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Caps drinking game

Take a shot whenever:

  • ovi and nicky display PDA
  • locker pronounces johansson “joe hanson” or burakovsky “bear-akovsky”
  • holtby leaves the crease
  • tom wilson gets in a fight or scrum
  • joe b says that someone “rips one wide”
  • that ad that goes “jay beagle’s a sport fan, you can be one too” plays
  • tj oshie scores a shootout goal
  • ovi moves up the ranks of some NHL list
  • kuzy has an overdramatic celly
  • jay beagle gets a point of any kind
  • someone’s facial hair is mentioned
  • joe b and locker call out a reporter or analyst by name
  • joe b and locker imply that they’re going to dinner together
  • you get 50% off papa johns
  • mcgriddles are mentioned

Take two shots whenever:

  • holtby wanders near the blue line or looks like he’s aiming to get an assist
  • a defenseman scores a goal
  • pittsburgh is mentioned in a game in which they’re not playing Pittsburgh
  • there’s a goalie change
  • someone other than tom wilson gets in a fight
  • a goalie gets a shutout
  • nicklas backstrom is talked about beyond play-by-play on a national broadcast
  • Someone scores a hat trick
  • caps win in OT

Take three shots whenever:

  • brooks orpik scores a goal

fishy-fish-doing-fish-stuff  asked:

So i got bored and went through your blog and from what i can tell you are a Cap (F) dating a pisces (M) you believe astrology pretty hard and is genuinely a nice person who tries to answer peoples questions. However I can't help but feel like some things you just say because it's associated with the Capricorn sign. True or Nah? P.S. try to guess what sign I am from just this question alone i look forward to your answer if you give one.

Sometimes I may sound textbook. Unfortunately the material I read, I regurgitate, not because I have no words but because someone has already found the words and said it perfectly, so why change it?

Thank you for your compliment. From what little text you have written I can’t say for sure but your words have somewhat rubbed me the wrong way, so I’m guessing a Scorpio or Capricorn, your over analysis may have given you away.

Lean on Me

I got bored again, not that great tho sorry. I’m working on several others that will be posted soon.

Tom Wilson imagine


They lost. Again. The caps weren’t doing so well and you worried that it was effecting Tom badly.

Tom drove, you sat in the passenger seat and kept quiet. you knew that he was probably going over everything he’d done on the ice to see what went wrong. He was always hard on himself for losses even though he is only one person.

You looked over at him, the light from the streetlights casting shadows onto his tired face.

“Tom baby? Are you okay?”

Tom glanced over at you for a second and forced a small smile.

“I’m fine.”

You didn’t bother to keep pushing, You let him be. Realizing that he wouldn’t listen to what you had to say in the moment. You’d let him cool off at home and then try to talk to him. Tom parked the truck and went inside quickly, you sat there for a minute trying to figure out how to cheer him up.

You went inside and looked around but you couldn’t find him. Then you heard noise from the basement, he probably went to go work out and blow off steam.

You left him alone, and went to go lie down in bed. He needed his space and when he was ready he would talk to you.

- - - - - - -

You woke up at 12, and rolled over onto Tom’s side of the bed. He never came upstairs. You jumped out of bed and went downstairs to try and convince him to come to bed.

Tom looked even more tired, he was basically drenched in sweat and you could tell he was obviously frustrated.

“I can’t do anything, I’m weak!”

Tom stopped what he was doing to turn around and punch the hard concrete wall repeatedly. This was too much.

“I’m so fucking useless!”

Enough was enough, you walked over to him and cupped his face.

“Baby stop! Please, you’re going to hurt yourself!”

Tom sighed and leaned into your touch,

“Look at me.”

Tom looked into your eyes and you could see how defeated he felt,

“You are not weak. You’re strong and a leader. You are great, don’t let this get to you baby. I believe in you, I promise your team will come back from this.”

Tom nodded and you pulled him into your arms, you both stood there just like that for a while. Running your fingers through his sweaty hair and tried to comfort him as best you could. You grabbed his hand and examined it, he had cut up his knuckles quite a bit but it was a minor injury.

“Lets get you in the shower, then I can bandage your hand and get you into bed.”

You grabbed his good hand and lead him upstairs to our bathroom,

“Shower, I’ll be lying in bed.”

You turned around to walk out but Tom grabbed your hand,

“Shower with me, please.”

You smiled and nodded, you both stripped down from your clothing and got in the shower.

You both just stood there, underneath the water, in silence. The only sound was the water cascading down onto the shower floor and running down the drain. Tom pulled you to his chest and kissed you. Smiling, you leaned into his arms. You didn’t know how long you two were in there for, but it didn’t matter.

You and Tom both got out and got dressed in your pyjamas. Which consisted of an old capitals shirt for you and boxers for him. You went to go get the first aid kit to fix up his hand. You sat with him on your bed and started to bandage his knuckles,

“Why do you put up with me? I’m horrible to be around after bad games, you spend so much time making me feel better. Why?”

You looked up from what you were doing, he was staring at you. His eyes questioning your motives. smiling, you finished bandaging his hand and moved to sit closer to him. You kissed him on the cheek,

“I love you, thats why.”

Tom finally smiled, and not the fake one. The smile that made you fall in love with him, genuine and happy. You climbed onto your side of the bed and gestured for him to do the same, Tom moved closer to you and pulled you to his chest. You just lay there, planting soft kisses on his collar bone and neck dozing in and out of sleep.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you, I love you.”

