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The Hot Seat: 'Once Upon a Time' Bosses Answer Your Burning Questions
With Emma and Regina stuck in the wish realm and our heroes coming one step closer to the grim fulfillment of the prophecy, EW has decided it’s time to put Once Upon a Time executive producer…

Will we see the Black Fairy again?

Will we see Pan and the Black Fairy interact?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say. If you are asking if we’re going to see Rumple conceived, I’m going to say the Black Fairy and Malcolm conceived him, not Pan.

Will we ever find out Gold’s first name?
KITSIS: No. Never. That’s what makes it awesome.
HOROWITZ: Maybe at Comic-Con 2050.
KITSIS: You know what makes it so awesome? That you don’t know. If I said to you, “Hey, his name is Jeff,” it loses its mystery. He has a first name: It’s Mister. [Laughs]

Will Belle learn who sped up her pregnancy?

Is the Gideon we saw in the finale the same one who appeared in Belle’s dream?