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Failed Deception

Anon asked:  “can you do a taehyung bad boy scenario like you did with yoongi and hoseok? i just found them and theyre so cutee 💓💓”


PAIRING: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Badboy AU!, Fluff
Word count: 1.5k


 Taehyung wants to hold your hand and kiss you but he doesnt want to ruin his bad boy image

A/N: You guys are really liking this whole bad boy thing huh!Thank you for liking my other scenarios and thank you so much for requesting this one. I enjoyed writing and I hope you enjoy reading it!! Also I might just make this into a series since only 3 more members are left :)

Others members: Yoongi ver // Hoseok ver // Jeongguk ver 


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When Taehyung had asked you out on a date you hadn’t expected for it to be at a carnival. You were expecting something along the lines of a club where you would have to wear some skimpy dress, and probably spend the night coughing your lungs out because of all the smoke vapours and pungent alcohol smell. But you were very surprised when Taehyung unwrapped the blindfold and your eyes had fallen on the giant ferris wheel and a crowd of people bustling from place to place having a good time.

“You like it?” he smiled warmly at you. You shook your head looking around trying to soak in the beautiful sight. He was worried that you didn’t like it and was about to offer to take you to a place of your choice but you interrupted him. “I love it” you whispered and as soon as the reassuring words had left your mouth his frown disappeared and his face lit up with a bright smile. One that made your heart race.

As soon as you approached the booth to buy your tickets , Taehyung found himself to be on the receiving end of a shocked stare. You had to stop yourself from giggling because you understood the sentiment. After all Taehyung wasn’t someone who usually frequented such domestic events, rather everyone expected to find him at some underground joint getting high. Understanding why he was being stared at, Tae opted to glare at the guy and hissed under his breath some very colourful swear words that had the young man in front of you fumbling with the tickets.

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“damn, i love you” - bts jungkook smut&fluff

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word count: 2,100

member: Jungkook (and jungcock to if ya know what I mean)

genre: fluff and smut 

warnings: sexual content, soft dom!Jungkook, swearing

this is my first smut ever so I hope it’s any good and you guys enjoy it! (it’s also based on Rita Ora’s “Your Song” kinda)

You met Jungkook in school, when he was sitting in one of many empty classrooms, making a song. He was probably the hottest person you’ve ever seen and surely the most spontaneous one. After almost a year of being in a very weird friendly-flirty relationship with him, where nothing was really official but you’d hate to see him with other people, you started thinking more about what you two had. You were absolutely positive he brought out the best of you. He forced you to try new things, meet new people, helped you grow as a person and, quite frankly, made your stomach turn any time he gave you one of his deep, analysing looks. He made you happy. Like, super duper happy. When you were around him, you managed to somehow forget about how shitty life could get.

You kissed before, a couple of times, most of which Jungkook was too shitfaced to ever remember. You’d often catch yourself staring at him with hearteyes as he was making music on the floor of your living room, always having you listen to samples of his songs, that often ending in dancing in your pajamas and then laughing untill your stomach would hurt. Jungkook’s music was kind of a theme in your relationship. After all, he was making a song when you first met. 

“We’re going out tonight” he stated, throwing himself on your couch with a beer in his hand. “We are?” you raised your eyebrow and he nodded eagerly. “We are. You need a little distraction from all that schoolwork or your head’s gonna pop off” you laughed at his serious tone “Okay, then we’re going out” you agreed, making him give you a surprised look “Well that was easy! I thought it would take more convincing” he slowly sipped his beer “I haven’t been out in weeks so better make it good” you challenged him and all he did was give you the smugest smirk ever. “Bet on it!” 

You were drinking rounds after rounds, the loud music in the club making your mind foggy. All you cared about was that Jungkook was next to you, laughing and dancing and singing along to the songs you knew. His hair was sticking to his sweaty forehead, his eyes sparkling and you just couldn’t stop yourself from kissing him. He leaned into you as soon as your lips touched, the kiss unexpected but not unwanted. He had his hands on your hips as you were still dancing in the middle of the dancefloor. “Wanna go home?” he asked and you just nodded. 

You were sat in the back of the cab, your hand in Jungkook’s hair, mind still foggy from all the alcohol you had before. “You’re gonna forget about it in the morning, aren’t you?” you suddently asked and he just smiled at you, shaking his head, leaning in to kiss you again. “No way” he mumbled into the kiss and you smiled, wanting to believe him.

You stumbled while walking into his apartament, both laughing way too loud. “Are we gonna have sex?” the thought that’s been stuck in your mind suddently left your lips, making you giggle. “Nope” was Jungkook’s answer. “Whyyy” your sober self would never say something like that and you couldn’t help but laugh at how flustered Jungkook looked. “We’re too drunk, I wanna know what’s going on when I have sex with your for the first time” his confession left you totally speechless. “I wanna cuddle tho” was all you could say, taking of your bra and walking towards his bedroom. 

