but i found you in the end


The post ends with the line “it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your friend and your hero like that.”






Keith and Lance are Harry and Neville

(more under the cut because this is long as fuck)

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I want everyone to call him Leopold. Pretentiously.

omg that would be amazing. like legitimately would make my year.

like just imagine real jemma going up to fitz and being like

“fitz, thank god i found you”

“fitz is my father. it’s leo”

*cue jemma’s like super shocked/offended/surprised face*

“okay, leopold”

okay but also it would make total sense for him to be called leo in this world if he’s going to be with his dad. like his dad might be called fitz, so he would have to go my leo. why must my jokes end up being meta like why

Feeling awful after the way the episode ended last night? We can’t change what the SG writers did but we can continue to make our own stories/art that feels more congruent to our favorite characters. 

I literally just found this fanfic that would be a wonderful alternative and paints Mon White Dude Bro as he should have been seen last night. 

It is a nice one shot

Just Friends by my fav Silent Rain

Go check it out! Leave comments and kudos and all that fun stuff. 

When you’re done, check out @livewire-s new fanfic Touch Me Like I’m Glass  The first chapter is so great. It’s heartbreaking and sad. By the end of the chapter I was screaming into the void. 

At last!

Almost three years later, I’ve finally finished reading Dracula! Strangely, I’m almost sorry to see the end of it.

I got awfully frustrated near the middle when Mina went from the stern and capable “I’m in charge of the notes and don’t you dare set off my husband’s ptsd or you’ll answer to me” to “Oh dear I feel so weak I’ll let the menfolk handle everything”, and found myself muttering while reading about how clearly the men are all idiots for not recognizing this as a sign of exsanguination via vampire.

Of course, once they figured it out, I noticed that Mina got some of the old spunk back. And – the part that left me grinning like mad – she got a revolver and actually fought in the final battle!
I don’t think I’ve seen any other victorian novel where the woman got to do that. You go, Mina, let ‘em have it!

Well, that’s one more adventure finished. Now I can return to Watership Down.

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how do you keep hope alive for finding love after heartbreak, and also to be content with my life until someone else comes along?

hi there. To keep hope alive, just remember that you will always love. There is no one single soulmate for anyone. You will find love again. You will heal, and you will love again. Try to remember that. I went through a really really hard breakup and ended up in another loving relationship over a year later. 

Because of this, i was single for my entire Junior year of high school and most of senior year. These were actually some of the best years of my life and really really had a lot of fun and found myself really growing and flourishing. I focused on the people in my life that were my friends. That was what made me super happy. and I was totally content being single, because I was so happy. 

I have a post about dealing with breakups in general which kind of talks about this healing process and self care and stuff so maybe check that out too <3 

Good luck <3

Race the Moon, Catch the Wind

Moon so bright night so fine
Keep your heart here with mine
Life’s a dream we are dreaming
Race the moon catch the wind
Ride the night to the end
Seize the day stand up for the light

I want to spend my lifetime loving you
If that is all in life I ever do……

        song by Tina Arena & Marc Anthony

The idea for editing this picture came from  "I want to spend my lifetime loving you"

The source of picture screenshot from The Hobbit 3 movie, battle scene Thranduil and orcs.

For anyone who wishes to share my pictures on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else on social media, please include the link where you’ve found my pictures. Also, do not change my edits. This includes the change of colour as well as the cropping of the picture or screenshot. Do not blame me if I report your link for you have been warned

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I just wanna say that I found Nerve Endings because of this blog and its my favourite fic ever so thank you. Also Masquerade and umfbmha YOU JUST PUT PEOPLE IN TOUCH WITH REALLY GREAT WRITING THANK :)))

No problem!! I’m so glad you found a great fic!!

*#heartsforsean* SEAN I LOVE YOU!!! I know you are inactive probably just to take a breather and get back to your old self, but remember “sadness only last for a night, but joy cometh in the morning ” we are here for you dude and we love you 💚💚💚 I found this Channel around the end of March 2016 coming home with my friend fron school. We were watching Mark’s evie videos and suddenly she clicked to his “Marriage Counselor ” evie vid. I was interested but a little weirded out. Not towards Sean personally, but because he was a new person i have never seen before. Little did i know then he was gonna be the biggest part of my life. Now he is my best friend and Basically family and birthday month twin. Through his videos i got to understand him so much. I am suicidal but the only reason i have not died is because he is here with me. And the thought of leaving hik scares the crap outta me lol. He means the world to me and ti see him like this breaks my heart more than i can explain. The way i love him cannot be expressed into words. He’s my everything.

