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au where Saitama responds to his haters with overwhelming sarcasm

I needed a little pick-me-up but I got lazy halfway through lol, but I’ll be focusing on au stuff now I promise! my brain has been really unfocused recently and I just, need to get refocused (; _ ; )


dc meme: ten characters [3/10]

Tim Drake (Robin III/Red Robin)

↳ “One of the things I’ve learned is that it gets bad for everyone sometimes. Superman, Batman – everyone. I remember I’m not alone. I remember things do get better. Sometimes on their own, most times when you work at them. And when I have trouble remembering those things, I find people to talk to.

So I was trying to imagine what the rest of the Apprentice’s shop/house looked like and then uh

(^Rough sketch of what I imagine the exterior is like.)

 … yeah, I might’ve gone a bit overboard, so putting the rest under a cut because this is going to get a bit long.

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a stroke of fuck | five {final}

pairing: sehun x reader, jongin x reader, yixing x reader, baekhyun x reader
genre: fuckboy!au, college!au, smut, angst, fluff, series
summary: there was good in the world to balance the bad, but when it comes to boys are they good for anything except breaking hearts and causing trouble?

pt.1 / pt.2 / pt.3 / pt.4 / pt.5

A/N: and so after a 2 week roller coaster thiS BINCH IS ENDING!!! this entire series was hyped up so much SO THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO READ IT AND LIKED IT!!!! Now ill be back to updating the merciless flaw THEN THE SUGAR DADDY AU BUT I JUST WANNA SAY I LOVE YOU ALL FOR LIKING THIS + also I got really lazy about halfway through so i did a time jump cos it would have been boring if i didnt

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Warm air violently pushed his hair, forcing it out of his flushed face. His mouth was wide open, desperately gulping down air to provide him with enough energy to keep his sprint going. 

His feet roughly pushed against the concrete floor, it was like his legs wouldn’t let him stop at this point. It was difficult not to notice the speed at which he was running, people’s heads turned to watch him as he barely dodged bodies stood in his way. If his heart wasn’t pounding so hard, if his mind wasn’t so persistent at worrying him, he would have slowed down. 

As he came to the edge of the road, he instantly stopped. With quick turns of his head, he spotted fast moving cars turning around the corner, only delaying him further. The pulsing and throbbing of his blood vessels in his fingers, and in his veins along his arm made him itch in discomfort. 

Hissing in frustration, he rubbed at his forearms in attempts to stop his veins from protruding to serve as a distraction from the obstruction hindering him from running across the road. He tapped his foot on the ground in impatience and once the road was clear, he ran.

The wind slapped against his face, surely ruining his good looks but he didn’t care. There was only one thing on his mind.

He was late.

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RFA + V with an MC who can sleep anywhere

I lied, I need to keep writing to keep my creativity for work up oops
But ye, I thought this would be cute and lo and behold, it somewhat was. I’m thinking I might just do Jaehee when she gets requested because I truly get stuck on her a lot (considering I only did her route once and it wasn’t my fave tbh) and I didn’t do Saeran bc I got somewhat lazy lol

-he’d been wanting to give you a tour of his university for a while and that day has finally come
-you expected him to just show you where his classes were
-But instead, this boy drags you all over the campus
-showing you the library, cafeteria, laboratories, black box, the corner he cries in during exam week, etc.
-he had so much energy in him, so much excitement to show you around
-yet you felt yourself getting exhausted halfway through the tour
-when he stopped to go to the bathroom, you found some nice stairs to just lay across for a few minutes while you waited
-when he got out, he couldn’t immediately find you and assumed you also went to the bathroom
-so he waited
-and waited for a good 10 minutes
-then he got worried and went looking for you
-only to find you passed out on some stairs about 20 minutes later
-you had slept on those stairs for half an hour
-he immediately took you home to let you rest properly
-now knows not to keep you out for extended periods of time
-starts having dates at home now so you don’t have to resort to sleeping on what looks seemingly comfortable in public
-but whenever it happens, he carries you home

-he had finally taken a day off from his busy schedule to spend the day with you
-and it really could not have been more perfect
-he had the whole day planned out to the minute
-took you to brunch, ballroom dancing lessons, an aviary (“All these butterflies, but I’m still the most beautiful of all”)
-he noticed that throughout the whole day, you were leaning on things with your eyes shut
-you assured him that you had plenty of energy the whole day and were fine
-at the end of it, he took you to an overlook of the whole city
-and he wanted to surprise you with a couple photo shoot when you got up there
-but on the small hike up, you saw a big enough rock to rest on
-and as soon as he turned his back, you leaned on it to take a breather
-ended up knocking tf out
-as soon as he saw you, he knew he had to take you home
-was half worried, half impressed with your ability
-next time he has a day off with you, he schedules nap times

-he wanted to take you along to work with him
-thought it’d be good for you to go to some meetings with him
-one, to get to be with you and two, to show you off around the office
-although he had to bribe you by taking you out to eat after
-and possibly eat you out afterwards amirite
-you had sat through meeting after meeting and it all started to sound like the same to your ears
-at some points you started to lean on Jumin during meetings and felt yourself drifting off
-he found it adorable, but also worried whether you were okay
-at the end of one meeting, he decided to let you rest in his office for a bit
-but it still wasn’t enough to not doze off afterwards
-when you were both getting ready to leave for the day, he had to carry you to the car cause you were too sleepy to function
-he still had to get you food
-and now whenever he takes you to the office, he makes sure to let you nap in his office periodically

-this boi never sleeps
-but when he does, it’s usually after seeing you slumped over somewhere in the house (like on the counter, tables, floor etc.)
-cause he’ll just cuddle up next to you and pass out wherever you are
-you both just wake up in the weirdest places around the house and it annoys saeran
-you both wonder why you ever invested in a bed when you never sleep in it
-he has a little more self control in public
-you, on the other hand, are accidentally taking naps anywhere
-grocery shopping with you is so difficult because you have to be in the cart or you’ll nap everywhere else
-made a device to let him know when its either time to get you home or nudge you awake when you’re too sleepy to tell him
-real talk, will take pictures of you sleeping in the weirdest places and post them in the group chat
-starts a bingo in the group of weird places they catch MC sleeping at

-he took you to an art exhibit
-all sorts of expensive sculptures everywhere
-but he really wanted you to tag along because he wanted to show you some of his work that was going to be up
-after an hour of looking through the exhibit, you started to feel a bit drowsy
-you saw a particularly empty bench so you went to sit on it for a bit while V chatted up with other artists
-you ended up taking a quick nap on it while waiting for him
-after he finished, he went looking for you and found you napping on what turned out to be an expensive sculpture
-when you woke up, noticing a lot of people eyeing you irritatingly, he couldn’t help but laugh
-you assured him you wouldn’t sleep on another art piece, but you were leaning on him the rest of the time you were there
-when you almost fell leaning on him at one point, he decided to take you home so you could get some rest
-has learned to let you just rest on his shoulder cause it makes for some cute pictures