When you woke up, you were terrified, completely not knowing where you were. After a while of trying to move but not being able to, you identyfied Jungkook’s arm draped over you as the reason why you were stuck. His face was turned towards your, soft snores escaping his parted lips. You smiled softy, leaning in to place a soft kiss on his nose, making him mumble something in his sleep. You expected to have a killer hangover but you only had a slight headache, nothing you couldn’d manage. Jungkook’s room was peacful, sunlight lazily leaking through the curtains, his breath tickling your left cheek. “It’s rude to stare” you heard his raspy whisper and smiled at him. “I don’t mind being rude” your voice was just as raspy, making him chuckle. “Of course you don’t” he pulled you closer to him, nuzzling his head in your hair. “I think I might be in love with you” you whispered as quietly as you could, afraid to say it completely out loud. You’ve never had a feeling like that. “Well that would be convinent seeing as I’m positive I’m in love with you”.

Later that afternoon you found yourself laying on Jungkook’s couch listening to his most recent song. “I’m not sure if the bridge is good to be honest, but I think the beat and the melody sound really cool together” he stated and you nodded. “I like it a lot” was all you said, all you could focus on was his face. “You’re not even listening Y/N” he sighed and you smiled sheepishly “You’re pretty” you said as you moved over to place a peck on his lips. 

“Do you wanna go to Namjoon’s party tonight?” Jungkook asked. A few weeks passed since the memorable night that ended up in you making everything official. “Namjoon as in Namjoon your best friend that you never wanted me to hang out with?” you asked shocked and he nodded “Didin’t want him stealing my girl” he winked and you shook your head in disbelief. “I wanna go”

Yet again, you found yourself dancing with Jungkook, his hands on your hips, alcohol making you both braver than usually. Namjoon had access to his building’s roof which made for an amazing party spot. Your originally innocent touches now started to get more and more heated, Jungkook’s hands travelling to squeeze your butt from time to time, making you giggle. “Damn I love you” you heard his breathy whisper in your ear as he kissed you neck, making you melt into his touch. The song changed and you immidiately recognized it. It was the same song Jungkook was working on when you first met. “What the fuck babe!” was all you could say, your mind suddently clear. 

You weren’t drunk, just a little tipsy and you felt so many things all at once. “Is there anyone in Namjoon’s flat right now?” you asked suddently and Jungkook shook his head. You took his hand and dragged him down the stairs. He knew where Joon kept his spare key and as soon as you got inside the apartment he was all over you. His hand roaming all over your body, kissing you with so much passion and love. You quickly helped him take his shirt off, him doing the same for you, unclasping your bra and tossing it somewhere. You giggled, never breaking the kiss as you both got to the couch, and soon he was hoveing over you with his lips still on yours. You moved your hands all over his back and he moved down, kissing your neck, sucking on it from time to time, sure to leave marks. It felt so good to be there with him, he kissed down your stomach, making your body tremble and stopped at the waistband of your pants. “Can I?” he looked up at you, panting, and you smiled and nodded, never wanting something as much as you wanted him at that very moment. He took your jeans off, still leaving your panties on and started kissing your inner thighs. Your breathy moans filled the room, you could feel the wetness between your legs being too much to handle. You hands found Jungkook’s head and you tangled your fingers in his hair. You moaned his name impatiently, making him chuckle. “Patience baby, I want you to remeber this moment” he gave you the sweetest smile ever and placed a single kiss on your pussy, still through your panties. This alone made your whole body tremble. “Someone’s eager, aren’t you babygirl?”, “Jungkook please stop teasing me, I need you, please” you really couldn’t take it anymore. “All you needed to do was ask” he gave you his signature smile and yanked your panties down to your knees, lifting your legs up for better access. “You’re so wet baby. Who made you this wet?” you never were a fan of dirty talk but Jungkook seemed to be really good at it. “You did” you managed to get out and he nodded. “That’s right” he mumbled before licking one, long stripe along your slit. You tried to buck your hips but he held you down. “I’m gonna need you to stay still, can do you that for me babygirl?” he asked teasing your pussy with his finger. “I’ll try” “Good girl” he smiled again, his head back between your legs. His tongue cricled around your clit, while his finger teased your entrance, spreading your juices. You felt his finger enter you, slowly but surely, making you gasp and he hummed in approval. His lips closed around your clit, sucking softly as his finger moved in and out of you at a steady pace. “Jungkook go faster please” you moaned and he did, adding another finger and moving faster and faster. He sucked on your clit harshlt now, licking over it every now and again and you felt yourself get close. He must’ve felt it too, cause he hummed again, the vibration making your pussy clench on his fingers. “Are you gonna cum for me babygirl?” he asked and you nodded, so close to your orgasm. “You gotta ask for permission” you had no idea how but somehow he seemed to know everything you were into. “Please may I cum?” you whispered and he smirked, “What was that? I can’t hear you” his fingers were pounding in and out of you and hitting all he right spots. “Please Jungkook let me cum” you moaned loudly. “That’s my good girl, cum for me, come on babygirl, all over my fingers” that was all you needed. Your whole body trembled as your walls clenched around his finger, loud moans leaving your lips. He made you ride out your orgasm until it felt so good it hurt, and only then he took his fingers out of your pussy, taking them up to your parted lips. “Wanna get a taste?” he ask to which you nodded, making him smile. You sucked his finger, swirling your tongue around and never breaking eye contact. He took his hand away, replacing it with his lips, kissing you deeply. You reached to unbuckle his belt and quickly took his pants off, palming him through his underwear. “I wanna taste you now” you stated and brushed your thumb over his tip, making him inhale sharply. “I’m not gonna be able to last baby, I wanna be inside you so bad” he admitted taking his underwear off and lining his cock with your entrance. He teased you for a while, spreading your juices with his tip. “Do you want it?” he asked and you moaned in anticipation “Please” was all you could say. He pushed himself inside, spreading you so good, making you gasp. He was big and it felt so good. “Fuck you’re so fucking tight” he mumbled “Feels so good”. He started moving in and out of you slowly and kissed you, sweat forming on his foreahead. “More Jungkook please I need more” you begged and he picked up his pace. You wrapped your legs around his waist allowing him to go even deeper. You felt yourself getting close, clenching around him and moaning loudly. “Fuuuck baby do that again” he moaned lowly and you did, making him whimper. “Im so close” you were about to cum for the second time. a moaning mess under Jungkook, your hands griping the couch. “Are you gonna cum with me? Are you gonna be a good girl and cum with me?”, “Please” you moaned, not being able to hold back anymore. You felt Jungkook come inside you, as you clenched around him, both of you moaning loudly. As you both finished, exhausted as ever, he collapsed over you, his cock still in you pussy. He kissed you again, slowly this time. “I love you”, “I love you too but we need to clean up Kook. It’s Namjoon’s couch” you remined him and he laughed softly. “We totally just made love on my best friend’s couch”. 

