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Mystery Incorporated (Riverdale Imagine) Part Two

This is Part two.  I know it’s short but I hope you enjoy.

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You sat in a booth at Pop’s diner with your friends.

“There’s no need to pity me.”  You could feel their sad stares on your being, as if they felt you had lost a part of yourself. “I’m doing just fine.”

Correction, you were dying inside.

You have no right to come here.  You lost that right when you left.” Your voice was harsh, if anyone saw you talking the way you had talked to your father, they wouldn’t believe it.

(Y/n) (L/n) the girl whose heart was made of pure gold.  She had been through so much, yet seemed so innocent, like a blooming flower in need of protection.  That’s who you were to everyone, everyone but your friends.

“I have every right.” He screamed loudly moving towards you. “You are MY daughter.”

“You are not my father.”

That was 1 week ago.  Your mother had been dead for 3.

“(Y/n)?” Jughead’s voice was soft.  You hadn’t realized the door chime as a man walked in. “You alright?”

As you looked up, you froze.  You could feel the tears fighting their way to escape.  You stood abruptly, startling each of your friends.

“I need to go.” But it was too late.  The man had spotted you.  Your father was staring you straight in the eye, and you could tell that he was drunk.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

Your friends watched your encounter with the mystery man.  You never talked about your father, so they had no idea who he was, or why he was talking to you.

“Away from you.” You mumbled incoherently.  You began to walk away but your father gripped your wrist harshly.

“I don’t think so you worthless-”

Your father crumpled to the ground, and standing there was Archie Andrews.

“Let’s get out of here.” The group stood up, eyes wide as they followed Archie out of Pop’s, you in tow.

Archie’s face was struck with anger.
“When?” He screamed as you reached, his and Betty’s street.  The girls looked confused, as Jughead stared at the ground.  “When did he come back?”

While you hadn’t told anyone else about your dad, Archie knew everything.

“A week ago.” Your voice was weak with fear. “I’m sorry Arch.” You sunk to your knees as you sobbed.

Archie bent down and lifted your chin up so he could see your face.

“No no (Y/n).  This is not your fault.  None of this is your fault.  I’m sorry for yelling.”  His gaze softened as you stopped crying.  You then saw the bewildered faces of your friends.

“Guess I have a lot of explaining to do.”

some people are so damn hateful idk how yall even live with yourselves damn, sayin such mean things without any care of how it’ll affect the person you’re speaking about even when you dont even know them. idk how yall can do it but damn yall mean

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From the Harry Potter universe, which character is the child of which god?

Thank you so much for this question; it was really calming to make and just what I needed! I kind of just picked the god I felt would suit them based on my own feeling and opinion as your godly parent doesn’t always define your personality like Hogwarts houses do. For simplicity’s sake, I only picked Greek Gods and if I forgot a character you’d like me to do as well, you can always send in an ask!

Harry Potter - Child of Zeus
Hermoine Granger - Child of Athena
Ron Weasley - Child of Tyche
Ginny Weasley - Child of Hecate
Neville Longbottom - Child of Demeter
Luna Lovegood - Child of Dionysus
Fred and George Weasley - Children of Hermes
Lavender Brown - Child of Aphrodite
Seamus Finnigan - Child of Hephaestus
Dean Thomas - Child of Hermes
Cedric Diggory - Child of Poseidon
Draco Malfoy - Child of Nemesis
Scorpius Malfoy - Child of Apollo
Albus Potter - Child of Hades
Rose Weasley - Child of Iris 
James Potter Jr. - Child of Hermes
James Potter Sr. - Child of Zeus
Sirius Black - Child of Dionysus
Remus Lupin - Child of Apollo
Peter Pettigrew - Child of Nike
Lily Evans - Child of Demeter
Nymphadora Tonks - Child of Hades
Percy Weasley - Child of Athena 
Albus Dumbledore - Child of Athena

- Marge


Blog - 2/20/2017: Home 

I grew up in rural Oregon, in a town of under 5,000. My graduating class in high school was around 125 students, most of whom I had known since kindergarten. I never was really inspired by the immediate area around where I spent my childhood, and I didn’t start to pursue photography until after I had moved away for college - meaning that while I’ve explored this town and the mountains surrounding it from top to bottom during my time growing up here, I’ve never done it with a camera in hand. I never felt the need to document this place, because I didn’t find it beautiful - I’d always wished we grew up somewhere warmer, preferably on the beach - something I grew out of with time.

