but i got texture happy so here's this


🎃  Adelaide Hair Set - Simblreen Day 2 Treat!!  🎃

  • Female Teen to elder
  • 18 EA colours
  • Also recoloured in @pastry-box saccharine palette
  • Three Versions
  • Hoping to make a child & toddler version soon! 
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Not Hat Compatible

Download [simfileshare]


  • EA for the meshes & textures
  • @pastry-box for the saccharine palette

Here is my day 2 gift for simblreen! I hope you like it! Day 3 I never got around to finishing so I never got to give it to you guys so hopefully that’lll be uploaded soon! :) 

Also happy halloween!! 


I got some asks about my process so here are some shots i took of my last drawing. My sketches are an ugly mess haha sometimes i skip the line part depending on style, I start shading each part separately in different layers so i can adjust colors/values/play with gradients, textures and curves during the process and when i’m happy with the overall look I merge it and start painting over the whole thing, this may not be a good example but i hope someone finds it useful  


Because I can never have enough Nuka Cola gear for Indy, I decided to try my hand at some personal texture mods following femshepping’s tutorial. I planned on doing one thing and ended up doing three sets of summer shorts, a dress mod, and a retex of items from these two mods (1 and 2).

There is no actual associated mod. This was just a personal experiment to see what I could do (that got a little out of hand lol). There are little issues here and there, but I was pretty happy overall with how they turned out, so I figured I’d share pics of the results.

KBTBB Album Covers

it’s time for our resident assholes to drop the hottest albums of the year lmao

@maidofstars - it’s way too early, but advanced happy birthday! I couldn’t wait to post these, so here you go ^^ I hope you like it!!

@2bedroom-baddestbidderlove @bolt8826 

EDIT: I fixed Luke’s and Shuichi’s

i got my images from photoshop texture packs and i edited them using Canva ^^










So I got around to finishing up my birthday present for @braden-ffxiv ~


Still working on my scene for the fox spirit. Here are some baked lowpoly plants and water to go with the island. I also made a shrine gate, but it uses polygon bevels instead of a baked bump map. I already have a bunch of textures for this scene, so it seemed reasonable to not make extra ones for this particular piece. It ended up being 298 tris with the bevels, so it’s quite cost effective.

The plants are 818 tris (all together) and the water is 60. I’m pretty happy with the amount of detail I got at such a low resolution. The plants all share a 1k texture space, and the water has its own 512p.

Now I just need to make the shrine, complete the texturing of the character and stone figures, rig and animate the character, and then put it all together for rendering with a good lighting setup…

Four days left until the deadline D:

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Hi! I really like that brush you used for your shadowrun doodles post! Do you use Clip Studio? If so, could you tell me the name of the brush - or did you make it yourself? Love your work; thank you :3!

hi there! i actually use paint tool SAI. i’ve had this sketch brush for yeeeears, so i don’t even remember where i got it…i get asked about this a lot, so i’ve uploaded my SAI brush files if anyone wants to use em. you’ll have to google how to install them & such, but here’s a zip with the textures, and here are my brush settings:

i also tend to sketch at 75% zoom. hope that helps! happy sketching!

My mum requested 2 picture’s, here is the first one. I am so happy with how it turned out!!!! Got the wallpaper texture from www.cgtextures.com/

Character © (Duchess Swan_Ever After High) Mattel
Illustration  © MissLocoloca

If you use this image for a personal website, please post a link to one of my webpages with my credit! 


So I was catching up on Shokugeki no Soma the other day and one of the dishes that was made was a semifreddo. It was made both my Aldini and stalker dude, but I opted to make Aldini’s because it’s a little simpler and this is already a difficult recipe. Here is what it looked like in the show. 

It’s a 4 layer dessert that starts with a pate a genoise on the bottom (a sort of sponge like cake), followed by a thin layer of lemon curd, then the semifreddo itself, an almond praline on top, and then the dish is dressed with a limoncello syrup. 

This is one of the harder dishes I’ve attempted from the show. Overall I think mine turned out well, but there were areas that needed improvement. It would be a gigantic wall of text to write out a lot about each layer, so I’ll just go through what caught my attention with each layer. 

The pate a genoise requires you to beat the eggs and sugar together over a double boiler and then whip that to double the original volume while it’s cooling and then very gently fold in the flour. This gives it a really luxurious fluffy texture. Unfortunately I mostly collapsed the mixture when I folded in the flour. So mine was pretty squat and dense. It tasted alright, but the texture was not great. 

