but i got tired of seeing the same ones and nothing but the same ones tbh

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your neighbor aus are so cute!! can you do jun, jeonghan, and hansol please??

aww thank you!! sure, ill also add in dino to complete the neighbor!17 series ~

joshua, mingyu & seungkwan can be found (here) ~
wonwoo, hoshi & seungcheol can be found (here) ~
seokmin, woozi & minghao can be found (here) !~ 


  • you’re pretty sure you saw him in a movie once, but you’re not a hundred percent sure. everyone in the building is sure they’ve seen him on tv,,,,but was it a movie? a commercial? a show? no one ever truly finds out,,,,,
  • sometimes every1 is like “he looks too rich to be living here”
  • but tbh jun loves the attention like he won’t admit it outloud but please,,,,,,,he probably poses in the elevator ever so subtly and everyone is like oh my look at how handsome and in jun’s head he’s like ‘mhm this is my angle take it all in, i look great from a 45 degree tilt to the left’
  • jun is doing the most basically 
  • model walks in his plaid pajama bottoms and flip flops, bends and snaps when he throws out the garbage. you will nEVER catch him off guard
  • his apartment is pretty cool though because jun is the type to splurge. so like big TV,,,expensive blankets,,,,,,,probably one of those glass coffee tables that are super fancy and jun doesn’t even know he has expensive tastes it’s just like second nature to him 
  • oh and he has mirrors
  • like a lot of them
  • when will any of us reach this level of Self Confidence t b h
  • and you’re like pretty familiar with jun because photography is your hobby and he’s always asking you if you guys bump into each other if you can ever help him take some headshots since he wants to try out for modeling
  • like you always agree but halfheartedly because you’re not sure if you want to work with someone,,,,,,,,,,as high maintenance as he seems
  • but one day you get caught by jun coming back from the park where you took some photos and he’s like are you free now??? and you’re like mIGht as well get it over with,,,,,,,,,
  • so you tell him yes and that he should come over since you have some lighting equipment @ your place
  • and jun,,,,you notice as you’re setting up is a little fidgety. like he keeps looking at his reflection in his phone and biting back his lip and you’re like ???? i thought he was like super confident about his looks but he seems,,,,nervous 
  • and you’re like “are you ok?” and jun snaps out of it and desperately seems to try and hide his feelings with a sly looking grin and he’s like “of course~!”
  • and you ask him to sit and face forward and,,,,,he does but then he like tilts his head a bit and you’re like “i need you to look straight if you want me to get a good shot” and he’s like oh! sorry
  • and he does it but you can see his eyes flashing worry and you’re like “,,,,hey are you really ok?”
  • and jun laughs, again obviously hiding what he’s really feeling and he’s like “fine! i just don’t think i look too great if you see all of my face like this”
  • and you damn near drop your camera because what the HELL is he talking about and you even say it, like literally, you’re like what the hell are you talking about
  • and jun scratches the back of his neck and tries to wave it off but he’s like “i look the worst from the front, my angle and profile is way be-”
  • and you’re like picking your camera back up and you’re like “you look like a handsome actor up front, don’t even say something like that.” and jun looks at the lense and you snap a couple of photos then go over to show him 
  • and you’re like “look at your jaw, and your skin??? it’s a gorgeous color, softly tan,,,,and your eyes are so strong and distinctive?? your nose is like the perfect size! you don’t even need touch ups - you’re naturally stunning.”
  • and you don’t notice it but jun is looking up at you and his smile turns into a bit of a smirk and he’s like “you think im stunning?” 
  • and you’re like yes!! and his smirk gets bigger and he’s like “i think you’re pretty stunning too-”
  • and you’re like me???? what- but then you catch the smirk from the corner of your eye and you like playfully push his shoulder and tell him not tease
  • but jun shrugs and he’s like “what, it’s true. you’re very nice to look at too.”
  • and you brush it off, hiding your face behind your camera as you get ready to take more photos of him
  • but you know,,,,,,turns out he isn’t all that high maintenance,,,,,,,tbh he listens really well to you and you get a lot of shots
  • and as you’re both looking at them you feel jun’s hand sneak around your shoulder,,,,his body closer to yours but like,,,,,,,you don’t mind,,,,,,,i mean,,,,,,,,,,,,,who would mind lbr
  • jun insists that he should pay you back for taking his photo and you’re like it’s fine and then he’s like ‘ok, then let me just take you out on a date because i really really want to.’ and you’re like DONT joke about that but jun’s like im not joking????? let’s go on a date??? gorgeous people need to stick together you know~~~~


  • the neighbors call him ‘the perfect son-in-law’
  • because they want all their daughters to get married to him because he seems like the perfect man: good looks, good manners, good brains like WOW the whole damn package
  • and jeonghan is always so humble and modest about the nickname he’s like “marriage? oh im not ready” or “im nothing compared to your daughter”
  • (but in reality he’s just like lol please leave me alone i want to go home and take a nap. he’s just,,,,not saying that because that would be rude LOL)
  • he’s always really soft looking. like he never leaves the house with bed head, owns many warm looking sweaters, always reading some classic literature and seemingly listening to au clair de la lune 
  • just a real live fairy human,,,,angel,,,,,,,glowing force of beauty?
  • and his apartment is the same. like fight me on this but jeonghan would have some dried flowers hanging on his walls, paintings by like monet, a fuzzy white carpet, and like vintage looking furniture you’d feel like you were in a story book
  • and he like even set up a little corner of his apartment with a drawing easel,,,,,,,,like im talking instagram level aesthetic here
  • collects like ,,,, idk,,,,,,, little glass statues or something like bare with me it’s just so pretty because he’s so pretty
  • and you know him (how could you not) because every time you two leave at the same time he smiles kindly at you and you’re just like wow. this day? blessed
  • but one day you’re coming home and you’re in the wORST mood because of work/school plus you got soaked in the rain since your bus came late and you get into the elevator with jeonghan who smiles at you but you can’t even bring yourself to feel the usual happiness you do when he does that
  • and the elevator ride is slow up but then suddenly you feel something warm on your wet shirt
  • and it’s jeonghan putting his cardigan around your shoulders and he’s like “you can catch a cold walking around like that.”
  • and like holy shit an angel just touched you but also you’re like ,,,,, i,,,,,,i can’t take this from you
  • but jeonghan is like don’t worry, also make some tea when you get inside.
  • and you both split ways when the elevator door opens and you’re inside your apartment looking down at the cardigan in your hands and you’re like ?!?!?!?!?! what,,,,just,,,,,,happened
  • and the next morning you plan to return it but before you do you close the door and see a note stuck to the front and it reads ‘keep the cardigan. i hope you don’t get sick.’ and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,, am i dreaming
  • but you hear another door unlock and you look over to see jeonghan again and you have no clue what to say because the most beautiful person on earth is being so sweet to you
  • and he smiles again when he meets your gaze and he’s like “glad you’re not sick” and you’re like “um,,,,thank,,,thank you for worrying about me?” and jeonghan shrugs and he’s like 
  • “ive always worried about you, you come home looking tired and i hope you’re not overdoing it.” and you can’t help but want to like d i e because,,,,w h a t,,,, he’s been worrying about you???? what kind of romance movie plot,,,,,
  • but then jeonghan leans a little closer and he’s like “if you feel sick, knock on my door. i have some medicine and ginger my mother sent over.” and you’re like ,,,,o,,,,,okay,,,,,,,
  • and jeonghan touches your cheek softly and heads for the stairs 
  • and you’re like am i imagining things or is,,,, ‘the perfect son in-law’ interested in me,,,,,,,
  • but no you’re not imagining things because jeonghan stops midway down the stairs and is like leaning against the wall because he’s happy you’re not sick but gOD he really just invited you over,,,,,,to his house,,,,the neighbor he’s liked for so long,,,,,,,,,,,,


  • tries to act cool and independent but always has to call over someone to kill any bugs he finds in his house
  • he’s got really bad luck because while he tries to look aloof and grown up he ends up tripping over things or walking into walls or getting himself stuck between the elevator doors and ,,,,,,,,, everyone in the building is like “he’s such a cute kid!” and vernon is like im NOT a kid,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but c’mon he once screamed because he thought the shadow of the neighborhood cat was a ghost
  • but this unconscious dorkiness is what makes him so lovable and everyone’s always asking him to say something in english and vernon is like “good morning” and everyone’s like WOW SKILL TALENT
  • the type to ride a scooter everywhere,,,,,,,,seungcheol passes by on his bike and is like ??? and vernon is like “scooters are the new Aesthetic”
  • has one of those cool beds that’s like a bunkbed but the top is the bed and the bottom is a desk area 
  • and he’s bought a lot of composing equipment and he has a collection of headphones and other cool things that pertain to music all around his apartment
  • and it isn’t that messy, but it’s all in dark tones like his little sister visits and always insists that vernon change his bed sheets from grey to like yellow and vernon is like ‘im a cool guy, cool guys don’t have yellow sheets’ and his sister is like uh huh ok
  • you actually don’t know vernon that well, but you know his sister because you work part-time at a grocery around the block from your building and when she visits vernon she always stops by to get food and complain a bit about how brother n EVER eats actual meals
  • and you think she’s the most adorable girl on this side of the planet so you always sneak in free ice-cream or candy for her 
  • and as you’re getting home from your shift one day, the elevator opens and there’s vernon and his sister and once she sees you she’s like !!!!!!! and drags vernon over to you and she’s like 
  • “i didn’t know you lived here too!!! this is the brother im always talking about, are you guys friends???” and you and vernon are both embarrassingly like not really,,,
  • and his sister pouts and she’s like “when im not around, can you take care of him for me? im worried he’s not getting enough sun and -”
  • and vernon coughs because sOFIA you’re embarrassing,,,,,me,,,,,
  • but you’re like “ok, i will!! good neighbors take care of each other ^^”
  • and vernon kind of tries hard to keep from turning pink when you ask if that’s ok with him and he’s like ,,,,,, sure anything to calm down my sister
  • and it’s funny because sofia is looking between you and vernon and she’s like 
  • “you’d look cute together you know, my brother is single-”
  • and vernon is like OOOO KA ay,,,,,,time to go nice talking to you neighbor bye bye
  • and you watch as he like dashes off and he’s like c’mon sofia but she stays back a bit and leans over like 
  • “i think he’s shy,,,,,he’s like that. but it’s a good sign, i think he’s interested too~~”
  • and you’re like oh my,,,,,,,
  • but also can you believe sofia. the real matchmaker mvp 


