but i figured it would work as a mediocre contribution to mother's day

Just Between Us (Part 1)

Rich!Dan is engaged and she isn’t faithful and he has a fuck buddy situation with the cleaner (reader) but it turns into something more.

(Ok but TiO by Zayn is a rlly good song for this kkkk)

also lol I didn’t edit because I was being rushed so I’m sorry if there is missing words, grammar and or spelling mistakes. As my idol Hannah Montana said, “Nobody’s Perfect”


Warnings: Swearing, sexualness

November 23rd

I’d gotten used to my regular routine by now. Ever since being hired at my new job I’d had to adapt to my new way of living. I’d grown up living a mediocre life and I wasn’t one to expect much from anyone. I came from a home that contained a 5 kids, two adults, and 1 elder. I had my fair share of living in a crowded situation.

As soon as I turned 22, I figured I should start trying to branch out on my own. I was the eldest of the 5 kids and it was time to act mature and be the example to them that when the time came they needed to grow up.

Well, that was the argument I told my parents when I broke the news to them that I was moving out.

“Y/N-how are you going to find an apartment to live in and pay for it? You need to think about these things before you act on them.” My mother wasn’t pleased with how I wanted to take control of my life. She wanted me to stay in the house and get a job to help ad pay for the other kids.

“Lacey, if she wants to go we should just let her. She knows what she’s risking.” My father had tried his hardest to reason and understand why I was doing this, but nothing would make the situation.

That was six months ago. My time in university had just ended and before I really started looking into a job, I needed to land on my feet. It felt like such a rush the day I picked up and left my childhood home because I was finally on my own and I felt like the world was my oyster.

Well, that’s how it seemed before two months later I received a call whilst sat in a small café in Paris. My side jobs I worked at while at school had given me enough money for a cheeky little trip to France and it was a wonderful getaway while it lasted.

“Y/N, it’s your mother… She’s fallen ill and they’re keeping her in the hospital…” My father was giving me the details on my mothers apparent disease.

“What? What the fuck happened?” I almost spat out my coffee and felt my stomach drop 80,000ft to the bottom of the atmosphere.

“Language-I’m with your siblings. They don’t know but they’re running tests on her. They say that it doesn’t look good and that we may need to get a nurse to come to the house or something.”

That was how it started. It seemed that when things go good for somebody, they turn to shit for someone else.

Not long after, my mother ended up dying.

I begged my father to let me come back home and help him out with my siblings Casey, Clarissa,  Tina, and Nathan. I knew that they would all be devastated and clearly would need someone’s help to keep them on their feet but my father insisted I didn’t. He didn’t want to rain on my parade and kept repeating to me how much he wanted me to be happy. Of course, like any other situation it wasn’t that easy. Since I wasn’t needed to be back at home, I figured I should get a job and help contribute to the growth of my siblings. I knew my father would have a hard time with money and I was glad to give him some type of support.

For days, I searched for a job that paid well and didn’t make me feel like I was deserted on a foreign planet. I managed to find a few waitress jobs, a secretary job, and a maid job.

Between all of them, the maid job paid the best. And it provided me with a living situation.

I’d be working for Business man Daniel Howell, and his fiancé Tiffany Johnson. Any sane person working for them would fall envious to the life they lived. Mr. Howell had started a corporation when he was 20 and it grew to be popular. He was one of the youngest entrepreneurs that England ever had and so he became the generic rich and famous. Around 4 years later he met Tiffany who was the daughter of one of his older co workers and they hit it off.  She was now 30 and he was 25.

 When I first took the job, I hadn’t exactly known what I was getting myself into. Mr. Howell was an absolute sex god. He was more attractive than he was rich or famous. He was tall, elegant, and polite. He seemed intimidating but only in magazines. It was sometimes so difficult to work for him because I had recurring thoughts and daydreams about what it would be like to be more than just his maid.

When it came to Tiffany, I had no opinion. She only acknowledged me when she wanted me to clean up after her or Dan and then pretended like I didn’t exist when she didn’t need me.

