but i found a lot of great stuff

Animated media that traumatised me as a kid:

I saw a lot of stuff in my youth that I found to be scary, but these are things that will to this day give me goose bumps if I think about them in the middle of the night. So here we go; here are my personal top 4 animated movies/shows that scarred me as a child. 8D

Moomin (1991-1992)

The Groke - UGH!! The scene below in particular scared the shEATTT out of me as a child!! And Sniff´s Finnish screams did not make the thing any less terrifying. But today, having read the Moomin books and all, I think the Groke asa character is more tragic than scary. (ノдヽ)

 The ghost in the light house - The mere memory of this scene can make me cry. Not those “I’m so scared” tears, but those “Just thinking about ghosts” tears, if you know what I mean. If anybody knows what that phenomenon is called then send me a PM, I would love to know. 

The Simpsons (1989-present)

More specifically these two:

Nightmare Cafeteria” - I loved the Halloween specials as a kid, eve though I might have been to young for them. But the story about the teachers eating the students left a very big (negative) impression in little me.

Terror at 5 ½ Feet”. There was simply something absolutely horrifying about this little monster to me. I was genuinely afraid of it. But what made the whole episode worse was how nobody would believe Bart when he tried to warn everybody about it. This story gave me nightmares for years.ヽ ( ꒪д꒪ )ノ

The Great Mouse Detective (1986)  

In this case it´s the opening scene that really got to be when I saw this back in the day. The creepy atmosphere, the music, the shadow fight, the silence after the battle, the little mouse girl’s cries for her dad, and of course, this mothafukka. I would always hid under my blankest when the movie started. (O_Q)

Pagemaster (1994)

I saw this movie very few times when it came out, but the scene when Dr Jekyl transforms into Mr Hyde never left my mind. It was brilliantly animated and storyboarded, but maybe too well because I lost my shit whenever the movie got to this point. UVÄ!! Still gives me shivers!! DX

From what I can gather apparently my main fear as a kid was monsters of different kinds. That explians very well why I also hated “The Gremlins”. :o But today I would say that the paranormal (and fish) are the things I’m the most afraid of. :P

If you have your own horror stories to share then feel free to do so in the comments or make post yourself. Don´t forget to tag me in it so I can join the crying. ;D

So at my very worst period of mental illness things were pretty freaking awful. I was dealing with psychosis, near constant panic attacks, what they called “severe bipolar 1” plus some sort of unidentified personality disorder. Basically, things were really really bad and had been for a long time. But here are some of the things that helped me when I was dealing with a 2 month psych hospitalization that summer 

  • Noticing the color of the sky 
  • Nice scented lotion 
  • Taking long showers 
  • Making sure that I was hydrated & well nourished
  • Taking deep breaths 
  • Playing guitar 
  • Keeping my living space neat
  • Putting on nicer clothes & doing my hair 
  • Journaling 
  • Exercise 

Honestly I was able to recover precisely because I started paying attention to moments like these. At the time I was still pretty miserable, but it was a major break through to realize I could appreciate the colors of the sky & grass, or the sound of rain, or the cozy feeling of a bookshop. It’s hard to articulate how much it changed things for me. 

Of course, I had a lot of other support too, and I’m not trying to say this alone cured me. I also know that stuff that worked for me in recovery didn’t work for my peers in treatment and vice versa. But I do beg you not to dismiss stuff like this that’s offered without judgement, like in self care posts. For one - you don’t know what the OP has been through & there is no reason to invalidate them or mentally people who do stuff like this –  You just can’t correlate the severity of symptoms to what kind of things help. 

And two - it’s not good to spread the idea that enjoying little moments, or doing common self care this is only for non mentally ill people. In fact, we are often the ones who can benefit the most. And it’s a shame to spread the idea that none of these things can work for any mentally ill person when that’s just not true & could prevent someone from doing something that could help. Treating severe mental illness is a big problem, but it’s often made up of lots of little changes

You should check out TherapyShoppe.com!

I found this really great website the other day!  It has all kinds of stuff that’s designed to help kids and adults with autism, sensory issues, motor skill issues, developmental disabilities, all kinds of stuff!  Even if you’re just looking for something to fidget with or something to chew on instead of you pencils, they’ve got great stuff.  They’re all very reasonably priced and shipping is decent.

They have lots of fidget toys, stress balls, and putty to keep your fingers busy

Lots of handwriting helpers and various pencil grips


Stuff to strengthen fine motor skills

Lots of stuff for sensory needs, from earmuffs to weighted lap pads and blankets (they don’t have adult sized blankets and they’re kinda expensive, but hey) to stuff you can nom on

They also have lots of kits that are basically a grab bag of different things based on needs

Basically, if you’ve ever said to yourself “God, I wish I could find something to help with ___” you should check this place out.

