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“Your ass looks great.” “Will you fuck off for a second?”

“You’ve really fucked me over this time.”

“Please let me in.”

genre: fuckboi!jungkook, roommate!jungkook, smut in next part

“Wait…”, Jungkook said as you were by the door. “Do you still talk to Isla?” “No, not after what happened.”

Isla and you had stopped speaking because she went ahead and fell for Jungkook, she gave into his ways. Now, you also did like him romantically at one point but would never let yourself drop so low; why else would you have fucked other guys and not him? To forget about your little crush. Isla had found out that you liked Jungkook and she wanted him to herself.

“I’ll expose you if you touch Jungkook. So you better stay away from him.”, she threatened in P.E when you were on opposite teams. “He’s all yours, have him.”, you told her as you passed the basketball to Jungkook. “I said stay away from him! Not pass the ball to him!” “Dude, it’s part of the game! Passing a ball does not mean I’m flirting!”, you told her as you tried to reason with her but she shoved you so hard that your right ankle was sprained. “I am so sorry, oh my God.” “Just don’t touch me or talk to me ever again, that would be better for both of us.”, you told her as you were picked up by a pair of strong arms. “Someone got into the game.”, Jungkook chuckled as he carried your bridal style to the nurse, this earned many dirty looks from other girls. “Why are you doing this?”, you asked him. “I have my reasons, besides you got injured, this is the least I could do as team captain.” “We’re not even a real team.”, you muttered.

All throughout work you couldn’t stop thinking about the moment Jungkook picked you up in front of everyone and actually seemed to care about you, just like today. No, no, no, you couldn’t be falling for that idiot again; you were determined to stop yourself. To snap you out of your trance your boss, aka your older sister, told you to fix up the aesthetics of the store. “Hey, lil sis, will you make it more like appealing? You do have good sense of aesthetics after all.” Even while you were working you couldn’t stop daydreaming about what life would be like as Jungkook’s girlfriend; then you realised he was a fuckboy and had probably never had a girlfriend in his life, just one time flings.

“Baby sis, stop daydreaming or I’ll remove the tattoo of us.”, your older sister joked as she checked up on you. “You know you wouldn’t.”, you replied as you fixed up one of the new bright lights that read ‘love me’. “You’re right but get to work, you’ve got two hours to go!”, she told you and you got right back to it. After you finished you took a rest at the till and took orders from customers who were here for coffee and aesthetics. “Yo, what’s wrong?”, your older sister asked you. “Hung up on a guy?” “You know me all too well, I haven’t even been romantically involved with him and I can’t stop thinking about him.”, you muttered. “Lemme guess, your roommate and old friend, Jungkook?” “How did you know?” “Dude, you muttered his name, saying you’ll kill him while you were working.” “I did?”, you asked her, the shock really hitting you. “Yep, but don’t worry about it, no one heard you except me and maybe a few customers. But that’s besides the point, why are you thinking about him so much?”

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i was asked to do a tutorial on how i make my icons by anonymous, so here’s my super easy way of doing it. there’s no major editing or backgrounds simply because i’m super lazy and i prefer the look of clean, bright icons. i’ve only ever used this method on cartoons (voltron. i’ve only ever made voltron icons lol), so i can’t say for sure whether this method would work well with real people. just keep that in mind!

for some examples of what you can make, here’s my icons page.

please like/reblog if you try it out, and feel free to ask me any questions.

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So, I’m very close to possibly getting rid of Walk Blue at my school next year. I’ve sent an email and it was forwarded to a college of the women who is in charge at our campus. Apparently she has some kind of background in disabilities having to do with developmental disorders. If anyone has talked to people who’ve been in the field and haven’t heard about what Autism Speaks does, you know that sometimes it can be hard to get information across, due to the “Well, I’ve studied this and that and got a degree and worked with children. Why wouldn’t I know?”

And I think the people who organize for my school are good people who do want to do good. I sent another email telling them that I might be able to send them to some other autistic peeps if they wanted more people to send feedback, instead of just me, so they can see our reasoning for #RedInstead.

