but i found a lot of great stuff

You should check out TherapyShoppe.com!

I found this really great website the other day!  It has all kinds of stuff that’s designed to help kids and adults with autism, sensory issues, motor skill issues, developmental disabilities, all kinds of stuff!  Even if you’re just looking for something to fidget with or something to chew on instead of you pencils, they’ve got great stuff.  They’re all very reasonably priced and shipping is decent.

They have lots of fidget toys, stress balls, and putty to keep your fingers busy

Lots of handwriting helpers and various pencil grips


Stuff to strengthen fine motor skills

Lots of stuff for sensory needs, from earmuffs to weighted lap pads and blankets (they don’t have adult sized blankets and they’re kinda expensive, but hey) to stuff you can nom on

They also have lots of kits that are basically a grab bag of different things based on needs

Basically, if you’ve ever said to yourself “God, I wish I could find something to help with ___” you should check this place out.

Also, I have absolutely no idea how to tag this so people who need it can find it, so if you do the rebagel, add some helpful tags, pls.

estelle-princess-of-gondor asked:

I’m writing a story, and one of my characters is a genius when it comes to battle strategies and such. The problem is that I am not at all a genius. I read books that have have a scene in which a complicated plan is played out and it totally floors the audience (for example, Woody’s plan at the end of the first Toy Story movie). How do authors come up with things like this?

This is a really great question, and I FEEL it, because I’ve often found myself in plotting pickles when it comes to coming up with things like fight and battle strategies. So, how do writers come up with this stuff?

1) Some people are just naturally good at it. These people may not all be geniuses, per se, but their brains are wired in such a way that strategy is something they can do very well.

2) Some people have built up the knowledge. These people spend a lot of time reading about battles and fights, watching documentaries and movies about them, and visiting battlefields and battlefield museums. They have absorbed so much information about real battles, it’s very easy to apply that logic to a fictional situation.

3) Some people are lucky enough to know people like 1 and 2, and so their help is enlisted in coming up with the necessary strategy. If you look in the acknowledgements of Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows, for example, you’ll see many thanks to people who helped her with some of the strategic things that were vital to the plot.

4) Some people do a metric eff ton of research. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of information out there about military strategy, fight strategy, and just about every other strategy you could want to know about. See, the thing is, none of it is random. There are specific techniques and theories that come into play in every kind of strategy, whether that’s fight moves or theories about how to turn battle odds in your favor. If you look hard enough, you’ll probably find strategy information that you can apply to your story.

5) Some people use a combination of the above.

6) And, finally, some people just brute force it. In other words, they figure out what pieces they’ll need and turn them over and over again until they find a way to get them to work together. This sometimes requires drawing crappy maps or things that look like a football play, or acting things out with the helpof others. This latter method is one I’ve done a few times myself. “Okay, Dog, you’re Character A. Pillow, you’re character B, and flat Diet Pepsi, you’ll be the bomb that needs to be diffused…” ;) 

So, the key to all of it, I think, is to just be patient. Use the resources that are available to you, and if you need to, go out and find more. Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Look for blogs and other writers who might be willing to ask a few questions. The folks at @howtofightwrite are an excellent resource, and you can learn a lot just by sitting down and sifting through their archive. If you can think of any movies that might have similar fights, heists, battles, etc., sit down and watch a few. Pay attention to the strategies used and take notes. Or, do a little digging around and find real life examples. Just reading or watching documentaries online about them can give you a lot of helpful information. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)


I found a new favorite junior everyone!!!! Still some little things to fix, but she’s got a lot of great stuff in this routine. 2004 baby.

(Bars / vault; there was no floor video.)

whale-donger  asked:

how are you able to find such amazing songs for your playlists, i love almost all of them

In an alternate timeline of my life, I work in the music industry. I was a bit of a band groupie/blogger/obsessive curator in high school (even started a Music Appreciation Club) and then I majored in Music in college and had a college radio show where I talked about and played stuff I liked. In short: I am a music person. 

