but i guess it's sort of... figurative

fun fact; blu’s combat style actually does incorporate the ‘platforms’ seen in the sans fight. they manifest as large, floating, transparent planes of magical energy, sort of like glass panes, which he regularly stands on himself to avoid his own ground flooding bullshit.

this will never, ever come up, because he doesn’t fight. but it’s something i figured out waaaaaaay back during the confrontation with wings.

If you don’t think Stiles is going to text Derek,

“Guess who’s putting the BI in FBI?!”

Then I don’t know you.

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I'm sure you've been asked this a thousand times and I know that it's not exactly a linear question but I'm sort of someone who's sort of struggling to figure out who they are and I was wondering if you had any advice on how you know when you're attracted to someone of the same gender...or really any gender besides heterosexual. Basically, how do you know if you're not...heterosexual I guess. I know this isn't your problem, sorry if this is bothersome. Just wondering if you had any insight?

@toomuchducky : “it’s more simple than you think because usually the answer is already there and all you need to do is take a step back and read it honestly. as opposed to through your expectations of what society says you’re supposed to feel. it taking time to get there is normal, there’s no rush. whether you’re straight, gay, bi, pan, ace, and/or trans, genderqueer, or any other label I haven’t mentioned that you could one day own - one day you’re gonna look back and everything is gonna make sense. hang in there”

she worded it better than i could because i’ve always been more or less self aware. exploring options is healthy, and you’re gonna be ok kiddo. 

honestly cal needs to figure out who he is without a crown in rq4

mare figured out who she was and what she wanted in king’s cage, now it’s cal’s turn.

to me, a healthy relationship is 2 independent people coming together to make the other better, not holding the other back or unable to function without the other.

and cal in kc?? freaking out with mare gone? i get he was worried about her like everyone else, but you didn’t see kilorn or julian having a complete breakdown. and then when mare WAS back, he was sorta clingy, still not really associating with any reds unless absolutely necessary. i mean, he’s been with the guard for months, and his only acquaintance is sort of kilorn??

don’t get me wrong mare has her flaws too, but i love my murderous lightning rod spitting queen, and for cal to be worthy of her, he’s gotta do some soul searching next book

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do you have any tsukkiyamayachi headcanons??? how they begun dating, little attentions towards each other????

Ooh, yessss!

  • The beginning of their relationship was almost cartoonish in its absurdity. One day toward the end of their second year, Tsukki sort of casually dropped the hint that he was interested (i.e. “You’re cool, I guess. It’s not like I want to date you or anything. Ridiculous.”), and THE VERY SAME DAY, Yachi confessed to Yams in a more traditional way, with nervous squeaking and a typed note because she couldn’t keep her hands steady enough to write one (and the important parts were highlighted with her fave purple highlighter). 

    Yams didn’t answer either of them for a week while he figured out what to do. Finally, he decided to talk to them both at once so nobody would be left out of the decision. So they met at one of their fave fast food haunts and, after lunch concluded, Yams cleared his throat and said, “Well, you know why you’re here.”

    Tsukki and Yachi shared a !!! look when they realized that the other was in the same boat, but they nodded in unison and let Yams continue. “I’ve tried to figure out how to pick one of you over the other, and I can’t, so I’m not going to date either of you until I know for sure which one of you I prefer.”

    He did NOT expect Tsukki to chuckle and flick him on the forehead. “How lame. You completely skipped the option that would work for everyone. Just date both of us.” 

