but i guess she rarely does


Its really albeist to say that Casca is useless as a character because her mind is broken. People with mental illnesses and disabilities rarely get any good representation in media, they should have a place in fiction too because their stories are just as valuable as a person who does not suffer from mental illnesses or disabilities.

Just fucking shut the fuck up and stop all that damn whining. Yeah its hurtful because Casca became this way due to what happened to her. We really want her to be okay and thats fine, but man to call her an idiot because of the way she is now To call her names like potato ( Im guilty of this bullshit. I guess shes called that because of what shes wearing idk but still…) or calling her worthless and saying that shes gonna kill herself or return to Griffith is just wild dumb.

I mean fucking think about it for a second. In real life there are women who are suffering from the same shit that Casca is suffering from. The physical, emotional, spiritual, and MENTAL trauma that rape causes is no fucking joke. It’s nothing to play with. Victims of rape suffer from some of the most horrible physical injuries ive ever fucking heard of. And just like Casca, they CAN regress depending on the severity.

Think about Rwanda, World War II, The Arab and Transatlantic slave trades. These are just a few examples where rape was used as a monstrous weapon against people. Would you call the victims of these crimes potatos? Would you call them idiots? Would you call them worthless? A waste of space. Would you tell them to give up and that they should kill themselves? Would you tell them that they should go back to their rapists? Would you tell a victim of domestic violence that they should go back to their husbands or boyfriends? Or wives or girlfriends????

Would you call them potatos, idiots, or worthless? If you would youre a fucking piece of shit.

I mean fuck Guts isnt mentally stable . I laugh at you if you think he is just because hes swinging a huge sword and can actually do things. That doesnt make him better than Casca I’m afraid in terms of principle. It just means that he deals with his trauma in a different way and hes fucking been SCRAMBLING to get Casca back for 3-4 years now.

But i dont hear you guys calling Guts a fuckin potato or whatever????


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What would garnet,Pearl, and amethyst look like as homeworld?

Garnet would look like this…

so not much different, actually. her colour scheme jumps around a lot because of constant de-fusing and… y’know. Homeworld isn’t the best place for a relationship like her, so there’s a lot of stress there. but when she does get to be herself, she’s pretty cheerful, as it happens so rarely.

i haven’t settled on Pearl or Amethyst’s outfits yet, but i guess they’d have that similar diamond-uniform look if they came from Homeworld.



  • The Heavy Burden
  • The Unwanted Gift

Burdens are rarely something actively sought after, but rather acquired unexpectedly. Onera is not a goddess in her own right, but she does pass from paradise to the mortal realm and back as needed, and is for all intents and purposes as immortal as any god. She has neither shrine nor heralds, she has no followers or prayers to invoke her blessings. 

When seeking the favor of certain gods, a mortal may be presented with a task. The more uncooperative ones will task a mortal with a trial they know they will be unable to complete; some unlucky mortals are saddled with Onera, expecting that they will cast her away from them long before reaching their goal and ultimately fail their task. 

There are six or more like her, often contained within shimmering eggs, seemingly fragile things that the mortal might worry about keeping intact to the end of their journey - but the joke is on them. Once a certain distance into the journey, the egg hatches, revealing Onera. (Or if you’re lucky, one of her more helpful siblings. If you are particularly unlucky, or if that god just really doesn’t like you, you may get her ill omen of a sister instead.)

She has, at times, been found unattended along the Hero’s path rather than given to them. Some accept their burdens willingly and grow to tolerate the antics of the minute deity, but most opt to leave her behind. 

Ideally, her purpose is to teach compassion and empathy to the hero on his journey - but mostly, she comes off as angry, spiteful, and bitter towards the mortal realm and the residents of paradise alike. 

