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Dream a Little Dream of Me

Summary: The reader is head over heels in love with Bucky, but doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. The way Bucky feels about her is obvious to everyone BUT her. Thanks to some convincing from Tony and Steve, things are pushed into action. 

Word Count: 5803

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwYKqA_j2M8

Author’s note: SMUTTTT! This one is long, but it’s jam packed full of smut! I hope you guys enjoy my first marvel imagine:) also!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEB!

You were currently sitting in Tony’s office with Steve, the three of you sitting at one table. Pinching the bridge of your nose you said, “ Boys I don’t know how much longer I can talk about the next mission”.

Instantly Tony smirked, and you prepared yourself for a very sarcastic comment. Tony pouted, “ You’re just upset your favorite soldier isn’t here”. You felt a blush creep over your cheeks but you tried to play it cool.

Shrugging your shoulders you said, “ Maybe all this planning is getting to you too, Steve is right next to you”. Tony laughed, it was a valiant effort on your part but he knew you too well.

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“Old Flames” ( Jooheon Smut)

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Title: Old Flames

Featuring: Jooheon (Monsta x ) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: Mature. Smutty car sex

Summary: You take Jooheon to a Halloween party being thrown by an old friend, who he feels is a little too close to you.

Requested by 2 anons! Thank you! 

You assessed yourself in the mirror, wearing a gold and white German-style dirndl dress with a long gold cape tied around your neck.  White stockings slipped into black Mary Janes’ and you hair neatly braided into pigtails on each shoulder.  You thought you pulled off the Goldilocks look quite well.

You left your room to find Jooheon standin in the living room, and let out a squeal when you saw him.

He had on one of those full-body kigurumi animal outfits on in the style of a fluffy brown bear, and he pouted at you.

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Imagine having a crush on your cousin's butler

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“Sebastian!” You called through the halls as you wondered. “Oh Sebastian." 

"Yes my lady?” He appeared behind you out of nowhere, he always did that and it made you wonder, how he did it. 

“I was hoping you wouldn’t mind some company, as much as I love my sister she is quite annoying when it comes to her….obsession with our cousin." 

"My dear, you must remember they are betrothed." 

"And it is my little sister and my cousin. Honestly does no one see the…" 

"If you would like Madam [Y/N], you may accompany me.” He said as he walked past you, who followed close behind. 

“Madam [Y/N], how is the young man you were once betrothed to?” He asked, his fist slightly forming at the thought of you marrying someone else. 

“Oh him. I told him he would be better if he found a wife in someone else. He was quite boring and he liked sitting around reading poetry. Which don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy poetry, but there is more to life then that." 

You would never admit that your heart was longing for someone else, someone who was not your status, someone in this very manor, someone who shared the same feelings you did. 

"I could not agree more madam [Y/N].” He smiled. 

“So Sebastian have you found love yet?" 

 "I am afraid my dear that the only love I have found is the love of servicing the young Earl.” He answered as he got a whiff of your perfume, honey and rose. 

“Well maybe I can convince my dear cousin to let you accompany me to a ball, find you a decent madam." 

"And if I were to already be interested in a young madam.” He asked as he looked to the left, and saw you staring, he could see the very soul you bore in your eyes, innocent yet independent. He could see the traces of gold in your soul, and he smiled at you. 

“Well she must be one hell of a madam, if she has one hell of a butler in love with her.” You felt a ping of sadness, not even thinking it could be you. 

“She is my love, she is.”

Home Part. II

Hold Me Down

Word Count: 2220
Warnings: None?
(A/N): Here’s the second part of ‘Home’. Enjoy.

Part I

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The sky had long since turned into a dirty indigo color by the time the Quinjet touched solid ground once more, and now that you are sitting in Fury’s office, it looked like the first rays of sunlight were just about to peak through.

“Remind me to pack more coffee next time, Barton.”

He nods and stifles a yawn with his hand, watching idly as Natasha picks dirt from under her pale pink fingernails, while you drum your fingers against the hard surface of the table in sheer boredom.

No sooner than your own eyes begin to wander, does the door open and the daunting figure of one Nicholas Fury step inside.

“What is the meaning of this?”

His eye flits between both you and Clint and you are quick to meet his gaze, visibly unimpressed, while Clint straightens some in his seat and clears his throat to gain the Director’s attention.


A surprise

You chuckle dryly and fold your hands, jerking her closer without really meaning to.

You can see the glare that she wants to send your way from behind the mask of indifference that she put on, and allow yourself a small, amused quirk of your lips in return, before turning back to Fury and smiling all too complacent for his taste.

“We said we’d find her, sir, not kill her.”

He narrows his eye and for a second it looks like he is planning on killing you right on the spot, yet it seems like none of the methods that he has in mind pass muster, so instead he merely rubs at the bridge of his nose and sighs.

“The objective of the mission was to kill her.”

A simultaneous shrug from both you and the blond rips another sigh from him, and you are aware that he is completely fed up and tired of the two of you already.

“We didn’t get the memo, sir. Should we proceed now?”

He shakes his head and faces Natasha for the first time since he entered the room, watching her for a few long, uncomfortable minutes before he comes to some sort of conclusion and nods in satisfaction.

“Can you both vouch for her intentions?”

You share a fleeting look with Clint before nodding and meeting Fury’s unsettling gaze again.

“With my life, sir.”

The blond opposite repeats your words no less confidently and Fury smirks, turning to walk back outside the door.

“Since you insisted on going against my direct orders, Agent [Y/N], Romanoff will be staying under your supervision until I say otherwise.”

He stops momentary and faces you one last time, fixing you with a serious expression.

“I expect you in my office tomorrow at 6am sharp. You will receive your punishment then. ”

You nod, bidding the man farewell before responding to Clint’s apologetic gaze with a small shrug of indifference.

“I had it coming, should have known that you’re incapable of following orders when lives are on the line.”

You stand and stretch, pulling Natasha’s hand along, much to her annoyance.

“Anyway, I’ll drop her off at yours before I go to Fury’s, you can show her around or whatever.”

He agrees with a smile and a quick wave in Natasha’s direction that she doesn’t bother returning, before he opens the door and you part ways.

The walk to the exit seems uncomfortably long to the red headed assassin, filled with nothing but stares of both wonder and distaste, a curious mix that makes her feel incredibly uneasy.

You notice and tug her closer, by pushing your left hand all the way into your pocket, and quicken your pace, stopping only when you see a familiar mop of brown hair standing next to a rookie’s desk.

Natasha watches bewildered how you sling your arm around the woman’s neck and softly bump heads with her, first earning a slap and then, upon realizing who you are, an apology and a side hug back.

“I see your mission had been a success.”

She states and smiles at Natasha in a perfect mixture of polite and friendly. The gesture isn’t forced either, the assassin notes, turning her gaze to her warden, only to see your stoic face being overtaken by a fond smile.

Even her untrained eye can detect the breadth of history between the two of you, all the moments, all the choices that led you here.

“Ginger, this is Maria Hill, femme fatale, Fury’s right hand and a force to be reckoned with.”

You nudge Maria closer with your shoulder and smile slightly wider.

“Hill, this is ginger-”

“Natasha Romanoff”

Natasha outstretches her free hand and Maria shakes it, keeping the firm hold for a second before stepping back and smiling at the two of you once more.

“I’ll see you around, [Y/N].”

“Sure thing, take care.”

“You too”

The ride to your home is surprisingly long and, aside from the few times where Natasha’s hand would land on your lap, which would lead to amused snickers and playful eyebrow wiggles from you, uneventful and almost completely silent.

You were known to pick the most remote and silent places to live at, and New York, to most people's​ wonder, was no different.

You managed to find yourself a place that was surrounded by small cafe’s and libraries that, aside from the few young bookworms, only lured the occasional senior into their prestige liars of wonder and magic.

It made for a nice atmosphere, and served as a guarantee for some peace and quiet.

“Welcome to your new, temporary home, ginger-”



You uncuff her and exit the car that you had taken care in parking in the shadowy spot next to your home, locking it while keeping your gaze trained on the ginger cat that lay purring at your doorstep​.

“Is it yours?”

You shake your head and quietly walk closer, crouching down to pet it’s belly after taking a second look at it.

“He’s a stray that’s taken to lying around here, because Barton feeds him whenever he’s over. I’ve made sure he got some shots a while back, but aside from that he’s pretty much a stranger to me.”

The cat doesn’t seem to care enough to do much but lie there, turning only after Natasha stepped closer to give her an once over.

“Don’t let his cute face fool you, ginger. That cat is a bloody nefarious bastard when he wants to be.”

You twist the key in the lock and push the door open, leaving your shoes standing disregarded right next to it and watch Natasha follow suit, smirking slightly when the cat grabs at her shoe with its paw before letting her enter.

“Can you stop calling me ginger?”

Another smirk tugs at your lips, this one wider and by far more amused than the previous.

“Why, what’s the matter, ginger? What’s wrong with the name ginger, ginger? Or do you have a chronological distaste for gingers, ginger? Because that, ginger, would mean that you’re a gingersist, which is not nice, ginger.”

You could have sworn you saw her eye twitch, and being the caring and understanding Agent that you are, you naturally choose to continue.

“However, since you’re a ginger-”

“Ok, I get it, you can stop now.”

Your smirk softens into a smile and you nod behind yourself, mouthing a soft

“Welcome home” just for her to hear.

Laid out before her she finds a large living room, a kitchen off to the side, connected by an arc that was carefully decorated with a handmade drawing that stretches all along the wall.

It was a giant world map, black in color and trimmed with gold, gleaming brightly in its dim surroundings.

She spots a fireplace just in front of the coffee table in the living room, a TV hanging above it, surrounded by shelves, filled with books.

The sheer amount​ of them made it look like some sort of private library, and upon closer inspection the red head is pleasantly surprised to discover that some of those covered old Russian fairytales.

The floor is covered in black marble, freakishly clean and shiny, contrasting the walls that hold a warm, light creamy color to them, while the air is filled with the smell of coffee and holds faint traces of citrus in it, filling her senses the instant she closed the door behind her.

The kitchen, much like the floor holds a satisfying black color, along with a ridiculously large fridge and a comparably small dining table, that has three chairs pulled up neatly in the middle.

“It’s not much, but it should suffice.”

She watches as you stroll up the flight of stairs towards the second floor and comes along, finding you standing at the door at the far end of the small hall.

“That’s going to be your room for your questionable stay, ginger.”

You push the door open and observe her as she walks inside and takes in the decor with a slightly arched brow.

“It was originally just a guest room, but Barton crashes here fairly often and kind of made it his room, to some extent at least.”

There is something evidently condescending in your tone of voice as you mention the difference between the classy and, dare Natasha think, homey style of your decor and the malfunctioning mixture of pale violet, gold and black that Clint chose for his- if only to mock your taste.

“He sleeps here often?”

You nod and disregard the fact that you said so only seconds before, instead you choose to clarify.

“Every Friday and Saturday is movie marathon night, ginger, Hill sometimes joins in, though she crashes on the couch then.”

Natasha nods in understanding and you decide to leave her to her own demise, doing so with a small nod and smile in her direction.

“If you need anything, I’m in the living room. Food is in the fridge, bathroom just next door to your left. There should be some of Barton’s shirts and sweats in the closet, if not, you can borrow mine.”

She nods mutely and you take it as a sign to leave.

