but i guess she rarely does

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Elriel #14, please ☺️😁💕

I just wanna say…i’m sorry

14. Pregnancy/Birth (deadass this is the highest requested headcanon so i guess everyone just wants me to cry!!!!!!!!!!)

  • A good long while goes by before Elain gets pregnant. 
  • She and Azriel spend many years simply getting to know each other and learning to trust each other before they begin their physical relationship. 
  • However, once they’ve gotten married and they know they’re ready, they start trying for a baby.
  • Elain and Azriel know that fae children are rare, but they believe that they would both be amazing parents and so does the rest of The Gang. 
  • After a few years, Elain still isn’t with child. Azriel is positive that there is nothing wrong with this, but Elain, having lived in the human world where everyone would check with a doctor after a few years of infertility. What she doesn’t tell Azriel is she’s worried that she hasn’t seen any mention of children in their future. No vague iterations of offspring at all. 
  • Azriel continues to assure her that nothing is wrong, but he helps her make an appointment.
  • At the healer/doctor’s meeting, they run a few tests. The healer inspects both Azriel’s body and Elains. After a few long moments, the healer tells them the results.
  • “I’m sorry. Unfortunately, you two are…incompatible in terms of conceiving offspring. I can bring you some tonics, but they rarely have any results.” 
  • Elain blinks in surprise. “I…what?” 
  • “We’re incompatible?” 
  • The healer nods. “Sometimes this just happens. There are many different possible reasons, but the bottom line is children just aren’t in your future.” 
  • “There must be something we can do,” Azriel quietly demands. The healer simply shrugs with a sad smile. 
  • “Thank you,” Elain says, sadly but earnestly. She begins helping the healer towards the door.
  • “Well, don’t we want the tonics? Don’t we want all the help we can get?” Azriel rushes to catch up with them but Elain shakes her head. 
  • “I haven’t seen it Az,” she says after the healer leaves. “It’s not in our future.” 
  • “There have been things you haven’t seen before! It’s still worth trying!” 
  • “Yes but Az…I know. I just…it’s not destined for us. The cauldron has other plans.” She can’t help but let a few tears fall. 
  • “Hey…hey.” Azriel reaches his hand up to brush away her falling tears. “So it’s not in our future. That’s okay.” He pulls Elain into his chest and she nuzzles in. “You’re my future. You’ve always been my future. You’re enough for me. I love you and you are enough for me.” 

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I LOVE your blog!!! I've been reading lots of you rec fics, and Derek is sentimental, shy, blushing and whatnot... Can I have one that Derek is confident? And that Stiles REALLY likes that side of him? Thank you my loves


Anonymous said:Hey do you know any fics where Derek is being seductive?

Ooooo yes! This is one of my favorites. - Anastasia

Originally posted by stilessderek

Day at the Lake by cjr

(1/1 I 471 I General)

Stiles couldn’t turn away. Derek was trying to kill him. Water dripped down from his wet hair onto his unclothed chest. Stiles couldn’t help but stare. Derek caught Stiles’ eyes and raised his brows, looking cocky. He slowly turned around, giving Stiles a great view of his ass.

Light A Roman Candle With Me by Phantomlimb

(1/1 I 651 I Not Rated)

Stiles was just attending to his duties like a good barista when some asshole decided to order an espresso like he owned the place.

Shut Me Down by lazykisses

(1/1 I 2,051 I Teen)

Even when Derek’s an asshole, which is 75% of the time (90% on a rainy day), with his deadpan humor and cocky eyebrows and his annoyingly vague text messages (like that one time Stiles asked him if he’d studied for Chemistry and Derek replied with “hn”. What the hell does ‘hn’ even mean?), Stiles doesn’t mind. And that kinda scares him.