We tend to tell each other things we might not tell caregivers or teachers, and I told them that. People who actually have autism, and who have been exposed to the background of Autism Speaks, usually have a completely different perspective on what’s going on due to how much it affects us. But I need people to volunteer if they answer back. Who would be comfortable sharing their stories and helping to educate them on what this is about, and why they should get rid of their Walk for Autism Awareness next year?

If you’re not comfortable, can you please at least reblog it? This means a whole lot to me. I’m not saying you have to, but it could get to someone who wants to share that way, and that could make a big difference. And through this they might spread the word to other campuses and to their colleges. It’s a chain reaction. If they end up saying yes, to offer to listen to us, will you help me start that reaction?

Karamel Appreciation Week Day 7: One-shot day!

“Kara?” Mon-el sleepily dragged his hand over the now still-warm-but-empty side where Kara laid mere minutes ago.

“Over here!” She yelled, trying to multitask flipping pancakes with frying eggs.

“What are you doing up so early?” He asked her, putting on a shirt and making his way to the kitchen, giving his wonderful girlfriend a back hug. “I don’t recall J’onn telling us to report until 10, and it’s… 6:57 in the morning.”

“Oh, well, I forgot to tell you, but my cousin’s coming over for breakfast in a little while.”

Mon-el felt blood drain from his system.

“Cousin? You mean… Superman?”

“Yeah, Clark. Why? Is there something wrong?”

“Uh… no, absolutely not!”

“Okay then. Breakfast will be in a bit.” She turned her head around to place a small peck on his lips before (not so gently) pushing him away because apparently, he was distracting her from her cooking duties.

He wasn’t going to complain though, since this was the perfect opportunity to ask for help from his best friend — Winn. Grabbing his phone, he immediately dialed Winn’s number, hoping that he was already awake.

Two tries. Still nothing.

Banking on the saying that ‘third time’s the charm’, he hit the dial button once again, praying to Rao Winn picks up this time.

“Hello?” answered a groggy voice.

“Winn! Buddy, you finally picked up.”

“Jesus, man, it’s 7 am in the morning! Not to mention, it’s Saturday!”

“I need your help.”

“What? If there’s an alien invasion, I’m sure Kara can take care of it.”

“No, it’s not that! Clark’s coming over today.”

“So what? You’ve met him before.”

“As a DEO agent. Not like this. Not in this kind of circumstance.”

“You’ve got nothing to be worried about. Just turn up your charm and you’ll be fine. Now, let me go back to sleep!”

(Baby, who are you talking to?) Mon-el heard someone speak in the background. He smirked as he realized why Winn was in such a hurry to get rid of him.

“Fine. Thanks buddy. Sorry for interrupting whatever you and Lyra were up to. Enjoy!”

He hung up then, before Winn could start rambling about him and his girlfriend.

He had bigger things to think about.

Just his luck, someone knocked on the door and Kara yelled at him to open it since she wasn’t finished, having burnt one of the eggs.

Making his way to the door, he opened it to reveal none other than the famed Man of Steel himself, already dressed in work clothes, with a sling bag hung on his broad shoulder.

Mon-el felt himself shrink in comparison.

“Hey guys! Good morning.”

“Hey Clark! I’ve missed you!” Kara dropped the pan she was holding and practically ran to hug her cousin.

“I missed you too.” He turned to face Mon-el this time. “You’re Mon-el, right? You work at the DEO with Kara, as far as I can remember.”

“Yeah, I do. I’m doing superhero training with her too.”

“Come on boys, breakfast’s ready!”

“Mmm, that smells delicious.” Clark commented, making his way to the table.

Mon-el stayed behind, hoping he didn’t do anything to give a bad impression. He didn’t know why he was feeling so nervous, Winn was right, it wasn’t his first time meeting him.

“Mon-el, are you okay? You look a little pale.”

“Y-yeah. I’m fine.”

“You’re sure?” Kara stroked his face gently, concern evident in her eyes.

