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Reaction to their GF being good at/loving games

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Wouldn’t believe you when told him that you loved playing video games and that you were the best player among your friends. So when you two finally get to go head to head in Overwatch and you end up destroying him, he would be blown away by your skills.


Knew how much you loved games because you it was all you ever talked about, but when he finally watch a game of LoL of yours on twitch. He was speechless, needless to say, he was proud AF to have such a S/O that was good at games. Mostly because you were now his secret weapon whenever the boys wanted to play. *Jeonghan’s happy dance lol*


Would be proud AF when he watched you defeat Dark Souls for the second time in a row. He loved that fact that you loved and played video games. Not only was it a great way to spend time together but also he just loved watching you play.


When Jun asked if you wanted to play Team Fortress 2 he didn’t think anything of it, until you beated him. Over and over and over again. He didn’t think that you liked games or that you were any good at them until then. He was wrong.


You would be in a CoD match against Woozi and when Hoshi saw you straight up beat Woozi without dying once, he would be so shocked and happy. Finally there was someone who could beat him. He would be proud of you.


He would know that you loved games and that you played so well that you could beat practically anyone. Nonetheless he would still be surprised every time he watch you play, only because he was genuinely, shocked at how good you were.


This boy taught you everything you know about games. He just didn’t realized how much you actually loved playing them. Not until you two head to head in a game of Halo and he lost, badly. He would be proud of you but more disappointed he lost. He obviously needed to practice more.


Would be so surprised in how much you love games and how well you played. He would be in awe as he watched you defeat Dead island, along with getting every achievement there is.


Would be dumbfounded as he watched you defeat every level, thus getting the highest score on Pac Man. He knew you were good at games and how much you loved them but didn’t think it also involved games that were older than you.


Would be taken back by your level of skills on WoW. He never knew how well you played at games or how much you loved them. He certainly didn’t think you would have a Lvl. 90 Draenei Hunter.


He would be proud as hell when he saw how well you played at Borderlands. He would remember that at one point you told him about your love of games. Only then he realized how much.


You two played games all the time, so he was familiar with how well you were when it came to playing them. That is until, won against Scoups in a match of Smite. He and Josh jumped in celebration when you destroyed Scoups’ titan.


He didn’t know a thing when it came to you and your games. So when he finally watched you play Final Fantasy 7 he didn’t know what to expect.

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i just finished the christmas adventure on phil's channel from 2009, i clicked on all the links for the presents and i found some pretty interesting videos lol but overall it took me about an hour or so what am i doing with my life

Omg hahahah i remember when Phil said that his dad played the christmas adventure and the final one was like, the one they say like its their sextape HAHAH how awkw that might have been tbh

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I'm glad they pick Warriors by Imagine Dragons for wonder woman final movie trailer. The only time I heard of the song was when I looked for Imagine Dragons songs on youtube a long time ago and I somehow found this song. It was memorable for me because I didn't expect that the song was made for a soundtrack of a video game event in 2014 lol. What a badass song choice, though.

I liked it too.

I saw:

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children- Have you ever played the game Final Fantasy VII? If not I would have a tough time summerizing this animated sequel. My mother, who never had played it, sighed a few times and said she found it a bit boring because all they did was fight. Video game fighting where the reality of what endurance or physical feats a human body can manage don’t exist in the slightest. So if you aren’t invested at all in either the characters or the narrative concepts then it becomes a meaningless blur  of leaping, bashing and crashing.

I, on the other hand, DID play the game. I never play games any more, amd this is part of the reason. See, once upon a time, when my brother was in college, when we visited him he gave me a chance to play his then favorite game. I was hooked instantly and he noticed. Back then he hadn’t yet decided to hate me for my failure to live up to his expectations, and so for Christmas he gave me a second hand gaming system and the two games I’d played on visits: Final Fantasy VII and Spyro. This proved disasterous.

You see, up until then I had never gotten to play games without my brother hogging the systems. Starting with that Pong like game that hooked to the tv, to the Atari 2600, and far beyond I’d had to share with a super aggresive player. To play with him was to play with someone that managed to be both a poor loser AND winner. And whenever anyone proved better at him with a game he’d refuse to ever play it again. Playing alone wasn’t really an option because he was always playing something.

And now I had my own system AND two games I enjoyed. Little did I know the dark side of me it would unleash. I started playing. And playing. 

