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Imagine being Shannon’s best friend

Quick Note: I wrote this story over a year ago and I just found it in one of my folders. I personally don’t like it that much, and that’s the reason why I never posted it. This was requested a long time ago, and I hope the anon that asked for it is still around so they can enjoy it. That’s all. Enjoy.

The house is crowded and the music so loud that it was possible to hear it all over the neighborhood. I walk through the mass of people trying to find Shannon, some of the guests help me with directions, but Shan is nowhere to be seen. I desist from calling him, people were not able to speak in person, so the idea of talking through the phone seemed absurd. I start running when I get a glance of his clothes, I’m going to lose him this time. When I reach him, I grab his arm trying to catch my breath, I can see how confused he looks, but when he finally realizes that it’s me, he starts laughing.

“I’ve been waiting for you all night!” He shouts pulling me closer to him, I receive the hug with a laugh.

“Don’t you think the music is a bit louder?!”

I read his lips saying ‘hold on’ as I watch him disappear through the crowd. I wait alone, waving at some people that recognize me and I’m finally able to hear the people around me talking. The music is still loud, but in a more reasonable manner. Shannon appears again and grabs my hand to pull me out of the house.

“Did he arrive?” I ask him as we sit near the pool, he nods while waving to some girls sitting on the other side of the pool.

“Yeah, but he still haven’t got here, he’s at mom’s”

“You look nervous” I mumble, I notice that his hands playing with each other look a bit trembly.

“I am, we haven’t seen each other in more than a year, the fight was… Harder than I thought in the beginning”

I remember Jared from before he left LA to move to NY, he was the sweetest guy in the planet, and his fight with Shannon was something I never understood; one day the brothers were completely fine and the next, Jared was packing all his stuff because he didn’t want to know about his brother or anything that had to do with LA again, his mother included. Now, almost two years later, Jared was back and Shannon wanted to fix things up, Jared accepted to talk and Shan decided to throw a welcome home party for his brother. Reason why we were in this really crowded party and Shannon was so nervous.

“Everything will be fine” I try to calm him down, taking one of his hands to caress it with mine, “You’re brothers after all, and this will make your mom extremely happy, you know how sad she’s been since Jared left”

“I know” He answers, holding one of my hands tighter, “I just don’t know if he wants to make things up with me, I’m willing to do it, but…”

“Hey” I stop him, “No bad thoughts, he’s coming, that’s a good sign”

“I guess you’re right” Shannon mumbles with a smile, but I give him a little punch in the chest.

“Don’t guess, you know I’m right, I’m always right, you hear me?” I scold him trying to conceal a smile, but I end up doing it anyway when he pulls me to hug me, “Everything will be alright, I promise”

“I think he’s got a girlfriend, Tomo saw him earlier doing groceries with a girl” he mutters.

“Oh…” It’s the only thing I’m able to say, and I’m thankful that Shannon is still holding me against his chest, so he doesn’t see how much my face changed with his comment.

We stay for a couple of second holding each other in our arms, when we hear someone hawking beside us. I move away from Shannon looking at Tomo, who’s looking a bit nervous at us.

“He’s here” Our friend whispers, “He said he wanted to talk to you in private…”

Shannon nods and stands to follow Tomo inside the house, I see Shannon turning around to look at me for a last time and I smile to him, to show him that everything will be alright.

I stay in my sit for a couple of minutes thinking what am I supposed to do next. A couple of weeks ago, Shannon and I had a discussion too. We’ve been friends for years, and he finally had the courage, he said, to tell me he had feelings for me. I didn’t know how to react, especially because I was still head over heels for Jared, who I thought I would forget after the last two years not seeing him, but that kinda made me have more feelings for him, longing for his return. And now that he was finally here… I didn’t know what to do. My friendship with Shannon had stay the same, Constance tried to persuade me to start something with him. I love him, but I just can’t love him the way that he wants me to.

I finally stand from my seat to enter the house, the house is still crowded, but the people has started to scatter around the house. I get to the bathroom, and lock myself in trying to recover my sanity. I sit next to the door, covering my face with my hands. I still haven’t seen him and it’s already crispin my nerves.

