but i find this really attractive

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(I know this question has been asked before but I I can't seem to find an answer) I have identified as a lesbian for a few months now but recently I have come out as non-binary. Is there a specific term for a non-binary individual who prefers women?

you can still id as a nonbinary lesbian if you feel that’s what you are but if not idk my dude. i haven’t really heard of any labels for nonbinary peeps and our attraction. i guess whatever you feel fits you best

y'all… I thought I was done being confused about my sexuality. Like I thought I was bi?? But I’ve never been attracted to a man irl ???? The only men I’m like somewhat attracted to are famous men.

But I swoon over women all the time.

So I think I’m a lesbian

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Hello I hope you can help me . Lately I been really thinking about my sexuality like I like girls I always had since I was little . But I still find some boys attractive tho I have kissed a boy but haven't felt anything when I did . I still haven't kissed a girl yet but I feel like i would like it . Like i get butterflies around my girl crush at school and I don't get butterflies around guys . I just feel really confused

You could be a lesbian. Just because you know you like girls doesn’t mean you’re blind and can’t admit when a guy is attractive. You could also be bisexual. But if you want my opinion, don’t worry about it. Just be yourself.

So maybe this is what they mean when they say that opposites attract. Or maybe we’re not all that different. See, I’m all about color. I feel the most alive with a paintbrush in my hand, playing around with different hues and intensities. You, on the other hand, aren’t really fond of things like that. You prefer to be clad in black. The closest I get to color with you is when you open your mouth and try to show the emotions you can’t really find the words for, but my gosh, when you do I see colors I never knew imagined. There’s something about the way you come alive when you let go. When you open up, you become the painter, I’m the canvas, and your tongue is the brush. Perhaps you aren’t so colorless after all.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: A poem about a girl who lives to paint colorful scenes, falling in love with a colorless guy (he literally never wears color and it’s difficult to express his emotions but when he does it’s like the world was set on fire and he controls the flames)

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I'm an INTJ, Idk why it's common for me to attract feelers when I usually find them slightly inferior to me. But I find my one friend, (she's an INFP) really really stupid (quite rude to say I know). Idk if this is a common INTJ thing or it's usual for INFPs and INTJs to have that kind of relationship, but it gets annoying

See, this is contradictory to what I wrote just a few posts ago, I like it!! Haha, yeah, I get you. I personally attract a lot of INFPs and ENFPs myself (and cursed ISFJs (sorry guys)) and I think it’s just because we’re strong, stable, and logically-centered. They lack that. We don’t. It’s as simple and complicated as that.

And if you’re the type of INTJ that very, very highly values logic and reasoning, INFPs may be annoying to you since they don’t base their beliefs on logic most of the time. So, yes.

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Hi,can you write about the reader acting in a theatre and Seb going to see her show. As soon as the show is finished he goes to the stage door to meet her,tell her he really enjoyed the show,and Maybe talk a Little bit together. so that's how they meet and how they know each other (I hope it's clear...)

You weren’t starring in the most popular show on Broadway but it still attracted people every night. You loved the part when you walked out of the stage door and got to meet the people waiting.

This night was no different. Or so you thought. You signed pictures, took selfies with fans, talked with them and such. The crowd began to die down but you were surprised to find the last person waiting for you.

He was even more gorgeous in person. How he managed to not take away your spotlight was beyond you. This was Sebastian Stan. You would have stopped the meet and greet if you would have noticed him earlier.

“Hi,” you tilted your head and smiled.

“Just the person i was looking for.” He stepped forward and stuck out his hand, “Sebastian.”

“(Y/N),” you took his hand and shook it.

“You were great up there. You embody the character so well. It’s going to be tough seeing someone take your place.”

You smiled at him and nodded. “Thanks. I’m going to have a hard time letting it go.”

You had a handful of shows left until your last one and then you were off to a bigger show on Broadway. One that had more attention and bigger stars.