He didn’t want her to worry about him so he turned on his charm and smiled at her.

“Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Sure, if you say so.” He knew that she wasn’t completely convinced, but it was enough for her to make her way to the table where her cousin was waiting for both of them.

“So.” She clapped her hands enthusiastically. “Let’s dig in!”

Fortunately for Mon-el, the meal went by without a hitch. Clark was as dapper and gracious as ever, constantly asking the two of them questions about how life recently is in National City.

Afterwards, Kara volunteered to clear the table and do the dishes herself, refusing any assistance from either her cousin or himself.

Before he could even say anything, Clark already beat him to it.

“You know, she talks about you a lot whenever we chat.”

His eyebrows raised at this.


“Yeah. At first she kept on saying how annoying you were and all, but over time, her perception of you changed.”

“I try my hardest to become a better person for her.”

“That’s good.”

Silence followed.

“Is this the part where you give me ‘the talk’?” He asked the older man, even doing the bunny quotes thing.

“No, no. I wasn’t born yesterday, Mon-el. I’ve noticed a different glow to my cousin lately. I know that you guys… already did stuff.”

“We’ve been kissing a lot…”

“Uh, yes. I figured that out. Anyway, I just wanted to remind you to take care of her. We both know that she’s a strong woman who is more than capable of holding her own ground, but of course it would be better if she’s not going through life alone.”

“I will. Don’t worry. I care for her so much. I’ll always stay by her side.”

“Thank you. Because if it turns out you end up hurting her, I won’t hesitate to throw you across the galaxy.”

Mon-el gulped nervously.

“I would never dream of hurting Kara.”

“Hey guys, what are you talking about?” Kara asked out of nowhere.

“Nothing, just asking Mon-el here about how similar Earthly traditions are to Daxamite ones.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Anyway, I have to get going. James is asking for me at the office.”

“Sure, go ahead! See you soon?”

“Definitely.” He gave the two one last smile before heading out the door.

“So.” Kara faced him, hands on her hips. “What did you guys really talk about?”

“What he said! Earthly traditions and Daxamite ones have a lot in common, apparently. For examples…”


It was no use lying to her. She knew him too well.

“Okay fine, he was just telling me to… you know, take care of you, stay by your side… you know, the usual lectures big, protective brothers give to their sister’s boyfriends.”

“Clark seriously did that? Oh my god, that’s so embarrassing! I’m not a teenager!”

“I think it was cute, after I got past the scary part.”

“Mon-el!” She lightly slapped his shoulder.

“What was that for?”


“Wanna go watch some more Game of Thrones?”


Thankfully, there weren’t any alien attacks, so the two of them spent the rest of the day cuddling on the couch and eating ice cream.


You Won Lucy!

For this I liked the idea of after the war, Lucy and Natsu and the rest of guild got together and for Easter did a Easter egg hunt to find the golden egg. I thought it’d be cute if Lucy won and Natsu kissed her cheek instead of the other way round. The reason I got rid of Happy for the final was I thought it didn’t really fit in with the drawing. (The background are supposed to be eggs)

Any way I hope you all like it, my laptop has been lagging lately so I apologise for the quality!

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Hello :) Could I ask you how did you make these gifs post/121213352496 ? Did you use Lighten or another mode? How did you manage to blend them together? Thanks

(x) hey! there are really hundrets of ways how you can make these gifs, but this is basically how i end up doing them/what i’ve learned with time:

  • if you want to make an image show up on a dark background/get rid of the dark background, set it to “screen” (or “lighten”, play around with the settings until you think it looks good)
  • if you want to make an image show up on a bright background/get rid of the bright background, set it to “multiply” (or “darken” again, play around with the settings)
  • “soft light” and “overlay” are settings you can test out, too, it all depends on the source material you got)
  • not every scene is suitable to be blend together, if you don’t think a scene is 100% perfect for this, use a different one, but, you can always try out adding a new layer and brighten or darken parts of your gif with black or white
  • personal tip: have the colouring ready before you blend gifs together, you’ll see better how it will end up and sometimes it reduces the cleaning up you will have to do