She doesn’t leave the room for the entire time that it takes you to write your mission report, which is a long time, considering the fact that the sun was setting already once again.

You decide to check on her then, and, against your better judgement, choose to walk into her new room unannounced.

It’s dark, the blinds are closed and the lights out, yet in the dim light that shines into the room from the hall, you can see the metal cuffs that bind her to the headboard by her left wrist.

Subconsciously, you reach out to carefully rub at the scar that stretches along your entire right wrist, observing her shoulders tense slightly under your piercing stare.


You command in a low grumble, stepping closer with a plan in mind. She reaches under the pillow and hands them to you, fully expecting you to leave, if her closing her eyes in faked indifference​ is any indication to that.

You don’t leave though, merely kneel by her bedside to uncuff her and instead take her wrist in your left palm´s gentle, yet firm hold.

She startles briefly, and watches in bewilderment as you settle down against her bed and close your own eyes all too calmly.

“What are you-”

You don’t let her finish, cutting her off with a small, understanding smile on your lips, although your tone of voice is hardly anything but weary.

“A couple of years back, shortly after I was brought to SHIELD and put under Hill’s care, she noticed the same habit on me. I’d cuff myself to the bed before sleep and uncuff myself in the mornings after. She wanted me to stop, couldn’t get me to though, so instead she sat by my bed and held my wrist like that every night for months. Barton would take her place sometimes, on rare occasions even Coulson, but other than that it was always her. She got me to stop eventually.”

You turn to look at her from the corner of your eye, gauging her reaction with a small, knowing twitch of your lips before settling back again.

“Guess I’ll be doing the same for you now.”

She shifts and you tighten your grip on her wrist insignificantly.


A shrug is all you can offer in return, stifling a yawn with your free hand.

“I honestly don’t know, ginger. I’ll tell you when I find out though, you can count me on that.”

She gives no verbal reply to your statement, merely lets her eyes wander over your exposed neck and allows her gaze to linger on the angry red burn mark on it, which is prone to glare right back at her in the mal lit room.

She knows that mark, she’s seen it many times before, never in the open though and most certainly not on living people either.

And right then she decides she’ll ask you later, perhaps when you’re more comfortable with one another or perhaps, if things go astray and the KGB will find and take her again, never.

For now though she is strangely content with letting you hold her down.


Summary: Despite Yoongi’s protests, you still buy the small mirror in the antique shop rumored to bring good luck. Soon enough, a series of fortunate events happen, and so does a chain of deaths. The mirror may bring good luck, but at what cost? 

Genre: Horror, Angst, FengShui!au

Pairing: Yoongi x reader, ft. members

Disclaimer: major character death, mild depictions of gore

Legend: >> a few minutes forward 

Yoongi doesn’t believe in superstitions, much less luck. Everything you got in life was because of your own will and perseverance, not because some higher entity thought you could have it. You, on the other hand, couldn’t agree less. There wasn’t any harm in trying out so-called luck-bringing rituals. If it didn’t work, nothing bad would actually happen, right?

The first part of your relationship was a bit rocky. His hectic schedule provided you barely enough time to see each other, and when you did, he needed to rest. He left before you woke up, and arrived just after you fell asleep. Composing for artists was a difficult and stressing thing, a fact you understood. That’s why when you moved to a new house, you wanted to start anew.

You were currently shopping for furniture in an antique shop. Taking Taehyung’s advice, you wanted to go for a classy look. Plus, the prices were way cheaper than those in department stores. Yoongi had already picked a dining table and its chairs, and you just finished checking out a dresser, when you saw it. 

It was a fairly simple mirror, small enough to fit on top of your front door. It was a circular mirror, a thick octagonal border around it.. You went towards it and picked it up, its black, gold, and red colors vibrant. However, you noticed that there was a piece of cloth taped around the edges of the glass.

“May I help you?”, a voice said behind you, almost making you drop the mirror in surprise. You turned around to find one of the employees, a bored-looking teenager- who was probably annoyed at you touching their stuff.

“Oh, I was just looking. Um, do you know how much this thing costs?”, you showed him the mirror. He took it, checking the back and sides, before returning it to you. “Well, there isn’t a price tag, but I’ll ask Ms. Mei. That bagua’s pretty old, so it might cost a lot”, he said, leading you to the counter, where Yoongi was waiting for you.


You remembered reading about it once. In Chinese belief, it supposedly brought in good luck if you placed it at your front door. Perfect for your new home. 

You placed the bagua on the counter, earning a questioning look from Yoongi. “Another ritual, cult girl?”, he teased you. You gave him a playful slap. “There’s no harm in trying.”

The employee went through a curtain behind the counter, and came back together with an old woman. She was shorter than you, her grey hair tied into a neat bun. She was wearing a shawl over her loose, red dress. Greeting you with a smile, she took the form you filled out earlier.

“The shop can help you transport your furniture. We have a truck, and I can get one of my employees to drive them to your house”, she offered. 

“Yes, we would like that very much”, Yoongi smiled back, appreciating her thoughtfulness. She then looked at you, smile suddenly disappearing as she saw the mirror on the counter. Her expression darkened, and she even took a step back, wrinkled hands moving to pull the shawl around her tighter.

Even Yoongi noticed, and he flashed you a look of confusion. You nibbled on your lip awkwardly, the change of atmosphere evident. “Is there something wrong?” you asked her. “I wanted to ask how much this bagua costs. I saw it on one of the displays, so I thought it was on sale.”

“No!” she snapped. “No. Keep it. Y-you can have it for free. Just… be careful with it”, she said, her tone much softer this time. She hurriedly went back through the curtain, leaving behind the employee from earlier, who looked equally confused.

“I can drive the furniture. Just point out your car so I can follow you guys”, he trailed off, getting the truck keys. “Sehun, I’ll be out for a while. Man the counter”, he called out to the back of the store. You heard a faint ‘okay’, before exiting the store, with Yoongi holding your hand, the bagua clutched tightly in the other.

Fortunately, Jin and Jimin came to help move your things. It would’ve taken you two days to move just a cabinet, and a table set, and that’s even with Yoongi’s help. The table wouldn’t have been off the ground by an inch, and you’d already drop it.

“Wow, you guys got more than what you bargained for”, Jin said over a mouthful of cookies. Indeed, you did. For a cheap price, you got a small, but cozy bungalow. The inside was a plain white, which Yoongi liked since he thought it was simple.

“She even got into a fight with one agent”, Yoongi elbowed you teasingly. You rolled your eyes, taking a sip of your coffee. “He was charging us way too much. The house wasn’t even that nice”, you argued, making the boys laugh.

The house you chose was near a forest, and was more on the rural side, but not too far away from the city. Most of your neighbors ran farms, so there were times a chicken or a dog would run down the streets, something you’d get used to. Taehyung was delighted to hear that, coming from a family of farmers himself, though he hasn’t visited the house yet, due to his busy school schedule.

To your luck, you didn’t have to change jobs since the shop you were working in was just a ten minute walk away. Definitely closer than your old house. 

“Noona, what’s that?” Jimin nodded towards the octagonal mirror, the reflective surface itself still covered up. You took it from its spot on the table and brought it close to your face, holding it away as you took the cover off. 

“It’s a bagua. It brings good luck apparently”, you told them as you tried to scratch the tape off. Yoongi snorted beside you. “It’s another one of those Chinese things she tried out. I gotta admit though, the incense she sprayed around in Chinese New Year did smell pretty great.”

Ignoring his comment,you finally got the cover off, and you peered into the mirror. It kind of looked like the eye-holes in hotels, where everything was slightly more rounded than normal. Weirdly, it gave off an odd feeling. Worry was tugging at your subconscious, but like Yoongi’s comment, you payed no attention to it. Maybe you were going to get a fever. It was just a mirror after all.

“Woah, that looks cool”, Jin remarked, reaching for it. Yoongi sat back as you handed him the mirror, choosing to look at you questioningly. You shrugged at him. “Hey, it’s not doing harm.” He gave you a half-smile. “I suppose not.”

“Hyung, let me see”, Jimin shifted next to Jin, seeing his own warped reflection beside the older boy’s. “Woah, it’s like those fish-eye things. Yoongi-hyung, wanna look too?”

Yoongi gave him a gentle smile. “No, I believe I’m good.” He leaned onto you, using you as a cushion. You whined, trying to push him off. He rolled his eyes, only squishing you further into the side of the couch. Jin looked at you and fake gagged, before handing back the mirror. Suddenly, a honk from outside caught your attention. 

“Ah that’s Hobi. We should get going. We don’t really trust Jungkook alone at the house”, Jimin chuckled. “I suppose so. Thanks for coming over.” you said, laughing with them. The pair got up, only to be greeted by Hoseok opening the front door. “Hobi!” you waved at him,urging him to come in. “Hello! Sorry I wasn’t able to help in the moving.” he rubbed his nape. 

He nodded at the mirror. “What’s that?” he said, moving closer to get a better look. “Oh, just a little lucky charm I got.” you replied, ignoring Yoongi’s scoffs.

“Y/n good news!” Your boss walked in as you were arranging a bouquet. The business at the flower shop has been slow, resulting in low paychecks. The salary wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best either. The only things keeping you from resigning were your overly-nice manager and the need to help Yoongi with the expenses. 

“Yes, sir?” you placed the final rose in the center, stopping to turn to him. “Fortunately, a sudden pop-up of orders came; at least a hundred different companies and people are asking for orders.” he beamed at you.

Your jaw dropped. The shop you were in was a small one, having only a number of chains nationwide. It was highly unusual, and almost miraculous, to have a hundred orders pop out of nowhere. “W-what? Really?” a smile slowly crept, heart beating at the news. “Yes! I’m equally surprised. So, let’s work hard! About a fourth of them are due next week, so we better get going.” he patted you on the shoulder, a ringing phone drawing him out the room.

You stared at the pink cloth wrapped around the flowers. Twenty five orders were needed by next week, and God knows how much the amount was. Coincidentally, your boss came back with a long slip of paper. “Here’s a portion of the list.” he said, placing it on the counter. “I’ve already talked to Jiwoo and Hansung. They’re going to help you.” he finished, rushing out to manage another phone call.

The list was a jumble of rushed writing. Big companies were even there, and so were weddings. Determined to finish the orders by today, you looked at the first name. 

Song’s Wedding

Your heart rate sped up. Could it possibly be Song-Song couple? No way. “Y/n!” your manager’s voice brought you back to reality. “On it!” A ton of peonies and roses mixed together, making about twenty for the aisle, and another special bouquet for the bride. It was going to be a long day, but it was so worth it.


Yoongs <3

Yoongs <3: Really? You aren’t just joking right?

You: Yes! I’m shocked too, I mean 100 orders in one day?? wtf

You: but in a good way

Yoongs <3:  I’m so happy for you, babe :)

You: … omg screenshotted

Yoongs <3:Fuck off before I take it back

You smiled, sending a quick ‘I love you’, before putting your phone in your bag and zipping it up. Your boss was a bit too delighted and decided to send you home early. It was perfect for walking around the village and getting to memorize the way home.

Lately, the weather has been unpredictable. One moment, it rained, the next, it was incredibly hot. Thankfully, it was just right today, although it was a bit windy. A strong breeze pushed your hair back, making you hold it down with one hand. You could feel your phone vibrating in your bag. With a huff, you tried your best to get it using your free hand.

