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Lemme hear about your klance fic!!!

Omg yes.

Okay so this is like, a sort of summary of the story in bullet points because if I try to write it in sentences I’ll get carried away:

-Lance likes to draw
-he posts his art on tumblr and Facebook
-Lance gets a message on tumblr
-the person uses his name and Lance freaks out because he’s never mentioned his name on his blog
-finds out it’s an old childhood friend who he hasnt talked to in years (aka Keith)
-Keith recognized him because he recognized his art from fb
-Lance is a high school drop out
-Keith is a foster kid
-lots of reminiscing
-Some drama
-Pidge is Lance’s bff because why not

Tbh i might do a bad job writing this but its a good fic idea tbh I’m okay if a good writer steals it lmao
Idk when I’ll post this but its already halfway done.
(Also ngl this is based off of something that happened to me [cutting out the romance part completely] and after I thought wow thats a good fic idea lmao)

Hello everyone. I apologize for the slow updates, but I’ll try to put out more stuff today. 

I also wanted to make this post because I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to write as much as time passes. Despite how my spring break is right around the corner, school has been starting to wear down on me, along with other personal matters. 

Before I go back to writing though, I also wanted to express my gratitude towards my followers. Although I don’t have enough to make another milestone-type post, I’ve been noticing a lot of talented people suddenly taking interest in my blog. 

I’ll be honest and say that as much as I don’t understand why people like me, knowing the quality of my writing has its ups and downs and I tend to get carried away with personal posts such as these, I really do appreciate the attention and I hope to continue to make this blog flourish.

- Admin CJ

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the way you draw dio (esp his hair) is so 👌👌

Oh thank you so much! I really enjoy drawing him especially since I managed to pin down How I wanted to draw him so the style is somewhat consistent. With his hair I just get seriously carried away everytime so his poof just gets bigger and bigger…

Phil Kessel - Lingerie

Can I get a Phil Kessel imagine? Anything you want to write is fine.

Author’s Note: I love  when I get to free write I tend to get carried away some times! So thank you! -Julianne 

Prompt is from @meetcuteprompts 

Prompt : A is hanging out with a friend but ends up stopping to look at some lingerie in a shop window. A is still chatting away, thinking that their friend has stopped with them also, and turns to where they assume their friend is to jokingly ask: “Wouldn’t I look sexy in that?” But it turns out that the friend had kept walking and it was B, a total stranger, who A had spoken to.

As long as you and your friend Kat have been you two have been know to have an odd friendship people said. You never saw it as odd but as what best friends act like. 

She was always there for you and you were always there for her. You recall the first time you two met. It was at lunch in middle school, you were the new kid and you she was the loud kid that no one want to talk to. 

She came up to you and asked “If you could have two heads would you put them both on one side or out one on the left and the other on the right?” 

“Both on the same side. It would creep people out more.” You smiled at her. 

Since that moment you were best friends and it carried even until you two were adults. Since you two now had jobs and lives you didn’t get to see each other as much as you liked so you always made a day were you two would spend the whole day with each other doing something relaxing. Today was roaming the mall. 

Kat loved to shop, you however were not a huge shopped. You didn’t mind it but you didn’t really like it. Kat however could spend hours in just one store alone. 

“Ugh! Kat you’re killing me!” You said as she looked at the same pair of shorts for the 100th time. 

“Oh shh! If you give me five more minutes I will buy you a cookie and take you to the bookstore.” She said eye you. 

“Promise.” You said.

“Promise, know black or pink?” She asked holding up the shorts in two colors.

“Pink, you look way better in pink.” 

“Pink it is than.” She say as she takes her stuff to the cashier. 

“Finally! I thought we we’re never leaving that store.” You joked as you and Kat walked out of the store. Kat just rolled her eyes at you. 

You two kept walking alone looking at the windows as you passed the stores. Until a lingerie display caught your eye. Smiling to yourself you made a joke towards Kat.

“Wouldn’t I look sexy in that?” You laughed. 

“Yes, yes you would.” You heard from beside you. 

As you looked over you saw that it wasn’t Kat but a good looking man instead. You weren’t sure if you wanted to be mad or not. 

“Um thank you.” You said still unsure of what to say.

“I’m sorry, if that comment made you uncomfortable. I didn’t mean it. I’m Phil.” The man said.

