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@rinrinp42 HI I DID A THING

Just thought I’d address something that puzzled me. You silly askers.

also I ripped your style sortof becauuuuse???? I don’t have an excuse, but here you go

HOLY GLOB. CHAI, LOOK (well you’re asleep at this hour so guess you’ll see this in the morning).

whatamilookingat. whatpositionisthat. whatisshedoingtohim. howdoesitwork. isitanalienthing. ohxhalwhatwhatwhat.

I have so many questions.

Imagine Person A being surprised when people say that they didn’t know that they and Person B were dating.

Author: limitlessmonster
Title: Texting Blunders
Pairing: AoKise
Genre: Fluff/Slight Angst/Fluff
Word Count: Approx 2400
Summary: Aomine learns the hard way just how easy it is to misinterpret text messages from Kise.

Based off of this prompt and partially inspired by this song.
A/N: Since our muses started off their relationship with text messages, I thought this was appropriate. :D This was supposed to be posted for the muses’ official one year anniversary on 01/30/15, but it’s a little late because I’m a shit who can’t stop procrastinating. I hope you enjoy the fluffy anyway. ;D

Always for this pos, the Kise to my Aho.

On AO3.

It’s a funny thing, going from friends to something else, something more confusing, more overwhelming, just… more.

When it starts, Aomine isn’t sure what it is exactly; he feels odd and awkward and suddenly more self conscious when Kise is around, and Aomine Daiki doesn’t get odd, awkward, or self conscious. Kise seems just as oblivious to it then as he does now. Except now, Kise is more popular with both girls and guys and Aomine really has a hard time accepting the random times he feels like he wants to punch something whenever he’s forced to be around it.

It used to be that his world consisted of two things: basketball and his impressive collection of gravure magazines. He can handle those things, the easy things. He’s learned to live in his bubble perfectly happy with his limited scope of interests. And then one day, Kise Ryouta isn’t just his friend, isn’t just someone he plays one on one with when he needs something more challenging than whatever drills Imayoshi has him doing during practice. Suddenly, Kise Ryouta becomes Kise Ryouta, and Aomine feels a little dizzy and maybe a little sick when he realizes that maybe he doesn’t mind the change at all.

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  • fan #1: hi, i'm a cassie
  • fan #2: hi, i'm a VIP
  • fan #3: hi, i'm a b2uty
  • fan #4: hi, i'm an ELF
  • fan #5: hi, i'm a hottest
  • fan #6: hi, i'm a sone
  • fan #7: hi, i'm a baby
  • fan #8: hi, i'm an army
  • fan #9: hi, i'm a shawol
  • fan #10: hi, i'm an exo-l
  • everyone: ................
  • exo-l: ........
  • everyone: .......
  • exo-l: i know

ok i’ve been having these thoughts about an au but i don’t know how to phrase it. it’s like a ??? parenting au and it’s daisuga and asanoya

  • daichi, asahi and suga are all 27-ish and noya is 25-ish
  • daichi noya and asahi went to school together. daichi and asahi were in the same grade
  • DAICHI AND NOYA WERE BUDDIES. like in 3rd grade daichi’s class went to help teach some 1st graders math or smth AND THEY GOT PAIRED UP!!!!! and they’ve been friends since then and daichi is vvv protective of nishinoya

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INTJ-ENFP Fighting Over The Couch
  • *INTJ is spread out on the couch with the computer on his lap. The only room left is at the end of the couch covered by multiple pillows. ENFP walks in and stares.*
  • INTJ: What?
  • ENFP: So, where am I going to sit?
  • INTJ: *Gestures toward pillows* Just move those out of the way, and sit there.
  • ENFP: That's not even enough for the cat!
  • INTJ: *Shrugs* I'm sorry to hear that.
  • ENFP: *raises eyebrows* Oh really? Okay. I guess I'll just have to adapt. *Sits on top of INTJ's legs*
  • INTJ: *Tries to move* Are you kidding me, right now?
  • ENFP: You know what? This is actually MORE comfortable than the couch. I like it here.
  • INTJ: Good. I'm glad. *violently shuffles legs*
  • ENFP: Ahhh... I didn't know the new couch gave massages.
  • INTJ: ENFP, if you don't get up, I'll pinch you. Hard.
  • ENFP: If you pinch me, I'll call the dog and it'll start licking your face and hands and you won't be able to go anywhere because I'll be here!
  • INTJ: ...
  • ENFP: ...
  • INTJ: Fine. I like it here, anyway.
  • ENFP: Good, so do I.
  • INTJ: I guess we'll just stay here forever!
  • ENFP: I'd love that!
  • ENFP: ...
  • INTJ: ...
  • ENFP: *Bursts out laughing* Oh, my God, I'm so fucking tired.