Tom planted a light kiss on your lips, you couldn’t help but to smile sheepishly and return the kiss.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you either, I love you too.”

inspired by this post, a brief look Bucky and Sam on a roadtrip and Steve being like “???!!!!???”


They run into Steve in Baker, California, with the sun beaming down hot on his blonde hair, and a distinct expression of annoyance on his face.

It’s a dusty roadside, with a cluster of groaning, black-garbed mercenaries sprawled out in the dirt. Steve stands with his hands on his hips, and says:

“We’re on a different coast.” The implied message here being, so how do I keep running into you lunatics?

Bucky doesn’t move from his place in the passenger seat of the VW. His feet are on the dash and a ballcap is pulled over his eyes. “Yeah,” he says. “Sam wanted to see the world’s largest thermometer.”

“The world’s largest what—”

Hey.” Sam’s expression is severe as he peers out the open window.  “I like you. I really do. Some might even say you’re my best friend. But let’s see—in the past year, I’ve been shot at, punched, my wings were stolen, and I went to jail. All because of your stubborn ass. So don’t you start with me, Steven.”

Steve manages to look abashed.

Still, he clarifies: “So, you guys drove all the way over here just to see this thermometer?” His expression is dubious. “Together?”

“We were going to invite you,” Bucky offers.

“No, we weren’t,” Sam says. “And anyway, you manage to run into us just fine. This is what, the sixth state since last month?”

Steve shrugs. “I’m going on missions,” he says. A mercenary on the ground groans, and Steve kicks him absently in the ribs. “I’m keeping the world safe.”

Bucky peeks up from under the brim of his cap. “There was a HYDRA operative running the front desk at the Clown Motel in Tonopah,” he says.  His tone indicates heavy disapproval.

Steve folds his arms. “So I miss some stuff, sue me—”

There’s a distant sound of a bell ringing. Bucky immediately perks up, sitting forward in his seat. “Shhhh,” he says distractedly. Steve gets a faintly considering look on his face, like he’s thinking of maybe punching him. 

”Mary’s got lunch ready,” Bucky says. “If we’re lucky, it’s mac n’ cheese.”

Steve’s face goes wistful. Mac n’ cheese is his favorite. 

Sam notices. “Hop in, rebel with about a thousand causes. We’re headin’ to the motel. The little old lady who runs the place likes us enough to feed us.”

“Old ladies love me,” Bucky preens. He flicks his hair back a little. The baseball cap unbalances. He looks ridiculous.

Sam grins. “Old ladies feel sorry for your dirty-lookin’ ass,” he clarifies. “Old ladies don’t wanna die before knowing whether you got a chin under all that scruff.”

Bucky looks sulkily out the window. “Last time I shaved, someone called me Butt Chin,” he says.

Steve, who’s struggling to fold his body into the cramped backseat of the Bug, actually chokes on his laughter. “Butt chin,” he wheezes. “Butt chin?”

Bucky reclines his seat, whomping Steve in the face.


”Simmer down, Tall Blond and Bored,” Sam says warningly. “And be nice, Butt Chin. Or I ain’t turning on my playlist.”

Bucky immediately settles, though he does slant a smirk in the rearview mirror. Steve gives back an unimpressed middle finger. 

“I can’t believe they let you guys fight Nazis,” Sam says. “I can’t believe they gave you guys guns.”

“Big guns,” Bucky says, a nostalgic look on his face.

“And motorcycles,” Steve adds helpfully.

Sam chooses not to comment. Instead, he leans over and turns on the volume. “Barnes,” he says. “This is your song.”

Bucky’s grin is huge and bright and a little alarming. Steve opens his mouth to ask a question but he’s cut off by the sound of Bucky warbling at the top of his lungs:


In the front seat, Sam bops along. In the back seat, Steve begins to thump his head against the window repeatedly.

Frisks & Strutters ~ Enzo Amore Imagine

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Enzo x You


A/N : Hope this is what you wanted. I combined two requests in one. 

“ Where is he?!” You yelled coming to your group of friends. Sitting at catering, Finn, Bayley, Carmella, Cass and Sami as they chatted among themselves. They turned to you, containing in laughter. 

Your hair was half blue and the other half black. You knew who did this to your hair, Enzo did. You and him have been at each other throats for so long. 

“ Look like someone got a dose of the blues” Gritting your teeth, you turned to face Enzo who stood there smirking. “ How it feel princess?”

Before, you had taken the shirts he wore, to the wash. He asked Carmella to wash them for him but she gave them to you. She didn’t know you were going to do this, of course you would. Enzo hated you, he wanted to make your life a living hell.

“ I’m not impressed Amore” He picked a piece of your hair but you smacked his hand away. “ Don’t touch the hair” He put his hands up. “ How am I suppose to walk go out like this to my match?” Stomping your feet as you pouted. 

“ Your ring gear in blue princess, matches the hair. Deal with it” 

“ Tomorrow you are taking me to dye it back” “ Not going to happen princess” 

The group watched between the two of you knowing the real reason behind all the bickering and pranking and the fighting. Enzo liked you. You liked him. 

