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└ Power of five connect in a powerful storm.

Cr: Tsunagu PV + Making of + JAL CM + MS Ultra FES 2017

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heey first of i just wanted to say that you're like literally my favorite blog no joke i love love your writing like i cannot stop smiling whenever im reading your stuff and as your friends to lovers thingy is one of my favorites i was wondering if you could do one with taehyung?? thaanks 💙

find: jin | jimin | namjoon | jungkook | yoongi 

  • you and taehyung have always been messes,,,,but cute messes together
  • you technically became friends in detention ,,,,,,
  • taehyung had been sitting at the back of the classroom with silly string all over his hair and shirt ,,,, he’d brought a can to school and accidentally sprayed himself and the gym teacher
  • and you,,,,well you had gotten into an argument that had ended in a food fight and there was probably still some cold cheese from a pizza that was flung at you in your hair
  • but,,,,,,with mutual understanding you and taehyung had just grinned and gone “that’s what you’re in here for? cool!”
  • the teacher who was supposed to be guarding you and making sure you were doing homework had flaked in the middle to go gossip in the hall so you and taehyung had moved closer discussing if it would be good to make a break for it or not
  • you thought maybe using the silly string as a distraction could work but also taehyung wasn’t looking to get expelled so you’d decided instead that peeking out the door till the teachers backs were both turned you two would dash down the hall for freedom
  • and you did,,,,,,,,you were just a tad slower and taehyung had grabbed your hand and pulled you along through the doors as the sound of the teacher drowned out behind you
  • after that,,,,you two became inseparable 
  • and sure it had a lot to do with you both loving practical jokes and being free-spirited but it also had to do with just,,,,,how you got each other without words
  • just looks and smiles and inside jokes,,,, and you never making fun of taehyung in anyway because no matter how people saw him 
  • taehyun is smart and caring and you knew that,,,just like he knew that about you
  • and growing up you guys got out of pranks and skipping class and just became more into going to live concerts late at night and staying up past 4 am to set of fireworks on the beach with other friends you’d made as you got older
  • and ,,,, it stayed nice and carefree but you were also adults now so,,,,you had to be there for each other not just for laughs but for serious things as well
  • and one day taehyung confides that he’d like to be a singer and you support him one hundred percent but before an audition he decides he wants to dye his hair to stand out
  • “what color are you thinking?”
  • “,,,,,,,you’re going to laugh but,,,,,,,orange”
  • you look at taehyung like are you being serious but you can see the twinkle in his eye and you’re like ok orange it is let’s make you into a walking flaming dorito
  • and it was ur first time,,,,bleaching and dying someones hair,,,,but taehyung for some reason trusted you
  • even though you were the two kids who thought itd be smart to throw water balloons over a huge spiked fence in highschool ,,,,, but hey friends trust friends,,,,,,,,right?
  • and so with paper towels everywhere  and you standing behind taehyung in your tiny bathroom,,,you managed to get him in an old t-shirt with gloves on your hands and spreading bleach over his hair
  • and every minute or so he’d whine that it stings and you’d be like suck it up kim we have another half your head to go
  • and taehyung would mumble that you should at least try to distract him and you would go do u want me to focus so i dont get bleach in ur eye or what
  • taehyung: point taken
  • and when you’d finally got him blonde,,,you could start on getting him orange
  • and tbh taehyung was like “you should dye your hair too,,,let’s be matching!” and you were like if i ever am feeling the baby carrot hair look ill tell u and taehyung rolls his eyes and ur like hey i can see u in the mirror dude
  • and he sticks his tongue out and ur like im holding the life of ur scalp in my hands do not test me
  • ,,,,,but when you were done,,,,, taehyung closing the door to wait before taking a shower you’d spread out on your couch tired of standing 
  • and half an hour later your friend walked out, after you hear the dryer turn of,,,,,,his orange hair as bright as possible,,,,,and you cannot help it
  • walking over and ruffling your hands through his hair
  • smiling and going “i did a good job,,,,its so cute!!” and somehow you cant stop yourself from adding “your hair is so soft too,,,,”
  • and taehyung,,, letting you run your hands through his hair,,,,brings his fingers up to wrap around your wrist and he gently pulls them so you look at him 
  • and,,,,,,even with a hair color not many can pull off,,,,,,you see how it falls into taehyungs eyes
  • makes your friends naturally gorgeous skin shine,,,,,,eyes slightly hooded and lips parted
  • and you are used to being this close to taehyung,,,,but in the quiet moment in your living room with his body so close to yours you can feel the warmth of his presence
  • your heart cant calm down 
  • and taehyung seems to feel it too,,,,,,u didn’t know just dying someones hair could mean getting so intimate but thinking on it 
  • the whole thing,,,,,seemed like such a couple thing to do,,,,the standing behind taehyung and fixing the back of his shirt so it wont get dirty,,,, wiping sweat from his forehead and stray dye,,,,giggling and joking and having taehyung threaten to tickle you if anything
  • like sure friends could do all of this too,,,,,but taehyungs grip on you ,,,, his eyes,,,,,,, something now was different
  • and just one more inch and you can feel his cheek brush yours,,,, the long bangs tickling you and then his lips,,,,,
  • settle just at the corner of your mouth,,, like the almighty funny and carefree taehyung is nervous to kiss his bestfriend on the lips
  • and when you pull back the two of you are silent but taehyung walks you back against the sofa and it’s like,,,,natural for you two to fall back in each others arms
  • your hand coming up again to run through his hair and taehyung whispers
  • “i think we’ve always been a couple,,,,neither of us just said anything,,,”
  • you nod,,, pressing a bit closer and going “but to be a singer,,, we’re gonna have to keep pretending it’s just friends”
  • taehyung leans down pressing his forehead to yours and grinning “well we’ve convinced everyone thats just what it is but for now - we’re alone and im going to kiss you some more”
  • “ok carrotcake kim”
  • “don’t spoil the moment” 

EDIT: Went back and changed her facial features and skin tone to better match the show! 

FINALLY finished Korra! Painting the elements was such a fun challenge.  I hope I got her skin tone close to how it is in the anime - that was also a tough challenge! I may go back and change it though depending on how I feel about it :/ 

chapter 3: I’ll take my chances // Shawn Mendes

Prologue: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/165826891058/6-minutes-left-prologue-shawn-mendes

Chapter 1: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/165861136790/chapter-1-youre-going-to-wish-wed-never-been

Chapter 2: https://welldamnshawn.tumblr.com/post/166035402061/chapter-2-why-did-you-come-here-shawn-mendes

Authors note: What do you guys think? Should Shawn still be a jerk to her or should he start to warm up to her? TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME

Recap: “I’ll see you next time.” He grins at me while I stare indifferently at him. “Y/n.”
I slammed the door. There was no way in hell that the arrogant man who was just in my room was my soulmate. Not unless someone stuffed something up.

“Mum?” I ask, looking up at her from my yogurt and granola breakfast. It was the morning after the visit from my soulmate- who I still didn’t know the name of.

“Yes Sweetie?” She turns to me from where she stands by the sink, washing the dishes.

“Is it possible that a match can be a mistake?” I bite my lip, awaiting her answer.

Her eyebrows scrunch in confusion. “Not at all, Y/n. Why do you ask that?” 

I push the oats around with my spoon, feeling disappointed. “I just saw a match the other day and they’re the complete opposite of each other. In any other world I think they wouldn’t have even spared each other a glance.”

She hums, thinking it over. “Sometimes the soulmate system is like that. We put people together who some may think would never work. Yes we take appearances into consideration, but it’s really about what’s on the inside.” She sends me a small smile. “We don’t just mix and match Y/n, you know that the matching officials spend months picking the perfect pairs. Occasionally we get soulmates where we wonder did we make the right decision or will they even work?”

“So there could be mistakes?” I ask hopefully, and she pauses, scanning my expression curiously.