anonymous asked:

I think it's a good thing that there's racial diversity and all and it's really great that Rowling is supporting it but I guess myself I'm a little squirmy and uncomfortable because I'm not denying I am used to having a white hermione and I think it's kinda a big transition because it's pretty safe to say we've always imagined hermione as Emma Watson and Emma Watson is white and I think it'll be hard to break away from the previous actor playing hermione do I make sense ????

Yeah I think that’s the thinking behind a lot of the people that aren’t so keen on it; it’s just a change from the movies which were obviously massive meaning white gal Emma Watson is Hermione to so many fans. I don’t actually picture her when i read the books or whatever I just think of her as ‘film hermione’. The films were so different from the books anyway ya’know? I guess now I’ll just think of Noma Dumezweni as ‘cursed child hermione’. The play, like the films, is just another thing inspired by the books. With each new adaptation there’ll be new interpretations of the original text.

one direction // preference // the voicemail he leaves you
  • harry: hey babe, just wanted to try and chat to you because i miss your face. i've had a huge day today, like the band had tonnes of rehearsals which isn't much different to usual because you know how hard we're pushed when it's time for tours, but anyway it was so full on and i'm exhausted and i wish you were here so i could wrap your little body up in my arms. anyway, i'm rambling... do voicemails have a time limit? they probably have a time limit. so you should call me back because i miss you lots. oh and i h-
  • zayn: hey babe, you must be out or something because i'm pretty sure it's afternoon for you over there at the moment. i mean you could very well have fallen asleep on the couch watching tv and left your phone in the kitchen so you didn't hear this call. anyway. i love you gorgeous and i'll see your lovely face soon. i think it's three weeks now until i'm back? hopefully they'll go as fast as the last few months have gone. for me anyway. oh well, call me when you can. love you.
  • louis: hi babe! sorry to call so late, i don't know why i thought you'd be up at four in the morning. i think it's four there right? i should've googled that. anyway, i wanted to ring and have a quick chat but you're definitely all wrapped up in your bed asleep so i'll let you do that. just give me a ring in the morning so i can hear your voice. i've been really missing it lately. so much so that sometimes i just sit there and imagine you saying a sentence because i can hear your voice in my head. wow, i sound crazy. anyway, call me back tomorrow when you've rested. love you babe, bye!
  • niall: hey there babe. sorry for the early call but i have a meeting that popped up for when we planned to chat so i don't know, let me know when you can call and i'll let you know when i can call, yeah? i miss you like crazy. i had a dream last night that you were just laying with me and i felt like shit all day because i woke up without you there. i dunno why this tour has been ten times more harder to cope without you. i think i'll book you some tickets up to the next show and you can come and spend the week with me. sound good? anyway, i'm talking a bit of shit because i guess it feels like talking to you. okay, okay i gotta go. bye, i love you!
  • liam: hi babe, just wanted to ring to chat but you seem to be a bit busy at the moment. gotta say i couldn't stop smiling after hearing your voice in your 'leave a message after the beep' thing. really missing my girl. i'll see you soon though, four days until i'm back yeah? that'll be incredible. plus it'll be a few weeks that we get together and i've been looking forwards to that all year really. anyway hope you're doing well, i haven't had a chance to reply to your text yet because the rehearsals and recordings were insane but yes, buy yourself a pizza babe. and eat a slice for me. love you gorgeous. bye!
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