    Yachi almost choked on her milkshake, but she nodded past the breathless tears in her eyes and gave Yams a smile. Tsukki crossed his arms and leaned back, letting it all sink in. Yams could barely conceive of his luck, but he could barely articulate as much when he squeaked, “Sure!”
  • So it began, with Yams dating both of them. The TsukkiYachi aspect of their poly was very light at first, but as they spent more time together, they came to appreciate each other much more. They’ll hang out and sometimes kiss, but mostly, they just enjoy doing things together and holding hands while doing it. Their dynamic is more qp.
  • The first ones to approach the idea of anything heavier than kissing and roaming hands were Yams and Yachi, mostly because a bulk of the readily available ‘advice’ for first times was for m/f couples. Tsukki was okay with it, but he didn’t tell either of the other two that he wanted the same. However, since Yacchan is perceptive, the night they planned their first time together, she blurted, “You can watch!”
  • Tsukki did not, in fact, accept that invitation, but Yams considered how Tsukki felt and broached the subject the next day. They fooled around for a month or so, getting used to the mechanics of m/m lovemaking before actually going all the way. 
  • Tsukki’s low libido helps a lot when it comes to Yams, who is essentially trying to sexually satisfy two people. He was relieved when Yacchan caught onto his tiredness and chose snuggling with all three of them on the couch for a while instead.
  • While Tsukki and Yams’ relationship didn’t change a lot other than the inclusion of physical intimacy, YamaYachi’s dynamic did change from the day they all agreed to date at once. In the beginning, she was shy and hesitant to ask for things, but as she grew comfortable with Yamaguchi and Tsukki, she was able to ask for attention or diversion or even sex when she wanted it. While her newfound forthrightness took some getting used to, Yams appreciated it and was glad she felt as comfortable with him and Tsukki as they did with her.
  • One of YamaYachi’s fave activities were mall crawling. Yams liked to stop into the record store, while Yachi went a little too bananas at Staples. Their fave together thing, though, was visiting the pet section and naming the cats that hung out in the window. There was an orange tabby kitten that picked fights with a cranky calico, so they laughed and named them Hinata and Kageyama.
  • Yachi rapidly became Tsukki’s fave person to visit museums with. She absorbed information quickly and did research beforehand, so she had almost as much to say as the tourguide as they visited the various exhibits. She thought it was cute af when Tsukki got nervous excitement about going to the new paleontology wing of the city’s museum to see the life-size resin replica velociraptor skeleton it featured.
  • One of TsukkiYama’s fave pastimes on a lazy day is watching Let’s Play videos on YouTube. Tsukki is partial to jacksepticeye, and Yams may or may not have a thing for markiplier.
  • Two years after they all start dating, Yachi nervously approaches Yams and asks him if it’s okay if she wants to kiss Tsukki sometimes. They want to stay just friends, but she thought kissing him would be nice. Yams grinned like a jackass and said it was more than all right.
  • Tsukki turned Nekoma red when Yacchan kissed him for the first time, but he lifted his arm so she could tuck into his side as they watched the Discovery Channel together.

Hope that helps, friend!

Ahh, glad I could help tide you over in this time of drought. Thanks very much for the kind words!

Sort of, yes, and also sort of not. Alice existed as a character and concept well before this whole disaster went down, so it’s not as though she’s simply the toon version of Susie. She’s aware Susie’s soul is within her and figures she must have pulled a stunt like Henry, but has no clue how or why, or what it really means for her. Was it a coherent decision, or had Susie gone mad like Sammy and Joey? Did she intend Alice to be her own entity, or had she hoped to retain her mind like Henry did? Is Alice genuinely her own person, or are parts of her personality stolen from Susie, and is there really any difference when the person in question is the actor who portrayed her in the first place?

i just started watching twin peaks and its REALLY GOOD, first of all

but secondly im finding it really interesting the way laura palmers name gets like… i cant even really think of the word, but i guess mysticized? like she almost stops existing as a person and becomes this sort of abstract concept, this otherworldly figure? and its really wrapped up in her name itself. “laura palmer” becomes a mystical being. idk maybe im reading too deeply into it (given that im only on the second episode) but its really cool and i love it

Reaching Out

It was a simple letter pinned to the entrance of the crypts the monkette had once spent several days recovering inside. Of course its presence would stick out to its intended recipient. At least - Vel assumed it would. Aria was observant and details such as the sudden appearance of an envelope pinned to the entrance of her sanctuary would not go without notice. Once it was noticed, Vel had little doubt Aria would read it. It was after all, addressed to her, ARIA’ was scrawled on the back of the envelope in big bold Thallasian script. And Aria was the curious sort.


If you have yet to guess who this letter is from, it is Vel. I figured leaving a letter was wise considering your reaction to the last time I decided to simply visit your sanctuary (and make -minor- improvements to your interior). As much as I enjoyed your affectionate, yet frosty embrace - it has a rather lengthy recovery time.

I have stumbled upon a creature of some sort that I find curious. I know you spend little time sullying yourself among the living, but perhaps during one of your excursions (as an aside - I really wish you’d visit the city more, I enjoy it) you may have heard something and committed to that wonderful apparatus of a memory in connection to a woman named Celestine Winters? Perhaps not. Currently she is one of the many subjects of my curiosity.

Obviously, you are likely making a flat, somewhat befuddled expression as you are reading this. Which I would like to tell you - is adorable, and an expression I miss seeing. But anyways, this woman is of particular interest because I am not sure … what she is. Perhaps she is just a woman, but anomalies suggest otherwise. Here is what I know.