“I wouldn’t bet on it Honey. We never make errors. The human race depends on the system too much for us to stuff things up.”

I nod absentmindedly. “What if one of them was hell-bent on never having a soulmate?” I ask quietly, feeling a weight on my chest.

“You’re asking a lot of unusual questions today. Are you feeling okay?” Mum asks, wiping the suds off her hands and walking over to me.

“Yeah, I guess I’m just nervous to meet my soulmate. What do I do if he doesn’t want me.” My voice is so quiet now and I fear that if I raise it, I’ll start crying.

“Honey, you can’t think like that. That is the worst case scenario that you’re thinking of.” She leans over the counter top of the breakfast bar to stroke a piece of hair behind my ear.

“If that does happen, here’s what you’re going to do.” She has a determined look in her eyes and I know that I’m in for a good pep talk.

“What am I going to do?” I grin at her and she holds my hands, keeping my gaze.

“You’re going to walk right up to your soulmate and say, “Its too bad that you don’t want me because I am the greatest girl you’re ever going to get! No one’s going to treat you the way I’do treat you and there’s no way in hell that you’d find a girl who would love you the way I’d love you.” I laugh, shaking my head at my Mum’s attempt to cheer me up.

“If that doesn’t work just slap a little sense into him.” She winks at me and I smile, shaking my head.

“You’re crazy Mum,” 

“Hey! We share the same DNA so you’re calling yourself crazy.” She scolds me and I get up, putting my bowl by the sink.

As I’m about to leave I say the one thing I know that will rile her up more than anything. Chucking a grin at her I call “People say I look more like Dad. Your genes are weak!”

I think a plate might have smashed.

A knocking on my door breaks my concentration from the book I was reading. I still, waiting to hear the sound again. More knocking persists and I feel my stomach flip. The sound wasn’t coming from my bedroom door, it was the one leading to my patio.

It was dark outside, my alarm clock reading 9:36.  I peel the covers off my body, goosebumps appearing on my bare legs, my sleep attire only consisting of a large t shirt and some pajama shorts. Creeping over to the door, I peek out of the curtains.

My soulmate stands on the other side of the glass, an unimpressed look on his face. He mouths something and I stare at him, confused. 

“What?” I say, pulling the curtains away. He points at the door and I smirk, finally understanding what he wants.

“You want to come inside?” I say smugly, placing my hands on my hips. He nods once, shoving his hands into his jean pockets and rocking back on his heels. Surprise, surprise, he was wearing all black again.

I wave good bye at him, and a look of shock appears on his face just as the curtain covers him. I grin as I walk back to my bed, feeling triumph as I was the one who got to walk away this time.

My doorknob rattles and I sit back on my bed, confident that in a few minutes he’d be gone. Once again, it looks like I’ve underestimated my soulmate.

The door opens, a chilly air brushing over my legs. My match slides through, his hair a ruffled mess atop his head.

“That wasn’t very nice of you Princess.” He grins, shutting the door behind him.

“I don’t want to know how you got in, again.” I tell him, picking my book back up to read, intent on ignoring his presence.

“I came all this way to see you and you’re just going to ignore me?” He pouts cheekily and I close my novel calmly. Getting back up, I prowl towards my match.

“So you finally come crawling back to your soulmate? Thought you didn’t want me?” I taunt, waiting for his reply of disinterest to hit me. My words seem to roll off him however.

“I don’t.” He states, yet for a second he looked unsure. I stare back at him, my mother’s words filling my mind.

“Listen here Match.” I spit, stepping closer to him. “Its too bad that you don’t want me because I am the greatest girl you will ever get.” He doesn’t say anything, just waits for me to continue. 

“You are missing out on the best thing that could ever happen to you. No one’s going to treat you the way I’d treat you and there’s no way in hell that you’d find a girl who would love you the way I’d love you.” 

It’s silent, and my cheeks heat in embarrassment from my outburst. He grips my chin softly, forcing me to meet his hazel eyes. He’s close enough that I could kiss him if I wanted to. I hold my breath waiting for his response.

Leaning close enough that our noses brush he whispers, “I’ll take my chances”, then he’s gone and I’m left standing there wondering what the heck just happened.

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Invisible, Chapter Six

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

word count: ~1550

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Plz do 11!

11. “Have you seen..oh.” these keep getting longer i’m sorry

Going back and forth from Harry’s flat to my house a couple of times a week often left me confused as to where my things were.

I would find textbooks for lectures on his coffee table when I thought it was on my bookshelf in my room, my best pair of jeans would end up in his wardrobe, and I had significantly less pairs of socks than I did before we got together.

But a lot of Harry’s belongings were making themselves quite at home in my house too. His hoodies from training lay in a pile on my chair at my desk, and his boots that he switched out for his trainers before he had to go to practice, were sat beside my door.

Neither of us ever made any attempt to organise our things though, just left them where they were. However, I didn’t mind that Harry sometimes left his shirts and hoodies lying around, they often got chosen over my own clothes; they were soft and smelled like him, so therefore they were automatically better than anything else I had in my wardrobe.

I’d been lounging around at his flat all day, keeping snuggled up in bed and binge watching shows on Netflix. The duvet and blankets, along with Harry’s own personal heat had been keeping me cosy, but I was getting a bit warm with my jumper on too. 

I moved Harry’s arm from where it was draped across my shoulder, and I chuckled as it flopped back down beside him as he was completely engrossed in the documentary we were watching. I pulled the hem of my jumper up and over my head, then tucked myself back up next to Harry.

We sat and cuddled as the hours passed, and I was very content to to just stay still and bask in his affections. He always had to be touching me, whether his arm was draped across my shoulders and his fingers were drawing patterns on my arm, or his lips were pressing delicate kisses to my forehead every so often, or even intertwining his legs with mine so his cold toes would tickle my feet.

“Erin, I was just thinking,” he muttered shuffling away from me slightly, “have you seen my..oh.” He trailed off, his eyes wide as he stared at me.

“What?” I asked.

“How long have you been wearing that?” He asked, pulling at the sleeve of my (his) shirt.

“Like two hours!” I cried, undeniably shocked that he obviously hadn’t looked at me in that long.


“That just proves how long you haven’t been paying attention to me.” I scolded playfully, a cheeky grin threatening to split across my features.

I watched on with bright eyes as he reached forward and closed the laptop that was still playing a show, and placed it on the floor beside the bed. His own eyes twinkled as he shuffled closer to me, and suddenly the emerald green colour was hidden behind his eyelids when he dropped his lips to mine a searing kiss. 

His hands found a home on my waist as they pushed aside the fabric of the shirt so he could feel my skin hot under his touch. My own fingers laced in his curls, and I gripped tight as I tried to pull him closer to me. He would never be close enough. 

When he finally pulled away I couldn’t take my eyes off him. His lips were bitten pink and swollen, I wondered if mine matched. I was happy to see that the twinkle hadn’t got lost behind his eyes, and was as bright as ever when I looked up to him.

“Was that enough attention?”

