or near a big city, these kids will go to a pediatric trauma center, where specialists can care for them. If there are two around, no one center will get overwhelmed. 

All infants go to trauma centers, injured or no, full stop. 

Next are the “yellow tag” kids. These are ones who are hurt and cannot walk, but are not life-threateningly injured. These will be distributed around to other receiving hospitals. This is the first group of kids who aren’t in immediate, life-threatening danger, so they’re more stable, and will go further to keep the pressure off of the trauma centers. 

Finally are the “green tag” kids, those who either are uninjured or have only minor injuries. These kids can, and absolutely will, wait. They can be packed off to the hospital multiples at a time – you can fit up to 4 in an ambulance – but only after everyone else (save the dead) are evacuated first. 

What this means is that hospitals will get steadier streams of kids. First the red tags, then the yellows, and finally the greens. The reds need immediate attention and surgery, the yellows need beds, the greens can sit and wait in the waiting room with staff to keep an eye on them. 

This same procedure, by the way, goes for any mass casualty incident, whether that’s an active shooter event, a landslide, or a bus crash: the dead stay still, the nearly-dead get balls-to-the-walls care, and everyone else can wait at least a little. 

However, you ask, what does this mean for my dad character? 

Dad’s gonna have a hard time with this. 

Kids will be asked by responders on scene who they are, and the unconscious or unable to speak will be identified by peers or adults; EMS will track the names and units and destinations and relay.

Incident command will be established at the scene of the accident, but no system is perfect, and which kid goes to which hospital with which crew can be hard to track, especially with the critically ill – you don’t always know their names. Typically, the bus company will coordinate with the incident commander and the hospitals to find out what kid went where, and someone – the school, the responding agency (police or fire, whoever has command in this region), or the bus company will have a hotline for parents to call. That doesn’t mean anyone actually knows anything. These incidents are chaotic, misinformation always spreads faster than the truth, etc. 

So your dad’s kid might have been airlifted a hundred miles away and no one knows that in particular. They might know a kid was airlifted but not whose

At the hospital itself, they’ll make every effort to identify the kid, from EMS, from the kid, etc. Backpacks, if they came, can also be used for ID; the name on a notebook might be all they have at first. (What if the notebook is borrowed? Interesting question. Misidentified kid.) 

Hopefully, by the time the kid’s dad shows up at the ER, the ER will have an idea of who’s who and what’s what; kids might have phones and “Mom” might be called (almost always “mom,” because reasons that are too much to go into right now on this already hella long post.) Dad will be asked who his kid is, and that name will be compared to a list; docs might ask him for a description if they have an unidentified, or some identifying feature (clothing, hair, eye color, etc. all matter). 

Worse comes to worst, Dad might have to travel to different hospitals. Hospitals get very tight-lipped over the phone after major incidents because of privacy concerns and the sneaky, bastardly ways media tries to get information. 

So the general procedure will be: 1) Call the hotline, 2) Call the hospital, 3) Go to the hospital, 4) Provide info and description of kid, 5) Find kid OR go back to Step 1 and start over. 

Hope this helped!! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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The Last Thing I Want For You Is A Happy Ending

Title: The Last Thing I Want For You Is A Happy Ending

Summary: Tyler realizes he still has feelings for you after being broken up for almost a year, but is heartbroken when he discovers you are engaged.

Characters: Tyler Joseph x Reader

Warnings: Cursing

A/N: 600 followers! Thank you guys so much!

