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Bong Soon

I am waiting for Bong Soon to be more sensitive to Min Hyuk’s tenderness. Now that she knows that he likes her I want her to reciprocate his feelings by being a little more kind, to go with the flow and not be stiff or shocked when he does something. I don’t want the cute or the bickering anymore, I want more serious and deeper moments, I want her to take a step closer, I want her to fall in love with him and do some efforts because it feels like Min Hyuk is doing the work by himself. I know it’s coming but I can’t wait.

Btw, he earned a bigger place in her heart when he got stabbed instead of her, bro if this ain’t a step closer I don’t know what it is.


Expect it… I don’t know, some time next week maybe? Or tomorrow. Depends on how I feel I guess. If you miss my art, I do still have my art blog, remember.

You know how I told you guys that MbA readers are the best?  You are!  I wanted to let you know I am aware of the MbA ripoff floating around. I’ve had quite a few messages about it this afternoon.   No, I’m not going to give any details as this person doesn’t need any further attention.  It has been reported and hopefully AO3 will deal with it soon.  

I really thank you guys for looking out for my work and MbA :)  You really are the greatest!


Min Hyuk kinda has a point.  Bong Soon does need to prove that she can do the job. I’m not saying she can’t, but she hasn’t shown that she can do the work. Though tbh, I’m not entirely sure what the Strategy Department does. Game development is hard work. Other than her saying she wants to work there, I don’t remember her saying in what capacity?

And despite appearances, Min Hyuk DOES work hard, knows what he is doing, and where he wants his company to go.

Though he could have gone about this in a better way - and have her intern with someone else.

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Can we know how the Sakamakis and Mukamis interact with their crush's younger siblings? You can chose which ones are boys or girls. But at least 6/10 need to be sweet!

I didn’t put a gender to the sibling…


Shu - As long as they are quiet and don’t bother him or his music then he is fine with them. If they are rowdy and obnoxious then they got to go.

Reiji - As soon as your sibling enters the house Reiji is establishing rules, if they aren’t a bother and know basic manners everything will be fine. He bites his tongue to seem like the perfect partner.

Ayato - He treats them like his own younger sibling, tries to get them to play basketball with him or even just video games. He’s trying his best to get him to like him because he is the best.

Kanato - I am obligated as the peacekeeper to tell you; NO. Kanato wants you all to himself so him and the sibling won’t work… Even if they do make him sweets and tries to be friendly.

Laito - He’s rather uneasy around them until he gets to know them considering… well… he is banging their older sibling and all.

Subaru - He’s pretty chill with your sibling actually as antisocial as he is. They don’t do anything special but they get along easily and he doesn’t have to try so that’s plus.


Ruki - He honestly finds them to be a nuisance but does not say anything about them unless they get out of line.

Kou - If they aren’t a fan of his then they will be by the time they are done hanging out with him because Kou knows how to kiss major ass when it comes to preteens. A few cds and selfies never hurt anyone!

Yuma - You may find your sibling hanging from a tree by the back of their shirt… they either annoyed Yuma or messed with the garden.

Azusa - Azusa is their new best friend and apparently they are more protective of him than they are you… good luck.

Unexpected Exchange

Oh, hello. Am I actually posting something? Close to five months, soon.  I was going to post an update to Beloved Jewel, but due to length /how much goes on in that chapter, it was postponed. So, I decided to go with the AU I talked about (one of them) awhile back. Ok, enough rambling. Let’s get started.

Furihata Kouki admires Akashi Seijuro from afar, but has never had the courage to talk to him. That is, until one day when the object of his affection walks into the shop he works in. But it’s not for the reason Furihata might have hoped for, and the visit ends up shattering every dream he’s ever had.

Prefer Ao3? 

Tags, if not viewed on Ao3: AU, !Jewelry-Sales-Rep Kouki!, One Sided Pining (?)