‘Goddamn,’ you muttered ‘How convenient.’ You continued grumbling, then you felt something hit your chest. A shriek left your lips, and you furiously wiped whatever landed on you off your body. You calmed down enough, seeing a small, thin, brown envelope in the ground.

It got blown away a few inches more, before you caught it by stepping on it. You reached down, and opened it. ‘Holy shit’ you thought. The thing had 50 000 won in it. 

You looked around, seeing no one looking for it. In fact, you were strangely the only person in the empty road. 

“Min Yoongi!” you screamed at him as soon as you got your phone out. “Y/n, I love you and all, but I actually need my ears to compose-”

“Yeah, whatever. Shut up and listen. Ok, so I was walking down the road, and it was windy, and there was a thing-”

“Y/n, take a deep breath, and please talk slowly.”

“Yoongi,” you squealed. “50 000 won literally got blown to me.” 

Silence followed, and at one point you thought he hung up. Then, you heard a loud thud, followed by what sounded like someone hitting a table multiple times. “You- what- how?” he managed to choke out, though you could hear extreme happiness in his tone.

“I don’t know! I was just walking, and no one seemed to look for it. I mean, we really kinda need it, babe.” you said in an uneasy way, guilt starting to follow. Maybe taking it wasn’t the most moral option, but you didn’t want to skip meals like last time. “I understand. But really, wow. I- I don’t even know what to say.”

More silence. Yoongi normally would’ve had something to say, never being a man lost for words. You didn’t notice how long you were talking until you began to see your house. “Hey, I’m home early by the way. I’m making a celebratory dinner.” you grinned. Yoongi let out a cute victory yell. “I’ll be there in a few minutes. My girlfriend’s calling for me, and there’s no way I’m passing this up.”

The news of your promotion spread fast among the boys. Despite Yoongi’s whines of having alone time, you invited the boys to your mini feast. They gladly accepted, with Taehyung excitedly coming over (and dragging Namjoon with him) within the first thirty minutes.Hoseok showed up next, fresh from his dance tournament. Jungkook texted that they’d be a bit late since they decided to make you a little present. 

“Where’s the lucky mirror?” Namjoon grinned at you. Yoongi sent you a smirk. “It’s outside. She’d gladly show you the way.”

“You sure you don’t want to look at it, babe? Might give you a small work boost.” you winked at him. He laughed and shook his head. “I’d rather stay inside and not let the food burn.” You looked at Hoseok. “I’m staying to help this guy. Plus, I’ve already seen it anyway.” he politely declined.

Shrugging, you stepped out the door, the other boys following you. Namjoon giddily came next to you, glancing up at what you were pointing to. “Oh, a bagua?” you glanced at him, surprised that he knew the term. He gave you a sheepish smile. “I’ve been reading in my spare time.”

“A what, hyung?” Taehyung said, moving next to Namjoon as he looked at the mirror. “A bagua. Something from Chinese belief.” Taehyung hummed in response, staring as the reds and golds of the mirror captivated him.

Back at the dorm, the three boys were busy preparing a meal of their own. They planned to give you a bulgogi, knowing that you’d share it and they’d get some themselves. Jin has been leading the process, telling them to wrap it up as it was getting late. 

“Jimin, just put the materials back. Look at that knife holder, it’s almost falling off. Plus, there’s tons of bowls scattered around. Move it, men!” he clapped. Jimin squinted at him. “Aish, so bossy.” he muttered. Jin ignored the comment, grabbing a glass of water. “I’m gonna change clothes. You guys look decent already, so we’re going straight out after I finish.” he rushed off, leaving the younger boys to tend to the mess.

He softly sang to himself as he entered the room, setting the glass down a bit too close to the edge of the table. His stufftoys and figurines lay messily on the floor, the older boy not finding the time to recently clean his room. Marios, Princess Peach, and a huge Donkey Kong plushie was left untouched near the table. 

He dug through his closet, carelessly throwing out shirts. He’d clean it up once he gets home. ‘Aha!’ his eyes glanced upon a simple button-down, perfect. He took his shirt off, tossing it behind him. As he was about to button the shirt, he heard something fall and looked behind him. 

The glass fell, water soaking through his shirt. He grumbled, turning his head to the door. “Kook, can you hand me the mop?” he hollered. No reply. “Kook?” he waited a few more seconds, still met by silence. He sighed, walking around the spill to a small cabinet where they kept the brooms. 

He got a mop, dragging it behind him. He trudged around the junk sprawled around his room, dodging things he could step on. However, he mis-stepped, tripping over a backpack. 

The older boy yelped, arms not fast enough from catching his fall, head hitting the edge of the table with a loud bang. His body landed on the Donkey Kong plushie, limp. 

“Jin hyung?” Jungkook called from downstairs. “Are you okay?” No reply.

“He totally left us with all the cleaning.” Jimin chuckled. Jungkook shook his head with a smile. “I mean, I’m not even surprised.” He picked up the plates and bowls they used, stacking them on top of each other. He placed them in the sink, then turned back to Jimin.

“Hyung, can you handle the others? I really don’t want to touch raw pork, especially after I just showered” Jimin nodded at him, gathering the whisks and teaspoons. “Hey, isn’t it weird how we have at least three different butcher knives, but can’t get a knife holder that actually holds the knives?” Jimin gestured to the knife holder. Jungkook shrugged. “Then again, it’s Jin hyung, ‘master of culinary arts’“ he said, adding finger quotes. 

Jimin’s phone beeped from his pocket. “It’s probably noona. You should answer her.” Jungkook told him. Obliging, he took his phone out, blindly leaning on the counter. “Hyung!”

He reluctantly drew his arm back. The chopping board was halfway off the edge, the knife holder placed on top of it. “You should look at what you’re doing.” Jungkook tsked at him. Jimin rolled his eyes. Suddenly, they heard a loud bang from upstairs, causing Jimin to drop his phone. 

They looked at each other. “Jin hyung? Jungkook called out. Knowing Jin, he probably just fell down amidst the mess of his room. However, he didn’t reply. “Are you okay?” Jungkook yelled after him again. Or maybe Jin was just playing prank. The two boys felt an unsettling feeling neither of them could explain. “I’m gonna check on him”, Jungkook muttered, leaving the kitchen.

Jimin blinked, soon crouching down to reach for it. He mindlessly scrolled through his phone, trying to get his nerves eased up. His other hand reached for the counter as he tried to pull himself up, accidentally whacking the chopping board, sending the knives and bits of pork flying.

A loosely placed butcher knife fell, blade down, landing on his neck. Jimin gasped, blood rapidly dripping down and pooling in his throat. He couldn’t find the strength to stand up, crawling on the floor instead. Pork and knives lay around him, making it difficult to maneuver.

“J-Jungkook!” his voice came out hoarse, much of a silent yell. He clutched his throat, trying to stop the bleeding. “Hyung!” he heard the younger one call from upstairs. “We need to call the ambulance! Jin, he-” But Jimin didn’t even make it to the end of the sentence.

“Someone’s late”, Namjoon impatiently muttered. It’s been an hour since they texted, and even though Jin took his time while cooking, it was never this long. Finally, Taehyung’s phone rung, and he quickly answered.

“Jungkook, where the hell- What?!” he stood up, worry etched in his face. The room fell silent, except for Jungkook’s unclear voice on the phone. “Okay. Okay, we’re going there right now. Kookie wait, we’re going there right now.” he said, getting the backpack and dragging Namjoon up.

“What? What’s happening? Why aren’t they here?” Hoseok looked at the younger boy worriedly. You walked closer to him, Yoongi following you. Taehyung pulled the phone away. “Jungkook’s in the hospital. Something bad happened. Really bad. We need to get there now.” 

You didn’t need another word from him before scrambling outside and craming into Hoseok’s car. “The one near our dorm, Daegu Hospital, something like that. Please hurry.” Taehyung told Hoseok. The older boy got the car running, and sped out. 

Taehyung directed his attention back to Jungkook’s call. “We’re on the road. Just keep talking. We’ll get there, don’t worry. Jesus- why?” he choked, tears starting to spill out.


Jungkook had his head in his hands, fingers clawing out at his hair. He hasn’t stopped crying, and he was scared. Scared and traumatized. Nurses and doctors passed by him, giving him sympathetic looks. He didn’t need their sympathy. He needed a doctor to come out and tell him that his friends were fine. That the hit Jin took to his head only resulted in a minor concussion. That the knife sticking out of Jimin’s head somehow got removed and he’s in recovery now. 

He heard footsteps shuffling down the hall, immediately hearing Namjoon’s worried voice. 

You spotted him crouched against the wall. “Kookie!” you ran to him, kneeling to his level. “What happened? Are they okay now?” you held his wrists, moving your hands to wipe his tears. Yoongi kneeled next to him. “Jungkook, what happened?”

The youngest looked up, eyes skimming over your worried faces, before stopping at Taehyung. His face was ashen, and they knew they shared the same pain. The same thing you’d experience in a few seconds.

Yoongi rubbed his back, making him calm down before he spoke. He coughed, leaning over to you as you welcomed him in your arms. Jungkook shut his eyes, taking in a few deep breaths. 

“It was a freak accident. Fuck, I shouldn’t have left Jimin. I- I should’ve asked Jin to stay. I could’ve helped them”, he said, tears streaming down his face again. Hoseok joined you and Yoongi on the floor, him also starting to cry. “Jungkook. Tell us what happened.”

“Jin hyung, he bumped his head on the corner of a table. It was a sharp edge. I told him to tape it or something since it was so sharp. I should’ve taped it myself, then maybe he wouldn’t-”

“Jungkook.” Namjoon said, voice cold.

“Jimin, he-” Jungkook choked on his own words. He couldn’t forget the gruesome image, Jimin laying on the floor, a huge pool of blood coming from his neck. “I don’t know how. He- there was a kn-knife in his neck. H-he was on the floor with a knife in his neck, I think he toppled the board, I don’t know anymore..” Jungkook sobbed, burying his head further in your shoulder. 

Shock settled in everyone. It was too ridiculous to believe. You were just talking to Jin and Jimin yesterday. Jimin even texted you. They were supposed to bring bulgogi. You were supposed to have fun. The night was supposed to end anywhere else, except in a hospital, hoping that your friends were still alive. 

“For patients Kim Seokjin and Park Jimin?” A doctor approached you. You helped Jungkook shakily stand up, crowding around the doctor. “We’re his friends”, Namjoon informed him. 

The doctor stared at each of you, a sad expression plastered on his face. “Well?” Namjoon pushed, his tone alarmingly increasing. He cleared his throat. “I’m sorry to inform you that both patients didn’t make it. Mr. Park has lost too much blood, and Mr. Kim suffered heavy trauma to the brain, resulting in a blood clot.”

“And you can’t do anything about that?” Namjoon snapped at him. He glared in response. “The knife that fell on your friend’s neck hit two nerves, something impossible to treat with the time it took to get there. He was dead on arrival. The blow Seokjin suffered was forceful enough to form a small dent in his skull, and cause a blood clot. I’m sorry, but we couldn’t do anything.”

“That’s just bullshit! You could’ve at least tried harder with Jin. You guys are doctors- you’re supposed to save people”, Namjoon took a step forward, inly to be held back by Hoseok. The doctor, now alarmed, signaled to one of the nurses. “If you think of causing a scene here, I won’t think twice of calling security”, he warned, turning his heel to attend to other patients.

