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Long overdue replies: part I

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These are awesome!

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Cool! Thank you!

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Fantastic! You finished it! <3

Yup! :D Hope you found them useful! ^___^

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OMG that’s so Aaron. I’m cracking up here. “Nobody will notice that I dropped it on the floor.”

Yusss, haha! XD

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3 second rule! 😂

Lol, exactly! :’D

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playing a character that is hard to connect to is really difficult

Definitely! D: I have no problem playing characters that are very different from me (e.g. Aaron’s personality is basically the polar opposite of mine ò__ò), but if I can’t connect to them in some way… writing about them becomes pretty much impossible D:

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Thankssss! <3 <3 <3

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I did this one already, but thank you for the tag :) that way I at least got to read yours :D I see my ‘Sims’ as characters first and foremost as well. They started out in another game, and later got transferred to Sims. Some of the characters has been with me nearly 10 years! Your drawing is really nice. I’m an artist, so I suppose I should know a thing or two about this? Pssh I dunno, but I like what you do! Also… post those nsfw pics and private parts pics mkay? :P

Aaaaw, damn, looks like I’d missed your post, then ;____; but wheee, glad I’m not alone! :D And yup, some of my current characters are pretty old too (my original idea for Tyresias is also about 10 years also… and they started out in another game, too! :D) And thank youuu for your lovely words about my drawings! ;___; <3 Also, now that I’ve got my computer back, guess it’s time to get to work on those nsfw pics, lol U____U

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Your drawing is so good though!

D'aaaaw, thank you so much! *____* <3

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Thank you for the tag.

You’re very welcome, dear! ^___^

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Oh, some new bands to dig :)

Yay, haha, always glad to share some music! :D


Spurred On gave me an interest in finding out a bit more of my family, and they have a WW1 and WW2 statue (If I remember it correctly, it’s called Memorial Gardens). It’s one of my favourite statues in the city. I didn’t see anyone listed on the plaques with my surname (it honours the fallen soldiers)…so perhaps my family had a different fate in the World Wars!

We found another cafe to check out (so…much….COFFEE!), and I thought it was really cool to see a cast photo that was signed from Guys and Dolls that I had seen the night before! And yes- they really DO jump that high!

The bottom one is the Queen’s Jubilee statue, another one that I always seem to have to take a picture of when I see it!

the frequency is not an illusion

Summary: At the beginning, there’s an unintentional challenge and a set of unfortunate circumstances. A phone number scribbled on the bathroom stall wall. A failed class that needs to be taken during the summer break. Two people sharing one table in the library. A party. Drunken kissing. Text message conversations with a stranger. Somewhere in all that, Chris stops seeing Darren as “Lauren’s loud and obnoxious friend” and Darren stops seeing Chris “as that kid from the class Lauren TA’d”. With their paths crossing in more ways than they realize, it’s inevitable that they end up together. Or is it?
~15k // AO3 // Rated: Teen

AN: This is my (belated, even with an extension) work for the CCBB 2015. When signing up, I didn’t think I’d come across as many (ultimately irrelevant to anyone but me) hurdles when writing it, but I did eventually finish. It’s not entirely what I set out writing, as fics tend to, but I hope you will enjoy reading it.

My big thanks goes to @klainernity​ for her patience with me after she chose my fic to create art for. You can find her fabulous photoset here on tumblr. (please go check it out, it’s really cool!) And another big thanks to @invisibleraven​ for bringing me through the last sprint to the finish, and really, for everything else this year. You’re a star, hon, and I can’t say thank you enough :D Thank you too to my Beta, @gnomerino​ for the never-ending support (and putting up with my comma abuse). I’m lucky that you found me, and that you stuck with me so far! The final thanks goes to @controlofwhatido​ for the work she put into running this Big Bang. Thank you, and I’m sorry for the posting delay! 

Dedicated to Cass, who was the first one to see the idea for this, and who encouraged me to write it. Love you!

Anyway, here it is, happy reading!

It all starts in a way that is a lot simpler than the usual set up for any previous shenanigans that their group got up to. There have been times in the past when anything they did was based on a complicated set of events that somehow always ended up in something that could be considered insane. This time, it is only one offhand comment, a joke that would have been forgotten fast, had it not been for the mood that Darren is in.

“I bet you won’t do it.”

Really, Joey should know by now that challenging Darren – even if the challenge isn’t intentional – is a bad, horrible, destined-to-go-wrong idea. Most of their friends know to watch their words around everyone else, Darren more than anyone.

“Joey, no,” AJ says, a little too late.

“There,” Darren says with a grin, his phone number already scribbled on the side of the bathroom stall. “Do I win you guys not abandoning me for the whole summer?”

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