but i guess ill go to starbucks

★ Road trips with the Paladins featuring: Shiro and Coran’s horrible taste in music, Allura’s fascination/need to stop at every tourist attraction, Hunk’s fear of running out of gas in the middle of nowhere, Pidge making the team stop in most towns and cities to go Pokémon hunting, and Keith and Lance desperately trying to find some time alone with each other whenever they can

☆  Lance has a very pretty singing voice - Sometimes when Keith can’t sleep Lance will sing him lullabies until they both fall asleep

★ Keith has made a list of songs Lance is banned from playing on car rides - Lance once tried to play one of the banned songs and was consequently kicked out of Keith’s car and told to walk home

☆ Lance loves to tease Keith about his emo phase
    ○ One Christmas Lance gave Keith The Black Parade on vinyl and he cried

★ Lance always pretends to be suave but in reality the very second Keith so much as speaks he’s a blushing and stuttering mess OH MY LORD

☆ Keith doesn’t let Lance have coffee because it makes him too jittery and hyper - Before the ban Lance once tried to drink a whole pot of coffee which was not a fun experience for him or Keith

★ Lance has injured himself while trying to flirt with Keith no less than eight times - Keith’s personal favourite was when Lance thought it was a good idea to climb some scaffolding to reach his second story apartment window and ask him out to dinner. This stunt resulted in several stitches and a broken arm

★ ☆ More Klance Headcanons ★ ☆