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Detention (M)

This is a sequel to Professor Song where you can read here.

Characters: Song Mino (Song Minho, WINNER), You (Reader/OC)

Length: 4,126 words

Rating/Genre: Smut, School!AU, Professor!AU

Warning/s:  Daddy Kink, Lots of spanking, Hair pulling, overstimulation, just idk how to explain, hardcore sex like, really hardcore ;)

Plot: What would Professor Song do when his pretty little Princess disobeys and teases him during class?

A/N:  I have written this fic originally for my giftee in AFF and it was originally a Mark fic, but I figured this would suit Mino more, knowing that I have written a similar kind of fic for him not too long ago ;) So I am not plagiarizing anything that is my own work I guess hahaha!!!  And this was written about a month ago if I am not mistaken?

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“Winner of My Heart.” (Mark)

Love was thrown aimlessly in the form of playful punches, Mark’s fist lightly coming into contact with your clothed shoulder. Giggles from both your parted lips travelled together into the air, creating a resounding sound of nothing but sheer happiness. Being the stronger one, Mark had you pinned, body flat on the floor, both his arms by your head in support of his own weight. You weren’t the best at math, but you knew enough about angles to know Mark looked stunning from this one; his tousled hair flopping delicately over his wide eyes which were staring right into yours. His marks of assault were relentless, both sides of your waist coated in abuse as his fingers mercilessly went to work. With your laughter becoming uglier by the second, you screamed in defeat, his tickles too much for you to bare. Mark immediately halted his actions, still looming over your deflated figure.

“I guess I win then?”

He was talking, you knew he was talking, but his words swam right through your mind, like a fish in the ocean, unable to be caught by the evil rod. Turning this moment into a romantic one was the epitome of cliché, but for the first time, you just didn’t care – you loved this boy. Snaking your arms slowly around his neck, you pulled his face mere centimetres from your own, his breath warm as it fanned your skin. Mark closed his eyes in anticipation, the contact coming seconds after, as you bridged the wrench between you two. The pair of you were like butterflies in flight, two flowers entwined to form one, anything and all that was sweet. The warmth of his lips could melt the snow on a freezing day, and bring joy to many, like a present on Christmas – and it was all for you. Pulling away, Mark’s face was notably red, his form flustered above you. A bright smile decorated your pale face:

“You always win Mark.”

Uni abbreviations/acronyms in French

So the French like their acronyms. A lot. It’s one of the biggest things I noticed in my very first meeting at the university, as I was noting down strings of letters I didn’t understand to go look up later. I figured I may as well be a good language blog and actually make a list of them, many of which, if you come to France to live, work, or especially study (like on an exchange or whatever), you will almost certainly come across in everyday conversations. You don’t necessarily need to know what they all stand for - I’m not convinced even native French speakers could immediately give you all of them without hesitating - but if you know what they mean you can use them the same as everyone else. Enjoy ^^

