but i got an urge to do it anyway

Dutch election: Erdogan won three seats in Dutch parliament

So this election the Dutch party DENK got three seats in the house of representatives. This is a long read but I urge you to do so anyway, it’ll be fun, pinky promise.

People have been saying for a long time when there are more and more migrants, they would just create political parties to democratically force the hand our societies. So let’s look at this party and it’s agenda.

How did it start:
The party was created in 2015 after two Turks were kicked from their former party (PVDA) after a controversial fight. They were unable to accept that the fraction-leader had criticized Turkish organizations. The two allegedly had ties to those organizations, one which had direct ties to the government of Turkey and Erdogan’s party.

Notable events:

  • Öztürk (one of the founders) yelled at a PVDA colleague “May Allah punish you!” during an argument.
  • Sylvana Simons left the party because she was not allowed to handle topics like gay rights and women’s rights, she claims it “did not sit well with the parties supporters”
  • Dutch media reported last month that DENK used fake social media accounts to form public opinion

Here are some specific points:

  • Knowledge of labour migration has to be a core goal of the education system.
  • Do away with the concept of ‘integration’, replace with ‘accepting [foreigners]’.
  • Abolish the term ‘migrant’.
  • Make an official register of ‘racist remarks’, all who end up on the list are banned from state/government employment.
  • Teachers must represent the diversity in classrooms (migrant areas would see students only taught by migrant teachers, yay integration!)
  • New languages need to be mandatory in schools: Chinese, Arabic, Turkish.
  • Government must invest in ‘persuading’ people to become imams, but can not intervene in the actual curriculum of the imam-course (because that’s for Erdogan :3)
  • More imams, for schools, healthcare, prisons and army staff.
  • Radical Islam must be dealt with by dealing with the ‘causes’ (gibmedats, injustice, social ‘exclusion’).
  • Government must acknowledge and support Palestine.
  • Armenian genocide should not be recognized as a genocide.

TEAM 7: Next Generation

This is not in my “to draw list” but I got the urge to draw them so I gave in… What’s the point of making a list if I’m not gonna follow it anyway!?! orz

Moving on,

I had fun designing their clothes! I based the designs on their genin outfits with the mixture of their parents’ outfits. I really liked how they turned out! :D 

While doing these, I was like “damn this team is just so over powered” because think about it:

  • Boruto = son of Naruto (strongest ninja in the shinobi world who came from the Uzumaki clan) and Hinata (heiress of the Hyuuga clan)
  • Sarada = daughter of Sasuke (2nd strongest ninja in the shinobi world who came from the Uchiha clan) and Sakura (greatest medical ninja who surpassed Tsunade)
  • Mitsuki = son of Orochimaru (one of the legendary Sannins who is a fucking immortal!!!)

Like imagine if they already awaken and developed their full potential as shinobis, who else can beat this monster team!?! And imagine if Boruto marries Sarada and they make babies!?! I bet their children are gonna be as strong as Hashirama and Madara or they might be even stronger HAHAHA

Okay enough of this. I hope you enjoyed them! Later guys~ ♥


Please do not repost anywhere, thank you.

The Fools Who Dream

I could probably gush on and on for days about how much I enjoyed La La Land, but this isn’t really a movie review.  It’s much too late for that anyway.  But I do need to talk about this gnawing feeling at the back of my mind, and La La Land is the perfect way for me to get it out.  The director, Damien Chazelle, is like me, a Millennial.  His movies have been about 2 things: music and chasing dreams.  I have a feeling music was one of his dreams.  Anyway, I think we have the same idea.  Millennials often get a bad rap for being unrealistic dreamers.  We were taught by a previous generation (who probably hated their jobs) to chase after our dreams.  “Do what you love!!”  my teachers would often urge me.  It wasn’t about making money.  It wasn’t about living the American dream.  And so a whole generation of people, like me, got our education in things like music or “biblical studies” and then we realized we had to wake up from our dreams and get a real job.  Did you know 80% of Millennials hate their jobs?  They’re not satisfied with their office position.  We were promised jobs where we’d make a lot of money staying home, or travelling the world, or having everyone appreciate our craft.  Instead, we had to abandon a sinking ship.  It’s every man for himself.   

Why do I like La La Land so much?  Apart from the songs and dance, the cinematography, and acting, I think I really enjoyed the movie because it’s about having a dream.  Ouu…  Obvious, I know.  But I can’t help but look at Sebastian’s character and see a more handsome and talented version of myself.  He is perfectly content with being poor and working slowly towards his dream.  In a scene, he hears a conversation Mia is having with her mom about how she’s happy with Sebastian and they’re getting by, but he looks up and see’s a water stain on the ceiling.  The scene after that is Sebastian selling out and getting a job that’ll provide for her.  He’s doing what adults do, putting away childish dreams and becoming a man. But at what cost?  People ask me why I’m not in ministry right now.  The truth is because I love my wife and I need to provide for her.  I’m just not in a cool jazz band.