The lemon curd is the next layer, and one of the simpler parts of the recipe. You just take all the ingredients and throw them in a saucepan and whisk it together as you heat it up. The tricky part about it is that the curd goes from really thing to oh no the eggs are about to scramble really fast. I had to very quickly put mine into an emergency ice bath to stop it from cooking further. I’d recommend making a lemon curd at some point. It’s fairly straightforward and is a great spread to put on anything. I’ve been enjoying the leftover curd on waffles. 

The next layer is the Semifreddo. Much like the pate a genoise it requires you to heat a mixture over a double boiler and then whip it to double the volume. If you’re not familiar with cooking over a double boiler it would be real easy to scramble the 7 egg yolks in the mixture. The recipe I used called for bringing it up to 170′F and then taking it off and whipping it as it cooled down. The MVPs here were the instant read thermometer and the stand mixer with the whisk attachment. But a bit more about the eggs. So egg yolks start to set around 160′F and you have to bring the mixture up to 170′F. This means that if you stop whisking it and let it sit for a bit it will start to basically scramble. This is bad. You can’t make a frozen custard out of scrambled eggs. But if you’re diligent with whisking and taking the temperature pretty regularly it’s not a huge problem. Once you’ve cooled it down and beat it, you fold in whipped cream and then pour it into a mold and let it freeze. It was topped with chopped roasted almonds.

The praline is very straightforward. I have a really hard time with candy, so I was a bit nervous about this part of the dessert. The recipe I followed called for gently melting a cup of sugar in a saucepan until it turned a pale golden, and then letting it sit and darken to a deep golden and then you stir in the nuts and then pour it out on a tray. I’m pretty sure the deep golden that was referenced is hard crack (~300′F) but I’m not sure exactly. Overall it turned out more like a brittle than a praline, but that’s ok. It was better than I expected. The texture was pretty hard though, and blitzing it in the food processor would have made plating and eating the dessert a lot easier. (yes the wooded fork became one with the candy)

The last part of the dish is the limoncello syrup. I didn’t take any pictures of this step so I’ll talk a bit about limoncello. It is a liquor that is typically produced in southern italy and has a very strong lemon flavor as you might have expected. It varies greatly in sweetness but typically has some amount of sugar in it. I looked up how to make it by scratch and it’s pretty simple. You take a denatured spirit (everclear is a good example) and steep lemon peels in it (with the white part removed from the inside. That’s really bitter and would not give you the desired taste) for 100-140 days. It’s very simple to do, but it’s a long time to wait. I think I’ll make some sometime, but that’s not on the radar just yet. So to make the syrup I just reduced some limoncello with a little bit of lemon juice and sugar to make a simple syrup. 

So it’s time to put the creation together! The semifreddo melted much faster than I was expecting which made this kind of hard to plate. But here you go!

It was starting to fall over and melt pretty quickly so this is the best picture I managed to get. Overall I was really happy with the dish. The lemon curd turned out excellent, the semifreddo had a wonderful lemon flavor and really light fluffy texture (due to it being made of things that got whipped a bunch, lots of air in the mixture). The praline was too hard and when you tried to put a spoon through it, it squashed the whole cake down. Had I blitzed it in the food processor and just poured crumbles over the top it would have been a lot easier to eat. It still tasted good. As I mentioned before the cake was a little too dense and sort of overpowered the rest of the dish. But If you got a small bite of cake with a larger bite of the other things it was super tasty. 

It was a lot of work to make this dish and I wouldn’t recommend it for people not confident in their cooking abilities. Each part of the dish can go catastrophically wrong really fast, from double boiler disasters, to your candy turning into glass. But if you’re confident in your abilities then it’s a fun dessert to make for a special occasion. If you happen to have liquid nitrogen, dunking the semifreddo in it before plating would help solve the melting problem, but I’m going to assume very few people have access to liquid nitrogen for home cooking. I aspire to get some, but I don’t have it yet. 

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I hope I'm giving nothing but praise here, because I'mso jealous of how great your hair looks in all of the pictures you post of yourself. Including the ones where youre clearly just chilling with the pups! It doesn't matter. You're gorgeous all the time and I'm baffled. I have extremely thick hair, but really nice texture. I just haven't reached your level of mastery yet. Anyways, I really hope you have a great upcoming weekend! I've got a working interview a vet hospital I'm super pumped for.