She Devils, Singles, and Lumberjacks by noviceliterati

(1/1 I 3,711 I Mature)

When Lydia asks him to accompany her to a singles night in exchange for her help, Stiles reluctantly agrees, but little does he know he’s bitten off way more than he can chew…

I love you, I love you not by Laluna92

(7/? I 19,789 I Mature)

That was around the time Derek started treating Stiles like the scum at the bottom of his shoe and he replaced Jackson with the “best friend forever” title.
I guess it’s one of those rare days where Derek acknowledges his existence. Great.
“You think you can manage staying out of my way, princess?”
Stiles takes in Derek’s cocky stance and he shoots him a glare, “Think you can manage to go fuck yourself?”

Unknown Kindness in a Cruel World by Dexterous_Sinistrous

(1/1 I 35,357 I Explicit)

The prince carefully observed Stiles. “Do you know who I am?”

Stiles knew he should have. “No,” he answered, knowing the pimp would be unhappy with that answer.

“Are you afraid of me?” The prince asked, his eyes never leaving Stiles.

Stiles’ heart was pounding in his ears, adrenaline pumping through his veins. He knew the pimp would want him to answer with a quip or flirtation. But Stiles didn’t want to lie—not to the prince. And he couldn’t tell why. “No,” he truthfully answered.

Mr Hale by SephrinaRose

(26/26 I 52,337 I Teen)

It was only last week that Stiles had been a completely happy college student, laying about and playing Xbox. But, now, only a few short hours later, he was known worldwide as Mr Hale’s bitch.

Oh shit indeed.

Or in which…

Stiles is a Columbia college student with photographic memory, who hates people that use and abuse others with their power. One day when he is forced to be in the same room as the King Of DickBags: Mr Hale, of Hale Magazine, he gives him a piece of his mind…only to find that it was a mistake he will regret for the rest of his life.

Or is it?

We Move to the Same Rhythm by samann98

(16/16 I 54,263 I Explicit)

Derek is the cocky captain of the basketball team with a not-so-secret love of dance and Stiles is the leader of the school’s struggling dance team. With Stiles’ dance team, Spin Cycle, on the verge of being disbanded, Lydia suggests they bring in some new members. Stiles agrees, until she suggests Derek Hale.

Look at Me (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: hii!! can i have a jughead x reader where the reader and jughead are dating and the reader feels like she comes second to jughead and his writing all the time and she confronts him about it ? thank you!! 

 A/N: I did a lot of thinking about this! I changed it a tiny bit but I hope I did it justice for you! It is a bit long but I didn’t have the heart to make it any smaller.


Look At Me (Jughead x Reader) 

 You knew what you were getting into when you and Jughead started dating. You were best friends for years before. With Jason’s death and all the dark secrets around Riverdale, Jughead wanted to capture everything. 

 You were okay with it at first. It was his way of coping. He was a writer at heart. He needed this project. He needed answers. 

 But then other secrets kept popping up. Which meant more writing on that novel of his. Of course you understood but you were jealous. 

 Your ‘dates’ were mainly at Pop’s and it usually ended with Jug typing away while you stared out the window. Silence. 

 That was another thing that bothered you. Jug used to at least try to keep conversation going between you two. 

But now? Nothing. If you tried, all you got was silence. Or even worse. The little “mhm” or “yeah”. You knew he wasn’t listening.

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Project: April Fools — Knife to Meet You

Knife To Meet You

Written by: @mimosaeyes, @667-darkavenue, @megatraven & @soundofez

Beta-ed by: @altoblt5, @mimosaeyes, @667-darkavenue, @megatraven & @soundofez

Summary: College AU and Reverse Crush AU. Ladybug and Chat Noir run a game of Murder in their uni. Marinette plots to take out her target: Adrien Agreste.

They met at midnight on the rooftop of the university dorms.

“You excited?” Chat Noir asked, eyes gleaming in the dark.

“Let’s get this Murder started.”