There were times when Enzo was the sweetest guy you’d ever known. Being the top diva in the NXT locker room had it perks and downfalls. Sometimes the pressure got the best of you. 

You would get these panic attacks, coming from a match you had with Bayley. She didn’t know you had them. But Enzo did, since he was the one to comfort you after every attack. 

Slumping against the wall, you held your chest to as you were trying to breath.

“ Y/N? What’s wrong?” She called to a ref to check up on you. You weren’t responding. Looking at her in panic as you were catching your breathe, “ G-get Zo-o” You managed to say. 

She nodded running in search for him. She came back running with him minutes later. He slide on his knees in front of you, taking you into his arms. Leaning on his chest, you heard his heart beat. 

“ Count the beats Y/N..” He mumbled into your hair.Closing your eyes as you leaned on his bare chest listening and counting the beating of his heart.

“ What’s wrong with her?” Bayley asked , worry itched her face. “ She had a panic attack” Enzo replied looking down at you. You looked like a scared puppy.

Once you calm down, you got off his chest looking at the ground before at him.

“ Thanks” He nodded his head standing up lending out his arms for you to take. You took them as he helped you up, standing up you faced him. 

No other words but said, he just smiled at you before leaving. It was always like that, he understood. 

“ Your an asshole Enzo! I was trying to get his number until you interrupted me!” You threw the door opened to your hotel room that you shared with Carmella. She was in the room, raising her eyebrow as she sees you enter the room with Enzo trailing behind you.

“ No not him…” He said shaking his head. That night you went out with your friends to the club. It’s been so long since you had kissed a guy or done anything with one. 

“ You have no word to say who I talk to or who I hang out with” He took off his cap running a hand through his hair. 

Carmella moved away from the room going to see Cass before things got out of hand. “ Why don’t you want to see me with any guy?”

He looked up at you. The way he did send shivers down your spine. His brown eyes boring into your own, he had no smile on his face. He was serious for the first time you’d seen him like this. 

“ Hello?” You called out to him. He went to sit on your bed looking at the ground. Walking over to him, you sat by him seeing him being really quite. Which was unusual for him. 

“ You okay?” You put your hand on his shoulder. He looked over to you before taking the hand that was on his shoulder taking your hand in his. He never held your hand. 

Suddenly he took the back of your neck bringing you closer to him as he kissed you. Your eyes going wide as he caught you off guard, relaxing into the kiss. You closed your eyes as you kissed him back. He smiled into the kiss.

Pulling away softly, he whispered, “ I wanted to do that for a long time princess” “ What was holding you back?” 

He didn’t answer you, just leaned in again kissing you once more. 

Happily skipping into the Performance center passing by Finn, Sami, Bayley, Carmella and Cass as they stared at you with a confused look on their faces. 

“ What’s got her in the mood?” Cass asked as he watched you smile wide at everyone and wave to them. 

“ She’s giggling..” Bayley pointed out. 

“ Now she’s hugging people “ Finn pointed out. 

You walked over to the group, smiling at them. “ Hi guys!” They all looked at you like you ate a bunch of sugar or forgot to sleep. 

“ Are you okay Y/N?” Sami asked. “ Never better” You swayed on your feet. As soon as you saw Enzo, your grin widen. “ Be right back “you said skipping towards him as you jumped on him wrapping your legs and arms around him.

The group saw you two kiss. 

“ Well it’s about time” Carmella said smiling seeing you so happy. 

it’s complicated | mark (m) pt.2

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word count: 2.7k

genre: angst, fluff, smut (its in bold so if u don’t wanna read it u can skip it)


You stood on the side of the stage, your name being called up first out of yourself, Ebony and Delilah. Over the year yourself and Mark had somehow managed to become stronger as a couple, he helped you at the studio – especially during your final exams, you helped him look for jobs, you helped him move into your studio (it saved rent for him and meant you both now had more money to spend on healthy food) and he helped you stay grounded (and made sure you didn’t over run yourself with stress).

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The Wedding Caper

(A Dramione)

“Congratulations!” Harry exclaimed, waving around a noisemaker. The rest of the crowd echoed his sentiments, and Ron felt his face flush as he tried to stifle his grin.

Overall, his engagement to Pansy Parkinson was going over well. There had been some strange side-eye situations when they’d started dating after an explosive meeting at an apothecary – honestly, he couldn’t work out how they’d managed to turn a loud and increasingly violent argument into plans for a date, but a year later he was damn glad of whatever the hell had happened – but everyone had largely come to terms with it and were even happy for him.

Beside him, his fiancee froze. “What is she doing here?” Pansy hissed, scowling darkly. 

Ron traced her gaze to Hermione, and blinked at her. She knew he was friends with Hermione, even post-break-up. That shouldn’t be news to her. “Uh, she’s my best mate, love,” he reminded her, laughing softly. Maybe she was joking. She had a weird sense of humor sometimes.

“Potter’s your best mate,” she corrected, coldly.

His laugh faded. “Yeah, and so is Hermione.”

“I don’t want your ex-girlfriend at my engagement party,” she hissed. “It’s bad enough she goes out with us socially. She can’t be here for this.”

His smile finally faded completely, and he lowered his voice. “She’s my best mate, Pansy. And she’s been, for years. I’m not kicking her out like trash. We’ve been best friends for nearly fifteen years.” She looked mutinous, and usually Ron was not much of a fighter, but he dug in his heels, his jaw firming. “It’s my engagement party, too, and I want to celebrate with her. I’m not kicking her out.”