CS FF: This is Us

Summary:  Emma and Killian experience important moments in her pregnancy together.  (Includes some missing scenes from 7x02.)

Rating: G

Note: Well, I am mourning CS and I wasn’t all that happy with their last episode.  I was especially disappointed that we never got to see any important moments in her pregnancy and didn’t get to see them with their baby.  I was hoping we’d at least get a few little snippets.  So that’s what fanfics are for and that’s why I wrote this one.  I hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…This is Us: Part 1/1…

Emma smiled as she finished lighting the last candle on the dining room table.  She glanced at her watch.  Killian would be home any minute now.  She wanted everything to be perfect when she told him he was going to be a father.

They had been trying to conceive for a long time.  Emma was starting to worry that they wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally and would have to explore alternatives.  There had been a couple of false alarms.  Emma was late, but when she took the pregnancy tests they were negative.  Her doctor attributed her late periods to stress.  

There was a part of Emma that feared she might never be able to have a child with Killian. She worried that maybe she was being punished for giving Henry up all of those years ago.  But Killian, always understanding, had soothed her fears, assuring her that when the time was right, they would conceive a child of their own.  She wanted nothing more than to raise a child with her husband, her true love, right from the start of its life.  

About a week ago, she realized that her period was a couple of days late again.  She wanted to tell Killian, but he had been so disappointed after the last two false alarms.  This time, she wanted to be sure before she got his hopes up.   So she took a pregnancy test and it came back positive.  Two more confirmed it.  Still, Emma wanted to be absolutely sure, so she had confirmed it with her doctor this afternoon.  The joy she felt at knowing she was carrying Killian’s child was indescribable.  She wanted to run and tell him, but she resisted.  They had waited this long and she wanted it to be special when he found out he was going to be a father.  

Emma heard the front door open and then slam closed.

“Emma, I’m home,” Killian called.

Emma smiled at the sound of her husband’s voice. Even after years of marriage, his voice still made her heart race.

“In the dining room,” she replied.

Killian appeared a moment later, a smile on his lips at the romantic dinner before him and his wife in the dress she’d worn on their first date.

“What’s all this?” he asked, placing a kiss on her cheek.  “Did I forget a holiday of this realm?”

Emma shook her head and took his hand.  She led him to his seat.  

“I wanted tonight to be special,” she said, as he sat down.  

Killian cocked an eyebrow and looked up at his wife. “And why is that?”

Emma moved to the hutch on the wall behind him and picked up a bottle of rum. She came to stand in front of him and placed the bottle on his plate.

“This should answer all of your questions.”

Killian looked down at the bottle of rum.  A label had been printed and affixed to it that read:  




Killian stared at the bottle, his mouth dropping open in shock.  Emma scanned his face, trying to gauge his reaction.  

His gaze finally lifted to hers. “Are you…You’re…We’re having a baby?”

Emma felt tears fill her eyes as she nodded her head.  “Yes, Killian, you’re going to be a father.”

“And you’re sure?” he asked.

Emma nodded.  “Three pregnancy tests and my doctor confirmed it.”

A huge smile swept across his lips as realization finally dawned on him. “I’m going to be a father.  We’re going to have a baby!”

Emma laughed, as he grabbed her hand and pulled her down onto his lap.   She looped her arms around his neck, as Killian’s lips met hers.  They pulled back a moment later, their foreheads still touching.

“I can hardly believe this is finally happening,” he breathed.