“He has a girlfriend, you dummy” I scold myself, “Stop thinking about him, Shannon is crazy for you and you’re losing your time with someone who probably doesn’t even remembers you”

Someone knocks on the door and I stand quickly to open it. Outside there’s a girl with long blonde hair and looks relieved when she sees me.

“Oh, thank god, I thought I had knocked on the wrong door again”

“If you’re looking for the bathroom, you’re in the right place” I say moving from the door to let her in.

“Yeah, I am, thanks” The girl says before shutting the door.

I walk to the kitchen to grab something to drink and sit in the cabinet to wait for Shannon, I know it will take them a while to talk about whatever the problem is, but I don’t feel like talking to anyone else at the party.

I refuse a couple of invitations to join people I know in their conversation groups and I stay in the same place with a beer in one hand and my cellphone on the other. The minutes pass and there’s no news of the brothers. The same girl from before appears in the kitchen and grabs a bottle from the counter.

“Hey, you’re the girl from the bathroom” She says before getting closer to where I’m sitting, “I hadn’t introduced myself, I’m Emma”

I look at the hand she’s offering me and I leave my phone aside to shake her hand and introduce myself.

“I wish I knew more people, I feel kinda lonely right now, but I guess I’m not the only one” She comments with a smile on her face, “Why are you alone? It’s a party after all”

“I’m waiting for a friend… Wait, you don’t know anyone here?”

“No, I came with Jared, you know him? He had to talk to his brother Shannon, the owner of the house, but they’re taking too long”

“Oh, you’re the girlfriend” I mumble, but she looks at me confused.

“Girlfriend? Who’s girlfriend? Jared’s? Hell no, we’re friends… Best friends, I guess” She corrects and I suddenly feel a heavy weight falling from my shoulders, “Jared doesn’t do girlfriends, or something like that, I’ve known him for over a year and all I see are one night stands”

“Yeah, I know, he used to do the same here”

“You know him?”

“The friend I’m waiting is Shannon, he’s my best friend” I say shrugging, since Shannon’s confession saying that he was my best friend started to sound… Weird.

“Oh, nice, we’re the best friends” She laughs.

“I guess” I mumble, sipping my beer, not knowing what to really do or say, “So um, you’re from New York?

”Australia, actually, but I’ve been living here for a while, I guess I lose the accent a bit”

My phone starts to ring and I jump out of the counter to answer, making her a sign with my hand to wait for me for a second. She nods and sits in the same spot I was sitting a few seconds ago.

“Where are you?” I hear Shannon’s voice, he doesn’t sound sad, or anything like that, “I’m outside”

“I’ll be there in a second”

I hang the phone and start walking when a hand grabs my arm. I turn around to find Jared looking at me with a smile.

“Hey” He mumbles, letting go of my arm, “It’s been awhile”

I look at him not being able to believe that he’s actually in front of me, I feel my hands starting to shake, so I hide them behind my back.

“Hey” I say in return.

“You look great, I was hoping we could talk”

“I- I can’t right now, Shannon’s waiting for me”

“So he finally caught you in his claws, that’s why he didn’t say anything when I asked him about you” Jared says, but he’s just talking to himself.

“I’m not with him” I correct him, way faster than I would have liked, “We’re still friends, just… Friends”

“Wanna hang out?”

“Shannon’s waiting for me, I already told you”

“Yeah, I know” he answers with a smile.

“Give me ten minutes, I’ll take to Shannon and then…”

“I’ll be waiting” he says walking to the kitchen.

I stand for a couple of seconds there, analyzing what just happened. I’m going out with Jared, he asked Shannon about me, but why? We were not close, and I guessed he would probably want to spend time with his brothers.

I end up running to the backyard, Shannon is sitting in the same spot waiting for me. I sit in the seat in front of him, and wait for him to start talking.

“We’re ok” Shannon says with a smile, “He apologized and I did to. He’ll stay here for a couple of days and then he’ll be back to New York”

“I just talked to him”

“You did?” He asks me, surprised.