Her blood has unusual properties. And is occasionally given to others to consume. Upon consuming said blood (which I obviously did when given the opportunity) leads to a rather - intoxicating sensation. Most notably I found the edges of my vision to blur with red. Not long after consumption - a rather fierce hunger for more of the woman’s blood set in. I however - managed to not succumb to it. What sort of creature do you suppose could have this affect? You know many things. I figured consulting with you a good idea.

I was told she may be a San'layn. However, I was later told she may not be. I managed to obtain a sample of her blood, and I had it examined - and - though I received the findings second hand, I am told her blood is unusual. Leaving me wondering just what this woman is.

I know it is a long shot to ask you for assistance and expect you to provide me with any. But I hoping something in what I have said has piqued your interest. Or perhaps you are just secretly very fond of me. I’d accept that as well. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this matter.

Your Favorite Monk


xoxoxo - (In case you are not familiar with the use of these symbols - a string of them are somehow a shorthand for ‘hugs and kisses’. I am unsure why.)

@thefrozenheart @wolf-queen


so I’ve been thinking a lot about how shaak ti is kinda kamino’s resident jedi. i know she oversees the clones training and stuff, but don’t u think it’d be cute if she sorta took care of the younger clones and they sort of adopted her as their mom-figure? of course, she’s not supposed to get attached to them, but i’m sure they’d get attached to her.

the second pic is basically… i guess one of the lil bab clones went on the internet and read about this holiday called “mothers day” and they decided to make shaak ti cards. or something.

idk i think its cute

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What if the paired cities were shipped? Toronto-Mississauga, Montréal-Laval, Vancouver-Surrey, Ottawa-Gatineau, Calgary-Rocky View, Quebec-Levis, and Hamilton-Burlington

then that would be a thing

i mean its always been the closest thing to a political ‘marriage’ as i could figure out but i guess it depends on the place and the feelings about the relationship (and considering that many many many muncipalities can be absorbed into one and lose their identities- lookin at you tdot- it can be difficult or at least a super unwieldy poly relationship lol) 

it’s also easy to look at them as sibling ish relationships. Edmonton-Strathcona sort of became that in my ‘canon’ - they started out kind of distant/unrelated and had a political ‘allegiance’ amalgamation/’marriage’ to save money on transit (lol thats basically a marriage right) but they kind of neglected each other for a bit and then eventually i dunno picked up on each other’s habits and junk, so in my mind though they are unrelated biologically (beyond my design for fem!ed becoming strathcona) they tend to tolerate each other like once-estranged siblings who sort of grew up together. On surface level they look related and similar but they actually have different histories and different backgrounds etc. so the siblings relationship is mostly just convenience after being mistaken one-too-many-times i guess xDD 

but yeah there are a lot of odd relationships that could be explored through different lenses like that- whenever I try to figure out what is going on with Oak Bay and Saanich and Victoria for instance my head spins. ‘whaat north van is Separate? wtf is burnaby?’ etc xD and then there’s what- Cochrane’s weird dependent relationship on Calgary but juuust-not-dependent enough to actually retain some independence? XD there are a lot of funny stories when you look close. 

;;tbh things have been kind of high-stress on this blog. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells sometimes to avoid ooc drama and tension with people and I don’t really know why that is. Literally has never been like this on another blog. I’ll be here, but sparingly until I can figure out how to retool things better. This may mean cleaning out my follow list a bit. This is really weird, not sure why this is a thing. Kind of disheartening. I don’t mean to call any one particular person out, it’s sort of a general issue spanning lots of different things, but I’d like to figure out where things are going wrong and how I can make this blog a little less something I dread coming on.


Super Dangan Ronpa 2

Against a backdrop of past abuse, gossiping Ultimates, and an (unknown) impending doom, Hinata Hajime and Tsumiki Mikan do their best to create a safe space for one another.

Words: 5,017

Pairings: hinamiki

Warnings: past sexual abuse & trauma (obviously from Tsumiki, along with her regular canon abuse mentions); smut; nsfw – admist a LOT OF FLUFF! but ya know, gotta put those warnings out there.

xpost to ao3: here

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Who Was Grandpa Semi?

This post relies heavily on datamining of not only UT, but the original UT demo. It’s kind of up there, as far as weird Undertale theories go, so keep that in mind.