Discovering new artists is something that I sadly no longer have a lot of time for, but I have a personal library of over 20,000 songs that I’m constantly putting on shuffle. So I don’t really know how music discovery happens in the modern world. Most of the new stuff I find is from TV/film/other friends/my existing library. I still use iTunes and that’s how I found new stuff for a long time - they used to have this amazing Free Weekly Single thing, which is how I first heard Adele and a bunch of other great artists. Even though my indifference for it is fairly well-documented on this blog, Spotify is probably pretty good for discovery? 

so my take on the Cursed Child Part 2

Part One

  • Stage effects, again, were outstanding. There was one point where a character dies and he falls to the floor in slow-motion. Like, convincing slow-motion in a theatre piece. Dementors would drop down over the audience. Just fantastic stage effects. 
  • Albus and Scorpius were again incredible, brilliant chemistry between the two 
  • Draco Malfoy of all people provided a lot of comic relief with very dry lines delivered with perfect timing 
  • There is one point where he gets very excited about a farmers market
  • Ron was again, amazing and a joy to watch. 
  • The actor they had to play young Harry looked and sounded exactly like a young Daniel Radcliffe  
  • And now the not great stuff… 
  • There were a lot of points in the play which I found hilirious but which were meant to be taken seriously 
  • Harry’s nightmares for one. 
  • They were so angsty and overacted to the point of parody 
  • There’s one in particular where Harry has a flashback of when he was a kid and Petunia took him to visit Lily and James’s grave and he’s like “hey if everyone hated my parents like you said why are their graves covered in flowers?” and she says “oh the wind must have blown them over from the other graves” then Harry says “oh but they all say how much they love Lily and James and will never forget their sacrifice” then Petunia tries to cover it up by saying “oh someone must be playing a trick” ?????
  • Also the graves are made of suitcases then Voldemort just springs out of one and I and everyone around me started to giggle 
  • Then Harry woke up screaming 
  • The CC!Harry really needs to see a therapist, he spends a lot of his time having nightmares and screaming at the top of his lungs 
  • Speaking of the audience laughing when they shouldn’t have been…
  • The entire scene where Scorpius is in the AU where Voldemort won is as painfully cringy as you’d imagine 
  • Like there was always one person trying to stifle a laugh whenever someone say “the Scorpion King”
  • Again, the entire thing just felt like a parody. Like you had stupid shit like “the Blood Ball” and “for Voldemort and Valour” and the word “Potter” being used as a swear word for some reason 
  • Then there was just the hammy shit like “oh we’re going to go on a mudblood hunt this weekend, what to come along?” 
  • And again, for the life of me, can someone please explain how Cedric loosing the Triwizard Tournament would turn him evil?   
  • And for some reason it leads him to murder Neville and that was just never explained 
  • Like for all the audience knows, Cedric was just having a bad day and pushed Neville down the stairs or something 
  • Also the just started making shit up about the HP universe 
  • Like apparently you can now repeal Dementors by just thinking happy thoughts
  • Also the only thing which Harry has left from his parents is his old baby blanket???????????? 
  • And he always gets really depressed around Halloween?????????
  • None of which was established anywhere 
  • Also for some reason it was snowing in England in October 
  • Delphi was just *deep sigh* 
  • She was just so unneeded, I am struggling to see the point to her character at all 
  • Her acting was just dear god 
  • The production staff must go through dozens of sets of scenery the way she was chewing on it 
  • She tried to like…echo her voice with every line? Like as she spoke her volume just went up and up.  
  • When she said “I am the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange and Lord Voldemort” the entire audience farted 
  • Also during the climax she was dressed like a bird 
  • Her entire motivation is “I just want to know my father” just no-one cares about 
  • Like your father is Evil McEvilface
  • Like if someone came up to you and said “oh because of time-travel you’re actually Hitler’s child” you wouldn’t go “oh I wonder what he was like?” 
  • Anyway, at one point she kills this random Hogwarts student who I think was the Slytherin prefect 
  • And all the cast were like “noooooo…not Craig!!!!!” and you could just hear everyone around you whisper “who’s that?” 
  • At the end Albus is like “I should have known him better” you think?  
  • And the way that Delphi was defeated in battle was the funniest shit 
  • Like they’re all fighting in a church then Draco just goes “wingardium leviosa”
  • And she just flies up into the ceiling and that’s it. We never hear from her again 
  • And right at the end, Harry and Albus are in at Lily and James’s grave but because the graves are made out of suitcases, I thought there were waiting at a train station for much of the scene 
  • Also if you wanted to know about their other kids then bad luck. James Sirius mentioned once at the very end and its just confused because you think Harry is referring to his father and not his son 
  • Lily Luna and Hugo aren’t even mentioned 
  • Like Albus, Scorpius and Rose might as well as all been only children 

Like I still had a lot of fun watching it, and given a chance I may even go again, but I was having fun for a lot of the wrong reasons. 

Also who the fuck splits a play into two halves? Did no-one think it might interrupt the flow of things?! 