“You shouldn’t have said that, Joon” Hobi whispered. Namjoon shrugged his arm off, walking towards the exit. Hoseok gave you a teary-eyed look, before going after his friend. 

You looked at Yoongi, who now had his eyes shut. “This is not happening. They’re joking right?” he scoffed. “They have got to be joking. I was talking to Jin this morning, there’s no way he’s…” No one wanted to say the word. It hung in the sullen atmosphere, where the chatter in the background turned to static and the hospital’s white walls seemed too bright.

Jungkook didn’t want to go home. Especially since all the blood and spills where still there. In fact, he never wanted to go back. It would hurt too much seeing Jin’s room, or passing by the kitchen. The thought of an empty bed across his room, where Jimin should’ve been, was unbearable. 

“Hyung, can I stay over at your house?” he was looking out the window when he said that. All four boys looked at him ready to let out a ‘yes’. “Yoongi hyung, can I?” he looked towards the older man. 

Yoongi didn’t reply. He was too busy staring at the road, thinking of how things escalated so badly. His hand held yours, and although he felt warm, it looked like he was a thousand miles away. You squeezed his hand, getting his attention. “Jungkook asked if he can stay over tonight.” you repeated. He nodded, sinking farther in his seat. 

“We need to get spare clothes though.” Taehyung slowly said, knowing it’d imply something bad. Jungkook’s faced scrunched in a mix of annoyance and anger. “I’m not going back there. Not now, not ever.” he hissed. 

“You don’t have to. You can wait in the car.” Hoseok said, already taking a left to their dorm. “What the fuck is wrong with you?! You don’t know how fucking hard it is to go back there!” Jungkook sprung up. “Namjoon, you understand, right?”

Namjoon had his earphones in. He didn’t feel like discussing anything with anyone, and he just wanted to ignore the elephant in the room. Aside from Hoseok, he was the one who tried to show his friends the good side of things. However it was difficult to when there is no good side.

When Jungkook was met with stone-cold silence, Hoseok spoke up again. “I know it’s shitty to say, but trying to avoid it won’t help you. I miss them too, we all do. But we can’t bring them back, and we have to accept that.”

He pulled up on their porch, unlocking the doors. “You don’t have to go, Kook.” you said, stepping out the car. Yoongi followed you, slamming the door shut. 

“You know where their rooms are.” Yoongi said, tone flat. “Where are you going?” you asked him. He just shrugged, about to go in the kitchen, then stopping halfway. “Why? Is there something-”

“Don’t go in there, please.” He grabbed your shoulders, spinning you around. You decided not to question any further, knowing you wouldn’t want to hear the answer. He steered you upstairs, purposefully blocking your view of Jin’s room.

“Grab a few random shirts, then let’s get the hell out of here.” he said,opening Jungkook’s cabinet. You obliged, standing next to him, packing a few jeans and shirts. You included a beanie too, plus a bracelet you’ve seen him always wearing. 

“Finished?” you nodded at Yoongi, showing the bag you filled. He gave you a small smile. “Everything will be okay. I’m so proud of how strong you are right now.” he gently said, giving you a kiss on the forehead. You returned the favor by pecking him on the cheek. “We should go.”

You went out the room last, making sure to properly close the door. Then, you heard something fall from Jin’s room. You looked back, contemplating whether to tell Yoongi or not. 

“Yoongi?” he looked back at you. “Can you wait for a bit?” Although he wanted to protest, he gave in. “Make it quick. I can feel Jungkook losing his shit in the car.”

You couldn’t agree more with what he said. The place was starting to pull off a creepy feeling, but you had to know what made that sound. Slinging the bag over your shoulder, you slowly went to the room.

Your heart was pounding from fear and anxiety. It better be a figment of your imagination. You reached for the knob and swung the door open.

It was as if time stopped. Your heartbeat was the only thing you could hear. The room was cold, too cold. There was a big mess all around, and you saw a small puddle of water drying out next to a coffee table. The corner had a smear of blood on it, reminding you of the previous events. But that wasn’t the thing that caught your attention.  

Jin stood at the center of the room. He was wearing a crumpled button-down, the buttons put in lopsidedly. His hair was sticking out, and a slight dent was on his head. The side of his temple was purplish, blending in with bloodshot eyes. 

“Pay the price” he hissed at you.

You slammed the door shut, running back to Yoongi. “Get out!” you screamed at him. 

He looked up at you in a daze. “What?” 

You continued running, pulling him along with you. You’d explain in the car, or at least when you got home. You didn’t want to talk about the two boys in front of Jungkook, but this was way too messed up. You reached the bottom of the stairs, the front door a few meters away from you.

“Y/n, wait!” Yoongi tugged at you from behind, trying to get you to stop. You halted, turning around to face him. “Yoongi, you don’t understand- holy shit!” you screamed, looking behind him. 

By the kitchen entrance stood Jimin, a large knife sticking out his neck. There was blood all over him, and he had the same bloodshot eyes. He opened his mouth, a pool of blood streaming out. “Pay the price” he repeated.

Yoongi confusedly followed your gaze. “What are you-” You cut him off, bolting out the house with him in tow. You didn’t stop running until you were inside the car. The backpack was clutched tightly in your hand, and Yoongi had to pry it off. “What was that?” The other boys looked over curiously.

You were about to explain, but then you saw Jungkook’s face. His cheeks were a bit puffy. His eyes were a slight tint of red from all the crying he did. You didn’t want to give off a mocking story, so you swallowed the fear. “I just got a bit freaked out. I’m sorry. Let’s get out of here.” Yoongi nodded uneasily, and you could tell he didn’t bite into your lie.

Hoseok started the car again, driving you back home.

“Thank you”, you hugged Hoseok. The two other boys stayed in the car as Yoongi helped Jungkook with his things. “Stay safe please” you whispered. He let out a sigh. “You too. I’ll try my best to calm Namjoon down. Tae’s still…”

“In shock?” you completed, face dropping. You’ve never seen Taehyung so quiet before, and it just made the whole thing worse. The impact of Jin and Jimin’s passing was completely evident, leaving a painful effect on the boys. 

“I hope wherever they are, they’re happy.” Hoseok nodded in agreement. Without another word, he got back in the car and drove away.

You went to go inside, stopping next to Jungkook. He was standing in front of the door, staring at the bagua. “Kookie, what is it?” you gently placed a hand on his shoulder. He didn’t look at you, eyes still glued to the mirror.

“I really hope it brings good luck, noona” he said, voice starting to break. “I really do.”

Jungkook’s been silent for the past few weeks. He didn’t talk unless he was spoken to, and when he did, it was one-worded answers. Sometimes even just simple grunts or nods. He’d usually stare into space, drowning out the whatever noise in the background. 

Things haven’t been the same. The funeral passed by, and none of you uttered anything about it. The boys even considered selling the apartment the three had, mainly because Jungkook knew he couldn’t stand the silence.

“Kookie, Yoongi’s gonna be back in a bit, okay?” you told him as you got your grocery bag. “Can you handle two minutes? I’m just going to buy a few things from the store.”

His eyes stayed on the TV screen, intently playing video games. He gave you a swift nod, looking over you as you passed by. 

Sometimes you forget that you moved. You were used to seeing tall buildings and buzzing cars when you went out. However, now the neighborhood’s so much simpler and nicer. A soft breeze blew gently against you. There were definitely more bushes and flowers, making the walk better. A loud bark came from behind you, making you flinch.

During the first week of your move, a few neighbors have told you about some stray dogs lurking in the forest. These were the wild kind, being a rural area. ‘Stay out of the forest, unless you have a hunter with you’, they’d say.

You walked up the steps to the small village center mall. There were stalls selling various fruit and produce around. Your grocery list was fairly small, so you thought of bringing fruits home to cheer the boys up a bit.

“Good morning, miss. Want to test your luck?” You turned your attention to the man in a suit. He was handing out a flyer advertising a ‘grand raffle’. Seeing there’s no harm in trying, you nodded thanking the paper. He smiled. “Registration is this way.”

You scanned the flyer as you followed him. The raffle showed off practical prizes, the first one being a car. Yoongi always whined about getting a car of his own, so it would’ve been amazing if you won it for him.

The man passed you a form, needing a few details like your name and contact number. “When do you announce the winners?” you asked him, dropping your raffle stub in the drop box. “In a while, actually. We initially planned to close off the entries early, but you made it! You’re the last entry for today.” 

What a coincidence.

“We’ll text you if you win.” he added. You thanked him, then carried on with your errand. You didn’t want to leave Jungkook alone, or Jungkook alone with Yoongi. The younger boy was too sensitive, and you knew your boyfriend might let the wrong words slip.

Fortunately, you easily found what was needed on your list. The line in the cashiers weren’t too long too, making your trip easier. 

As you were taking your wallet out, your phone buzzed. You handed the employee your payment, before checking your phone. There were four texts, one from Yoongi, and the others from an unknown number.

“Ma’am, here’s your change.” She handed you a few coins and your now filled bag. 


Yoongs <3: Babe, have you seen Hoseok?

Yoongs <3: Taehyung went home and Namjoon wasn’t there

Yoongs <3: Fuck you need to come to the hospital right now

Unknown: Congratulations! This is Lee Woo Bin from PriSeoul. I’d love to inform you that you one the first place in our raffle. You may claim your prize at the registration booth on or before the end of the month


Hoseok didn’t handle it easily. The first thing he did after the funeral was lock himself in his room and cry. When there were no more tears to shed, he ate less and danced more. Exhaustion couldn’t stop him from distracting himself. 

Usually, Taehyung or Namjoon would visit him to give him something to eat. It even took them great difficulty to convince him to come back home and rest.

“Namjoon, I’m going out for a jog.” He ran out the door, avoiding any opportunity of protest from the younger boy. He didn’t bring anything else aside from his phone, earphones, and a bottle of water. Normally, he wouldn’t bring the last one, but since he didn’t want to worry Namjoon, he did.

Their dorm wasn’t that far from your house. They lived somewhere in the middle of the city and the country, so it was pretty convenient at times when they needed to buy something. Fruits and vegetables from the countryside, and clothes from the city.

He thought of paying Jungkook a visit. He knew how traumatized he must be, seeing two of their friends dead in one night. 

Holding Onto You played as he put his earbuds in. He started to jog, not stopping even when his legs started to hurt. It was the afternoon, so the sun wasn’t scorching his skin as he ran. 

He finally halted at an intersection, looking left and right before crossing. A second just as he passed the middle, a truck zoomed passed him, nearly hitting him. He stumbled into the sidewalk, looking on as the truck passed. “Hey, I’m suing! I almost died there!” he screamed after it.

His heart beat fast in his chest. He couldn’t stand up, too scared by the encounter. The printed-on design of collars and accessories on the truck’s back stared at him as it sped into the distance. His water bottle rolled away, but he couldn’t care less about it.

When he composed himself again, he got up. He didn’t want to continue taking the same route, considering he almost got run over. Instead, he took a rumored ‘shortcut’ in the forest.

He turned and went through a row of trees, the cement soon fading into leaves and twigs. The twittering of birds surrounded him as he jogged. Relief washed over him, the beauty of it all making him forget everything bad that happened for a moment.

Seamus flowed into his ears. At first, he wasn’t into Pink Floyd much, then Namjoon suggested it to him. The main source of all his new music tastes were either Namjoon or Jungkook, as the two were ‘adventurous’ when it came to songs.

