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Imagine having a crush on your cousin's butler

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“Sebastian!” You called through the halls as you wondered. “Oh Sebastian." 

"Yes my lady?” He appeared behind you out of nowhere, he always did that and it made you wonder, how he did it. 

“I was hoping you wouldn’t mind some company, as much as I love my sister she is quite annoying when it comes to her….obsession with our cousin." 

"My dear, you must remember they are betrothed." 

"And it is my little sister and my cousin. Honestly does no one see the…" 

"If you would like Madam [Y/N], you may accompany me.” He said as he walked past you, who followed close behind. 

“Madam [Y/N], how is the young man you were once betrothed to?” He asked, his fist slightly forming at the thought of you marrying someone else. 

“Oh him. I told him he would be better if he found a wife in someone else. He was quite boring and he liked sitting around reading poetry. Which don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy poetry, but there is more to life then that." 

You would never admit that your heart was longing for someone else, someone who was not your status, someone in this very manor, someone who shared the same feelings you did. 

"I could not agree more madam [Y/N].” He smiled. 

“So Sebastian have you found love yet?" 

 "I am afraid my dear that the only love I have found is the love of servicing the young Earl.” He answered as he got a whiff of your perfume, honey and rose. 

“Well maybe I can convince my dear cousin to let you accompany me to a ball, find you a decent madam." 

"And if I were to already be interested in a young madam.” He asked as he looked to the left, and saw you staring, he could see the very soul you bore in your eyes, innocent yet independent. He could see the traces of gold in your soul, and he smiled at you. 

“Well she must be one hell of a madam, if she has one hell of a butler in love with her.” You felt a ping of sadness, not even thinking it could be you. 

“She is my love, she is.”

Finally Home


Genre: Fluff

Member: G-Dragon/Kwon Jiyong

Length: 1248 words

-Gif credit to rightful owner-

You had been staring at the clock for what felt like days, counting down the minutes to when Jiyong would be home. He had been out on a world tour with BIG BANG for months now and, even though you two had kept in constant communication with each other through texts and phone calls, it just wasn’t the same without him. Today, they had performed their concert in Seoul and you knew that he would the opportunity to come visit you. It was almost 2 a.m. and you were feeling very tired, but the excitement to see Jiyong had kept you up.

*ding* You snatched up your phone and saw that it was a text from Jiyong.

GD: Hey ;)

You: Hi :) When are you coming home?

GD: Why? Do you miss me, Y/N ;)

You: Of course I miss you! Don’t you miss me :’(

GD: Aww jagiya! Of course I miss you and I’ll be home in a little bit. We’re just getting ready for the send-off.

You knew that he would be home soon and you started to get even more excited. After about half an hour, you received another text.


GD: Y/N, open your door :)

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We Should Do That Again Sometime...

could you write a one shot of alex turner, but not too much. maybe a heated make out session? thank you x


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保護者, 紅雀, 獣  (Protector, Red Sparrow, Beast)

Here is Koujaku’s quilt!  I’m really happy with how his quilt turned out, and I had a ton of fun picking fabric for it!  I designed Koujaku’s quilt with three blocks using the Snail Trail block pattern (it was supposed to represent his peony tattoo but oh well): one to represent his route within the game, and one each for his good and bad endings.  I intentionally picked fabrics so that each block would get progressively darker, because each end of the quilt is such an extreme.  All of the fabrics in this quilt are Asian-themed fabrics by Robert Kauffman, Red Rooster, Kona, and Timeless Treasures, except for the scissor-print in the back (it’s a Moda, which I’ll get to!).  I tried to stick with more traditional-looking fabrics, without going too modern because a. Koujaku is very traditional and b. he’s an old man! (sorry Koujaku, I say that with love! ^_^) The name of this quilt is written in Japanese Kanji on the front lower right corner of each block.  Before I really start rambling, I’ll start with the center block, as it’s really the focal point of the quilt. 

