but i generally like the marvel heroes more

I recently became aware that I had missed one additional comic book that had come into my household a few months earlier. It was this issue of SPIDEY SUPER STORIES, which was bought for my younger brother, Ken. It did eventually end up with me as well, but only after it had been reduced t tatters, the cover and outer wrap both gone, which may be why I didn’t recall it. Also, it was written way below my then-current reading level, so that too may have made it less noteworthy to me. In any event, let’s take a look at the thing.

I’ve written much earlier on this page about how much I liked the Electric company TV series which ran on PBS (Channel 13 in my area, WNEW). And even though I wasn’t a Marvel fan at this point, the best and most noteworthy episodes were those that featured a Spidey Super Stories segment on them. (Though I must confess I was generally more enamored of their home-grown animated super hero, Letterman.) It was still such a rarity to see a super hero depicted in real life that those skits were a real treat, for all that they were very simplified and even silly. The comic book was no different.

John Romita has told me that he was proud to have been associated with SPIDEY SUPER STORIES and the CTW crew whose mission to encourage children to read resonated with him. By this point, though, several months in, John wasn’t all that involved apart from doing covers and the occasional touch-ups. But he did mention that Marvel’s deal to allow CTW to feature Spidey on the Electric Company was virtually a gratis deal, as were the terms of publishing behind SPIDEY SUPER STORIES, the easy-reading children’s tie-in comic book. It was considered a public service then, even by tight-fisted Marvel. (As well as a way to expose potential young readers to the Marvel characters early.

This particular issue featured a book-length epic celebrating the nation’s bicentennial, which was all over the place in 1976. Doctor Strange sends Captain America and Spider-Man back in time so that Cap can met his heroes, the men who helped to found our nation. But Kang, irritated by all of the bicentennial celebrating, vows to change history so that the British win. And so, the time-travelers end up on the eve of the Boston Tea Party, and Spidey and Cap foil Kang’s plans to prevent it.

This is about as succinct an explanation of Kang as you’re ever going to get!

At the mid-point, the story is paused for a second tale, this one an adaptation of one of the live action Spidey sketches that ran on the Electric Company. In this one, Spidey battles the Stomper, who uses his huge feed to stamp on ceilings, step on toes, stomp on mail, and just generally step on the little people all around him. It doesn’t take long for Spider-man to catch up wit the Stomper, web him up and remove his oversized shoes, rendering him helpless.

After that short diversion, the larger story picks up again, this time with Kang appearing in 1775 and destroying all of the lamps in the tower meant to signal Paul Revere’s famous ride. Dr Strange transports Spidey and Cap there, they beat the heck out of Kang, forcing him to retreat, and then Spidey uses his spider-signal to substitute for the destroyed lamps, thus insuring that the Colonial Militia is warned and ready for the arrival of the Redcoats.

The final act takes our heroes to Philadelphia in 1776, where Kang intends to prevent the signing of the Declaration of Independence with a bomb attached to the Liberty Bell that will wipe out the city. But Cap and Spidey settle his hash, Spidey webs him up and Cap is able to defuse his explosive, thus allowing our champions to witness the historic moment firsthand. Then everybody, even Kang, is returned to the present to conclude the bicentennial party that opened the issue. 

On the chance that AOS doesn’t get renewed or if it gets one last season, I do hope that ABC greenlights “Marvel’s Ghost Rider” to take AOS’ place as ABC’s main Marvel show. 


1) His arc was basically a backdoor pilot for his show. Established his backstory and left the audience wanting more from this character. Robbie was one of those characters who you wanted to see explored more but not necessarily confined to a show where he’s not the lead (like how people wanted a Punisher spin-off after appearing in DD season 2). 

2) Plus, a GR show could establish a Riderverse within the MCU, like how CW has the Arrowverse. Ghost Rider could easily lead to Blade, the Darkhold Redeemers / Kamar-Taj, and Man-Thing. There’s a LOT of supernatural Marvel that hasn’t been tapped yet and a Riderverse could be a fun way to do so. 

3) There’s the added benefit of GR not being held to the movies because, aside from Doctor Strange, the Avengers and GOTG have nothing to do with the supernatural. 

4) If GR gets greenlit to take AOS’s place, I can definitely see Chloe Bennet jumping over to GR as the main female lead. Henry Simmons could also come on the show since he briefly took over the GR spirit. 

5) A big complaint that AOS got in season one was that there were no major Marvel superheroes appearing on the show. Sure, we got Deathlok and Lady Sif and later on, Skye was revealed to be Quake, but a lot of people wanted one of the top Marvel players on the show, like how CW features Green Arrow, Flash, and now Supergirl. Ghost Rider is not necessarily an A-list Marvel hero but he’s definitely well-known. I mean, he has two (albeit shitty) movies, obviously there’s fan demand for this character. 

6) Ayyyeee, Hispanic/Latinx representation. Along with Gabe, I’m pretty sure most of the main cast will be Hispanic/Latinx. That alone would generate a lot of positive buzz. Plus, if Mack and Daisy appear on the show as series regulars, that’s just more POC representation.

7) QuakeRider can live.  