Behind the song, he heard something faint and muffled, kind of like a bark.He ignored it, thinking his earphones were just starting to break. They were old anyway, and he’s been planning on buying new ones. 

He heard it again, this time closer. Slowly, he lowered the volume, but still kept the earbuds on. He jogged faster, breaking into a full run when he heard the barks become louder.

Through shaking hands, he ripped the headset off before getting his phone out. He scrolled past his contacts, tapping Namjoon’s name. ‘Come on, pick up. Please.’ A hundred thoughts raced in his mind as he dodged bushes and trees. 

The barks were accompanied by crunching leaves now, making it apparent that something was chasing him. On instinct, he looked back, seeing a wild dog, fangs jutting out, chasing after him. Its fur was coated in dirt, and saliva dripped from its mouth.

‘Shit.’ This was too surreal. He was a few steps away from death. One wrong move and he’d die or get seriously injured. Unless he can fight the dog off. 

He whipped his head back, only to trip. In front of him was Jimin, hand outstretched to stop him. The younger boy had a blank look on his face as he stared at Hoseok. 

From the ground, Hoseok looked up, locking eyes with him. “Hyung” Jimin whispered, voice gravelly. “Hyung, it’s time.”

Just as he finished, Hoseok felt fangs sinking into his his shoulder. Claws dug into his back while the wild mutt teared at his flesh. His screams ran through the forest, sending a flock of birds flying away.

Screams turned to whimpers, and soon enough, the dog stopped. It got off his body, walking towards the phone he dropped. Namjoon was on the line for a good minute, before the dog pawed it, accidentally ending the call.

It looked around more. Seeing no predators, it scampered off, Hoseok’s blood smeared all over its fur.

Namjoon rushed out of the house. It was a good thing Taehyung wasn’t at home, because he didn’t have enough time to explain to him why. He knew were Hoseok would’ve gone too.

The older boy was someone who always put other people before himself. Who played off his own hurt, and chose to comfort others first. It was obvious he went to visit Jungkook, especially since Yoongi’s been telling them that their youngest wasn’t doing well.

He dodged a few passers-by, shouting Hoseok’s name out in the process. “Hobi! Hobi, where are you?!” he breathlessly reached the intersection. He glanced around, looking for signs of his friend. Then, he spotted something wedged under the bushes.

The familiar water bottle lay under the leaves. He took it, rubbing the dirt off the surface. “Hoseok-” he stopped mid-sentence, bumping into someone.

He looked behind him, spotting an aggravated teenager. The boy was wearing all black, starting from his baseball cap, all the way to his leather jacket. It was so awfully pretentious. His minions stood behind him, the two of them balling their fists threateningly.

“Hey,” the boy narrowed his eyes. He took the toothpick he was chewing out and threw it on the ground. “You should watch where you’re going.” 

Namjoon rolled his eyes. “I’m sorry. It was an accident, but I don’t have time for this.” He tried walking around them, but one boy grabbed him and pushed him back. 

“Okay, I’m sorry. My friend is missing, and I know he’s in danger. So can you just let this one go?” he scoffed at them. 

Their leader stepped forward. “I think the fuck not.” He lunged at Namjoon, delivering a punch to the boy’s stomach. The air got knocked out of him, and he stumbled because of the sudden hit. “F-fuck off. I need to find my friend.” he coughed out.

The group huddled around him, kicking and hitting him. It was three against one, and there was no way he could hurt anyone. The two boys held him in a kneeling position while the other one kept throwing punches at him. When he finally thought it was over, the boy he bumped into clutched his shoulder and forced him to stand. 

“This should teach him.” he sneered to his lackeys, before punching him one last time.

The punch might’ve been a little too hard; or they might’ve been a little too close to a fire hydrant. It wasn’t until after Namjoon fell when someone yelled at them to stop. A middle-aged man chased them off, but by the time he got there, Namjoon’s blood was already spilling on the concrete. 

Next to them was a yellow fire hydrant; a single red splat on the metal.

The road was crowded when you went out. The locals were drawn to the forest shortcut, forming a circle around a clearing. An ambulance and police cars lined the streets. Policemen were preventing the people from going in further. Inside, a few more police were investigating the scene. 

“I pity the poor boy.” you heard an old woman whisper. “I do too. He mustn’t have been from here. If he was, he wouldn’t even think of going in the forest.” her friend replied.

“The authorities really should start on putting up those anger signs.” she continued.

“Mama,” a little girl tugged on the hem of her mother’s dress. “What happened to the man in the forest?” 

Her mom looked down on her, her face etched with worry. “Nothing, honey. Let’s go before daddy gets worried.” She picked her daughter up, walking away from the scene. You caught up to her, curious about the news.

“Excuse me, miss. What happened here?” you asked her. She contemplated whether to tell you in front of her daughter or not, but in the end, she set her child back down. She leaned closer to whisper to you.

“There was an accident involving the wild dogs. A man was chased down and mauled to death. I overheard the police talking, and they said he didn’t make it.”

Dread stated to fill you. Your phone buzzed again, reminding you of Yoongi. “T-thanks.” you bid her goodbye.

Yoongi <3: Y/n where are you?? We found Namjoon… his body at least

You: Babe, wasn’t Hoseok born on the year of the dog?

Yoongi <3: What? I think so. Just come here please

Namjoon lay on the hospital bed. His white clothes matched the sheets. His eyes were closed, as if he was sleeping, except he wasn’t breathing. Bruises coated his skin, and one side of his head was busted. A faint line of stitching showed on that side, much like what happened to Jin. 

Taehyung stood at the foot of the bed. Jungkook clung onto him, his head tucked into the older one’s shoulder. They both looked tired, with Taehyung’s messy hair, and the dark circles under Jungkook’s eyes. 

You stood in front of Yoongi. He was hugging you from behind, nuzzling his mouth on your hair. Though he tried to stay calm, you could feel tension in his hands. 

“This is unbelievable.” Taehyung chuckled bitterly. “This is all your fault!” he pointed a finger accusingly at you. 

You were taken aback by his sudden outburst. “What are you talking about? You think I wanted this?!”

“This all started ever since you bought that stupid mirror. First Jin, then Jimin. Now Namjoon was beaten to death, and guess what? His head exploded on a fucking fire hydrant. Even Hoseok’s missing, and god knows where he’ll turn up. Probably dead, because of you!”

“Taehyung, that’s enough!” Yoongi shouted at him. You flinched, never hearing Yoongi yell before. 

SIlence returned to the room, and you couldn’t help but think that Taehyung was right. All the fortune came to you, but you didn’t want your loved ones taken away.

“Yoongi, we should go back to the shop.”

Without Hoseok, Yoongi drove this time. Taehyung helped you find his car keys so you can use his car for a bit. The bagua was shoved in your bag, wrapped with cloth. You didn’t know how the mirror worked, so you avoided all physical contact with it for the meantime.

You wordlessly reached the shop. Yoongi got off the car first, and without waiting for you, stormed into the shop.

He was slamming the bell on the counter when you went inside, the two other boys following behind. “Anyone here? Ms. Mei? Is no one manning the store? Sehun, where the fuck are you?!” his voice rang throughout the store. 

Finally, the employee who assisted you with the furniture came out. He looked twice as annoyed, a sour frown on his face. He held a black bag and hauled it on the counter. “Sir, I would need to ask you to stop-”

“Where’s your boss? We’re returning something.” he stretched his hand out to you, gesturing for the mirror. You unzipped your bag, shuffling through your things, before handing him the bundled cloth.

“This-” he shoved it near the clerk’s face. “-has ruined our lives. Four of my friends died. Call me crazy, but they died because of this.”

His face paled upon seeing it. He stepped back, shaking his head. “Ms. Mei isn’t here, and I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

“Bullshit!” Yoongi drew his hand back, throwing the mirror on the ground. Glass shards lay under the now loose cloth. You felt relieved seeing the mirror broken. It means it’s over now, right? Whatever curse it had should be lifted. It was gone, and you were saved. 

“That’s not how it works.” The cashier said weakly. “Ms. Mei is not here, and never will be. She’s dead. The day after you bought the mirror, she was about to move to America. She mentioned something about wanting to get away. A few days later, her grandson called the shop. She died after getting into a horsefly attack.” He pointed to where the mirror fell.

You stared in shock. It wasn’t there anymore. The cloth and the shards were gone. Yoongi looked back at mouth hung in confusion. You checked your bag again, digging through your wallet and phone. There it was, the cloth still wrapped around it. You felt around it, trying to feel a crack. However, there were no signs of damage.

The cashier coaxed you forward. The four of you stood behind the counter, the mirror placed in between. You put your bag next to his, the weight wearing your shoulders off.

“My name’s Minseok. I’ve been running the shop with her ever since the start. She’s practically like family now, you know? I’ve seen that mirror around a few times. She had it with her, but she never talked about it or showed it to anyone. Actually, I don’t know how it got on that shelf the day you saw it. I thought she changed her mind about it and decided to sell it.” He looked at you, and you nodded.

“Before she went to America, she told me something about it. It came from a girl, way back in the 18th century. No one knew her name, and she was dubbed Lotus Feet since her feet were bounded to give her small feet, or lotus feet. During the battle of Ningpo, her family was being hunted down by the British. Food was scarce, and they were having a hard time escaping. So, they decided to leave her behind.  They thought she was a burden, so they left her for dead. This-” he tapped the mirror.

“-holds her soul. It’s evil. I know it brings luck, but if you accept the luck it brings, it takes a life in payment. In particular, those who have looked into the mirror after you.”

“But why did she die? If she knew about it, why couldn’t she do anything about it?” you asked him. The three boys were silent next to you. You could feel Taehyung’s burning stare, but decided to ignore it.

“You. You were the good luck it gave. Something she couldn’t reject. You wanted the mirror, and the curse was passed from her to you. The only way you can avoid its effects is to reject the luck it brings.” he pushed it towards you. 

“Can’t I find someone else? How do I permanently end this?” you pushed it back.

“Unless someone willingly accepts the mirror, it won’t leave you. Unless…” he paused, nibbling on his lip while he was deep in thought. 

“Unless?” Taehyung pushed on.

“Unless you can go to a Chinese blessing shop. You can destroy it there. There’s one, but it’s in another town, left from here. You should go.” He ushered you out, grabbing your bag and returning it to you. 

You bounded put the shop, waiting for Minseok as he locked the door. “I can’t come with you. I’m sorry but I need to send money to my mom, since she’s really sick.”

He walked towards Yoongi and got a pen out. “Go on that road and drive straight down until you reach the fourth intersection. Take a left, then a right, and drive until you see a ‘Welcome to Jil-An’ sign. Turn right on the second crossing, and the second building should be ‘An Liu’s Charm Shop’. Just go straight in and say Fa Mei sent you.” he instructed as he scribbled down on Yoongi’s arm. 

You got into the car, and Yoongi slammed the pedal. Through the rearview mirror, you could see Minseok’s fading form. The forest was getting larger as you ventured forward. The sun was starting to set too, and it was going to be a long night for you.

“Why can’t we just destroy it here? It’s more dangerous going there,” Taehyung looked out the window, big raindrops splattering on it rapidly. “Let’s just chuck it out the window or something.”

Along the way, you ran into a storm. It was pouring outside, and there were constant flashes of lightning. The car’s headlights provided little help with the amount of water dripping down the windshield. A twig or some leaves would slap against the car from time to time, but Yoongi was unfazed.