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  I don’t know what took over me last night. All my family members were awake leaving me no scope to sleep with their chatters sounding around the entire house, and I felt this drive inside me to write you guys something that I myself need often.
   I hope you all enjoy this. Let me know how you feel about it in the ask box or just add it in the tags of your reblog. I love getting feedback as it helps me to ensure I’m doing well enough for you all.

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Pair: Johnny x Reader 
POV: First person
Genre: Smut

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It was as if spreading me wide was his hobby, because he always seemed to take great pleasure in it. I would catch the glint in his eyes as they would drink in my rawness before him, enamoured by reluctance and shyness that became clearer every time my heart thumped loudly against my chest.

   I would close my eyes and my chest would arch as a sigh reverberated in my throat every time I felt his finger stealthily run across my slit. I knew the moisture between my legs would always excite his cock, and if I was lucky I’d get to witness it myself. But mostly, I was left to imagine it behind my closed eyelids as the tension from his touch spread throughout my entire body in form of goosebumps. He’d get my eyes shut tight with his actions every time, and I hated how much I loved it.

   It was as if time could stop whenever his digits brushed against my walls, because I could feel nothing around me. In the stillness of my own realm, I would quiver as two of his long and sleek fingers drove inside me, his knuckles meeting the skin of my inner thigh and even though that contact was the least sexual, it still set my body on fire.

   His face would be on the valley between my breasts to nuzzle again, those breasts he loved, and worshipped, and cherished. During hugs, I often pulled his head and softly set him against my chest every time he was going through a hard time. I, a reluctant lover, would always fail to remain quiet by the time the tip of his tongue slyly travelled to my nub. I’d feel his plump, needy lips curl slightly against the softer skin around my taut nipples, inwardly rejoicing his victory.

   His hands would run down my sides and land on my hips and he’d bruise me there, knowing that I was a sucker for that. His rough yet warm hands would find bliss against my soft and colder skin. As the wet appendage inside his mouth would circle my nipple and suck on it with great attention, I’d feel my head in the clouds and my eyes watering in unspeakable pleasure.

After what would seem like eternity of him tending to my breasts, he’d fondle them a little more before kissing down further. His mouth would ghost over my heat, by then dripping and wanton, and he’d wait till my seemingly unenthusiastic hands flew to clutch onto his hair and gently push him closer to my south. Then, he’d do so delightfully before commenting about how beautiful I looked from down there or how delectable I smelled.

   Not long after I’d come all over his face, because he always ate me out so well. His lips always sucked well on my clitoris, the tip of his tongue knew how to tease my entrance and the skin that came before, and he’d also generously lap his tongue and give it a lasting lick. He’d smilingly let me spray his grin because I’d let him graciously and gracefully spray my walls as well. He knew I didn’t like my own release so he would wipe his face and lick his lips clean, before coming up to kiss me.

   “Johnny…” I’d whimper after the kiss that usually left me breathless, my hands by then roaming his back, nailing his chest, groping his ass.

   After that, he would put his cock inside me. To me it was thick and big, to me it filled me up more than any other cock ever could. Its warmness, in contrast to the rest of his body, would make me feel at home. I’d shudder when he’d finally push his entire length successfully in my heat, my arms slithering around his body and my eyes delving into his. His eyes would study my flushed face, my parted lips, and my wanton breaths shortened by anticipation; before he’d pull out fully to slam back in. The heated friction would have my eyes rolling as throaty moans escaped my mouth every time. His lips would often land on my chin as my crown would rather rest on the pillow rather than the back of my head, since my entire body would  arch up to his as he generally thrust pleasure in my system.

   Before long, he’d approach his high, making sure his thumb drove against my sensitive and prominent clitoris to ensure I could no longer feel my legs later.