“It was the right time, just like you said,” she replied with a smile.

Killian placed his hand on his wife’s belly.  Emma covered his hand with hers.  “Turns out, you were right.  I do have a little pirate in me.”

Killian laughed and then kissed his wife again.  “Or princess,” he whispered.

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That Growl: Loki x Reader

“And what’s this book about?” You asked, lifting another one off Loki’s shelf.

The god looked up at you from his seat by the window, green eyes flashing. “Don’t touch that.”

“Sorry, I’m just curious, you spend so much time reading, I want to know what keeps that mind of yours occupied.”

“A mere guard who spends all her time practicing or doing whatever duties is assigned to her could hardly understand.” Loki sneered, eyes fixated on you as you returned the book to its previous location.

You sighed, “You don’t have to be so grumpy towards me, I’m not the one that put you on house arrest.”

“Yes, thank you for that reminder.”

“How about this book?” You pulled another from the shelf.

Loki pinched the bridge of his nose, “A story, now put it back.”

“What kind of story?” You asked innocently. “One you couldn’t appreciate because you can’t read the language.”

“We speak and read the All Language, surely I would be fine.”

Loki crossed the room and opened it. Your eyes were dazzled by the glowing and sparkling runes. Slowly your mouth fell open in awe as Loki snapped the book shut and returned it to the shelf. “It’s not translated.” He muttered, turning away. Just as he moved to sit back down, he spun around at the sound of you pulling another book from the shelf.

“What of this one?” You asked innocently, eyes wide.

“Enough!” Loki snarled, “You’ve been at this thirty minutes, do you not grow tired?”

You shrugged, setting it back, “Surely one of them you will tell me about.” You turned back to find another book, slowly pulling it out when you felt Loki’s vicelike grip on your wrist.

“Darling.” He growled into your ear, “Enough.” Slowly he guided your hand back towards the shelf, turning you to face him as he used his body to pin you to the wall beside the shelf.  For a moment the two of you locked eyes and you felt your pulse pick up, the way he was angrily glowering down at you.

Loki’s hand moved from the shelf, supporting the book into place and very carefully and hesitantly, reached down and cupped your throat. His thumb rested on your pulse, gently stroking the skin as he felt the rapid beat beneath it. You swallowed hard, gazing at his face as his eyes slowly darkened. He had you pinned to the wall beside the shelf, his legs pressing down on other side of you and his torso pressed tightly against yours. You could feel every minute shift of his body as he breathed against you, his breath wafting over your face, minty and fresh.

Slowly his hand moved down your throat, sliding along your collar bone and stopped on your breast. He studied you for a moment, waiting for your reaction before applying the faintest pressure. You gasped softly, biting your lower lip to stifle the noise.

Loki grinned slowly. “So it’s true, I have seen the way you look at me when you think I’m not watching.”

You swallowed hard as Loki needed your breast harder. Glancing away, you tried to turn your gaze back to the shelf.

“It’s curious that you chose that book, it’s one I’ve pleasured myself to before.” Your breath hitched as your gaze shot back to his face. “Does the thought of that excite you, pet? My visage, sweaty and coming undone, my thick cock in my hand, hand moving just so as I bring myself to my peak?”

You squeaked, throat going dry as you found yourself nodding.

Loki leaned forward, gripping your hair with his free hand and dragging you into a deep and heady kiss. Your mouths meshed together, moving in sync before his tongue snaked out, demanding access to your mouth, curling around your tongue and dominating the kiss. Loki slowly smiled into the kiss, pulling away as the two of you gasped for breath. Your hands had moved up to knot in his hair, the other slowly sliding down his back and grasping his ass. Your fingers snaked their way beneath the line of his trousers, nails digging into his ass as your other hand gripped his shoulder.

Loki’s grin widened.

Slowly he knelt down, pulling your trousers and panties with him as he moved, his tongue darted out on his lips before leaning forward and pressing a soft kiss to your womanhood. You blushed heavily, head thrown back against the wall as your back arched away, pressing your cunt deeper against his licking tongue. He worked your button with his fingers, his tongue delving deep into your folds and satisfying you in ways no other man had. All too soon, fluids dripping wantonly down your legs, Loki straightened up, cupping your face with both hands as he met you once more in a hungry kiss.

“Oh this was a good idea,” He growled.

“All because I messed with your books?” You asked cheekily.

Loki growled, eyes flashing as he pulled his hands away to undo his own trousers. His erection now freed, he thrust into you abruptly, thick cock filling you instantly. You cried out softly, eyes scrunched shut as you worked to adjust to his size.

“Next time I’ll put your pretty mouth to work instead.” He growled again, pulling his hips back slowly before thrusting back into you.

You yelped again, hands going to his shoulders as your nails dug into the leather material as hard as you could. Loki grunted, a smirk on his face as your mouth fell agape. His hands moved down your chest and lifted up your thighs, tugging you closer against himself. The new angle had you gasping and moaning as his pubic bone grinded against your clit. Soon you were crying out, gasping his name as Loki thrust into you again and again. Your own hips bucked, meeting his thrusts as his cock slammed deeper and deeper into you, stars flashing across your vision as the knot in your core began to tighten, pleasure building. Soon your toes were curling thrusting again and again as you cried out in warning, your orgasm finally hitting you and wracking through your body.