  • get mistaken for someone who doesn’t live alone, but who still lives with their parents because what???? you can afford to pay rent on your own?????
  • but tbh he’s quite independent, and a quick learner like ask any of the other seventeen neighbors who self taught themselves to make chicken tenders from scratch??? no one. except dino who learned from the nice grandma down the hall
  • sometimes gets in trouble for playing music too loud but he’s too cute for any1 to stay mad at for 2 long
  • can be spotted playing tag with the younger kids if their parents have to go get groceries or something, he gets a side job as a babysitter sometimes because kids love him???? he’s so good with them because he has so much energy??
  • his own apartment is a lot like him, it’s colorful and the most important thing is his speakers that are the only thing he keeps relatively clean. his desk is littered with clothes and notebooks and candy wrappers from late night snacks
  • has photos of his parents performances up on his wall and in his closet he has it separated into : dance costumes and normal clothes 
  • all his refrigerator magnets are in the shape of dinos,,,how cute
  • he practices dancing by himself late into the night so a lot of the time he ends up getting hungry and ordering pizza on a whim and,,,,,one day he gets a pizza but it’s like???? an extra large size because the orders got screwed up and dino is like: i cannot. finish this
  • and he considers calling vacuum cleaner hyung (minghao + mingyu) but it’s late so instead he’s like “maybe the neighbor will want some!!!”
  • that neighbor is you,,,,,he’s also up doing some late night work and when you hear the doorbell you’re like ?????? it’s 1 in the morning,,,,,is it a robber??? and you grab a nearby pot just in case but when you open the door slowly
  • you just see dino,,,,,with his kindhearted smile and a plate stacked with??? pizza slices
  • and he’s like “i don’t know if you like pizza, but i have a lot left over and i thought if you were awake you’d like some !!!” and he grins and puts out the plate and you’re like ???? but also,,,,,,,,pizza for FREE,,,,,,,yum yum
  • and you gladly accept and dino is like happy because he’s made you happy and for a second you two stand there a bit awkwardly and you’re like “do you want to come in?” and dino is like “well,,,,it’s late but we never properly introduced ourselves as neighbors so??”
  • and you’re like it’s fine come in sorry for the mess and you go over to your kitchen, dino following behind and you’re like “so why are you up at this ungodly hour?” and dino is like “im practicing!! i dance~” and you’re like OOOO show me 
  • and dino clears your sofa a bit and starts busting out all these cool moves and you’re eating pizza and clapping and you’re like encore!!! as a silly joke but he really does start doing another routine
  • and you’re like holy hell i never knew i lived next door to such a talented person!! 
  • and dino blushes red and he’s like “im still practicing, it’s just a hobby for now,,,,” but you’re like “seriously, you could be a PRO, you should try becoming an idol?”
  • and dino is like wHA,,,, i could NEVER and you’re like “you’d do great!! you’re a nice person, you dance well, and you’re cute!” and the word cute just makes dino scrunch up his nose,,,,,but he likes it and he’s like 
  • “maybe ill look around for some auditions!!” and you set down the pizza to give him a thumbs up and you’re like “once you become an idol, ill be your number one fan - i promise~” and dino is like alsfgkfsdkh don’t say that that’s so cheesy
  • but you’re like “you know what’s really cheesy? this FREE PIZZA”
  • dino: “good pun!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • you: “i know right!!!!!!”
  • you’re both laughing so damn hard you accidentally wake the other neighbors LOL 

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Hey~! I reaaally love your writing and I was wondering if you could do a hc for rfa (+v and saeran if you want to) reacting to mc being sick and what would they do about. Like a small sickness like a cough or running nose cx

You woke up, thHello, lovely! Krys here! Thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I’m so sorry that this has taken so long! I’m not even going to sugar-coat it… Klc and I have been a little on the lazier side for the past few… weeks? So, please forgive us for this! I hope you like this! Now, these are all illnesses that I consider very minor because I’ve gotten them several times in the course of my life and have lived through them haha. They’re not major or anything, and the worst is probably the flu, and even that isn’t too bad. You just kinda feel bad for a few days, but that’s it.


  • Let’s get this straight
  • Zen never gets sick
  • He’s a healing monster, what are you talking about?
  • So, when MC gets sick, he doesn’t know what to do for the life of him.
  • His first thought would be to take you to the doctor’s
  • But you insist that you’re fine
  • No
  • He insists that something has to be done about it
  • He admires that you want to just push through it
  • But he asks you not to follow in his footsteps and try to tough it out
  • He honestly doesn’t even know what the severity of your sore throat could be
  • He never gets sore throats or anything
  • And he takes such good care of his voice that this has never really occurred to him
  • So you insist on showing him what to do when you get sick like this
  • So he gets in the car and you drive
  • To the corner store
  • Honestly like a Walgreen’s or CVS or something
  • And pick up some night time cold meds and cough drops
  • And he’s astounded
  • Like
  • Is it really not that bad?
  • I mean
  • I never get that, so I don’t know
  • And you just say that you’re probably gonna have to rest for a day or so
  • And so the babying ensues
  • Literally, wouldn’t let you get out of bed


  • He’s a college student
  • So he knows what it’s like to not take proper care of your body
  • I mean, before you moved in with him, he had a steady diet of ramyun and all sorts of junk foods and chips
  • So, when you were studying for midterms and not eating properly, piled on top of you being stressed out of your mind, it wasn’t a surprise to him that you developed a bit of a cold
  • And of course, being you, you decided to power through it
  • I mean, this was college, for God’s sake
  • If you didn’t pay off your student debts, your children would have to
  • So a cold was no excuse to miss classes and tests in your mind
  • Yoosung, on the other hand, saw what you were doing
  • Or, more like, heard
  • He could hear you awake, coughing and sneezing, while he was playing video games to relieve stress from his own studies
  • So he took a break to check on you
  • And when he found you holding a tissue to your face as you frantically highlighted and underlined text on the papers in front of you, he knew he had to do something about it
  • Whether you wanted it or not, he was going to help you
  • So he promptly picked you up out of your chair and you were so surprised
  • You didn’t hear him come in, you were so focused
  • He was surprised too, he’s not that strong tbh. But you were like a feather to him so it’s k
  • Even though you protested, he put you on the bed and told you not to move an inch
  • So eventually you just accepted your defeat and fell asleep
  • After what felt like forever, you woke up to the smell of chicken soup
  • You could see Yoosung walking in with a tray of it and some water as well as a bit of cold medicine
  • You asked him what time it was, and when he said the next day, you freaked out
  • But he insisted that you take a sick day
  • Originally, you were against it
  • But if you were treated like a princess all day like this, you wouldn’t mind


  • This man had access to all the best doctors and medicine that money could buy
  • Because, in fact, he could buy them
  • So when you began to develop the signs of the flu, not a necessarily deadly virus for someone your age, he didn’t even bat an eye
  • Not because he didn’t care, though
  • He cared a lot
  • More than most people would care about someone having the flu tbh
  • But because he knew that this could be resolved with the snap of his fingers
  • So you didn’t even have to complain about the stuffiness or anything before he called the doctor
  • He would gladly take any days off for you, but when he took a whole two weeks off so he could take care of you, you weren’t the only one saying it was unnecessary
  • You could practically hear Jaehee filling up another coffee cup already
  • But he wouldn’t be deterred
  • Just because he had a personal chef to make food for him at any hour he needed, didn’t mean he couldn’t cook
  • You wanted anything, he would make it for you as fast as possible
  • Chicken soup?
  • Done.
  • Mac and Cheese?
  • Okay, here ya go.
  • Seriously, you could ask him for an entire creme brulee and he would have it there before you could blink an eye
  • And of course, though you were sick, cuddles were absolutely not off the table
  • You didn’t really mind, but you were still contagious
  • You really didn’t want him to get sick because of you, but Jumin didn’t care if he got sick or not
  • He just wanted to make the most out of this time off with you
  • So, a few days later, when he started to exhibit the same symptoms, you were not at all surprised


  • You were always the one who tried to get him to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Tried to get him to eat better, get enough sleep, the works
  • So you thought maybe you could get him to follow along by setting the example
  • So when you began to develop various symptoms that all added up to a throat infection, he begins to use it as an excuse to not eat healthily.
  • “C’mon babe, just eat the salad with me. Please~?”
  • “Nope, the last time you ate healthily like that you got sick.”
  • “That’s, uh, not how it works, and I’m still sick.”
  • “And you still expect me to eat that? And share the same fork! How dare you? Are you trying to poison me, MC?”
  • You weren’t so sick that you didn’t see the humour in his words, but you were also pretty tired and just needed to sleep it off
  • It hurt a bit to talk, and Seven could see that, so he definitely went a bit easier on you and complied
  • You, on the other hand, hurt too much to eat solid foods, so you settled for a fruit smoothie.
  • After that, he took you to bed and stayed with you until you fell asleep
  • After all, you weren’t contagious, so it wasn’t too much of an issue
  • Other than the fact that he was procrastinating working, everything was fine
  • You woke up, though, to the smell of food
  • And it wasn’t just Seven experimenting with microwaving foods that should NOT be microwaved, again
  • It was actual food
  • Like, actual, edible food, that people actually ate
  • Let alone, healthy?
  • Who was this, and what have they done with your boyfriend?
  • So, when he came in with the food, that looked spectacular, mind you, you were very grateful
  • Especially if you didn’t have to cook for yourself when you were sick
  • He was an amazing boyfriend, very caring
  • But he was not very handy in the kitchen
  • Let’s just put it at that


  • He felt bad that he couldn’t do much for you
  • It’s not like he could just will you better
  • He wasn’t Jesus or anything
  • Having strep throat was definitely hard on you, and he could tell
  • So he tried his best to provide whatever you needed whenever you needed it
  • That included food, water, tissues, or the meds that your doctor prescribed for you
  • But for most of the days that you were sick, you guys just flopped onto the couch and listened to music or watched movies(with his new sight wowowow)
  • Even though he couldn’t do much for you, he wanted you to be feeling as comfortable as possible while you were unwell
  • So if you wanted ice cream, he would get you ice cream
  • He was really just too good to you to be completely honest
  • He cares for you so much it’s insane
  • You could probably step on him and he would apologise
  • So on the days when it was particularly bad and you were throwing up, he was right there with you holding your hair back and soothing you
  • Boyfriend goals can I get an amen
  • Haha haha I’m single if that wasn’t obvious
  • One day on his way back from work, he picked you up some ice cream sandwiches, and though your throat was sore as ever and you couldn’t talk very well, you thanked him as much as you could
  • So, he watched you devour them as you both pigged out on pizza and watched old Stephen King movies
  • Misery was his personal favourite