On my way home from sending my monthly cash delivery home to my family it was freezing. Autumn still had another month left before it went away for another year but it still felt like winter nonetheless. The moon had already come out and it was only 7pm. I swore I had lost feeling in my cheeks and every time I breathed out I could see it. There wasn’t much snow on the ground yet but there was enough to start feeling festive for the upcoming festive season.

I arrived at the Howell mansion and greeted the security guard Steve on my way in.

“Hello, Y/N. Back already?” He frowned, adjusting his belt and sniffling.

“Yeah, only had one errand. It’s kind of my night off so I made a run to the post office.” I shoved my hands in my pockets and hummed in delight as my cold hands met the warmth.

“Why don’t you go out with some of your mates? You’re young and you work to hard. Enjoy yourself.” Steve grinned at me and opened up the gate to the mansion. I chuckled and shook my head.

“Nah, not tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a nice night, Steve. Say hi to the kids for me.” I happily walked inside and hung my coat up and took off my shoes. I was looking forward to making some tea and calling it a night inside my room but that plan had to wait as I was greeted by yelling.

“-No! No! Dan, what the hell is wrong with you? Why can’t you be a normal fiancé and participate in my life? I’m so sick of this shit.” Tiffany had been picking on Mr. Howell once more. This happened at least twice a week. Eventually she got over it and engaged in some kind of make up sex. It obviously wasn’t healthy, but I just wanted to get paid.

The voices sounded like they were coming from the master bedroom so now was as good a time as ever to sneak past the staircase and hide in the kitchen.

The layout of the house was simple. All the guest rooms were on the middle section of the mansion as well as where the live in workers stayed (AKA me). The top floor had the master bedroom and Mr. Howell’s office. The first floor contained the kitchen, lounge, seating area, and the conference room. The basement was the recreational area. Basically, the way to the kitchen was through the lounge. And who was in the lounge?

“Tiffany, you need to calm down.” Mr. Howell was on the couch, staring at Tiffany with a hushed expression and speaking quietly. He looked exhausted and frankly exasperated.

“Calm down? You want me to calm down? Why should I when you’re being a lazy son of a bitch. What are you looking at?” Tiffany was beyond fuming at this point.

Mr. Howell had noticed me and kept his gaze on me with his mouth agape. He was the type of person to involve himself in conflict, especially when there was a chance that someone could hear him. I remained uncomfortably still as Tiffany turned around and rolled her eyes at me. She was not in the mood to be looking at me.

“Great. The maid.” She huffed, taking a look back at Dan. “Forget it, asshole. I’ll be back later.” Tiffany picked up her bag next to Mr. Howell and right before she left took a look at my casual attire. “Put on your uniform or don’t come out of your room.” She whispered before exiting. I hadn’t been wearing anything out of the ordinary. Just a long black long sleeved sweater, a black skirt, and black tights. My boots were black, too. I didn’t think I was wearing anything risqué. If anything, I looked like I was going to a funeral.

“I’m sorry about that.” Mr. Howell sighed, leaning back on the couch and crossing his legs. “You shouldn’t be put in a situation like that. It’s very unprofessional of me.”

“It’s alright-I’m used to it.” I quickly said, trying to aid the situation. Clearly, it wasn’t the correct choice of words as his response was just staring at me with his eyebrow raised. “I’m just kidding, that was a joke. I make those sometimes.” I smiled nervously.

“It’s fine. Tiffany can be-well you know.” He turned the direction of his head to the TV and switched it off. The volume hadn’t really been up before but now he just shut it off completely. “Isn’t it your night off? What are you already doing back here?”

 “It is my night off but I don’t have anything to do. Can I do anything for you? You seem… stressed.” I offered.

Mr. Howell stood up and walked over to where he kept his liquor. I’d only ever seen him have a glass of wine or drink some beer. If I’m being completely honest, I always thought that his glasses containing hard alcohol where more for decoration than consumption. He took the knob off of the pitcher and poured it into a glass.

“Would you like some, Y/N?” He asked, staring up at me. I didn’t know what else to say other than shrug a yes. I wasn’t used to drinking hard liquor but I felt like I should still try and get used to it.