BTS’ Reaction To You Having A Panic Attack♡ (Requested)

 Warning: These are obviously going to include things like  anxiety/stress/depression and there is also a brief mention of abusive relationships so if you’re sensitive about those kind of things then please don’t read anything you’re not comfortable with, stay safe and ily :) 

Note: Also these are really long oops, i got carried away lol and its currently 5:04 am i stayed up all night writing these so they might be a lil rubbish but oh well 

Kim Seokjin

You had been feeling a lot of stress and anxiety lately as exams were coming up in your Uni/College, so Jin knew you were under pressure. And when you were under pressure, you would snap at people and get irritated a lot. Jin understood, but sometimes he couldn’t help but get a little annoyed. After you had snapped at Jin earlier because you were trying to focus on studying, he stormed out, leaving you alone in the living room and he went to the bedroom. After about half an hour of constant studying, just like what you had been doing for the past few weeks, you could feel your head getting sore as you slowly stopped focusing on doing actual work and started thinking about your future and how important these exams were, letting the pressure of it all actually sink in. You managed to convince yourself that you were going to fail every single one and let everyone down. As more of these thoughts poured into your head, you hands started to become clammy and you became very shaky. This was a foreign feeling to you as you were usually quite confident when it came to exams, but this time around you hadn’t had the best year which knocked your confidence down quite a bit in the meantime. So this new territory added to your fear and nerves. You decided to stand up and walk around the room to try and distract yourself, but as soon as you stood up your head swooned and you felt very dizzy. The whole room started spinning, adding even more to your fear making your eyes well up with tears. You were so nervous and scared because this had never happened to you before, so you did the first thing that came to your mind. You tried to steady your shaking body so that you could leave the room and find Jin, but nothing was working. You ended up slowly sitting your body down on the floor trying to make sure you didn’t loose your balance and fall. “Jin!” You shouted. There was an involuntary hint of panic in your voice, immediately grabbing Jin’s attention while he lay in the bedroom thinking about how much stress you were under was dangerous and he worried about you. He shot up from where he lay on the bed and walked quickly to the living room. He stood in the doorway in shock as he looked at your tear stained face and shaking body. He rushed over to you and kneeled down next to you. “Hey, hey Y/N what’s wrong. What happened? Are you hurt?” Jin’s eyes raked all over your body to see if you had been hurt. You shook your head and put your hand on your chest. “I can’t breath Jin. I’m so scared I don’t know what’s going on.” You tried your best to explain through your quick, sharp breathes. “Okay come on.” Jin took your hand and guided you up slowly, keeping his other hand on the small of your back. He took you into the bedroom and let you sit down on the edge of the bed. “Okay, I want you to hold my hand and only look at me. Don’t look at anything else don’t even think about anything else, okay? Can you do that for me?” Jin would ask as he sat in front of you and looked into your eyes, his thumb gently rubbing the back of your hand. You looked into his eyes and when you did a soft, comforting smile broke out onto his face. “Okay, now I want you to place your hand here,” He took your spare hand and held it over his heart. “And I want you to feel my heart beat and hear my breathing, and try to match them, okay?” You nodded and tried to block out the deafening sounds of your own heart beat as you closed your eyes. Once you got past that, your breathing started following Jin’s and you could feel his heart beat in the palm of your hands. You could still feel Jin’s hand in yours and you could slowly but surely feel yourself coming back to reality. Finally, when your breathing was back to normal and you weren’t shaking as much, you slowly opened your eyes to see that Jin’s hadn’t moved from yours. “Okay, are you feeling a little bit better?” Jin asked, taking your hand fro his heart and putting it together with your other hand. “Yeah, I am a little bit.” You nodded. Jin pulled you in to him and held you close. “I knew this was going to happen, you were so stressed. If you even feel an ounce of that panic or stress settling back in, you come straight to me okay? Don’t let that happen again, I hate seeing you like that babe.” Jin sighed into the crook of your neck. “I will, I promise.” You replied and you felt safe again in his arms.

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Min Yoongi

You had suffered with anxiety and depression well before you met Yoongi, and every time you had a panic attack it always ended with you passing out. The boys knew about your condition, but it didn’t show much compared to what you were like when you were first diagnosed, you were much better now. However you still had the odd ‘bad day’.You had had a few panic attacks since you met Yoongi, but he had never been there to witness one. The day that he did was a day just like any other at first. But to you, that day was a bad day. You were in the house alone today, as the boys were all at the studio working on some new stuff which just added to your sadness because usually the house was full of voices and laughter. Your head was playing all different kinds of tricks on you and putting thoughts in your head that you didn’t want there. You sat in your room where you had previously been drawing before you got distracted by your thoughts and started biting your nails, which you only ever did before a panic attack. It was a sort of coping mechanism. Sometimes it would get so bad that you would bite them so much a few of them would start to bleed. It got harder and harder to bite your nails from the amount of shaking your hands were doing. Your throat got extremely dry and your breathing started getting faster and more hitched breathes would make themselves known. Tears glided down your face; a few of them falling down your neck or accidentally escaping into your mouth. Your back faced the door and your front faced the window and your frightened eyes looked out of it. You almost jumped up to the ceiling when you heard your bedroom door open. When you turned around it was Yoongi peeking his blonde head in the crack of the door. “Hey, Y/N, I thought that we could-” Yoongi’s sentence was cut off when he saw the state of your face and your body. You saw the drop on his face as soon as he realised what was happening to you. You felt like you had disappointed him by being like this, but to him you could never. He knew perfectly well that this kind of thing would never be your fault and he never wanted you to think that it could be. He ran over to you, careful not to scare you, and gently held you in his warm arms. You felt a relief of sorts wash over you and you let out choked sobs that were muffled but your face in Yoongi’s shirt. “It’s okay Y/N. Let it all out. You know you can’t keep it in or you’ll have a panic attack.” Yoongi slowly rubbed your back and the back of you head. “I-I know, but I can’t h-help it.” You cried through your broken voice. “I know you can’t babe and I’ll never ever ever blame you for this. Just try not to hold it all in and talk to me. You don’t even have to tell me anything, you can just lay with me and cry if you want.” Yoongi chuckled the last part and you half heartedly joined him. He held you and helped you until your breathing went back to normal and you sobs stopped. He pulled away from you and leaned in, leaving a gentle kiss you you forehead. You were so thankful that someone was finally there to catch you from falling.

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Kim Namjoon

This year had been one of the worst for you. It hadn’t started off very good, with the death of one of your best friends since childhood. And everything after that just went downhill. You had dealt with it surprisingly well. Yes, you had shed tears and things but nothing drastic. That is until the day you had your first panic attack. You were lying in bed late at night, with Namjoon lying next to you. You looked at your digital clock at the lit up numbers read 2:38 am. You turned onto your back and stared at the ceiling. That’s when a whole montage of things raced through your mind of the bad things that had happened to you this year. From your best friend dying to your childhood home being sold to having to move to the city and adapt to the different changes in your life. They all seemed very easy at first; not a big deal, but because nothing in your life had changed too drastically it was all a bit of a shock. As you thought of everything and old memories flashed through your mind, you felt a heavy weight on your chest, restricting your from breathing. You tried to control it but once again, this was something in your life you weren’t in control of. You then felt tears flow out of your eyes and down your temples landing on the pillow your head lay on. You really tried not to move or breath to loudly in case you woke Namjoon up. But you really couldn’t help it when a choked sob escaped your mouth. Your shaky hands quickly covered your mouth in attempt to quiet yourself down, but you were too late. Namjoon rolled over from having his back to you to having his front facing you. “Y/N, babe are you okay?” Namjoon asked with a tired voice. It was pitch black in the room so he couldn’t see your face or anything. You really wanted to lie and say you were fine, but you didn’t trust your voice so you said nothing still laying there with your hands over your mouth. “Y/N?” Namjoon asked again before reaching over to his bedside table and switching on the lamp that sat on it. When he turned around and saw your face, you could actually see him fully wake up and become alert. He sat up and pulled you into him so that he could hold you close. “Y/N oh my God, what happened? What’s wrong?” Namjoon quickly cooed. You couldn’t help yourself but to completely break as you lay your head on his chest. The warmth that radiated off of him was enough to contribute to helping you calm down. “I was j-just thinking about e-everything, y’know. Everything that’s h-happened.” You stuttered as your sobs only just started to stop. You felt Namjoon sigh underneath you and then he helped you sit up so that he could properly look at you. “I know you’ve had a hell of a year Y/N and I know how much you hurt. But you can’t let these things set you back in life. Of course you should have as much time as you need to heal and accept but you cant let this consume you. And you really can’t hold this all in and expect yourself to deal with it all. You need to remember that I’m here all the time for you. 24/7. Wake me if you need to talk or even just cry. Call me, shout me. Whatever you need I’ll be here, forever.” Namjoon softly smiled and you smiled back. “Thank you, Namjoon. Thank you for helping me so much. You will never understand how thankful I am of you.” You said as you felt yourself start to well up again. Namjoon tutted, “Uh uh, no more tears. We’re gonna focus on making you feel happiness again, no more of the sadness and panic, deal?” He proposed. You wiped your eyes and nodded. “Deal.”