“I’ll stop in a minute.” I’d say, and hours later I’d be still playing. 

“Yeah, I’ll go to bed soon.” I’d say an watch the sun rise. 

I would sit there in play ignoring sleep and food, obsessed. My fingers hurt, really hurt, and creaked when I moved them, but I kept playing. 

I hated myself. 

Really, I loved the games but hated what I did to myself.  I had sooooo much I needed to be doing. That I wanted to be doing. I should have been working, helping out Pop in the shop. I wasn’t making anything or learning anything. I had nothing to show for it at the end of the day. If the day ended with my unstoppable playing.

I played both games through, and after I’d won them I hunted down all the hidden areas and so on. I wanted to explore everything, even if it killed me I guess! LOL

In short, I was an addict.

I know, people make light of the idea of video game addiction, but really what else can you call it? I was neglecting everything else in my life including my health. I enjoyed every second, until I stopped when instantly guilt, self loathing and shame would kick in. I’d promise myself I’d skip a day or two, but I wouldn’t. I insist that this time I really would stop after an hour or two tops, but I didn’t. Uncontrollable desire to do something to the point of damaging your life, an inability to stop, and nothing positive to show for it. No, this was a serious problem.

I solved it by packing up the game system at my parent’s house and storing the game itself at the house at the shop. Thank you physical media for making that possible! With modern downloadable games….well, I’d hate to imagine how that would end. I went cold turkey.

My brother never forgave me for it. He was outraged. He would not accept I had a problem and this my only solution. He thought I was criticizing him, even though I insisted I did NOT mean it that way. He could play however he wanted, but I couldn’t. He would remain like this, like a person trying to insist an alcoholic had a drink with them and get offended no matter how politely you refuse. I eventually made the rule I could play when visiting him, but never, ever alone. 

I played the first two Bioshock games that way, and though the addiction was in effect. Once he would turn it on and hand me the controller, I would end up not going out and helping with things where I was needed, sitting there until time to go home, begging for a few more minutes that would turn into an hour until Mom would get angry since we did have a 2 ½ hr drive ahead. 

He nearly had me on dangerous ground with World of Warcraft, cleverly trying to hook me (which was easy) and manipulate me so I would be part of his group. He even was offering to buy me a computer because mine was too antiquated to run the game. But he made one crucial error. After laying the ground work over a couple of months and getting me completely obsessed he had me do a trial run as part of his party….


Just, no.

He wanted me to be there because neither he nor his wife’s characters could learn the skills involving leather working. I was to merely to follow (”Just type this and you automatically follow” ), skin things, carry things, make things…but not really play! I wasn’t to explore. I wasn’t to fight. I wasn’t to have fun! I mean what is the point of a game if you don’t have to figure things out? None.

So I couldn’t play World of Warcraft with them, because it was a miserable experience, I couldn’t go back to playing it alone at their house because they would have had a fit I wasn’t playing it with them.  I couldn’t play at home because my tech couldn’t handle it. I was cured! LOL

And so that has been that. I am not a gamer because I can’t without that addiction returning. Since my brother tossed me from his house in the double whammy of the “Wallace and Grommit incident” followed by the “photographing our  parents debacle” I have not had a place I could play without it taking over my life.  And the knowlege of my potential to addictioj all began with Final Fantasy VII.

I do actually still love that game, though I have not played it once since I made the break all those years ago. My ongoing affection for the characters made the movie more enjoyable for me than Mom. She did have one advantage in that she didn’t have to adjust to the very different artistic style, cartoony going sort of realistic and the color palette being so darn muted and grey. But I, on the other hand, could enjoy the way Cloud was still dealing two years out with the emotional fallout from the game story. Still, the movie is a bit like watching someone else play a game with all those, YAWN, fight scenes. I never have liked watching someone else play, finding it boring. So in the end the movie is an interesting novelty for fans of the game, but not really a satisfying movie by itself. 

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I can't believe the Roundtable have found the new plots of Season 5, i wonder who will be this new allies Steven get to know, and the fact that we finally see Stars for the first time.

I wouldn’t give all the credit to the Roundtable, as the list of plots was leaked online before they made a video about it lol

Still extremely excited about the entire hour of episodes but I’m mostly excited about these off colors/new allies! I’m wondering who they will be as well. Who could they be? The suspense is honestly killing me lol

Also Lars’ Head is 100% gonna be about their fusion, “Stars” and nothing can convince me otherwise lol

Felt like absolute SHIT today; i really dislike when good days just turn upside down in an instant ugh.