She seethed quietly for a long moment before rolling her eyes. “Fine,” she snapped, shooting the oblivious Hermione a dark look before pivoting away from him and stalking off.

Ron sighed. He loved her – he really did – but sometimes her jealous snits really did his head in. He couldn’t imagine what kind of threat she honestly saw in Hermione – they’d dated for one year, after the war. They’d been broken up for four, and there had been no relapses or one-night stands, or anything sordid.

Well, whatever it was, it was a personal problem, and Ron had no intention of handling it.

But Pansy did.

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Superman v. Clark Kent (Derek Luh) pt. 2

Part 1

When I get up he’s next to me, still naked just like me. Luckily, he didn’t seem to be a cuddling type, so he was on the other half of the bed. It made it easy for me to get up and get dressed. My panties were ripped so I just threw them away. For a moment, I consider getting back in bed. Maybe he’d still want me when he got up. But I doubt it. I’m sure I was just a generic version of my sister for him.

I struggled back into my dress, and just carried the heels. I looked into the mirror. My hair was frizzy and the makeup I had was half rubbed off. I quickly pulled my hair into a ponytail and walked out. When I opened the door, he snored a little and rolled over. I rushed out so I wouldn’t have to face him.

After getting out of his room, it took me a minute to find my way to the door. I finally made it to the kitchen, which had a side door. But Swazz and Nate were in there.

“I heard you and my boy in his room last night,” Nate says.

I just stare.

“You’re Luce’s sister right?” Swazz says.

“Uh, yeah,” I say quietly.

“So, we gon’ be seein more of you around here right?”

I make my way over to the door. “Uh, maybe?” I say, stepping out and closing the door behind me. I think one of them called out to wait but it’s too late.

I call for an Uber and start walking to the street. It’s nearly 1:00. I have a class in two hours and with traffic, I don’t know if I’ll have time to go change and shower and get to class. I decide to just go home.

My apartment’s not by any means huge or extravagant, but it’s completely mine. It’s the first place I’ve lived without my sister. Sure, I was a little torn up when she said she was going to move in with a new roommate, but it worked out great in the end.

I have plenty of space for my books, and a ton of windows. I went over and watered my cute little poppy flowers. I hopped in the shower and when I got out I saw it.

Hickies, everywhere. On the tops of my boobs, my shoulder, and a bite mark on my ass. When the hell did that happen?

After my shower I got dressed. I wouldn’t say I dressed in a boring way, I just favor the color grey. It looks good on me. I threw on a grey crop top and some high waisted shorts, with my most comfortable pair of Nikes and a baseball cap.

I grabbed my laptop and notebook and stick them in my messenger bag. The walk to my favorite cafe is short and I end up sitting in my normal seat with my iced green tea.

I add in the stuff Derek told me last night to my paper, all I have left to do now is write the conclusion. I’m working on it when Lucy pops up at the seat across from me.

“Hey!” she said.

“Hi,” I say, not looking up from my laptop.

“I went to your apartment but you weren’t there and this place is practically your second home so here I am!” she says.

“You seem overly excited.”

“Yeah, I slept well last night…. What about you?” I can tell she’s hinting at me being with Derek.

I just glance up at her for a second, “I guess I slept pretty well.”

“With someone else maybe?“she says.


“I know you hooked up with Derek Luh,” she says.

I stay silent.

“Honestly I’m kind of jealous. I’ve been trying to just talk to that boy for weeks.”

“He talked to me actually,” I say.

“Oh,” she seemed surprised. “Well, I’m sorry it couldn’t be more than a hook up.”

“Eh, that’s all it needed to be,” I say. I’ve been in a slump for a while and I feel a lot better now. But I don’t even know if sex will ever be that good again, though.

She sits and we enjoy our drinks together while she probably posts stuff on social media and I finish up my paper. By the time I’m finished rush hour’s just about to start so I head out. I have another class that I actually want to try to make it to tonight at 6:45. Then I’ll go home turn on some Boy Meets World reruns and fall asleep on my couch.

I never saw it before, but compared to the stuff Derek told me he does on a regular basis, my life is so boring. Write, eat, sleep, repeat. And sometimes I work with youtubers on videos and stuff but that’s once a month at the most. I need to get a life. An interesting one.

As I’m heading class I hear my name yelled from across the street. I don’t bother to check, I’m probably just hearing stuff. I hear it again and this time I look over to see Derek, a guy he called Tez and Swazz. They all waved and all I could do was give a single awkward wave back and turn the corner to head into the building.

Derek’s POV:

What the hell? I spend an entire night telling a girl about my life and then she sleeps with me and ditches? I watch as she disappears into a large building swarming with college students. I almost head towards the building to follow her but Tez grabs my arm.

“Aye, you always sayin how you like a girl who knows when she’s welcome and when she ain’t. Don’t go mess with her when you know you gone be done with her by tomorrow.”

That was the thing though. I really liked her. Once we got up, I was gonna take her to breakfast, go around town with her. But instead, I woke up to an empty bed. Something told me I shouldn’t have slept with her last night, but I let my dick be in charge. And now she’s gone.

I spent the rest of the trip walking from store to store with the guys. I wasn’t really in the mood when we left, but now I really wasn’t.