How do I move forward?

I was married, and I thought that would be the end. I had found the man who made me happy beyond just romance and sex. He completed me. We complimented each other.

Till we didn’t.

I grew up.

He didn’t.

It lead to verbal abuse from both of us.

Did you know that your significant other can sexually assault you? Well they can.

His drinking got more persistent.

We were angry.

He drank.

He made threats.

I was angry.

He drank.

Till finally I found my courage. I left and took the baby with me before things got worse, and they did get worse. Luckily we were safe and away.

Apart we started to recover. No longer were we poisoning each other.

He started to see our boy more and more.

We were functional coparents.

Till the one morning I got a call.

Is my boy okay!? His father had him last night, is my boy okay?! Were the only words running through my head.

Was it a car accident?

It was an accident all right, self induced, self medicated, self prescribed.

But was my boy okay?!

The no longer secret girlfriend assured me he was fine, as she mourned my husband. Her tears were offensive. She loved him and I didn’t understand how anyone could love such a man.

I hadn’t loved him in a long time.

That didn’t matter anymore because my boy would be forever safe.

What about me though?




If love exists do I even deserve it?

How do I move forward?

You and Me

Characters: Gabriel x Reader

Summary: The apple pie life isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be and maybe the true happy endings are found with people who know you for who you really are.  

Word Count: 1911 words

A/N: After my entry for @wi-deangirl77 for her 300 followers celebration I couldn’t leave Gabe like that so here is a part 2

Part 1 – Go Your Own Way.

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Sitting at the table in the kitchen flicking through a magazine while sipping a lukewarm cup of coffee you tried to put your finger on the nagging feeling you had in the back of your mind.  Here you were living the happily ever after.  A great guy who loved you, an actual job that paid actual money as a clerk in a bookstore, the nice house with a white picket fence, you were living the dream and yet… it was so boring and really quite lonely.

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Always Darkest Before the Dawn (Danny/Stiles)

Anonymous said: Danny/Stiles teeny fic yo 😎 & cobrilee said: Stiles/Danny

Hope y’all enjoy this! Teeny Fic #21

And I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t
So here’s to drinks in the dark at the end of my road
And I’m ready to suffer and I’m ready to hope
It’s a shot in the dark aimed right at my throat
‘Cause looking for heaven, found the devil in me

Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine

Always Darkest Before the Dawn. Danny/Stiles. Teen. Also on AO3.

Stiles is trying to deal with everything that happened while he was possessed, and Danny comes along at the right time to give him hope

“You look like you could use this.” Danny is standing by the bar with a shot of something amber colored in his hand.

“Thanks.” Stiles takes it from him, drinking it one gulp. It’s strong, making his eyes sting, and he coughs after he puts the glass down. “So not funny, dude.”

“It’s a special mixture the bartender created. It’s called an eye opener, which I thought you could use.” Danny slides onto the stool next to his, nudging him with his elbow. “Wanna talk about it?”

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Oh boy where do I begin?
I actually found you through my 2 younger brothers. I heard shouting through my bedroom walls one day and decided to figure out where it was coming from. Turns out that loud voice was coming from you and my life hasn’t been the same since. My siblings and I have been watching you for 2 or 3 years now and we have never been happier. Without you we wouldn’t be who we are today. I have met so many people through this community in real life and on the internet. I don’t want to make this too long so I think I’ll end it here. We all love you so much and don’t stop being you 💚

I have to thank Menna for correcting my English, check out her blog!

