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[TianShan Week]

Day 6: One Day

“Will you move in with me?”

Heh, you can definitely tell which ones I’ve spent more time on!

Oops, he looks different each time but I wanted to hurry it up so I can post this already! ^^; I was supposed to draw He Tian but that’s too much work so you’re stuck in his point of view lol~


btw @bigbadbro is the bestest friend that anyone could ever ask for. he sent me a sealed box of the japanese version of yoshi’s story and then a copy of the us version because i lost mine. like i def felt as happy as a yosh when i recieved this… actually, WAY happier than a yoshi. <3


Guess who’s got a store now 8V 

I’m not sure why Society6 takes //ages// to upload my art but Redbubble does it in the blink of an eye? Either way I’ll find a new store if there are issues but for now, interested in some wrestling swag? :’3
Phone cases, shirts, mugs, tote bags, we got ‘em all~

Also note! The artpiece feat. Sami Zayn is basically for charity ie. the entire markup price will be donated to Syrian aid charities (and I receive no profit from it!). This is permanent and you can request Paypal statements for veracity. 
I’ll be doing hi-def versions of certain pics from the past to be uploaded so if there’s a specific work you want me to put up there, let me know!

Please spread the word!

i’ll never forget the day harry’s motorbike broke down and he just stood there, helmet still on, looking so worn down and defeated while the tow truck men got everything organised then there were those pics of him in the tow truck looking out the window like he was in a country movie trying to process the death of his beloved horse gertrude


Yes, it’s Monday, and here we are. I will admit that the weekend was the worst, and I am glad it is over! I am not ashamed to admit when I saw the pic someone posted yesterday of a burning ship…I got pretty emotional about it. But, I am pretty dang strong, and stubborn. I am southern after all!

While I am still not a happy camper about all of the fuckery from the weekend, I am looking with a fresh set of eyes this morning. If you have not already done so, you must read @diggsydog post. It is 100% where I am today, and she says it all.

Someone posted yesterday that it has been ALL hearts and flowers from Sam and Cait since January 4th, and then BAM…we have experienced silence since the rugby game and the fist bump. If there is one thing we have learned about Sam….he has NEVER, EVER missed an opportunity to respond, praise, tease and engage with Cait….again EVER!!! The fact that he has not speaks volumes, and it is not because of MM. Cait lands at the Bafta’s and Sam turns up in Cali….and his “gone fishing ” response???? I can take that a multitude of ways when I look at it now. And then we have a LAX sighting of Sam…..another interesting tidbit. Why wouldn’t you be with your gf for all of the wedding festivities that started when the family arrived on Wednesday? I am side-eyeing here again!

Remember the pic with Graham, and Cait said she missed them both? And look at Grahams response…we toasted you, and your ears should have been burning because she was on their mind, and part of the convo. What a way to let someone know they are on their mind.

Next thing we know….the devil went down to Georgia, and whaddaya know….wedding time. You just don’t show up at a southern wedding, but we know that certain people are not going to pass up on an opportunity, and why are there no photos with Sam? Trust me, I have attended enough southern weddings to know pics pop up the minute the reception kicks off, and it’s no holes barred! And, the fact that Sam was tweeting at 11, 1 and then 8 the next morning tells me he did not hang with the festivities for too long, if at all.

As I said yesterday, I am taking everything at face value right now. Sometimes a chair is just a chair. On the off chance that Sam is in a relationship with this chick, then they have missed the opportunity to really put that out. And, these FB people who always seem to have a “heads up”….how do you supposed they are getting this info? And, I find it interesting that this wedding info was dropped two weeks ago by others (we did not take the bait), right after….drum roll please…..the rugby game and fist bump!! Someone shut Sam and Cait down, and I don’t think it was Sam and Cait…..period.

So to Diggy’s point, Sam let everyone know with that pic in front of the map, same as NC, and same as that non-captioned pic of him and Cait right before the Bafta’s. I am still pissed at them both for all of this fuckery, but my gut is telling me something else is at stake.

So, I have been rocked, rolled, battered, and beaten by this storm this weekend. And I am on the beach covered in salt, sand, seaweed, and a little crusty , but I just stood up. After I wish this gook off, I am thinking something smells fishy, and while I am not looking for last ditch excuses, something is off. It is our job to find out just what it is. I go back to the anon from Jess yesterday…it is not what it seems….that anon definitely got that right!