“Y/N.” You said back. “It’s fine I was just taken back I was talking to my friend but then you answer and I was shocked, but really thank you. It’s nice to hear.” You giggled.

“Would you like to get coffee sometime Y/N?” Phil asked taking his phone out and handing it to you.

“I would love you.” You said taking his phone and typing you number in.

“Great, I’ll text you.” Phil said. 


“There you are!” Kat yelled. 


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It occurs to me that Yuuri and Viktor have a very busy season ahead of them.

To put things into perspective:

Dec 8-11 - The GPF

Dec 22-25 - The Japan Figure Skating Championships

Dec 20-26 - The Russian Nationals

Jan 25-29 - The European Championships (which only Viktor can compete in).

Feb 14-19 - The Four Continents Championships (which only Yuuri can compete in)

Mar 29-Apr 2 - The World Championships

And a really interesting thing to note is that The Russian and Japanese nationals are both happening at the same time, so our babes are probably going to have to split up, and I’m actually really really hoping that’s addressed in season 2, because it’s such an interesting idea.

Viktor has Yakov with him, but who’s going to stand in as Yuuri’s coach? How are they going to deal with being separated for so long? I mean, at the most, it’s only about 5 or 6 days, but that’s going to be the longest they’ve been away from each other in nearly a year, and we saw how they were after being separated for like 2 days during the Rostelecom cup.

It’s a great chance to see how far they’ve come, both as skaters and as a couple. It’ll be interesting to see if Yuuri can learn from his experience at the Rostelecom cup, if he’s learned to be confident enough of himself as a skater, even without Viktor there to support him.

Maybe Celestino will step up to the plate to help out his former student? From what I can tell, Thailand’s nationals are usually held at the beginning of April, so I don’t think Phichit would have any other big competitions soon, so Celestino would probably be free.

And of course another interesting point to consider is that the Russian nationals are happening over Christmas (ie Viktor’s birthday). So you know Viktor’s probably going to be especially bummed, because this is his first birthday with Yuuri as his s/o and he’d probably been really looking forward to spending it together.

It would be really cool to see s2 focus on them both preparing for the Japanese and Russian Nationals respectively, since that would mean getting to see more of Viktor + Yura interactions, and more Yuuri + Minami interactions! Maybe we’ll get to see even more Japanese skaters? I mean, so far we’ve really only seen Yuuri and Minami (as opposed to the Russians, who have Viktor, Yuri, Georgi, and Mila).

And while I know it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but I have seen some rumours that we might be getting s2 this year, so that means it’ll probably air Oct-Dec again. So what if??? Hear me out for a second okay. What if, for the the finale, we get a Christmas special or something, and we get to see a tearful Victuuri reunion, where Yuuri books it out of Japan as soon as the awards ceremony is over, on the first flight he can get to Russia. And like he arrives the day after Christmas and surprises Viktor by showing up rinkside and have another dramatic kiss on live television, while Yura stands in the background puking and yelling about how gross they are.

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Mysme imagine for RFA+V+Saeran with an MC who talks in their sleep? And not cute murmuring, like scary muttering and night terrors. Tysm! ;v;

bruh night terrors sound absolutely horrifying and i do not wish that upon anyone :< this ended up being more centric on the concept of night terrors and less of sleep-talking >< sorry about that



  • nearly fell off the bed when you suddenly sat upright in bed and started screaming
  • he immediately scrambles back onto the bed and asks what’s wrong 
  • you’re not responsive though, you’re just sitting there trembling and crying
  • at this point he’s ready to cry because he has no idea what to do
  • runs to turn on the lights (and grab a box of tissues)
  • will try to wipe your tears as carefully as he can without startling you 
  • but halfway through you suddenly go quiet, lie down, and fall back asleep
  • he’s crouched on the bed with a wad of tissues wondering if he imagined the whole thing
  • quietly gets off the bed, covers you with the blankets, turns off the lights, and steps out of the room
  • frantically calls zen to relay what happened and ask for advice
  • zen has no idea what happened, but helps in searching what it could’ve been and they both come across night terrors
  • now yoosung’s crying because he can’t believe you have to deal with such a terrible thing and zen’s too tired to deal with this
  • he tells him to go to sleep and talk to you tomorrow morning
  • you’re horrified when he brings it up the next day and apologize that he had to see that
  • it’s something you’ve been dealing with lately, but you never remember when it happens
  • he declares that he’ll be your hero and help you through it though
  • cause no one should go through that alone
  • now whenever you get the occasional night terror, yoosung immediately sits up and waits for you to calm down just a bit before carefully pulling you into a hug
  • whispers “you’re going to be okay. i’m here” in your ear until the episode passes and you fall back asleep in his arms
  • you always know when you’ve had a night terror because when you wake up, he’ll already be in the kitchen trying to make breakfast