So yeah, if you have a chance to see it, then do but just be aware it’s not as serious as it wants to be

Where to Buy Craft Supplies in Saigon

I think some of you know I make jewelry and SID will be selling our stuff at our pop up shop in Canada next weekend! With that being said, I have been on the hunt for new material to start creating stuff here in SE Asia. After some good research I found 2 good locations I thought I should share with you guys, in case some of you dress makers, jewelry makers and what-ever other makers that could benefit from this:

Location 1: 

DQM aka Dai Quang Minh 

Chau Van Liem- Ward 14 (approx. 20 min from center of Saigon)

District 5 

This craft market is huge and you can find a lot of great things such as: jewels, gems, beads, fabric, embroidery, zippers, charms, etc…Outside of the market is an alleyway with more shops as well.

Location 2: 

Neuih Tam St- District 5 and about 8 mins from DQM

This street is lined with a lot of gold and silver shops but there are definitely some awesome bead shops. I would say DQM is cheaper though. 


Just an FYI

I might be posting a little less often for now. A lot of stuff came up recently that…is a mix of great and terrible.

1) We’re getting ready to move back to California from Michigan and are in the process of packing and stuff. We’re leaving in May.

2) Just found out a close family friend has not one, but TWO types of breast cancer.

3) Said friend is going to get married before her double mastectomy and I was asked to do the art for the wedding invitations. I’m likely going to be helping with other stuff too for the reception etc.

4) After friend’s surgery, I will be helping with her at her home for awhile when her fiance is at work so I might not be able to do much other than that.

I will still be posting things, but just not as much as before, so the “sometimes” in my URL is really going to come into play here. I hope you all can understand. It all just kinda happened out of nowhere so idk what’s going to happen.


Some background context: While I hold an English degree and teaching certificate, the class I teach isn’t strictly English. It deals with a lot of English content (and with our freshman English teacher… I end up teaching a lot of stuff she doesn’t cover, or doesn’t do a great job teaching the first time).

Last year, she expressed interest of wanting to teach my class (and I wanted to teach hers). Another English teacher (sophomore) found out we were talking about switching, and expressed a desire to teach my class, too. The three of us decided on a way to switch that would be fair, brought it to admin - but they rejected it, saying “we were perfect in our current roles” and left it at that.

Today, I got an email asking for a meeting with this as the only text:

I would like to meet to revisit our conversation from last spring about your teaching English at [school].

That’s it. Trying not to freak out that I might, finally, get to be an official English teacher. I’ll update tomorrow after my meeting!

anonymous asked:

HI Jenna, how's your day?

Today was good! Cliff finally found a level on his STIM that’s helping a lot with his pain, so he’s been so happy and so productive. It’s great to see him have so much energy and feeling so optimistic about everything. I’m really excited for him <3

Aside from that, I spent almost the entire day working on YouTube stuff! I’m still doing that right now. Work work work, move move move, do the things, make the vlogs. And you better believe I’ve been admiring Ruby all day.

Thanks for asking!

anonymous asked:

Can I just say that I absolutely adore you're project SoM? The art's great, the concept is great, and I can't wait for the animatic to come out. I've been obsessed with it lately lol and I found some songs that kinda remind me of it. idk if you've listened to it before but do you think "I'm not your toy" by La roux kinda sums up Elena's feelings on Parrion? idk I just love your stuff! Keep up the great work!

Oh my goodness thank you so much! It means the WORLD to me that people are taking such an interest in this project as it has become a very deeply personal thing for me. I am happy to see that people are enjoying it! Especially the setting - I recently learned more about my Italian heritage and wanted to try and introduce more of that into my artwork and storytelling.

And I listened to the song you recommended and this does sound like Elena XD Parrion deserves a good punch to the face. Although Elena’s way of handling it gives me more satisfaction <3

Thank you so much for all your kind words, messages like this really help me keep going on my work when times get tough!


Had a lot of fun at MTAC!!! (Though I spend too much time on my booth drawing commissions… )

there are many great cosplays I didn’t get a chance to take photos to, ;w;
Finally get to meet @katsuyacrimson in reallife!!! It was a wonderful experience;w; 

A very nice gentleman gave me his limited edition Deus Ex 3 cap with Adam’s voice actor’s signature on it!!!(and apparently the cap is the first of the 288!?!!!) Me so happy!!!!hdhsjscjsJfiekfBsksj

Didn’t do a lot of print trades this time but I did found some very interesting stuff…Like that pixelaction figure thing…(the dude selling it doesn’t have Superman ;w; so Tony will do.)