When we got back home there was already at least 20 people there, music blasting, and alcohol open. I knocked back a few shots of something. I just kept going with the alcohol. I knew it wouldn’t get her off my mind, but at least I could have fun. Everything from that point in was just kind of a a few conscious moments with a lot of blacked out ones in between.

Some time later, Y/N shows up. She dressed almost exactly like the night before, but something was off. I couldn’t tell what, but whatever, we had to talk. She walked up to me smiling.

“Hey Derek,” she said seductively.

“We gotta walk…… I mean talk!”

I took her hand and pulled her to a corner.

“Why’d you leave me like that last night mami? I missed you.”

“No, Derek..” she started, but I interrupted her.

“Shh,” I put a finger over her lips, “it’s okay now. You came back,” I pulled her against me and she didn’t fight as I dragged her towards the crowd. I pulled her back against my front and we danced and grinder to the beat. I leaned down a little to whisper in her ear, “We should go back to my room. You know you left your necklace there last night.”

Suddenly she gasps and pulls away. I look up and suddenly there’s two. “Oh my gosh, two Y/Ns. What a fucking dream come true.” Except one of them looks angry, and the other one guilty. Oh no.

“No, that’s Lucy. I’m just here for my necklace Derek. Then you and my sister can get back to what you were doing.”

“You sure you don’t want anything else?” I raise my eyebrow.

“No, just give me my necklace,” she yells.

“Okay, geez, come on,” I lead her to my room and grab it off the table, nearly dropping it. “Here,” I hold it out. She come towards me to grab it and as soon as she does I grab her by the waist. “Cuddle with me,” I say.

She easily gets out and says, “No, that’s what my sister is here for remember?”

“Who, Lucy? She didn’t even come tonight,” I say.

“No, she was the one you were dancing with.”

Suddenly, it dawned on me. That’s what was so off. It wasn’t Y/N, it was Lucy. By the time I figured it out, Y/N disappeared. I got up and rushed to the door. “Y/N wait! I called out, but ran into the door frame. It was too late.

Y/N’s POV:

I ran to the main road, trying my best not to cry as I hopped in a taxi. As soon as I got home, I curled up in a ball and sat there holding in tears. I have no right to be sad or angry. It was just a hookup. I was the one who left him this morning. I knew he would move on. I didn’t know it would be with my sister but whatever. I turned on my Boy Meets World, just like I had planned to.

I shouldn’t be surprised. A guy like him and a girl like my sister were bound to end up together at some point. I was just a placeholder for my sister. I was the generic, less flavorful version of your favorite cereal that you ate when you were too broke to buy name brand.

It’s not like anything would’ve happened anyway. I didn’t plan on seeing him again after I got my necklace. And I couldn’t even hold up a conversation until I got alcohol running through me.

I would never be the free spirit that my sister was and it was time to accept that.

Part 3



Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! There’s obviously going to be a part 3 to this series and I think that’ll be it for this one. I’ll once again post part 3 once this one hits 75 notes. I’m officially opening requests. The list of prompts and of songs will be posted sometime this week. I don’t know when yet, since I have all my exams this week (I know, early) but, yah.


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Imagine Steve being thrilled to learn that Sam's biggest inspiration was Gabe Jones.

“Did I ever tell you why I got in? In the first place?”

There was no context to Sam’s question, but that was usually the case during their midnight conversations. Steve was already drifting off to sleep this time, nestled against Sam’s body. Sam however, had his hands behind his head, and was staring at the ceiling. Steve was tired, but he knew this was important enough for Sam to bring up.

“No, why? I always assumed you followed Riley or something.” 

Steve yawned and rolled over slightly, peering at his boyfriend, interested in the answer. He hadn’t ever given too much thought to why Sam joined the military, but now that it had come up, he found himself wondering. 

“Gabe Jones.” Steve’s lips curled into a smile, widening when he looked up to see a matching one on Sam’s face. “The black officer in the Howling Commandos. One of the first desegregated units in the army, working with the legendary Captain America. Once I learned how boring the Cap was, Jones just got that much cooler.”

Steve’s exhaustion melted away as he gave a full bodied laugh so strong the entire bed shook.


Harry Styles, AU, Mature

(a/n: Happy Valentine’s Day! Harry could be Cupid… Right? Give it a chance? Hope you all like it. Warning for mature content.)


Cupid aimed his bow and arrow carefully, almost feeling bad at how the girl he aimed it at struggled to reach the box of cereal on a very top shelf just feet from him. He sat perched on the opposite shelf, high up, just behind the jars of peanut butter. However, with her very exposed form, he narrowed his eyes as he’d done for thousands and thousands of years, and pulled the string. Releasing it, happy with the ping that rang in his ears, he watched the beet colored tip of the arrow sail through the air with distinct purpose. He smiled as she jumped forward a bit, finally grasping the box before falling back onto her heels. Quickly looking over her shoulder, brow furrowed, he knew he’d been successful with his target as she rubbed softly at her rear before turning back to the cart before her.

Soft, white wings flapping behind him, he lifted off from the metal shelf full of peanut butter and moved to the next aisle. Sitting among boxes of instant pasta, he shoved some aside, reaching back into his quiver to pluck the matching arrow from its holding place. He saw the man he’d been watching for months move down the aisle with a single basket in his hand. It was empty, but Cupid knew he was a package reader, left no jar unturned. He had been so patient with this man, but he knew that he was perfect for Isabella.