“We can’t do that. Didn’t you see what just happened at the shop?” he said through gritted teeth. Taehyung glared at him from the backseat. 

“Easy for you to say. You’re the only person in this damn car that hasn’t looked at that mirror, and you perfectly know you’re safe.” he leaned forward, grabbing the back of your seat.

“Taehyung, sit back down. You’re distracting him.” Jungkook murmured, though the older boy ignored him.

“See that?” he spoke, just as lightning lit up the sky. “That’s the sign of me dying soon. I’m next. I’m the stupid bastard who looked into the mirror, not you.”

Yoongi shifted gear, driving impossibly faster. You looked across to see him. Tears pooled at the edges of his eyes, ready to be released. His breathing was getting irregular, and his grip on the steering wheel was tightening. 

“It’ll just get restored again, you know that. Hyung please stop.” Jungkook whispered, pulling Taehyung back. 

The older boy pushed him off, sending him flying to the window with a thump. “Shut up! Unlike you, I don’t want to die yet!”

“What, you think I want to die? How could anyone fucking know looking into that thing would kill you? Stop putting the blame on someone and think for once.” Jungkook snarled at him, throwing a punch. 

Taehyung sat back, rubbing his throbbing jaw. Jungkook stared back at him, appalled. “Jungkook…” your eyes swept back and forth on the two boys.

“Can you please stop? We’re all suffering here.” Yoongi looked at Taehyung through the rearview mirror. “I’m sorry, okay? We’re trying to help here. We won’t just let you die.”

Taehyung scoffed. “Stop the car.”


“Stop the car!”

Yoongi stepped on the brake, sending the car forward in a jolt. Taehyung’s eyes flickered to the bagua you were holding, then to you. “If you won’t do anything about it, I would.

He lunged forward, grabbing the cloth from you. “Taehyung, no!” you screamed at him, trying to pull the mirror back. His hold was strong, and you couldn’t shake it off, even with Jungkook trying to pull his arms away. Yoongi clicked his seatbelt off and grabbed Taehyung’s wrist.

“Let go!” he yelled. Suddenly, Taehyung let out a pained scream. You looked up to see Jungkook forcefully biting his shoulder. Just as the younger one pulled away, he did too. With the sudden loss of contrast, Yoongi stumbled back in his seat, the mirror in his hands.

In a state of shock, he looked at it, his distorted reflection staring back at him. Frantically, he grabbed the cloth and wrapped it around the bagua again. With shaking hands, he handed it back to you. 

“No,” you whispered. “Not you too. No, Yoongi-” Tears streamed down your cheeks. You hugged him, sobbing into his chest. The two younger boys speechlessly watched on.

You felt soothing hands caressing your hair. “Baby, it’s okay. We can make it.” he gently told you. His face was close to yours, and you could feel his cheeks equally wet. Was he crying too?

You heard the door lock click, and turned your head just in time to catch a glimpse of Taehyung stepping outside. You were about to go after him, but Yoongi held you back. Jungkook, however, was out of the car within seconds. 

“Jungkook, no-” Yoongi was met a slam of the door. He turned to you. “Get your phone and call Jungkook. Tell him to go back” He readjusted the gear and backed up the road. 

You opened your bag, trying to feel the outline of your phone. ‘What?’ You opened the bag wider, turning on the inside light to get a better look. “Yoongi, this isn’t my bag.”

The bag had bands of money in it. None of it was yours, and most of the contents looked like it belonged to a man. Everything pieced together. 

“I changed bags with Minseok.” you stared at it in horror. It would be a matter of time now before something happens to the person next in line. Distressed, you rolled down the window, chucking the bag out. “I don’t want your money!”

Taehyung trudged through the forest. The wind slapped at his face, and the rain sprayed harshly against his skin. He wanted to go home. That was all he could think of. Maybe if he slept it off, he’d wake up to find that it was just dream. Hoseok would wake him up, then he’d go to the living room to find Namjoon sitting on the couch, reading the same boring book. 

Jin and Jimin would call him over to hang out, and at the end of the day, he’d have dinner at your house just as usual. 

He wanted to believe it so bad. The blinding lie was so much more comforting. It warmed him as he shivered under the trees. He brought an arm to wipe his face, not sure if he wiped away tears or raindrops. 

In the distance, he heard Jungkook call for him. “Hyung!” he whipped his head around to find a figure making its way to him. “Hyung, come back!”

He didn’t know why, but he broke out into a run. He entered the forest, trying to get away from the younger boy. Why was he running? Isn’t he tired of doing that very thing? 

Maybe he couldn’t think straight. There was no way of escaping death at this point, so what was the use of avoiding it?  The cold was distracting him, that’s for sure. Jungkook’s voice was fading, but he didn’t stop.

The ground he was stepping on started becoming muddier. He concentrated on his steps, trying not to trip. Then, a loud snap followed by excruciating pain on his leg ensued. He fell down, clutching his left leg. A bear trap bit into it, the metal hidden under the mud. 

He tried forcing it open, only to injure his fingers. He cried out. “Jungkook! Jungkook, help me!” he yanked at it, thinking of ripping it off in desperation. Pain coursed through every bone in his body. Slowly, he felt the sharp tips on his bone. 

His screams grew hoarse as he tried prying it off. Thunder covered the sound of his yells. Mud coated his body from moving on the ground too much. The rain made his hold slippery, and he could feel a chunk of his leg starting to separate. Panicked, he looked around, eyes stopping on a familiar boy silently watching behind the trees. “Hoseok hyung.”

“Yoongi, we have to go after them, and the car isn’t helping.” you sternly told him. At last, he hesitantly nodded, stepping out the car. You took your seatbelt off, grabbed the mirror, and followed suit. 

“Jungkook!” you shouted for him. “Jungkook!” Yoongi cupped his hands around his mouth. You walked more, the fog devouring the car as you got farther away. 

“Y/n,” you looked at him. His brown eyes no longer held coldness. Instead, they were filled with regret. Sadness. The boy was tired. “If something bad happens, promise me, the first thing we’ll do is to run back to that car.” you nodded, understanding his point. There was no guarantee Jungkook will make it. It hurt to sa that, but it was the truth; and you didn’t want Yoongi to go next.  

“Is that him?” Yoongi pointed at a shadowy form standing on the other side of the road. “Where-” you started to run towards it, only to have Yoongi pull you back again. A car zoomed past you, beeping loudly.

“Noona?” It was Jungkook. He started to show clearer as he jogged towards you. “Wait-” you shouted, fearing the worst. “-stay away from the road!” 

A loud honk interrupted. Jungkook was illuminated under bright headlights, like a deer caught on the road. Metal against flesh collided, and the boy was thrown a few feet away. The driver of the truck tried to regain control, only tipping the truck over. Broken milk bottles lay on the road, some of the milk turning pink around Jungkook’s body. 

Horrified, Yoongi put you behind him, and you walked back to the body. The milk turned a darker shade of red each step you took closer. Jungkook was slumped on the ground, his limbs bent at awkward angles. 

Yoongi shook his head. He reached for your hand again. “Time to go.”

You forced yourself to take our eyes off the scene. If Yoongi didn’t save you, would’ve it been over? It was unfair. The mirror knew you couldn’t reject the luck it just brought. What if it happened to Yoongi? No, not him. Dear god, anyone but him.

Various thoughts raced in your mind as you got back in the car. Yoongi started it again, absentmindedly staring out the windshield. “You know couldn’t just let you die out there right?” you nodded at him. His voice was weary, the same voice he used when he comforted you. 

The trees got replaced by pastures. Fences appeared at the side of the road. You were close. You could make it. You breathed out a sigh of relief as you passed the sign Minseok told you about. Yoongi let out a breath he was holding. He looked over to you, smiling. You smiled back, eyes glancing at the road again. 

“Yoongi!” you screamed. He swerved, however still hitting the lone chicken that was about to cross. He lost complete control of the car, sliding off the road and crashing into a fence. You felt his hand holding yours, before you were knocked unconscious.

The police found the wreckage in the morning. You woke up to an unfamiliar voice talking to you. “Miss? I think she’s conscious now. Miss, do you remember your name?” Your body ached all over. Your head was pounding, and something sharp poked at your ribs. 

A siren pierced your eardrums. You could make out the sound of mumbling, but you couldn’t hear what they were saying. Bits and pieces were caught up in your brain, then you suddenly felt something soft against you.

“-lost control, and it crashed on the chicken wire fence”

“What about the other one?”

“Didn’t make it, he-”

“Miss, can you hear me?”

The voices were blending in your head. You tried opening your eyes, immediately closing them as harsh light came into view. A hand cupped over your eyes, preventing further light from coming. You blinked twice, blurry eyesight starting to focus. 

“We’re taking you to the hospital, no need to worry about anything.” 

With much effort, you turned your head to face him. Your mouth froze into a scream, looking face to face with Yoongi. His head was busted and blood was all over him. 

“Time to go, sweetheart.”

One Day

Warning: Abuse, Foul Language, Talk about Depression and Suicide, Fluff, Smut

(Authors Note): Written by both admins. Our first FF ever posted. I had a random idea and this is what it became. Feedback is greatly appreciated! -Admin Ren

About 6.7 k

It was yet another day. You had woken up 5 minutes before your alarm was set to go off. You used this time to mentally prepare yourself for the day. After what felt more like 10 minuets your alarm went off, ripping you from your thoughts. Sighing, you get out of your bed and walk to the bathroom. You carry on with your usual routine. After going to the bathroom to freshen up you head over to your closet. Picking out a pair of black, ripped skinny jeans and a shirt, you go back to the bathroom to change. When you had finished changing, you head to the kitchen. You grab an apple and make sure you have everything. Before you leave, you put on your converse and head out the door.

You walk to your school because it’s fairly close. After about 15 minutes, you find yourself sitting in your desk. You sit at the back of the class and take notes as the teacher drones on about god knows what. Eventually, the bell rings, signaling that it was lunch. You head to the cafeteria and buy yourself some lunch. After getting some food, you find a seat and eat quietly. When you were almost done, a familiar male appeared out of nowhere. “Hey Y/N! Can I sit with you?” You look up and smile when you see Jackson, your best friend. You nod your head you give him a quick once-over and smile. ‘He’s still the same’ you thought. He was wearing a plain black shirt that showed his sculpted muscles and his usual pair of jeans. The gold chain he always wore was laid above his shirt. His hair - which was a different color- peeked out trough his black snap-back. Last time you saw him he had brown hair that was almost a red color. Now his hair is a pretty blond color. It almost looks white. “Hey, what’s up?” You ask after swallowing a bit of food. “I’m holding a party tonight, wanna come?” You slightly frown. “Sorry, Jackson, I have to work. But I have a day off on Saturday so maybe I can hang out with you then?” You can see a look of disappointment flash across his face before he breaks out into a smile that could match the sun. “Yeah sure that sounds good” Just after he finishes speaking the bell rings. “Well I gotta go, I’ll see you around” You say as you get up and start walking to class.
You go straight to work after school is over. As you walk into the Café, you’re greeted by the staff. They all say hello as you head to the back room. After you store your bag and put on your apron. You work as a waiter and take orders. After about 3 hours of working, your boss thanks you and says you can go.  Grabbing your bag, you say bye to everyone as you exit the café. You check the time. It was 6pm. After walking for a while, you decided that going to the library for an hour or so would be a good idea. When you get there, you find a quiet spot and start doing your homework. However, you had been so into what you were doing, that you didn’t realize 3 hours had gone by. It was 9 pm when you check your phone and you had to get home before you got yelled at. Grabbing your bag, you quickly made your way out of the library, practically running down the stairs and all the way home.