   I’d somehow come again before him, shame making my wails cower. He’d come inside me shortly after, and still pump with vigour as if we were making love for the fifth or sixth time ever, while the feeling was still new and yet addictive. His hips would snap against mine until he wasn’t squirting anymore of his juices, before collapsing on my exhausted body. Sweaty and warm, I would feel the comfort that almost immediately relinquished his weight that crushed me to an extent. My hands would gingerly wrap around his chest as I’d bury my face in the crook of his neck. Before long, he’d move to his side and pull me in his arms, caging me in the warmth I had been friends with for long then.

“Do we have sex or do we make love?” I asked one night as my fingers ran across his bare back, our heaving chests in perfect rhythm against each other.

   Cold air hit my neck as he lifted his face to mine, “Don’t we always make love?”

   “Do we?” I prodded on the man’s poor heart which always loved me and made sure my heart was brimming with it.

   He smiled softly as he tucked my hair behind my ears, “I guess we have to make love soon again to make you realise that we aren’t just having sex.”

   “… why not?” I tried to flash a confident grin, but I am sure he had caught the blush tinging my cheeks and the coyness in my eyes. 


I felt beat up. She had slept over again. I awoke with a hand cupping a boob and an erection pressed against a thigh. She was drooling a bit and one of her hands was lodged under my ribs. There was a small storm in my head and I felt guilty about nothing in particular. I repositioned her arm and rearranged the covers over us. Then she opened her eyes slightly, pulled the sheets over our heads, entangled our legs, and pressed my forehead to hers. She closed her eyes. I didn’t move. I could smell morning breath, mine or hers not sure. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine everything I would need to do today. I tried to judge my mood about it all. I kissed her nose and told myself that I was here. She mumbled you are here. I said I exist. She mumbled you exist. I said I am going to be happy. She mumbled you are going to be happy.

Okay. (Okay.)

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That's ridiculous that Finn even felt the need to explain himself. People are so quick to be like "protect him" or " paps are so annoying" but they're doing the same thing. They have no boundaries when it comes to privacy and they say he should be "used to it". The hypocrisy blows my mind. Millie isn't pressed so why are they?

HOOOOO BOY DO I AGREE WITH THIS ON SO MANY LEVELS i literally woke up and saw the whole situation on twitter with finn’s tweet and honestly ?? i was so mad, i’m still mad honestly !!! like !!!!!! HOO MAN i can’t believe some people were seriously getting on his back so much about this dumb insta post that he felt the need to make a whole tweet addressing it and explaining himself like ???? he shouldn’t have to !!!! because it’s not our business ??? it doesn’t effect us in any way ?????? it’s his life and his friendship and we should respect that !!!!!!!! i know not everyone is like this in this fandom, but hooooo boy i am just,, so annoyed right now just thinking about it lmao (also you don’t need to make a freaking insta post about your friend’s birthday to prove your friendship with them i’m just sayin bc some ppl really blew this outta proportion smh)

Hey everyone i want to tell you all why deh means so much to me

Trigger warning (self harm suicide)

So I first heard/seen dear Evan Hansen about a 2 months ago and this showed saved my life the night I saw it I was about to kill my self I had given up on life for what ever reason and I was in really dark place and I don’t know what made me stop and watch deh instead but I am so thankful I did because I don’t know if i would be here if I didn’t it was the first time I felt completely understood and I saw myself on stage in Connor and Evan and the show gave me a sense of hope that I would be okay and I really needed that and that night I also stoped hurting myself and threw away my blades and I’m still in a bad place but I’m doing a lot better because of this show and I will be forever grateful that pask and Paul wrote such a great show that feels so real and that the cast portrays these characters so that they feel real and i just really love this show.

- Hey, Maria.

- Hey, Y/N.
- Do Stark need something?

- Yes, i mean, not my dad.

- So, what do you need?

- You.

- Me?

- Yes.

Maria felt Y/N lips crash against her’s, she didn’t know how react, she indeed used to have a crush on the young Stark.

- Y-Y/N - Maria giving a step back, almost hiting the table behind her.

- Yes? - asked the young brunette moving closer.