Cupid had watched Isabella, too. His patience with her, however, was no frustration. He’d watched Isabella for more than a year. She’d been on next on the scroll, name written in gold. As he fluttered himself to her, he watched as she freely offered her love to anyone that would take it. But he quickly realized that though she gave her love freely, he had yet to find someone who truly deserved it. He’d watched her be stood up, left, taken advantage of. He’d watched as she still tried to find it, how she searched and searched for companionship yet still remained alone. Her attitude never shifted, her positivity never fell by the wayside.

Cupid had been the god of love for millennia, and he had yet to see someone as special to him as Isabella was.

The man, George, had picked up yet another package of something Cupid wasn’t sure about and ran his hands through his dark hair, cropped close to his head. He was handsome and strong, perfect for Isabella. There was romance swimming through his veins, the potential to give Isabella everything she ever wanted.

Peering back into the other aisle, he watched as Isabella rounded the end cap and made her way into the next aisle. George still looked at the packaging, none the wiser, as Cupid aimed the bow and arrow toward him. He waited and waited, still as a statue, the beet tip of the arrow aimed straight for George.

“Whatcha doin’?”

Cupid startled, arrow flying sharply, ricocheting off the sign hanging above the aisle and flying right toward him. Holding back a scream, happy that the veil of modern ignorance kept him a secret, the tip of the arrow stabbed right into the meat of his human form’s thigh.

“Psyche! What have you done?” he yelled, yanking the arrow from his skin.

Smirking as she fixed her dress, she shrugged. “I got bored.”

“I’m working! And you’ve just ruined this! She’s the one I’ve been telling you about,” he muttered toward the end, rubbing the sore spot on his leg.

“Even better,” she said, tucking her long brown hair behind her ear. “You know, as your former wife and the breath of life, I know what’s best for you. And this girl you’ve been going on and on about is what’s best for you.”

Looking away from Psyche, following the point of her finger, Cupid watched as Isabella walked past George and around the end cap to the next aisle.

“You’ve gone and messed everything up,” Cupid said as he watched Isabella, a warm feeling running through him. “George and Isabella were meant to be.”

Psyche snapped her fingers, Cupid’s eyes snapping from Isabella’s form to his former wife’s. “You’re the only one that can love her the way she needs it. I can feel it in your soul,” she said, her fingers touching the ends of his curly brown hair. “I can see it in your eyes. So full of love. Isabella is meant for you.”

His heart beat faster as he imagined being able to love Isabella. He knew Psyche could tell, had always been able to. “I’m Cupid. How am I supposed to get close to her?”

Psyche twirled her fingers in his hair once more. “Hide the wings. Talk to her.”

“I can’t just walk up there and say, ‘Hi, I’m Cupid. I shot you with an arrow and now we’re in love.’”

Letting her fingers loose of his hair, Psyche smiled. “Call yourself Harry.”


Walking through the aisles in a dreamlike state, Cupid – no, Harry – followed Isabella carefully. He’d tucked away his wings as soon as his human form hit the floor clumsily. George, the fool, had turned around and offered an unsure smile to Harry.

Isabella rubbed at her rear again as she sought a box of pasta. Harry zeroed in on his target, moving his long legs toward her one grand step at a time.

“Let me get that for you,” Harry said, voice a bit gravelly from never being used.
Isabella turned around, hand still reaching for the box of pasta on the top shelf. It was then that Harry felt it kick in – the poison that coated the tips of his arrows. Desire began to course through him, his heart pounding in his chest as he met eyes with the girl he’d cared for more than any other human on the planet.

Moving her hand aside, holding back a groan as his fingers brushed against her skin, he plucked the box from the shelf and carelessly threw it into her cart.

“I’m Cu – Harry.”

“Isabella,” she breathed out, her voice soft like the kind angels he knew. “Thank you.”

She seemed hypnotized as Harry smiled at her. Wondering if she was feeling the poison just as much as he was, he offered his outstretched hand to her.

She took it gently, as gently as he knew she would, and let her hand rest there.
Passion coursed through him now, his desire inching closer to obnoxious as he held her hand in his own.

She cleared her throat before looking down at her basket of groceries. As she moved slowly, she turned back to Harry and abandoned the cart. “I’m not usually so forward,” she said. “But would you like to come to my house for some coffee or tea?”

Harry nodded immediately, keeping her hand in his as they moved in tandem down the aisle and out of the store.

For a fleeting moment, Harry thought back to George and wondered if this decision was the best.

The way Isabella’s eyes twinkled for him was enough for him to be sure he was right.


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It was a late night in New York. In the Smithsonian Institution were only a few hundred people left, coming to see the Captain America section in the institution. All of people did that. Come over nearly before closing because they just were in the near and wanted to know everything about that Super Soldier who fought for their land. Even if that meant that you mostly had to stay longer than your actual work times, you enjoyed it too. Sometimes you saw people who were here many times before. It was nice seeing their faces again. 

You worked at the institution in the Captain America section for a while now. You got the job pretty randomly because your knowing about the life of him and everything around him was big. It was an interesting topic and you always liked history for some kind of reason, especially Steve Rogers story fascinated you. You talked every single day about it but you never got bored of his story. With the time you found out little facts and secrets and to spill them out and impressed your audience with that was totally worth it. 