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sorry for another lapis su critical post but
lapis is poor mental illness rep. i mean besides the fact they rarely talk about it, when it does come up it’s often solved in that very episode (we haven’t mentioned malachite in AGES, so i guess she’s over that. also no problems with peridot whom she said was a part of her trauma) and made fun of (peridot making fun of her sleeping)

if she’s meant to represent ptsd she’s a very poor attempt at it considering they oversimplified her symptoms to just “depressed quirky water girl” and
that fucking sucks. kids can go through horrible traumatic things, imagine a protag in a kids show talk about how they feel in regards to their own trauma and the show itself offering different ways of coping! i feel like that would have at least helped one kid…


Miscarriage (Embry Call/Imprint)


I have no idea where the idea for this came from, but I ran with it. So a little background info, the reader is Embry’s imprint but also Leah and Seth’s sister, and is 18, whereas Leah is 20 and Seth is 14.

Originally posted by halespine

Originally posted by damonsteddybear

3rd Person POV

“How long has she been like this?” Jake asked, walking up to the scene and seeing Y/N sitting there, staring at nothing, with her arms wrapped around her legs that were pulled up to her chest.

She hadn’t heard him.
All she could hear was the cooing of the baby that she would never bring into the world. The baby that was stolen from her. She and Embry were already so careful with the baby. She never carried anything heavier than what the doctor told her. Y/N hung out with Emily and her family, causing her stress to be as low as possible, especially now that the Volturi left for good.
“Since we got back,” Emily had taken her to the doctor’s, since Sam had Embry were doing a patrol, and if it was a normal appointment, he’d be there for the end of it, to hear the baby’s official due date.
A painful howl ripped through the air-Embry just heard the news. Sam and Embry wanted Seth to stay near the imprints, in case a vampire got into the reservation, and to protect his his sister and the baby she was carrying. He heard everything, and now Embry now did too.
Sobs racked through Y/N as her human ears picked up on the wolf’s howls. Her imprint’s pain racking through her through their bond. It was almost crippling when it was added along with her own pain.
“I killed our baby,” She let her legs go and almost fell off the couch, but Seth caught her.
“It’s okay sissy,” Seth held her tightly as he carried her to the bed, sitting next to her. Using his old nickname for her helped but only maybe by 1%, but it wasn’t significant enough for her to forget grief she hasn’t felt since their dad’s heart attack last spring.

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Jughead & Reader: No Control

Summary: After helping Jughead cope with his breakup with Betty, you realized that you could not stop thinking about him. The only problem was that you were dating his best friend, Archie. But one day while hanging out with Jughead, something happens that changes your relationship.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: 41 Days - Kim Sung Kyu

With your hands in your pockets, you walked up the path to the Andrews’s front door just as the streetlights came on. You looked down the street and noticed Betty and Jughead standing together in her front yard. Curious, you couldn’t help but eavesdrop. Standing in front of the door with your hand raised before you knocked, you overheard Betty sharing her grievances about their relationship. 

You knocked and looked over at the two of them, noticing Jughead getting frustrated with her. He shook his head and turned away from Betty before walking away from her. “Jughead, wait!” She called after him. 

The door opened. “Hey,” Archie said as he grabbed your hand and pulled you inside with a grin. 

“Hey.” You tried to shake away the curiosities that raced in your mind as you kissed your boyfriend. “I smell pizza,” you noted as you looked past his shoulder into the kitchen. 

“I just ordered. Come on.” He smiled and walked with you into the kitchen where you sat down at the island and ate a slice. 

You were so interested in the fight that Betty and Jughead had, that you had to ask Archie. “What’s going on with Betty and Jug?”

Archie shrugged his shoulders. “They’ve been having problems lately. I don’t know why.”

You sighed. It sucked seeing Jughead sad and upset but you also felt a sense of relief that his relationship with Betty might be over. You weren’t sure why you felt that way exactly. It was a mystery to you that you cared so much about Jughead despite the fact you were in a happy, healthy relationship with Archie Andrews. 

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Just a Teammate

Happy SasuSaku month! This is my first entry.

available on FFnet

Day 2: Something More

Rated K+


Just a Teammate


After a long day working at the hospital, Sakura welcomed the end of her shift with relief. She longed to get home and rest up as her chakra was low from the extensive healing she had performed that day. The war may have been permanently over, but people never stopped getting hurt. Medic nin’s job was never done.