This block represents Koujaku’s main route in the game.  The Japanese Kanji written on this block is Koujaku’s name, which means “red sparrow”.  I used a mixture of light and darkish fabrics, because of Koujaku’s happiness at seeing Aoba again, but throughout his route having to face his tortured past and those responsible. I’m especially proud of the gold-print fabric and the bird-print fabric I found.  The gold print fabric is supposed to mirror the belt that Koujaku wears around his waist, and upon seeing the bird fabric I immediately thought “BENI!”. Also, you’ll notice that within this block, there are two fabrics used that are also used in the “good end” block, the prints are exactly the same, just the colors are different :D Now, depending on the choices you make for Aoba in Koujaku’s route, you end up with either: 

Koujaku’s good ending: I chose the name “protector” for this block because of how much Aoba means to Koujaku.  After Aoba saves Koujaku from the tattoos completely controlling him, Koujaku finally opens up to Aoba and he can begin to move forward.  As they build their life together, Koujaku will be fiercely protective of Aoba, and Aoba will be there every time Koujaku begins to doubt his worth as a human being because of his past, no longer having to suffer alone.  I wanted no darkness in this block, only bright and colorful fabrics, because Koujaku finally, for the first time in several years, has a real chance to find happiness and peace.  

Unless of course you’re like me and find BeastJaku incredibly sexy so you prefer: 

Koujaku’s bad ending: I immediately knew I wanted this block to be devoid of any brightness or happiness, because unfortunately both Aoba and Koujaku lose themselves in this ending, and both suffer (though Shiroba might believe otherwise).  However, when I saw the cherry-blossom print, I thought it fit oddly well with the rest of this block’s fabrics, even though it shines because of the gold.  In a way, this can kind of be interpreted as being fabric for Shiroba, because he loves this version of Koujaku.  The black and grey fabric is a Kona and the print is called “Good Fortune”, which I thought was a delightfully cruel twist for this block, as Koujaku’s bad ending is anything but good fortune.  To finish it off, I splattered red paint all over the block, as it tends to get a bit bloody in BeastJaku’s cell.  I gave serious thought to taking my scissors and actually carving a little bit into the block to make it look as if BeastJaku himself sliced into it , but I didn’t want to weaken the integrity of the stitches.

Finally, when I saw the Moda scissor-print, I immediately knew this was going to be the back fabric for this quilt!  Koujaku works as a hairdresser, so I thought this would complete the quilt nicely.  I know the scissors printed on the back are craft scissors and not hairdresser’s shears, but I still think it works, hehe!

This quilt has simple quilting lines, with one line going through each of the black strips surrounding the three blocks, again symbolizing the choice the player has to make throughout the game.  

I bought a ton of fabric to make this quilt, so I’m offering this one for sale! :D It measures 52.25 inches long by 18.25 inches wide (or 132.7 cm x 46.4 cm) If you would like to purchase this quilt, please send me a message.  

I would like to give a huge thanks to @lintmaster1989 for letting me pester her with progress pics of this quilt, in addition to helping me name it!  Also a huge thank you to @impulsive-temper, I used this beautiful fan art of yours to help with the color palette for each of the blocks.  Finally, I want to thank everybody in the DMMD fandom for liking and reblogging all my progress pictures of this quilt!  I really appreciate it!!!  

One more thing:  This is a super interesting post about Koujaku’s peony tattoo and it’s real-life application to Japanese yakuza.  Thank you @ayuuria for this awesome read!  It really helped me when designing this quilt!  

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Bless you for suggesting Red Rising. I'm already on Morning Star.. I started 5 days ago. How do you picture each color? I imagine Darrow as a pale ginger with red irises. And just everybody else stumps me.

OH goodness my favourite type of question. Okay! Red Rising, the best book series on earth. 

Pierce expressed that Reds were nearly exclusively of Irish heritage. Now, thats not be saying that Irish people are only red headed and pale, but thats what he expressed, especially with them being reds. And it makes sense, i mean, theyre stuck underground, so theyre bound to be pale. 

As for the rest for the colors, one thing I think people tend to forget is how diverse the book actually is. I think Pierce does a good job of explaining what everyone looks like imo.

However, I dont think every race has hair and eye color connected. I dont remember pinks having pink hair? Maybe I’m crazy, but thats what I remember. Blues dont have hair, they have the circuit tattoos throughout their heads and bodies. I really dont know how to differentiate between silvers and whites, besides their occupations and sigils on their arms. 

But for sure.. the golds I see as the most diverse. And something to keep in mind, PAX WAS NOT WHITE. The Telemanus’s, I am almost positive were black. I see the the Julii as Spanish or Latin, and - shit. there was actually a fantastic post written by @thehowler-elisabet (Wasnt it you?) about the origins of their last names in relation to what their ethnicities are. I’ll have to find it and link it later. 