Also, I have absolutely no idea how to tag this so people who need it can find it, so if you do the rebagel, add some helpful tags, pls.

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Hi there. I saw your post on how life is at SCAD majoring wise and was curious about what one might do if a school doesn't offer a sequential program. I wanted to go to scad, but due to finances and travel the option was less afforadable than another art school. Would you have any suggestions on what one could do to study sequential art on their own? Books, online course suggestions? (I apologize if this is a lot of questions, I completely understand if I'm asking too much.)

Hey! So having only gone to SCAD I’m no expert, but here’s what I’d do, as someone who is currently trying to get into comics. I’m starting from only an illustration background, so it’s challenging, but I think it’s very doable!

First of all, any traditional drawing skills classes you can take in or out of school would be great. Figure drawing, perspective drawing, construction drawing, and so on. Basically building up the skills to be able to draw most things out of your head and have them look reasonably convincing.

Secondly, read comics! You’ll have a much easier time learning to make comics if you’ve read lots of them and generally understand how they work. Make sure to read both webcomics and “classic” print comics, and try ones from different places! American comics are very different from Japanese comics, which themselves are very different from Belgian or French comics.

Lastly, here’s a list of books I’ve bought for classes and for myself, that I’ve found helpful

  • Understanding Comics - Scott McCloud - What it says on the tin. This goes over a lot of the structure of comics as it’s understood, and covers a lot of central concepts we’ve all experienced in reading comics but probably never thought about. If nothing else it’s a fun read!
  • Making Comics - Scott McCloud - Similar to the first one, but covers more angles of the art of actually MAKING comics. Reading this always gets me pumped to draw
  • The Five C’s of Cinematography - Joseph V. Mascelli (can probably get this one for free as a PDF. I got it for like $6 on Amazon) - Admittedly haven’t read this yet but it’s required reading for a class I have next quarter and comes strongly recommended. I assume it covers a lot of the fundamentals of framing a shot, timing action, and so on that apply to comics as well as film.
  • Rapid Viz - Kurt Hanks (same as above. Can probably get it for free. I got it used for real cheap) - Great intro to perspective and construction drawing! Also has a lot of exercises in it that are worth doing if you’re a beginner to constructing forms on the page. If you have no idea how to draw a gun or a car or a building, this has stuff in it that you’re gonna want.
  • Color and Light - James Gurney - Got this for myself because my color needs work. This focuses more on traditional painting, but has a ton of great info about how light works and how it translates to painting. This is a great supplement to a color theory class, and has beautiful artwork in it as well! James Gurney also has a website and youtube channel with videos that I’ve found useful or inspiring in the past.
  • Creative Illustration - Andrew Loomis - Loomis is often pretty dated, but this book covers some veeerrrryyyy important fundamentals on composition. Stuff I still struggle with a lot. Also, once again, this whole thing is available for free as a PDF!
  • Just a whole bunch of art books. Never enough art books. Here’s my shelf. Note: not enough art books.

    (Edit: The best art book I own is The Art of Wolfenstein: The New Order. Highly recommend this one even if you’re not into the game. It has some gorgeous art, but more importantly some nice iterations in the design process and a lot of good commentary about design decisions. This is everything I want from an art book. The game rocks too. Can’t wait for the new one!)
DILF- Shawn Mendes

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first imagine on Tumblr. It is 2204 words. Not sure if that’s long or short. I really don’t know what to say 😂 Feel free to message me with any feedback and I hope you enjoy! 

“Daddy comes home today, baby,” I expressed to my almost year old daughter while I bounced her on my hip.

“Aren’t you so excited?” she only replied with cute giggles and two-teethed smiles.

One thing about Avery was she loved her dad more than anything in the world. Anything about him made her happy. She loved to FaceTime with him or just listen to one of his songs. There had been many occasions when she wouldn’t sleep, but I put on her father’s music and she was out like a light.

I looked at my baby, being captivated by her beauty. Sure she was still young, but I could see her looking like her father more and more every day. She had his curly brown hair, the kind that swooped across her forehead, and his beautiful light brown eyes. Avery had Shawn’s smile and his cute little nose. He always said she looked like me and “Thank God because you’re the cute one.” I didn’t agree with either of those statements. I was glad she looked like him. If I was missing him, I had a little mini him around to dull the longing I felt.

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My love of anthropomorphising everything could be called self gratifying and maybe even a bit human-egocentric, but I get so much out of it.

Personification fills me with a new found passion and respect for the subject matter at hand. I was not a fan of insects before I started anthropomorphising them but now I love and respect them and I know a great deal more about them! Personification drives me to do a lot of research on things and it’s all wonderful stuff to know! Lately I’ve been on the train to work reading about the life of stars, different kinds of stars, solar flares and the inner workings of the galaxy because I made a big fat sun dude.

Try it for yourself, you’ll love what you come to find!