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I know everyone’s upset by this con and what people said during it, but I’m seriously not upset any more than i was at any other time. TPTB are trying to do damage control so they get another series. They have been dodging questions for over 5 years, keeping secrets pertaining to the situations at hand. They know now we don’t trust them and it’s showing. We shouldn’t trust them. But now most people have given up hope in the next series being good. And i don’t blame them. They might not get a 5th series because of that. And i don’t care if I’m wrong – I’m wrong a lot – but this whole fiasco feels like they set up a beautiful EMP scenario, let Sherlock descend into madness, and had their fun while doing so. Mark loves Bond and Horror. Mark probably had a ball writing this series. “To hell with deferred pleasure” indeed. But they didn’t understand the beast they were dealing with. The Sherlock Holmes Fandom is the most hardcore, notorious Fandom in history. They burned the heart out of the series and instead of being disappointed, we’re spewing venom. And i mean all of us. Millions of us. This is the only thing that makes any sense to me. They took away the cases and the friendship and now they lost their audience. Of course they did. And you have to admit, the TJLC Fandom crying “this is our year!” made everything worse. If we didn’t think that way, we’d probably all be open to the idea of EMP, the descent into madness, and TFP being a figurative representation of the heart being burned out of Sherlock. It would be pretty much obvious. I’m in the middle of my largest meta yet, and it is about this exact idea. The only way the Sherlock crew can redeem themselves is to already have proven that they filmed at least a little bit extra in the past BUT IF THEY HAVEN’T DONE THAT then they may not have their series commissioned again and this may very well be the end. Yeah, they might have had a good idea or a brilliant plan in place but it doesn’t do them any good if they can’t continue writing. And this is on them, not on fans. Reading S4 through the EMP lens makes it one of the best series, which is why I hope beyond reason that it’s true. Reading TFP subtextually (like we read TAB) makes TFP one of the best episodes so far.

The term EMP has been around for a year and a half, I know because me and my two friends coined the term, but we got lots of hate from some of the big-name TJLC blogs at the time. But guess what, EMP is now the only thing that redeems the show, regardless of what happens to the dynamic between Holmes and Watson. Extended Mind Palace Theory is their *only* way out. Good thing there are 50 instances proving this is true. It’s not a difficult leap.

The Right Words (Davey x Reader)

W/C: 1261

@musi-xals requested some Davey but I needed a soulmate AU so HEERE YOU GO

Dedicated to Kelly, @earlyjunes, @sincerlyyme, and the rest of my Davey lovers out there!!


As a Newsie, former student, and avid reader, Davey Jacobs knew just how important the right words were. He understood that words held the key to things like a sharp mind and a happy heart.

Despite this, he always found himself boggled and frustrated by the single word on his wrist: your name.

It was bold, typewriter font. It reminded him of a headline, the headline of the most interesting and intricate story. He liked to think that he’d sell fresh out of that story, even if he bought every issue himself just to read about you again. Davey liked to trace the familiar letters with his finger under the dinner table, or sing your name under his breath as he stood on the street selling newspapers.He imagined doing things that he’d read young men do in novels. He wanted to buy you flowers, and take you out dancing, and take you by the waist and kiss you softly.

Only if you liked that kind of thing, though.


“Please, [name]. Just go buy the bread and then you can come right home and plop back into your chair. It would be a big help,” your mother begged. With a nod, you headed out with your novel under your arm- leaving the house without a good book was almost taboo, in your eyes.

It was nice outside, and not too busy on the street. You enjoyed the quiet as opposed to the usual bustling city sounds.

“You know, I really do hope you like to read, David,” you smiled to yourself, peering at your wrist as you opened to a random page. “It would be an absolute shame if you didn’t.” You giggled. You liked to imagine what your soulmate was like. Did he like picnics? Was he tall? How did he feel about eggnog? Was he a cat or a dog person?

Your mind was clouded with such thoughts as you walked along the sidewalk and read. Your parents scolded you for such a thing, but you knew you had it under control.

“Miss, watch out!” A young man warned suddenly, and you looked up at him. Time seemed to slow as you met his eyes before shutting your own, feeling yourself fall before coming to an abrupt stop.

“I’ve got you, miss. You can open your eyes.” The boy stood you upright, keeping his hand on your back.

You opened your eyes slowly, and he gave you two thumbs up. His eyes were soft and brown, warm and inviting. You could have gotten lost in them easily.