- We shouldn’t be doing this - told Hill trying to focus on anything that was not Y/N’s lips or smell.

- Why? - asked Y/N giving little pecks on Maria’s jawline.

- Y-You’re…- Hill didnt even was able to complete the sentence before a soft moan  escape her lips making Y/N smile against her skin.

- Yes, Commander? - asked Y/N again kissing and bitting Maria’s neck. and whispering - What do you want, Maria?

- You’re gonna be the death for me, babygirl. - told Maria touching Y/N cheeks and kissing her lips sweetly.

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Hey, I've got myself into a cycle where I'll eat great in the morning, since I don't eat that much. But around lunch and dinner I just eat whatever is in sight, and then feel like dying. I constantly tell myself I'll do better tomorrow but I never do. I think it's because my meals are quite big and after I've ate I'll just want to keep eating more and more? Idk but I've had over 1000 cals yesterday and today and I haven't even had dinner yet fml. I need to start fresh but idk how :/

You exactly described me. It’s also my situation. But the last few days I am slowly getting back on track. But like seriously the only thing that really has helped me is that I literally felt too disgusting to eat yesterday cause I realized how much weight I have gained. The thing is you need to find a motivation something that really motivates you and keeps you going. If you manage the first days it will get easier. And seriously everyone always says if you eat more you won’t binge. But like if I eat much for lunch I am always like ‘fuck this’ and eat so much more.

if you’ve ever felt the need to tell me something ive drawn looks weird, or out of proportion, or just wrong but wasnt sure to whether to say anything or not… PLEASE DO.

Looking back at old art (like. from 6 months ago) is agonizing but no ones taken the time to tell me things like, z’s mouth is too low on his face, or wow what are these propotions? 

so please.


I encourage you to rip my art apart or redline it or just give constructive feedback. I crave it. Your eyes can see my mistakes better than mine.

Hi, sweet angels.

My doctor can’t figure out what’s wrong so I’m going for more tests. I have to start getting back to life as usual but I have a lot to do and catch up on on top of being sick, constantly exhausted and in an unusual amount of pain.

So, I’m going to be officially taking a break from here. I just have so much to do, which is going to be hard enough on it’s own so I’ve decided to take a break from my blogs. I’m aiming for only being gone a week. But, I haven’t been able to keep up with my blogs, most importantly this one, while trying to do everything else I need to do and I felt it more fair to just announce a break than to keep coming back sporadically. I don’t even have anything to set a queue because I’ve been on so little 😞.

I just really wanted to apologize. I’ve been unfair to all of you. I went from always being there for anyone who needed me, no matter what, to leaving my asks and messages unanswered and forgetting to set my queue so often. I’ve gotten so many messages since I started this blog saying it makes people happy, my good morning/good night posts help them, etc. and I feel like such a jerk for letting all that slip just because I don’t feel well.

I’m truly am so sorry. I really hope you’ll be able to forgive me. And thank you to those of you have have sent kind messages and all of you who’ve stuck by me. I’ll never be able to truly put into words how much I appreciate you.

When I come back, I’ll be the old me again. I’ll go back to being there for all of you and trying to bring happiness to your days. And, I’ll have a surprise for you! 😊

See you in about a week.
I love you all so much, always.

You ain't gotta question it, You already know the answer (Part 1)

Hiii! I’m so excited for this ficweek, hope to see a lot of new writers and read amazing stuff.

P.s: This is a two shots, the second part would be along the ficweek two, don’t worry :) 

Day one: ​“Ok sleep well” “and how am i supposed to do that after what you’ve just told me?”

After Luna started dating Matteo it was obvious that she wouldn’t spend as many time with Simon as she used to, and Simon understood that, the thing that he wasn’t understanding was, why Ambar was the one that spend most time with him, and why he felt the need to be near by her every second of the day.

It turned out that Ámbar wasn’t that bad as she wanted to eveybody think, with Simón she was so soft and he felt that he could tell everything to her, except the way she made him feel, because actually he didn’t even know exactly how Ámbar made him feel, he only knew that he never felt that way before.

They already had some rituals, calls right before falling asleep was one of them, and that night Ámbar called him at 10 pm, one hour early than usual.