17,again - Chapter 01.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, drama, fluff.

Word count: 7k

Summary: Your relationship of ten years seems to be stuck as your CEO boyfriend works non-stop and doesn´t pay much attention to you or your hints about marriage. Desperate to awaken the spark of love again you beg the universe for a change that will make him fall for you for the second time in his life. And the universe listens.

Author´s note: This is inspired by the Chinese version of the movie “17 again”. Although this story is going to be quite different I recommend not watching the film if you don´t want to spoil yourself anything that could happen in this fic.

PROLOGUE: https://bts-writing-minsuga.tumblr.com/post/158614466764/17again-prologue

It was not the sun rays tickling your face that woke you up but the crazy dream you had just had as images of it were still going through your head. Basically, you were living with this man that didn´t pay attention to you and had stopped pursuing your career as an artist to make it possible. The idea itself was the most nonsensical and absurd thing you had ever heard. Not even for a million dollars would you do that.

A hairy warm thing touched your arm and your eyes shot open while your body stumbled almost falling off the bed in an attempt to cover yourself up with the blankets. The repeatedly movement of your mouth opening and closing couldn´t compare to the shock you were feeling as the man you had dreamt of was now lying next to you, breathing and everything. He was completely oblivious to your presence and lost in a deep sleep, so your first reaction was to carefully examine his features. From his brown locks resting on his forehead to his parted lips you couldn´t recall who he was. Extending a hand to push the hairy thing, which happened to be his leg that was tangled with your limbs, you cautiously placed it back where it belonged and looked around. Maybe you had gone to a party and brought him home to sleep together. That theory would´ve been valid if not for the fact that as you exited the bedroom and wandered around the living room you came to the realization that it wasn´t your place that you had woken up in. There were no sketchbooks on the floor, no walls full of your paintings, no canvases and no huge poster of Nick Carter. A shiver went down your spine as you were only wearing some black lingerie that deferred a lot from your usual panties with the days of the week stamped on them, which only confused you even more.

“Okay. So I´ve probably slept with him or something. I should search for my stuff and go. Do I have college today?”

Muttering to yourself you carefully started looking through the house and gave up after a while as your clothes where nowhere to be found and decided to wait until he woke up. It had only been ten minutes when your stomach started growling. What a great moment to be hungry. You considered the situation and decided to just attend your needs.

“I might as well grab some food if I´m stuck here”

Luckily for you there was a cookie jar placed on the kitchen island and you didn´t hesitate to open it.  Your mouth was watering and as your lips were almost touching the first one someone grabbed your forearm and you threw the cookie at whoever it was by natural reflex.

“For God´s sake what are you doing?”

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Like In The Movies

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Words: 3147

A/N : and now everyone: ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE AND THIS IS NOT EDITED. Please keep that in mind. There are probably some mistakes.

the lovely @lovelydob and @morethanonefandom sent me some promts 💕😊I really hope you aren’t disappointed with this.. 

Thank you for giving me the courage to post this piggie  🐷💖you already know how much I love you @golddaggers


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Colin O’Donoghue--OUAT Chicago 6/11/17

Colin O’Donoghue Q&A Panel

Note:  I had some issues with my recordings of this particular panel.  I had to record the panel in 4 separate parts, because my voice recorder couldn’t handle any more than 17 minutes at a time.  A couple of the parts went missing.  I was able to fill in most of the missing segments after hunting through YouTube for videos to supplement what I had, but there are, I think, a couple of minutes I’m still missing.

Announcer:  Welcome Captain Hook himself, Mr. Colin O’Donoghue!

Colin:  Awesome!  A bit of Led Zepplin.  You can’t beat it.  Hello everyone!

Fan (from audience):  Hello, gorgeous.

Colin:  (looks around behind him)  Who you talking to?

Fan (from audience): You!

Colin:  Oh, thank you.  It’s a lot…it’s a lot of people.  Hello.  I guess I’m gonna start with the questions.

Fan: Hi, sorry. (giggles and cries)

Colin:  This is a good start.

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Who You Are

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1.2K

Warning(s): swearing

Summary: You are on a mission of your own when you get caught by a certain superhero.

You take in a deep breath before taking a step out of the bright yellow taxi and shutting the door. You look straight up, scanning the wide, glass covered, thirty-floor building looking for anything out of the ordinary. You then nervously fix your blouse and straighten out your skirt before heading towards the main doors of the building. You understood why they picked you for this mission, but you were just the healer. You didn’t put your life at risk like this. Like the others….

“Y/N once you get through the doors there will be a security checkpoint. You are going to need to use the I.D. badge that I gave you and swipe it at the scanner. It should hopefully work and get you in,” says one of your teammates, Ida, through the intercom placed in your ear.

“Hopefully?” you hiss quietly, “You mean to tell me this might not work?”