  • Being sick was not a new subject for him
  • He was a very sickly child and ended up with all sorts of illnesses all the time
  • Thankfully, he grew out of it by the time he got older
  • So, when you came down with a nasty case of bronchitis, he basically slapped on the medical mask and gloves
  • Despite his initial cold appearance and personality, you were one of the only people he could actual tolerate
  • So he didn’t want you to be sick, especially since he knew exactly how it felt and how awful it was
  • My poor son give him love and affection
  • So he took you to the doctor, though he already knew what the treatment was going to be
  • He just wanted a second opinion
  • So when they gave you some meds and an inhaler if things got particularly bad, he wasn’t very surprised
  • Kid probably would’ve ended up a doctor if he could’ve
  • When you went home, he told you to go straight to bed to get some rest
  • Even though you protested, you eventually conceded and went along with it
  • He went off on a tangent about how ‘laughter is the best medicine is a lie and sleep is the true healer’ or whatever
  • You kinda stopped listening
  • Not that you weren’t interested
  • It was really interesting and nice to see him get all passionate about something
  • But you never really thought it would be about your wellbeing
  • You got a glimpse of how caring Saeran could truly be
  • Even if you were romantically involved with him, it wasn’t something that you got to see too often
  • So that was really nice
  • You were sure to thank him as soon as you got better
  • But of course, he just shrugged it off and said it was nothing
say you won't let go

WARNINGS: language. fluff. quick mention of vomit. subtle mention of death. (lmao)  

AUTHOR’S NOTE: you ever hear a song and a little light goes off in your head? Well, that’s what happened when I heard this song on the radio. And here is what I came up with. It’s super sappy and long because I hate myself, tbh.  


He was dragged to the club. He hadn’t been in years and he was already starting to feel annoyed at the sight of all the younger people acting like it was their last night on earth. 

Sebastian’s friends nudged him over to he a VIP booth and while he walked around moving bodies he managed to bump into you. Your drink spilled over top of the glass and you laughed. Sebastian’s eyes widened and he opened his mouth but nothing came out. 

Even in the dark he was able to take in your beauty. You lit him up. You made him feel real again. Suddenly, the world didn’t exist. 

“If you’re going to say sorry; it’s okay.” You laughed. 

Your smile managed to knock a breath out of him and he blinked. “Yeah-Yeah I… Sorry.” 

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  • [ listen on spotify
  • starts out kinda emo then ends up kinda happy. that’s it. that’s the entire description.


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guys okay so i watched ordinal scale and im literally dying. like i stepped out of the theatre and my hands were SHAKING!! that’s just how good the movie was!!! but i can’t express all my feelings towards the movie in such a small text post like this, so im gonna go full-on sao trash under the read more. feel free to click on it if you want my opinion on the movie!~ (will contain spoilers ofc lmao)

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guardian angel!jimin au

this is a partner to my –> [ fallen angel!taehyung au ]

  • one of the highest guardian angels due to his incredibly pure and kind nature
  • his wings actually have a silver tint at the tips and glitter in light,,,no other angel has that???? 
  • officially, he is assigned to be the guardian of lost/alone teenagers 
  • he’s known as the guardian of perseverance because everyone he guards over is usually going through things that not even adults could handle well and he tries his best to give off good energy and courage to them
  • his motto, even to other angels who get overwhelmed with their work, is that nothing will happen if you don’t put in effort - there’s never a reason to give up!
  • he often times becomes worried over other more,,,,,adventurous guardian angels such as taehyung and hoseok 
  • he thinks some of their jokes and playing around is funny but he always is warning them to not break the rules or get hurt because jimin has a sensitive heart and wants only happiness for everyone
  • that’s why death is actually really hard for him to handle, especially if it’s the death of someone he guarded. most angels can get over it quickly because there are many people they tend to but jimin,,,,,,,it hits him hard
  • he keeps detailed notes full on all those teenagers who he couldn’t protect
  • other than that tho, he’s really just always trying his best to protect those he cares for and all the angels lean on him for support if anything 
  • which is why when fellow angel taehyung is banished from heaven for sinning, jimin,,,,,,,,jimin really doesn’t know how to take it
  • and although he’s always stuck to the rules, taehyung had been an extremely close friend of his so just watching him from up in heaven fend for himself on earth,,,,,jimin just wanted to know if his best friend was really ok
  • and so angels can disguise themselves as humans and descend to earth but mostly they do it to spend time with those they guard in their last moments but,,,, jimin decides that he needs to see taehyung for himself
  • so he transforms and tries to go to where he last saw taehyung - in a neighborhood that had a school were taehyung had recently got a job except the problem is
  • once jimin is on earth,,,he can detect the people he guards - but he can’t detect taehyung. long story short he’s lost the second he gets to earth because he doesn’t know his way around the neighborhood and the school/??? where was it again
  • and you happen to stumble upon jimin, whose wandering back and forth around the same couple of blocks near where you live and you ignore him at first but when you’re back in your apartment you look out the window and. there he is
  • the guy from before with the striking silver hair
  • and it hurts you to see that the sun is going down and this person is so obviously lost so you throw on a sweater and head downstairs
  • jimin is studying a lamp post with some kind of advertisment stuck to it when you reach him and you’re like “um,,,not to come off as weird but it has been close to two hours and you’ve circled this place like ten times, are you lost?”
  • and when jimin turns to look at you, you almost forget him to breathe because his face - it can’t be that of a real person’s???? he’s beautiful beyond belief
  • and then he smiles and you hear angels sing (irony) and he’s like “yes! i do need help, im looking for my friend his name is kim taehyung?”
  • and you’re like sorry never heard of him?? and jimin nods, but then he mentions that his friend works at a school and you’re like “this neighborhood has a couple schools, do you know which one?” 
  • jimin shakes his head sadly and you frown but you also assure him that there isn’t more than ten if you can recall so it might be easy to visit them all
  • jimin’s smile returns and you remember that you haven’t introduced yourself by name so you tell him and he tells you his and you’re like WELL i better get going
  • but then you can feel that something is a bit off so you ask jimin if he has anywhere he’s staying and jimin, once again shakes his head, but this time with an embarrassing blush and you’re like oh,,,,,
  • and logically speaking, no one invites a beautiful stranger they just met into their home to spend the night but the more you look at jimin the more you can tell: he has no bad intentions 
  • so after a minute or two you point to your building and say; “you can borrow my couch-”
  • and it is like stars spark in his eyes, he thanks you over a million times as you walks him back to your place and you just,,,wow,,,,you just don’t even know what to say except that it’s nothing - he’s looking for his friend and you just want to help!!!
  • (not like you find him incredibly cute and that might have swayed your opinion a bit. tinsy lil bit)
  • that night you make a hot cup of tea for jimin and bring it into the living room where you’ve got him some blankets as well and you’re like “so where are you from?”
  • and jimin opens his mouth and goes “hea-” but then stops and you’re like ???? hea-?? but he just smiles and says out-of-town and you’re like that’s a lil weird but you don’t question it
  • and soon enough you’re tired so you tell jimin you’re going off to bed but before you leave the room you hear him begin to recite something like a prayer and somehow you can only thing “how fitting of someone who looks like they could be an angel……”
  • the next morning jimin sheepishly asks you to show you where some of the schools are. you mark up a map for him and tell him you need to leave for work
  • when you come back he isn’t there so you assume that’s it - that he’s found his friend and the one night you two had was just a short meeting and you’d soon forget him
  • but around a week later at 10pm there’s a knock on your door and you’re suspicious of who it could be so you grab a nearby book and carefully open your door
  • only to drop the book because it is??? jimin
  • jimin looking sadly to the floor and you’re like ??? and he weakly apologizes for bothering you and asks if he could trouble you to spend the night
  • and ofc you let him, except you’re worried because the usual glow he has is gone
  • and in the middle of the night, you walk past the living room to get a drink from the kitchen and ,,,,and you see something floating above jimin’s head
  • and for a moment you’re like,,,,,im still dreaming right but you rub your eyes and it is still there
  • and you’re like “ that- that’s a halo?”
  • and you don’t notice it but your voice must be loud because jimin startles awake and sits up and as he does something sprouts from his back and you’re like
  • “wi- WIN- WINGS?!?!?!?!”
  • and jimin, with wide eyes gets up and tries to put his hands over his halo but then his wings end up wrapping around him in a nervous habit he has
  • and it’s a mess and you’re like ??????? what am i witnessing 
  • and jimin is like “oh why did i forget that at night it wears off….”
  • but you’re like in shock and you’re like jimin - “ARE YOU DE-”
  • but jimin shakes his head and he’s like “no no no im,,,,,im immortal im,,,,,,,,an,,,,”
  • and he doesn’t even have to finish you point at the halo and you’re like “you’re an angel” and he’s like,,,, yes
  • but you just shake your head and you’re like “no no i won’t let you tamper with my memory- just explain to me what is happening”
  • and jimin, looking at you quiets his voice and says; “i want to, but -”
  • and you’re like “im not going to tell anyone. i let you into my house because i trusted you jimin, do the same for me - ok?”
  • jimin sees your point and tbh he’s in such a bad mood because he couldn’t find taehyung that he wants to confide in someone and he can’t tell the fellow angels so he sighs
  • and explains to you what happened with taehyung getting banned 
  • and you listen carefully, all the while still glancing every now and then at the halo and his silver tinted wings
  • and when he’s done you’re just like “ill help you.”
  • jimin ofc is like no!!!!! it’s fine!!!! i can’t have a human getting involved-
  • but you’re like “no offense jimin but im already involved”
  • and again,,,,,he’s like you’re right and you two sit there in silence 
  • until jimin smiles and is like “i know you want to touch my wings, right?” and you’re like yes om g they look so soft
  • and that’s how you and jimin end up checking every school together for the next couple of weeks and it turns out your neighborhood isn’t the right one so you go over to the next one and you and jimin basically hop around trying to find this mysterious taehyung
  • and jimin ,,,,, jimin can’t believe it but he doesn’t miss heaven at all
  • and at some point he’s not even thinking about the consequences of all the rule breaking he’s done
  • and when he finally works up the courage to hold your hand as you’re both walking through the fourth new neighborhood ,,,,, he can’t believe it but
  • maybe he’s found another heaven ,,,,, in you
  • finally you two do come across taehyung and you and jimin see him happily chasing after the kids he teaches in the school yard and when you nudge jimin to go inside and talk to him
  • jimin stops himself and walks back toward you and you’re like ???? but we worked so hard to find him and jimin is like “we did, but seeing him smile and knowing that he is content. that’s enough justification for me. i think i can return peacefully now.”
  • and that night you and jimin say goodbye
  • and somehow you end up crying,,,,because through the short period of time you two spent together somehow,,,,,somehow you just don’t want him to go
  • but jimin’s halo is slowly appearing again and his wings are growing back out of his back
  • and this time he doesn’t just fall asleep on your couch, he slowly lifts off the ground
  • he outstretches his hands and you take them and he brings up your palm to kiss it and he promises that he’ll personally guard you from above forever
  • and before you know it he’s gone - like a light thats burned out
  • and you think you’ll never see him again and jimin,,,
  • jimin tries hard to stay away because after coming back the scolding he got almost got him banned ,,,,,but
  • he can’t
  • and that’s why one day you come back and sitting on the couch waiting for you is ,,,jimin
  • for a moment you can’t believe your eyes but he’s there, resting his chin in his hand
  • and when he says your name you drop everything and jump into his arms
  • and he laughs, talking into your hair about how he’s missed you and how seeing you from above just wasn’t enough for him
  • and you grab his shirt and cry a little and jimin is like!!! stop you can’t cry when i leave and then also cry when i come back
  • but you look up and jimin wipes your tears with his fingers and you’re like
  • “jimin - i thought id never see you again”
  • and jimin is just like “what do you mean, ive been watching ever since i left?” and you hit him playfully and you’re like dUh because you can watch me you’re an angel im just a normal human
  • and he pauses for a second
  • before leaning in to kiss you on the lips lightly and he’s like
  • “you’re not just a normal human - you’re a human that made an angel fall in love.”