happy johnlock to you all ^.^

I arrived at 221B and found them curled up together, with Rosie sleeping on Sherlock’s chest and him either in his mind palace or in his dreams. I longed with tenderness and love for my friend, but it was finally free of anger and shame. The agony I’d suffered had shaped me and it was now easier to accept my sentiments and the pain they caused: I knew I’d never be able to be in a relationship with him, but our friendship was beautiful enough. While these thoughts ran in my mind, I had been staring at him for quite long, lost in the lines of his neck and in the shades of his curls. Suddenly his lips moved: “What are you thinking of?”
His deep voice sent chills down my spine, and my throat hurt at the thought of having to answer.
“I was – I – nothing important, really.”
Great impression of an idiot, John.
Sherlock sat and held Rosie, still sleeping in his arms. “John, if you have to tell me something, please do.”
I wasn’t ready for this conversation. Damn this beautiful man and how unpredictable he is.
“Why do you think I’d want to tell you something?” My voice had hardened.
“You’ve been staring at me for almost tenminutes now. That suggests I’m the object of your thoughts.”
“Why did you ask in the first place if you could deduce it?!”
At that exclamation Rosie started crying and I witnessed something I’ll never forget: Sherlock softened enough for me to struggle at recognizing him. He spoke quietly to her:  “It’s al right. Hush now, sleep now.”
She was already calm when he told her “I love you.”
He left me and took her upstairs, I considered running away but I decided on making tea instead. To tell him or not to tell him, that was the problem. Sherlock had came back and sat in his armchair, waiting.
“Do you think I should tell you?”
“I wouldn’t have asked otherwise.”
I realized I was having difficulties breathing, “I’m not sure I can.”
“That’s what I thought. But I get it, you don’t want me to be a father-like figure for your daughter. Don’t worry, I’ll back up.”
“What?!” I couldn’t help feeling stupid after giving away the perfect cover with that word.
He glanced at me, with a mixture of relief and surprise, “What was it then?”
“Nothing. I was thinking about Mary.”
Sherlock raised an eyebrow: “You’re lying.”
“I’m – why? Oh fuck it.”
Sherlock made his best drama queen face and got up. “There’s nothing important that I keep from you.”
I got up as well. “I didn’t know anything about your childhood!” I shouted.
“Neither did I, apparently!”
There was a brief silence, and we started giggling simultaneously.
“I can’t even be mad at you for more than two minutes.”
“I don’t think two minutes passed.” He smiled at me, “Dinner?”
We ordered chinese and I was thankful when we dropped the subject. He started talking about an old case, I was fascinated.
In the mid of the story I interrupted him. “But there’s a detail wich isn’t quiet clear to me: why would the man want him to write a document if the all company was fake?”
“That’s exaclty what I thought when the client told me! Brilliant observation! You see..”
His next words faded, he had said “Brilliant.”, he had smiled so cheerfully… I felt like fainting, this situation was getting out of hand.
Time passed quickly, “I should go home now.”
“But Rosie’s sleeping. You could stay in my room, I’ve got work to do anyway.”
I thought for a moment that he meant sleeping together, and my heart had missed a beat.
“But Sherlock I’m taking advantage of you. You already kept Rosie today and I made you waste at least four hours now!”
“Don’t be stupid, the hours I spend with you are never wasted. And I was happy being with Rosie as well.”
I felt his eyes through me, looking at me so intensely.
“Sherlock, do you really tell me everything?”
He moved so that we weren’t so near on the sofa, “I said everything important.”
“Tell me something unimportant, Sherlock Holmes.” I challenged him.
“I delete whatever is.”
He looked very uncomfortable, but I kept pushing him. “There has to be an exception, otherwise I‘d know everything about you, following your logic.”
“Yes, you’re right. I cannot delete my sentiments.”
I felt my chest aching, after all he had done he still felt like his sentiments didn’t matter. I hugged him tight, suddenly uncaring of what he could think about me after an action like that.
“Sherlock, for christ sake, they are part of you, and you matter so much you can’t even imagine.”
He hesitantely put his hands on my shoulder and neck.
“Are they important to you?” He said, caressing my arm lightly.
“Of course they are. You are.” I was letting my fingers wander in his curls, but i wouldn’t let my words be spoken, I could feel the “I love you.” carefully abort from my lips.
We were so close in that moment that I didn’t notice the silence, I sensed how fragile we both were to each other and how beautiful that was.
“Than I ought to tell you: I love you, John.”