“I am 99% sure that this will work. I mean, come on. It’s me we are talking about,” she replies rather smug.

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Sine, Sine! I'm sorry to bother you, but do you have any good tips for writing 616 Tony! I just love your characterization so much :)

Oh, boy, an opportunity to talk about my fave! I was actually sitting here thinking, gosh, I hope someone asks me to write meta about my favorite characters sometime soon! And then you did, so thank you, anon! (And thank you, I’m glad you like my characterization.)

Uh. This got long.

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Weakness - Part 5

Summary: You’re an old acquaintance of Barry Allen and The Flash’s enemy, but when you’re together you’re way more than that. You’re struggling with your evilness and Barry wants to help. Will you let him?

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 1182

A/N: Hello! The next part is here after a long ass time, sorry about that lol I hope you like this part and how the story is going, let me know what you think! x

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


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I really want to get into astrology and know about it as much as you do(you really inspire me) but I don't know where to start. and after the basics, where do I learn the more complex stuff? thanks

Aaaaaahh your kindness inspires me!!! And I’m so glad you’re so interested in astrology!

I am going to assume that by “the basics” you mean the definitions of the planets, signs, and houses, and probably also what a planet in a house means and a planet in a sign and so on. So I’ll assume that by “more complex stuff” you mean aspects and/or major aspect patterns, interceptions, duplications, asteroid stuff, progressions, transits, draconic charts, etc etc.

OK, so. I’ll be honest.
I learned mostly from Google.
In the early stages of my learning, I was looking to bloggers to answer my questions, but I couldn’t find anyone who knew a lot of the complex stuff and would give me the in-depth answers I wanted, to I just googled the cheese out of it. I’m talking clicking every article for 10+ pages on one topic.
Now, I admit one can learn an awful lot that way, but it is not exactly efficient, and I certainly want to give you more direction than I got.

So, here is a brief set of references that can help you learn astrology more efficiently than I did.

1. Astrology books. The internet has a lot of stuff on it, but I have never found more information than when I have paid for it. There are a lot of astrology books on amazon, but I honestly found the most books in a sort of hippie-shop in a city near me called the Dancing Moon. If you have a hippie-shop near you, definitely check it out. Also, used book stores sometimes have interesting collections of astro books.
A few books that I have and enjoy:

  • Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring–talks about moon signs and houses as well as progressed moon signs and houses, really helped me out concerning progressions
  • Astrology, Karma, and Transformation by Stephen Arroyo–really in-depth look at the outer planets, karma and reincarnation in the birth chart
  • The Book of Pluto by Steven Forrest–REALLY in-depth look at Pluto

I don’t have many astrology books because books are expensive and astrology books are not easy for me to find, but I adore the books I do have, and they make it a lot easier for me to learn (as I get distracted easily on the computer)

2. Websites made for learning astrology. To be honest, I don’t use these much, so I don’t really know if they go as in-depth as I assume, but you may find them helpful.

3. Websites and articles. There are particular websites I return to frequently, because I find them so helpful. I bookmark a LOT of things, and I keep those bookmarks organized for easy reference.
Here are a few sites that help me:

  • http://astrofix.net/ –this is GREAT for studying aspects because it uses short phrases to explain how a planets energy works with another planets energy. There is also a series of posts on Nodes and rulers of houses in houses which is really great. Hover over the “Explore” button to navigate to these.
  • http://surrealspotlight.blogspot.com/search/label/astrology –this blog no longer updates, but it has a lot of really interesting posts discussing things well beyond planet in house/sign.
  • http://wordsforthepeople.com/site-map/ –Scroll down to “Articles” and “Blog” and you will see a list of complex and often spiritual astro topics, many of which regard transits.
  • http://wordsforthepeople.com/site-map/I like this one less, but it does have some interesting articles. More transit stuff, among other things.
  • http://www.llewellyn.com/journal/article_topic.php?article_topic=Astrology –These articles are short, but so specific and interesting, I love them.
  • https://skywriter.wordpress.com/ –another that talks a lot about transits (there are a lot of sites about these) but if you dig into her blog you can find some other stuff, too, specifically about how to calculate your dominant planet (without using astro.com) and a discussion of stelliums and alpha planets.
  • http://www.healwithastrology.com/blog/ –so this is a little more basic but it is great because it offers advice. Like, legitimate advice that I have found very helpful, not just “You’re an Aries (sun), so try to keep your cool” but very spiritual and meaningful advice. the links on the side labelled 2nd house, 12th house, moon signs, and sun through the houses are most relevant.
  • http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/ohmystars/astrology/ –more interesting articles on astrology, some of which regard current events and transits. I originally found this because I was looking for more info on yods, and it gave a different perspective than most other sites (most sites say “yods are great, they speak of untold power!” and one blogger on this site write something along the lines of “yeah, yods can be great, but they are so awkward to work with because in order to make those aspects the planets have to be in signs that don’t work well together”
  • http://feeds.ezinearticles.com/category/Arts-and-Entertainment:Astrology.xml –this has a bit of numerology riddled in, but a decent amount of neat astro articles
  • http://pegasusastrology.com/articles –a few articles from a tumblr blogger I follow. I really enjoyed the draconic astrology one and the “Discovering the themes in your chart” one.
  • https://www.scribd.com/doc/31151867/2204105-Pluto-Sign-House-Aspect –ok so I linked you to a very specific and possibly “basic” article about Pluto here, but I love it so much I had to include it.  I honestly have no idea how to navigate the main site, Scribd, and sometimes when I click on stuff it says I have to be a member to view the whole document and sometimes it doesn’t, but this article and many of the “suggested” articles to the side and at the bottom are unrestricted and quite fun to read.
  • http://teachmeastrology.com/midpoint-calculator/#47 – this is a midpoint calculator. Midpoints are something I am only just getting into, so I can’t say much, but it tells you all your midpoints and has short descriptions of them. A good place to begin, I guess.
  • http://astromatrix.org/ –has descriptions of all the transit and natal aspects. Handy reference.
  • http://astro-charts.com/--handy for spotting major aspect patterns in a chart, as the computer does it for you. However, astro.com makes more accurate charts, and astro-charts isn’t perfect when it comes to spotting aspect patterns–for example, I have a stellium, five planets in a house, and it didn’t catch it. So this is helpful, but make sure to do some work yourself as well to be certain.