Also, yes, Inhumans is there but I’m not sure if it’s going to be one of those shows that gets like 22-23 episodes per season. That’s definitely a wait-and-see situation. 

anice-1  asked:

Yeah I mean Winter Soldier had no forced heterosexual love interest angle (which was obviously a conscious decision because they could've easily been lazy and made it Natasha or add more Sharon or whatever) and it's generally regarded as one of the best Marvel movies amongst fans and critics alike ... like ... that should've told them something??? maybe???

Truly!!! Like I’m not saying no movie should ever have a hetero romantic subplot - if it makes sense then by all means add it in. But don’t just put it there bc u want to remind everyone that Your Hero Likes Girls, it’s entirely unnecessary. TWS literally had Steve turning down chances at a hetero romantic subplot and it is easily the best film they’ve ever made.
@ Marvel, more CATWS, less CACW, thank u.

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When did comics begin to get 'good'? I've been reading a lot of older comics (Original Dr. Strange and the like) and the writing is classic, cheesy and hilarious...but not actually 'good.' Not much in the way of character subtleties, plots that made sense, and the like. What was a turning point in your view?

I think it’s generally considered to be around the time the Bronze Age started. Comic fans were growing up, but still reading them as the stories began to actually have consequences (particularly Marvel stuff and more angsty heroes). The thing to also remember is that what is considered good nowadays wouldn’t necessarily be the same kind of good back then - as I’ve mentioned before, the writing style was entirely different, particularly when it came to how dialogue was written. It also depends on what book you read, since the Big Two have been releasing both great and terrible comics for decades with varying degrees of “What were you thinking?!” Even during the 80s, which many would consider the time of the most seminal comic works, had ideas that were both laughable and treated perfectly serious by the creators.

What Are You Doing Disney?

Disney. I’m disappointed in you. I went into the Times Square Disney Store last week to see if I could ask about the Big Hero 6 Tsum Tsums and I decided to browse around and see if I could find maybe a mug or something. (my bf and I have a habit of finding really awesome Disney mugs) Everywhere you looked, there was nothing but Disney princesses, stuff for the new Cinderella, and…of course….Frozen. Swarms of parents, children and tourists, grabbing everything they could with Elsa and Anna’s face on it: It was almost unsettling. 

When I finally found a section of “Big Hero 6″ I had to nearly pick my jaw off the floor. They had next to NOTHING BH6 related except for maybe 3 toys, a handful of t-shirts, and a book. That was it. No plushies. No, mugs, no dolls: Not a single thing that could interest kids. (and don’t get me started on their representation of Black Widow for Age of Ultron and how awful it is.) Finding an employee after almost 15 minutes, I finally found someone to ask my question to. I had my phone out because I was taking a picture of the Swarovski slipper they had for Cinderella and the young male employee I was speaking to freaked out. My case is Tadashi’s chip for Baymax. He asked where I had gotten it and I said online. He then proceeded to tell me how awesome it was and how he wished the store carried more things like that. And how so many people have come in looking for BH6 things and are disappointed at what they have in store. 

Call me floored here, but when your store employees freak out over my Baymax chip cell phone case and they wonder where they can get one, I think it should be telling you something.

“Big Hero 6 is the 3rd highest grossing Disney film of all time. And the #1 Animated Movie of 2014. AND won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film.”

…And Disney is too busy pushing more Frozen down everyone’s throats for them to see that there is a wonderful film getting no love whatsoever anymore. I’m all for a good princess movie every once and a while, but honestly some of my favorite Disney films don’t have a princess in them. (Meet the Robinsons, Treasure Planet, Lilo and Stitch, Lion King) I’m not so thick to know that the Disney Princess is like the bread and butter for Disney as an animation company and built it to what it is, but the fact is that there are more things they have that don’t have/need a princess to sell it. And 10 bucks says Frozen 2 will be all about Anna and Kristoph’s wedding. There goes that “Strong, don’t need a man to know/find the meaning of love” message Frozen had originally. But OH MAN will it sell more dresses and dolls.

And these ‘other’ Disney movies are not just for boys. I know more little girls who loved Baymax and thought Honey Lemon and GoGo were amazing. Example, there was a little girl at Zenkaikon dressed as Honey in her armor. And when I asked her why she picked Honey Lemon, she said because she loved Science and was happy there was a girl from Disney who loved Science too. It was great because it showed that its cool for girls to love technology and science and its not a “boy” thing to love science. Its almost like Disney is forgetting that they appeal to the whole general market. But they almost expect boys to only want things like the Avengers and Star Wars. While they are great properties that Disney bought, they are not the real Disney experience. Heck, even Big Hero 6 is Marvel and was originally made by the team Man of Action (the guys behind Generator Rex and the Ben 10 series). 

There has to start to be a balance between the pretty princess and the tough fighter. Merida lacked in character and just came off as self-entitled and frankly…annoying. (in a personal opinion) Honey and GoGo? I WISH they had more development because they are so great. You don’t have to be a princess to be a hero. You don’t have to have a crown to make a difference. They preach this in the commercials and PSAs on Disney Channel, but still shove the stereotype of the crown and dress down little girl’s throats. I like Disney. And their princesses are fun. But there has to start being a balance for kids. There is no crown. There is no prince. And you make your own happily ever afters. Stars don’t grant wishes and no fairy godmother will turn your rags to a ballgown. You have to learn to fight for yourself. That doing good for others is just being a good person: not royalty. 

*sigh* It will be okay Big Hero 6. There are plenty of people who love you.