This post is a mess. I’ve actually done a painting of Gold Darrow. (x
And I have a few gifsets of what I saw each color as. (Pinks) (Blues) (Silvers) (Yellows) (Red Darrow 1 , 2 , 3) (Mustang) (Mustang during the Academy) (Sefi the Quiet) (Darrows Mother) (House Mars

Part 26: We need to talk

Summary: Being new to the tower, you find yourself carving a place for yourself amongst the team. How long will it be before you have to answer the questions about where you came from and where you’ve been?

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: I dont think there are any in this one

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11| Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23 | Part 24 | Part 25

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“Get her in the jet, quickly!” Tony yelled as came out of the back of the aircraft moving swiftly towards the small group.

“Load those men into the hold” he ordered a couple of armed Shield guards who had come with him.

“Where is he?” he shouted to Steve, looking around his enemy, “Son of a bitch owes me a whole new floor”.

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Fed by the Stray

A follow-up for those who asked for it. Also written at 2AM like the first one.

Don’t Feed the Stray

Lucy hated working late, past sundown and past the twilight hour. She loathed walking down the streets alone with only the streetlights to guide her to the bus stop. She never liked waiting for the bus or sitting around strangers. When the bus stopped near her house, Lucy always gathered her things and ran straight to her door as if demons were chancing her heels.

Everything changed when a vampire decided she was the one true find of this century.

Now, she hardly feared anything beyond the glint of fangs with every childish smirk, the sharp eyes that shone emerald with hunger, and the ever so subtle lure that every vampire was known for.

Now her walk home was quite a scene: a blonde woman in a raggedy Office Depot vest; walking alongside a tall, rugged man with pink hair, burning coal eyes, and a very odd sense of fashion. Granted, many of the men she encountered by the bus stop stopped hanging around once Natsu became a constant escort in her life…

The alloy key twisted into the lock, sealing the front doors of the store for the night. Lucy double checked the security, wasting time and delaying the inevitable. There was always a possibility of theft. Somebody may need office supplies and be too desperate to wait until the next business day.

When, in reality, Lucy prolonged her meeting with the pink haired vampire each time, knowing he was ecstatic to have her outside her house where he could be closer. Where he can touch and smell…and maybe taste.

Memories of him leaning closer filled her mind. Pink defined against the dark leaves and rough bark of the oak, pupils dilating with the rush of his appetite and the strain that came with restraint; the devious tongue that traced his fangs as he chuckled huskily at her sarcastic snaps-

Hands jammed the keys in her purse harshly, the metal teeth of the zipper scrapping her knuckles as she whirled on her heel and marched across the empty parking lot, heading towards the sidewalk beyond.

For months he plagued her flower beds with every fall from his perch or pacing after she fell asleep. Her land lady that allowed her to rent the whole house was becoming curious, accusing her of sneaking boys into the house late at night.

If anything, Lucy was trying her hardest to keep one particular boy out and was totally thankful on whatever phenomenon that kept vampires out of buildings unless invited. If allowed, Natsu was bound to cause house trouble…and many nights shoving garlic in her room. He was steadfast on his resolve not to snack on her, but the woman could see the instinct pooling behind his face. She was the equivalent of a meat suit before a hungry wolf.

The second her foot hit the sidewalk, the shadows across the street moved fast, a bolt of black and gold with a white scarf, pink hair like a beacon. “Luuuuuucy!” Natsu called, grinning from ear to ear and holding up a bag of something.

Shrieking in shock at his charge, Lucy flailed and reached into her purse, finding and seizing the item she required. A plastic blue spray bottle, armed and ready.

She only saw his eyes widen in surprise before she sprayed him full-on in the face, halting his approach with a splutter of disgruntlement.

“Natsu, what have I told you about charging at me too?! It’s almost as bad as the sampling!” She cried out, throwing the bottle in her purse and fishing out the next two items of defense: two hardened bread sticks she stole from her failed date at Olive Garden the other night.

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Forbidden Love Ch.13

Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4 Ch.5 Ch.6 Ch.7 Ch.8 Ch.9 Ch.10 Ch.11 Ch.12

Summary: Your father is now married to a woman with 7 sons. Tension starts to build up as you move in with the 7 handsome boys.

Request what you want to happen next or a normal scenario :D

A/N: I managed to write as soon as i heard my father is okay. Thank you sweeties for your sweet messages, i love you guys so much. Enjoy the chapter ;)

Warning: Swearing

(1518 words)

Reader’s Pov


You were walking down the school hallway towards your locker. As you typed the code and opened it, a letter came out and fell on the ground. You placed your books inside and picked it up. You opened it and read the nicely and familiar handwriting from your friend.