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Park Jimin

You and Jimin had been dating for a few months now, and you tried your hardest for your relationship to remain completely secret from the media. You, him and the boys had just been on vacation in Hawaii while they filmed something, but you made sure to stay behind the cameras. Jimin really cherished the privacy of yours and his relationship because even though he loved what he did for a living, he had to admit he did love his privacy as well. So when you arrived back in Seoul after your vacation to find hundreds of paparazzi waiting for the boys in the airport, you both basically shit yourselves. No one thought they would come to the airport for this because they usually only come when it’s the boys coming back from a place in the tour, not for things like this because they’re not supposed to know about it. When you got out and all the paparazzi came rushing over shoving cameras in your face, Jimin did what his instincts told him to do. He pulled you into him and gave you his hat to try and hide your face. There was even a few fans there too, shouting the boys’ names over and over again to try and grab their attention. But you could tell when everyone noticed you because the paps started asking “Jimin! Jimin! Who’s this woman you have around your arm?” and the fans started questioning who you were as well. You could almost feel the flash from the cameras burning into your skin, making you heat up and your heart rate speed up. You breathing became heavy and your vision was blurred and dizzied. When you all got out of the airport and you and Jimin escaped into the last car alone, you looked up at Jimin and burst into tears. He quickly came to your side and wrapped his arms around you and the car began to move. “Sshhh, Y/N, everything’s going to be okay. Come on calm down a little, breath in…and out.” Unfortunately, you had had a few panic attacks before with Jimin so he knew how to help you come back to reality. He helped you with your breathing and knew that stroking your hair helped too. The more your panic attack left your body, the more quiet you got. Once you were confident enough in your voice, you spoke to Jimin. “Jimin, do you think they got my face? Oh what does it even matter, they know that I was there they don’t need my face. What if they ask you in an interview? Oh God how did we not see this coming? Everything’s-” Jimin cut your rambling short by reassuring you that everything was going to be fine. “Hey, Y/N. Everything will be taken care of. They might know that there is someone else in my life but they will never know who you are. And if they ask in a interview I won’t answer the question, okay? None of us knew that they were going to be at the airport, it was a shock to everyone. As long as you don’t continue to worry about it. Okay?” Jimin said as he looked into your eyes. Even his eyes were capable of calming you down.

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Jung Hoseok

Usually if you were sad or feeling a little anxious, Hoseok would help you by making you laugh. It would work first try every time, but in events when you would have a panic attack he knew that simply making you laugh wasn’t going to work. A few years ago, before you met Hoseok, you had been in an abusive relationship. It wasn’t physical, he had never hit you or anything but it was always verbally and mentally. He would play mind tricks on you and threaten you. He never acted on those threats but you were still scared that one day he might. But now, even though you were out of that toxic, vile relationship and had Hoseok, it still had an effect on you. Sometimes when you and Hoseok would have a disagreement, it would remind you of all the times you and your ex would fight. First you would argue, then he would shout at you until you felt like you couldn’t breath anymore. You had never had a panic attack since then. One day, when you and Hoseok were having an argument about whether it would be best for you to go with him and the boys on tour or not, there was a point when he started to raise his voice, not with the intention to scare you or make you feel vulnerable at all, it was just because he was starting to get frustrated with the whole tour. He had no idea that that must have triggered something in you when he slightly shouted because slowly but surely your breaths became heavier, your palms became more clammy and you began to shake. When Hoseok looked at you instead of out the window, his expression changed from frustrated to worried and concerned in an instant. He started to walk over to but when your breathing got worse and you stepped back from him, he realised what was happening and he had never felt worse in his life. The worst thing he thought he could ever do in his whole life, was make the love of his life scared of him. And when the tears started streaming down your face, he wanted nothing more than to comfort you and help you but he knew he had to be careful about it as you were very sensitive, especially now. You never meant for this to happen, it’s like there was a trigger in your brain that happened every time something remotely similar to your old relationship happened. “Y/N, please don’t be scared of me. I just want to help you. I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to scare you I really didn’t. Please just let me help you, you’re worrying me.” You watched Hoseok’s sincere expression as he slowly walked towards you. You didn’t know what to do with yourself when you were like this, so you motioned for him to come forward. He came forward and looked at you in the eyes. “Y/N, look at me. Focus on me okay babe. Don’t think about anything else and just focus on me and your breathing. In and out, okay.” Hoseok held your shaky, cold hands as he helped you breath properly again. Once you calmed down, Hoseok hugged you tightly. “Y/N, I’m so sorry for making you feel that way I really am. Promise me you’ll never think of me to be like that scumbag who did those awful things to you.” Hoseok said in a muffled voice as his voice was hidden in your neck. “It’s okay babe, I would never think of you to be like him. I’m just still kind of sensitive but I’ll be fine don’t worry.” You reassured him. The two of you hugged each other, both wishing to never let things like that happen between you two ever again.

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Kim Taehyung

With Tae, he would be the best at distracting you from the problem. He would be used to it since you get these panic attacks quite a lot. There would never usually be a main problem though, it would a bunch of them all in one massive problem. That, and your panic disorder was genetic and sometimes you just had random panic attacks when you’re under stress. So when you were sitting in your bedroom, thinking about all the things that had to be done before you moved cities, you felt yourself falling in too deep into your thoughts. Then before you could even attempt to bring yourself back, you felt your breathing becoming more and more uneven and then you knew there was no going back. You had pills for this and tried to make your way through into the kitchen where they were before the light head-ness kicked in. Luckily you made it there just in time. When you got there, Tae was standing in the kitchen making you both ramen. You raked the cupboards for your pills but you couldn’t find them. “Tae, where a-are my pills.” You felt yourself getting worried at the fact that you couldn’t find your pills, making the first tears spill. Tae immediately made his way over to you and held both of your hands to make sure they didn’t go to your hair, since you used to rip it out due to anxiety. “You used the last of them two weeks ago babe.” Tae told you. Your eyebrows furrowed and you felt yourself get even more panicky because you didn’t have a safety net aka your pills. “Okay, before we do anything we need to get you to breath properly. Remember what we practiced.” You did as Taehyung said and practiced the breathing exercises you were told to do by your doctor if this ever happened when you didn’t have any pills left. It was really hard at first because there were still some fresh worries floating around in your head but the more your focused on your breathing the better it got. The exercise Taehyung was referring to was to imagine a balloon in your stomach filling with air when you breathed in and then deflating when you breathed out. When your breathing became somewhat normal you focused your eyes back to Tae who stood there with a comforting smile. “Right, so do you want to talk about it or was it another random.” He asked. “Just another random.” You replied with a hint of sadness in your eyes. “Tae, I feel really bad that you have to put up with these panic attacks all the time.” You explained. Tae just scoffed. “I don’t ‘put up with it’. I help you. And I love you. So I love helping you.” He smiled and leaned in to kiss you on the lips. You felt his lips against yours and you both smiled, breaking out into laughter. “I can tell something was bothering you, so I’m listening.” Taehyung said as he went back to the ramen. At some points, it was almost like he knew you better than you knew yourself.