“Oh, Pride and Prejudice, huh?” He read the cover as he picked up your book and his newspapers, which he’d dropped as he went to catch you. “It’s quite the read,” he rubbed the back of his neck with an eager nod.

“Quite,” you repeated, happy to see someone who shared your taste in literature.

“I love novels like that. Then again, I really do enjoy an adventure from right here in New York. I guess it always has been the place where dreams come true, don’t you think, miss?” He took a solemn glance at the newspapers in his hand before shoving them in his bag.

“For some people, I guess. And please, call me [name],” you insisted.

The boy’s heart fluttered. That name. It sounded so much prettier rolling off of your tongue than any of the million times he’d sounded it out himself. Like an angel choir or a piano in a foyer.

But how was Davey to know that you were his soulmate? Anyone on the street could have that name, hypothetically speaking. Maybe the statistics didn’t make it extremely probable, but he knew it was possible. “I’m Davey,” he tipped his cap, studying your face for a reaction. You simply nodded, repeating the name in your head. It was close. So, so close.

“Nice to meet you, Davey,” you smiled politely.

The two of you stood in silence for a second, but as Davey went to fill it, he was interrupted by a small boy that had come running up to him.

“I’ve just sold my last pape!” He beamed.

“Its been a rough day, Les. I’ve still got four left.” Davey frowned, obviously discouraged by the fact.

“I’ve got it, big bro,” Les reassured, digging into his bag with a toothy grin and a wave before scurrying off.

“What a cutie!” You giggled, watching him fake pout at a man.

“Try living with him,” Davey chuckled. “Now, I should be getting home. Les works quick,” he started rummaging through his bag, pulling out a little book. “Try this,” he smiled.

You turned it over in your hands. It was The Count of Monte Christo.

“Wow… thank you. How will I return it to you?”

“I’m out here selling papers each and every day. Shouldn’t be that difficult. I’ve also got friends all over these streets. Just ask around for Davey Jacobs,” he nodded with a warm smile.

“Then I’ll see you around, Davey Jacobs.”

“It was nice meeting you, [name]”


You’d gotten the bread, and were comfortably curled up in your favorite chair. As Pride and Prejudice came to an end, you couldn’t help but glance at the book still sticking out of your bag. An amused smile graced your lips as you picked it up, fingers dancing along the spine. It was clear to see that Davey kept his books in a good condition, as they should be. You knew he’d make a great soulmate to some beautiful girl someday. He just wasn’t yours, it seemed.

You opened it to the inside cover, and you could have sworn your breath hitched. In the top left corner, it was neatly written in beautiful cursive.

David Jacobs

You let that sink in, trying to interpret what it meant. David was a common name. If you were his soulmate, wouldn’t he have said something when you introduced yourself? It just didn’t add up. And yet, you felt it. You felt the need to go see him. To hold him. To love him. You began formulating a plan to see him tomorrow, and the image of his gentle eyes and kind smile were burned into your busy mind.

The next morning, you set out on the streets of New York. You really didn’t think it would be as easy as it was, but there he stood on the street corner, fidgeting as he tried to sell the stack of newspapers in his arms.

“Could I have a paper?” You giggled, holding out a dime.

“[Name],” Davey gaped. His heart felt warm, and it showed. “You finished already?” He tilted his head in admiration. He was head over heels for you, and was set on you being his for the rest of time.

“Much better. I’ve got you a headline, it’ll sell those papers like hotcakes.” You took a step closer, making the boy confused. “This just in: David Jacobs unites with his soulmate, and they live happily ever after!” you gush, pulling up your sleeve and holding it out for him to see.

Davey binked once. Twice.

“Can I kiss you, miss?” He bit his lip, shifting a little.

You nodded, and next thing you knew, his soft lips touched yours. He held you gently, newspapers still in his arms, and he was more gentle than a feather on a blanket.

“This….I think this is my new favorite story,” Davey caught his breath, kissing his name on your wrist.