“Sakura-san, you’re leaving?” a friendly co-worker at the reception desk called to her. A sly look appeared on the woman’s face and Sakura knew that this meant nothing good for her. “With that handsome man again?”

“My shift is over, so yes, I’m going home now,” Sakura replied, ignoring the second question.

“Just so you know, he’s waiting for you outside. Is he your boyfriend?” The receptionist wasn’t deterred in her line of questioning. She had a reputation of a huge gossip and Sakura realized that Sasuke coming to pick her up after work everyday for a week straight must have become a hot topic of discussion among the staff. She’d been so wrapped up in her work on the children’s clinic and other personal matters that she didn’t even notice.

“You mean Sasuke-kun? He’s just a teammate. He’s just got back from a long-term mission so he wants to catch up with everyone in the village before he has to leave again,” she explained, keeping her tone even and unconcerned.

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Forever LOLing at the idea that Sansa inherited her interest in fashion...

…from Catelyn.

Sansa’s POVs almost always begin with a description her carefully picked-out outfit. She also pays much mind to what others are wearing.

Catelyn details her own clothes maybe two or three times in the entire series. She also rarely go into what others are wearing*.

You know who does mentions what they’re wearing in nearly evey POV chapter? Ned.

You know who’s POV noted what exact shade of green Cersei was wearing when she arrived in Winterfell? Remembered the fine detail of the golden stags Renly liked to embroider in his capes and doublets? Explained to us the modest colours and small mockingbird pin that Littlefinger affects when Renly is teasing Baelish’s plain clothes when really the teasing should have been enough to illustrate that Littlefinger doesn’t like ostentatious clothes, but I guess the details and fabrics of court worth mentioning anyways? Fucking Ned.

Ned kinda thinks dismissively about showy dress, but he that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about fashion. His own personal taste is just more polished and subtle**, which serves the narrative function of highlighting the wasteful pomp of King’s Landing. Someone who doesn’t care about fashion period, probs wouldn’t have noted these differences at all.

Sansa totes inherited her fashinonista ways from Ned, guys.

*[aside: tbh the only time I explicitly remember Cat going into detail about others’ clothes is when meeting Roslin Frey, whom she notes is wearing a fine light blue and delicate lacey dress. You could argue she only even noted this for practical reasons; Roslin is marrying her brother politically and Cat is instantly measuring the Frey’s motives behind this by assesing how well they’ve bothered to present the bride. Cat is actually far more ‘meh’ of the trappings of traditional noblewoman-dom than we give her credit for: she’s not snobby or uncomfortable talking to smallfolk, getting upset at Edmure for not remembering the name of the old village woman who gave them treats as kids. She directly challenges Robb for unconsciously thinking that daughter are less important than sons. In AGOT, she’s all 'fuck modesty’ when walking naked around Maester Luwin (I mean, he delivered all her babies, he’s seen it all so what’s the point of airs???). long aside done]

**(I remember a lotta greys and silvers, but with nifty capes and belts. Smoky chic, ned!)

Bless my heart, a network tv show discusses female sexual pleasure

So, we get to the episode where they use the Bechdel test line. I seriously LOLed at this part because it was so ludicrous. At least they are acknowledging the ridiculousness of pandering to only male fantasy on TV and pointing fingers at it — and using it as a dream and not an actual event is definite kudos. And YES Julia, I saw you go for the spectacular boobs.

The more the series goes on the less it is like the books, but again I think that’s okay because of what they are doing to further the storylines. We have queer characters, we have mental illness, alcohol and drug addiction, etc. AND NOW WE HAVE A DISCUSSION ABOUT FEMALE SEXUAL PLEASURE. Bless my exploding heart, a network television show just openly talked about women getting off.