Loki’s thrusts grew erratic, his cock spasming as his seed flooded inside you, your walls milking him dry as your combined fluids spilled out around you. Still the two of you thrust together, riding out the other’s climax until Loki groaned and slumped forward. Your legs were shaky and weak, body pinned completely to the wall by Loki’s weight. Loki looked barely able to stand, slumped over against you as he buried his sweaty face in your shoulder.

“Well that was lovely.” He muttered, grabbing for a cloth that sat on the shelf beside him. He slowly pulled out of you, hands gripping you tightly as you shakily straightened out your legs to stand once more. Bending down, Loki gently cleaned his spent fluids off your thighs. You giggled at his touch as his fingers brushed over your still sensitive clit.

“Darling, quit dancing like that, you’re making this very difficult.” Loki chuckled though his voice held the note of that warning growl.

You bit your lip but decided you weren’t ready for a round two. “Sorry.”

“You’ll be staying my guard?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Only if we get to do that again.”

Loki purred, “Wonderful.”

anonymous asked:

Ohhh that suited Sidney pic giving me all the ideas. What if G is his client and he's being oh so professional and not starting anything romantic. But of course it doesn't work... cue office under desk shenanigans and the like. OR, option 2, Geno is found guilty (wrongly) and Sid has to pine through the glass in prison thinking up ways to get him free. In order for them to bang. As you can see, end goal is smut. Always.

Oh this suited Sidney pic? 

Sid keeps his hands off, but he has to admit to himself it’s not only the strength of his belief in Evgeni’s innocence ( which he’s certain of, certain as a sunrise) that lends him fervent desperation during his closing argument.  

He’s gone and fallen in love with his client. 

“Sid,” Evgeni says brokenly, after the verdict of “Not Guilty” is read and the courtroom erupts in noise. There are tears running down his face. “Sid,” he says again. 

Sid gathers up his papers with shaking hands, dizzy with relief, nervous sweat cooling on his temples. 

“Come on,” he says, and walks Evgeni out. 

They pause for a minute under the elaborately colonnaded portico of the courthouse. Evgeni closes his eyes and tilts his face up to the sun. He takes a deep breath of air, of freedom, and Sid feels terrible because all he can think of is how he wants to bite the long line of Evgeni’s neck. He busies himself with the clasp of his briefcase for a moment but jumps as a huge, warm hand is laid on his shoulder. 

“Sid,” Evgeni says, voice and eyes impossibly fond. Sid can’t breathe. “Thank you. For believe in me.” 

Sid swallows, but still can’t bring himself to speak. A speechless lawyer. There’s a curiosity. 

Evgeni’s smile is sweet and it crinkles the corners of his eyes. “Not my lawyer any more. Sid.” His other hand in on Sid’s other shoulder now. Sid is transfixed. 

“No,” he manages, and his voice cracks.

“Can do this,” Evgeni says, and leans down, and presses his lips to Sidney’s.

The kiss is deep, and warm, and Sid sinks into it, hands grasping desperately at Evgeni’s hair, the back of his suit jacket. Eventually he end up just cradling Evgeni’s face between his palms. 

Evgeni is the one to draw back first, and Sid chases his mouth with a whimpering noise he almost can’t believe himself making. 

“Gonna kill me, Sid,” Evgeni groans. 

“Get me out of here,” Sid breathes. “Get me the fuck out of here and somewhere you can take my clothes off.” 

Evgeni swoops in to kiss him again, brief and hard. “Best, Sid.” And he takes Sid’s hand, and tugs him down the courthouse steps. 

DAI: breaking up with Cullen - found interesting stuff

So I was looking at DA Inquisition videos on youtube lately (because procrastination reasons don’t judge me ok why not) and I’ve noticed something interesting in Cullen romance (here’s the whole video that I’m reffering to).

When Inquisitor breaks up with Cullen right after he asks her if she will want to be with him after the war ends, then the next day, when you visit his office, he’s just sitting there on the floor, before he reluctantly and slowly stands up to talk to you. And all he says is “I’d rather we speak another time”.

Isn’t that heartbreaking? It looks like he is really suffering and not coping with the break up very well. He must have really loved Inquisitor deeply. Add to that how scared he was to hear Inquisitor’s answer to his question about them being together after the war ends - he stuttered the question and turned away from her, leaning over his desk and pretending to work, waiting. He was too afraid to look at her.

He probably didn’t want to loose himself in the realationship with Quizzy before he was sure that she felt the same way - he knew the break up would be even harder for him then. And all that he’s been through for the last 10 years or so, would not be helping him to cope.

Also, I have found some interesting banter where Josephine and Leliana are worried about Cullen after the break up (here’s the link):

Josephine: Are you allright? Em… You’ve been… Hm… Ever since…
Cullen: I’m fine.

Leliana: Are you well?
Cullen: A headache. Nothing more.