Hey Y/N :D

Tomorrow I’m holding a big birthday party

at my house. I didn’t when I will see you so

I thought it’s better to write a letter ;)

By the way, you have to promise on thing.

Where something sexy~ I always see dress

simply outside. Sigh~

Can you promised me that? :D

- Yuna

You heaved a sigh. You were never too comfortable to where something sexy, but if it’s for you friends, why not. You felt a tap on your shoulder and it made you turn around. “Did you also get an invitation?” You nodded to Jungkook while holding the letter up.

When you arrived home, you thought about what clothes would be considered sexy. You looked around your cupboard but there were none. You went downstairs to see Jimin watching TV. You thought you could ask one of your brothers what is considered sexy. You sat next to Jimin who was drinking a glass of juice when you asked him. “Jimin…umm…what is considered sexy?” He surprised you when he spat his drink for the second time out after asking him the question. He looked at you with wide eyes. “W-what?” “I know this is weird, but my friend invited me to a party and she wants me to wear something sexy…but I don’t really know what is.” You knew you were a blushing mess right now. “Ah I see…I tell you what? How about we go to city and I’ll show you something sexy to wear?” You thought about and why not?

You walked around the mall with Jimin towards the dress store. You followed Jimin who was searching around the dress rack until he pulled a dress out and put it in front of you. Your eyes widened at how revealing the dress was, it was a short one and it was black and light rose color with gold outlines. You saw that there was a gold zipper to part ways with the dress.

“So…this is sexy…” he nodded. “You don’t have to dress like this Y/N. We can find a dress that you like.” You shook your head and took the dress from his hands. “I’ll take it. Is there anything else that I need?” “Yeah. To top it off, you need high heels and black stockings that go up to your thigh.” You nodded and let Jimin lead the way.

The next day you were wearing the dress together with the shoes and stockings and they were unbelievably uncomfortable. You googled your phone a makeup that will match the dress and curled your hair into a low volume. You took a step back and looked at yourself in the mirror. You nodded in satisfaction and took your purse and headed downstairs.

You headed downstairs to find Jungkook sitting on the sofa, waiting for you. When he heard you heels click, he turned towards your direction. His mouth gaped open and his eyes went wide at what you were wearing.

His face flushed red and he was unable to look into your eyes. He looked down from your shoes, to your thighs and slowly crawling up. “Um…should we go?” Jungkook said while trying not to make eye contact with you. You nodded and got in to Jin’s car.

When you got out of the car, into your friends how. Jin called Jungkook. “Keep watch of Y/N please. With that kind of dress, guys will stare and who knows what else.” Jungkook nodded before entering the house. You gave the gift to your friend and she offered you a drink but you kindly declined it, since you didn’t like drinking.

You were leaning against the counter of the bar table when a random guy leaned next to you. “Hey, you a friend of Yuna’s?” You looked at him and nodded. “Not much of a talker eh? Wanna go for a dance or maybe something else.” Before you could reply, you felt an arm wrapped around your shoulders. “Sorry, but she’s with me.” Jungkook glared at the boy and he just huffed out and left. “Every time I let my eyes off of you, you’re always off to a dangerous situation.” You looked feeling guilty. “I’m sorry…” Jungkook shook his head. “It’s nothing to say sorry about. Wanna go dance.” You nodded with a smile and walked over to the dance floor. You were partying hard until a slow song came in. Jungkook looked over at you with an awkward look. You knew you had no choice and walking off would seem embarrassing. You wrapped your arms around his neck and his arms slowly and nervously wrapped around your waist. His forehead slowly meeting yours as you moved to the rhythm. He was a bit shy but inside he was really happy.

After the party ended, Jin’s car was already parked in front of the house. When you entered you were surprised too see two of your brothers sitting inside looking like they had a lot to drink. “Jin, what happened to them?” You asked worriedly. “I guess Namjoon and Yoongi decided to have a party of their own. Why don’t you sit down in the front and Jungkook at the back?” You heard Jungkook whining, complaining not wanting to sit next to his drunken brothers. Jungkook sat in the middle of them in a very awkward situation. You gasped as you felt warm hand wrapped around you from behind the seat. “Yoongi, leave her alone.” Jungkook scolded and slapped his arm, making him release his grip.