A man with lower head and baseball cap walked towards you. You looked at your watch. Only thirty minutes till the institution would close. Hopefully he doesn’t want a tour but you had giving yourself a promise. No matter how late it was, you would always make the audience happy. Even if it’s just one single man. “Hi” you said to the man, “Can I help you?”

He didn’t answered. 

You pressed your lips together. “Do you want me to give you a tour around? I have some pretty good secrets about that dear Captain” 

It was nerve racking to wait what he would say but then he finally nodded. “Well, I wanna know those secrets” 

“Than follow me, I’ll give you a quick tour since they will close in almost thirty minutes, if that’s alright with you?” you asked him carefully. He clearly didn’t wanted to get noticed, so you didn’t starred at him. No matter how much you wanted to know who he was. 

The man nodded and followed you through the section. You told him the basic facts from his birth to his grown up. How he became the Super Soldier. Sometimes he laughed quickly which made you smiled. It could only mean that you may did a good job. You walked over to one of the last chapters of his late life in 1940. “Who’s this?” the man asked, pointing the beautiful woman with the dark brown hair and red lips. 

“That’s Margaret Carter, more likely known as Peggy Carter. She was one of the most prominent agents of the SSR during and after World War II” you stopped yourself as you noticed how the man looked down to the floor. “She was on the side of Rogers while he became the Super Soldier. I believe she was one of the only persons who believe he could ever be something bigger. That he had the purpose and destiny to be something bigger and better. In my eyes, she was the right partner for Steve… just at the wrong time. Their short love story is still one of my personal favorites” 

“And who is he?” the man asked, now pointing at the video of Steve and a tall man with also dark brown hair and pretty smile. “That’s Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes, better known as Bucky Barnes, was a soldier of the 107th Infantry and the childhood and best friend of Steve Rogers” 

Again, it didn’t looked like the man wanted to know anything about the basic facts, so you just said what you thought was right. “Bucky… meant a lot to Steve, at least that’s what I believe. They were pretty close, like Brothers. But the time was hard. War was hard” you gulped. “Steve lost Bucky on a mission and with that his other half, one of the most important things in his life” 

You walked over to the newest part of his life. The part where he literally came back to life and joined the Avengers. “Steve Rogers is now a part of Avengers. A group of superheroes who assembled themselves to protect mankind from pretty much everything supernatural and dangerous… I don’t know if he’s happy with the job he has now but it’s better than be lost in a whole new world. Do you think so?” 

This was probably the most intimate tour you ever gave. “Yeah, I think you’re right” he murmured. 

“Well” you breathed out. “that was my tour. We’re closing in a few minutes. I hope you liked the tour, Mr Rogers” 

With those words you turned around and left him standing alone. Within seconds you heard footsteps behind you. Steve grabbed your arm causing you to turn around. “How did you knew it was me?” he asked you confused. “You barely looked me in the face”

“I told you I know Captain America very well… so well that I can noticed him by his voice. And also the bit of what I saw of your face already told me that it was you” you smiled after explaining. 

“You really know a lot about me” he smiled too before he looked back down on the floor, almost like he was trying to hide the fact that he got emotional. “I liked what you said about Peggy and Bucky” 

You eyed him up. “How about we grab some coffee and you tell me about them. I’d love to know more about them, they must be pretty amazing people” 

Steve looked up and glanced at you, making you worrying that you may said the wrong thing. “I swear I’m not some crazy fan, even if I know a lot about you but that’s my job” 

“Don’t worry, it’s alright. I’d love to tell you more about them but only if you tell me more about you…” you need a few seconds to check that he wanted to know your name. 

“Y/N” you smiled. 

“Y/N” he repeated. “Let’s go and grab a coffee” 

About the function of “Third Eye” in PERSONA 5

i got bored and started looking at weekly famitsu issue #1437 just now, and saw this - what does L1 button (Third Eye) do in Palace. (did anyone talk about this though? i’m not sure.)

On the top it says
In strange places, you will be able to use Third Eye.” 

and according to the two screen caps above, “there are important hidden items / traps(mechanisms) in palace, and you will need to launch the Third Eye in order to find them and see through the secrets.

but i noticed that you are not only allowed to use Third Eye in palace, but also outside of it.

what do you think Third Eye does outside of palace? (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

Gustavo, 22

“I’m wearing a San Francisco Giants baseball cap, a Unyforme shirt, Chelsea boots I bought in Paris, and my favorite everyday go to piece, my lambskin jacket I got constructed for me when I was studying in Milan. I hate looking casual and boring. I am a fan of the athleisure movement, such as relaxed but still fashionable style from Alexander Wang or Rick Owens, some of my favorite designers. I consider my personal style as always being draped in something black with a modern edge.”

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anything fluffy Stalia related-something like Malia teaching Stiles to live in the moment,them making out on a party,Stiles saying how much he loves her...

It started with Stiles and homework. 

He’d been halfway through making notes for a History assignment when he’d looked up and caught Malia’s gaze on him.  Her expression was fond, even as she shook her head, tossing a highlighter at him.

“What?” he smiled, tossing it back.  She caught it easily without removing her gaze from his.

“You’ve been working for hours,” she said.