Maybe, if we live steady and give up the things we want most, we’ll make it one day.  But I can’t help but be passionate about being passionate about things.  

People will want to go to the club because you’re passionate about it and people love what people are passionate about. - Mia

Dad Duties

Hey guys. So this is something completely different to what I usually do. I’ve attempted a few fanfics in the past but never completed them so when I got the urge to write (and Beenzino feels) I thought I’d have a go at writing a scenario kind of thing. I’ve never done this before so it might be really bad. If it is, I apologise. It would be great to hear your feedback~ 

Word count: 2613
Note: So I named the baby Sophia but feel free to mentally change the name.

(This is not kinky in anyway like the name may suggest to some people, aha)


“Hey babe, thanks for looking after Sophia. All her things (nappies, wipes, spare clothes ect.) are in her bag which is in the hall. There’s food and stuff in the fridge for her but there’s nothing for us. I won’t be back until later so I won’t have time to go shopping so it would be a huge help if you could go and get a few things. I’ll text you a list later. Please don’t let her draw on things and don’t forget to put her down for a nap. I love you. Y/N xxxxx”

Sungbin read through the note you’d left for him on the work top. You’d been called into work at the last minute so you hadn’t had time to find a babysitter. Sungbin wasn’t due at the studio today so he said he’d look after Sophia. Last time he’d offered, your beautiful little girl turned into a little gremlin as she began teething. Sungbin panicked and ended up taking the teething monster to your parent’s house, where you mum explained to him that Sophia was simply teething and not staging a “protest of rebellion” against her dad like Sungbin had first thought.

Sungbin placed his coffee cup under his coffee machine as he went to Sophia’s room to see if she was still asleep. He silently tip toed over to her cot where she lay, eyes squeezed tight, her chest softly rising up and down. He still couldn’t believe that he’d made that. The gorgeous little girl asleep in front of him was his. He always thought that Sophia had her mum’s looks but there was no doubt that she had her dad’s ears.

He left Sophia to sleep so he could drink his morning coffee and shower before all hell broke loose. He checked his emails and sipped at his coffee, also checking if you’d sent him the list of shopping you needed. Still without the list of shopping, and with Sophia still asleep, Sungbin jumped into the shower. He made sure he was quick incase Sophia suddenly woke up.

Just as he left your bedroom after getting changed, Sungbin could hear Sophia stirring. He made his way to her room where she was placing her legs in the air and grabbing onto her feet. He let out a little giggle as he approached the cot.

“How’s my little monkey?” he asked, picking her up into his arms. He made sure to get her favourite blanket from her bed, then took her over to the changing table. He gently placed her on her back and got a fresh nappy from the draw underneath. Sophia continued to kick her legs up in the air, making it difficult for her dad to change her nappy. “You do make things awkward Sophia,” Sungbin chuckled.

After battling with Sophia for longer than expected, Sungbin finally managed to dress, change and feed her. He was now just waiting for the shopping list you said you’d text him.

He was sat on the sofa with Sophia on his lap, looking at the view from your apartment window. You were lucky enough to live in a spacious apartment on the outskirts of Seoul. It was only two bedrooms but it had plenty of space for the three of you. Although, Sungbin often said how he wanted to move to a proper house now you were a proper family.

Sophia sat facing her dad, her small hands gripping on to his nose. Sungbin loved spending time with his daughter, he felt like he didn’t get to do it often because he was always in the studio. He often got annoyed with himself when a friend or family member had to look after Sophia because he couldn’t. He felt like he was a failure of a dad, he couldn’t even spend time with the tiny human that was his world. You always reassured him that he was an amazing dad and although it felt like he was always away from his family, it subsequently benefited you all. Even though you had a job in the fashion industry, and were a model on the side, Sungbin was the main breadwinner. Without him, you wouldn’t be able to have half of the things you did.

It was around 10:30 when Sungbin finally received the shopping list you sent him.

“The Mrs 👌”

“I hope you two haven’t trashed the place. I’m super busy at work, so sorry I didn’t text sooner. Can you get something quick and easy for tea, I’ll cook it when I get home. We also need milk, someone of those healthy bar things and some orange juice. I don’t know what time I’ll be back but give Sophia a kiss from me. I love you both xxxxx”

Sungbin grinned at the phone as he read over your message. He started to type a reply just as a sticky hand reached out and grabbed the phone, causing the message to disappear from the screen and a “calling Steve” notification to appear. “Uncle Steve, ‘ay,” Sungbin chuckled. The phone let out a dialling noise and he let it continue, he knew Steve wouldn’t be bothered by him ringing him.