He delicately served the drinks and gave me a glass.

“Thank you,” I mumbled, slowly taking a sip. The flavour was absolutely displeasing and bitter and it was hard to swallow it without spitting it back into the cup. I tried my best to get used to it by swishing it around my mouth and keeping a straight face. That didn’t work and I swallowed with difficulty. Mr. Howell chuckled.

“You don’t drink bourbon very much, huh?” He took a swig of his own glass as well as proceeding to loosen his tie.

“Nope. I don’t drink very much anyways.” Mr. Howell leaned back against the table and crossed his ankles. I put down my cup and bit my lip slightly.

“I feel as if I never see you around,” his flicked his hair to the side and stared me hard in the face. He was so attractive and it was intimidating. I was concerned that I would end up saying something completely inappropriate without meaning to.

“I’m always around. I’m that girl who always has the duster and the windex.” I went in to take another sip but decided against it. I’d had enough bourbon for one night. Mr. Howell smirked and looked down at his feet.

“It’s nice to be able and see you on your time off. You need more time off, don’t you think?”

“I’m fine working with my hours, Mr. Howell. In fact I could even work right now if you wanted me to.” I felt bad for him in a way. His problems were in no way my concern but he probably felt shitty about himself right now. I wanted to be useful and useless at the same time somehow.

Mr.Howell…” He mumbled to himself, tilting his head to the side while studying me. “There is something I’d like you to help me with. Come here.” He held out his hand and gestured with his head for me to approach him. I did as he said and he took my hand, pulling me closer. I was so close to him that I could feel his body heat radiating against  me.

“Mr. Howell?” I questioned, only to have a groan emerge from him. He placed his hands on my waist and bit his lip. I didn’t know what was happening but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

“May I please have your consent for what I’m about to do?” Yes is what I wanted to say, but I needed to pace myself.

“What are you going to do?” I knew exactly what the fuck he was going to do.

“This.” He carefully placed his lips on mine, and started kissing me. Between us two, this was a first kiss and typically you would expect it to be gentle. This kiss was rough and it was aggressive. He was putting all of his passion into the kiss and I was gladly returning it.

His hands got a firmer grip on me as he stood up straight. He was so tall that he had to lean down and continue kissing me but that was so hot.

Mr. Howell began moving us over until we reached a wall and pinned me up against his, kissing me sloppily.

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered as he pulled away for a moment. “And when you’re in your uniform everyday… God, you turn me on.”

“Mr. H-Howell…” I returned with a moan and ran my fingers through his hair. “What about Tiffany?” I didn’t want to stop but I didn’t want to cause problems. He just shook his head and started hooking his fingers in the hem of my skirt.

“Don’t worry about her right now.” I had no choice right now but to trust him right now. The mere attention he gave me made me feel good. At that moment where I was feeling the real pleasure it would take too much to stop.

His hand had creeped it’s way into my skirt and most importantly in my underwear. I was already turned on beyond the max and this was the point where I considered myself near dripped. Mr. Howell was no prude and he was experienced. The first thing he went for was to rub at my clit. That was always a good choice especially when you were as turned on as I was. I pulled away from the kiss and let put a pleasant noise. Christ it was like heaven.

“That feels good then, I imagine?” Mr. Howell smiled and started kissing my neck. My legs were beginning to feel weak as he increased the pressure and the pace of his rubbing. I desperately nodded and shut my eyes, letting the feeling overwhelm me. As if it couldn’t get any better, Mr. Howell continued rubbing my clit with his thumb and circled my entrance with his finger. Soon enough, he let one slip in and thrust in and out. This process was repeated until had added another finger and began to curl them upwards.

For minutes, this continued until I let my self loose and climaxed around his fingers. Mr. Howell pulled away from me and took back with his magical fingers. He brought them to his mouth and licked them clean.

I stood there, still. I was unsure of what to say as a follow up conversation. Should I have thanked him?

Mr. Howell leaned forward and kissed my forehead. “You taste great. Now go and enjoy your night off.”