On top of that, the subject came about really honestly. It is brought up — guy thinks everything is a-OK — girl says actually not really — feelings are hurt, discussions are had, and abracadabra, orgasms all around. Alice was shy about admitting it at first, but who wouldn’t be growing up in that maze of horrors she did…and when she admits yes, sometimes it is hard for her to orgasm and she doesn’t know how to ask for what she wants, all women everywhere watching this show probably cheered. In a world where women are expected (and shown to) orgasm in 2 seconds flat from a bit of gymnastic thrusting, it’s hard to say that you need more assistance in the bedroom department. In the end, she literally grabs Quentin’s hand and pulls it down to where she wants. This is huge. Now, in my opinion, Quentin doesn’t really become a feminist until book three. I’m liking the more evolved attitude on the show thus far. I don’t know how the show runners are going to fit this new attitude into the ending storyline but whatever. When said he was a feminist in the dream sequence I about died. A STRAIGHT WHITE MAN ADMITTING HE IS A FEMINIST ON TV? I mean I know it was his dream and he was watching two hot girls macking but still.

Quentin also handled the whole sex thing better than expected, and very realistically. Imagine what you would do if you are told you’re not doing “it” correctly, your feelings would be understandably hurt. He assumes wrongly he is being a good lover, either because he lacks attention or because Alice is faking, but after a bit of childish storming off he comes back and admits his douchebaggery and insecurity. This is incredible! — Especially for men to watch. It’s not only damaging for women to see on TV that they don’t need foreplay, it’s damaging for men to see that they don’t need to do it, or pay attention — or even that they are perfect lovers right off the bat. No one is. It was also awesome that he admitted he wanted direction from Alice. When she asked if he expected sex to be perfect every time and he said no, that he wanted her to tell him when he was doing something incorrectly, that he wanted her to speak up about what she wanted, it floored me. TV usually shows men just taking pleasure, but he genuinely wants to give Alice pleasure and be a good lover to her. He swallows his wounded pride and accepts her directions, listens to what SHE wants, does those things, and guess what — it works. Communication about sex is so rare in media, it’s even more rare when it involves women speaking up about what they want. I’m so glad they had two characters actually communicate with each other on this subject and do so successfully, with a woman asking for and receiving pleasure, and a man checking his ego at the door and wanting to give it.

Side notes. My baby Elliot is a broken teddy bear who needs a hug. I was genuinely upset that Margot was not there for the speech he gave. He understandably recoils when Margot-Bot kisses him, he’s so not in that place, and he’s not into her. Not sure how he feels now that he knows it wasn’t the real Margot. Yet, he closes right back up and doesn’t tell her what happens. His body language is so heartbreaking, he curled into himself so tight when real Margot sat down, it looked painful. I honestly like Margot (Janet?) and Elliot needs a friend. Hey show people, can the Queliot friendship start now,? You’re way past the deadline on that one. Remember who practically saves Elliot from cirrhosis? It’s Quentin.

So my mom and I went up to New York last weekend to see The Lightning Thief Musical (amazing by the way). Being the theatre-loving-techie that I am, I decided I really wanted to meet their stage manager. So afterwards, while everyone was waiting for the actors to come outside we hung out in the very small lobby. The director was out there and wasn’t really having any of this “random kid asking him questions” thing so he was a bit dismissive, which I totally get because directing, and especially directing a sold out off-broadway show, is very stressful. However, the conductor of their small orchestra was out there too and when he heard my request he was very eager to go get the SM. She was so nice and so happy to have someone genuinely interested in her job! She even helped me find a big theatre near my city that does high school internships to get me some extra experience before college. So I guess my point here, other than the fact that Leigh'Ann Andrews is amazing, is that if you’re a crew member or high school/college SM or anyone interested in what goes on “behind the scenes” of a play, if you have the opportunity or might even have a little chance, talk to the stage manager or sound/light designer. They rarely get recognition from fans of the show and they just deserve so much.

When August asked Emma what a Savior did she replied that “they protect people, I guess” Which doesn’t tell us what a Savior does so much as what Emma thinks they do, what Emma has decided her role as Savior entails.

