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How do you just go for a walk and find bones and stuff? Seriously, is it just like, off the trails or in parts of the woods that people don’t go in? I feel like I spend a decent amount of time in the woods and I’ve never found stuff as cool as the stuff you find!

Mostly luck and location. That raccoon skeleton was very near a trail but pretty much only deer use it now, I actually followed the real trail until it sadly was so overgrown I couldn’t really continue, so I followed game trails back the way I’d come. The skeleton was very near where a game trail connected with the real trail, I had missed it when I went by the first time. 

After a while you do get good at glancing around and spotting things outside the norm. I’m a slow hiker, I look around constantly. 

Going off trail can damage sensitive environments, so I wouldn’t advise it but it really depends on the area. In Iceland it was very sad to see tourists ignoring the “keep out” signs and boundary lines for photo ops, and you could see the lasting damaging even footprints did to the slowly growing mosses and lichens. Here if you go off a trail the likelihood of getting a tick is much higher, and this is lyme disease country so that can be very bad. Also depending on the area it might be easy to get lost. 

I wrote in my beach collection post that I tend to find things most when I’m not actively looking for them, but when I’m enjoying myself and the environment fully. I realized today that hiking, walking, and being outside in general are like mindfulness exercises for me. Being mindful of the moment and everything around me helps me zoom in on the “unusual” I think. Like when you’re trying to find something that is moving, paying attention to everything in your whole field of vision that isn’t moving helps.

Er I hope that all made sense, I have had a very long day. 


Did I really just make a photoset of 8 cool maghrebis yall should know even though noone asked me to make one? 🤔🤔🤔 (I did)

From top left: Fatima Al-Fihri, an Arab Muslim woman who is credited for founding The University of Al Quaraouiyine in Fes, Morocco in 859 CE. This university is notable for being the first university in the world.

Second from top left: Aboul-Qacem Echebbi, a renown Tunisian poet. He is probably best known for writing the final two verses of the current National Anthem of Tunisia.

Third from top left: Leïla Bekhti, an Algerian actress (who stared in one my favourite films called ‘Nous Trois ou rien’ if any of you guys want to watch it)

First from bottom left: enrico Macias, an Algerian-Jewish singer. He sings mainly in French, some song of his that I personally really like are ‘un air de fête’, ‘oh guitare, guitare’, ‘l'oriental’ and ‘juif espagnol’.

Second from bottom left: Noor Tagouri, she’s a Libyan activist as well as an #iconic meme.

Gad elmaleh: a really cool, funny Moroccan-Jewish humourist (that probably every one of my French followers knows because of how famous he is in France). On this tv show once this dude told him to say this French sentence in a 'Moroccan accent’ and when he said it in a really French accent the TV host told him that no he needed to say it the 'Moroccan way’ to which Elmaleh replied 'well I’m Moroccan so that’s a Moroccan way to say it’ and basically SHUT DOWN someone who was only trying to make a punchline out of the way Moroccans with stronger accents speak French. He a cool dude basically.

the frequency is not an illusion

Summary: At the beginning, there’s an unintentional challenge and a set of unfortunate circumstances. A phone number scribbled on the bathroom stall wall. A failed class that needs to be taken during the summer break. Two people sharing one table in the library. A party. Drunken kissing. Text message conversations with a stranger. Somewhere in all that, Chris stops seeing Darren as “Lauren’s loud and obnoxious friend” and Darren stops seeing Chris “as that kid from the class Lauren TA’d”. With their paths crossing in more ways than they realize, it’s inevitable that they end up together. Or is it?
~15k // AO3 // Rated: Teen

AN: This is my (belated, even with an extension) work for the CCBB 2015. When signing up, I didn’t think I’d come across as many (ultimately irrelevant to anyone but me) hurdles when writing it, but I did eventually finish. It’s not entirely what I set out writing, as fics tend to, but I hope you will enjoy reading it.

My big thanks goes to @klainernity​ for her patience with me after she chose my fic to create art for. You can find her fabulous photoset here on tumblr. (please go check it out, it’s really cool!) And another big thanks to @invisibleraven​ for bringing me through the last sprint to the finish, and really, for everything else this year. You’re a star, hon, and I can’t say thank you enough :D Thank you too to my Beta, @gnomerino​ for the never-ending support (and putting up with my comma abuse). I’m lucky that you found me, and that you stuck with me so far! The final thanks goes to @controlofwhatido​ for the work she put into running this Big Bang. Thank you, and I’m sorry for the posting delay! 

Dedicated to Cass, who was the first one to see the idea for this, and who encouraged me to write it. Love you!

Anyway, here it is, happy reading!

It all starts in a way that is a lot simpler than the usual set up for any previous shenanigans that their group got up to. There have been times in the past when anything they did was based on a complicated set of events that somehow always ended up in something that could be considered insane. This time, it is only one offhand comment, a joke that would have been forgotten fast, had it not been for the mood that Darren is in.

“I bet you won’t do it.”

Really, Joey should know by now that challenging Darren – even if the challenge isn’t intentional – is a bad, horrible, destined-to-go-wrong idea. Most of their friends know to watch their words around everyone else, Darren more than anyone.

“Joey, no,” AJ says, a little too late.

“There,” Darren says with a grin, his phone number already scribbled on the side of the bathroom stall. “Do I win you guys not abandoning me for the whole summer?”

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