How great is this game, when it gives you so many feels and you can find something new in it even after few years? Kudos to writers, voice actors and animators

So If You’re Like Me and Want Some Free! Take Your Marks MakoHaru Spoilers...

I’ve been digging pretty hard into Japanese Twitter for hints of Makoharu (which was fun because I don’t know how to Twitter) and I hit the Motherlode (Bless this Twitter user). I want to translate what I found for you (mind you, I haven’t seen the movie either, so I am sorry if some of the translation ends up being off due to lack of context, but as the spoilers exist I think we should all have a fair chance to see them)

So. Spoilers Below.

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Sweet Dreams - Jihoon [41]

41. “Go back to sleep.” For @whyiseveryonecrying!!
Word Count: 962
A/N: GUYS I’M SORRY IT TOOK A WHILE. I have exams coming up and my dad visited so I’ve been busy T_T I hope you guys enjoy this!! I was ready to post this but I ended up adding a bit more (by a bit more I mean 200+ more words) I liked writing it because I found it so cuuuuute~ btw their age difference is only a year (she’s younger) asfgjkl she’s still in college because her course is medicine (idk why I mentioned this but) (THE GIF I FOUND IS SO CUTE TOOOOJFLSJLSJLG) -Clar

Originally posted by woozioppa

It was another night glued to your desk. Mountains of school work were piled up, towering over you like skyscrapers. The constant sound of the clacking keyboard filled the spacious room as you typed and typed. “(Y/n), do you need help?” Jihoon popped his head into the small opening the door had. It was getting late and you weren’t anywhere near finishing. You shook your head wearily; he didn’t need to waste the very limited time he had for resting just to help you. He was tired enough from practicing all day. “No need,” you softly tell him, and he reluctantly returned to the bedroom.

A little further into the night and you grew weary. Your eyelids grew heavy as the clock ticked and tocked the night away. The cold and numb feeling in your fingers started to hinder your progress. There were much more typos than actual words on your document. There was disatisfied frown on your face as you reread the whole thing; it was terrible.

You grabbed the mouse and corrected every single error you found. Rereading it, you decided it wasn’t exactly something you could submit to your professor. Two in the morning isn’t the best time to work on an extensive research paper on Coronary Heart diseases after all. Barely anything came to mind and you found yourself redoing the paper with absolutely nothing to write about. All you could think of was a satisfying nap.

“I won’t wake up if I take a nap now,” you mumble, reprimanding yourself for thinking of stopping when you were so close to finishing. There were two papers left before you could enjoy what little time you had left to sleep. The soft, warm bed that would take away the pain in your neck and the numbness in your fingers felt so tempting right now. Your eyes drifted to the jacket that was on your printer. A nap; that’s all you would take. You grabbed a jacket and wrapped it around yourself. Its warmth felt so nice and soothing that the grip you had on your self control was slowly slipping away.

Jihoon laid on the bed, wide awake and deep in thought. He tuned into the noisy sound of your keyboard as the hours passed by. At one point it abruptly stopped, followed by sounds of the mouse clicking rapidly. He could hear you yawning from the other room. It was around two thirty in the morning when the tapping of your keyboard disappeared and never came back. Out of curiosity, Jihoon peeked into the cold room. The laptop’s dim screen was the only source of light you had in the room. He looked all around the room and found you sleeping soundly on your chair. He went in and gently shut the door, smiling at how cute you were all bundled up.

“Good night, sweetie,” he brushes hair away from your face and admires your sleeping face.

You stirred in your sleep, rolling around in the soft blankets you were tucked in. Why were you in bed? Your eyes slowly opened, noticing the rays of sun that slipped through the curtains. Rubbing your eyes, you stretched and smacked your lips. It took you a while to realize that you fell asleep with two papers left to do. You opened the door to the study room and squinted your eyes at the sudden brightness that filled your vision.

He was at your desk, typing until he reached the word limit you had on each essay. The rhythm he had as he worked on the papers was fast; as if he did it with ease. His head was bobbing up and down to the noise of the keyboard. “Jihoon?” you whispered, leaning onto the door frame. Your boyfriend spun around on the chair and replied with a smile, “go back to sleep.” You didn’t budge from your place, shaking your head in response. He stands up and leads you back to the bedroom, “trust me, I’ll finish this. So go back to sleep.”

You looked into his tired eyes and frowned, “you don’t have to do this for me.” He shook his head, folding his arms and sighing. “I’ll say this one last time (y/n),” he softly presses his lips onto your forehead and whispers, “go back to sleep.” His kiss left you fumbling for words to say. The smirk on his face as he saw a bright red color your cheeks made your heart jump. He presses his forehead against yours and gently tells you, “get all the sleep you need. Don’t worry about me.” You mumbled, “but-” you immediately stopped talking as he threw a glare at you. He was already halfway out when he gave you one last smile. “Sweet dreams baby,” he calls out to you before shutting the door. You sigh, pulling the blanket over you to get more of that much needed sleep. 

Surprisingly enough, your professor commended you on the papers Jihoon wrote, and you didn’t hear the end of it at home.