Met some old friends and made some new friends, overall it’s a pretty awesome time,🤣

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Bless you for trying to keep a Robert positivity space, it's needed! A lot of areas of the fandom aren't great right now so please look after yourself if Rob means a lot to your mental health. I really get it because Rob and Aaron are my escapism so I'm hurt but I'll continue to watch. I wish I could take a step back from the fandom because I do let other people's opinions affect me but it's tough when it's nice to be surrounded by people who like stuff you like. This sucks

it does suck! it absolutely made me feel sick when i found out, but then i realised how little i actually care about emmerhell and their stupid sensationalism sometimes. im pretty sure my read on robert sugden in particular doesn’t gel with whatever the hell persona they’re trying to force on him at any given time anyway, so i think i’m much better off than a huge portion of the fandom.

that said, i’m really not in fandom for negativity. yes i get mad, yes i wish certain things didn’t happen in canon, but that’s what fic and headcanons and friends are for. to re-evaluate what we’ve seen, disagree with it if necessary, and then right it. emmerdale isn’t the gospel on these characters you love. they gave them to you, they created them for you, but how you read them, love them, and view them is on you and you alone. they can be whatever you need them to be.

fandom for me is escapism. robert is a coping mechanism. negativity doesn’t do my mental health any good so maybe i’m seen as delusional and ridiculous in certain spaces, but you know what, i don’t care because i’m healthy and safe and enjoying my fandom life.

do what you need to do to be the same. i’ll support you whatever, anon.

but here, my blog, will always be a safe space for anyone who loves robert sugden, even after tonight

Hey guys! I just wanted to share a message I got the other day from theirprofoundbond that made me so happy. Here is part of it.

I’m a Destiel fan and I l o v e d every single thing you wrote there; it was such a breath of fresh air.  I don’t see their relationship in canon; I literally watched 11 seasons before I entered the fandom, because I started the show late and didn’t want to get spoiled.  I never saw a hint of bisexuality or romance between Dean and Castiel so when I found the ship I was thrown for a loop.  I eventually signed on, but it’s all totally independent from canon.  I don’t see how it could become canon (because like you–and Jensen–said, that’s not what the show is about).

There’s a lot of great Destiel content on tumblr, but inevitably as you browse it, you run into other stuff.  I once read this meta about how beer bottle labels were a symbol for Dean’s bisexuality.  On the one hand it was a pretty cool, clever interpretation.  (As a former English major who had to read and write literary critiques, I can definitely appreciate it on some level.)  But on the other hand, I often see posts like these accompanied by expectation, frustration, and outrage, and, like you, I seriously do not understand.  (To be fair, the original author wasn’t expressing any of those things as near as I could tell, but I’m saying in general when you see that level of interpretation/reaching, you often get those other emotions.)

TV shows tell you, down to details we only pick up subconsciously, what you are supposed to know.  There might be some cool little details thrown in that you don’t pick up on right away, and there might be room for interpretation, but the latter is subjective; they’re not coming up with ways to communicate secret subliminal messages to us.  There’s no way they’ve been teasing people with a secret homosexual romance for 8 seasons.

Anyway.  Thank you for unabashedly sharing your opinions; I’m so glad I found you!

Lastly, I loved how you emphasized platonic love and how important and worth celebrating that is =]  I appreciate the hell out of the beauty of Castiel and Dean’s canon unlikely best-friendship.

Like I said before. I was afraid this was another hate message because that’s what I usually get when people message me after they read my opinions. But this made me so happy to see a shipper talking with a non-shipper.. and getting along! theirprofoundbond respects my opinions and I respect theirs.

I so often see hateful messages and shipping wars in fandom and it’s nice to see that we can be adults and be nice to each other.  

The Droid Likes You...

Originally posted by fysw

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Poe x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Hey is it possible to get a reader insert with Poe where your family is affiliated with the resistance and this is your first time stepping on base and you run into BB-8 and Poe finds you and just a lot of really cute nervous/flirty stuff please and thank you. P.s I love your blog it’s honestly just so great

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Predatorshipping 2

when of if I started shipping it: I guess I lowkey ship them, not a main ship for either of them but the fandom has pulled it out from being a notp so props to them

my thoughts: while canon-wise I like the interesting contrast they provide to the others, fanon has a lot of great stuff for them, I like the dynamics suggested and just all the great content

What makes me happy about them: Them being a snarky battle couple

What makes me sad about them: The what if’s and insecurities brought by their lack of relationship

things done in fanfic that annoys me: Having Serena be super passive and submissive and kinda ‘taming’ Yuri through kindness, like bruh have you watched the same show as the rest of us?

things I look for in fanfic: equal footing in a relationship, with them being just as clueless or competent as the other

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: prodigy is probably my fave ship for Serena and while I am not very passionate about it, dusk is another interesting ship for Yuri