DC is a cursed fandom and it always has been you’ve got

the 25-30 year olds who’ve been here for a while but are still stuck in old internet rhetoric like no ship hate! don’t fight hate with hate! (probably get called parental names by their followers, are considered resources on comic content even though a lot of them tend to be neurotypical enough that they never can quite get the villains just right but can pretend they do)

the overwhelmingly straight fanbase, surprisingly, even for the villains that are often coded as not straight - to this day a handful of content exists for gay stuff only found in niches you look to find for hours on end and there is much more content of blank slate girl OCs to be straight with and fuck in fics on ao3. real big market for that

the young'ns who think i want any sort of part in their true crime fanbase ‘let’s psychoanalyze villains that already have confirmed disorders and diagnose them with something ELSE after being on mayoclinic for half an hour for fun’

and then i, drawing furry batman villains and posting them online since 2007, the worst of them all

Since a lot has being going decided to join the hearts for Sean because it awful so many bad things have been happening due to unfortunate events but I just wanted to say how I found out about Sean and how he has changed my life.

It was somewhere last year 2016 in June when I subscribed to your channel and I found you channel through Pinterest because you’d always show up when I needed to find inspirational quotes. I ended up looking for your channel and subscribing. My favorite memory would have to be not believing that I would have lower my volume when I watched you video. I was honestly surprised to not only find one of the loudest cheery YouTuber but you were Irish. Since I subscribed my life have changed so much thanks you I have meet so many lovely people because of this community and I have never felt more inspired to do things like art. So I want to thank you for being you and making amazing videos that motivate me to do my very best every day.


Bella and Cassandra are chatting through the wall that separates them.

- “Call it mother’s instinct. But I knew there was something off with Don. That is why when you and him started dating I decided to run a background check on him.”

- “Why didn’t you just tell me, mom?”

- “You were head-over-heels in love, Cassie. I know you. You need your facts…So I found out Don came to Pleasantview in a rental car. A car that had been rented in Strangetown the day after that UFO crash. I tried very hard to find more information about him. I even visited Strangetown one day. But all traces ended there. It was as if he didn’t exist before August 2014.”

- “He always tells me he grew up in Riverview, but I guess…”

- “It’s all a lie. There are no birth records of him in Riverview either. I didn’t exactly know what was wrong with him, but by then I was sure there was something very wrong. So I decided to face him directly, and tell him to stay away from you. I was even ready to offer him money. So I visited him one evening at his condo. And…well, I guess you know the rest.”

- “He locked you in here, took advantage of his visits to the manor to leave a letter in your and dad’s room and made it all look as if you had abandoned us. But…why?”

- “All I know is that Don… he is…he’s Pollination Technician.”

Ok, so. I just want to mutter for a while about the shitty fact that men very often leave their wives because they got fat (not speaking from own experience, but from what I observe). You can learn a lot from this fact about men. If you think a man is going to be your soul mate, your friend, the person to lean on, gonna love you for who you are, well think twice. I am constantly reminded the sad fact that men marry only for 3 reasons - to have a nice ass around to fuck (preferably a thin and small one), to reproduce, to have a free housekeeper. End of story. The moment you can’t fulfill something of those 3 you are out the door. Bless those women who found men that are not just looking only at their appearances. I’ve never met such a man in my life. And before you come to me and say I’m bitter…No, I’m not bitter, I’m just realizing the simple truths about living. 

Victor and Grief/Loss as it Applies to his Career

After episodes 10-12 we finally got a really good look into Victor’s thought process and I’d like to talk about a portion of it. Specifically regarding his experience with grief and the loss of his career/the life he’d known up until the start of the show.

Victor’s whole life has been about skating. It’s all he’s ever known. He himself has admitted that it’s not until he gets away from the skating that he’s able to evaluate the bigger picture, what life and love means for him. But just because he’s found new purpose in Yuuri does not mean that he doesn’t grieve the loss of the life he’s known up until now.

After episode 12 you’re probably thinking, “but hey, he goes back to competitive skating in the end. So what was he grieving if he was planning that all along?” What I will attempt to prove with this meta is that Victor actually goes through the entire grieving process before episode 12. Please give me a listen and I’ll show you what I mean! (The rest is under the cut due to length and images.)

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This is my first script from the first Harry Potter film. My mum was cleaning our office the other day and she found it at the bottom of the pile of something. It’s bizarre when you go through it, you know, highlighted all the lines. Then, I don’t know what I did, really. I just sort of learned my lines and learn the end of other people’s, so I knew when to come in. That’s it because I was 11…”