“I always knew I was good at this,” he laughed, “shouldn’t you ask help from me from now on?” You shouldn’t have told him your professor liked his paper. He went on and on about how he wrote your essays with ease. The sparkle in his eyes and the enthusiasm in his voice made it hard to stop him from blabbing about it every night. You felt proud of him, but of course you wouldn’t tell him that. It would only throw more wood into the fire. You wanted him to stop talking about it as soon as possible.

“Have I told you how I used to read medical books when I was a kid?” he suddenly asked you at one in the morning.

“Go back to sleep, Jihoon,” you groaned.

Cemented Together | P.P

Part two of cement, thanks to everyone who read part one! i appreciate it so much omg

Warnings: Cliches, I still dont edit?? hAHa..yikes

Word Count: 2.3k

Part One

It had been years since you found out that Peter Parker is your soulmate.

Four years to be exact.

Your sophomore year of college was coming to an end and somehow you couldn’t believe that Four years ago Peter Parker wasn’t in your life.

Hell you couldn’t believe that you didn’t want a soulmate in the first place.

Slowly but surely Peter became a large factor in your life, although at first it was difficult for you two to just jump into being friends.

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i dont normally like to share data mined information because spoilers or it might be false but this is too funny. they found some new skills and the ones for bakura and yami marik are so EVIL

Yami Bakura
Dark Camo
DARK-attribute Monsters you have Normal Summoned, Special Summoned, or Flip Summoned become invisible to the opponent until end of their turn.


Yami Marik
Dark Camo
Activates when the combined total of monsters sent to the Graveyards of both players reaches 10. Opponent becomes unable to see your Life Points or their own until the end of the Duel.


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Can you find this fic I read fairly recently; d&p went up north alone for a week, I think they went to the Isle of Man and they went on a walk together while they were there

For Forever - Ever since Dan mentioned how much he loved how hiking made him feel back in February, Phil’s wanted to surprise Dan with a trip to the Isle of Man for a week end get away.

this one?

- Tori

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Hi! Can I request how the RFA + V + Saeran react to if MC if she spoke Arabic? Like an Arab? Hope this isn't too bothersome ^^ thank you! <3


  • doesn’t understand nothing 
  • he loves it 
  • but is so hard for it to understand what are you saying
  • even when you try to teach him a little 
  • but enjoys a lot hearing you 
  • finds it so exotic the way you speak 
  • and loves arab culture 
  • so he’s really having a good time with you 
  • “MC you should go with me to college one day. I found some Arab guys so you can speak to them. I guess they are better than me haha”


  • he’s impressed that you can speak both languages so good 
  • he’s not even trying to learn arabic 
  • he knows he will fail 
  • but is constantly asking you for some words 
  • “How do you say hello beautiful?” 
  • “how about love you?”
  • .really wants to be part of you so he actually tries to learn a bit 
  • but ends up learning how to ask for the restroom only 


  • gets a couple books about it 
  • she wants to be part of your life in every aspect 
  • so she kind of wants to do this 
  • always ask you to speak arabic for her to learn more 
  • you two end up having little conversations in arabic since not much people around knows it 
  • but only casual things since she’s not an expert 
  • like talking about weather or coffee 
  • but it makes her feel more connector to you
  • so you love it


  • he’s not sure about how to speak nothing
  • but wants you to have someone to talk to 
  • so he contacts every person he knows that is arab 
  • probably you end up having a party with tons of them 
  • just because this guy wanted you to speak your language as much as you wanted to 
  • doesn’t learn a word 
  • but always make sure you have someone to talk to 
  • and makes Jaehee learn a bit too 


  • he knows how to speak it 
  • so you two have tons of private conversations in front of people 
  • like saying mean things about other in front of them
  • and that includes planning jokes on Yoosung in front of the poor boy 
  • most of the time you only speak arabic since it becomes a normal thing 
  • so when you go somewhere you have to remind him not to 
  • because the rest doesn’t understand 
  • is like you two created your own word without the rest 
  • where you can be free to say anything just for him 


  • he loves it 
  • but mostly loves to write it 
  • wants you to teach him 
  • but is not really good 
  • his pronunciation is not the best 
  • but he tries really hard 
  • ends up speaking a bit in his own way 
  • most of the times say a thing and you hear a total different one 
  • is funny 


  • pretty much a fan of it 
  • like he praise everything about you 
  • and the way your lips move while you speak is fascinating 
  • of course he doesn’t understand but he loves it 
  • anyways he wants to know more about your culture so he ask about other things too 
  • likes when you call him names in arabic
A Steadfast ally, Until the End

For Chrobinweek2017, Day 4: Animals

It was Exalt’s Day, a holiday they established a year after Emmeryn’s fall. Over the course of years, the entire kingdom started pilgrimages to visit Her Grace’s statue Chrom erected two years after losing his sister. The people asked for protection alongside with wisdom, patience and warmth, Emmeryn’s most apparent virtues.

The holiday, despite partly losing its meaning for the royal family after they found Emmeryn safe and sound, was still a day for mourning and longing for the Queen. It was the day the Pegasus she cared for, Gaellus, died in battle, protecting her and her Prince with everything he had.