-Hey, is quite early? How are you? -Simón said just when he pick up the phone

-Ugh, I live with Sharon Benson, how do you think I am? -Ámbar said in a low annoyed voice

-What did she do this time? -Simón asked, he knew that Ámbar’s godmother could be very shitty sometimes, she seemed like she didn’t care Ámbar’s mental health at all and Simón always thought it was very fucked up

-She doesn’t want me to go to the competition because is the week before an important test, but I know I can do that test without any problem, all my grades are perfect and I won’t fail it -She said and Simón could felt how she voice was starting to crack

-Hey calm down, you are the best in the whole school, maybe you can talk to your teacher and do the test even before the competition so you can have the grade and your godmother would let you go without any problem- He said trying to confort her

-Oh my god Simón, that is a great idea, I’m going to talk to my teacher tomorrow you are a genious -She said all enthusiasthic and Simón couldn’t help but smile imagining how shining and blue her eyes get everytime she smile

-That’s what I’ve been told -He said joking, maybe he was spending so much time with Matteo that now his egocentrism was attaching to himself

-Ugh, you sound like Matteo -Ámbar said in a amused tone- You know, before you came here, he was the only one who I could talk about my godmother, and just because he has screwed up parents too, but you don’t have awful parents and still understand me, listen me and bear me, why? -Ámbar asked now in a soft tone, the softest she has ever talked to him

-Because you are my friend and I.. I care about you, is like when you help me writing songs and you put videos of the band in the Fab & Chic, because friends are for help each other -Simón said trying not to scare Ámbar away, he knew that she was quite hard to talk about feelings 

-Simón, for being a genious you are quite slow to not realize that the reason I help you and your band is because I’m in love with you, is not like I do this to everybody -She said laughing amusingly, Simón on the other side of the line was shocked, he was suddenly without words and he could swear that his heart stopped beating and he didn’t breath for a couple of minutes, he was about to say something when Ámbar talked again -Oh my god, I heard my godmother coming here and I should be sleeping now, so we talk tomorrow, ok? sleep well -And then she ended the call

-AND HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT AFTER WHAT YOU’VE JUST TOLD ME? -Simón shouted at the phone frustrated

-Hey buddy, calm down you are going to wake up the neighboors, what happened? -Pedro asked entering to Simón room worried

-Ámbar, she happened, I was just happy being alone and then she came and spend all time with me, made me fall in love with her and now turns out the she loves me too, I can’t believe her -Simón said frustrated, and Pedro was looking at him with eyes wide open and then burst in laugh

-So you are mad because the girl you love, loves you back, is that your problem?

-I’m mad because I fell for Ámbar Smith, the most impossible girl in the world, and I´m mad because she told me she loves me and then inmediatly said, “ok, sleep well” and hang up, can you believe it? -Simón was rambling and then stopped and burst in laugh with Pedro -Oh my god, I’m so fucked up- Simón said lying in his bed and covering his eyes with both hands

-Buddy, is good, that the girl you love loves you back is the best thing that could happen to anyone, and I know that you think now that it would be impossible to be with a girl like Ámbar because she is from a totally different world, because I though that too when I started dating Delfi, but if you are in love, everything would be as easy and natural as breathe -Pedro said in a conforting tone sitting next to Simón in his bed -Plus, everybody already think there’s something going on between you two

-What? Why? -Simón asked surprised taking his hands off his face

-Because we have eyes maybe -Pedro said sarcasticaly- For years Nico and I were asking them to upload our videos to the Fab & Chic, and they never did it, and then you asked Ámbar and 20 minutes later our presentation is there, what a coincidense, don’t you think? And then when she is around you forget everybody else exists and become a blushy and smiling mess

-That obvious it is? -Simón asked worried to Pedro, he hasn’t talked about his feeling for fear of scaring Ámbar

-Well, for the rest of us it is -Pedro said with a comforting smile

-And why no one haven’t said anything? Why you didn’t tell me before? -Simon asked frustrated 

-Because you guys are the one that need to talk about it without being force to, now the question is, are you going to talk about it? -Pedro asked