  • when he first heard you screaming, he thought someone was breaking into the house
  • leapt out of bed and grabbed one of his bedside trophies it was a sculpture of him, ready to fight someone
  • when he was fully awake, he realized it was just you and him in the room, except you were definitely not fine
  • instantly gets back into bed and gently grabs your shoulders, trying to get you to focus on him
  • tries to wipe your tears away with his sleeve 
  • you aren’t responding and he’s ready to full-on panic when you take a deep breath and fall back asleep
  • he sits there baffled and terrified, still holding you up
  • aggressively cuddles you for the rest of the night
  • you wake up completely tangled in his arms and you actually have to fight to get out
  • he wakes up at the movement and immediately starts fretting and asking what’s bothering you
  • you have no idea what he’s talking about until he mentions what happened
  • you’re embarrassed it happened in front of him, but you tell him it’s something that happens once in a while and that it should go away on its own when there’s an episode
  • he’s upset when you suggest that you can sleep in a different room so he doesn’t have his sleep disturbed
  • insists that he’ll stay near you and comfort you whenever it happens even if you’re not actually “awake”
  • every time you have night terrors now, you wake up buried in his chest
  • he’ll dote on you extremely for the rest of that day prepare for endless cups of tea and hugs/kisses


  • the concept of sleep is foreign to her so she’s still at her desk when you had a night terror
  • she ran over when you started screaming, thinking you saw another spider or bug
  • but you’re just there trembling under the covers and mumbling something
  • assumes it’s a nightmare and gently tries to jostle you awake
  • she’s confused cause it looks like you’re awake, but you won’t respond to anything
  • panic starts settling in her stomach but she focuses on trying to make out what you’re whispering
  • but halfway through you go quiet and she realizes you’re asleep again
  • well there goes any chance for her getting an ounce of sleep after that
  • abandons work and spends the rest of the night searching up what might have been affecting you
  • you’re surprised in the morning when you see she hasn’t left for work
  • even more surprised when she says she requested a day off jumin was shook at how adamant she was
  • you think she just wanted to rest but then she’s suddenly sitting on the bed and going through a list of possible causes for your nightmares
  • you’re like “nightmares???” and she mentions what happened last night
  • you’re reluctant but you tell her it’s actually night terrors and she’s like “wut”
  • she needs a few more minutes to go and research what that is
  • offers that she’ll look up some places to try and make them better but you tell her you’ve already tried them before, and they should improve with time
  • she’s not really on board with letting them be, but trusts your decision
  • you have the occasional night terror since then
  • when they happen, she gets up from her desk and sits by your bedside holding your hand until it ends
  • will then wipe your tears and adjust your blankets before going back to work
  • except she’ll bring her laptop on the bed with her so she could be near you


  • he didn’t even know the feeling of fear existed in him until he heard you having a night terror
  • bolts up in bed and immediately turns on the lights
  • you’re sitting up in bed, head between your hands and mumbling something between sobs
  • like jaehee, he thinks it’s a nightmare and instantly goes to carefully grab your shoulders and let you know he’s there
  • “my love, it’s just a bad dream. wake up.”
  • you haven’t moved from your position, the crying reduced to ragged breathing, but you make no indication you heard him
  • he slightly freaks out yet another emotion he didn’t know existed and sits helplessly while he tries to figure out the best way to approach the situation
  • when you suddenly fall back asleep, he carefully places you back down and immediately calls someone
  • you wake up in the morning to quiet talking from the kitchen, and see it’s jumin and another man sitting at the table
  • the man’s jumin’s personal doctor, and he says that he was called to attention by a severe nightmare you seemed to be having last night
  • oh god that’s embarrassing you apologize for causing a scene but jumin’s having none of that
  • he wants to help you with it, since he wants you to be nothing but happy
  • you eventually tell the doctor it’s night terrors though, and that past treatments have only helped slightly
  • the doctor suggests talking to a psychologist for further information, since this is more their field
  • jumin gets a psychologist to his house in less than five minutes
  • the psychologist suggests that some sort of psychotherapy might help, and to make sure you’re getting enough sleep
  • jumin literally escorts you to bed every night now and makes sure you’re tucked in at a proper hour
  • one time he was on a business trip so he had one of his guards order you to go to bed talk about awkward
  • pulls you into a hug every time you have a night terror and showers you with kisses until you fall back asleep
  • he usually stays awake a bit longer after that just watching you and making sure you’re fine
  • if you thought he was possessive already get ready cause that wasn’t even his final form