Genre: super angsty !!

A/N: it’s been long since i wrote a short story and tbh im glad some of yall actually read the previous few i posted and im very thankful but please do request for anymore scenarios or storylines because i can hardly think of anymore and i need people to help me and save this blog so thanks !! on a side note , i’ve been feeling really snappy and upset these few days so i guess it explains why i came up with this storyline , i apologise in advance if it isnt good or interesting but also i hope you enjoy reading too !


Everything was quiet and the atmosphere turned into suspense and tension . The sound of traffic and cars could be heard clearly from beneath the apartment that both of you owned-

at least for now.

The sound of the sofa creaking caused you to turn your head as you stared at him with your bloodshot eyes . His frown and clenched up fist told you that he was feeling the same way as you , and both of you had no plans to calm down .

Letting out a frustrated groan , you heard him mumble something under his breath . Raising your eyebrows , you crossed your arms across your chest and scoffed .

“ What did you just say ? ”

“ Nothing , you don’t need to know. ”

His cold reply sent chills down your spine as you had never heard him speak in that tone before . The cute , funny and romantic yuta was long gone , and you missed him dearly . But yet , it only seemed to get worse day by day , until you couldnt take it anymore so you decided to settle everything just a few moments ago .

Fame , popularity and money got to him . You remember seeing him coming back home one day bragging and sharing with you how successful his soccer team was and how much he earned just by playing in a single game . Hugging him closely , you were happy for him and proud that he could finally do what he wanted and love , and you wanted him to achieve more .

But who knew it was totally wrong to think of that

He became greedy , participating in different competitions and becoming a professional instructor to teach many other school teams . He hardly went back home , ignoring your calls and messages and often went home just to sleep and disappearing the next day again , not saying a single word to you .

Both of you grew further apart , becoming more distant . Although staying under the same roof , your hearts weren’t together anymore like how it used to be , you felt rejected . You missed cuddling in his arms and watching movies together , attempting to cook together without burning the kitchen down and sharing inside jokes with each other .

All of these were long gone , and you had to deal with it for 3 months .

You became tired of the relationship , feeling like you were the only one contributing and giving . He of course wasn’t aware , because he was too caught up with his own things . You couldn’t take it anymore , you needed a getaway .

Going on different dates and making out or hooking up with different guys , you lied to them that you didnt have a boyfriend . You needed affection and love , and yuta wasnt giving you any more so you were left with no choice . It felt good , but the emptiness was still there , as the warm and fuzzy feeling wasn’t there ,

the one you constantly felt when yuta expressed his love to you.

Sooner or later , you figured out yuta had found out as he stopped going home for a few days and even when he did , both of you slept in different rooms . But yet , he did not do anything . He didn’t stop you and talked to you about it . It was like as if he didn’t care anymore .

Were the both of you still a couple ?

You gave up , you didn’t want to try anymore.

“ I think we should end this . It’s not working out and all you care about is about playing a stupid ball and earning money , being that ’ oh-so-wonderful-popular-soccer-player ’ . When was the last time we even had a conversation apart from when we’re eating ? ” you blurted out , an upset expression showing as you glared at your boyfriend , who didn’t seem to be affected by your words at all .

“ You said you’d support me , and my dream . I’m working this hard for us , and you . If you think you cannot take this anymore then fine , we don’t need each other anymore . I don’t need someone who pulls me down for doing something i love . ” he bit his bottom lip as he avoided your gaze . His fists were still clenched and you could tell from his flushed face that he was angry .

You felt twitching on your left eyelid and your heart rate slowly increasing . Taking a deep breath , you said out loud again , “ Fine , i don’t need someone who neglects me all the time when he’s supposed to shower me with love too . I’ll leave tomorrow , you paid more for this apartment so you keep it . ”

Without saying another word , he got up from his seat and slammed the main door behind him . You saw his masculine silhouette slowly disappear as you finally let the tears that you’ve been battling in your eyes to fall. You bit on your lips as you pulled your legs closer to you.

How did love turn out this way ?
Kitty Troupe ( Cat Phantom Troupe)

I…I have no words. This just happened.

I guess it relates to this

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Uvo- Holy fuck, Uvo would be the type of cat that thinks he’s a big dog. Push him on his back? Play time with human! Fetch? He loves that shit! Not to mention he’s huge and furry as hell. If he as much as brushes against you you will be covered in hair, period. It’s best if you don’t own any dark colors because he is pretty damn affectionate. 

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 Kortopi- Smol fluffy munchkin. So fluffy that you can only see his one eye. He’d probs be one of the chillest cats ever and shows affection in his own special way; he’ll follow you everywhere and fucking LOVES being held and carried around ( he likes to feel tall). He does has a tendency to watch you while you sleep so when you wake up you get an eyeful of grey fluff. Kortopi won’t even use his claws on you, he aggressively pats you

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 Kalluto- Little. Black. Kitten. Would always bring you back little dead things foe his dearest human, extremely loyal and craves attention from you even if he doesn’t show it. This little guy barely ever makes any noise and it does tend to put some people off but he’s a good cat Ok? 

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 Feitan- Small angry runt. Don’t fuckin touch me me human I’ll bite your face off. He’s the type of cat that seems chill but is actually the biggest asshole ever. Once Feitan gets attached to you he’ll show affection by not hissing at you for being in the same room as him, sleeping on your face, covering your lap in fur ( purring while doing so) and allowing you to pet him. 

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 Phinks- Hands down the problematic fave. Don’t get me wrong he adores his human but he also loves being an asshole for no reason at all. Oh, are you drinking from that cup? it be a shame if I ….knock it over. Human, why is your door closed and why are you not letting me in? OK I’ll just sing the songs of my people until you let me in. Not to mention he’ be a nosy little shit too, reading a book human? I’m gonna rub my face all over it. 

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 Chrollo- He’d be a witch’s companion tbh. Nah but really he’d be an amazing cat. Totally cool with you petting him. He has a tendency to be a little protective of you and follows you around everywhere. Where are you going human? Can I come with you? I’m coming with you. He’s both an outdoor and indoor cat so he will follow. Hella smart, he knows how to open doors and break into cabinets ( which lead you to put baby locks on them but holy freaking walnuts he can open those too). He also is the worlds pickiest cat when it comes to his food; he won’t settle for generic dry kibble, nope, he’ll only eat the fancy canned food that’s $5.00 a tin.

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Hisoka-Remember how Phinks was the problematic fave? Hisoka would just be a problem. Human, it’s 4 AM! Time to feed me! Pet me human so I can bite and claw the crap out of you! Those are some nice white slacks you got there, they’ll look even better once I get my cherry red fur all over them. Are you getting up to pee human? Allow me to grace your lap with my superior presence and attack you if you attempt  to move. 

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Shalnark- Oh goooood, this little angelic looking furball. I can’t see him as anything other than a Scottish Fold. He’d be one of those cats you see all over the internet because he is just so damn cute. Shalnark i also the type of cat that is super cuddly with his human but is literally the biggest asshole to anyone else. Shal would probably be spoiled as hell too and be pretty smart, up there with Chrollo. The worst thing he would do to his human would be along the lines of I like that rag you’re using to clean off the table I’m going to claw the shit out of it. And Jesus Christ when he wants attention he will get it no matter what. Shalnark is not above climbing up your leg. But yeah he hella cute.

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Pakunoda- Classiest cat ever, looks fab no matter what. I have a feeling that if you’re under 18 she will treat you like her kitten no matter what. Human, I brought you a dead bird, eat it. That’s not how you properly groom yourself, you use your tongue, human. OK Jesus Christ just let me do it. You might want to keep your door closed at night because she will properly groom your head  whether you like it or not. Believe me you do not want to wake up with Paku victoriously napping at your feet and oily ass hair.

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She’ll act like she hates you but she ain’t fooling anyone she loves you. Oh, it’s just a coincidence I’m in the same room as you 97% of the time. I’m not sleeping on your head willingly, your giant head is just on my pillow and I’m too tired to claw you. I brought you this dead bird because you need proper fucking nutrition you stupid human-kitten not because it signifies my loyalty to you.

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Nobunaga- This fucking dork. He doesn’t bring his human back dead thing he brings back sponges. He’s a good cat though, really, but he will try to drink some of your booze so watch out for that.

