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Imagine having to comfort your husband Severus Snape after he finds your name scribbled with hearts all over in a student's notebook

(Ok I tried my best for this :3 A part of me was super inspired while another part got a little writer’s block along the way xD So I just hope it makes sense from start to finish for you all :D Yay Snape fluff xD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

((Also this is like part of my other one shot where Snape is married to reader who is headmaster of Hufflepuff :3))   

Walking around the class, Severus made sure the students weren’t playing around behind his back while he gave them their lesson.

He checked onto their desk and tried his best to take notice of each details without catching their attention too much.

However, as his eyes scanned his surroundings, he couldn’t help but feel his heart clench when he caught a slight glimpse of what seemed to be your name in a student’s notebook.

Taking a few steps back, he tried to get a better look and just as he guessed it, your name was right there. In fact, it was scribbled all over, along with the student’s name and even worst, they all had hearts surrounding it.

It angered to see your name in such place, and even more realizing it was none other than that of Ron Weasley along with yours. His fists instantly clenched the longer his gaze lingered on the boy’s book.

His muscle tensed at the thought of the audacity the boy had to even write out your name in such ways. He couldn’t even hear whoever it was that had to read out loud, only thoughts of ripping apart that stupid notebook came to mind.

He knew it was childish of him to think of such things at the moment but a part of him just felt the need to remind the young boy who you belonged to truly. After going through so much to get you to like him back, there was just no way he was going to let anyone think you weren’t his at this point.

As Ron moved his hand to scribble once again through the boring lecture, Severus realized his intentions and was quick enough to stop the young boy with a hit of his book to the back of his head.

Oddly enough, this time it shocked everyone to hear Ron yelp in pain from him. It usually happened whenever he’d bother the class but this time around he didn’t seem to be doing anything in particular to deserve such punishment.

Nonetheless, from your husband’s glare, they instantly got back to their lectures, leaving Ron to soothe the back of his head and dumbfounded as to what he could be doing wrong.

Before he could even look at Harry to ask him about it, he heard Severus, whisper or rather growl, “I’ll be seeing you in detention, later today, Weasley…”.

He sighed at that and just knew he was going to miss out in most of his times with his friends in the afternoon.

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Warnings and Wishes

This is just a little drabble for my This Ends Tonight story.

I can’t write this as a complete and linear story. I have been writing a lot of pieces for this in the form of vignettes or snapshots. Every one takes place with Ivar and his wife in bed at the end of a given day, recounting something that happened between them on whichever given day, It is all completely out of order but it is just what feels best for this story.

warnings:boobs…that is about it. XD

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“No, they are too sensitive. Now stop whining like a baby. It isn’t very becoming of you, Husband.”

“Come on, I just want to play with them a little,” Ivar pleaded. Gliding his hands up his wife’s body, he gave her breasts a playful squeeze and added ”they have gotten so…fun.”

“Ow, not so hard. What is wrong with you?” Wincing, she shot a disapproving look over her shoulder and grasped her husband’s wrists and pushed his hands down, crossing her arms over her chest protectively.

Aisling’s already shapely breasts had grown full and heavy and Ivar couldn’t keep his hands off of them. She had been telling him for weeks now to stop touching them, they are sore, but he wouldn’t stop. He took every opportunity he could to slap or grab at them when she wasn’t looking. She had told him only that morning in bed after they had woken up, not to touch them anymore and  literally said “My nipples are off limits. They are officially off limits until I tell you otherwise.” Ivar had just looked at her incredulously and said, “You can’t possibly mean that.”  Not even thirty minutes later, when he had went to give her a goodbye kiss, he reached out and pinched her nipple, hard. He had gotten a good laugh out of it too. Ivar was lucky that she was still in bed, it gave him enough time to put a distance between them before her hand could reach his crotch and return his rude action. She had come close. As if all that wasn’t bad enough, he had also been following her around and hovering over her like a shadow. 

“I was being gentle.” he lied, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her in snugly to his chest. Nosing her hair aside, Ivar buried his face in her neck and started kissing it softly, grinding his hips against her backside. When she whimpered and pressed back into him, she dropped her guard along with her arms and Ivar took the opportunity to greedily paw at her again.

“Ivar, really?! How many times do I have to tell you to stop before you listen? They. Hurt.“

“I can’t help it,” he groaned in apology. Grinding into her again, he rubbed her nipples through her sleep gown, rolling them gently between his thumbs and forefingers, “but I can play nice, I promise.”

“I tell you that they are sore, and you hear ‘grope them more’.“  she scolded him, but didn’t move to stop his attentions.