In the original Undertale demo, there was an unseen character, mentioned alongside Papyrus, Undyne and Alphys. He had voice sounds planned into the game, and the original ‘pizza’ phone call was originally scheduled to be his. His name was ‘grandpa semi.’

The question remains, though … Who is he? And where did he go?

(thank you @doge-w-a-bloge for shamelessly hacking the demo apart and providing screens)

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an invisible power shift in WFTDA derby officiating

Is your league struggling to find refs and NSOs for games? Does it seem like all the experienced ones are “busy that weekend”?

It’s been building for a while, but this season we seem dramatically closer to “peak derby schedule” than last year. Between A, B, rec, juniors, men’s, tournaments, etc there are more games being played every weekend than ever before.

But there aren’t more experienced refs and NSOs to work those games.

I’m not going to get into why the number of officials hasn’t increased, not yet at least. What I want to talk about are the choices this allows officials to make.

Good officials now have 2 or 3 or 5 games to choose from within their travel distance almost every weekend.

To begin understanding which ones they will decide to work, you have to understand why officials officiate.

Just like improving their ranking is more important to most teams than an individual win or loss, the goal of most officials isn’t just doing a good job at their position in your game. It is improving their resume. A better resume gets them staffed in higher level games and tournaments and both of those give them the opportunity to improve their skills, to be the best they can be.

Of course that’s not the only factor in play here. There’s also certs and evals to think about, but that process is so broken it’s going to have to wait for another time.

I can’t sum it up better than what an NSO told me the other day when talking about which game she was going to do next:

“(League A) is a 3 hour drive away. They give a good travel stipend, feed us well, are genuinely appreciative that we volunteer our time to make their games happen, their HNSO puts together tournament-level NSO crews for almost every game. She demands competence, but is easy to work with. Working their games improves my skills and looks good on my resume. They do all the paperwork, correctly. There are very few game delays due to NSO issues, and when they do have them they’re resolved quickly.”

“(League B) is a 10 minute drive away. They act like we should be thanking them for the opportunity to work their games. They struggle to get bodies in all the NSO positions, much less people who know what they’re doing. Its fresh meat and derby widows who don’t care about doing the job beyond the bare minimum. There are always multiple time outs for fixing problems with the score board, penalty tracking, etc. Their HNSO doesn’t know how to do half the paperwork. All sorts of issues are missed, some of which impact game play. I end up a worse NSO after working their games because of the chaos and disorganization. It’s a waste of my time.”

Guess which one she’ll be working for this weekend?

Which gets us back to my initial point…Leagues haven’t figured out that the officiating environment they’ve cultivated is now, more than ever, determining the quality of officials they get because competent officials have a ton of options for which games they choose to work.

All the posts you see about “being more polite” to officials aren’t addressing 10% of the issue. And until more people realize that, at the league level and at the level of how rules and procedures are structured (also a subject for another post), nothing is going to get better.

Holotags necklace mod?

Would anyone even have any interest in this?  Been messing around with the idea a little bit today after seeing someone mention the concept ala wanting the ability to wear Danse’s holotags instead of it just being some item in a list. Its sort of a WIP and I’m not sure how much effort to put into this.  For one, its difficult to come up with something that will look good with all armor/clothing combinations without clipping.

But for what it’s worth I made a mesh that looks okay with some things, including the BoS underarmor.  (Sort of anyway, haven’t made the actual necklace bit - that comes with additional clipping issues)

Right now its not linked to or replacing any existing holotags in the game, its just a separate ‘armor’ piece that needs to be added to inventory via console commands.  Okay-ish for taking screenshots I figure.  Its also static and doesn’t obey laws gravity (ie doesn’t swing or ‘dangle’…..)

So its currently a really sub-par mod.  Xp  But, I guess if anyone is actually interested let me know? I can try to put more effort into it if there’s enough interest.

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For softer shoes and I guess stuff like hose, how about a soft bit of fabric or thin leather in a U shape that can be tied or (temporarily) glued to cover the sharp edge of the hooves, so then thinner stuff can go over it? I figure a big part of horse shoes being nailed on is that horses can't manage tying laces and probably don't like people doing it for them, and it's pretty dangerous to have to do that on a regular basis. Draenei can tie their own laces without kicking the crap out of people.