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Shizuku- She’s the type of cat that walks into a room, stars at seemingly nothing for an extended amount of time, and then walks out. You think it’s because of some ghost or some other spooky stuff but in actuality she just walks in, forgets what she came in for, and them leaves  to go back to what she was doing before.

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Bonolenov- I really don’t have much to say about him except he’d probably be a Sphynx and he’d love it when his human plays classical music or some shit with the flute.

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Franklin- Props to this guy for being the chillest cat ever. The literal definition of chill but he doesn’t sit on laps because the last time he did he nearly crushed you so now he takes to sitting besides you. 

anonymous asked:

You do realize half of what hey violet 'did' were pure rumors with very little proof that tbh really did prove nothing? and who says they're the same? They've clearly changed.

(Why would Julia favorite this tweet if it’s all lies??? [04-09-2015])

(Oh right, because it’s all true. This is a personal close friend who was friends with all the girls, not just Julia. [04-14-2015])

([same close source] There was blackmail involved?? hmm, guess you don’t know everything anon. [04-10-2015])

Julia Pierce - Uber Rock Interview Exclusive:

Interviewer: Given that you were in a band with a pair of sisters I guess we can all imagine a kind of You-Against-Them scenario - is this how it ended up? Did you feel that it was suddenly three against one?

Julia Pierce: Yes, and yes.

(What do you call a “three against one” scenario? What do you think that meant? Read. Between. The. Lines.)

Yeah, CLEARLY hey v****t have “changed”…. yeah right, get real.

  • Rena still wears her fake dreads (appropriating culture)
  • Hey V****t sing a song entitled “Make Up” in which THEY GLORIFY ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS! (That’s Miranda and Casey included!!)
  • Nia and Brennan (her boyfriend) have a tattoo that plays homage to JD’s and Veronica’s ABUSIVE relationship. You know the one where Veronica had to fake her suicide in order to avoid JD, her boyfriend, from killing her… what a nice couple to model themselves after (clearly that was sarcasm) oh and they love Sid and Nancy. Need I explain who they were??


Plus, if it was “creative differences”… cus clearly I gotta spell it out for you. How come Julia wasn’t able to pick up where she left off?? I mean IF IT WAS HER DECISION TO WILLINGLY WALK AWAY FROM WHAT SHE CREATED, STARTED… WHERE IS HER SOLO CAREER? WHERE IS HER MUSIC? Meanwhile, you got these brats over here enjoying the fruits of Julia’s labor. And Sam Maloney, Hollywood Records, fans, and the Cherri Bomb name gave them. You honestly fell for that bullshit story? You really think a girl with a dream to start an all girl rock band at age 11 was suddenly gonna peace out and leave what she’s always wanted?? SERIOUSLY!? THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU TRY AND DEFEND THESE GIRLS. They are guilty AF. They tore Julia’s dream apart and continued as if nothing happened and expected everyone to be on board. Why do you think they didn’t do much as “Cherri Bomb” after they kicked Julia out (besides mediocre home town shows and recorded their Mom’s old songs!?) They didn’t decide to change their name UNTIL 5SOS SIGNED THEM. You wanna know why!? Because they wanna act like they were never Cherri Bomb. They don’t wanna talk about their past. They wanna be Hey Violet now, cus it’s convenient. In their minds they’re above all their mess. They think because they wanna forget and act like Cherri Bomb didn’t actually help jump start their musical career, everyone else is going to accept that as the truth. And judging by your comment, you’re one of them.

You think they’ve changed? Good, go ahead and think that, but don’t expect me to believe that shit when there hasn’t been any actual proof of that. I only see them as they presented themselves to me. 

Remember, liars aren’t trustworthy.

friends with benefits w/taeyong
  • angry sex and lots of it
  • you and taeyong would be the type of friends who always fought even if it was about the stupidest thing like what to order at a restaurant
  • no one would’ve thought you were close enough to be friends with benefits in the first place
  • but ten would catch you two doing it in the practice room once and ten would be running out of there (he’d be scarred too tbfh) and tell the others bc this would be the funniest shit to them
  • but anyway arguments still happen 25/8 and they’re like ??? how are u still arguing and fucking at the same time
  • you two couldnt explain it since it worked for you guys so you kept things he way they were without comments
  • “you two need to shut up sometimes,” johnny would say, telling you guys that you two were always so loud whether you two were fighting or havin sex ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • taeyong also loves to have sex in places where you two can get caught
  • he’d do it when the members were around the dorm w/o locking the door and would sneak a finger or two inside of you while you were all watching a movie or smth
  • he’s a piece of shit liek that but you can play this game as well 
  • punishment was pretty normal for you two and tbh it turned both of you on even more
  • after practice you two would make time for each other at the end of every day and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t look forward to it
  • although he was a dom, he’d switch if he was tired and would lazily watch you ride him 
  • dont get him wrong he loved pinning you down and restraining you from any movement but sometimes all he needed was to see you moaning on top of him
  • for some reason he was also into thigh riding jESUS lord 
  • it was one of his first suggestions when you two thought about trying something new and oH my you fell in love with the idea
  • there was something about seeing you pleasure yourself on him that really got him
  • he also loved receiving, preferably in the practice room so he can watch as you sucked him off
  • but when it was his turn, he wouldn’t give you mercy
  • he’d make sure you were comfortable before getting right to it, pleasuring you with his tongue and fingers until you’d scream for him to stop 
  • but he wouldn’t stop until he was satisfied
  • since you two basically hated each other don’t count on lovely dovey stuff from him
  • everything was still the same before and after sex and nothings gonna change the fact that you two cant agree on anything
  • anyway sex with taeyong can range from half an hour to lasting the whole night long 
  • it really depends on his mood so you gotta keep up, but he’d ask too if you were tired or up for more
  • most of the night he’d be rough, especially if he was thinking about an argument you two had before
  • “you know i hate you right???” he’d say over and over again as he pounded into you, holding onto the headboard
  • “yEAH i know,,” you’d say, urging him to go faster
  • expect a lot of ass grabbing too 
  • he basically claimed that the second he saw you naked
  • you didn’t mind that he would touch your ass every once in a while but it got weird and annoying when he started doing it in front of the others
  • even tho they knew about u two u still wanted to keep it on the down low before anyone thought it was more than just fwb
  • at times you would think differently of him, one days where he’s gentle you’d find yourself admiring him
  • but when the sex was over and it was back to being bitchy to each other all of that would be gone and you’d be reminded as to why you two hated each other in the first place

johnny ver. doyoung ver. ten ver. jaehyun ver. 

costume design/character description thoughts for unholyverse:


  • in the grand scheme of things looks like 2007 pro rev frank by way of tattoos and general body type, for the most part. 
  • in the beginning of the first book his hair is that early black parade era long bangs thing that’s short everywhere else but like. not quite the revenge mohawk thing. 
  • perky. holds himself loosely, doesn’t really put a lot of thought into his movements, if that makes sense. he’s more comfortable. sick a lot, sure, but very open with his physical presence. 
  • t-shirts, t-shirts with bands and weird prints he finds at thrift stores, mostly, the same 2 hoodies and one jacket on rotation, and the same 3 pairs of jeans. (one blue, (covered in holes and paint and gunk) one black, (also has holes in various places) and another black (the one pair he tries to keep as decent looking as possible.)) 
  • been wearing the same pair of “red” converse for the past 3 years. they’re barely red anymore and mikey doodled on the toes with sharpie awhile back and the rubber is basically gray now
  • doesn’t hold onto trinkets, at least not on his person. no jewelry beyond piercings, nothing extra in his pockets or anything like that. 
  • by the end of the first book/beginning of the second he’s more or less run down. it’s more of a subtle change, mostly in that the perkiness has turned more into “im hyperactive bc adhd but also i’m just tired of everything.” 
  • his hair has gotten much longer. it’s sort of a security blanket so he doesn’t cut it.
  • dark circles, veins more prominent in his hands, and his scars are still juuust a little pink.
  • twitchy. he’s very aware of when people come in and out of the room, and finds himself cataloging where people are in the room, or where they’re sitting in the van. touch starved as hell and has no idea how to deal with it, ends up looking weird and shifty in situations that would involve friendly-or-slightly-more-than-friendly touch.
  • by the end of book two/beginning of book three he looks like literal hell. lost a lot of weight, stands very heavily. his posture is turned in like he doesn’t want people to see him. hands in pockets, feet turned in/close together, hunchy shoulders. sitting with his knees pulled up when he can. his face is drawn and he’s lazy as hell about shaving. 
  • he’s wearing more layers by this point, sweatshirts and flannels and things items of clothing that belonged to ray? or maybe mikey? he doesn’t know anymore but they’re comfy and nobody’s bugged him about it, so he wears em. 
  • rosary. tbh of the top of my head i cant remember when he starts carrying around gerard’s rosary but i believe its at the end of book two? either way he’s started that and he’s very possessive of it (obviously). it looks like it’s a lifeline, like he’s clinging to it more than really healthy. it’s usually in his pocket or around his neck tucked into his shirt.
  • by the end of book three/epilogues, by the time gerard comes back and they actually get together etc etc he gets a fucking haircut. it’s shortish, think august 2014. he’s put on weight again, and he looks much healthier than he did. 
  • he’s still set in bad posture habits that are evident but it’s clear he’s fighting it a little, like he knows he Should sit up straight so he tries, but it’s sort of forced and awkward. 
  • the seemingly permanent dark circles are evening out a bit, his scars are fading, he’s remembering to fucking shave. 
  • he’s adjusted faaaar more than he was. he’s got his weird snarky personality back more or less, is less of a downer. (though he had every right to be before)
  • still wears a lot of layers, though it’s less desperate now. finally got new shoes.


