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au where Saitama responds to his haters with overwhelming sarcasm

I needed a little pick-me-up but I got lazy halfway through lol, but I’ll be focusing on au stuff now I promise! my brain has been really unfocused recently and I just, need to get refocused (; _ ; )

Anon said: Monsta X reacting to you having an hyper-energetic outburst.

Full Request: Monsta x reaction to you having some random hyper/energetic moments but you’re usually a really quiet and lazy person (Like you were laying down almost sleeping and you suddenly get up and start jumping around or doing the household chores out of nowhere, i hope you know what I meant xD)

Don’t worry, nonny. I think I got it! :) I hope you like it! <3

He would be startled. Usually when people around him started feeling energetic, they’d just started dancing, but you went and cleaned the whole house. Once he realized that you weren’t going to stop halfway through the process, he’d get up and try to help you, but you insist that he sit back down and relax – it was one of his only days off after all.

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He’d get up and grab your hands and force you to dance with him instead of you doing something tedious like cleaning. You’d spend a good couple hours dancing like idiots and then somehow transfer into the process of him teaching you some of the dance moves from some of their harder songs to master on your own.

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Like Shownu, he’d be startled, though he’d follow you around and try to distract you. This boy is needy in a relationship, and the fact that you were paying more attention to cleaning and house work was making him upset. After the annoyingly following you around, he’d start singing for you, then get a brilliant idea. He’d pick you up bridal style and bury his face in your neck before whispering in your ear.

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This boy would be completely fine with you getting random bursts of energy and cleaning. He wouldn’t get into a relationship with someone who wouldn’t clean habitually or just going on a cleaning spree. After all, he’s mama Kihyun and he has to clean up after the other member’s. Afterwards you guys could cuddle on the couch, he’ll rub your feet, and watch Disney movies.

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He doesn’t really notice. He’s used to Kihyun cleaning up after him when they have the day off, so he nonchalantly just lifts his left when you zip through the room with the vacuum. Once you’re done, though, he’d offer you his lap as a pillow so you could relax while he played on his phone or playing video games.

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He’d get up and help you clean despite all of your protests. While he didn’t help Kihyun with the house work, he wouldn’t hesitate to help you. He wanted you to relax, and the less work you had to do, the better. Once you guys were done, he’d rub your shoulders and back for you and press little kisses to your neck and shoulders.

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Like, Changkyun, he’d be kind of indifferent to you cleaning the house. He helped clean up his mess so it wouldn’t be a lot of cleaning, and it’d be done quickly. When you were done, he’d pull you into the warmest cuddles you have ever experienced, and you guys would have the best nap you have ever experienced.

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I don’t know why, but I’m under the assumption that Wonho is always this sexual beast, Minhyuk will do whatever for his significant other, and Hyungwon is impossibly good at cuddling. I don’t know. 
Also, I thought about giving them all dialogue, but I couldn’t think of dialogue options for all of them, and some of them don’t need dialogue, so I’m sorry. :) Here you go, though, nonny!!!

I just want to say something to everyone with ADHD.

You are a bad bitch. Seriously you should be proud of yourself. You should praise yourself when you completed a task or remembered something, you should be proud.

We get tons of shit, “you’re lazy”, “you’re loud”, “Why can’t you just hold in what you’re saying”, “You can be so annoying sometimes you know?”, “Did you seriously forget again?”.

This makes us people with ADHD feel terrible, like we are a mistake, you ask yourself the question “Why am I like this?”.
You feel out of place, like you don’t belong anywhere.

But you do, you ARE worth everything, so if today you completed anything, or even got halfway through it.

I’m proud of you.

Fuck everyone who isn’t. Your brain just works differently and if they can’t handle it then that’s too bad, there are enough others who will tolerate it and see you for the amazing person you are.

Too Hot To Handle

Word Count: 4.3k 

Genre: smut  

Warnings: Grinding/frottage, rimming. 

Summary: Dan was sleeping on the couch and Phil comes in when he was having a wet dream. Later Phil finds out what the dream was about, and helps make it a reality for Dan.

Link for Ao3 ( x )

A/N: My first fanfic!? WOo! i hope you guys like it! (oh tell me if you find any grammar mistakes so i can fix them thank you!) Enjoy :)

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Oh lights go down
In the moment we’re lost and found
I just wanna be by your side 

like many others i started watching anime with naruto but i never really got into the fandom. though i have one big otp there and that is Shikamaru and Ino.

actually not really like they are in canon ( i stopped properly following the story halfway through shippuuden) but from the start on I had the idea of her as the stressed out white girl with this bitchy prom queen attitude who actually is really brave and loves her friends passionately. And he is the lazy unremarkable guy who’s just casually more mature then everyone and willing to genuinely understand her and saves her from being superficial and insecure. I could talk longer about how i would imagine this ship but maybe another time, thanks for reading :*