i haven’t saved any of the psd files but as far as i can see almost all of the gifs i made are blend together on a dark background, so i should have used screen or lighten.
i tried to re-create the first gif:

these are how the gifs look like separately:

both scenes are rather dark, but! the upper part of the second gif (I’ll just call it the group) is much brighter than the lower part, which will help us a lot making certain parts stand out,
alright, make sure both of your gifs are converted into “smart filters”, after i duplicated one of the gifs into the file of the other, i’ve set the gif with the group to “screen”

my gif looks like this now:

well, since we can’t make out their faces anymore we are going to get rid of the bright parts, add a “layer mask” to the gif you’ve set to screen and paint with a black brush on the parts you want to delete!

now my gif looks like this!

this is how i ended up doing every gif of the gifset, except for the green gif. you see the flying hovercraft above of prim’s head, right? the hovercraft is rather dark and the background of the scene was bright, i’ve set the gif to “multiply” or “darken” and it should basically ended up like you can see it now, i’ve possibly deleted parts through a layer mask though like i’ve shown before.

i hope this helps!

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Anon: Can you write another happy imagine where hap asked to marry you in his pov and he so nervous but you get kidnapped by the Chinese after Tara’s death 

A/N: Sorry it took so long ._. I really hope, I pictured it alright, since I haven’t caught up to the series until then. 

Warnings: Swearing (come on..), violence, death

Today, everything was different for the Tacoma killer. Sure, he had this idea for quite some time now but it kept slowly growing in the dark. There wasn’t even a specific moment where he made the decision to finally ask you. It more or less developed in a natural way, he didn’t even know existed.
He heard you entering the house in your typical manner. Soon you would gaze upstairs and announce your arrival in your sweet voice.
“Hap, I’m home!“ It made him smile every day.
He prepared himself for going downstairs. Today was the day he would ask you to become his old lady and it made him incredibly nervous. The boys helped him a lot, though Gemma was the one with the good ideas. You would make a trip to the beach, where he rented a boat just for you two. He would ask you when the sun goes down and would give you that expensive ring, which was lying heavy in his pocket.
He took a deep breath and went down. You were pacing through the kitchen, sorting the groceries you just bought. “Hey baby girl!“, he greeted you with a lightly cracking voice but he quickly cleared his throat. You jumped into his arms and he nuzzled your hair.
As you separated again, you would soon ask the other question and he was honestly scared you would find out about his plans.
“How was your day?“, you did as he predicted and returned to your sorting.
He began fumbling with his palms. Damn, when was the last time his hands were sweaty? Back in middle school probably… “Hap?“ You looked up at him with lifted brows. “What’s wrong?“
“Eh…nothing“, he answered and tried to focus. “Just club business. Yours?“
In the meantime you finished putting away the groceries and grabbed a yoghurt. “You can always talk to me about it, you know that?“
Giving you a peck on the head, he went into the living room to grab his keys. “Nah, it’s nothing really. Just the boys making a fuss out of nowhere.“
“Okay. If you need some distraction, tell me.“ Your voice was flirty and Happy leaned back to see your shy smirk. He couldn’t but smile, you were the best thing that ever happened to him.
“My day was really boring, by the way“, you added and swallowed the last spoon.
“Do you want to spice it up?“, he asked and suddenly forgot his nervousness. Giggling, you denied. “I’m on shift now. Gemma needs help in the office, actually, I gotta leave right away.“ So her plan worked out, you weren’t suspecting anything.
He went towards you and gave you a sweet kiss on the lips. “Bye babe. Better not make her wait.“
You laughed again and went out.