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Jeon Jungkook

You and Jungkook had a very close relationship. You were both the youngest in your groups and you were both signed with the same company, so that’s kind of how you started talking in the first place. You were just starting out too, so Jungkook was kind of ‘guiding’ you in a way. Each day you both got closer and closer so that by this point you could talk to him about anything. One day, when you were alone in your dorm, you had been practicing non-stop. Singing, dancing, everything. You were a complete perfectionist and the most competitive. You had a habit of over working and no matter who told you to stop, you never would until you absolutely had to. Until one day, when you had been trying to get a certain dance choreo done to perfection. You started to get very frustrated with yourself before you burst into tears and fell to the ground. You were usually really good with picking up new choreo, but for some reason, this time it wasn’t working. You started to wonder things like maybe you’ve had your time, even though it was only short maybe it was time to quit. You hated that thought, but it came in to your head often. It usually ended in a mid life crisis but this time it was different. This time you felt like it was a panic attack and you had only ever experienced that once in your life. Thi one felt way more intense. These awful, self depreciating thoughts were finally enough to make you break. More and more tears began to spill from your eyes and you vision became blurred. You actually felt like your throat had closed up and you were going to die. The walls in the dorm were getting smaller and smaller. There was no one in the dorm so you reached for your phone and called the first person you could think of. “Hello?” You head Jungkook’s voice on the other end of the phone which made you feel relaxed but also made your heart speed up at the same time. 
“J-Jungkook? Listen, I-I need your help.” You stuttered through your ragged breathes. “Y/N? What happened, are you alright?” He asked you. “Please can you just c-come over, I don’t feel too well.” You said. You didn’t know how else to put it but you knew that it was getting harder and harder to breath. “I’m on my way, just stay at the dorm.” Then the line ended. You had never felt more alone in your life. Even though you knew he was coming over, it was like that didn’t have effect. Like that phone call was just a taste of someone else being with you. What felt like forever passed by before you heard the door open. “Y/N! Where are you?” You heard Jungkook’s voice echo through out the whole dorm. “Jungkook!” Was all you managed to choke out. You tried again to stop your hands from shaking so much before Jungkook came into view. He rushed over to you and kneeled before you. “Y/N, oh my God what happened to you. What’s wrong did someone get in here?” Jungkook started asking all of these questions. You shook your head, but didn’t trust you voice enough to speak yet. However Jungkook didn’t usher you to start talking, he let you take your time. Once you gathered up enough courage, you spoke. “I just…I just- I was practicing a-and I couldn’t get this o-one bit right and I thought about what if this is it and I couldn’t h-handle it and just broke.” You cried. You knew it probably didn’t make much sense to Jungkook but he nodded nevertheless. “It’s okay, Y/N. You just need to calm down first before we can talk.” Jungkook spoke. Jungkook stayed with you until you had settled. After you gathered your thoughts, you and Jungkook sat on your kitchen floor and he let you talk about everything that was bothering you; about how you thought that your time was up in this business and your annoying habit to have everything you do for your job be perfect. Jungkook then told you about what he was like when he first started, just like you. He then told you about his progress and how he got over it, it took him a while but he still did it. And he promised that you could too.

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Andrew’s pipe dreams are never as unattainable as he thinks (Andrew and Kids Part Five)


“I can’t believe you’re doing this to me,” says Andrew with a scowl on what had initially promised to be a lazy Friday morning, pulling on his shoes extra slowly out of spite. 

“Don’t be so melodramatic,” replies Neil, rolling his eyes. “It’s just lunch. They’ll have ice cream.”

Andrew gives him a flat look. “Neil, I’m thirty-three years old. Do you really think I can be persuaded to go somewhere because they’ll have ice cream?”

“Yes,” replies Neil simply. 

Andrew narrows his eyes, but goes to grab the car keys. “I’d better not regret this.”

“You once travelled five hundred miles with me because I promised you ice cream with unlimited sprinkles,” says Neil airily, tailing him to the door.

“No,” says Andrew firmly, turning to face him. “I travelled five hundred miles with you because it’s you.”

Neil’s entire being softens and Andrew can’t help but draw him close, leaning in to press a firm kiss to his upturned lips. Honesty has always been the foundation of their relationship, but sometimes he surprises himself with how much he can admit to Neil these days. 

“You didn’t regret it though, did you?” asks Neil quietly, face still a mere centimetre from Andrew’s own. “Meeting Clara and Willow?”

No, he really doesn’t. He hates to admit it, but Clara Boyd-Wilds had been the child who had set all of this in motion. The one who had first changed his mind about all kids being irritating brats. The one who had opened his eyes to a world of opportunities. The one who had inspired him to quit smoking.

“It’s just lunch,” repeats Neil softly, looking at Andrew with that expression he hates, and his heart feels both light and heavy as it jumps in his chest. 

“Let’s go,” says Andrew, opening the front door, and Neil follows without hesitation. 

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Jean holds it above their heads. “Say thank you first.”

“Piss off.” Eren’s brows knit together. “Give it to me!”

Thank you, Jean,” Jean mocks in a squeaky voice.

“I don’t sound like-” Eren stops short. His breath catches in his throat. Jean’s close. He can feel Jean’s breath fanning over his face, see every fleck of gold in his eyes. The source of his ache and torment for the last month is inches away. Eren’s face heats up.

Voila! I finally got around to finishing the commission for @gray-x-natsus-matching-hip-scars and the fic she wrote that you can find HERE!

Thank you for being so patient throughout everything happening on my end, between hurricanes and college! For that, I’ll try to throw in another Erejean drawing for you sometime soon…or maybe something else ;D I hope you’re pleased with how it turned out!

Watercolor-Chanyeol Soulmate AU

A/N Hey everyone! I decided to write a soulmate AU for each member and Chanyeol is the first one! I hope you like it. I put a lot of thought into this one and I’m really proud of how it turned out. Image credits are in the photos. We don’t own them. Thanks and I hope you enjoy- A

From the moment he turned 16, Chanyeol had been searching for his soulmate. When he was young, he watched his parents, and loved hearing the story of how they met. His eyes would always be drawn to the matching vibrant watercolor tattoos his parents had on their wrists, and he loved hearing the story of how that came to be.

When he was a boy he would gather round and listen to his father as he told the story of how his tattoo used to be colorless, and how one day, he bumped into a total stranger at a nearby coffeeshop, and it changed forever. His father depicted the story of how his tattoo changed little by little the closer he got to his soulmate. As he got close to the person he was meant to be with, color would appear behind the black part of his tattoo, and as he got closer to that person, the color would intensify. He watched intently as his father described in vast detail how when he met Chanyeol’s mother, his tattoo gradually went from a simple black saying to a saying with a vibrant watercolor pattern behind it. The same happened with his parents, and his grandparents, back the generations. When they found their soulmates, that’s how they knew.

On his 16th birthday, he woke up to a black tattoo sprawled across his forearm, a saying that was unfamiliar to him. He knew exactly why it was there, and he was bound and determined to find the person that was meant for him.

Years passed, and he still hadn’t come close to finding his soulmate. He was beginning to get disheartened, but he hadn’t given up hope. He was touring with EXO and traveling from country to country, spanning the globe in a few weeks time. He was having a particularly down day and the members took notice.

“Chanyeol, what’s wrong?” Sehun asks as he sits next to him on the stage at practice, placing an arm around his shoulders.

“I thought I’d find her by now. I seriously thought I would have at least come close, but I haven’t” He pouts, looking down at his tattoo.

“Aish Chanyeol, it’ll happen, you just have to give it time.” Sehun says as he squeezes his shoulders tightly before going back to his mark, getting ready for the next choreo set.

Chanyeol looked down and ran his finger along his tattoo, sighing deeply. He decided he’d let it go for now, and not worry about it too much. He got back into position and finished practicing with the rest of the members.

A few hours passed and he’s now backstage, getting dressed and getting hair and makeup touch ups before the show. He pushes his hair back from his face and looks in the mirror, and is incredibly surprised when he sees his tattoo in the reflection of the mirror. There were multiple splotches of different colors spanning the entire length of the tattoo where there was once blank space. He looked into the mirror, slack jawed, before rotating his arm to look at his tattoo.

His heart started racing slightly. His soulmate was here, at this show. Quickly, he runs to Sehun, screaming his name the whole way there.