Emma is wrong. 

While the Savior does “save” people she has in the history of the show rarely done it through physical or magical force. What Emma does best is inspire others to change, to be brave, to turn away from their darkness, to make a better choice, and in doing that she saves them. 

We saw this in S1 where she brought back the happy endings by helping the people of the town to change their cursed fate. We saw it in S2 when she believed in both Hook and Regina’s ability to no longer be villains. We saw it in S3 when she led everyone in Neverland to save Henry and defeat Pan. In S4 with Ingrid and Lily. Even while the Dark Swan she was doing it inspiring Merlin to fight Arthur’s control and Killian to overcome the Darkness.  We saw it in this episode where she helped August to believe in himself. 

Yes she has magic, sword fighting skills, and the ability to beat the bad guy but that isn’t what makes Emma the Savior and I really hope at some point Emma herself realizes it. 

TalesFromRetail: The time a customer yelled at me for being off duty!

Oooph retail, the best place to see stupidity at its finest, lets set the scene X large retailer around the time of easter, I had just gotten off my closeing shift and was picking up some things for our easter dinner (eggs of course, ham ect.) then this rude lady (RL) encounters me, note I have no indication that I work at the store, no name badge or anything I’m just in my shirt and pants.

TL;DR at the end

RL: Hi sir could you help me find somthing in your ad? I looked on that shelf and you have none in stock (imagine an old lady pointing at an endcap)

Me: Oh I’m sorry but I’m currently off duty.

Her face lit up like a fikking firework.

RL: Oh so because you arent being paid means you cant help me? You think you’re too important to help me when you arent working!?!

One, it is store policy not to help customers when off duty, Two, I rarely think I’m important so nice joke! She just storms off looking mad. I get my eastery based things and are at the checkout, my manager is the cashier, guess who lines up behind me? If you guessed Rude Lady then you are correct! She starts to make some pretty rude remarks

RL: So I found someone on duty to help me! I guess that you’re too incompotent to know anything about getting items from the back! (She wanted somthing off of an endcap that was in the backroom hence I couldnt help her)

I don’t say anything but my manager does and ooooh boy, it gets worse.

Manager: Ma'am I’m sorry my employee could not help you, he can not enter the stock rooms while off duty as it is a liability concern.

RL: Oh so hes too stupid not to hurt himself?

Me: No I’m not stupid, I have a 3.8 GPA, know where every grocery item in the story is located both on the shelf and stock room, and I know my companies policies inside and out. (I read our employee manual about 4-5 times before I started working, just because why not)

RL: Just because you arent clocked in does not mean you can not help me! I am more important than you thus I should be helped.

I strongly believe that no person is more valuable or important than another, it made me sick to my stomache when she said this, luckily my manager noticed that I was about to blow a fuse and stepped in.

Manager: Ma'am, if you want to be rude and incompotent to my employees I will ask you to leave the store right now.

She doesnt move and continues to mock me for not working when im off duty. So my manager calls security to have her removed.


Needless to say we havent heard from her since.

TL;DR: crazy rude lady yells at me and mocks me for not working when I’m off duty, manager calls security and she is forcifuly removed from the store.

By: Nowaytoop

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the peculiar children as parents!

@mademoisellepeculiar did these too, they were really good so check them out!