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We Should Do That Again Sometime...

could you write a one shot of alex turner, but not too much. maybe a heated make out session? thank you x


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Finally Home


Genre: Fluff

Member: G-Dragon/Kwon Jiyong

Length: 1248 words

-Gif credit to rightful owner-

You had been staring at the clock for what felt like days, counting down the minutes to when Jiyong would be home. He had been out on a world tour with BIG BANG for months now and, even though you two had kept in constant communication with each other through texts and phone calls, it just wasn’t the same without him. Today, they had performed their concert in Seoul and you knew that he would the opportunity to come visit you. It was almost 2 a.m. and you were feeling very tired, but the excitement to see Jiyong had kept you up.

*ding* You snatched up your phone and saw that it was a text from Jiyong.

GD: Hey ;)

You: Hi :) When are you coming home?

GD: Why? Do you miss me, Y/N ;)

You: Of course I miss you! Don’t you miss me :’(

GD: Aww jagiya! Of course I miss you and I’ll be home in a little bit. We’re just getting ready for the send-off.

You knew that he would be home soon and you started to get even more excited. After about half an hour, you received another text.


GD: Y/N, open your door :)

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anonymous asked:

Bless you for suggesting Red Rising. I'm already on Morning Star.. I started 5 days ago. How do you picture each color? I imagine Darrow as a pale ginger with red irises. And just everybody else stumps me.

OH goodness my favourite type of question. Okay! Red Rising, the best book series on earth. 

Pierce expressed that Reds were nearly exclusively of Irish heritage. Now, thats not be saying that Irish people are only red headed and pale, but thats what he expressed, especially with them being reds. And it makes sense, i mean, theyre stuck underground, so theyre bound to be pale. 

As for the rest for the colors, one thing I think people tend to forget is how diverse the book actually is. I think Pierce does a good job of explaining what everyone looks like imo.

However, I dont think every race has hair and eye color connected. I dont remember pinks having pink hair? Maybe I’m crazy, but thats what I remember. Blues dont have hair, they have the circuit tattoos throughout their heads and bodies. I really dont know how to differentiate between silvers and whites, besides their occupations and sigils on their arms. 

But for sure.. the golds I see as the most diverse. And something to keep in mind, PAX WAS NOT WHITE. The Telemanus’s, I am almost positive were black. I see the the Julii as Spanish or Latin, and - shit. there was actually a fantastic post written by @thehowler-elisabet (Wasnt it you?) about the origins of their last names in relation to what their ethnicities are. I’ll have to find it and link it later. 

This post is a mess. I’ve actually done a painting of Gold Darrow. (x
And I have a few gifsets of what I saw each color as. (Pinks) (Blues) (Silvers) (Yellows) (Red Darrow 1 , 2 , 3) (Mustang) (Mustang during the Academy) (Sefi the Quiet) (Darrows Mother) (House Mars


保護者, 紅雀, 獣  (Protector, Red Sparrow, Beast)

Here is Koujaku’s quilt!  I’m really happy with how his quilt turned out, and I had a ton of fun picking fabric for it!  I designed Koujaku’s quilt with three blocks using the Snail Trail block pattern (it was supposed to represent his peony tattoo but oh well): one to represent his route within the game, and one each for his good and bad endings.  I intentionally picked fabrics so that each block would get progressively darker, because each end of the quilt is such an extreme.  All of the fabrics in this quilt are Asian-themed fabrics by Robert Kauffman, Red Rooster, Kona, and Timeless Treasures, except for the scissor-print in the back (it’s a Moda, which I’ll get to!).  I tried to stick with more traditional-looking fabrics, without going too modern because a. Koujaku is very traditional and b. he’s an old man! (sorry Koujaku, I say that with love! ^_^) The name of this quilt is written in Japanese Kanji on the front lower right corner of each block.  Before I really start rambling, I’ll start with the center block, as it’s really the focal point of the quilt. 

This block represents Koujaku’s main route in the game.  The Japanese Kanji written on this block is Koujaku’s name, which means “red sparrow”.  I used a mixture of light and darkish fabrics, because of Koujaku’s happiness at seeing Aoba again, but throughout his route having to face his tortured past and those responsible. I’m especially proud of the gold-print fabric and the bird-print fabric I found.  The gold print fabric is supposed to mirror the belt that Koujaku wears around his waist, and upon seeing the bird fabric I immediately thought “BENI!”. Also, you’ll notice that within this block, there are two fabrics used that are also used in the “good end” block, the prints are exactly the same, just the colors are different :D Now, depending on the choices you make for Aoba in Koujaku’s route, you end up with either: 

Koujaku’s good ending: I chose the name “protector” for this block because of how much Aoba means to Koujaku.  After Aoba saves Koujaku from the tattoos completely controlling him, Koujaku finally opens up to Aoba and he can begin to move forward.  As they build their life together, Koujaku will be fiercely protective of Aoba, and Aoba will be there every time Koujaku begins to doubt his worth as a human being because of his past, no longer having to suffer alone.  I wanted no darkness in this block, only bright and colorful fabrics, because Koujaku finally, for the first time in several years, has a real chance to find happiness and peace.  

Unless of course you’re like me and find BeastJaku incredibly sexy so you prefer: 

Koujaku’s bad ending: I immediately knew I wanted this block to be devoid of any brightness or happiness, because unfortunately both Aoba and Koujaku lose themselves in this ending, and both suffer (though Shiroba might believe otherwise).  However, when I saw the cherry-blossom print, I thought it fit oddly well with the rest of this block’s fabrics, even though it shines because of the gold.  In a way, this can kind of be interpreted as being fabric for Shiroba, because he loves this version of Koujaku.  The black and grey fabric is a Kona and the print is called “Good Fortune”, which I thought was a delightfully cruel twist for this block, as Koujaku’s bad ending is anything but good fortune.  To finish it off, I splattered red paint all over the block, as it tends to get a bit bloody in BeastJaku’s cell.  I gave serious thought to taking my scissors and actually carving a little bit into the block to make it look as if BeastJaku himself sliced into it , but I didn’t want to weaken the integrity of the stitches.

Finally, when I saw the Moda scissor-print, I immediately knew this was going to be the back fabric for this quilt!  Koujaku works as a hairdresser, so I thought this would complete the quilt nicely.  I know the scissors printed on the back are craft scissors and not hairdresser’s shears, but I still think it works, hehe!

This quilt has simple quilting lines, with one line going through each of the black strips surrounding the three blocks, again symbolizing the choice the player has to make throughout the game.  

I bought a ton of fabric to make this quilt, so I’m offering this one for sale! :D It measures 52.25 inches long by 18.25 inches wide (or 132.7 cm x 46.4 cm) If you would like to purchase this quilt, please send me a message.  

I would like to give a huge thanks to @lintmaster1989 for letting me pester her with progress pics of this quilt, in addition to helping me name it!  Also a huge thank you to @impulsive-temper, I used this beautiful fan art of yours to help with the color palette for each of the blocks.  Finally, I want to thank everybody in the DMMD fandom for liking and reblogging all my progress pictures of this quilt!  I really appreciate it!!!  

One more thing:  This is a super interesting post about Koujaku’s peony tattoo and it’s real-life application to Japanese yakuza.  Thank you @ayuuria for this awesome read!  It really helped me when designing this quilt!  

Fed by the Stray

A follow-up for those who asked for it. Also written at 2AM like the first one.

Don’t Feed the Stray

Lucy hated working late, past sundown and past the twilight hour. She loathed walking down the streets alone with only the streetlights to guide her to the bus stop. She never liked waiting for the bus or sitting around strangers. When the bus stopped near her house, Lucy always gathered her things and ran straight to her door as if demons were chancing her heels.

Everything changed when a vampire decided she was the one true find of this century.

Now, she hardly feared anything beyond the glint of fangs with every childish smirk, the sharp eyes that shone emerald with hunger, and the ever so subtle lure that every vampire was known for.

Now her walk home was quite a scene: a blonde woman in a raggedy Office Depot vest; walking alongside a tall, rugged man with pink hair, burning coal eyes, and a very odd sense of fashion. Granted, many of the men she encountered by the bus stop stopped hanging around once Natsu became a constant escort in her life…

The alloy key twisted into the lock, sealing the front doors of the store for the night. Lucy double checked the security, wasting time and delaying the inevitable. There was always a possibility of theft. Somebody may need office supplies and be too desperate to wait until the next business day.

When, in reality, Lucy prolonged her meeting with the pink haired vampire each time, knowing he was ecstatic to have her outside her house where he could be closer. Where he can touch and smell…and maybe taste.

Memories of him leaning closer filled her mind. Pink defined against the dark leaves and rough bark of the oak, pupils dilating with the rush of his appetite and the strain that came with restraint; the devious tongue that traced his fangs as he chuckled huskily at her sarcastic snaps-

Hands jammed the keys in her purse harshly, the metal teeth of the zipper scrapping her knuckles as she whirled on her heel and marched across the empty parking lot, heading towards the sidewalk beyond.

For months he plagued her flower beds with every fall from his perch or pacing after she fell asleep. Her land lady that allowed her to rent the whole house was becoming curious, accusing her of sneaking boys into the house late at night.

If anything, Lucy was trying her hardest to keep one particular boy out and was totally thankful on whatever phenomenon that kept vampires out of buildings unless invited. If allowed, Natsu was bound to cause house trouble…and many nights shoving garlic in her room. He was steadfast on his resolve not to snack on her, but the woman could see the instinct pooling behind his face. She was the equivalent of a meat suit before a hungry wolf.

The second her foot hit the sidewalk, the shadows across the street moved fast, a bolt of black and gold with a white scarf, pink hair like a beacon. “Luuuuuucy!” Natsu called, grinning from ear to ear and holding up a bag of something.

Shrieking in shock at his charge, Lucy flailed and reached into her purse, finding and seizing the item she required. A plastic blue spray bottle, armed and ready.

She only saw his eyes widen in surprise before she sprayed him full-on in the face, halting his approach with a splutter of disgruntlement.

“Natsu, what have I told you about charging at me too?! It’s almost as bad as the sampling!” She cried out, throwing the bottle in her purse and fishing out the next two items of defense: two hardened bread sticks she stole from her failed date at Olive Garden the other night.

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soulfvcking  asked:

I meditated last night, trying to find my inner wolf, but by visualization. I relaxed, then walked through a forest, as i comtinued on my journey I kept seeing images of a black wolf with gold eyes. Occasiomally a snarling grey wolf briefly popped up very faint Eventually I came face to face with it and asked it its name. The only words I got were "the beast, dangerous beast" maybe code for something else? At this time I saw a grey wolf leaping out at me. What does this all mean?

It could mean alot of things.
1.) Lycan/were gene is active
2.) Spirit guides trying to tell you something
3.) Maybe therianism

Forbidden Love Ch.13

Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4 Ch.5 Ch.6 Ch.7 Ch.8 Ch.9 Ch.10 Ch.11 Ch.12

Summary: Your father is now married to a woman with 7 sons. Tension starts to build up as you move in with the 7 handsome boys.