“Yeah, I bumped into him outside the kitchen” Shannon’s face has changed drastically since I named Jared, and when his eyes lay on mine I can see he’s mad, “Shannon?”

“What did he say?”

I doubt for a second about telling him that I’ll be meeting with Jared in a while, but I do it anyway. When I finish, he stands and walks away from me, his hand resting on his forehead, still looking angry. But then he comes back to where I’m sitting, and sits again.

“You can’t go”

“What?” I ask him confused.

“You know Jared, he’ll probably just want to use you”

I stand to face him, now I was mad.

“Use me?”

“Jared just use girls, he’s always been like that and you know it. If a girl lasts longer than a night, she’s being God damn lucky”

“I’m not that stupid to fall for his games, you know?”

We’re both talking really loud, and the people in the backyard has started to look in our direction. I know Jared would probably just want to play with me before he returns to New York, but I’ve wanted him for too long and I don’t know how could I refuse him if he asks me to be with him.

“I know you’re not stupid, but he could be really persuasive!”

“Just him? Aren’t you doing all this so I stay with you?”

“What are you talking about?” He asks, walking towards me. I’m already on my feet, ready to get away.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about”

He loves me, and I’ve always known that my feelings towards Jared weren’t as secretive as I would have preferred, so this whole act to keep me away from Jared wasn’t working at all.

“Leave then, but don’t call me when he breaks your heart”

He sits again, anger clear on his face. He doesn’t even look at me when I walk away, towards a possible heartbreak. But I’m blinded by all the feelings accumulated during the last two years.

I find Jared alone in the kitchen, a glass of water on his hand and his phone on the other, when he sees me a smile appears on his face and I can feel myself melting in front of him.

“You ready?” He asks me, putting his phone back in his pocket.

“Yeah, but what about Emma?”

“I just send her back to the hotel in a cab, she was tired and she didn’t want to third wheel”

I notice my cheeks getting warm, and I find myself in the same position as a teenager, with the long time crush in front of me, offering me his hand to take me away.

“Shall we?”

I accept Jared’s hand, like a pact with the devil, I know I’m gonna get hurt, but I don’t care, I just want to be with him, at least once in my life.

“I’m surprised Shannon let you come with me”

“He didn’t want me to” I confess shrugging.

“Kinda obvious, since you were the reason I left” he mumbles.

I stop walking, and I hear him sighing, turning around to face me.

“Explain yourself”

“I thought he told you, it’s been two years”

“Shannon is in love with me” I mutter.

“Well, I’m surprised it took him two years, maybe in the next two years he’ll tell you that I was in love with you too”

“You’re joking” I laugh, starting to walk away from him, if he mocks with something like that, I’m not sure how I will react.

“I’m not” he stops me, holding my arm, “I told Shannon, and he told me he loved you too. We had been having a lot of discussions back then and that was the icing on the cake”

“You’re lying, you don’t love me” I mumble.

“No, I don’t now. But I did, and I’m surprised you didn’t noticed”

The fact that Shannon knew about Jared’s feelings for me, knowing pretty well that I had feelings for him too, hiding everything because of his crush on me is the thing that breaks my heart. If he would have told me, Jared would have never left his family for two years. Jared would have stayed… with me.

I can’t even control myself after the confession. I cup his cheek with one hand, pulling him to me. I don’t even realize I’m actually kissing him until his hands hold my hips, pushing me against the counter. His lips are soft and warm, they don’t tremble like mine. His body molds perfectly with mine, and the whole “Jared’s gonna break your heart” disappears from my mind.

“Maybe…” He whispers, separating from my lips, only to look me in the eyes, "Maybe I still do”

The smile that appears on my lips is huge, showing all the feelings my chest can’t hold anymore. I kiss him again, and again, and again. We only stop when my lips start to feel numb, but his hand holds mine, pulling me outside. We get in his car, and the feeling that I’m betraying Shannon starts to take over. But I have to do this. I really have to.

So I do it. I get away with Jared, knowing pretty well that I could end up in shreds by the end of the night.