Jacob- The “gullible parent”, his children think he falls for anything and is a pushover but he really doesn’t want his kids to feel like his parents made him feel. What if they REALLY are telling the truth?
Emma- The “cool mom”, she pretty much takes her kids do whatever, but she can also be terrifying if she is angry, because… Emma.
Bronwyn- She is already a mom in the books tbh, best mom, 10/10
Hugh- The dad that is obsessed with “bonding”. Probably establishes a bi-weekly game night and goes on family vacations all the time, pretty relaxed dad, probably wakes his kids up at 6 AM and is like “WHOS READY TO GO ROCK CLIMBING?!”
Fiona- Strict-ish, not overly strict but protective and doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Goes on Picnics, camping trips, and hikes all the time.
Enoch- Is he even a dad or just the super chill guy who drives them places and gives them meals, the most chill parent, probably calls his kids out on being dumb and goes to amusement parks. Enoch at Build-a-bear, he makes a small plushie army.
Horace- Helicopter parent, he has had enough nightmares about what can happen to children. He spoils his kids and give rare but great hugs.
Millard- Probably wouldn’t be because… you know… even if he did get married I just can’t picture him with kids? But, Uncle Millard? Playing EXTREME hide and seek, helping them study, exaggerating his adventures into bedtime stories. (I guess you could just pretend he does that all with his own kids? I don’t know)
Olive- Takes her kids of spontaneous vacations, Disney World, Hawaii, those sort of places, a lot of movie nights, also a cool mom
Claire- Hard to picture Claire as a parent because she is a BABY, but best big sister/aunt, takes the kids to the city, and movies, and ice skating




Its really albeist to say that Casca is useless as a character because her mind is broken. People with mental illnesses and disabilities rarely get any good representation in media, they should have a place in fiction too because their stories are just as valuable as a person who does not suffer from mental illnesses or disabilities.

Just fucking shut the fuck up and stop all that damn whining. Yeah its hurtful because Casca became this way due to what happened to her. We really want her to be okay and thats fine, but man to call her an idiot because of the way she is now To call her names like potato ( Im guilty of this bullshit. I guess shes called that because of what shes wearing idk but still…) or calling her worthless and saying that shes gonna kill herself or return to Griffith is just wild dumb.

I mean fucking think about it for a second. In real life there are women who are suffering from the same shit that Casca is suffering from. The physical, emotional, spiritual, and MENTAL trauma that rape causes is no fucking joke. It’s nothing to play with. Victims of rape suffer from some of the most horrible physical injuries ive ever fucking heard of. And just like Casca, they CAN regress depending on the severity.

Think about Rwanda, World War II, The Arab and Transatlantic slave trades. These are just a few examples where rape was used as a monstrous weapon against people. Would you call the victims of these crimes potatos? Would you call them idiots? Would you call them worthless? A waste of space. Would you tell them to give up and that they should kill themselves? Would you tell them that they should go back to their rapists? Would you tell a victim of domestic violence that they should go back to their husbands or boyfriends? Or wives or girlfriends????

Would you call them potatos, idiots, or worthless? If you would youre a fucking piece of shit.

I mean fuck Guts isnt mentally stable . I laugh at you if you think he is just because hes swinging a huge sword and can actually do things. That doesnt make him better than Casca I’m afraid in terms of principle. It just means that he deals with his trauma in a different way and hes fucking been SCRAMBLING to get Casca back for 3-4 years now.

But i dont hear you guys calling Guts a fuckin potato or whatever????


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Okay, so, which of class A are cat people, which ones are dog people, and which ones like really obscure animals? Because I feel like Momo would be a horse person. BONUS; Who has the rarest fav animal?

Texas University did a psychological survey on the differences between dog people and cat people.  

According to the survey, dog people tend to be more extraverted, agreeable, and conscientious than cat people. Meanwhile, cat people tend to be more neurotic and open than dog people. 

Dog people tend to be more energetic, faithful, and easier to get along with.

Cat people tend to be curious, unconventional, and prone to worrying. 

This is a hard question to answer. A lot of characters have personality traits of both. If I’m on the fence about a character, I’ll just make them a dog person since according to the survey mentioned above, there are more dog people than cat people. 