4. Bloggers and forums. There are lots of places where you can talk to other people about astrology. I have never used any forums myself, but I do read some forum posts for reference. I do talk to plenty of tumblr bloggers, though.

Here are a few blogs that usually go beyond planets in signs/houses–unfortunately I haven’t found many.

5. Google will always be your friend. As will I! Asking either of us questions is always a pretty decent way to find stuff out.

Aaaannd that wasn’t as brief as I thought it would be. Oh well. Probably a good thing.

I hope this helps!

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hello! i loved your blog a lot! could you please suggest other blogs like yours? i would be very happy if they could be focused on asian and/or slavic languages! thank you and have a good day!

I am soooooooo sorry that this is so late!!!!! ;-; Thanks for being patient with me!! 

Here are some great blogs I found concerning Asian/Slavic languages:
(When I can only find very few (or no) blogs for a language, I’ll include some resources outside of Tumblr.)

Asian Languages:

General Stuff about Asian Languages and Cultures:

官话 (Mandarin Chinese): 
more links from allthelanguages 

廣州話 (Cantonese):
list of resources from languageek 
more links from thelanguagecommunity 

日本語 (Japanese):
notasjapones (blog is in Spanish)
Japanese resources from nihongogogo 

ウチナーグチ (Okinawan)
i-just-like-commenting’s posts on Okinawan 
Wikipedia’s article on Okinawan 

アィヌ・イタㇰ (Ainu):
thelanguagecommunity: ainu 
ainu talking dictionary (not a blog)
Omniglot: ainu (not a blog) 

한국어 (Korean):
resources from a-yoseoul 
More links from korean-language-learningryeouk, and sprinkleofhappydust 

Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese): 
links from thelanguagecommunity 

Монгол хэл (Mongolian):
thelanguagecommunity: Mongolian
Omniglot: Mongolian 

ภาษาไทย (Thai):
Thai links from thelanguagecommunity (follow them), and here’s some more  
dutchthai (teaches Dutch and Thai) 
Youtube: Easy Thai 

ལྷ་སའི་སྐད་ (Standard Tibetan):
Omniglot: Tibetan 
Youtube: Snowland Bhumo 

ភាសាខ្មែរ (Khmer):
thelanguagecommunity’s links 

ພາສາລາວ (Lao):
here are some Lao resources, but they aren’t blogs

lus Hmoob / lug Moob / lol Hmongb (Hmong):
Youtube: Hmong lessons 
Hmong Dictionary 
Omniglot: Hmong 

Khamu (Khmu):
Why are there no resources :c Got any links for me? Feel free to send some more in, and I’ll be happy to add them!

ဘာသာ မန် (Mon): 
(I couldn’t find any tumblr blogs, but here are some other resources!)