  • initial Look: think that one trenchcoat photoshoot from 2010, with the longish dark hair. that’s yr baseline. i always picture him in this as even taller than frank than he actually is so make of that what you will.
  • in the beginning of the first book. spry! he’s chipper in a different way than frank is, he talks too much but is generally a contained physical presence. 
  • wrings his hands a lot, touches his hair and his face especially in situations that are unfamiliar or not super comfortable.
  • when i say unfamiliar i don’t necessarily mean the people he’s talking to but the subject they’re talking about. talking about scripture comes so naturally to him at this point that his nervous habits and tics tend to be less prominent, whereas talking to frank about mattresses and shit makes him sort of odd. 
  • wears the same damn thing every day. black black black collar scarves leather jacket
  • his pants are jeans though they’re not dress pants pretty much ever so there’s that.
  • shoes are scuffed but generally nice, something you’d wear to a nice dinner maybe. black boots.
  • by the end of book one/beginning of book two his appearance doesn’t change too much, though he and frank share the dark circles and tired posture. his posture was already pretty poor though so. not a ton of change.
  • over the course of book two i think he starts to look more and more run down, he’s very patient and it doesn’t show a ton in his interactions but he’s so tired and it’s evident in the lines on his face. 
  • his shoes are steadily declining and his jacket looks a fucking mess there are holes in the elbows and it’s Bad
  • by the beginning of book three he’s a fucking mess tbh. when he’s very much in his own head, he’s twitchy as hell, he touches his face and his hands pretty much constantly. 
  • his eyes look sorta buggy? like he looks like he’s a deer in the headlights a lot of the time. 
  • the lines on his face are very pronounced, and he looks much older than he really is. he speaks oddly softly, probably because he’s fighting with something in his head for the better part of the book. 
  • those parts when xaphan is sorta in charge? when he’s saying things he doesn’t really mean but is still sort of himself, he’s oddly still. he still looks startled and hyperaware of his surroundings, but he’s not moving quite so much, and is almost a little bit spacey.
  • xaphan is a fucker and gerard doesn’t look like any of this when he’s in charge. he’s weirdly smooth and uncomfortably gentle and has the weird pro rev bravado about him and is just. very specifically Wrong.
  • by the end of book three he looks like he’s been hit by a truck like six times.
  • the scar on his neck is grotesquely obvious, it’s blackish and obvious over his collar. he’s cut his hair a little more, and it’s even more obvious.
  • he doesn’t look spacey or twitchy, really, mostly just resigned and tired. he wants to do so much good and it’s so hard at this point, that he’s just exhausted. everything about him screams it.
  • new shoes. they’re shiny and out of place with his run down everything else. he needs a shave, his eyes look softened and not really in a good way, and he stands very heavily.
  • by the epilogues/turning point there is marked improvement. the scar on his neck is fading, and it’s not gone, but it’s definitely not as obvious and uncomfortable as it was. he’s more or less back to his sorta-nervous-talking-too-much self, but he’s as a whole less anxious about it because he knows frank doesn’t care.
  • he wears a lot of t-shirts. he’s had a lot of t shirts for awhile while he was a priest, but he didn’t wear them much, so they just sorta sat in his drawer. he’s breaking em out by this point, and is also following frank’s lead with the “3 pairs of jeans one pair of shoes” thing. 
  • gets very attached to clothes, will wear one item until it dies and then eventually go find something new to latch onto.
  • frank will wear the current jacket/sweater of the week when he’s home and gerard isn’t wearing it. very comforting. gerard things it’s cute.

my hand hurts so bad but there you go i probably missed a bunch of stuff but 

Teenage Days

Prompt: Underage Dean

Dean’s One Week Writers Challenge

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Words: 1,225

Warnings: Some language.

A/N: Last prompt of the challenge!! Tomorrow I’ll be writing a post thanking everyone who joined this 2.0 time ♥ Tbh, I really don’t know about this fic, this might or might not be the start of another series… Who knows, I’m tired and delusional. Thank you for reading, feedback (reblogs+likes) make me happy as always  and are really appreciated ♥ Enjoy, xoxo.

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Small town after small town, bunch of bullshit stories my dad would tell the world on why  we had to take off , but what I hated the most of my fucked up life is that I’m standing in front of another new school, I hated having to be the new girl in school on the middle of semester. Good thing it’s my last three months of this hell and then I’m off to college, my only solution to the hell I live. Someone smaller bumped with me, looking down I saw his cute face, “Sorry” the kid with long hair told me, wearing the same I hate this face expression as me. I smiled at him, “Is okay bud”, he returned the smile and kept walking into the school.  

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Only Look At Me (GD Scenario)

In which he’s jealous.

“Are you sure this is alright?” You ask again as you follow him down the crowded corridors of the backstage.

“Why wouldn’t it be?” He just continues to walk as all the people bow in front of him, curiously trying to see you face hidden by the black cap you’re wearing.

“I don’t know,” you mutter under your breath. “Can’t they kick me out or something since I’m not a staff member? What?” You frown after bumping your forehead in his back due to his sudden stop.

“You’re with me and for the nth time, it’s completely fine! Everyone has one or two people here, so you’re not the only one,” he smiles, his hand caressing your cheek for a second before walking away. “Plus, you always said you wanted to see us live, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but I was thinking of a concert rather than this,” you mumble, curiously looking around. The stage was all illuminated by a colourful neon background, the staff directing each other as they tested the lights and the mics before the actual artists came up on the stage.

“Do you think you can remember the way here? ‘Cause we should head back to the waiting room,” Jiyong’s gummy smile seems to apologize for taking you away so fast from that busy world.

“I’ll manage somehow,” you place your arm around his neck, trying to match his height, “if not I can always ask. I think people will be very curious about why I ask about the almighty G-Dragon, won’t they?” You grin, stepping away from him as soon as you enter the busy corridor that leads to Big Bang’s waiting room.

“I hope you used protection, kids,” Seungri appears behind you two after the door closes behind you, his big grin making your ears go red.

“I’ll give you protection that you won’t be able carry,” you crack your fingers, threatening him with your fist.

“Kids,” you hear T.O.P chuckling from his chair, his eyes glued to the screen of his phone.

“Says the one who needed me to open an Instagram account!”

“EXO!” Daesung breaks in from the bathroom, shamelessly zipping his pants in front of you.

“WHERE?!” You shout back, your heart crazily beating inside your chest.

“There she goes. Nice, Daesung, very nice,” GD comments from his seat, frowning at his bandmate while keeping his eyes on you as you make him signs to shut up, your eyes glued to the LCD’s screen on the wall.

“Who’s your fav?” Daesung whispers, ignoring GD’s threatening staring.

“Kai. He’s such a cutie pie,” you smile as Kai flashes his trademark smirk to the camera, earning some shouts from the fans in the public and some squeels from you. “And he’s hot,” you shrug, trying to keep your focus.

“Hellooooo??? Boyfriend in the room!” GD agitates on his seat, making the make-up arts sigh as the brush slips on the artist’s skin. “Just in case you forgot, of course,” he quickly adds when you glare at him after he made you miss your favourite moment of the song. “She doesn’t like me half as much as she likes EXO… or BTS,” he mumbles when you clap enthusiastically as BTS take their special stage on.

And he stares at you through the mirror as you wordlessly watch the other group’s performance, the tip of your feet tapping against the floor. He’s jealous although he knows he shouldn’t be. He’s your boyfriend and yet you never acted that way around him. While he knows that he fell for you exactly because you saw the man and not the performer in him, he still wishes at times you’d fangirl around him.

“Come with me,” he just grabs your wrist, pulling you out of the room, the other members of Big Bang elbowing each other.

“But they’re performance,” you try to protest, but just eat your words when he turns to you, his eyes sparkling dangerously. “Okay,” you say, unclasping his fingers from your wrist and holding his hand instead. “I’d follow you anywhere. You know that, right?”

“What did you say?” He stops abruptly, turning to you.

The corridor is empty, semi-obscurity hiding his features as you look straight at him.

“I said I would follow you anywhere, Kwon Jiyong,” you tighten you squeeze his hand.

“It doesn’t seem so.” Your eyes adjusted to the low light see his cute pout and you smile. “Don’t laugh at me! That’s how I feel! You know how hard it is for me to talk about my feelings, but I… I sometimes wish you’d look at me like you look at BTS or EXO,” he continues. “I sometimes wish you’d only look at me.”

“Is the almighty G-Dragon jealous?”

“Only look at me,” he demands, his hand on your cheek bringing your laughter to a halt. “Only look at both of me. Or at least fangirl around me too,” he steps back, the same cute pout breaking through his charisma.

“But I am looking only at you,” you protest. “You don’t see it, but I am looking only at you! I temper my enthusiasm around you because I don’t want to make you tired. I’ve listened to all of Big Bang’s songs and to your as well and I can’t pick a favourite because each and every single one of them seems to fit with one of my dispositions. I’ve got them all on repeat and… you don’t see that because that’s usually how a fan behaves. Do you think I’d act the same around EXO or BTS if I were to meet them? Heck no! I wouldn’t want them to think I’m crazy or anything! Just like I never wanted you to see the way I fangirl over you,” you approach him, wrapping your arms around his neck and hugging him.

“But I want to see that. All of that! Please?”

“Fine, fine,” you sigh, “but you’ll be ashamed with me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

“Deal!” He laughs, pecking your lips before pulling you back to Big Bang’s waiting room.

Their performance stage was up and you made your way through the crowd of fans, your light stick on one hand and the luminous board in the other. He always seemed different once on stage, more charismatic and playful and a complete goofball towards the fans that encouraged his every move.

“Kwon Jiyong, I love you!” You yelled during one of those musical breaks in which every fan was screaming something else. His chuckle confirmed that he heard you clearly despite the noise before he moved to a different part of the stage, Daesung taking his spot in front of you, cocking his eyebrows. “Oh, shut up,” you laughed, joining the fans in the chant that was making the floor vibrate.

“Is there anything else I need to know about my fangirl girlfriend?” Jiyong leans closer and closer, invading your private space and staring at you with a playful smile as his manager drives you two back to his place.

“Well, I run two fan blogs and an anti tag” you turn to him, your smile mirroring his.

“What?! Why? What did I do?” He pulls away, taken aback.

“Nothing. That’s the way I relieve my love for you when it’s getting too much to handle,” you shrug. “Like tonight,” you show him your blog page with a video from their live stage.

“Kwon Jiyong, you bastard, of course you went there, who ripped his jeans???, okay no, go away, I hate you tbh, thank you for the ride to hell, god have mercy,” he reads out loud. “God have mercy indeed!” He laughs, kissing you.

“You’re not… scared? Disappointed? Embarrassed?” You push him away after a few seconds, scanning his expression.

“Of course not! It’s cute! You’re adorable, God have mercy on my soul,” he kisses your temple before returning to your phone. “Ohhhhh! Someone uses Photoshop,” he quickly discovers your fan art.