  • (la) fac - la faculté - used for university in the same way we’d shorten it to “uni”. Je suis à la fac = I’m at uni.
  • UFR - Unité de Formation et de Recherche - used basically to mean “department”. L’UFR d’anglais = the English department.
  • LEA - Langues étrangères appliquées - a degree in foreign languages, normally two, with an aim of being more ‘practical’ (“applied”). Je suis en LEA anglais/espagnol = I’m doing a joint English/Spanish degree.
  • LLCE - Langues, littératures et civilisations étrangères - a degree in which you study just one foreign language but more in depth. It involves more literature, history and cultural stuff than an LEA and often leads to teaching.
  • L1, L2, L3, M1, M2 - used to indicate what year you’re in. L for licence (Bachelor’s), M for master. Je suis en L1 anglais = I’m in my first year of English.
    (NB - many subjects would also be abbreviated, eg philo (-sophie), psycho (-logie), histoire-géo (-raphie))
  • BTS - Brevet de Technicien Supérieur - another form of higher study other than university, more vocational… (I’ve not a lot of info on this one tbh)
  • SHS - Sciences humaines et sociales - social studies/sociology.
  • Bac - (le) Baccalauréat - the final exam at the end of high school that you’d take when you’re 18 normally. There are different ‘branches’ you can choose - L (littéraire / literary), S (scientifique / science), ES (économique et social / economy and social studies). If someone says something like j’ai (fait) un bac L it means they did more literature/language/philosophy classes at school, whereas j’ai (fait) un bac S would be more science based etc.
  • Bac+3, Bac+5 etc - higher education is always measured against the baccalauréat, with the + meaning the number of extra years. So a bac+3 is a licence/Bachelor’s because it’s 3 more years of study after high school. A bac+5 would be a masters, and a bac+7/+8/beyond would be a doctorate.
  • LMD - licence, master (maîtrise in some places), doctorat - the normal university levels/stages of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate.
  • TD - (un) travail dirigé - small classes, seminars, more interactive, more exercises.
  • TP - (un) travail pratique - small classes, more ‘practical’, in a language context it’s in language labs with headphones etc.
  • CM - (un) cours magistral - lectures, big classes, less interactive
  • ECTS - European Credit Transfer System - a standardised credit system across a lot of Europe. Normally it’s 60 credits to pass a year.
  • CC - contrôle continu - continuous assessment, grades every week, participation grades, several small tests etc.
  • CT - contrôle terminal - grade comes from one all-encompassing final assessment. It’s often something you’d have to apply for, justifying why you can’t come to classes or do CC. J’aimerais passer en CT = I’d like to switch to final assessment.
  • DST - (un) devoir sur table - an in-class exam/test. J’ai un DST d’anglais demain matin = I have an English exam tomorrow morning.
  • QCM - questionnaire / questions à choix multiple - multiple choice questions.
  • BU - (la) bibliothèque universitaire - university/school library. Je t’attends à la BU = I’m waiting for you at the library.
  • ATER - (un) Attaché Temporaire d’Enseignement et de Recherche - normally someone who teaches while researching/writing a thesis.
  • PRAG (pronounced as a word) - (un) Professeur Agrégé - a professor who has some kind of admin responsibilities too… gotta admit I’m not sure on this one either!
  • amphi - (un) amphithéâtre - lecture hall.
  • Repro - (la) reprographie - printing/photocopying service.
  • CAPES (pronounced like capès, with the s) - Certificat d'Aptitude au Professorat de l'Enseignement Secondaire - the competitive exam that allows you to become a teacher. You’d take le CAPES d’anglais to become an English teacher, le CAPES de français to become a French teacher etc
  • Cité U - (la) cité universitaire - university residence/halls.
  • CROUS (pronounced as a word) - (le) Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires - the organisation that manages student services, bursaries, and accommodation France-wide.
  • ENT - (un) Environnement (ou espace) Numérique de Travail - the intranet, moodle, etc.
  • FLE - Français (comme) langue étrangère - French as a second/foreign language.
  • TOEFL/TOEIC (pronounced as words) - Test of English as a Foreign Language / Test of English for International Communication - two of the biggest/most widespread/most recognised English proficiency exams.

  • CDD - (un) contrat à durée déterminée - a fixed term contract.
  • CDI - (un) contrat à durée indéterminée - a permanent contract (le rêve de tous les jeunes quoi).
  • brut - before tax - un salaire brut is what your employer pays for you.
  • net - after tax - un salaire net is what you actually take home at the end of the month.
  • sécu - (la) sécurité sociale - social security, health insurance etc. Le numéro de sécu is a social security number.
  • CAF (pronounced as a word) - (la) caisse d’allocations familiales - the organisation that manages benefits/social welfare.

Where I’ve put an article in brackets, you’d use that article before the acronym, e.g. la CAF, le CROUS, le DST, for some things you’d mostly use en with no article, e.g. en L1, en LEA, en CT


my favorite fics [1/?]