  • being one that hardly sleeps, he’s busy on his computer when you’re screaming from the other room
  • heart literally drops to his stomach and he books it for your bed
  • completely panics to see you crying and shaking
  • he doesn’t even know if he should touch you
  • does an awkward pace-like run along the perimeter of the bed while he tries to figure out how to approach you without making things worse
  • when you go quiet, he finally chances a step and reaches for your hand
  • he’s about to ask what’s wrong when you promptly lie back down and fall asleep
  • actually so upset because he barely did anything to help
  • he could do everything he could to keep you physically safe, but not when it comes to something inside your head
  • ignores his work obligations and spends the rest of the night lying in bed and holding you close against him
  • you’re shocked in the morning to see him in bed for the first time in like so long
  • then you’re worried at how serious he looks before he sits you up and asks what kind of nightmare you had last night
  • looks terrified when you say it was probably a night terror cause wtf the name itself sounds horrifying
  • you have to urge him to not worry and get back to work since he has a deadline for tonight
  • even then, he’ll send you a funny picture or cute cat video every so often to brighten your mood
  • programs his robot cat to waddle into your room and say “i love you” 
  • but whenever there’s a night terror, he without fail runs to your room and hugs you for the rest of the night


  • he doesn’t even think, his body immediately moves to grab you when he hears you screaming
  • his first priority is getting you to calm down and not be afraid
  • will sit there hugging you and caressing your head for as long as it takes for you to fall asleep
  • afterwards he’ll lie down in bed again with you, but he can’t fall asleep
  • so he just closes his eyes and listens to your breathing
  • you’ll wake up to him giving you a warm cup of tea
  • he’s reluctant on bringing it up because it seems like a touchy subject, but does so because he’s concerned
  • even when you tell him they’re probably the night terrors you get once in a while, he’s pretty calm about it
  • of course, he’s worried, but he doesn’t want to panic and make you feel anxious
  • says he’s willing to do whatever you want in terms of how you want to treat it, even if you say that they should improve on its own
  • this angel never complains whenever your night terrors wake him up in the middle of the night
  • it’s the same routine of hug, comfort, and then tea in the morning
  • you feel terrible about it since you never remember it happening, but he says he’d rather be able to help you through it instead of having you go experience it alone
  • whenever you feel really exhausted from an episode, he’ll laze around in bed with you and show you his old photo albums since they always calm and relax you


  • at first he doesn’t even react because he thinks the screams are from one of his own nightmares someone hug this poor child
  • but he eventually realizes they’re coming from you 
  • he was used to nightmares, but for some reason it felt even more painful when he saw it happening to you
  • he’ll go to wake you up, although he’s a bit more aggressive about it since he wants to stop the nightmare as quickly as possible
  • he’ll shake your shoulders a bit, he’ll call your name loudly, but you still don’t respond
  • it’s almost a bit haunting to see you staring blankly at the blankets with tears streaming down your face because it reminds him of his past self
  • and it bothers him to no end
  • he doesn’t react much when he realizes you fell back asleep, he’ll quietly lie you back down
  • except he ain’t sleeping anymore
  • you wake up and he’s sitting cross-legged next to you
  • why is he glaring did you kick him in your sleep 
  • “uhhh, saeran…? whatever i did, sorry?”
  • “do you always have nightmares like that?”
  • you’re confused as to why he’s persistently asking about the cause of your nightmares until you realize they’re probably the night terrors
  • he frowns even more when he hears your explanation, since it seems like there’s nothing you can do to immediately stop them
  • “so you just let these happen?”
  • “i never remember them, though… maybe they’ll go away if you buy me a teddy bear to chase the night terrors away, saeran~”
  • “stop that, you’re not a kid”
  • you laugh and apologize again for waking him up, and say that you can always sleep somewhere else if it becomes too bothersome for him
  • he gets so salty that you’d even suggest such a thing oops
  • the second time you wake up in the middle of the night with a night terror, he’ll awkwardly pull you against his side and rub circles on your back until you fall back asleep
  • that morning you wake up to pans clattering in the kitchen and a brown teddy bear propped up next to your pillow
  • saeran got lots of hugs that day he’d act annoyed about the barrage of physical contact, but you note he never made a move to escape your hold