Jin opened the front door while you were holding Namjoon and Jungkook with Yoongi. “Can both of you lead them upstairs to their bedroom?” The both of you nodded and you led Namjoon upstairs towards his room. You had a bit of a struggle since he was pretty heavy. You manage to walk him over to the bed. As you tried to lay him down, he wrapped his arms around your neck, pulling you down. And because of that, he planted his lips on yours. He had his arms tightly wrapped around your waist so you wouldn’t go anywhere and he moved his mouth against yours. You couldn’t do anything, so you let him and returned the kiss. You felt his hands messing around with the zipper that showed your thighs and black stockings. You didn’t realize this, but Jungkook came in to check on you…but it was the wrong timing. He didn’t want to interrupt so he closed the door with a pierced feeling in his chest. When you felt his hands on your thighs you got off of him with all your strength and panting like crazy. You ran out of his room to yours with your heart feeling like it was going to burst out of your chest.

Few hours later it was 3Am and Namjoon woke up with a pounding in his head. He thought he should go downstairs to get some water for his sore throat. As he was heading downstairs, he saw a familiar figurze sitting on the sofa, looking out side the window. “Jungkook?” His head turned slightly, revealing his side profile before glaring at his older brother. “What?” Namjoon could tell that there was anger in his voice. Then Namjoon knew why he was behaving like this. “You saw me and Y/N kiss right?” Namjoon smirked. Jungkook got up in anger and stomped his way towards him. “You fucking harassed her!” Even though it didn’t show, Namjoon was shocked that his younger brother swore to him. “And she kissed back right?” Jungkook grabbed his collar and pulled him closer with his teeth gritting. “She is not yours, she is not mine. She just sees us as brothers, SO WHY FUCKING TRY IT?” Jungkook yelled at him but Namjoon stood there with and emotionless expression. “We are all in conflict sbecause of her. Look at us Jungkook, we’re having one now. Look at how she is making us feel and the rest of the boys. And you never know, she could pick one of us but that would lead to bigger conflicts.” Jungkook’s grip loosened and with that, Namjoon left him there to his own thoughts.

You got down for breakfast when you see all the boys already down. You sat between Jimin and Jungkook and ate what Jin made for you. You gulped down all the orange juice, when Jungkook grabbed your glass. “Want me to get more?” You smiled and nodded to him. He went over to the counter and poured the juice half way before giving the glass to you. “Thank you Jungkook.” You thanked him and he just nodded as a reply. You didn’t see, but Jungkook and Namjoon have been glaring at each other the whole breakfast. But what Namjoon said was right, they’re all having a conflict.

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gelphie prompt: glinda has a weird habit of always sitting in elphaba's lap?

(ooh my fucking god)

Elphaba was in a predicament.

She was not used to having friends. In fact, before last year she had technically never had friends. By now, she had a bunch of them, and sometimes they would do things she didn’t understand. More specifically, Glinda - exclusively - would do things she didn’t understand. Glinda was a very pretty mystery and Elphaba had no idea how to handle her.

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“Fuck!” You yelled out loudly, snapping your mouth shut as a nearby mother cast you an angry look.
“What is it?” Tony asked.
“I’ve lost Loki.”
“Here? At the mall? Where could he have wandered off to?”
You shrugged, trying to distill the growing worry. He was an adult, obviously, but his track record was certainly not the best.
Suddenly, over the mall’s loud speaker’s voice appeared, “uh… would a (y/n) please report to the lost child area, we found your…” The voice paused, “child.”
You groaned, facepalming. “If that’s not Loki…”
By the time you arrived at the lost child area, you could see your adult demi god friend sitting, arms crossed on the bench and scowling at the workers. All of them avoided him, not even daring eye contact.
Loki perked up upon seeing you. “(Y/n)! Oh good, these pesky mortals refused to help me find you.”
“Yea… thanks for that. Where the hell were you?”
Loki shrugged, “I saw something that caught my eye, turned back and you were gone.”
“You know I’m on strict orders not to lose sight of you. I could’ve been in so much trouble.”
Loki sighed, “sorry darling.” He pulled a small black box from his jacket and held it out to you. “I saw this though, and thought you’d like it.” He managed a weak yet hopeful smile.
You sighed, grinning ruefully as you took it. Upon opening it, you saw a beautiful gold locket. “Thanks Loki.” You pecked his cheek. “C'mon, let’s get you back to the tower.”