Robin wore her tactician garments as she walked through the back garden, close to the cleft Chrom and Lucina had smashed a hole in some years previous, her face somber, but a longing smile making its way over her lips. She carried a bouquet of ylissean lilies, her daughter’s favorite, and walked slowly towards the improvised grave.

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Hmm… either we in the Jonsa fandom are nuts (who would ever think such a thing?!) or very few people out there think that Jon & D are anything but in love and destined to be together. Try a search engine for J/D and see if anything but their “epic” love story comes up. I tried “J betrays D”, “J & D fight” and a few others. I couldn’t find anything. I also looked up Jon and Sansa season 8 and found nothing except articles about the note that Jon last sent to Sansa in regards to bending the knee. Well, I think I did see an article about how Sansa is going to die. Or maybe that was their wishful thinking. grrrrr…..

After 7 years of twists and turns, betrayals, lies, pain and suffering, why do most people think that this will end with a semi happy love story? It seems no one suspects a possible betrayal. How can that be?! If I am missing anything that isn’t on Tumblr, please let me know about it. 

Maybe Ramsay was right, they haven’t been paying attention. 

Lazy Evening (III)

Mycroft found it rather charming how easily Greg seemed to move about the house now. It was… nice. He’d always been rather possessive of his home, terrritorial by nature - but he liked seeing Greg use things, find things, help himself to things. He found he now included Greg as part of his home, almost. A part of the environment, almost.

It was especially nice when Greg made him tea.

When Greg had safely put down the tea tray, Mycroft tugged the other man down onto the sofa with him, negotiated him onto his lap, and reached up to kiss his jaw.

“Perhaps a lazy evening would be nice…” He ran his hands along Greg’s sides, smiling softly. “Thank you for our date. It turns out I like picnics.” He raised an eyebrow. “Even if I end up rather more covered in pear chutney than seems usual.”

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Listen, I want bg to end just like everyone else I’m just wondering how do you think it’s going to end or how do you hope it ends?

Ideally, they would say that Louis took a paternity test and found out he isn’t the father a while ago, that he wasn’t ready to share such news publicly before he had the time to ‘deal with it with the help of his friends and family’ and now that he is about to start promoting his album he doesn’t want to lie but he does ask for privacy at this ‘sad time’.

God knows if that’s what they’re going to do though. They could also try and do another round of custody battle articles followed by the ‘shocking’ news but personally I think the first route would be safer for everyone involved.

Dating Adena el Amin Would Include...

Requested by @rangerslash:  Dating adena el Amin would include? Love all your stuff btw

(A/N): I love Adena so much! She’s so pretty and I just love how Nikohl Boosheri portrays her.

  • Being the coordinator of a project that Adena was working on
  • Instantly being smitten by her accent and voice
  • Even though she was very busy, she would always make time for you
    • Chatting about where you grew up, talking about work life, etc
    • Getting coffee for one another
  • FInally going out on a date about 3 months of knowing each other
    • Going to dinner in a cute restaurant
    • Walking her to her apartment
  • She found your nervous blabbering adorable, and she had been mesmerized by your lips all night so she couldn’t help but finally kiss you
  • Sharing many kisses after that initial one
  • Texting each other despite your busy schedules
  • When she has to travel for work, the two of you Skype for hours on end
    • “Babe I missed you so I went to our favorite restaurant and ate both our orders.”
    • Adena rolling her eyes at your ridiculousness and blushing at the same time
  • The first time she said “I love you” was by accident
    • It happened after cuddling and watching Aladdin together
    • Your heart was pounding out of your chest and you whispered “I love you” back
  • She moved into your apartment not long afterwards
  • Being the cutest couple ever and being truly in love with one another

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So I've been wanting to change myself lately. Like majorly, I feel like I need to. Like cut my hair, tan, exfloiate, grow my nails, new piercings,etc. Basically feel pretty. I have a lot of toxic realtionships in my life (friends, family, couch) and I just need something new. I tried working out, but I feel so ugly and don't even want to get up in the morning anymore. Even when I shave I don't feel cute like all girls are suppose to. Sorry for the over-sharing can anyone help me feel better?

Oh babe, I know this feeling well. I’ve actually found that when I’m in that state, big changes end up setting me back. Do something little each day. Paint your nails, take a bath, do 10 minutes of stretching. Slowly build up your selfcare over time. If you do too much too fast, you might get a little lost in yourself.

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First of all I LOVE your new pro pic!! Ryohei looks so adorable (like always) Anyway I was wondering: when and how did you first start liking Ryohei? Like did you just happen to stumble across him in an anime or were you looking up seiyuu and found him there or..? I'm just curious! (Its nice to know someone else is obsessed with this beautiful seiyuu like me!)

Oh God.. this will be one annoying-long post that people would hate to read it ahahahha XDD

But first THANK YOU !!! i know right.. he is cute !!! i cant resist that one after 1 year ignore it in the end I bought it pfffttt and Thank you so much for liking almost every my new-est post, that means a lot for a trashy blog like mine hahaha, thank you once again.

When and how did I start to liking Ryohei-san ?

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