“SEHUN SEHUN SEHUN LOOK!!! LOOK!!!” He shouts as he shows Sehun his forearm.

“Holy shit! Holy shit!! She’s here? What the hell? How are you going to find her in thousands of people?” Sehun asked, freaking out with Chanyeol.

“Oh my god. OH MY GOD HOW AM I GOING TO FIND HER” He says, panicking.

He thinks for a moment and finally decides to take a photo of his tattoo, texting it to staff.

‘I need you to send this to security, and I need you to find the person that has this tattoo. I need you to find them.’ He texted his manager.

His manager replied back in agreement and said he would get right on it.

You were nervous. This was your first EXO concert and you ended up coming alone after your friend got sick.

It was okay, you were fine with doing it, but you weren’t used to being in a strange city alone. You walked to the venue from your hotel, your hoodie held tightly around your face to protect yourself from the cold rain that was coming down.

You stood in line, chatting with a few fans and listening to music before being allowed into the venue. Once you got there you quickly found your seat and sat down, placing your belongings under it.

Time passed and the show began. You screamed at the top of your lungs during the opening number, and pretty much all of the songs after that as well. All of the boys looked amazing and you couldn’t believe you were finally getting to see them live.

You were standing at your spot, enjoying yourself when you noticed something on the screen. A tattoo almost identical to yours was plastered across the big screen, except it was colorful unlike yours. You hadn’t actually looked at your tattoo since before you left he hotel, so you thought nothing of it until you saw the tattoo on the screen.

You rolled up your sleeve and  sure enough, there was the same Black ink, the same wording, but this time, it was surrounded by incredibly vibrant, incredibly colorful watercolor splotches. The vibrancy and colors of yours were an exact match for the colors on that particular member’s arm.

‘What member does that arm belong to?’ You thought to yourself as you sat in your seat. Within moments the screen flashed and the next image was of all of the members together, sitting on the stage singing their acoustic set. You spotted the tattoo immediately once it panned back to all of the members.

“Chanyeol” You whispered under your breath.

You got up, still completely in shock, and headed down towards the lower section, just to see if you could get a better look. You were stopped abruptly by security who asked you for your ticket and denied access for you to venture down farther.

“Sorry miss, we’re just trying to do our jobs” the security guard said before noticing the tattoo on your forearm.

“Wait a minute. Can you stay here for a second? I need to check something.” He said as he pulled out his phone to look at the photo his boss sent.

“I’m going to have to ask you to go back to your seat just for the next twenty minutes or so, until the show is over, but as soon as it’s done I need you to please come find me again. There’s someone you need to meet.” He said, smiling politely at you as you returned to your seat.

The concert soon ended and you were escorted down to the front of the stage and were told to wait. You stood there quietly, your hands clasped together as you waited for the arena to clear.  

Your heart began to race when you heard footsteps coming from backstage. You weren’t completely surprised to see Chanyeol walk out, but something about seeing him up close made your heart skip a beat.

He dropped down off of the stage and walked to the spot where you were. You tried to speak but the words just weren’t forming like they should’ve been. Chanyeol looked at you and then looked down at your forearm, noticing your vibrantly colored tattoo. He got excited and smiled widely as he lifted his own arm up to show you his.

“We match” he said, chuckling as he tried to lighten the mood.

You stood there in awe of what was happening. You knew exactly what was going on but you were having a hard time wrapping your head around everything.

He looked at you for a response and signed deeply before placing your face in his hands. He brought his face close to you and rested his forehead against yours.

“I can’t believe after all this time I finally found you. I finally found my soulmate.” He whispered as he ran his thumb against your cheek.

He rubbed his nose against yours gently, trying to illicit a response from you without overstepping. You gently lifted your face and brushed your lips against his and he kissed you back, gently at first then with a bit more passion.

He stepped back and looked at you once more, still in complete awe that he found the person destined for him. He hugged you tightly and you stayed like that for what seemed like ages, your bodies relaxing into each other’s embrace.

LA Devotee: A Dean Winchester Imagine

So this is based on LA Devotee by Panic! At the Disco. I’ll probably do a Cas one based on one of their songs as well, as I’ve done a Sam one. Hope you guys like it, and enjoy x 

You got two black eyes from loving too hard
And a black car that matches your blackest soul
I wouldn’t change ya, oh
Wouldn’t ever try to make you leave, no

When Dean Winchester showed up at your door, it wasn’t exactly a welcome surprise. 

You were taken aback, not quite believing that it was him. Him with his green eyes, those intoxicating pools of emerald that you found yourself getting lost in more often than not, ones that reminded you of nights you had spent together in the back of that ‘67 Chevy Impala, one you noticed that was parked behind him. 

”Hi Sweetheart.”

The pet name tickled at your senses, goosebumps rising along your skin, the way they would whenever he touched you with those calloused hands. 

”Why are you here?”

He’d been gone for a couple of years. Left with his younger brother. 

Family business, he’d said, right before he kissed you goodbye.

Oh, the neon coast was your sign
And the Midwest wind with Pisces rising
I wouldn’t change ya, oh
Wouldn’t ever try to make you leave, no

You used to drive everywhere with him, stopping at random motels for nights better spent behind closed doors. 

Dean tugged you along, his fingers laced with yours, heading towards the room you had booked.  

Laughter filled the corridors as you were pulled into the room by the man you loved, you then smiled as you kicked the door shut behind you. 

“So what do you wanna do now Y/N?” he asked, hands on either side of your head, trapping you against that dusty old door. 

“I have a few ideas.”

Your hands became tangled in his hair, gripping the peaks of it as he kissed you, fires burning in your stomach. 

Heat spread to every fiber of your being as Dean’s tongue danced with yours, his hands moving under your thighs and picking you up. 

Laughter graced the room again as you landed on the bed, Dean crawling over you with predatory lust in those iridescent eyes. You grabbed hold of his shirt pulling his face to yours. 

“I love you.”

“I know.”

Static palms melt your vibe
Midnight whisperings

Your relationship with Dean was so much more than sex. Of course, the sex was great. But there were also the little moments, ones that seemed so much more intimate than anything else. 

“What are you thinking about?

Dean’s hand stroked your hair, your head placed against his chest. 

“Your tattoo.”

He kissed the top of your head, a small token of his affection that earned you nuzzling your nose into his skin. 

“What about it?”

“What does it mean?”

He had never told you what the black ink meant. You had traced, kissed, worshiped it so many times, but you had never understood it. You found it to be beautiful and mysterious, just like the man you shared your bed with. 

Dean’s hand moved from stroking your hair to your arm, leaving those familiar goosebumps in his wake. 

“It’s a family thing.”

Everything was a family thing. 

The black magic of Mulholland Drive
Swimming pools under desert skies
Drinking white wine in the blushing light
Just another LA Devotee

There were times you wished for a classier life. Driving across the country in an old car wasn’t exactly what you had imagined when you left college. 

Then again, you hadn’t imagined spending nights in the arms of a man like Dean Winchester. 

You had told him this, and one night he had decided to surprise you.

Dress up nice, Sweetheart, he’d said.

It had been a night under the stars, one with wine and music. 

And then came the phone call. 

You sat there, watching the emotions across Dean’s face change continuously, a frown settling when he finally hung up. 

That’s when you knew. You knew that this was over.

Sunsets on the evil eye
Invisible to the Hollywood shrine
Always on the hunt for a little more time
Just another LA Devotee

And now here he was, at your door.

“Why are you here?”

“I needed to see you.”

He looked at you, his eyes raking up and down your body, before matching your own. His eyes, they always got to you. 

“I suppose you’d better come in then.”

He followed you, closing the door behind him, as you mentally prepared yourself for the conversation you were about to have. 

You didn’t see those pools of emerald turn to black.


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First line prompt: "Mulder, I've told you before - I'm not doing that without some *serious* persuasion first - or a stiff drink."