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Re: taylor swift's feminism, it bothers me bc she brings it up 25/8 but is rarely seen doing anything substantial so it comes off as her doing it for the good press imo but harry never really brings it up... he'll say something when asked or when supporting he for she on twitter. But idk that is my opinion, different anon btw

so because he doesn’t bring it up himself (which i mean, he does, he tweeted about the women’s march the he for she thing isn’t the only time he’s brought it up himself) that… makes it okay? like i guess i understand where you’re coming from but???? and taylor doesn’t just “bring it up” and never do anything, again, I understand her feminism could be better but nobody ever mentions the good she does?? remember when people bashed the shit out of her for not tweeting her support for kesha but behind the scenes she had donated kesha money to help pay for her court fees??? remember when she literally got sexually assaulted and this site made a goddamn meme out of it and she said she’d donate all the money she got from the settlement to other victims of sexual assault??? but nobody talks about that…. in fact y’all make fun of her for it….. she could do more for sure… but her statements aren’t empty and i’m tired of people saying so 

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Hi hunnie. I'm dear Anon .If Margaret of Beaufort had her son when she was thirteen, does it mean that Edmond Tudor had intercourse with her when she was 12? Was he a pedophile?

Hi :)

From a modern perspective there was definitely something wrong with him, and maybe there was something wrong with him even for those days considering that it was rare for husbands to consummate their marriage to twelve-year-olds lest it compromised their health, however age of consent was apparently as early as twelve and middle age was at about 30 so I guess technically he wasn’t doing anything wrong or we’d have a very long list of pedophiles! It’s very messed up but it is what it is. 

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Axel x Petra with 31, 32 and 33?

31 Do they finish each other’s sentences? Pick up any phrases or habits from each other? Know when the other is hiding something?

I don’t think they finish each other’s sentences all that much, occasionally but its rare. Axel almost never shuts up but Petra can get him to be quiet if she needs him to. 

Axel has picked up posture form Petra, and not the good kind. He’s gotten in the habit of slouching like she does in the “I’m all cool” sort of way. But its not all bad, Petra is a bit more bouncy when she’s with Axel. I guess his enthusiasm is contagious 

Petra will know almost instantly if Axel is hiding something. She can tell about 80% of the time because Axel is a terrible lair. If he wants to keep anything from Petra he needs an elaborate system and eye witnesses to back up his claims. Petra however, can get away with almost anything with Axel being none the wiser. It’s only if she can’t keep up with it does Axel find out, such as her being sick or injured

32 Do they ever get into trouble? Is it serious, or are they just mischievous?

For the most part it isn’t serious, of course accidents happen and people get mad but in Axel’s defense it was only supposed to be a joke. And 9 times out of 10 its just a small prank that most everyone can laugh at (unless you are why everyone is laughing that is)

33 What kind of presents do they get each other? Do they only do it on special occasions?

Petra only goes for the special occasions, collecting loot she thinks is cool or that Axel might like to keep in his room or finding something for him to blow up. Axel is much the same however sometimes he sees something and just know’s Petra will love it and he has to give it to her asaYESTERDAY he doesn’t care if its the middle of the night wake up Petra you gotta see this right now

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How often does your original front? Ours almost never does unless literally no one is willing to front (which is really rare)

Raven, who was the first known host and we kinda assume the closest we have to an “original”, has only fronted once since she stopped being the host. I think most of the time she is asleep or inactive. The one time she did front she was because our system shut down and the body was left vacant, so I guess it was similar to what you experience. One of our partners had to call her out by name though. I don’t know if it took calling her name to wake her or if it just helped her find her way front but…. she didn’t come forward until she was called. It was really scary for my partner but I think he was ultimately glad to meet her.


Playing through unity (only in sequence 8 i think?)that came with my recently bought Xbox, I pity Arno..I can see why people hate him for they presented us with a leader, but gave us some one who messes up a lot..(.and I guess that does question his competency as a partner).