Request what you want to happen next or a normal scenario :D

A/N: I managed to write as soon as i heard my father is okay. Thank you sweeties for your sweet messages, i love you guys so much. Enjoy the chapter ;)

Warning: Swearing

(1518 words)

Reader’s Pov


You were walking down the school hallway towards your locker. As you typed the code and opened it, a letter came out and fell on the ground. You placed your books inside and picked it up. You opened it and read the nicely and familiar handwriting from your friend.

Hey Y/N :D

Tomorrow I’m holding a big birthday party

at my house. I didn’t when I will see you so

I thought it’s better to write a letter ;)

By the way, you have to promise on thing.

Where something sexy~ I always see dress

simply outside. Sigh~

Can you promised me that? :D

- Yuna

You heaved a sigh. You were never too comfortable to where something sexy, but if it’s for you friends, why not. You felt a tap on your shoulder and it made you turn around. “Did you also get an invitation?” You nodded to Jungkook while holding the letter up.

When you arrived home, you thought about what clothes would be considered sexy. You looked around your cupboard but there were none. You went downstairs to see Jimin watching TV. You thought you could ask one of your brothers what is considered sexy. You sat next to Jimin who was drinking a glass of juice when you asked him. “Jimin…umm…what is considered sexy?” He surprised you when he spat his drink for the second time out after asking him the question. He looked at you with wide eyes. “W-what?” “I know this is weird, but my friend invited me to a party and she wants me to wear something sexy…but I don’t really know what is.” You knew you were a blushing mess right now. “Ah I see…I tell you what? How about we go to city and I’ll show you something sexy to wear?” You thought about and why not?

You walked around the mall with Jimin towards the dress store. You followed Jimin who was searching around the dress rack until he pulled a dress out and put it in front of you. Your eyes widened at how revealing the dress was, it was a short one and it was black and light rose color with gold outlines. You saw that there was a gold zipper to part ways with the dress.

“So…this is sexy…” he nodded. “You don’t have to dress like this Y/N. We can find a dress that you like.” You shook your head and took the dress from his hands. “I’ll take it. Is there anything else that I need?” “Yeah. To top it off, you need high heels and black stockings that go up to your thigh.” You nodded and let Jimin lead the way.

The next day you were wearing the dress together with the shoes and stockings and they were unbelievably uncomfortable. You googled your phone a makeup that will match the dress and curled your hair into a low volume. You took a step back and looked at yourself in the mirror. You nodded in satisfaction and took your purse and headed downstairs.

You headed downstairs to find Jungkook sitting on the sofa, waiting for you. When he heard you heels click, he turned towards your direction. His mouth gaped open and his eyes went wide at what you were wearing.

His face flushed red and he was unable to look into your eyes. He looked down from your shoes, to your thighs and slowly crawling up. “Um…should we go?” Jungkook said while trying not to make eye contact with you. You nodded and got in to Jin’s car.

When you got out of the car, into your friends how. Jin called Jungkook. “Keep watch of Y/N please. With that kind of dress, guys will stare and who knows what else.” Jungkook nodded before entering the house. You gave the gift to your friend and she offered you a drink but you kindly declined it, since you didn’t like drinking.

You were leaning against the counter of the bar table when a random guy leaned next to you. “Hey, you a friend of Yuna’s?” You looked at him and nodded. “Not much of a talker eh? Wanna go for a dance or maybe something else.” Before you could reply, you felt an arm wrapped around your shoulders. “Sorry, but she’s with me.” Jungkook glared at the boy and he just huffed out and left. “Every time I let my eyes off of you, you’re always off to a dangerous situation.” You looked feeling guilty. “I’m sorry…” Jungkook shook his head. “It’s nothing to say sorry about. Wanna go dance.” You nodded with a smile and walked over to the dance floor. You were partying hard until a slow song came in. Jungkook looked over at you with an awkward look. You knew you had no choice and walking off would seem embarrassing. You wrapped your arms around his neck and his arms slowly and nervously wrapped around your waist. His forehead slowly meeting yours as you moved to the rhythm. He was a bit shy but inside he was really happy.

After the party ended, Jin’s car was already parked in front of the house. When you entered you were surprised too see two of your brothers sitting inside looking like they had a lot to drink. “Jin, what happened to them?” You asked worriedly. “I guess Namjoon and Yoongi decided to have a party of their own. Why don’t you sit down in the front and Jungkook at the back?” You heard Jungkook whining, complaining not wanting to sit next to his drunken brothers. Jungkook sat in the middle of them in a very awkward situation. You gasped as you felt warm hand wrapped around you from behind the seat. “Yoongi, leave her alone.” Jungkook scolded and slapped his arm, making him release his grip.

Jin opened the front door while you were holding Namjoon and Jungkook with Yoongi. “Can both of you lead them upstairs to their bedroom?” The both of you nodded and you led Namjoon upstairs towards his room. You had a bit of a struggle since he was pretty heavy. You manage to walk him over to the bed. As you tried to lay him down, he wrapped his arms around your neck, pulling you down. And because of that, he planted his lips on yours. He had his arms tightly wrapped around your waist so you wouldn’t go anywhere and he moved his mouth against yours. You couldn’t do anything, so you let him and returned the kiss. You felt his hands messing around with the zipper that showed your thighs and black stockings. You didn’t realize this, but Jungkook came in to check on you…but it was the wrong timing. He didn’t want to interrupt so he closed the door with a pierced feeling in his chest. When you felt his hands on your thighs you got off of him with all your strength and panting like crazy. You ran out of his room to yours with your heart feeling like it was going to burst out of your chest.

Few hours later it was 3Am and Namjoon woke up with a pounding in his head. He thought he should go downstairs to get some water for his sore throat. As he was heading downstairs, he saw a familiar figurze sitting on the sofa, looking out side the window. “Jungkook?” His head turned slightly, revealing his side profile before glaring at his older brother. “What?” Namjoon could tell that there was anger in his voice. Then Namjoon knew why he was behaving like this. “You saw me and Y/N kiss right?” Namjoon smirked. Jungkook got up in anger and stomped his way towards him. “You fucking harassed her!” Even though it didn’t show, Namjoon was shocked that his younger brother swore to him. “And she kissed back right?” Jungkook grabbed his collar and pulled him closer with his teeth gritting. “She is not yours, she is not mine. She just sees us as brothers, SO WHY FUCKING TRY IT?” Jungkook yelled at him but Namjoon stood there with and emotionless expression. “We are all in conflict sbecause of her. Look at us Jungkook, we’re having one now. Look at how she is making us feel and the rest of the boys. And you never know, she could pick one of us but that would lead to bigger conflicts.” Jungkook’s grip loosened and with that, Namjoon left him there to his own thoughts.

You got down for breakfast when you see all the boys already down. You sat between Jimin and Jungkook and ate what Jin made for you. You gulped down all the orange juice, when Jungkook grabbed your glass. “Want me to get more?” You smiled and nodded to him. He went over to the counter and poured the juice half way before giving the glass to you. “Thank you Jungkook.” You thanked him and he just nodded as a reply. You didn’t see, but Jungkook and Namjoon have been glaring at each other the whole breakfast. But what Namjoon said was right, they’re all having a conflict.

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gelphie prompt: glinda has a weird habit of always sitting in elphaba's lap?

(ooh my fucking god)

Elphaba was in a predicament.

She was not used to having friends. In fact, before last year she had technically never had friends. By now, she had a bunch of them, and sometimes they would do things she didn’t understand. More specifically, Glinda - exclusively - would do things she didn’t understand. Glinda was a very pretty mystery and Elphaba had no idea how to handle her.

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“Fuck!” You yelled out loudly, snapping your mouth shut as a nearby mother cast you an angry look.
“What is it?” Tony asked.
“I’ve lost Loki.”
“Here? At the mall? Where could he have wandered off to?”
You shrugged, trying to distill the growing worry. He was an adult, obviously, but his track record was certainly not the best.
Suddenly, over the mall’s loud speaker’s voice appeared, “uh… would a (y/n) please report to the lost child area, we found your…” The voice paused, “child.”
You groaned, facepalming. “If that’s not Loki…”
By the time you arrived at the lost child area, you could see your adult demi god friend sitting, arms crossed on the bench and scowling at the workers. All of them avoided him, not even daring eye contact.
Loki perked up upon seeing you. “(Y/n)! Oh good, these pesky mortals refused to help me find you.”
“Yea… thanks for that. Where the hell were you?”
Loki shrugged, “I saw something that caught my eye, turned back and you were gone.”
“You know I’m on strict orders not to lose sight of you. I could’ve been in so much trouble.”
Loki sighed, “sorry darling.” He pulled a small black box from his jacket and held it out to you. “I saw this though, and thought you’d like it.” He managed a weak yet hopeful smile.
You sighed, grinning ruefully as you took it. Upon opening it, you saw a beautiful gold locket. “Thanks Loki.” You pecked his cheek. “C'mon, let’s get you back to the tower.”

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Hello!! I love your Balem cosplay! I'm still trying to do that outfit myself. I was wondering how you got the gold sequins onto the black fabric. I haven't had any success on finding black fabric with gold glitter (stuff) on it yet that fits the look and I was wondering how you handled that aspect of the costume. I saw some photos but it didn't really tell me enough. I'd appreciate any help! Thanks so much!!

Thank you!

The fabric is gold sequined fabric with black chiffon layered over it, and then a sprinkling of square gold sequins sewn on top of that.

I didn’t think to take decent close ups of the fabric because I was very busy, but here’s the fabric without the chiffon. (The lines are stitching I put there to stabilize it because the only gold sequin fabric Nax could find was a stretch knit.)

And here it is with the chiffon over it.

We had to baste all the layers together to keep them lying flat, which is what the yellow stitching in that picture is. Chiffon is not a nice fabric to work with and @naxiu5 spent hours doing most of the basting.

The square sequins are individually hand sewn on with transparent thread and I completely forgot to take pictures of them.

Here’s a couple shots of how the robe looks in brighter and darker lighting taken by @reginaoffredericton.

I have written a post on this robe on my sewing blog and I plan on writing a second one because there’s a lot of stuff I forgot to photograph.

Confession Rehearsal Novel (Chapter 3)

Here’s the third chapter of the novel adaption of HoneyWorks’ “(Confession Rehearsal) Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu“!

Masterpost with links to all the translated chapters can be found here.
You can find the masterpost with all the Confession Rehearsal/Sound of Confession Project-related translations here.

←Chapter 2 | Chapter 4→

*If you can, I highly encourage supporting the creators by buying the book for yourself at Amazon

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Where did you find that dress picture? I can only see blue and black. My brain says you must be joking but I believe you. But how on earth could it look white and gold??

It was the mother of the brides dress at my friend’s wedding! She posted it on Facebook and everyone started freaking out. As they should it’s fuckin weird

I’ve always seen white and gold except from when my friend took a photo of it on his laptop with his phone camera, then I saw black and blue clearly. I’m so confused. Does anyone have any scientist pals???

When I look back boy I must have been green
Bopping in the country, fishing in a stream
Looking for an answer trying to find a sign
Until I saw your city lights honey I was blind

They said get back honky cat
Better get back to the woods
Well I quit those days and my redneck ways
And oh the change is gonna do me good

You better get back honky cat
Living in the city ain’t where it’s at
It’s like trying to find gold in a silver mine
It’s like trying to drink whisky from a bottle of wine

(Elton John - Honky cat)