My end goal is to design a sort of ‘horseshoe’ for draenei that is both practical and comfortable, and especially as less of a hassle as possible. What I mean by that last one is that I want to see if there’s a design that’s applicable in a way that the draenei could put on the shoes and have them hold on place on the hoof with either pressure holds or soft latches on the hoof wall that allow it to stay in place but are easy to put on and remove as well, better so if the draenei doesn’t have to kneel down to put them on/take off either than to adjust.

I was thinking as well of other materials on the interior of the ‘shoe’ such as a sort of rubber that would allow a good grip with added pressure (the hoof inside) so that the metal or alloy wouldn’t be directly touching or rubbing against the hoof or bulb. The holds would be elastic, in a sense, whereas they would be flexible and allow a wide range of movement without constriction or discomfort. Draenei have knowledge and access to a lot of materials that we don’t know of and could certainly have something that could be as sturdy as metal but as flexible as rubber and work perfectly fine.

But we also have to keep in mind that in the Warcraft universe “LOL IT’S MAGIC” is a perfectly legitimate explanation for a lot of things and it wouldn’t surprise me if hoofshoes like these would have some sort crystal infused magic in them that would, allow me the word, “wirelessly” attach and hold on to the hoof perfectly, especially in paladin armor. Though I tend to try and stay away from magical sources and go more for a sensible, everyday sort of functionality.

In short, I want to go for a design that’s simple, easy to use, and practical. 

Also keep in mind that these draenei shoes are mostly for occupational functionality. They are usually as part of an armor set, or for certain terrains or uses, or a temporary use, that’s why they’re removeable and not permanent like a shod, nailed on shoe. I’m fiddling around with various designs and see what would work best. 

That’s why I was inspired by the ski boots. I liked the idea that you could hook the boots to the ski with just stepping down hard on the latches and it’ll hold the boot, and then you can take them off by stepping on the release latch behind them. I wanted something similar for draenei, a shoe they could “step on” and it would hold on to the hoof, and be able to take them off with similar ease but doesn’t compromise the strength of hold of the shoe while it’s on. I also liked that to put the ski boots on the ski you didn’t really need to kneel down and tie them up like a regular shoe, which I would figure for draenei, especially large and hefty individuals, would find it uncomfortable to have to kneel down. Not to mention that the physiology of the draenei legs themselves make it so that they cannot easily stretch out that raised, bent leg that much out without adding stress to their tendons and in the end the hoof being so far ahead that it’s practically beyond their reach. Again, not comfortable nor practical.

Though, at the same time, I realize that horse hoof ‘shoes’ DO exist. And certainly there could be draenei variations of these.

They’re rubber for the most part and can be used in both easy trail rides and for performance. while I was intrigued by the idea of actual metal shoes for draenei that were temporary and removeable, variations of these shoes for draenei are just as good and practical!

I can definitely see these ones used for draenei children or the elderly, to protect their hooves, or for training that require heavy performance but not the pressure of a hard, metal shoe. Or for health reasons, such as a cracked hoof or other injury.

Or for Rangari (for those that say Draenei cannot be rogues because of their hooves, LOOK AT THAT) when need a more solid grip on rough terrain.

Rambled on a bit, but yeah! DRAENEI SHOES

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Their masks don't cover up their whole faces and Ladybug has the same face same hair same eyes as Marinette jfc they even TIE it the same way so for people not to be figuring out that it's so obviously her there HAS to be some sort of kwami magic surrounding their identity protection, right? And Adrien's a model so people would know his face and his body especially well and like you'd think the comprehensive shape and also his hair and also the entire lower freaking half of his face would give it away but I guess not?? I guess like Plagg and Tikki cast this sort of mystifier around them so that they remain incognito???? Is that why it took Chat, who has worked so long with and known so well Ladybug, so much freaking time to even start to figure it out? HAS he started to figure it out?? Is that what the slowing down means?? Will my babies ever find happiness together?? Will

“I’d sooner challenge a hoard of faceless solo than lose my life ‘nobly’ for the king. Please, allow me to join Lord/Lady Kamui’s cause. If you ever find me a threat to their safety, just drive your dagger in my back and be done with me.”

-Hoshido path recruitment

(Remember the Unit Recruitment Meme for FE13? Decided to get an early start with FE14′s, aha– There’s no template as of yet, so I’m adding in whatever extras I know are in Fates. Warning for character (names, generally), mechanic and misc spoilers, there shouldn’t be plot spoilers since I don’t know much. I’ll come back and edit this when the game’s released since some things could be off and others are just blank. Text heavier than Awakening’s meme, that’s for certain.)

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