The Galaxy’s Edge by the-cheshire-pussy-cat; 113k, read on ao3

Summary: In which Louis is a bounty hunter with a messed up past. Harry is a prince who just wants to prove himself. Niall and Zayn have too many things to figure out together. And Liam just wants to take care of his family.
Things never quite go as they are planned during a simple rescue job.

Working title: Gays in Space

Trying some color pencil in figure drawing. Always been a rough medium for me and now here I am trying to make a skin tone from nothin but primaries :O
I guess one important thing to remember is you have to work super light and just build up a ton of layers. Color pencils contain wax so of you apply too much pressure that wax is what gives that glossy (waxy) look that pretty much means fun color blending fun times are over and you done hecked up! Final version coming some time maybe if I don’t ruin it!

Seeing a lot of Pharmercy shiphate for their HUGE AND INSURMOUNTABLE AGE GAP of five years. Five. 37-32 is five last I checked…. but I’m sure y’all love your Junkrat/Roadhog ship… you know… the one that has a 25 and a 48 year old. That one doesn’t even work with half your age plus 7 because Junkrat is ALMOST HALF HIS AGE. Or Genji/Zenyatta…. which… whatever floats your boat I guess, but that’s still 35/20. 

Why do femslash ships always have to be held to a higher standard? Five years is too big an age gap. Consensual sex between two adults is rape. Gazing lovingly into one another’s eyes with hands held mimicking the previous marriage scene is friendship and a sisterly bond. 


I wanted to blend into the crowd. To go unnoticed because I knew I didn’t belong here and I wasn’t at all supposed to be here in the first place but of course my friend Alli had talked me into all of this and had done a good job at it too.

She must have figured that there was no chance of us getting caught, that her cousin Dani wouldn’t realize that she had crashed his party he insisted she not show up to because he had a strict rule about her and footballers. Alli was never really one for following rules.

Which explained why I was sitting here in this crowded, loud room wearing a mask that covered my face for the most part. Dani had decided on a masquerade party and I guess it worked out for Alli and me because we could easily go unnoticed with these disguises. I looked about trying to see if I could spot the long-haired brunette but it was a bit hard to recognize anyone under these circumstances. Everyone had on a disguise of some sort and though I probably wouldn’t have recognized anyone anyway, the decorated masks made it even more difficult.

“There you are,” a deep voice hummed behind me before pulling me into his grasp, my back colliding with his firm chest and his hand snaking down my thigh. My eyes widened quickly in fear knowing that I wasn’t the woman whoever this man thought I was. His strong cologne made me squeeze my hands tightly into a fist as it infiltrated my nostrils. He smelled intoxicating.

“I’ve been looking all over for you. I thought you had left me.” His soft lips planted against the exposed skin on my neck. I don’t know what it was that was stopping me from revealing to this man that I was not his date but I didn’t. I guess I was just enjoying the thrill of it all too much to interrupt the dream.

My mind began to wonder which player on the Brazilian national team he was. David? Willian? Philippe? I looked down to his hand to try and gage who it may possibly be by the skin tone that adorned his hand. I couldn’t quite figure it out by that alone and I was quickly being pulled to turn around.

I was met by the sight of a man with gorgeous eyes and a delighted smile before he pressed those same lips against mine harshly, his hand lightly tucking under my jaw as he pressed my lower half against him. I could feel my body heat under his touch, my cheeks growing red from the lack of air and the passion he showed towards me.

God, I hope he wasn’t married.

He finally let me go and gave me another smile. “Why so quiet, Bru? Do you want to head home already?”

My breath nearly caught in my throat or at least enough to send me into a mild coughing fit. The man I now knew was Neymar looked down at me with concern, lightly tapping my back as he watched me. “Are you okay? Do you want me to grab you another drink?”

I quickly shook my head with a refusal. I opened my mouth to speak before realizing that would blow my cover. I snapped my lips tightly back together. Neymar began tracing his fingers lightly against my exposed back, planting a kiss to my cheek and then another gingerly to my lips. “Okay.”