He was completely frantic, as him and Tig were driving to the clubhouse. Usually he was one of the best drivers of the mc, he would have never thought that a day might come where he would nearly crash against his brother. Tig shook his head.
When they entered the driveway, he immediately felt a lump in his stomach. Gemma was standing outside, arms crossed and looking towards the street. He must have known it, something has happened.
The men parked their bikes and Happy nearly ran towards her. “Where’s y/n?“
The woman sighed and twisted her mouth. “I sent her to get something about an hour ago.“
Happy shifted his weight. What if something really bad happened? Or, what if she found out and left? “She suspecting something?“
Gemma looked at him in pure disbelieve, making him examine the concrete. “You think I’m bad at this?“ Her voice was harsh and aggressive. She was super touchy since Tara got killed and Hap didn’t want to taste her wrath.
Catching his phone out of his pockets, Gemma’s ringed and she quickly answered. “Jax.“
Happy couldn’t hear anything but her expression told him enough, she froze and averted her gaze. Some shit must be going on. Still, he checked the display but there was nothing, not even a short text from you.
Gemma strolled away and he decided to call you. It was dialing, a little too long for his taste. Then finally it clicked and the voice… wasn’t yours. “You took some time, boy.“

He needed all his self control to not mash his phone in his bare hand.
Gemma and some of the sons came running, but he didn’t really notice. All he saw was red.
“Jax said, the Chinese wanted to talk about…“, Gemma started, but Happy cut her off by pacing to his bike.
“What’s going on?“, Tig asked and went past him.
Happy looked at his friend and clenched his jaw. “Y/n“, was all he could say and Tig luckily understood. “Get on your bikes, SOMETHING’S GONNA BURN“, he shouted, but Hap didn’t see his brothers mounting.
These guys were really thinking they could mess with him, the Tacoma killer? On the fucking day he wanted to propose to you. They ruined that day?
He was driving fast and it took the others a while to catch up to him. They must have simply followed him, though by now they must have noticed where he was heading. The Chinese.
Damn, they would pay for it. They should be praying, that you were unharmed. If something happened to you, he would make them suffer as long as possible.
Jax joined them, when they were really close. He just nodded towards Hap, making clear that he stood behind him. But truth was, he wanted to do it himself, he just didn’t have the opportunity to tell them, but he wanted to kill every single one of them for doing this.
They arrived and all of them shot the few guards. Jax and Chips went ahead, but Happy stopped them. “That’s my job“, he declared and blocked their way.
His president nodded. “You will not do that by yourself, Hap. This was meant for the club, for me.“
Happy was close to losing his shit. “But it’s y/n!“ He gritted his teeth, he didn’t want to waste your precious life on such a stupid argument.
“We cover for you“, Jax gave in, looking down and they went inside.
Happy shot every one that came into sight, his brothers following him. They strove through the building and soon, he saw you. You were sitting on a chair, arms and legs tied up and duct tape on your mouth.
The moment he saw the guy next to you, he decided to deal with him barehanded. It only took him three strokes and he was lying on the floor, covered in blood. Happy cracked his sore knuckles and turned around to you, who just got rid of the tape due to Chips.
“Baby girl“, he whispered while pulling you into a tight hug. You cried against his shoulder. “Hap.“ “Did they hurt ya?“, he asked and you shook your head.
The sons were cleaning up the area in the background, making sure to give you some space.
“I was so scared“, he admitted with a low voice and you both seemed surprised that it was him, who said that.
Separating from his embrace, you smiled up at him. “I knew you would come.“
As he looked into your slightly red eyes that were showing nothing but love, he felt like the luckiest man alive. He didn’t deserve someone like you to trust him like that.
He took all his courage and bent down on one knee, getting the ring out of his pocket. You gasped and covered your mouth with one hand. “You marry me?“, he curtly asked and new tears were flowing down your cheeks, as you nodded.
He put the ring on your finger and met you with a hungry kiss. The other men were cheering loudly, when they saw it.

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Per your top 5 favorite characters list, why Ginny? I love her too, just curious what in particular put her in your number one spot. Love your blog, btw!

Honestly my top 5 varies based on how I feel when I get up in the morning. I honestly can’t choose a single character most of the time.

But I do love Ginny dearly.

She’s smart, witty, and friendly, and what’s not to love about that?

But more than that, I think she is an incredibly strong woman who comes into her own over the course of the series.