မြန်မာစာ (Burmese)
Omniglot: Burmese phrases
Youtube: Burmese lessons

Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian): 
Guide to Indonesian Grammar (pdf) 

Bahasa Melayu/بهاس ملايو (Malay)
Thelanguagecommunity has a great list of Malay resources! 
Omniglot: Malay 
Youtube: MalayLanguageNSlangs 
Youtube: Easy Malay 

Wikang Tagalog (Tagalog):
Youtube: Easy Filipino 

தமிழ் (Tamil):
thelanguagecommunity’s Tamil resources (seriously, follow them!
Omniglot: Tamil 

हिन्दी (Hindi):
Youtube: HindiPod101 

বাংলা (Bengali):
Youtube: Enchantress* 
Youtube: dialect101’s Bengali/Bangla playlist 
Youtube: Bengali lesson 
Omniglot: Bengali 
thelanguagecommunity: Bengali 

ગુજરાતી (Gujarati): 
thelanguagecommunity: Gujarati 
Youtube: Akhil Yadav (also has some Hindi lessons) 

اُردُو (Urdu): 
TLC: Urdu 
Omniglot: Urdu 
mylanguages.org: Urdu 
BBC: Urdu 

తెలుగు (Telugu): 
TLC: Telugu 
Youtube: Krishna Krish: Telugu lessons 
Omniglot: Telugu 
WikiTravel: Telugu Phrasebook 
Youtube: edtelugu 

ತುಳು ಭಾಷೆ (Tulu): 
Youtube: ash987654325 
Youtube: DevansLanguage 
Wikipedia: Tulu Language 
Omniglot: Tulu 

سنڌي / सिन्धी (Sindhi):
Youtube: learnsindhi 
Omniglot: Sindhi 

ਪੰਜਾਬੀ / پنجابی (Punjabi): 
TLC: Punjabi 
Omniglot: Punjabi 
Youtube: Punjabi Lessons Playlist 

नेपाली भाषा (Nepali):  
Youtube: Sharad Dhakal 
Omniglot: Nepali 

ಕನ್ನಡ (Kannada):
Youtube: Kannada Language Playlist 

қазақ тілі (Kazakh): 
TLC: Kazakh 
fuckyeahzazakhstan (more about the country than the language) 
Omniglot: Kazakh 

Slavic Languages:

General Stuff about Slavic Languages and Cultures:

русский (Russian):

українська (Ukranian): 
TLC: Ukrainian 
Youtube: LearnUkrainian 
Omniglot: Ukrainian 

беларуская (Belarusian): 
TLC: Belarusian 
belarussineokaja (more about Belarus than Belarussian) 
Omniglot: Belarusian 
Youtube: Belarusian Phrases 

Polski (Polish): 

Čeština (Czech): 
Resources for Czech from czechlanguageassociation 
korektor-komiks (posts comics in Czech) 

Slovenčina (Slovak): 
Youtube: Radio Slovakia International 
Omniglot: Slovak 

Hrvatski (Croatian): 
allthingscroatia (more about the country than the language) 
Youtube: Learning Croatian 

српски/srpski (Serbian):
loveserbia (more about the country than the language)

босански / Bosanski (Bosnian):

Македонски (Macedonian): 
TLC: Macedonian 
Omniglot: Macedonian 
Youtube: freelanguageschool’s Macedonian Lessons 
Wikipedia: Macedonian Language 

български (Bulgarian): 
only-bulgarian-things (posts different bits of Bulgarian goodness) 
Omniglot: Bulgarian 
Youtube: BulgarianPod101 
Youtube: BGtutoring 

Other general Language Blogs: 
apamexico (para mis amigos de habla espanol (forgive me for my poor Spanish heheh))
~follow them all~

And sooooo sorry for all the languages I couldn’t find any blogs for!  I hope this answer works :)

謝謝! ありがとうございます! 감사합니다! Matur nuwun! ຂໍຂອບໃຈທ່ານ! Terima kasih! សូមអរគុណ! धन्यवाद! நன்றி! ధన్యవాదాలు! ขอขอบคุณ! Спасибо! Dziękujemy! Hvala vam! Благодаря ви! Thank you for the ask!

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Are there any poly!hamilsquad x reader writers that you recommend ?? Or any stories?? They could be on tumblr or off , anywhere tbh I just... I need more there just isn't enough :( <3

i agree, anon. we need more poly!hamilsquad. i’m trying to find more but here’s some fics that i really like!

(sidenote: if i messed up anyone’s pronouns, please let me know.)

on tumblr: 

- i’ve read a few imagines from @hamitome–imagines and she’s a great writer! some of her hamilsquad ones are a more platonic, but they’re still lovely to read. the first one i read was royal pain in the ass. i’d never read one with a reader from royalty, but i liked it. it was well done too! 

she also has a sick day one that i like called “sick of the attention.” i am a sucker,, for the boys doting over the reader. it was a nice twist to have a reader that didn’t want the attention. she also has so much stuff like seriously go check her out! she’s incredible. her master is here!

- ​ @hamilsquad-writings has one imagine that i like + i reread it every once in a while. i came across it on accident, but i totally fell in love. embarrass your girlfriend day is one of my fave poly fics out there. she’s a very talented writer!

- a while before i was writing on here, i came across “artists’ spirit” by @veesworldofpureimagines i honestly think this is why i started writing on tumblr. it was that good yes. and i thought i could be as good as her. definitely not haha! but it was so well written and so touching and sweet and perfect. i recommend it to you all. it was a joy to read. and there’s a sequel! 