I decided to watch KKHH after YEAAAARSSSSS on Friday and only got to the half mark (errands calling). As a young child, KKHH was my movie- of course, i didnt really understand it then; i just loved the songs and colors (almost more than half of my childhood home videos are of me dancing along to KKHH album lol).

Anyways, i finally got to finish the second half tonight and just… i’ve found new appreciation for the film. One, i have a more “matured” comprehension of it now as opposed to my childhood comprehension of the film which was more like “best friends in great songs and they get married in the end” (lol). You know when you don’t watch something for a really long time- you like the film, just dont get to watch it, and then you rewatch it finally and pick up on major details? It’s like that. I picked up on tiny tiny tiny details, I understood the chemistry (KAJOL AND SRK IN THIS IS LOVE, BEST) and most importantly-I cried like a BABY so many times.

Post leap Rahul Anjali are love- you can see how HAPPY each of them are to see their BEST friend after SO long, it’s like they’ve finally found peace. Their confusion, their insides jokes, Rahul laughing and asking what Anjali wished for though they both just lied saying they didn’t believe in shooting stars anymore, THE LAAL DUPATTA SCENE WHEN ANJALI LEAVES SUMMER CAMP (oh my HEART ASDFGHJKL). ANJALI AND MINI ANJALI ARE SO CUTE- that scene when Anjali consoles mini Anjali and Rahul watches over- GOD I UGLY CRIED. AND THEN AMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED HOW THROUGH OUT THE FILM HE’S WONDERING IF ANJALI LOVES HIM BACK AND HE ENDED WITH, “FINALLY I CAN SEE THELOVE IN YOUR EYES AS I HAVE IN MINE FOR YOU, ALAS IT’S JUST NOT FOR ME” !!!!!!!! there’s so many symbolisms/parallels in this film actually and if you reaaaallly pay attention, it makes the film even better!

Like I said, i noticed a lot of tiny details this time I watched, especially given im not a child anymore and watch films more observantly now.

I needed this exact fix. Cried like a baby, hit RIGHT in the feels, but it made me happy at the end. Ugh, love love loooove.

A Few Things I Still Hope Will Happen:

- That The Vamps cover “My House” by Flo Rida
- That blond Connor returns
- That Connor records his version of Runaway
- We get mastered versions of Loaded Gun, Rough Night & Jack
- That we finally find out wtf happened to Jack
- That Tris grows put his facial hair
- That at least one of The Vamps singles helps them fully break in America
- That the I Found A Girl video isn’t stupid and that the feature isn’t some random unknown person


Alright my fellow Punters, here is the first of some lost and found videos from the “Tusk” sessions from Village Studio D in West Los Angeles. I will let you view it first and than be happy to answer any questions you may have about the people in it or what is going on.  Please enjoy these never before seen images (to the best of my knowledge) a Penguin’s Tale exclusive. 

P.S. Please note the keyboard part that never made it to the final record (thank god) on “Sara”, I think Stevie’s hand gesture says it all. Lol………uncleR

Global friend

Okay so this won’t be long (hopefully)! Haha I just wanted to share this. okay so I’ve been on global friend, which is a penpal app, for a while now. But recently this Korean guy messaged me saying that he wanted to be friends. And then he asked for my kakao. Let’s call him Lee. So I was very shocked when Lee kakao’d me with messages about how he loved me and wanted to go out with me (now keep in mind we only talked for like 10 mins y'all). And Lee kept trying to video call me and all that, but I’m extremely shy and declined. And then he kept messaging me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend and that I’m really pretty. So I decided to video chat him anyways, but found out that he couldn’t really speak English. (But damn was homeboi fine😭) My Korean isn’t great so we couldn’t really communicate. But in the end I decided that he just seemed pretty odd and told him that I didn’t want to go out with him. Now y'all this guy was really persistant, he kept trying to video call me and message me -.- but I finally told him to stop and he did so I deleted him off my friend list and that’s the end of that lol. It wasn’t really a happy ending, but I just wanted to tell y'all lol.

KM & BW: omg yeah good thing you did! Be careful! there’s guys every where that just want nudes or to just use you, I wouldn’t trust a guy who goes that fast lol! that would make anyone uncomfortable!