From the very beginning, she’s impressive. How many 11-year-old girls could escape from Voldemort’s control like she did when she got rid of the diary? How many 11-year-old girls could go through what she did and come out on the other side without completely falling apart? From the very start, she’s a survivor.

A lot of people complained that she wasn’t included enough in the books (though she’s mentioned more often than most people realize), and I would love to have seen more of her story too. On the other hand, I also love that she has her own thing going on in the background. She grows into this amazing self-assured woman, and we as readers get only glimpses of that transition. There are all of these wonderful little moments, her developing independent friendships, her sharing a joke with Harry. One of my particular favorites is when Ron suggests she goes to the ball with Harry. She had already accepted Neville’s invitation to go as friends, but to be completely honest, Neville would have understood if she ditched him. But she didn’t. This is a 13-year-old girl who has just been handed her crush on a silver platter, and she turns the opportunity down because she already has a date.

This is the girl who Fred and George were both impressed with and slightly afraid of. And that alone says a great deal about Ginny.

As we get into OP, I love that Ginny is even more confident. She stands up for both Luna and Neville, and that absolutely matters. She also shows that, regardless of her feelings for Harry, she’s still going to stand up to him. She calls him out on his shit when she thinks he needs it, but she’s also there to listen to him when he just needs someone to listen. OP shows Ginny’s ability to connect with Harry emotionally, and give him exactly what he needs. I love that she has the emotional intelligence to deal with both Harry and her friends. She’s down-to-earth, but she also injects some much-needed positivity into Harry’s life.

In HBP, we get to see even more of Ginny. I genuinely like the way the subplots with Ginny’s boyfriend were handled. Ron’s annoyance seemed perfectly in-character, but I love how Ginny and her relationships basically deconstructed the idea that Ron has a voice in her dating life. Not only does she repeatedly fire back and assert her independence, she challenges the hypocrisy and makes it clear that her business is not her brothers’ business. And I love Ginny for giving zero credence to the idea that her brothers had a vote in her dating life.

All in all, I just really really love Ginny.

i’ve had this unfinished college au for the longest time so i just wanted to get rid of it lol

Bungou Stray Dogs Book 1: Dazai Osamu’s Entrance Exam [Chapter 3 Part 7-9]


so, first of all, chapter 3 part 5 didn’t have any tags, so some of you who were looking for the translations through the tags might’ve missed it. I deleted the re-post of ch 3 pt 5 already~ I didn’t know why I didn’t add tags, maybe I forgot? Maybe I was in a rush? I don’t really remember… anyways, I added the tags now!

Also, there were supposed to be TWO updates! ch 3 pt 7-9 and pt 10-12 were supposed to be separate. But in the archive I used to share docs between @vanillue and I, it was titled 7-12 so I didn’t bother checking twice when I uploaded, here’s the missing part between 6 and 10! I also renamed ch 3 pt 7-12 to 10-12!!!

I hope this clears out any confusion >< 

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i ship k/ance but I am so annoyed with the shippers rn. They ignore Keith, idolize and stereotype/fetishize Lance, and make them both very ooc. Then they say they ship Sha//ura, but change their entire personalities for the sake of the "space mom and dad" trope (or make Shir0 out to be an abuser and straight up ignore a//ura). Im honestly sick of it and it's making me hate k/ance :(

Sha//ura a cute pairing, but sadly it got downgraded to the background ship for K/ance. Think about it; Shipping Sh/iro and A//ura together gets rid of the two biggest threats to K/ance:

  1. Sh/eith, another popular x K/eith ship and
  2. Ka//ura, the x Keith ship most likely to become canon.

I know antis can easily trick you into hating something you love (hell, I ditched K/ance and can’t stand to see the heteronormative Space Parents mess that was fanon!Sha//ura on my dash)

I suggest using a blacklisting extension to get rid of K/ance on your dash and browse the tag from time to time, that way you’ll only see it when you want to, and obnoxious posts are easier to ignore.

Imagine your favorite character being someone who prefers pineapple pizza