I’m so happy for you how did it go?

Re: hair, I take prenatal vitamins and folic acid for my hair and nails, I dye it infrequently (and I use manic panic for coverups between because as a vegetable dye it also conditions); I wash it infrequently (at this point about once a week, only more if I’m seeing clients but I try to squash them all together to cut down on stress, laundry, and hair washing); and I use Moroccan/argan/coconut oil on the ends depending on how fancy I’m feeling and how much $$ I have when I run out of one. Also I keep t in a bun held with a pen or pencil and I try to rarely use anything grippy that will cause breakage, so hairpins are out unless I’m doing something fancy (rare), ponytails are infrequent, &c&c&c. All of this together has really helped it stay healthy and strong even as it gets longer than it’s been since I was a kid! It’s to my navel now!

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idk if you know this or not but the rake things are rgm painting knives! the rake in particular is their #13. there's a ton of different shaped ones. you generally use them with oil paints and really thick paints/glosses/pastes to get really cool textures in the paintings (like when ppl paint with palette knives exclusively)

What omg I did not know this!!! Thank you so much for sending, I’m like so happy. We did it guys, we solved the rake thing mystery

Anyway i gave these things a quick search on the good ol google and i found our problematic child

look at her

also shes got some cousins. 

Its a funky ass rake family reunion guys. and oH MY GOODNESS WHAT HAPPENED HERE


oh wait here comes another one

what th e fugck. why he got those holes. this is th e thign you wou ld give to a person u hate when they ask to borrow a spoon for soup. wait shit hold on guys


i need 2 lie down


Of course having more fans is a good thing, the fans who were with VIXX since debut, and those who recently discovered VIXX…
To us, rather than the time you’ve been with us, it’s more important about how much longer we can be together…
The heart of wanting to protect the trust we have in each other is bigger~ This heart was like this in the beginning, it’s like this now, and in the future it’ll be also like this!!! I would like it if VIXX could believe and protect Starlights, if Starlights could believe and protect VIXX, and if Starlights could believe and protect other Starlights!! VIXX will always stay close to my Starlights~ my everyone!!

whether it’s been for 2 years or 2 days, thank you for being a starlight ✰
happy second anniversary vixx!


i know these pics are kinda “gross” and part of me hates myself for putting it online but! All the pics on the left are me without makeup last summer, and the pics on the right are me without makeup today, just over a year later!

i cant believe how severe my acne was (if u click on the pics it’s even worse, and tbh, and irl it was WAY worse than these pics make it look) 

anyway, shout out to my dermatologist who gave me aczone and ziana gel, and shout out to me for cutting heavy gooey face makeup out of my life which has allowed my skin to heal finally! i literally never thought the day would come! 

As you can see i still have some lil spots and i definitely get break outs from time to time, and the scarring is still pretty bad (it’s hard to see the texture in these pics, but you can imagine from the severity of my acne that my scarring is pretty severe) (It was supposed to take 5 sessions of laser treatment, to clear up the scarring but i only went to 2 and then i got broke and couldnt afford anymore, but this is after some treatment so the scars used to be a lot worse.)

Anyway! here i am! im happy and i love my face, scars and all:+)

Waltz of Spring

Haruka was wearing a really cute dress in that new merchandise. It’s just a shame that I don’t really like how her face turned out, otherwise I’m happy the girls and teachers also got some time to shine. Hope that’s a good indication for the future.

New Merchandise makes me draw, so here you go. If I have a chance to draw something cute, you bet I will do it. I was trying out new brushes I found online too. Gives it a bit more texture than the usual acrylic brush I use, but it’s harder to control. Maybe I can figure out a brush that’s somewhere in between?

You may not upload this picture on other websites, alter, edit or claim it as your own in any way.

How many Ringabels is too many Ringabels?

Aaah! I’m so excited to finally be able to share this with you guys!! Here is the completed version of my Zine piece that was featured in @chibimonki​‘s Ringabel Zine!! I’m so happy that I got to participate, and so much love went into this piece (despite it being overall very simple)! I wanted to feature both of Ringabel’s canon looks and a custom one I designed, and I’m really glad I was able to do so! If any of you want to see a full version of the custom armor, I’m sure I can whip a full conceptual view of it!! ❤

All textures used in this picture are either hand drawn or come from my personal collection of textures, which will be listed under the read more:

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