“Mulder, I’ve told you before: I’m not doing that without some serious persuasion first… or a stiff drink.“  Scully stands immovable, arms tightly crossed, in the secluded corner of the Gunmen’s lair into which Mulder had led her, moments ago.  He looms over her now, invading her space, trying to sway her with his puppy-dog expression.

“Please, Scully?” he begs.  “It’s not anything I haven’t seen before.”

“That was different, Mulder,” she hisses. “That was a life-or-death situation. You didn’t have time to really look.”

“Maybe not right at that moment,” Mulder says, “but don’t forget….”  He taps the side of his head. “Eidetic memory, Scully.  Trust me, I’ve had plenty of time to appreciate the view in the time since Antarctica.”  Scully narrows her eyes dangerously.

“Even if you’ve seen it,” she counters, “none of these people have.”  She waves her arm in a sweeping gesture at the crowded room behind Mulder, where the Lone Gunmen’s party is in full swing.

“Mulder, get your ass back over here!” yells Frohike from across the room.  He and Langly stand at the far end of the ridiculously high-tech light-up beer pong table the boys had constructed for the event.  At the closer end, Byers waits nervously for Mulder to rejoin him.

“Scully, I’m begging you,” Mulder pleads.  “Byers and I have never beaten Frohike and Langly before.  We’re so close.”

“Mulder, no.”

“I’ve got five hundred dollars riding on this game. Come on, Scully.  I’ll cut you in.”  Scully bites her lower lip, mulling this over.

“Fifty-fifty?” she asks.  Mulder scoffs.

“For helping with the final shot of a three-match tournament?  I don’t think so.”

“Then forget about it,” Scully says, and tries leave their secluded corner to rejoin the party.  Mulder drops his arm as she’s ducking under it, catching her around the waist.

“Okay, fine,” he hisses in her ear. “Fifty-fifty.”  Scully looks at him intently a moment longer; then, she nods decisively.

“Done,” she says, and together, they join Byers at the beer pong table.  Frohike laughs as Scully positions herself between Mulder and Byers.

“Is she supposed to be your good-luck charm?” he asks.  “Sorry, boys, lovely though she may be, it’s gonna take more than luck to make me miss this shot.”  He pushes Langly aside to give himself more room to maneuver, and lifts the ping pong ball in his right hand, closing one eye and squinting at the array of cups on the opposite end of the table.  He aims once… twice… and as he brings his wrist forward for the third time, less than a second before he releases the ball, Scully grabs the hem of her tank top and yanks it upwards.

Frohike’s eyes go saucer-wide behind his glasses, and his arm stutters in its arc.  The ping pong ball sails clean over Scully’s shoulder, and Mulder and Byers burst into cheers on either side of her, high fiving each other over her head.  Mulder picks up Scully in a tight hug and whirls her around.

“No fair!” protests Langly.  

“You agreed on the rules, guys,” says Mulder. “No holds barred on distractions, as long as the other team doesn’t touch the table or anything on it.” Langly looks down to his teammate, waiting for Frohike to come to his aid… but Frohike is smiling dazedly across the table at Scully.

“Let it go, man,” he says with a happy sigh. “Either way, I feel like I won.”

The Young Buck Stare

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Matt Jackson x Reader for @kayfaberollins

Request: Reader is a part of bullet club and her and matt have been dating for a long time and they just kick ass together, idc about a plot really, there just isn’t enough young bucks fics in the world

Being the baby sister of Dalton Castle had its perks. One of them was being introduced to wrestling at a very young age. I was fascinated by not only the physical aspect of it but as well as the dramatics. When Dalton took me to one of his shows I was instantly hooked and knew that I wanted to be a part of this beautiful profession. Being an amazing big brother that Dalton is he took me to every one of his shows in order for me to learn about the business. I was seeing the highs and lows but never thought twice about not wanting to experience it for my own.

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Just friends ~ Part two

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A/N ~ I am currently unable to handle all the feels you guys gave me from countless Seung hyun pics so here I am to torture you as pay back.

Theme ~ Best friends

Pairing ~ Choi Seung hyun x Reader

Featuring ~ Bigbang

Rated ~ Angst/Fluff

Series Masterlist

“Come on guys, I told her we would be there at seven to pick her up” Seung hyun nagged at the four men that were sat around the kitchen drinking coffee trying to wake up, they had stayed the night at his place so they could head out early.

“Calm down hyung, it will be fine. Besides I’m sure she is probably doing the same, we all know what she’s like, she would have sat up all night working on those articles” Jiyong replied in a groggy voice as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“What’s with you anyway, you’re always late for everything but suddenly you have to be on time….” Daesung questioned with a small smile.

“Nothing….. I’m going to go finish packing the car, be ready in five minutes” Seung hyun replied in a huff as he left the room.

“Man he’s got it bad” Taeyang said before taking a sip of his coffee.

“Fifty bucks says he finally makes a move this weekend” Seungri practically shouted with a smug look.

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How about Dan & the reader, who had been on several dates already, finally having the "so...what are we?" talk

A/N: Thank you so much for the prompt, lovely ! ♡ This was a very fun and open request to fill, and there were a lot of different ways I could have gone with how the reader and Dan react to the question and conversation. With that, though, I’m pretty happy with how it ended up going. and I hope you liked it too. Heart you !


Unlocking the door to your apartment, giggly off the champagne and a little unstable in high heels, you stepped inside, a thin arm wrapped around your waist. Attached to that arm was your current date for the night, Dan, hair fluffy around his face and pink in the cheeks, warm no doubt because of the blazer he was adorning and from the party you two attended.
It wasn’t often you did business mixers, but the one you got the invite to had free food and allowed you to bring a plus-one, and you thought dressing up in business formal attire and wearing high heels for the night would be a fun little change of pace. Normally, the dates you had with Dan consisted of pizza and movie nights, semi-fancy restaurants, and a sleepover (only that one time). He played videogames for a living; formal wasn’t necessarily his thing. But he did well in the atmosphere of the evening, keeping an even conversation with whoever pulled him aside.

It was long past your third date, long past the first time you two kissed and held hands and got close, but there was something different about the way he held onto you when you took off your heels this time. The grip around you waist was a little lighter, a little less there than it normally was. “Hold on,” you murmured, finally getting the other one off, leaning heavily on him, which made him shift, but keep the same sort of grip. “Don’t worry, I got’cha,” he reassured, matching your murmur, close enough to where you could smell in mint on his breath.
Once fully and flat on the ground, you looked over to him, who wasn’t trying to catch your eye, but studying your features. It looked like he was debating internally, trying to see if he could get the nerve to ask you something. “Danny, what’s up?” Your voice hadn’t raised, the gentlest of slurs in your tone. The champagne was hitting harder than you thought. “You look kinda… Confused. Or worried. Or like you’ve got gas.” An eyebrow raised - from both of you - at that. “Nah, I’m okay. Just thinkin’.” With that, he slowly unwound from your waist, and he began undressing as he walked back into the room.
His tie was over his head when you followed, asking happily, “What’cha thinkin’ about?” This was always how you got when you were tipsy - bubblegum sweet and bouncy until the drinks hit too hard and you were on the floor before you could comprehend what was going on. “You,” you heard him reply, and that made you all warm (well, that and seeing his arms moving down his front, meaning he was unbuttoning his shirt, and that was a nice mental image for your buzzed head to linger on). “What about me?” you drawled, scooting closer, smile overflowing on your features. There was a shrug. You deflated. Was that how it was going to go tonight?
“You know you can talk to me, right?” Even though there was a bit of drink in your voice, you were sobering up quick. You always wanted to get in that head of his; he was so quiet with his emotions sometimes. “Yeah, of course,” he replied earnestly, looking over his shoulder at you. That’s when his eyes caught yours. There was a long pause, just the two of you looking at each other, and then he finally turned to face you. He’d only gotten down two buttons, his chest hair just peeking out of his collar, and his face was smeared with emotion. “Dan…?”