He titled his head. “Yep,” he popped the ‘p’, “And…?”

Malia moved from where she’d been sitting by his window, leg curled underneath her.  She crossed the room and crawled onto the bed, pushing the books aside so she could lie on her stomach in front of Stiles.  He reached out, tucking a stray strand of her hair behind her ear.  Her brown eyes were soft, warm as she gazed at him.

Aaaaand it’s a Saturday,” she replied, chewing on the cap of the highlighter. “I’m bored.”

Stiles smiled. “You know my password,” he said.

“Malia,” she rolled her eyes, trying not to smile at how cheesy he could be.

He grinned. “Yep. I just got a new game if you want to try it out.”

She huffed, tugging the cap off the highlighter with her teeth.  She blew out a gust of air and the cap hit Stiles’ chin.  He shook his head, catching it with a smile.

“This is due soon.”

“Kira and Scott are out bowling,” Malia said. “Lydia’s at a party. Come on, let’s do something.”

Stiles looked down at the books, torn.  He wanted to, wanted to go out and have some fun with Malia.  He wanted to just let loose, be carefree for a few hours.  Go to a party, or bowling, make out with his girlfriend – be a normal teenager for the first time in a very long while.

But finals were coming up. His grades were nothing less than perfect and he was on track, but there was a tight ball of anxiety in his gut. What if he failed?  What if the one night he didn’t study was the different between an A and a B?  He wanted to justify it, but every time he tried, that ball tightened, making him feel sick.

“Stiles,” Malia said, voice softer.  She cupped his cheek, stroking her thumb over his lower lip. “You worry too much.”

He swallowed. “I know.”

“I know why. It’s not a flaw. But if you don’t give yourself a break once in a while, you’re going to drive yourself crazy.” She paused for a second. “Crazier,” she amended.

He snorted at that. “Nice.”

She leaned closer, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips. “Just…just for once, live in the moment. And tomorrow we can study together?”

He looked at her, taking in the warm brown eyes and earnest expression, and he knew she was right.  


The party was pretty lame. The place was crowded, but by the time they got there, even the cheap, nasty alcohol had gone, leaving Cola or fruity mocktails.  Lydia seemed to have scoped the place and opted to go, but Stiles didn’t care that it wasn’t exactly the wildest party Beacon Hills.  It was fun, dancing with Malia.  She danced on her own for a while, moving her hips, tossing her hair, and she was so naturally beautiful Stiles just couldn’t take his eyes off her, even as he threw his own shapes to a rhythm that, admittedly, probably didn’t match the song that was playing.

Eventually, Malia moved closer, sliding her hands into his hair as they danced.  She skimmed her nose along his jaw and they shared breath for a few long moments, just enjoying the closeness until Stiles leaned in, kissing her.  It was a long time before they parted, soft smiles on their face, and Stiles pressed his lips to her jaw.

“I love you,” he murmured.

Malia smiled, closing her eyes. “I love you too.”

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Just One -(a young Obi Wan imagine)

I was sitting alone having a drink at The Mos Eisley Cantina. I was beginng to get annoyed by them playing the same song on repeat all the time…
I was sipping at my drink when someone sat beside me. It was a pretty handsome man. He turns his chair to me and says:
“I’m looking for a bounty hunter named, Jango Fett.“
“Never heard of him” I say staring into my glass.
“What if i say i dont believe you”
“Then you dont believe me” i say sitting down my glass and turning to face him.
“You have quite the tongue, i suggest you watch it” he says with a fake grin, turning forward to the bar.
“And what if i dont?” I say raising my eyebrow.
“Then you’ll probably end up beaten up.”
“I always enjoy a good fight”
“You never let your guard down do you.” He says smile over his shoulder at me.
“You have wit i like that, let me buy you a drink.” He says lifting his hand signaling for the bar tender to come. He waved his hand from you to the tnder signalling you to order.
“I’ll take a regular beer please.” The bar tender pulled out a brown bottle and took of the cap before handing it to me. I soon finished the whole bottle. “Can i get you another” he says slightly leaning over the counter.
“Just one more” i say. Which ended up turning into 3 more..
“You know i never got your name
”i say slurring my words and looking into his eyes.
“Its Obi Wan.. and yours?” He says raising an eyebrow.
“My names (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”
“You know this is getting kinda boring, do you want to go for a stroll” Obi Wan says while stand up and puting out his hand in my direction.
“I dont see why not” i say grabing his hand. We went out the door and strolled around Tatooine. It had a light wind that lifted the sand in the air twirling in different desines. Obi and i talk for a while but once it got darker he offered to walk me home. Once we got to my door he looked at his hands.
“What is it Obi?” I say giggling over how nervous he is.
“I just remembered im leaving tomorrow” I shrug not getting what the big deal.
“I’ll come back for you” he says still not looking up.
“Sure you will.” I say kissing his forehead and going in side my house. Turning to wave goodbye to him at the door. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
note: I hope you guys like it. :)
P.S: i do not own these gifs

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! it was a really cool experience!  and heck yeah use the caps lock, ITS THE BEST WAY TO EXPRESS ENTHUSIASM!

cause now you;re reading this in a totally boring voice right? BUT THEN TYPING LIKE THIS RELEASES THE SCREAMS IN A JACK FASHION!

I got off topic but yes! thank you so much! :D