He broke apart from the kiss and looked down to my hand, laying it out on his palm and he began moving his fingers around the gold flash tattoo I had gotten the other day. “When did you get this?” His eyes raised from the decoration to me. “At the party?”


I scrambled on what to do next, beginning to quickly look around before I started to cough once more in dramatic fashion. I motioned to somewhere behind me hoping that Neymar would piece together an explanation amid my silence. “Bathroom?”

I nodded and smiled while he laughed, giving me one last kiss before he let me part. “You know I hate when you go mute on me but alright. I’ll be waiting right here.” I didn’t take any longer to scurry off in the opposite direction. I didn’t even know if there was a bathroom in the general vicinity of where I was. I just needed to find Alli and get as far away from Neymar as possible before he realized the woman he kissed was not his girlfriend.

“What?! Why didn’t you tell me? Oh I wished I could have seen that!” Alli was pacing around the room, excitedly hopping about. Way too excited for me. I hadn’t told her about last night’s festivities until now. The last thing I wanted her to do was belt out for all to hear that Neymar had mistaken me for his girlfriend, Bruna. That would have been excruciatingly embarrassing.

I buried my face in my hands as I mumbled, “Please let’s not talk about it anymore after this.”

“Why not? You kissed Neymar. Neymar! Oh, Dani would flip if it was me he kissed. I don’t even know how he mistook you for Bruna. Your dress was like two shades lighter.” Count on the designer to notice the little details. I peeked through my hands to see Alli sporting an amused smirk. “Or maybe he knew you weren’t Bruna all along.”

“Okay now that is ridiculous. I’m pretty sure he thought I was Bruna and no one else.”

“Mhm. Sure. Think what you want.” The chime of the doorbell to her home relieved me as I knew it would cut this conversation short or at least cut it short for the moment. She rushed out of the room and towards the door while I got up and slowly followed though as soon as I saw who was at the door, I no longer wished to be there.

“Morning morning, greetings, salutations, yadda yadda,” Dani said with a wave of his hand before he walked inside without invitation. “I need you to fix this for me.” He held out a shirt towards Alli who looked down at it with disgust.

“How the hell did you get a hole in your shirt this big?”

“Don’t ask questions. Just fix it.” He continued inside, giving me a gentle hello before he maneuvered past me and into the kitchen. My eyes were too busy stuck on the lost Neymar who had slowly started making his way inside behind his teammate though he opted for a seat on the nearby chair instead of following him to the kitchen.

Alli turned to me with this mischievous smirk and before I could open my mouth to give her a cryptic warning, she spoke to Ney. “Neymar, you haven’t met my friend have you?”

Those eyes that had been in my memory since last night poked up from his phone and now between me and Alli as he shook his head. “No. I haven’t.”

“This is Y/N,” Alli introduced me as she motioned in my direction. He poked his head around where she stood and gave me a gentle wave and smile. I returned the gesture.

I guess it was good that Alli couldn’t mention the party last night since Dani had no idea she was even there. It still amazed me how he was unable to spot us the entire night but then again, he had been pretty occupied throughout. He didn’t have time to search the crowds for intruders.

“I think you two would get along really well.” Alli had this suggestive tone in her voice that I figured Neymar hadn’t even noticed because he was too busy looking at his phone while I scowled at her with warning. She just shrugged it off and poked about the shirt in her hand before heading to the next room probably to grab some thread and a needle.

I just stood there quietly watching as he continued to scroll through that phone of his, my hands clasped in front of me like a nervous child before I pushed myself to take a few steps forward. I only made it as far as the coffee table that was in front of him, leaning over and reaching down to grab one of the many fashion magazines that decorated my friend’s table.

He looked up then but not at me. His orbs drifted to the shimmering gold flash tattoo on my hand and then slowly up my arm, up my neck and finally to my face. “Nice tattoo.”