Another pause, then a soft sigh. “Can I ask you something?” he asked, no longer looking into your eyes. “Always,” you responded easily. What was happening?
Was he trying to break up? The thought sent a shock of panic through you. “We’ve been on a couple dates now. Well, more than a couple dates…” He huffed out a single-note laugh, soft and paired with a little shake of his head. “Yeah?” You didn’t like where your brain was taking this. “And they’ve been amazing, and you’re incredible, and I just…” The pink was crossing his cheeks like a shooting star, and your eyebrows raised. Wait-
“What are we?”
You blinked. “What are we?” Oh. Well, you’d give him points for proper building of suspense. “Yeah, I mean, we’ve been on dates, hold hands, slept together, in both ways, and I just - I mean, I’d really like to call you my - Y’know, get all mushy and romantic and -” With another huff of breath, he laughed a bit. “This was a lot easier in my head.” You couldn’t help but laugh a bit too. “Are you drunk?” you asked, just a reflex, because you were still a little foggy in the head. “Dead ass sober.” You smiled wide, your head going back to what was saying just a moment ago. I’d really like to call you my…
“You want to be my boyfriend?” There, now it was out there, and he didn’t have to try and stumble through it. Going pink again, he murmured, “Yeah. I do.” A beat. “Please.” It wasn’t desperate, but oh man, the tone that he used made your insides melt. “I mean, only if you want me to be. I think I’m a pretty decent guy, and I can be a great boyfriend. I haven’t been in a real relationship in a while but-”
He went quiet.
As you closed the distance, you begun to giggle. Falling for him had been a quick process, honestly, but you had been really good at hiding it, it seemed. All you’d done in the past few months is think about him, his hands, his smile, his lips, his laugh, him. “Dan, you’re - You’re amazing. And you’re going to make the best boyfriend ever.” It didn’t take more than a second for him to realize that was your yes, and he broke into a grin. With a quick flourish, he encompassed you in his arms and begun laughing too.
Burying your head in his shoulder while your giggles developed into full-blown laughter, you know you couldn’t promise him you were going to be the greatest girlfriend. Yet, he wanted to make you do everything you could to be the best.

Finally! It’s done!

I’m so very sorry it took me SO long, but i wasn’t constantly working on the sculpture, also i had to order stuff to continue, which also took some days here and there. I’ve tried out techniques and made myself familiar with acrylics before i could even begin with colouring the sculpture. Also there is that annoying distraction that’s called life.

About the sculpture, well colouring it was adventurous! First i’ve used the wrong type of paint, which took some days to remove (especially from the nooks and crannies). Then there were distractions and inbetween i was colouring it. It took many layers of paint to cover the sculpey, but in the end it worked. Here is what i was working with:

24 different acrylic colours, a (very overkill huge) bottle of white glossy acrylic paint for just the eyes, gloss and silky mat varnish and more brushes than anybody would need. ever.

I had difficulties matching the colour on my first attempt (came out too red-orange), but luckily it was just the first few layers. After i’ve familiarised with the acrylic paint i finally got the colours to match (or atleast got it very close to the original).

The spots and stripes were challenging, had to eyeball them and did some mistakes, but could correct them.

The thing i was afraid of most were the eyes! It took me very long to even get over myself and color them… I didn’t use brushes or acrylics for them, but sharpies! Worked incredibly well! You just have to be extra careful with the glossy varnish, because they slightly bleed into it.

Long text is long, how about some pictures? I know you’ve been waiting for them. :)

Fur is coated with mat varnish, claws, eyes and nose got a gloss varnish.

Honestly tho, now after looking at the detailed shots, i noticed the varnish bubbled alot… ugh… teeny tiny bubbles everywhere. Any idea of how to avoid that?

I’m extra proud of how the whiskers turned out, love ‘em :D

Sam x Reader: More Than Friends

You and Sam have been friends for the longest time, you’ve known the Holland’s for the majority of your life. Both your family and the Holland’s were very close to each other because your mothers were best friends back in highschool and continued that friendship after the school days. But the moment you turned six and five year old Sam placed a big kiss on your cheek, you began to feel absolutely smitten with Sam Anthony Holland.

And everybody around you two knew of this crush. . .except him.

“You’re staring again. . .” You rolled your eyes at the sound of a certain someone’s voice. “Why don’t you just tell him?”

“You know why I can’t just spit it out.” You sighed and looked down at your hands, chipping off the (Y/F/C) nail polish. “And besides, Sam isn’t the type to date a girl, he focuses on school more than anything.”

“Funny, all I hear are excuses.” He chuckled and sat down next to you. Your eyesight trailed back to Sam practicing his golf strokes.

“Shut up, Thomas.” You huffed with annoyance and nudged his shoulder.

“Ive never seen him take interest in other girls because he only has eyes for you.” He spoke with an obvious tone, but you shushed him before Sam could hear the words being exchanged between the both of you.

“Alright, let’s go home, I’m exhausted.” Sam yawned while packing up his golf clubs. You didn’t notice you’ve been here since three this afternoon, it was now close to six. “What were you two talking about?” He asked as you and Tom stood up and began to walk out of the golf site.

Nothing.” You both said in unison, which resulted in Sam sending you both sketchy looks. But he shook it off and hopped in the car after setting his equipment in the trunk. You sat in the passenger’s seat as Tom started the vehicle and backed out of the small parking lot. The car ride was silent besides the AC and the hum of the engine. Gladly, it wasn’t an awkward silence, but you didn’t want silence at the moment. “How was that study date with that girl Margo?” Why the hell did you just ask that question? Stupid!

“Absolutely dreadful, she didnt even focus on the review, all she did was ask me stupid questions and try to hit on Harry every single time he walked into the room. Honestly, I had to ask her to leave so I could work on my homework in peace and quiet.” He sighed and slumped in his seat. “You’re so smart, you didn’t even need the review, I’m pretty sure I screwed up on the last three problems.”

“Shut up, I’m sure you aced the test.” You rolled your eyes and unlocked your seatbelt as Tom parked in the driveway. You opened your door and stepped out before following Tom to the door. All three of you walked through the doorway, Tom left upstairs into his room and Sam and you made it to the movie den. You plopped down on the main sofa and blushed when Sam fell right beside you while placing an arm around your shoulders.

“Eww, you’re sweaty.” You tried to play it off and make an excuse as you gently pushed him away from you.

“Come ‘ere.” He smiled and jumped forth to wrap you in a hug. You squealed with surprise and tried to escape his grasp, but he steadied your body and straddled your waist while holding your wrists. “Got you right where I want you.” He smirked down at me.

“What the-. . .?” Harry rose an eyebrow as he walked into the den. His mouth opened and closed as he moved his hands in a backing out motion while trying to form words. He finally just huffed in exasperation. “I’m going to go. . .” Harry backed out of the den.

Sam looked down at you with red cheeks that matched yours. After a good two minutes, he scrambled to get off of you. You both sat with stomachs raging with zoos of butterflies and lions mixed together. But niether of you knew how the other was feeling. Should you do it? If you don’t say it now, you don’t think you ever will…

Do it. . .

Do it, you coward. . .

Come on. . .

Just three simple words. . .


Time seemed to stop.

Why the hell did you just say that out loud?

Was it because of how cute he looked in this moment?

With his eyes looking anywhere but you.

Or his curly hair that you so badly wanted to run your fingers through.

Or maybe it was the smile he wore so brilliantly?


That was definitely it. . .

“I’m sorry, it just came out. Forget about it, I’ll be in my way back hom-” You began to stand up and tried to hurry past him, but he rushed to grab your waist and yanked you back down. It was a good sign that he had a large smile on his face while looking down at you.

“I can’t believe you said it before me, damn it.” He shook his head with a laugh. “I really like you, (Y/N). You just wait, I’m going to be the first one to say I love you.

“I love you.” You laughed jokingly and watched as he groaned at your words.