“Give it back!” You struggle in his hug.

“My girlfriend is my number one fan,” he tells his manager who smiles back.

Hayes Grier - I want you

Request: Hello, can you make an imagine where y/n is dating Hayes and she surprises him @ the studio. & Hayes says how hot Emma is and she gets jealous. Thx! Your imagines are life, tbh


“Okay, they don’t know that you are coming, so it will be a surprise. We will just film a bit, some questions and photos, and then you can stay for the practice, but we have to go to another practice,” Dave, the guy who escorted me through the studio told me as we were heading towards the room where Hayes and Emma were practicing.

“Okay, I get it,” I nodded. The cameraman prepared for the recording and when everything was set up Dave opened the door and let me in.

Hayes was jumping up and down while groaning, maybe a he was tired, Emma was doing something with the music, it was going on and off, but when I stepped in, she stopped it and watched what was about to happen.

“Why did you stop it?” Hayes asked turning towards her. He surely didn’t realize that I was in the room. Emma nodded towards me and when Hayes laid his eyes on me he started to run towards me. We couldn’t meet that week yet because of his dance lessons and everything. “Baby, what are you doing here?” he asked hugging me tightly and giving me a quick kiss.

“Surprise!” I grinned up at him, since he was almost half a head taller than me.

“We thought you could use some motivation, and that would be your girlfriend,” Dave commented smiling.

“Thanks,” Hayes said shaking hands with him and then put one of his arms around my waist.

“Okay, let’s do a short video, some questions and stuff. Let’s sit there,” Dave pointed to some chairs in the corner of the room. We sat down and Emma started to practice some dance moves in the background. Hayes got a mic and then Dave started to ask me questions.

“So, how can you guys deal with Hayes’ crazy schedule?” We looked at each other at the same moment.

“It’s obviously hard, because Hayes has a lot of things going on in his life right now, but I’m just trying to support him,” I said smiling at Hayes.

“And she is the most supportive girlfriend I could ever wish for.” He kissed my forehead and we turned back to the camera and Dave.

“Y/N, how did Hayes tell you that he was going to attend the show and what was your first reaction?” He asked smiling.

“We were spending the weekend with his family and he just dropped it, like it was nothing. We were like, chilling on the couch and he just said it.”

“And you laughed at me!” Hayes added chuckling.

“Yes, because I thought that it was a joke! Until then you only knew how to whip and nae-nae!” I laughed recalling that conversation we had.

“You didn’t think he would actually do this?” Dave asked laughing.

“Yes! But then he told me that it was serious and I changed my attitude and supported him.”

“I wish I could see that, you should have made a Vine about it,” Dave joked. “Okay, one more. Who is the better dancer?”


“Me.” We answered at the same time.

“Woah, that was really fast.”

“She is a really good dancer, I will never be as good as her,” Hayes admitted squeezing my arm.

“Would you mind showing something to us?” Dave challenged.

“Only if Hayes will dance with me.” I looked at him with puppy eyes knowing he would never say no to me. He rolled his eyes at me and then finally nodded. “Yes! I’m irresistible!” I exulted.

We stood up and Emma put on some music. I knew one or two things and loved to dance with Hayes in parties, but it was a bit different now. I noticed, that he was so much better now, his dancing skills improved a lot. He grabbed me by the waist and we moved to the rhythm and we improvised a little choreography which was surprisingly good.

Then Dave said goodbye and the three of us were left alone.

“I think we haven’t met officially before,” Emma said giving me a warm hug.

“Yeah, it’s nice to meet you,” I smiled at her.

“Okay, I think we are done for today, I’ll pack and Hayes, see you tomorrow.”

She was really pretty and I wished I will look like her when I will be older.

“Are you thinking of how beautiful she is?” I heard Hayes murmur into my ears. I guess I stared at Emma as she was gathering her stuff.

“What? Yeah, she is really beautiful, I’m glad that she is my partner,” he agreed and then walked away. I raised my eyebrows at him and turned around to face him.

“Oh, tell me more about how you love to be partners with her.”

He smirked at me and tried to put his arms around me, but I pushed him away.

“Baby, are you jealous?” he asked but didn’t take it serious, while I really did feel a bit bad that he praised Emma. I mean, yes, she is beautiful, but you don’t say it to your girlfriend.

“I don’t know, what do you think?”

“Baby, you know that you are the only one for me and besides, Emma is a bit too old for me, don’t you think?” I was trying to stay mad at him, but as he pulled me to him kissing my cheek and then the corner of my mouth I couldn’t resist. I finally put my arms around his neck looking up at him.

“So I don’t have to be afraid that a practice will get too heated?” I asked quietly, leaning closer, but our lips haven’t met yet.

“Mm, you know that I only have eyes for you, baby, and only for you.” Our lips finally met and he gave me a sweet and gentle kiss. “Are you staying with me for the night?” he asked our lips still touching.

“Do you want me to? Or do you want to spend the night with your dance partner?” I teased him, but he tensed up a bit at my comment. All of a sudden he picked me up by my thighs and pushed me against the wall. Fortunately by that moment we were all by ourselves.

“I want you. Is it not obvious for you?” I loved how fierce he could get over little things. I loved this bad boyish Hayes.

“Let’s go home and you can show me how badly you want me.”

Brighton Bound (Phan) -  Chapter Five

Summary: After aseries of frequent Skype calls, Zoe and Alfie invite Dan and Phil to stay with them in Brighton, as collabs are long overdue, but Zoe and Alfie have an ulterior motive.

Genre: Fluff/Getting Together

Warnings: will be stated at the beginning of the chapter if any

Read on ao3


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Michael Imagine: Friends with Benefits

Author: Rhine


It was supposed to be harmless.

Just nights when you both needed someone; in-between moments where two lonely people needed another body to hold for a few hours; an escape away, a getaway of two bodies entwined with one another for a single night.

It was a need; a desire to be held for more than a second, a craving for skin and burning with lust because love was always just a little too far away for the both of you.

But it was enough, it was nothing, and that’s why the two of you agreed to it.

You were each other’s something when there was nothing, and you were both the nothing when the somethings of reality peeked through the curtains with the first threads of daylight.

You were the in between, the not-quite, the almost.

The more than friends but less than lovers.

You were a balancing act of secrets hidden in the sheets and you were the silence of his pale body shining in the moonlight; you weren’t the public display of love and you weren’t the whispered I love you’s.

You were the purple bruises on his neck that he hid with tall collars; the scratches on his skin for sweater-pawed days; the trace of your scent hidden on his skin and the taste of your secret on the back of his tongue.

And you always said, you promised that you would be nothing but a one night he could forget on the several nights when his mind was working too hard; the poison that would burn his numb lips and ignite something – anything – in his hollow body.

You were there merely to feel, not to love.

That’s what you agreed to.

Someone who wouldn’t ask questions, someone who could be something he got lost in during the dark hours and a clean slate in the morning that he’d leave.

You were an escape, simply put.

An escape from reality, from responsibility, from his mind, from his hollow heart.

You were the temporary something when he felt nothing, the substitute for what he couldn’t find just yet.

But one can only handle being needed only when they’re needed; one can only be temporary for so long.

The thing is that with temporary, you were either thrown away or a permanent fixture in time.

And you couldn’t handle waking up to another empty bed.


You don’t know if what you feel is love.

You know you love the way his body slants over yours; how the slopes of his face is illuminated in the dark; how he leaves marks in all the right places and how he knows you in a way that nobody else does.

But he only knows you in the dark of the night; he knows you but he only knows the shadows of your bones and the dip of your waist and the curve of your legs.

He knows it better than anyone else ever did or ever will; he knows it and he’s mapped it and he’s marked it as his over and over again.

But there’s so much more to you than that.

There’s a whole other side; a whole other universe that Michael hasn’t discovered about you.

That he doesn’t care to discover.

And you know it’s the same for him; you know him and you know his breath on your neck but you don’t know his words in your ears and you don’t know what it’s like to have his words spun out for you only for you and you don’t know what it’s like to have his gentle touch instead of his bruising fingers.

You see, you’ve practically memorized Michael’s silhouette in your bed after a long day; when he wants to disappear in the night with you.

But you have no clue what it’s like to start the day with him, to see his eyes in the sunlight and know the colours that they shine; to have him even smile at you instead of that hungry smirk.

It’s strange, knowing Michael so well but still realizing he’s nothing but a stranger.

And you don’t know if it’s love, but something inside of you grows with the discontent with every morning you wake up alone.

It’s this uncomfortable sensation that settles on your skin, this nagging itch of having someone – just barely – yet being so wholly alone at the same time.

It’s this hollow feeling of having nothing.

Of being nothing to him.

And the only thing you know is that you either want more or you want nothing to do with him at all.

But you can’t seem to let him go.


He says he can’t ever have anything.

And that’s why he has you.

I’ve got tours in a new city every day; thousands of people looking at me from under a microscope and analyzing everything I do. I’m barely in one timezone for an evening before flying somewhere else in the morning and you don’t understand you don’t know but everything I have everything I’ll ever have from this is temporary.

But he has you in the palm of his hand, and you know exactly what that makes you.

Just a sustained good-bye. A prolonged maybe.

And you want to be the hint of a possibility, you want to be that chance, that something in his life that he always saw as impossible for someone like him.

You wanted him.

You didn’t want Michael and his burning lips, you didn’t want his smoldering gaze and his hungry touch; you wanted Michael you wanted him as a whole, but more importantly, you wanted him to want you as a whole.

You were tired of being nothing. Of being temporary.

But maybe you just wanted to be the permanent because you feared being thrown away with the bruises in the shape of his fingertips still on your skin.

You’ve made me yours, but why can’t you be mine?

You want to ask the question, you want to let him know that if he asked you to stay you would’ve.

But you’re afraid to ask him to stay because you already know the answer.

He leaves for tour the next day.


And he’s gone, just like that.

No warning, no message, no call, no goodbye.


But you have to remember, you are nothing to him in the daylight, and you shouldn’t have expected anything more.

And you start to wonder whether or not Michael’s life was made up of scenes as fleeting as he described, or if he was merely fleeing from place to place to avoid the permanent that he said he could never have.

If the permanent was something he could never have because it was something he never wanted.

Because you’re left standing alone and you know what you are to him and you know now what you wanted from him was something you and anyone else would never get out of Michael Clifford, the boy who would always have the ghost of his touch on your skin.