-Of course I’m going to talk to her, I haven’t done it because I didn’t want to scare her, but now that she scared the hell out of me, I guess I can talk about it now -Simon answered enthusiastically

-Then I hope that’s the first thing you do tomorrow -Pedro said smiling patting Simon shoulder

-No, tomorrow no, I need to do it now -Simon said getting up from his bed and putting his shoes

-Wait, what? -Pedro said shocked-You can’t go now, is late, and her godmother could kill you

-I don’t care, I waited for all this time and I need to talk to her now

-How do you even think you will enter? That house is like a fort -Pedro asked worried, he couldn’t believe that his best friend would be able to do such a crazy thing

-I don’t know -Simon said smiling after putting on his beanie, and then walk out the door leaving a shocked Pedro in his room praying that everything would go well 

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What did you think of the episode? Apart from the ending I liked it. But I kinda felt like Maggie's feeling for not liking valentine's day were dismissed in favor of it being about Alex. Which I don't hate cause Alex is my favorite but I just wish we could got a line about it being okay for her not to like valentine's day, you know? Just so she knows her feeling and experiences are valid and she doesn't need to get over it or anything, what do you think?

It was good. Like, not amazing, and if you take out the mayo parts it wasn’t terrible.

Mxy is a pretty interesting character and honestly I liked him more than mayo so he was kind of cool to watch, and all the sanvers stuff was amazing, but once again it was brushed to the side. It would’ve been a lot better if they did  get a chance to talk about it a little more and it could’ve been just a little moment where Maggie’s like “look, I don’t know if I’ll ever like valentines day because that was a really traumatizing thing to happen to me, but I really like you and I want you to know that I appreciate you so I’m doing this for you”

I think that’s kind of what they were going for but it wasn’t very clear

anyway I love Maggie sawyer and I wish we found out more about her in every episode. I wish she was in every episode this much even though she was only in this one for like four minutes but it’s still more than the last two weeks combined so. I’ll take what I can get.

lovewillreign  asked:

i'm needing help and guidance through these times. i feel attached to this girl that was a stepping stone towards re-shaping my life.. i have finally come around to trying to find god in my daily life and i know it's not totally her that made me do it, but just that i became dependent on her and when it ended , i felt like i had no purpose.. so i've begun to find purpose through him.. i just need prayer and some sort of energy in my life to let me be at peace with the situation <3 thank you

Hi friend,

Sending so many prayers your way. It’s really hard and pretty terrifying to lean solely on God and to trust Him and find our purpose through Him. Just know that it’s a journey, and that He loves you so very much, and that you can do this. He is your strength, and He will see you through this.

Talk to Him about everything you’re thinking and feeling right now, and ask Him for help. Along with talking to Him, read His Word. Do these things when you’re sad, when you’re lonely, when you’re angry, when you’re depressed–even when you’re content/happy. 

I’m so proud of you for trying to find God in your daily life, and I know He is as well. You can do this, love. You can, and you will. 

Here is an article on how to find purpose in life (according to the Bible) if you’re looking for more to read. 

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13

All my love,


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I was raised without God. My parents had historically bad experiences with church and refused to let me go as a child. Now I'm an adult with debilitating depression + I've started going to church. I don't know if I've found God, but having the community, the love, the assurance that I am loved, it is all so beautiful and unneeded it so badly. I'm part of a community that isn't a big fan of Christianity and I felt like I needed to express my excitement + joy to someone.

Aw I’m really really happy to hear hat hun. I also am a person who wasn’t raised in the church and actually my mom didn’t start going to church until I started to take my faith more seriously because she had bad experiences with the church. I also do not have many friends that are of faith so I totally get sometimes wanting to share the joy but having no where to turn. You can always share that joy with me. I still encourage your share it with the people you care about.
For example, I have a friend that’s super into sports. Her whole day is made happy when her team wins. I don’t get it, but seeing her happy is why I put up with her telling me the stats of players I know nothing about lol. It’s the same with faith. Yea, not everyone is if my faith. But the people who love me will want to hear what makes me happy because they want me to be happy.
Not the best analogy but I hope you get what I’m saying hun