Dog people: 

Uraraka Ochako

Kirishima Eijirou 

Iida Tenya

Ashido Mina

Kaminari Denki 

Tsuyu Asui 

Satou Rikido

Hanta Sero

Ojiro Mashiro

Jirou Kyoka

Midoriya Izuku 

Shouji Mezo

Hagakure Tooru

Cat People:

Bakugou Katsuki

Momo Yaoyoruzu

Todoroki Shouto

Mineta Minorou

Aoyama Yuuga

Tokoyami Fumikage

Kouda Koji

Ummm…..I don’t know how to tell if a character would be into rare animals. I can’t find a psychological or scientific study on that. What kind of characters would be into rare animals? Probably unique characters, I guess? But who would be considered unique? Who has the more unique personality?

I guess Aoyama Yuuga would have the rarest most favorite animal because he’d like a dazzling, rare animal that stands out among the rest. 

You’re right, Momo does seem like a horse person. She probably owns a pet horse too considering she’s a rich girl. 

Haha…this was hard to answer. 


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Characters- Dean x Reader

Summary- Hunting a witch is never fun- but when a last-ditch spell curses Dean, the two of you can’t dance around each other anymore.

Word Count- 4,047

Warnings- Blood, language, a house fire

A/N- This one right here. Augh. This one was a struggle, but I love how it turned out. I hope you do too, lovelies. 

**Edit** - This is also part of @torn-and-frayed‘s Songs of Supernatural Season 3 Challenge with the song “I Put A Spell On You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

It all started with a murder. Most everything in your life did, as did any hunter’s.

Police found a woman dead in her apartment, choked to death. The interesting part was it was her tongue that the medical examiner found lodged in her throat, a feat literally humanly impossible. People kept turning up dead after that, each person dying by some form of hyperbole.

So here you were, shacked up in some small-town motel that you were sure had more rats than people currently occupying it. Sam sat on his double bed, laptop perched precariously on his lap as he researched. Dean sat at the old dilapidated chair in the corner of the room, sunk far into it since the springs had long ago broken. He used the tablet, sifting through whatever traffic cam feeds he could get his hands on and searching for anything suspicious. Then there was you. You were on hold with the sheriff’s department, the same god-awful elevator music you hated grating in your ears as you waited for someone with a brain to talk to you.

‘The officer you need to talk to will be with you shortly’, they said.

Yeah, right.

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Oppa! (A Jungkook Fanfiction)- Part 1

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His face turned sour yet again as the fan left the seat in front of him and went to sit in front of Jimin and another took the seat. That girl must have called him oppa, just like every other woman in the room regardless of age. Does he hate being called Oppa that much? I guess even if I was able to date him, I wouldn’t be able to call him that. Her heart raced at the thought, but her dreams were ruined by the sound of her group member yelling in her ear. “Unnie! Are you ok?”

“Huh? Oh yeah… just I zoned out I guess. Minyoung~ah, are the girls ready yet?”

MinYoung’s attention was on the small notebook on Y/N’s hand. “Isn’t that your lyric book.”

Y/N nodded as she set it down on chair and  fixed her shirt to get ready for the performance. “Then why does it have Jeon Jungkook’s face in the middle on the page?”

Y/N grabbed the notebook and saw that it had Jungkook’s sour face. Her face blushed at the thought of him staring at her, whether it was with a sour face or not didn’t matter.

Minyoung noticed the blush and took the rare opportunity to tease her elder. “God! Was this why our leader is always staring off into space? Because of Jeon Jungkook?! I never thought you were the type to like the popular guys.”

Y/N slapped her hand on Minyoung’s face hoping to silence her, “Minnie don’t speak so carelessly! We’re at Kcon, and he is standing only 10 feet away from us!”

Minyoung pushed Y/N’s hand away and ran to the other three members who were now staring at their leader. “Girls you would not believe it!”

Y/N covered her face. She knew this was not going to end well. Once Minyoung knew a secret it’s bound to get out to the public one way or another. There goes her almost 8 years of scandal free career. To make it worse, she caught Suga trying to hold in his laughter and looking straight at her.

What do you think? This is going to be a series and it does involve a Sunbae-Hoobae relationship with Jungkook being the Hoobae. I’m excited to start this series! Tell me if you have any comments. Should I make each part longer?

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p.s. Just imagine that face at the end