I am off to find my SamCait flag. I won’t give up on them yet, and until I see something different, they are still together, just as separated by the storm as we are! Happy Monday sweet shipsters!🎣⛅☉

thatkevinsmith: Game Night in #nationalcity! This is the @supergirlcw cast’s pitch for a new @settlersofcatan box cover: insane enthusiasm from @melissabenoist, @christophrwood & @jeremymjordan and electric indifference from @mehcadbrooks! I’m having a blast “directing” #supergirl. These kids and the amazing crew make the long days fly by… Or at least able to leap tall days in a single bound! #KevinSmith #supergirlseason2 #settlersofcatan

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!! I got the prints today !!! They’re like SO PRETTY ! I’m happy how they turned out ! I can’t wait to ship those to their respective owner ! Thank you so much for your support so far I’m SO HAPPY and I’m SO excited to actually design more print ! I’ve SO MANY planned in my head omg !!! AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

ok so i was GONNA do something with like a gem au but then i started thinking abt a mafia au where the thb obviously work for the bureau (which is just a nickname for their crime group) under their boss, the director, and krav works for a rival organization ran by the raven queen herself. so taako and kravitz are both on a mission to infiltrate the other group by getting in good with a member. the two go under cover and try to seduce their way into each other’s organizations but they dont know that theyre both essentially on the same mission but for different sides, and thats how they meet. real feelings develop from there and…thats all i got!

..Why does my Darkiplier picture have like 4000+ notes on it?



…thank you for making my day though <3

Loot from the Katsucon 2017 ML photoshoot!! Best ML one I’ve been to, you guys were all awesome 😭❤️ I’ll be posting my pics from it over the next few days.

Also, I forgot to advertise but I ran a ML panel too. Thanks to the people who came, and for the hugs I got 😽 It wasn’t exactly what I’d hoped for but I’m glad you guys seemed to like it anyway. And shoutout to @ladyblog-source!!! Désolée que je suis partie immédiatement dimanche, je voulais prendre un photo avec toi 😿 Mais très heureuse à t'avoir rencontré!! T'es gentille 😽

anonymous asked:

omg can you do like a "svt as brothers" but for like Joshua, Mingyu, Seungkwan, and Minghao. ily and your blog <3

OOO I like this idea let’s see how I can attempt to make this work


- alright so here’s the oldest here Joshua yes

- Seungkwan is the youngest and Mingyu and Minghao are the same age aight I got it 

- okay first of all mingyu and minghao would always be playing pranks or trying to embarass but they would still be close and not enemies or something

- like while mingyu is showering minghao would sneak into the bathroom and then yank open the shower curtain and take a pic of mingyu’s horrified face

- like “gotcha bitch” 

- Joshua and Seungkwan would find it funny while Minghao shows them and Mingyu holds a grudge 

- although Joshua is the brother to show up to Mingyu’s room with something to make him feel better  

- but Seungkwan is the brother to show up with how to plan revenge 

- they’re not the type of brothers to do anything without at least one other brother unless they have to 

- like literally anything from after school tutoring to going to the corner store for a quick snack to going to a party that one of them was invited to 

- they lowkey don’t want to go to that party but they didn’t want to be rude so

- Seungkwan is the brother who puts his name on all the drinks and snacks that are his so if someone touches it he can break their neck (aka me) 

- Joshua is the one who openly shares his snacks and drinks although sometimes he gets lowkey annoyed if he’s always asked

- Mingyu is the brother whose snacks get stolen and sometimes he gets upset and sometimes he doesn’t notice

- Minghao is the brother who steals/asks for snacks and never has any of his own 

- when they were younger, Joshua and Minghao were well behaved meanwhile Mingyu and Seugnkwan were the ones who were always running around in stores and pissing their mom off

- Mingyu and Seungkwan were also the children who wanted like 78823456 toys in the store

- then pretty much forgot about all of them when they left the store 

- they all got an equal number of presents on christmas but sometimes they would argue like “how come _____ got better presents than me” 

- but overall they’d be grateful and happy with what they got 

- during school is the only time they wouldn’t seem as close as they truly are bc they all have their own friend groups and generally are with them instead at lunch and stuff

- but also if you’re friends with them you end up friends with all of them at one point so

- same goes for if one of them dislikes you yikes 

- overall they would be really close and would seem like four best friends bc that’s exactly what they are 

,,,I just realized I don’t know if you mean having them as YOUR brothers 

f u  c k 

if that’s what you meant then,,,,I’m sorry and pls let me know and disregard this shitpost thank you 

although if anyone else likes it tysm, and on a side note I apologize for not posting in like a month dbngks I’m a shit updater most of you probably noticed rip me

~peach admin