You two talked a bit longer. Sebastian recounted his stories from Picnic and you listened intently to him. His voice was captivating. You voiced your fears to him and he reassured that you would do just fine. The sky grew darker and you felt like the conversation would soon come to an end. You probably wouldn’t see Sebastian any time soon after tonight.

“Do you wanna go get some coffee?” He asked, biting down on his lip.

“Yeah,” you eyes lit up. “That sounds just about perfect.”

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Do you think that Dyl preferred to cuddle (if he could have) and stare into the girl's eyes as opposed to rubbing her leg and giving her the look of lust? I could imagine Dyl wrapping those long lanky arms around her. :)

If Dylan really liked the girl and, more importantly, was around her enough to feel completely comfortable, he’d find himself naturally expressing his attraction and affection both ways..depending upon his mood, of course.

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Hi I just read another ask that mentioned that you were bisexual and I was wondering if you could tell me how you knew because I think I might be but I don't want to say I am and then not end up being it is sorry I know this is worded weirdly but I really need someone to talk to my family isn't that accepting and open about this stuff

hi beautiful :’) well it has not been an ‘i have always known’-thing, as it has been for other people. i started to realise that i had a lot of ‘girl crushes’ on celebrities until i had to say to myself okay marlen this isn’t just being straight and finding these women aesthetically pleasing, you think they’re hot. so i was like okay maybe i’m like sexually attracted to women, but what about the emotional part. so i asked myself (and you should maybe ask yourself too) if i could see myself being together with a girl/woman. i did, in theory, but i wasn’t 100% sure yet if i could actually be together with a girl/fall in love with one. but when i developed a pretty serious crush on a girl in my grade when i was 16 it was pretty clear to me that i felt an emotional and sexual attraction to girls. but i’ve never doubted my attraction to boys, bc i had an on/off relationship with a guy when i was 15-18 and i know that i loved him so that’s why i’ve never even considered being a lesbian. i don’t know if this helped you, if not, don’t hesitate to message me about it again. have a lovely day and know that i’m always here for you <3

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Can you help me? See, I thought I was hetero up until recently but now I am questioning if I am pan. I have always been attracted to masculinity but it just recently clicked for me that people other than cis men can be masculine. So now I am trying to figure out all of what pansexuality encompasses and whether or not I fit into it. So I guess my question is, without asking you to gate-keep, do you have or know of resources that can help me figure out my sexuality at this moment in time?

I mean all pansexuality is, is being attracted to people regardless of gender or not caring about gender. I actually didn’t find out I was pan until I 17 during my senior year of high school. I tend to be more attracted to feminine presenting people, but their gender doesn’t really matter to me and I do find some masculine people attractive. I don’t really know where to find more info I just stick to tumblr. Hope this helps. If anyone else can help pls chip in.


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hey so uh sorry if this is a weird question but i'm bi/questioning right now and i've heard that bi attraction usually isn't like, equal for each gender? it makes sense mostly but im a bit confused. does it mean that one would get fewer crushes on ppl of the gender they're less attracted to? or that the overall level of attraction is lower for that gender? thanks!

It depends, I suppose? Some bi people experience attraction to different degrees towards different genders and some bi people experience attraction equally to different genders. 

And for some people, that can manifest as fewer crushes on a particular gender, but someone else can also feel that the overall level of attraction towards people of a particular gender is lower.

I know that sounds really vague and confusing but it honestly kind of is. Orientations and genders are not constrained by solid, restrictive rules. They can be open and and nebulous and changing constantly. 

Bottom line is that if you find that bi is a helpful label to use and you want to use it, you are 1000% allowed to identify as bi.