I pity Arno because It’s just his love and devotion is such a rare and beautiful thing , it’s as though it’s importance and value is wasted.
I guess that translates to me envying Elise, she has her credible reasons but I look at her and I feel like she have this beautiful cake that she herself love (so its not unrequited) but she is wasting it. I pity and feel sad Because such love from such a man is such a rare blessing in the world.

and I do not have it…

And I do not have it.

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hang the elephant for remembering you called it an elephant.
the kids at school called me fat and then got mad that i never forgot
& later, that i found my strength.

my mom tells me i remember everything. all the things people say
that they don’t mean or don’t remember saying so they must not mean
& then i fashion them into knives
& then i know just where to swipe them
& when
& i guess she’s not wrong.
i guess i always thought this accountability.
but accountability shouldn’t be as strategic.
as kept warm in the pocket for next time

“next time i’ll have the best comeback.
all my sources cited. they’ll see.”

read something somewhere once. a tender thing:
an elephant will rarely offer its head
upon your lap. feel special when it does.
you were something extra. feel warm.
feel nothing. they will bring
their whole skull down
& crush you.

he wants to play with my hair now. wants to feel how soft
like that soft doesn’t remember the first name he gave it.

yeah it’s fine. come closer.


jess rizkallah


I don’t know why people are so hung up over Carol’s age as if it deems her less worthy of a romantic plot in the show. Take that backward immature and frankly stupid thinking back to whatever cave you carved it out of, and celebrate the fact that we have an amazingly strong female lead. Who by the way don’t need no man, but still chooses to care for and love Daryl anyway because she represents a real older woman who *shock* still has human emotions underneath all that maturity that some morons can’t see past as if it’s some rare occurrence that happens once every 12 solar eclipses. Gtfo. And guess what, Daryl feels the same way about Carol as she does him, so watch this pair of dirt faced greased up soul mates kill walkers together and walk into the sunset. See if I care about those salty tears.

and I suppose I’m also just kinda “hm.” about it because people look for any reason to demonize a protagonist as “secretly evil” and sanctify an antagonist as “actually good”. Like, just the other day there were two posts that were all over my dash - one was outrage that it looked like Pearl was aiming to stab Peridot’s gem. Another was a post excitedly talking about Peridot copying Steven “She’s just playing!”

Like, there’s nothing wrong with either of these points or anything but its pretty rare to see anyone fawn over little positive things protagonists do or outrage over the bad an antagonist does (like Peridot has tried to kill them many many times already). And seeing them both going around at the same time was just kind of bugging me. But I guess its expected for a protagonist to be good and an antagonist to be bad so no one notices when they play to type. It’s just disheartening to me to see people jump at the chance to vilify a character (”I KNEW they were actually bad” sort of a thing)

And it all just seems so pessimistic, to not just want the protagonists to be flawed but want them to be BAD, worse than the antagonists, and its so contrary to the tone of the show, too? People have been wanting the Crystal Gems to turn out to be actually evil since the show started and its always been a pet peeve of mine. Just. Why does anyone have to be evil? The antagonists can become protagonists (or, like, allies) without the current protagonists being made more villainous to do so. I don’t know why its so common of an opinion that the Crystal Gems HAVE to be bad and do terrible things in order for the Homeworld Gems to be considered good.

Pbbbttt. Sorry. It’s such a petty complaint. I don’t mind that people do this, I get it. It just kind of frustrates me, personally

Waaaaaaah I’m in love with this AU ;v;
Introducing an appliance I’ve been thinking about for a while! Clementine Price! a.k.a the cameras! Wherever a camera is located she’ll be in those room the most. When the animatronics are in those rooms, she’ll interact with the ghost children possessing those animatronics. She tends to giggle a lot and rarely goes into the office. The only time she does though is when the golden Freddy hallucination is in the office and there is giggling. I really hope she is good ;-; I’ve been thinking about how/when she died and I’m guessing before or after the 5 children die and she was never found. If you can see, she has shadow markings around her wrist implying the ropes that was tied around her before she died.