I really like the image of Vader rolling Luke’s name around in his head, saying it out loud to himself, testing it, hearing it. 

Luke. Luke Skywalker. My son’s name is Luke. 

Practicing different ways to say it. Maybe he tries it out in all of his different, typical Vader tones. You know, in the way he addresses Imperial Officers or Rebel Prisoners or even the Emporer. None of them probably sound right. 

Saying it quietly, in a gentle voice. It’s unfamiliar and maybe uncomfortable because he hasn’t been gentle in years but it’d sound right and good. 

I like the idea that there’s a build-up for Vader to that first moment. That the moment when he is looking at his son and calls him by his name for the first time, that it would be this important moment for him. One that he has thought a lot about and prepared for. 

And that every time he says it is precious. That he just keeps trying to get it right because this is his son and his name is Luke. 

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What is the most amazing, kinkest smut you've ever read? What about one you've written??

oooh my gooood do you really wanna be asking me that?? :’))) LET’S GET STARTED!

So, I’ll start with the kinkiest things I’ve written since it won’t be that long of a list.

View From 4-B - Hoseok fic where he watches you through your window riding your pillow to get off, thinks you don’t know but you’re secretly putting on a show because you like when he watches.

Good Boy, Hoseok - sub!Hoseok pet play smut where he comes in you, then eats you out while you ride his face because you’re punishing him for finishing first. :)

Costume - Hoseok smut with a hybrid!you when you’re in heat and practically pounce him. It’s kinky because he doesn’t know you’re a wolf, hehehehe.

Petty Revenge - Hoseok makes you cream on Yoongi’s desk because he’s mad at him.

Red Silk - Jimin fucks you wearing your panties.

Ride POV 01 & Ride POV 02 - You and a friend basically torture sub!Jimin and double ride him (face & dick) to use him in getting off.

Voyeur - Literally nonsense. You want to steal Jimin’s sweater and end up hiding in his closest while him and Taehyung fuck on the bed, get caught, then enters Yoongi. Yoongi and Taehyung eat you out at the same time while Jimin instigates everything.

Spank Bank - This one isn’t as kinky, just skype sex with Jimin… but i still like it. lmfao

The Client - Giving Namjoon a panty job smut.

Play Thing - sub!namjoon where you literally push him to his limits… but he’s still a good boy. ;)

Hide & Tease - Yoongi smut when he eats you out beneath the desk in front of your boss.

Validation - Jackson hybrid smut… not really kinky I am just a slut for hybrid fics. hehe

The Client Vol. 2 - Jackson smut involving an ass job.

Flesh - JB smut with literally all my favorite things…. daddy kink, panty kisses, ass play, bondage, praise kink, pussy and ass worship, and the list goes on… lmaoo

Backseat - pierced!JB where he fucks you in the back in Jinyoung’s car while otw to pick up Jackson hehehe

Rain Drops - More pierced!JB but this time you’re in the front of Jaebum’s car with Jinyoung and Jackson in the back sucking D

Good Kitty - Pet play and ass play Jaebum smut.

Press Record - Jennie smut where she records you to post online.

Pillows - Pillow riding with Krystal smut.

Please, Sir - Gun play smut with Jooheon

Show Off - Wonho smut where he fucks you in front of Minhyuk.

OKAY NOW TO THE ACTUAL GOOD STUFF… kinky things I’ve read :)

Out of The Blue - hybrid Jungkook smut I LITERALLY JUST GOT DONE READING THIS. I’m linking the second part because there’s a link for the first but holy shit??? THE BEST HYBRID SMUT EVER.