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Reblog if you would date pre-serum Steve

I know I would. And I will

I jog down the streets of Brooklyn. Looking at my watch, I realised I was late for work. Suddenly I hear sounds coming from an alley to my right. I know I should be ignoring these sounds, it’s probably just guys bantering or some people joking. But then I hear a feeble voice, “I could do this all day. ” Someone growled, and I immediately walked into the little space. Standing with his back to the brick wall is a small, blonde man, facing a big bully with a mop of dark hair. I suddenly felt drawn towards the scrawny male. His determination didn’t look like it was going to run out soon. The blonde threw a punch, a weak punch. The bully caught his hand and returned it with a strong right hook. The boy fell, spitting out blood. I couldn’t stand this. I may be small, but I could throw a mean jab. I walked towards the bully, and kneed him in his lower back. He pivoted to look at me, and snarled. Before he had a chance to do anything, I threw a hard, straight jab at the jaw. Suddenly, I heard a deep voice behind me. “Ma'am, I can handle him. ” I am pushed aside by a tall, dark haired man in a uniform. He strode up to the bully, threw a good few punches, and the bully ran away. The small guy spoke up. “ Thank you ma'am ” I nodded and stretched my hand. “Y/N.” The brunette smiled. “You can throw a mean punch, doll. Where’d you learn that?” I grinned. “ A kickboxing class. ” The brunette introduced himself and the other guy. “ Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers. ” I nodded at Steve. “You’re a strong man. ” He chuckled and gestured at his body. “Really?” “Your Heart and faith are strong. ” He laughed. “Well, that doesn’t ever get me the girl. ” You grinned. “Really? I’m hooked. ” Bucky laughed. “There you go, Steve. A date for the Stark Expo tonight.” Steves eyes widened. “Oh..okay” he smiled. I offered him my hand, and the three of us walked away. I had totally forgotten about my job.

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Some times I have really bad days too, I fell empty and... nothing makes me react, when that days happend I try to be with myselft if I don't have no one arround who makes me fell confortable, I give me a chance to go to a place when nobody notice me and I only listen, listen music, listen the place and focus on that sensation, that works for me. Maybe you could try? *hugs you* I hope you can fell better soon😂😂❤

Honestly, I was set to do just that. Except my mom came in, and saw that I was.. not very okay. So she got me to get up, she got me to get dressed, and we drove three towns over, too this huge mall. 

You know that Taylor Swift song The Best Day?? The lyrics, “We talked and window shopped till I forgot all their names.” Comes too mind. I’m serious, that’s what we did. And she didn’t stop there. She bought me another book shelve worth of books, a whole new wardrobe, heck she hates the fact that I read comic books, but she bought me some comics as well. And the icing on the cake was, she didn’t even ask what was wrong. She just accepted that I wasn’t happy, and worked to fix that.. and I just. As much as I don’t agree with half the things that come out of her mouth, she can be a good mother.

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NOOOO FEEL BETTER SOON LOVE ❤❤❤ I was just sick so I feel you girl. I'm sorry. I hope you get better soon 💕💕 what's wrong?


I got the flu. I had yesterday off of work cause I was throwing up all day long. Had to go back today even though I still have a fever, sore throat, and chills. Now I can’t breathe out my nose so yaaaay.

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Dear me (a-smol-snake)?? Or Dear past me 😊

Dear Past Me,


Seriously, I know life sucks right now, but the people who are making that way are going to be completely obsolete soon, so don’t be afraid and push through with your head high, just like you always have.

Don’t be afraid to be you, okay? The people who tear you down for that are just insecure because they’re too afraid of being themselves too. They wish they had that freedom.

Power through, persevere, and work hard!

~present Emily Grace

Picked up the pace a touch today - still doing just the short hill work rides, but today I asked her to trot most of the way out as soon as we were on soft ground. She got a walk break on some gravel, because she’s still a little sensitive, and then I asked her to tackle the hill proper at a trot. She tried to quit on me a couple of times, but each time I touched her lightly with my leg to see what she was willing to offer up, and she kept going. Three-quarters of the way up, though, she was puffing like a steam engine, so I let her go back to a walk and we huffed and puffed our way up to the pylons. 

Don’t know what the plan is for tomorrow; maybe a short ring ride, walk/trot/canter if she throws it in. I think she had a respectable baseline fitness level in December, and while she’s nowhere near that fit any longer I’ve been able to keep her in just enough work that she’s still better and stronger than she was six months ago.