Confession Rehearsal Novel (Chapter 3)

Here’s the third chapter of the novel adaption of HoneyWorks’ “(Confession Rehearsal) Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu“!

Masterpost with links to all the translated chapters can be found here.
You can find the masterpost with all the Confession Rehearsal/Sound of Confession Project-related translations here.

←Chapter 2 | Chapter 4→

*If you can, I highly encourage supporting the creators by buying the book for yourself at Amazon

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Where did you find that dress picture? I can only see blue and black. My brain says you must be joking but I believe you. But how on earth could it look white and gold??

It was the mother of the brides dress at my friend’s wedding! She posted it on Facebook and everyone started freaking out. As they should it’s fuckin weird

I’ve always seen white and gold except from when my friend took a photo of it on his laptop with his phone camera, then I saw black and blue clearly. I’m so confused. Does anyone have any scientist pals???

When I look back boy I must have been green
Bopping in the country, fishing in a stream
Looking for an answer trying to find a sign
Until I saw your city lights honey I was blind

They said get back honky cat
Better get back to the woods
Well I quit those days and my redneck ways
And oh the change is gonna do me good

You better get back honky cat
Living in the city ain’t where it’s at
It’s like trying to find gold in a silver mine
It’s like trying to drink whisky from a bottle of wine

(Elton John - Honky cat)

Summary: “Mr Gold offers to pay off Belle’s family’s debts if she lets him undress her and keep her clothes.”

Rated: NC-17, natch

emospritelet, ripperblackstaff, the-squick-demon , this one is for you…


Stripped of her Troubles

“This is a very bad idea,” Will says, his arms folded and his expression grim.

“Have you got a better one?” Belle asks levelly.

“Yes: anything but this. The man is quite clearly a pervert…”

“Yes, that’s something of a given.”

“… and very possibly deranged. You’re going to end up dead in a shoebox.”

“That’s why you’re here,” Belle says. “To stop me ending up dead in a shoebox.”

Will sighs. “Please, Belle, I’m begging you as your oldest friend, don’t do this. It’s not worth it.”

Belle sighs and turns to her friend.

“It’s fifty-five thousand pounds, Will. What would you do in my position?”

Will falters slightly and Belle raises one eyebrow, content that she has won this round.

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Hello!! I love your Balem cosplay! I'm still trying to do that outfit myself. I was wondering how you got the gold sequins onto the black fabric. I haven't had any success on finding black fabric with gold glitter (stuff) on it yet that fits the look and I was wondering how you handled that aspect of the costume. I saw some photos but it didn't really tell me enough. I'd appreciate any help! Thanks so much!!

Thank you!

The fabric is gold sequined fabric with black chiffon layered over it, and then a sprinkling of square gold sequins sewn on top of that.

I didn’t think to take decent close ups of the fabric because I was very busy, but here’s the fabric without the chiffon. (The lines are stitching I put there to stabilize it because the only gold sequin fabric Nax could find was a stretch knit.)

And here it is with the chiffon over it.

We had to baste all the layers together to keep them lying flat, which is what the yellow stitching in that picture is. Chiffon is not a nice fabric to work with and @naxiu5 spent hours doing most of the basting.

The square sequins are individually hand sewn on with transparent thread and I completely forgot to take pictures of them.

Here’s a couple shots of how the robe looks in brighter and darker lighting taken by @reginaoffredericton.

I have written a post on this robe on my sewing blog and I plan on writing a second one because there’s a lot of stuff I forgot to photograph.

The Hot Seat: 'Once Upon a Time' Bosses Answer Your Burning Questions
With Emma and Regina stuck in the wish realm and our heroes coming one step closer to the grim fulfillment of the prophecy, EW has decided it’s time to put Once Upon a Time executive producer…

Will we see the Black Fairy again?

Will we see Pan and the Black Fairy interact?
HOROWITZ: Can’t say. If you are asking if we’re going to see Rumple conceived, I’m going to say the Black Fairy and Malcolm conceived him, not Pan.

Will we ever find out Gold’s first name?
KITSIS: No. Never. That’s what makes it awesome.
HOROWITZ: Maybe at Comic-Con 2050.
KITSIS: You know what makes it so awesome? That you don’t know. If I said to you, “Hey, his name is Jeff,” it loses its mystery. He has a first name: It’s Mister. [Laughs]

Will Belle learn who sped up her pregnancy?

Is the Gideon we saw in the finale the same one who appeared in Belle’s dream?

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