You held him for a night, he noticed you for a moment.

You almost had him, for a fleeting second.

And perhaps it was because of that, he left.

Because you were tipping too close to something the white-haired boy swore he’d never have. Because you were supposed to have only one role for the boy with the stars in his eyes that you’d forever know, the sun in his smile always hidden from you.

You were only ever meant to be one thing to Michael Clifford.



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anonymous asked:

Patrochilles body swap au? (Thetis thinks that if Achilles spends time in Patroclus' body, he'll realise how fragile and boring he really is. She's so wrong lmao)

OH MY GOD i love this prompt? thank you so much???

  • I’d say Thetis decides this around the time she gets the first signs that war is coming, around a few days before the messenger of Peleus comes to pick them up from Mount Pelion and after Patroclus and Achilles get together
  • She does it with distaste; the idea that a mere human would be in her child’s body, even for one day makes her physically sick, but it’s his life, she knows of Patroclus’ oath, she knows Achilles will join him if needed
  • So one morning, Achilles and Patroclus both wake up but they switched bodies
  • It’s such a difference for both of them; suddenly, Achilles has to work living in a far more human body, with no blood of the gods running through his veins, he doesn’t have the ease in living he was given from the beginning
  • Patroclus suddenly has to live in a body that has an unusual strength and swiftness, his mind wouldn’t need time to wake from its usual slumber, his limbs wouldn’t feel heavy with sleep in the beginning, it’s all confusing
  • They don’t notice that quickly though, it’s until they look each other in the face that they start to panic and figure things out, Chiron needs to advice them, who easily tells them it’s a trick from Achilles’ mother, and they end up feeling slightly better. 
  • Of course Patroclus feels horrified at the idea of Achilles in his body; even though ages ago it became clear Achilles never focuses on his lack of strength, the other’s constantly reminder how human he is couldn’t be good, right?
  • Achilles is more confused about it all, though, because even though his strength lacks, he still has a swiftness and youth in his body of a young man, he had thought he would be more fragile, but on the way, he realizes Patroclus chooses to be. He asks Chiron for another training, and even though he is panting after a climb up to a good place to train, it doesn’t entirely feel unusual
  • Meanwhile, imagine Patroclus being a major clumsy dork, he isn’t used to so much strength, he is very afraid to touch Achilles because ‘what if i break your bones?’ Keep in mind that Chiron has told them that Achilles’ destiny is killing, he doesn’t know how much Achilles has to keep himself in and he doesn’t want to hurt the other with his experience in a human body
  • Achilles, at the same time, is enjoying it. It’s, of course, weird to touch his own body and to kiss his own lips, but even then, Patroclus’ body would still respond the same way? Imagine the way he responds to it, they feel each other’s love for each other, and as it is in an entirely different body, i could imagine it’s a weird but nice experience?
  • So Patroclus looks at Achilles fighting with his body, he is horrified to try it himself in Achilles’ body, since it’s built for fighting and he’d always choose fleeing if he could, even in this body
  • Imagine how much of a revelation it is to feel how strong Patroclus can be, imagine how much Achilles suddenly realizes why Pat doesn’t choose fighting, just imagine how much respect the demigod has for his lover when it ends, he’s tired, but his muscles are not aching, Patroclus is strong enough with daily exercise.
  • They swim, they run, they compete with each other, experiencing how it is to switch roles, Achilles loves the way he can suddenly feel a limit in his body, he feels like it’s a challenge he would like to overcome, and he can see the joy in his own face as Patroclus wins, all of a sudden. They are in each other’s bodies, but Patroclus still holds himself the same in Achilles’ body, still his own little smile, Achilles loves it. 
  • At night, before they go to sleep entangled with each other’s bodies, Patroclus asks him if he disliked to feel so fragile, and Achilles would, of course, shake his head
  • ‘I respect your strength and your choices, Patroclus. You have always competed with me with this body, you’ve run from Phthia to Mount Pelion with this body to join me, i have always been told by my mother that humans are weak, but i now realize they are stronger than me, because they work to achieve what i got at birth.’
  • Patroclus can only feel relief as he falls asleep, only needing one small warning of Achilles that he is squeezing the other too much, and the next morning, they’re back to normal, and Pat can see that little respect he seems to have earned from Achilles, a certain extra wonder and admiration, and he really likes it
  • Thetis is pissed off that her plan doesn’t work, tbh, but yeah who can stop them from loving each other? No one and nothing really can

Anonymous asked: tbh, jeysiec is a woman we should feel sorry for. nothing proves misogyny more than that: she literally puts all her value on the fact that she’s not attractive to men. if that’s not being brainwashed by the patriarchy, idk what is


She is brainwashed by the patriarchy, exactly.

I used to feel sorry for her but that got to be a bit difficult after years of interacting with her. She will never support another woman.

From the top post on her blog right now:

You complained that I was complaining about not receiving male attention and the negative effects that the first group has on me as a result. That isn’t and will never be cool. At all. Never. Literally fucking never.

She literally blames women who complain about cat calling for the shitty way she feels, and I’ve had this conversation with her hundreds of times, she doesn’t think women should ever complain about getting male attention because when women complain about the harassment they face in their own lives, she views it as a personal attack against her.

Her logic is that “pretty” women should shut up and learn to like men’s harassment because otherwise ugly women will be jealous and sad, because ugly women can empathize with the men being rejected and apparently pretty women can’t. Everything is black and white to her, she has no concept of nuance, everyone who has ever gotten a date exists as a stereotype to her.

She thinks women should feel happy and blessed to get attention from any man at any time. You should see her views on the “friendzone” and how when you do nice things for people that means they owe you attention and love.

She is a male supremacist.

What she wants from women is for us to be like, “Yes you are right, male attention is the best thing ever and it totally determines our value!”

What she wants is for women to sit down and shut up and learn to love being harassed, the way she would if she could.

That is what she wants us to say, because she is a male supremacist. She does not want to be helped, not even secretly deep down–she does not want to love herself, she wants other women to hate themselves as much as she does.

She genuinely just wants other women to suffer out of (irrational) jealousy, which she is completely consumed by.

She literally thinks women are just spoiled brats for complaining about harassment. If you try to get her to understand your side, she’ll just say “pot, kettle.” which is the same line she has been doling out for 5 years.

I don’t think i have ever seen anyone stagnate in personal growth as much as she has. She is 33 years old and hasn’t changed a single opinion in the years I have known her.

This is what happens when you do not process out your internalized misogyny. This is what happens when internalized misogyny consumes a woman so completely that she blames other women for her lack of attention from men, that she blames other women for making her feel bad when men are the ones rejecting her and telling her she has no sexual value to them. She is buying in to what patriarchy says, does not question patriarchy, instead blames women for not conforming to it like she would if she could (which she has stated–that she would love to be harassed if it meant she could be pretty to men).

She does not want to be helped. She has made that clear for many years. There was a time when I tried to be her friend and sympathize with her, but she was not interested in anything beyond blind agreement and subscription to her male supremacist dogma.


Okay, you know what? You’re behaving disgustingly here. What jeyseic said:

You should talk about your personal experiences as your personal experiences. You should make it clear that you do not speak directly for anyone but yourself/yourselves.

Because the problem is, you people don’t do that. You go YesAllWomen. You go, “all women are catcalled,” “all women are oppressed by men”, “all women live in fear of men”, all women this, all women this.

And you know what? A lot of us women are really fucking tired of that because it’s toxic towards us. It’s toxic for us who don’t match your damn claims. It’s toxic because we’re erased from sharing our experiences on an equal level. It’s toxic because it makes us feel like there’s something wrong with us as women if we don’t have the same experiences. It’s toxic because sometimes the solutions proposed for your concerns make ours worse. It’s toxic because some of the insults and vilifications you use against men catch us up in it because we share the same traits you’re denigrating. It’s toxic because if we have experiences that don’t match the narratives we get demonized or erased. And so on, and so on.

Especially that last one. For example, I’m a woman who was mostly abused by other women, including all of the physical assault I’ve received being from other women. So the fact that feminists have framed the question of violence against women as being solely about predatory men attacking innocent women is yet another avenue of toxic messages I have to put up with on a regular basis. The toxic messages that my experiences with said violence are lesser or that I’m even making them up. The toxic messages that I’m suffering from “internalized misogyny” for complaining about my experiences.

She wrote several thousand words on this. You don’t have to make ridiculous bullshit claims about what her real agenda is, she is outright telling you. And if someone says they’ve hurting because of the things you’re doing, diagnosing the real problem as being “brainwashed by the patriarchy” and “desperate for male attention” and “a male supremacist” is about as cruel a response as I can imagine.

Sometimes people disagree with you. Sometimes they disagree not because they are pitiable victims but because they are people whose life experiences led them to different conclusions. Sometimes they have considered and rejected the conclusion that they feel the way they do because of internalized misogyny, in which case you should respect that. And regardless of whether you’re capable of respecting that or respecting them, lengthy diatribes about how they are an object lesson about what happens if you fail to reject your internalized misogyny are disgusting behavior.

Also, hi. I agree with everything she says here; I think that not all women are catcalled, that it’s common for women who aren’t catcalled to have shittier lives than women who are catcalled (which doesn’t mean there are any problems that would be solved with more catcalling), and that categorical claims about the experiences of all women are exclusionary and ableist. That #YesAllWomen was a travesty that made me sick to my stomach and made it clear to lots of vulnerable women we would never be respected, valued, or fought for in the feminist movement. And that the focus on violence as a thing men do to women in certain activist spaces provides cover for abusers and bullies and erases the experience of victims of bullying, abuse and violence by women, to the point of making those spaces deeply unpleasant for abuse survivors whose abusers were women.

I’m saying this because I’d rather you levy incredibly insulting, infantilizing, false and vicious personal attacks at me than at jeyseic: she’s already getting anonymous harassment from your delightful followers because of this argument, so surely you’re ready to pick a new target? The fight against catcalling is often framed in a way that actively hurts women, and even at its best does nothing for the most vulnerable ones. Tell me all about how brainwashed I must be.

Nursey Headcanons

So a while back there was a post floating around which talked about how the POC characters in check please don’t get as much love as they need to and I really really felt that so I decided to contribute and be what I wanted to see in the world. Enjoy and feel free to message me about any of these!! dedicated to @laratoncita and @bitttles for encouraging me to post these!!!

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