@nonstop-hamimagines also has some great poly!fics. my favorite is “the kissing disease” but “ice” was so also good. the reader’s insults/comebacks had me laughing. she’s an incredible writer +  you should check out her stuff!

on archive: 

- okay this isn’t a poly!hamilsquad x reader (it’s just poly!hamilsquad) but it’s soooo cute guys. it’s a texting fic called 1-800-did-i-ask by lol_phan_af . it’s so good. i love it. it’s ending soon though :( the link is here. 

i haven’t been able to find a good poly!hamilsquad x reader fic on archive. i’ll keep searching though! honestly, send me links/imagines/headcanons pls to any poly hamilsquad stuff and i’ll love you for ever,,


these writers write amazing poly!headcanons + i die,, every single time i read them.

@boss-headcanons okay listen up people like seriously they’re incredible + so very very kind. we are blessed to have them. their headcanons are so detailed + well written and absolutely incredible. their drabbles are even better! their masterlist/menu is here!

@imxginehxmilton has really great headcanons! they’re so cute so i hope you check out all of them out bc it’s worth it! a great writer + there’s has a lot of stuff that you can check out. the master list is here!

there are honestly so many great writers on tumblr that i have not yet found so if there are any fics you personally like, i probably will too! send them in! share the poly love. i’ll maybe make a big list when i have the chance. these are just a few that i came across + really enjoyed! hope you do too! xx

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I was looking up stuff on Author and found a video of Mark narrating a Creepypasta called The Scarecrow Corpse? I'd never seen that before it's from two years ago like what?

yes! that’s a great video. i know a lot of people use snippets of that for their dark edits. and considering how aesthetically pleasing mark’s voice is, i feel like the author/host narrating in such a voice matches well. 👌

My Opinion 10min after Binging Dear White People (kinda a rant)

so i just finished Dear White People

“But Khalifaziz, it premiers JUST TODAY”
Yes, I watched two episodes during breakfast, did my hair, and when I was done, there were only two episodes left. so I watched those during lunch and finished the entire season in a day.

Firstly: IT WAS AWESOME AND IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT YOU NEED TO WATCH IT ASAP. Luke Cage got renewed about a WEEK after it premiered because we all binged it in high ass numbers, we need a repeat of that.  

Secondly, the question I know all of you are going to hit my inbox asking, “Is it woke enough?" 

The show is, in my opinion, like a blend between School Daze, A Different World, and that movie with the title no one can ever remember. You know, the one that was like School Daze but about Black students on a white campus and it ends with that one Neo-Nazi committing a mass shooting on the campus? With a small dash of Veronica Mars. 

That said, it only gets about a 3.85 on my own personal woke-o-meter (out of 5, btw). You’ll probably see me ranting about the reasons why for months to come but here are a few of the highlights: 