“Hello,” Steve answered. Sungbin put the phone on speaker so Sophia could hear his voice.

“Hey, Sophia decided that she wanted to speak to you,”

“Hey Sophia!” Steve shouted down the phone.

“Are you going to say hello to Uncle Steve?” Sungbin tried to encourage Sophia to say something, to which she replied with a mumble.

“How’s my favourite girl? Wait, how come you’re with her?”

“She’s good. Y/N had to go to work at short notice so I stepped up to dad duty,”

“Oh right. So you’re spending the day dressed as a princess and going to teddy tea parties,” Steve chuckled.

“Something like that,” Sungbin laughed. “I’ve actually got a shopping trip to do. I feel like it’s a full on military operation, I don’t know how Y/N does it,”

“She’s amazing that girl. You’ve found a keeper there,”

“I’m a lucky guy. I don’t deserve here. I definitely punched above my weight,” Sungbin looked to the side of him where Sophia was sat playing with the TV remote. He was such a lucky guy to have the most beautiful child with the most beautiful woman.

“So when are you going to make it official Mr Lim?” Steve asked, chuckling to himself.

“It’s always you that brings this up Steve. You know I’m thinking about it, I’m just waiting for the right time,” just as Sungbin finished his sentence, Sophia began to cry.

“Did you just get your daughter to cry on cue?” Steve laughed uncontrollably.

“Do you think I could train her to do that?” Sungbin laughed too. “I think she’s bored. I might go shopping now then put her down for her nap when I get back,”

“You sound like such a dad,”

“Funny that,” Sungbin replied sarcastically. “Right, we’re going to go now. Say bye to Uncle Steve Sophia,” he moved the phone in front of Sophia and she mumbled something enthusiastically.

“Bye Sophia!”

The phone call ended and Sungbin got Sophia ready to go to the supermarket. He grabbed her blanket from the sofa and put it with her bag out in the hallway. He filled up a sippy cup and grabbed some rice cakes from the cupboard. He wasn’t going unprepared. He didn’t want to go into battle without the necessary equipment.

20 minutes later and Sungbin and Sophia were on the way to the supermarket. Admittedly, Sungbin’s sports car wasn’t the most suitable transport for a young child but it would have to do. Most of the 20 minutes was spent trying to strap Sophia into her car seat, but he got there in the end.

They arrived at the supermarket with Sungbin receiving a few glares as he pulled up in the parent and child parking bay. His Porsche did look out of place with all the other ‘family’ cars but they both did the same job. Sungbin didn’t usually have Sophia in his car, you usually shared the white Mercedes that was known as the ‘family car’ but you’d taken it today so Sungbin had no choice but to use his car. There was always a carseat in there, just incase the Porsche had to be used.

Sungbin carried Sophia out of the car and grabbed the baby bag from the boot. He walked towards the entrance of the supermarket, Sophia resting on his left hip with her blanket hanging down, the baby bag on the opposite shoulder. He got to the trolleys and carefully placed Sophia in the seat, making sure she still had her blanket and he placed the bag next to her.

Resting his arms on the handle of the trolley, Sungbin made his way around the supermarket. He kept grabbing hold of Sophia’s feet and tickling her, causing her to let out constant giggles.

He added things to the trolley that he didn’t need but he knew he’d make use of them, so it didn’t bother him. He’d put in a large amount of unhealthy food that he knew you’d hate; you were usually in charge of the food shop. You’d frequently tell him off on your shopping trips when he tried adding chocolate and other unhealthy things to the trolley.

Nearing the end of the trip, Sungbin was starting to get bored. There was only so much food shopping a grown man could take. He kept pushing the trolley and letting it go, watching as Sophia travelled down the aisle in front of him. Then he had an idea as he reached the ready meal aisle. He wasn’t going to buy you some crappy meal for tea, he was going to make an effort and make a meal for you.

Since you’d had Sophia, you hadn’t been on many dates. Both of you had put all your time and effort into looking after Sophia so you never had the time or energy to go out.  So Sungbin was going to bring the date to you.

“We’re going to surprise Mummy,” Sungbin whispered to Sophia who was more interested in sucking on her fingers.

After almost searching the whole shop, Sungbin finally decided on pizza. He picked your favourite and also got a bottle of wine. He found your favourite cheesecake dessert and got some yoghurts for Sophia; he couldn’t leave her out.