My happily ever after for them: meeting up for coffee once a month to have existential conversations and talk shit about ppl

who is the big spoon/little spoon: Serena big, Yuri little

what is their favorite non-sexual activity: dueling

kstipetic replied to your post: I’m not gonna lie, I know that only a few hours…

i actually am super excited b/c we just found out some very cool stuff about dylan! as great as wormfuck is, i’m ready to see dylan in other situations

LOL me too… i have been looking forward to it for quite some time cause dylan has such a lot of cool plot stuff going for her. finally i get to share more..
dylan: NO!!!!!!! LET ME HAVE WORMFUCK FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! 

anonymous asked:

I don't know if this has been answered before, I scrolled a lot trying to find it first but the app crashed. What was your schedule like when you started learning korean, and now too, I guess. Like how much time did you spend everyday and stuff like that.

I was on break when I first decided to learn Korean, so I actually had a lot of free time. I guess I studied whenever I really felt like it, since I’m more prone to random energy spikes! Although, I had been watching Korean dramas long before I ever actually started to learn Korean, so I was already well exposed to the language.

For the first two weeks, I studied half an hour everyday, which slowly turned into maybe two hours a day because I found a great interest in the language. Eventually, when my schedule became busy again, I decided to do study in the mornings before my day. I would sit down and read grammar notes over breakfast! Whenever my day allowed for short breaks, I found Korean to be quite a brilliant pass time, so I would read a little grammar during breaks, and I would later review what I had learnt during the day before going to sleep. This way I was cramming in an average of at least an hour and a half a day, even when I was really busy!

I have a tendency to be very active at night, so whenever I can’t sleep, I tend to find myself with a grammar book. I actually found that learning information before sleep was very effective since I had all night to mull it over!

Weekends were usually my busiest! I would try to dedicate at least a solid hour into my day, whilst following my scattered study pattern. I think this was extremely helpful, since I could review information throughout the day, and continuously improve things that I had difficultly remembering.

My schedule right now is all over the place. I have a calendar, and dedicate an hour for study every two days. And in between study days, I dedicate 30 minutes for revision. On top of this, I also try to stick to my weekend study, my breakfast study, and nighttime revision! But of course, my schedule has been really busy lately, so as of right now, I am unable to really delve into as much study as I would like. But I enjoy studying when I can, as it is a welcome relief from my daily routine!


Today I bring you the 18 billboards from Showtime. They’re particularly great for city worlds or simply for adding a bit more detail to places outside of lots.

I tried to include all variations in one file but you can’t recolor stuff in the World Editor anyway. I opted not to include them under Build/Community Objects, as that would make them unavailable in Buy Mode. But it doesn’t make much difference, since you can access Buy Mode on community lots anyway!


  • 7 double-sided and 11 single-sided billboards;
  • found under Buy/Decor/Sculptures, Build/World Builder/Landmarks;
  • they don’t burn, and can’t be stolen or repossessed;
  • they cost $0 and have an environment score of 5;
  • they can now be placed on slopes and will stay on a residential lot when you move your Sims out;
  • archives contain both merged and separate versions of the files.


Default replacement (requires Showtime)
Non-default replacement (doesn’t require Showtime)

hamasakiishiko  asked:

Mod Ouma, you aren't doing anything wrong at all, I'm sure!! If you're looking for requests, can I possibly get a reading on my life as I ?? Thank you!! You're doing great, Ouma-Kun!!! ✨✨✨

I feel like I did do something wrong though, I’m just super duper sensitive and stuff… And I’m probably not doing enough…

Ace of Spades-  New insights, realizations

Nine of Hearts-  Satisfaction, sensual pleasure, spiritual growth

Two of Clubs-  Planning and preparation

Hh, as I do not have as much context, I can’t do a proper interpretation, but you probably found something out and that made you grow in a lot of good and amazing ways, even though it might’ve been hard to do so, you prepared to move on from these hardships in your life and it might’ve been successful,,, I don’t know,,

I didn’t ask my pendulum, but I think this is at least slightly correct 

-Mod Ouma

things that are making me happy right now:

- I finished my second custom doll today!!!
- yesterday i made a successful bath bomb for the first time
- music by anamanaguchi is real good dude
- i found an Etsy shop that sells a bunch of really cute Sanrio stuff!! like gashapons and plushies!!
- my friends are really great!!
- i have this rillakumma plushie and idk man i just love it a lot dude
- there’s gonna b a snowstorm later this week which is cool bc i love being snowed in!!! it feels so cozy ahh
- ive been watching car boys and oh man I lov griffin and nick dude. car boys always makes me laugh so much and it is really really nice to laugh man. especially when you haven’t really laughed for a while
- I’m in Maine for the week so that’s cool!!!!