-This series inadvertently pointed out all my problems with even progressive interracial relationships. It’s doomed to fail if your partner is an irresponsible white person, and you’re too afraid of your peers to own up to the fact (and actually take time to analyze your partner to find out if they’re irresponsible or not) that you’re dating a white person. I never liked movie version of Gabe but was willing to ignore him. While the show makes his character SLIGHTLY better, that’s only on the surface. In actuality, he’s worse.
-Firstly, MAJOR trigger warning for Reggie’s story arc. No spoilers but if you’re the type that does’t like seeing police brutality videos, then I suggest prepping yourself for one episode in particular (message me for deets). If you’re not Black, this trigger warning doesn’t apply (sorry, your life is a trigger warning against this stuff).I LOVED Reggie’s character in a lot of ways…and I also hated him. I found myself relating to Reggie a lot, EXCEPT for his relationship with Sam. This dude was super possessive of a girl that he barely even had a flirtation-ship with. I appreciated it, cuz honestly it felt like a great commentary on how, often times, the Black dudes with the most to say about interracial relationships are the ones that see Black women as their inherent property, however because of the commentary, up until the aforementioned police brutality ark, I found it near impossible to empathize with him over….anything really.
-Idk how to feel about the fact that while they address colorism (and Sam’s implicit bias) they do so by having the most Stacy Dash character call her out. Honestly, there were only two Black females on the show that were super ‘woke’ (a term I often use loosely but feel is applicable for the context of this show), and one was Just Barely Passes the Paper Bag Test Sam, and her bff Jo (to explain Jo’s character, think of every Black girl supporting character in a White sitcom who ISN’T a massive stereotype and how they’re usually sidelined and ignored….that’s Jo). While Jo is the darkest girl on the show (arguably, depending on lighting), she is a sidelined character, and all the other darkskin girls (as well as literally every Black woman on the show except Nia Long) are portrayed as the typical…how do I put this delicately…all the Black women on the show are a cross between Whitley Gilbert and Robin Givens, and the odd hybrid is auditioning for the role of Caroline in a movie adaptation of Outkast’s song, Roses.
-I’m glad Nia Long is in this….but the fact that DWP refuses to use the word "bisexual” is, in my opinion, the whitest s*** ever (not really, though, biphobia in Black communities is real, we may all have an uncle named Peaches, but Peaches better be Gold Star to be accepted at a progressive Black church). Nia Long’s character reminds us that if it’s a guy and a female teacher, it’s not rape, reinforces the 'cheating bisexual’ stereotype, and is just one in a long line of characters that are heavily coded to be bisexual. keyword being 'coded’.
-Remember how, in the movie, Lionel was outed by his frat brothers, forced out of his house, and was ridiculed with the Predatory Gay dude trope? all of that’s gone. Except the Predatory Gay Man thing…the writers just BARELY cross that line. Like, they get close enough, but still keep enough distance that I can tell about ten people are going to argue that he doesn’t fulfill the trope. It’s dubious, sure, but that’s the point. It shouldn’t be dubious.
-The writers seemed to only want to show ONE type of interracial relationship on the show. and not, you know, the one from the movie that featured the white sorority girl with a BBC fetish.
-Now that I think about it, there was almost nothing about white women in this show other than Coco’s friends. They were all portrayed as either sorority girls or hardcore feminists. As sorority girls, their bigotry was both excused and casual, and as hardcore feminists, they never openly said anything about Intersectionality, working with the Black women on campus, or even addressing their own implicit bias. suspect….
-Colorism and hair hate are 100% a Black Woman’s issue. I understand that. However, the show indicated how they can also be issues for Black men as well, but did nothing. There’s one member of their group whom is LIGHTER than the main character (who’s supposed to be mixed race, mind you), but they never talk about any issues with colorism he has to face, and Lionel spends the first two episodes trying to resolve wanting a hair cut but not knowing how to take care of his hair and feeling uncomfortable in Black barbershops. and yet….nothing

I know it looks like I’m just complaining about the show: I’m not. I LOVED the show. It was funny and real af. But it also had some REAL flaws that we need to A; discuss and B; keep in mind while watching it.
I’m taking a nap now. wake me when season two comes out.

x-kit, how to block posts, etc.

hey! i’ve noticed recently stuff is not going too great during this lull before stormblood and i wanted to remind everyone that the ‘x-kit’ tumblr extension for firefox and chrome still exists! you can find it being continuously updated by new team here. … unfortunately i’m not sure if there’s anything similar for mobile devices at this time.

anyway! i bring this up because x-kit comes with a handful of very handy features that i find could help with a lot of the stuff going on lately– these are ‘blacklist,’ ‘postblock,’ and ‘mute’ which can be found in x-kit’s extensions page when you open the plugin. if you’ve never used anything like x-kit before, ‘blacklist’ allows you to block specific words and phrases, which then prevents posts with said criteria from appearing on your dash, while ‘postblock’ will allow you to block an entire post from ever appearing on your dashboard again with a simple click. ‘mute,’ on the other hand, will allow you to mute a specific tumblr user completely so that their posts will no longer appear at all on your dashboard, or allow you to mute specific post-types from that user.

with tempers running high and things being said to potentially stir the pot, it can help immensely to simply block out posts and topics you don’t want to see so you can move on with your day or eliminate sources of anxiety. there are times when something sort of… sets me off or rubs me the wrong way, and it has been incredibly beneficial to be able just block a post i don’t like or an argument i don’t want to see so i won’t be tempted to react or let it bother me more than it really should.

i hope this helps a little, and i’m sincerely sorry if this came off as… i don’t know, rude? or something? i’m really not try to invalidate anyone’s feelings or anxiety, i just want to offer up a tool to potentially alleviate some of the recent stressors going around. be good to yourself!

edit: oh, i forgot to mention, but x-kit is a great tool for blocking out those SB spoilers!

  • Elvis Duran: 7 years ago there was a little girl out in New Jersey who was fighting for her live in her home and a friend of mine called and said, “Look, she is a such a Harry Styles fan,” and you guys were in town to do a concert, you actually went all the way after her house, do you remember that?
  • Harry: I do remember that.
  • Elvis Duran: I’ll never forget that, I hate to drop the brick, but I was in tears when I found out that you agreed to go and say hi to this little girl. I think that says a lot about you. I'd never had the chance to thank you for that so thank you very much, you are a great guy.
  • Harry: Well I appreciate that but I mean that’s the stuff that it kinda makes everything, you know, have someone tell you that that’s kind of what someone would want. It’s pretty amazing and you know I was lucky to get to meet Campbell and her family and her family has come to some shows and stuff so they’re amazing people. I’m just glad that I got to meet her.