Finally, the two shoppers made it to the checkout. The trolley was pretty full and Sungbin felt proud of himself. He’d bought food and he hadn’t lost the baby. This was an achievement. He paid for the food and made his way back to the car. He filled the boot with the shopping and pushed the trolley to the side of the car. He threw the baby bag on the passenger seat and his phone and car keys on the driver’s seat. He opened the car door behind the passenger just as his phone began to ring. He slammed the door shut and raced round to the other side of the car and quickly answered. Just as he answered, the line went dead.

Sungbin put the key in the ignition and started the car. A small roar came from the sports car as the engine warmed up. He put the car in reverse and turned behind him to check for oncoming traffic.

“Shit. Sophia!” Sungbin shouted as he looked at the empty car seat sat on the back seat. He’d left Sophia in the trolley.

Sungbin switched off the engine and ran around to the trolley that was exactly where he’d left it. Sophia was happily sat in the seat of the trolley, chewing on her shoe which she’d managed to pull off. Sungbin lifted his daughter from the trolley, taking the shoe from her mouth.

“Mummy is never to find out about this. If she asks, the trip to the supermarket went smoothly. I definitely didn’t leave you in the trolley,” Sungbin mumbled to Sophia as he strapped her in her car seat.

Once Sungbin was sure he hadn’t left anything behind, he drove back home. They arrived at the apartment block and were faced with their next challenge. How were they going to get all the shopping back to the apartment? It would take at least 2, maybe 3 trips to get all of the shopping back to your apartment. Sungbin couldn’t leave Sophia alone, he’d already done that once today and felt super guilty about it.

“I’ve got this,” he mumbled to himself as he stepped out of the lift on the floor of your apartment with Sophia in his arms. Sungbin unlocked the door and quickly searched for Sophia’s pram. Luckily, the pram wasn’t in the ‘family car’ as you’d been to the park the other day so the pram was brought back to the apartment. He placed Sophia in her pram, then pushed her back out of the apartment and back down in the lift.

Sungbin pushed the pram to the car, collected some shopping then took it back into the lift and up to your apartment; pushing Sophia everywhere he went. He was a genius. This was obviously why you only did the food shop on the days you were both in, to carry the food up to your apartment in one trip. Sungbin carried on his little idea until all the food was in your apartment.

After successfully putting Sophia down for her nap, Sungbin took a well earned rest. He messed around on his computer and text you to say the shopping was done. He continued to work on a few things on his computer as you replied to his message.

“The Mrs 👌”

“Thanks for doing the shopping. I hope you two didn’t get into too much trouble. Turns out I’m not going to be too late coming home so I should be back within an hour or two xxxxxx”

Sungbin took this as his chance to start his surprise meal. He wanted it to be ready as soon as you got home and he ideally wanted the now awake Sophia to be asleep. He put on the pizza and fed and bathed Sophia and got her ready for bed.

Just as he finished reading Sophia a bedtime story, Sungbin heard the apartment door open then close.

“I’m home!” He heard you shout.

He made sure Sophia was comfortable then made his way to the kitchen.

“You don’t need to worry about food, I’ve sorted it,” Sungbin said into your ear as he wrapped his arms around you from behind.

“Takeaway?” You question him, knowing this was what he lived off when he was at the studio.

“No, I’ve cooked,” he replied proudly. “It’ll be about 2 minutes,”

“Aw great. I’ll just go and see Sophia, I’ve missed her,”

Whilst you went to check on your daughter, Sungbin set the breakfast bar up for you both to eat. He poured you a glass of wine each and placed them either side. He got the pizza from the oven and began dishing it up as you appeared from Sophia’s room.

“Oh pizza,” you said happily, noticing he’d got your favourite. “Oh, and wine,” you chuckled, “how posh of you Mr Lim,”

“I got cheesecake for dessert,” he grinned as he joined you at the breakfast bar. He sat on the barstool opposite you and picked up his wine glass. “Cheers,” he toasted, clinking his glass with yours.

“Cheers. So how was your shopping trip?”

Wholigan Doodle #32

‘I’m cooking..(Hot Me)
Not raping..(Blue eyes)
Just looking..(You got me)
Not gaping..(No lies)


Babe I’m gonna woo ya
I’m gonna get you anyway
Girl I’m gonna do ya
I’m gonna get you anyway’

- Pete Townshend (Gonna Get Ya, Empty Glass album, 1980)

*ultra heavy breathing*

Literally, I got a slight fever after reading the lyrics of his song… And I’ve got an urge to draw something daring about him.. HHHHHHHHHHHKLJIHSUAJHJ


A couple of soon-to-be-broke 16 year olds from Brooklyn at a late afternoon carnival

I can’t do likenesses bluhh but I had an urge to draw some 1930s kiddos after their brief lil exchange in Civil War, also just another excuse to play with watercolor brushes