Ivar pinched a little harder and hummed a little sound in agreement and scratched his stubbly cheek against her skin. Aisling tensed and scrunched up her shoulders, cursing at him under her breath. She hated it when he did that and he knew it. He just loved to get a rise out of her, it was too easy. He found her to be so cute when she was moody. He liked to play with fire. 

Fed up, Aisling pushed one his arms up and retched herself from his hold, “That is it!” she yelled, hastily covering herself up with a fir. She pulled it in tight around her body and threatened, “If your hands so much as come near me again before morning, I WILL bite you. Goodnight. ”  

Ivar laid back on the bed for a moment and worked on not letting a single decibel of the laugh that he was holding in rise to the surface before he inched closer and cautiously draped an arm over her hip. Lifting his free hand, he tangled his fingers in her hair and felt her shoulders tense. He thought for a moment maybe he should draw his hand back, for fear of her making good on her threat, but instead he was brave and started massaging his fingers into her scalp. She loved it when he did that, it always put her to sleep and his quiet apology soon had her drifting off. When he was sure she was sleeping, he did as he had been doing nearly every night. He placed his hand on her stomach and talked to his child about many things. Mostly warnings and wishes, until he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore.Then he would fall asleep just as he did nearly every night, with his hands on her breasts and blue balls. It was a wonder he awoke each morning with all of his fingers. 

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A Test in Patience

Title: A Test in Patience

 Prompt 1: Tangle.of.ivy (fanfic.net):  I’d like to request a Gabriel/OC story. The OC is making baked goods/sweets from scratch for Gabe. He appreciates it, but gets impatient with the process because he’s used to just snapping his sweets into existence. He whines, gets in the way, makes a mess of the kitchen, tries to distract the OC, etc. Possible food fight followed by making out and/or smut?

 Prompt 2:  “I’m trying my best to be polite, here.”  A prompt by @one-shots-supernatural for the #SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge.  

 ***I was having issues coming up with something for Prompt 2, but when you suggested your prompt, it fit too perfect for me not to use together! XD   Also, for the OC, I gave her the name Ivy, from your username ^^

 Summary: A day of baking takes some interesting turns when Gabriel decides the process is taking to long.  

 Warnings: none?

 Tags: @grace-for-sale, @lucifer-in-leather, @thewicked-end, @percywinchester27, @chaos-and-the-calm67, @nerdwholikesword, @chelsea072498, @pizzarollpatrol, @savingapplepie-eatingthings, @melonberri, @cici0507, @wayward-mirage, @charliebradbury1104, @bellastellaluna, @pinolief2001, @feelmyroarrrr

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To say you were baking up a storm was an understatement.  You had brownies in the oven, a cake cooling on the cooling racks, and you were getting ready to make up some double chocolate chunk cookies, followed by some puppy chow.  And why were you baking like a mad person, effectively dirtying almost every pan in your kitchen?  Because you had a weekend in planned with your boyfriend, Gabriel…the archangel/trickster/sweets lover.


You smiled when you thought of him.  You had been so busy at work and him with everything that was going on in heaven, that neither of you had time to just relax.  And by relax…you mean relax… Sure, you actually saw each other almost every night, going out to dinner or watching a movie, but you kept getting cut short because something came up, so you both decided…no phones, no angel radio, no nothing but the two of you in your house.  

The oven timer went off and you bent over to pull out the tray of brownies, savoring the smell they gave off as you pulled them from the metal contraption.  

“Now that is the best sight I could possibly come home to.”  You heard Gabriel say behind you.  You chuckled as you straightened out, setting the pan on the stove to cool.  

“Welcome home, Gabe!”  You said cheerfully as you walked over to him, wrapping your arms around his neck as you pulled him in for a deep kiss.

“Mmmm…if I get greeted with this every weekend in, we need to do this more often!”  He hugged you close, savoring the feeling as he laid his head against yours.  “I missed you, Ivy.”  

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A Sweet Sunday: Not Accepting

✿ - For my muse’s reaction to your muse giving them a bouquet, a single flower, or a flower crown. 

         When the Sonic alternate finally gave her permission to unveil optics, Sardonyx soon found herself blinking in surprise. In Arrow’s gloved palm and displayed before the artificial girl’s sights was a bouquet of enchanting flowers, such as dark red, pink, yellow, lavender and coral roses. Charmed by their scents and genuinely touched by her friend’s actions, the female smiled at him before gingerly wrapping digits around gift’s stems. Once she accepted them, the sentient clone could not prevent herself from breathing in their aromas deeply. Then when she opened enchanting rubies again, they radiated gratitude.

         “Arrow, they’re beautiful,” she declared whilst training gaze upon jade hues. Removing free palm from cheek, she then took the cerulean hedgehog’s hand quietly. “Thank you, I’ll be sure to treasure them while they last.”