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Sixteen Rules - Chapter Five

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12388203/chapters/29169381

Title: “Late night confessions”

Summary: Fell makes a few confessions. It’s fluffy. (Sorry, I’m feeling lazy today)

Relationship: UF Papyrus/US Papyrus

Tags: Fluff, mild alcohol consumption, kissing, very mild sexual content (like, none basically for once wow)

Warnings: Mention of date-rape, attempted drugging, mention of abusive relationships

Word count: 6,737 (another long one because I have no control over myself!)

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Hey everyone! I have gotten a few messages lately so I thought I’d make a post explaining my absence. It took me much longer than expected to move out of my old house and have everything the way I wanted in the new one. I actually finished everything just one hour before I had to hit the road on Sunday. I am currently in the capital of my state because my mom is having a surgery tomorrow morning. It’s the second one this year, one last attempt to remove a tumor in her pituitary gland.

I should be back home at the end of the week and hopefully I’ll be able to be a little more active then.

Thank you all for your messages and concern. I miss Stevie so much it hurts, I can’t wait to catch up with everything and resume blogging.

Thank you again. ❤️

Poll time:

Should I post my dissertation here (assuming I can find it)?

Caveat: It’s shitty as hell. I did not get a good mark on it. It was too short. I was depressed and burnt out when I wrote it. It’s not especially scholarly. I haven’t actually read it since I finished it in 2002, because I don’t need to cringe that much. But … it is about the Knights Templar. Who doesn’t love some Templars (besides King Phillip IV of France lol)?


guys i want to inform you that i’ve already written 9 pages of the fanzine, soon i’ll finish the “script” and i’ll start with the design.

anyway, i’ve decided to post all the information about the “two weeks of loki on sakaar” fanzine on Twitter: i’ll post wip, ideas and infos about the fanzine on my twitter account so if you’re interested, please follow me (@sillyvantas)

blog rates & more

hey guys, I wanted to say a proper thank you for five hundred followers! for some, the number might seem like nothing, but for me, it’s one of the best milestones I’ve ever reached. 

because I love you all so much, I’ve decided to do some blog rates and some other fun stuff. (i’m not the most creative person, so I’m gonna make it work as best as possible!) 

first some rules: 

- mbf this piece of destiel trash
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- send in the emoji’s of your choice (only two per person please!)

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if you don’t want to see these posts, you can blacklist #lillian blogrates 

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anonymous asked:

I don’t know if you realize this but I think you missed your deadline for the next chapter of The Magic Transcends.

Hi there! Please forgive me for being blunt, but do you realize how patronizing this message sounds? I don’t have a deadline for updating my fanfiction— stories that I write for fun and share with you guys because it was fun.

I was planning to post every two weeks, and I’m sorry, but when life happens fandom projects cannot be my highest priority. As previously mentioned, I’m living out of a suitcase until January or February… depending on how long it takes my household stuff to travel from Colorado to Stuttgart, Germany.

I will finish chapter 4 and then I am putting The Magic Transcends on hiatus until February or March. I’ll be working on it, but I don’t want to feel pressured to post on a schedule while my life is so chaotic. I will be posting drabbles, one shots and reviews during that time— things I can write quickly and easily in one sitting without a lot of attention to the complex plot.

I love writing and sharing— I take a lot of joy in everyone’s enthusiasm about my stories, but I need you to please have a little understanding that life gets a little crazy sometimes. Thanks guys!!!

Ok so it's sesskagu day

(Or was it yesterday???) And I still haven’t finished what I was planning for today. So instead here’s my headcanon for post-canon sesskagu

- Ok so obviously I’m pretending that kagura didn’t die, Idk maybe sess saved her with tensaiga or something
- Ok so naraku dies and everyone is happy and kagura is free yay!!
-So enjoying her freedom she starts traveling through Japan and doing what she pleases
-Mostly just sight-seeing. Like she goes to the sea and plays around in the water and stuff. Mostly keeping to herself, not interfering with anyone. She doesn’t want any trouble
-I imagine Naraku caused lots of problems to humans so they’re somewhat wary of demons. Actual demons on the other hand, keep away from her because she smells like Naraku and Naraku=Trouble.
-At first this doesn’t bother her but after sometimes she gets kinda bored.
-I mean, she looks 17, but she has only been alive for like 1 or 2 years so there’s many things she doesn’t understand.
-Things like: What’s beyond the sea? What are rainbows? Why do human children are missing teeth sometimes?
-Things that she doesn’t really know who to ask.
-One day she finds my boi sesshomaru. And she starts to follow him around, because old habits die hard but also because she’s curious about what he’s like on a day to day basis.
-He notices and confronts her in a mean way because he’s an asshole and that’s what he does.
-She doesn’t take any of his crap and leaves, swearing to never see him again.
-Except, as the anime shows, Feudal Japan is small and two people who wander through it are bound to run into each other multiple times.
-Which they do.Like really often.
-Instead of being mad about it Kagura just takes it with humor and takes the chance to annoy Sesshomaru everytime she sees him.
-She starts asking him her questions about life, and doesn’t leave until he answers her.
-(One time she asked him where babies came from and had to follow him around for a week because he refused to answer).
-Sesshomaru just plays along in the end. He finds her childlike curiosity entertainig( and a bit cute) and she helps relieve the loneliness he doesn’t want to admit he feels sometimes.
-And so their friendship grows. Her visits become more frequent and longer and he doesn’t even pretends she annoys him anymore.
-They reluctantly admit that they like each others company.
-“Fine maybe he’s an asshole, but he can be funny sometimes(And it doesn’t hurt he’s cute as hell).
-“Her stubborness can be insufferable sometimes, but her wittiness is entertaining ( And if you touch her I’ll kill you).
-(He doesn’t like to admit he gets jealous)
-With time that friendship becomes something more, Something comforting that they both treasure.
So yeah basically that’s it