Hope that helps! 💜💜💜💜

Mod Wesley

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What do you find attractive in people (physically, personality-wise, etc)

physically? i guess tall lithe people fit into a v specific aesthetic for me which i dig, but i’m also a fan of soft ppl. i’m always a sucker for taller people bc i so desperately crave to be the short person for once ;-;; also beak noses are super cute, and defined collarbones make me weak. also elegant necks as… weird as that phrase is lmfao. darker eyes too are really beautiful,,,

personality wise, i think i’ve come to realize lately that affection and stuff really matter loads to me. if someone takes the initiative to take care of me i swoon so hard i slam my head into the floor and give myself a concussion. also just yknow like, being able to make me laugh or i guess… share that they actually want me? in whatever way, really but i’m just so self conscious and stupid i guess i crave that constant affirmation. being able to share passions with me also makes me super happy. a nice laugh and smile are also just kind of surefire ways to instantly get me infatuated with someone

I’m super lame but I’ll give you so much of my heart

The Signs as Scott Pilgrim Quotes

Aries:  ‘Wait the “L word” isn’t lesbians?’

Taurus: ‘I’ll be your dipping sauce bitch!’ 

Gemini: ‘I’m not even stalking you!’ *clearly stalking them* 

Cancer: ‘I’ll do it, only because I find you attractive’

Leo: ‘Bread makes you fat?’

Virgo: ‘I’m offended. Wounded even.’ 

Libra: ‘I can’t answer that question right now. I’m going to sleep for the next sixteen hours.’ 

Scorpio: ‘Maps are hard! I could draw really good if it was a sheep’ 

Sagittarius: ‘My dreams are cool! They’re like anime’

Capricorn: ‘Do you want to have sex? I think we should have sex. Casual sex’

Aquarius: ‘You know how you only use 10% of your brain? That’s cause the other 90% is filled with curds and whey’

Pisces: ‘You know how, when a baby is born, it just cries at the sheer horror of being alive?’ 

So, ok, I’m gonna try and explain what its like for an asexual when they see someone that is aesthetically pleasing because too many times have I seen a person, guy or girl, and said “Whoa, they are really gorgeous!” and had people instantly come at me with snarky comments like “I thought you asexual, how can you find someone attractive if you’re asexual?”

Well, try and picture this.

You’re hiking in the mountains and crest a hill. Before you, the mountain range on the other side of the valley sprawls in either direction, fur trees pushing as high up the sides as their clinging roots will allow. Over top, the clouds are calm and fluffy with just the barest hint of pink tickling their bellies, letting you know it might be time to turn back before dark. The colors around you are rich and vibrant. The smell of pine and earth and clean air fills your nose.

It’s a beautiful sight. It takes your breath away. You don’t want to stop looking at it.

Do you want to fuck the beautiful scenery?

No, you don’t. But just because you don’t want to rub yourself against the nearest tree doesn’t mean you can’t recognize that the space around you holds something beautiful and it doesn’t change the fact that you have a very strong but very different kind of wonderment when you look at it.

Any other gay girls have incredible difficulty understanding/recognizing their feelings for other women?

Like I mean this as like…. I find myself often questioning my attraction to other women as “is this genuine or am I forcing this attraction so I can Feel like I am attracted to women?”

“Do I really have a crush on her/ want to date them or am I so desperate to act on my desire for women that I’ll force myself to be attracted to people I’m not interested in?”

“Am I genuinely interested in women or am I forcing myself to be attracted to women bc I find something about the concept of being attracted to women enticing/alluring/attractive/etc.”

“Do I not have a crush on her or am I just repressing my feelings?”

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ whom knows not me friends

AND ANOTHER THING….at a certain point, seeing a Woman of Color and being like “I want her to punch me in the mouth and push me off a cliff” kind of ‘compliments’ on her appearance gets SUPER CREEPY and PERFORMATIVE. Speaking specifically about Black Women (because *I am one) it lets me know that you project a certain kind of aggression into us and want to make it clear that you’re not like ~other people~ who find us unattractive and unworthy, you’re one of the ~good people~ who just neeeeed to make it abundantly clear that you’re just SO IN AWE AND ATTRACTED TO US that you say really weird violent things.

And I’m not talking about you saying it once or twice or the exaggerated humor we’ve developed as a consequence of being here on Tumblr. If you look at a WoC and CONSTANTLY have stuff like that to say….you’re a creep.

*gender presentation wise not gender identity