I couldn’t tell if it was a genuine compliment or if slowly but surely the wheels in his mind were turning and leading him to the story of all that had happened last night to piece together it all. I quickly withdrew my hand behind me and gave off a weak smile. “T-Thank you,” I stuttered.

My feet were beginning to turn me in the other direction, to return me upstairs to the room where I could sit alone until both Dani and Neymar made their departure but his voice behind me stopped my movements.

“You were there, weren’t you? At the party.”

“Huh?” I pretended to be confused as I spun about and looked towards him, his eyes now narrowed as if he had already figured it all out.

“The tattoo.” He dropped the phone in his lap and stood up, now walking towards me though silently I was wishing he would stop before he got too close as if being up close and personal would blow my cover, would assure him that he was right in thinking I was the woman he kissed last night.

“Um…” I fumbled for an excuse, any excuse I could find. “No?” I hadn’t meant for my response to come off in a questioning tone, now internally kicking myself for being as stupid as I was being right now. “I-I got this the other day. With Alli.” I motioned to the room where she had went in hopes that somehow magically she would appear to interrupt this entire conversation and the intense exchange of stares Neymar was heaving in my direction. I knew there was no way she would allow Dani to find out we were there last night, even if that meant not teasing me in front of Neymar that it was me he had kissed.

“I saw someone last night with this exact same one.” He grabbed for my hand and raised it closer to his face.

I blushed and responded, “It’s a pretty popular design.”

“Same place too.”

“The hands, hips, chest. Those are popular places for them.”

He let out a chuckle which I couldn’t quite decipher was his way of telling me I was stupid for thinking he was stupid enough to believe that explanation or if he was genuinely amused. I assumed it was the former. “You know, the funny thing is my girlfriend is the person I thought had this tattoo but when I saw her a few moments later she no longer had it. They fade away that fast?”

Ney dropped his gaze from the flashy tattoo to me as I stood tongue tied for a moment until speaking. “Well I haven’t tried to get rid of mine yet but I’m sure it’s easy enough to get rid of them if you try.”

“I don’t know if you’re trying to play me for a fool but I know it was you.”

“I…I’m sorry, okay?” I spoke lowly incase one of the others returned. “I was stupid and I should have just stopped you. That was wrong of me to not t—“

He interrupted me with a question. “Just tell me one thing. Was I a good kisser?”

gif credit to neeymar-jr

Guys I figured out why the Evil Queen is annoying me when she didn’t in earlier seasons.

She’s too giggly. In season 1 she was all dark and serious and I can’t think of one time where she got anything resembling a gleeful smile. Now she’s dancing all over the place and grinning like she’s crazy and making these grand sweeping gestures. It feels a lot like Lana is trying to play her the way Bobby plays Rumple and it just isn’t working because the characters are two completely different villains. She’s not menacing anymore, she’s become a caricature.

SUNDAY SMUT SPECIAL : Dean’s birthday

Today is a very special day so we just couldn’t post any conventional Sunday Smut. You all know what day it is, don’t you? Dean’s birthday! Happy 37th birthday, Dean! Me and Admin A have a pretty sure knowledge what Dean is doing and how he’s celebrating his birthday. So, untypically, we decided to post more than one Sunday Smut fic this week. Here you go, five different birthday fics about Dean and Cas celebrating in their own way. I guess you don’t have to think too long to figure out what that way is.   – Admin J

Title: Doctor Roleplay and Light Domination

Author: Lyekka

Rating: Explicit

Words: 4,060 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Dr. Sexy works every time, doesn’t it? Cas in those doctor clothes… Please, I can’t take this much! Naturally, ‘cause it’s my pick, there’s top Cas making Dean’s bday good.

Summary: It’s Dean’s birthday and Cas wants to do something special for his hunter. Set sometime after season 8 (season 9 never happened, thank fuck). Dean is horny. Cas is human (and also horny). Sam has recovered from the trials (but now being traumatized in other ways). Kevin is away doing Kevin things because I forgot to write him into the story. Mostly un-betaed.

( Read here )

Title: Why do you refuse to believe?

