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1. When did you realize you had fallen in love with your target language?

Probably a week into my French class. I was fascinated with the culture and everything about it. It did help that my teacher was fun and you could tell he loved teaching AND he knew what he was doing. But then he ditched us to become deputy headteacher and I was so upset.

2. If you could choose to have any animal for a pet, which one would you pick?

Any animal? Then elephants. Those poacher bitches need to stop killing them.

3. What is a grammatical concept you found/find difficult to understand?

LOL can I say all of them? Listen, I still struggle with grammar concepts in English and that’s my 1st language.

4. At what time during the day do you feel the most productive?

Honestly never.

5. Describe your hometown using one sentence.

Boring? You have to drive everywhere and the public transport is a mess. I miss England sometimes.

6. Have you ever felt at home abroad?

I am abroad 😭. England is my home but lmao yes, I have a lot of family in Jamaica and that always feels at home.

7. What is a habit of yours you find annoying?

Second guessing myself.

8. What do you consider to be your best trait?

I honestly don’t know. I’ll have to think about this one…

9. Is there a song/ movie/ animation that you can’t help but associate with your childhood?

Disney movies for sure and also Power Rangers.

10. You get to tell your favourite celebrity a single sentence. What will it be? (and who would you tell it to)

My favourite celebrity right now is Candice Patton (iris west on the flash) and I guess I’d tell her something about admiring her strength because she gets a lot of racist shitheads attacking her and I love her for being an iconic black woman.

11. What is the first thing you notice about a person you meet?

I try not do that very often so I don’t know…
1. What was the last language you started learning? (Even if you dropped it)

Korean but I did drop it to focus on French alone.

2. Do you play an instrument?

I sure don’t.

3. Where in the world would you be most happy?

In my bed but maybe at Disney.

4. Do you think that your TL will help you get a good job? Or do you prefer them to be a by-side thing?

Speaking a second language is always a plus but erm where I am yes! Creole, Spanish and English are the “official” languages where I live.

5. If you ever have children, will you teach them your target languages?

BIG IF! But if I’m confident enough at that time then why not.

6. Did you grow up as monolingual or bilingual? Do you wish that it had been different?

Monolingual and I wish I grew up speaking another language, le sigh.

7. What’s the last book you read and what language was it in?

Shit, erm can’t remember the last but most memorable is the Cupcake Brown one and it was in English.

8. Do you have friends near you who speak more than one language?

Yes, some speak creole and some speak spanish.

9. What is/are the official language/s of your country?

English and Spanish (fucking accept it america) but to be honest, each state is different.

10. Have you ever been to a city where they speak one of your TL?

They speak creole where I live and that’s a form of french but it’s not the french I wanna learn. I pick up on a few words here and there.

11. Have you ever tried to teach your native language or one of your TLs to another person?

Me teach? Lmao I can’t even teach myself. One day though.

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-> I really love weird things like animal skeleton, skulls, all things you can find in cabinet of curiosities. It fascinates me. 
-> I’d love to write a space opera 
-> I’m a meme lord 
-> I used to be a Hermione type of kid. Knew everything, had the best result, very smart. But now I fail everything lmao. 
-> I don’t want to die before going at least once in space 

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Name | Amanda
Nicknames | I have never had one successful nickname
Zodiac Sign | Virgo
Height | 6′1″
Orientation | Hypotheticalsexual
Nationality | American
Favorite Fruit | Kiwi or blueberry
Favorite Season | Fall
Favorite Book | Haven’t read in so long I couldn’t tell you
Favorite scent | Coffee
Favorite Color | I used to say purple but I don’t know anymore.
Favorite Animal | In terms of house pets, I’m a cat person all the way.  But honestly, I’d have to say I find birds really fascinating.
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | Tea all the way
Average Sleep Hours | wildly fluctuates
Cat Or Dog Person | Cat
Favorite fictional character | This is going to sound weird but I don’t really develop strong connections to fictional characters, outside of the context of the overall plot.  I’m more likely to remember the mood of a movie or show, the way it made me feel, rather than the individual characters in it.  I’m more likely to draw on real people for inspiration and connection.
Number Of Blankets You Sleep With | Two
Dream Trip | I want to ride on every metro/subway in the world.
Blog Created | January 2011 (I’m on my sixth year.  Damn.)
Number of Followers | I am currently sitting at 1,166.

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But we humans are an integral part of the lives of domestic dogs, and we can’t fully relate to a domestic dog without taking our own species into account. The more you love your dog, the more you need to understand human behavior. The good news, speaking as a biologist, is that our species is as fascinating as any other. I find myself just as enamored of Homo sapiens as I am of Canis lupus familiaris, because even when we humans are idiots, we’re interesting ones. So I invite all of you to show our own species the same patience and compassion that we show dogs. After all, dogs seem to like us a lot, and I have the utmost respect for their opinion.
—  The Other End of the Leash, Patricia  McConnell