but i finished it at least

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken


rpdr meme: [3/10] favourite queens → ♛ bob the drag queen ♛

“I’m not tired of ‘purse first’, I want to say that. ‘Purse first’ changed over time from this silly thing to something actually poignant. It’s not me holding up a five million dollar purse and walking down the street. It’s me holding up a purse that I made on RuPaul’s Drag Race that cost less than a dollar and it made this huge statement.”

here’s my submission for @splat2zine 💕💖 thank you for having me! ^o^


female awesome meme; 5/10 ladies who deserve better: tris prior (the divergent series)
“sometimes it isn’t fighting that’s brave, it’s facing the death you know is coming”