was able to retrieve chapter 2 of this story that everybody loved and wanted me to continue but that I was unwilling to because I really liked that chapter and now I’ve found it and posted it and please read it and tell me if you still want me to finish it.

I’m always burning (but you put the fire out)

it’s Jikook, so, you’ll probably love it.

Awakening - YoMo715 - The Legend of Zelda & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Yo guys so I made an ao3 account C: I finished uhh… my first zelink week prompt  >u>;;; I’ll probably be doing a few more. Anyway, I’ve posted all my one-shots on ao3 so far, so click the link if you want to read more! Enjoy! 

Titile: Awakening

Rated: G 

Synopsis: My perspective on Link’s Awakening in the Shrine of Resurrection. Super Zelink. 

Vacation time

Hey friends… So I have been dealing with an overload at work, some health issues, and now vacation time is here…. So I will be behind for the next three weeks.  Let me know if you still want me to write late reviews of Blindspot…  I am already two behind… Very depressing… but I can finish Ep 303 before I leave.  I already know Ep 304 left everyone saying… WHAT??  So if you are cool with me taking my time, I will post… Otherwise, I may have to abandon ship on reviews…  RL so complicated sometimes.  

Biggest bummer, I will be behind on the crossovers and that just leaves me feeling all sucky inside…. 

But then again, I really need the downtime… So YAY for family time!!

Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!  

@coal000 @mel-loves-all @el-bolthole @green-arrows-of-karamel 

Sorry for being quiet over the last week or so! I’m down to the last few weeks of this semester and I really need to buckle down! I’ve got portfolio review coming up (which determines if I get to stay in my on of my major programs or not), I just finished my 50 page book last night, I have two LED shows and two final projects to work on! Also y’know Thanksgiving is this week and I just got home from my family reunion yesterday.
 So what does that mean? My queues are going to be a little rare until it’s all over with. I’m going to still be around and maybe post a few photos here and there over the next three weeks, but it’s not going to be a full thing. Also I want to give my full attention to the Monroes because it’s been a bit rocky (in my opinion) over the last few months. The girls will be teens soon and I want to play that fully instead of time jumping like I have been!  

Time to finish this semester off strong, my dudes!!!

I changed the challenge a bit

The challenge is I’d like you guys to draw your favorite ship/ one of your favorite ships

I will have a prize for the winner but tbh I still have to think of it XD

The picture can include Sin/nsfw

Or it can be child friendly/appropriate, idc

I was origanlly actually gonna have you guys draw cups and I, but I was like naaa! XD

Once you finished the drawing, you can either post it and tag me in it, or submit it to me

Have fun and good luck! :)

First line meme

Post the first line of a WIP, then tag as many people as there are words.  Tagged by @maxrev

What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

If that’s not a vague opener, I don’t know what is.

Tagging @hawkeykirsah @agentkatie @kagetsukai @estalfaed @missannaraven and anyone else who wants to, I guess?

I haven’t been very vocal lately, but I wanted to post an official announcement that I’ve bowed out of NaNoWriMo this year.

Although I’m disappointed that I’m not able to finish, I’m trying to hold onto the knowledge that I’ve written 250,000 words for this blog in the last 14 months, and that’s more than I ever thought I would write in my life.

I likely won’t be posting any stories for a few weeks; my mental health has taken a severe nosedive in the last few weeks and I’m just trying to keep my life on track at the moment as I’ve got 3 weeks of classes left this semester.

Thank you for understanding. I’m sure I’ll be alright, it’s just a matter of time <3


final piece for @unknownlandzine !!!

She’s the betta half of the two