Territory - dog boy Taehyung smut THAT KILLED ME.

Monster Under My Bed - Incubus Jaebum smut omg

Unwind - thigh riding Jungkook smut yasss

Magnetic - Jaebum smut where he fucks you in front of Jackson

Fitting Room Adventures - Hoseok smut where you get it on in the dressing room.

Ruthlessly - JB smut where you walk in on him touching himself and then… whew.

Secret Desires - Move theater sex with Jimin.

All Night - Irene smut where a tickle fight turns into ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

For a Good Time, Call: The Horndog - Jimin smut omg just read it.

Punishment - sub!jimin/you & Namjoon.

Friendship Goals - Taehyung & Yoongi smut. One of my favorite smuts of all time.

In Bloom - Jungkook wolf smut which is incredible but I am also a slut for werewolf au (and it’s also incredible).

Mirrors - Mirror sex with Hobi and its really nasty and i love it omg (dirty talk is my weakness hehehe)


Day off Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 - OMG. Yoongi and Namjoon poly smut. It’s perfect.

Showtime, Playtime - Movie theater sex with Namjoon.

Catch 22 Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 - Yoongi and Jimin poly smut.

Lesson Learned - dom Yoongi smut.

Who’s The best? V Vers. & Jimin Vers. - Taehyung and Jimin trying to make their partner moan louder. hehe

Forbidden - Hoseok smut where he is your older brother’s best friend and I LIVE FOR THESE AU’S.

Dangerous Dance - Hoseok smut where he makes you keep a vibrator in all night.

Kitten - The best professor JB smut ever D’:

Wild Fire - sub!Solar and dom!reader omg 

Officer - cop!Jinyoung banging you in his car. whew.

Cum Cum Kitty Kitty - Mark pet play smut.

Outlines - Taehyung skype sex.

ahh I am forgetting a lot but as I switched blogs, I lost a lot of my likes TT anyway, hope this will do for now! IF ANYONE HAS ANY KINKY HOBI SMUT, SEND IT MY WAY. :)

vianna-orchidia asked: how about sensei!dazai and student!chuuya? or the opposite xD

i can see dazai as the eccentric but really good kind of teacher and chuuya as a sort of quiet foreign student still trying to adjust

Drabble request via Tumblr-message was ‘knife’.


It was Phantom, or at least Maddie was pretty sure it was. The ghost had lost his spectral glow and looked haggard and torn, barely managing to stay on his feet. His chest was heaving with each breath. A knife was held in his right hand, the blade awkwardly gripped, the other arm held close to his body, likely gripping broken ribs. Or at least whatever the ghost’s equivalent was.

Whatever had happened to the ghost before making it here, Maddie wasn’t sure. All she knew was that he was here, now, with his back to her, glaring out into the darkness of a lab lit only by the steady glow of the portal. Protecting her, although she couldn’t fathom why.

“Freak,” came a voice from the shadows. There was a swirl of red and black - glittering ectoplasm barely given form. “Monster. Why don’t you give up already?”

“My human,” Phantom growled, twisting his head from side to side in search of the ghosts. “Lay off this one.”

Even as Maddie huddled in the corner, nursing her broken leg and keeping her hand pressed firmly against her side, her mind caught onto the oddness of Phantom having to look for the ghosts. He’d always just known where they were. Perhaps it went with the not-glowing thing.

Cold, empty laughter bubbled through the darkness, high pitched and merciless. “No. Why would I possibly follow the commands of a pathetic little thing like you? Look at you. You can barely hold yourself upright!”

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You guys know how with hugs its honestly just the tiniest movement that makes it something else? Like, every hug is just one small action away from suddenly being very intimate or personal. I’ve had a few where it’s just the way someone relaxs against you and turns their face into your shoulder, something small and suddenly its not just a hug, you know? And equally as simply, it takes less than a fraction of a second to rebuff the movement or accept it, whether by tensing or relaxing too. Even if you just tense in surprise it can end the moment instantly, but i like to think about someone reacting by instinct and suddenly its an embrace, way more intimate than either of them intended it and they’re both wildly unsure what it means now, and the issue is complicated but neither of them know what to say. Because they both just acknowledged that they are okay with it, while also both being surprised and startled by it

i’m having Adrinino feelings, is what im saying