Author: amarillogrande

Rating: Explicit

Words: 2,964 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ 

Admin A’s notes: It’s so hard to find good B-day smut fics with top Dean (that we haven’t already posted), so I was pretty happy to find this one! I seriously hope admin J has better luck with Top Cas fics!

Summary: Dean’s birthday!

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Title: Dean’s 40th Birthday Fluffstravaganza!

Author: Amelia_Clark

Rating: Explicit

Words: 4,053 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Family fluff! I love my boys so happy and settled, even though Sam and Jody is always pretty weird. Anyway, these daddies know how to have a good time. I’m not the biggest fan of mentions Dean and Cas losing their six-packs while getting older, but I feel generous today and give this five anyway.

Summary: Exactly what it says on the tin: Dean turns 40! Everybody’s married! Cas and Dean have a little girl with awesome fashion sense! And Sam doesn’t realize tapioca pudding’s not the same as tapioca starch.

( Read here )

Title: Birthday sex

Author: winchestersintheimpala

Rating: Not Rated

Words: 616 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ 

Admin A’s notes: I don’t really know what to say about this one since it is so short… I think the name and the summary kind of tell you everything there is about this fic, so that’s that. 

Summary: Cas isn’t with Dean on his birthday but he makes up for it later at the bunker.

Short drabble of Dean’s birthday because they deserve to be happy god damn it.

( Read here )

Title: Are We Going to Neverland?

Author: casofsuburbia

Rating: Explicit

Words: 3,439 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: What the hell? Peter Pan! This was epic and Cas in that costume… Haha, oh my GOD! Happy birthday, Dean! Btw, my part of the post could as well be named “Sam sees too much”. Poor Sammy!

Summary: It’s Dean’s birthday, and Cas decides to drop in. Dean is asleep, and Cas has an idea. Dean likes Peter Pan. Who’s up for some role-playing?

( Read here )

If you’re feeling like you could use some more Destiel bday fics, check out our previous birthday post in HERE.


Hey everyone!! Pseu here. ✌️😊

I got a bunch of really nice asks about gender after some of my recent posts. I guess it’s pretty confusing for me to start posting dress pictures out of the blue. 😅 This has been a big change for me over the last year but I’m finally feeling comfortable enough to start talking about it publicly.

So: I’m genderfluid. I’m mostly still presenting as male from day to day, but I’m thinking things will balance out more evenly given time. I don’t really have a strong opinion about pronouns — he/him is still very comfortable but I like she & they too. Just go with whatever you think works. We’re all figuring this out one day at a time. 😊

That’s all for now, kids. Thanks for reading, have an excellent day!

I have this thing about puzzles where I get obsessed with figuring them out

and homestuck right now is like this big puzzle except I DON’T HAVE ALL THE PIECES.  a crossword where one of the clues is just “french vinyard” or something, along with too many other words I can’t guess to let me work it out independently.

It is maddening.

You managed to come as one very large surprise. I wasn’t expecting this, and it was far from planned, but it happened. Even with that out there, you were never unwanted. You were never unloved. I’m going to cherish these moments, take time to adjust to every little thing that’s about to come. Not only the changes in my life but in my body. Your daddy and I will be working to cope with things the best we can, trying to adjust our thoughts and our lives to fit a little one within it. Truthfully, I’m not too sure I’m even making sense right now, my mind is running a million miles an hour on about a hundred different things. 

I guess this is my way of saying I’m pregnant, I’m making an appointment tomorrow to figure out all the details on everything since I have no idea how far along I am. I figured this blog was a good way to be my own personal journal so to speak, a way to track down all my thoughts an adventures through this entire thing. 

Truthfully, I never even thought about children, I never planned anything to do with them or even spoke about a future involving them. However, some how fate dealt these cards and I’m running with them. Things won’t be easy, they’ll be difficult and stressful, but I know as long as I’ve got Markus I’ll find some way to get through all the moments.. as long as we’ve got each other.

I’ll do another update when I finally have more information.