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post-emoji movie Trauma

WARNING: the following text contains spoilers and can be considered disturbing to some readers. especially my brain, because it’s leaking out my ears after typing this.

This is the first movie ever I’ve gone to see on opening night. And let me just say that, for the record, I’m glad I went to watch with friends. Without them, I would have most likely calmly exited the room, climbed up to the roof, and dived straight off.

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because this post is relevant to my interests and I want in on it

Danny Fenton was well known for many things among his school peers.

His absurdly frequent bathroom breaks, his strange ghost hunting parents, all the pencils he owned having their ends chewed clean off, his habit of falling asleep in literally every class…

One thing he was never even remotely well known for was his talent in gym, namely because he had never shown any skill in the realm of sports in his entire teenage life, due mostly to his habit of kicking anything but the ball and his inability to even show up half the time.

Which is why Mrs. Tetslaff’s class stared in stunned confusion as they tried to process how the only person left facing down Dash the-dodgeball-champion Baxter could possibly be scrawny, little Danny can’t-catch-a-ball-to-save-his-life Fenton.

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Mutual || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: 42 with jughead please

42.) “Friends don’t get each other off.”

A/N: This was actually a really hard prompt to write because I can’t see Jughead saying this and I can’t the reader responding like this to something he said. I don’t know, I switched it up a bit. I hope I did you justice!

Pairings: Jughead x Reader with platonic Veronica x Reader and platonic Kevin x Reader.

Gif: @dailycwriverdale


Saturday night was your favorite time of the week as it was movie night with your best friend Jughead. The two of you pretended to be professional movie critics when in real life you would just make fun of the actors and script. It was casual hanging out, nothing romantic. But something happened between you and Jughead at your last movie night. It wasn’t sex, but it was definitely something sexual. You weren’t going into detail about it as the very thought of it made you blush furiously. Basically you and Jughead had been hanging out, watching old movies together; a regular movie night for the two of you. Then you started getting flirty with each other. Usually you two loved to jokingly flirt with each other, but this time… This time it was real. Before you knew it, the two of you just started kissing. Nothing too heated and you couldn’t even remember who initiated it. Then after a few minutes, the kissing became more passionate. Then the clothes came off. Some other stuff happened. And then that was it. Directly afterwards, the two of you agreed it was a mistake and it should’ve never happened. After silently gathering your clothes up, not daring to looking at each other, Jughead had left with a very mumbled “Goodbye.” And that was the end of it. You hadn’t spoken since. Jughead didn’t come over for movie nights anymore. It hurt you. You felt you had lost your best friend.

“Y/N. Y/N!” a voice said, breaking you out of your thoughts.

You quickly looked at Veronica who was in sitting front of you, waving her hand at you. Your eyes quickly darted to Jughead who was next to you. He immediately tore his gaze away from you and you looked to Veronica again.

“Hmm? What?” You asked.

Next to Veronica, Kevin rolled his eyes.

“You’re really out of it today, Y/N.” he said, Veronica nodding in agreement.

You sighed. You were at Pop’s with Veronica, Kevin, and Jughead. You didn’t mind spending time with Kevin and Veronica, you really didn’t, but if you would’ve known Jughead was going, you would’ve stayed home. Usually at these type of things, you and Jughead would be in your own world, talking about things that had no relevance in the minds of the rest of the group. But now there was silence between the two of you. If Veronica and Kevin noticed, they didn’t say anything.

“Oh, hello,” Kevin breathed out, looking at someone across the diner.

You and Jughead turned around while Veronica looked up, wanting to see who Kevin was staring at. Joaquin.

Kevin cleared his throat.

“Well, sorry kids, but I gotta go. My “friend” over there is waiting for me.” he smiled, getting up.

Veronica snorted, but quickly got up out of the booth to make way for Kevin.

“You sure you want to call him your “friend?”” she asked as she sat back down.

Kevin sighed, pulling his jacket on.

“We’re not official yet. I… I don’t know. It’s complicated.” he said.

Veronica shrugged.

“Interesting,” she said. “So does mutual masturbation fall into the friend category for you?”

Jughead choked on his milkshake and you looked everywhere but at him.

“Hey, Jughead and Y/N are friends.” Kevin said, as if something was obvious.

You and Jughead looked at Kevin confusedly, not knowing understanding where he was going with this. Veronica snickered.

“Seriously Kevin? These two friends don’t get each other off.” she said.

You and Jughead looked at Veronica with wide eyes.

“What?!” the two of you exclaimed.

Kevin looked at Veronica confusedly.

“You mean Y/N and Jughead never—“

“No!” You and Jughead yelled at the same time.

The entire diner quieted down and looked at the two of you strangely before going back to their meals. Bright red blushes made their way onto your and Jughead’s faces as Veronica stifled a laugh.

“Wow, okay, sorry. Touchy subject.” Kevin muttered before walking towards the front door and out of the diner with Joaquin.

If the booth was kind of quiet before, it was absolutely silent now. Veronica began to feel bad. She didn’t know you and Jughead would act like this. She, unlike Kevin, knew the two of you weren’t doing anything. And it was just a joke anyway. Unless…

She looked up at the two of you again, eyes widened as she realized why the two of you were being so weird.

“Oh. My. God,” she said.

You and Jughead didn’t dare look up.

“You two—“

“I gotta go. Just remembered I have to write an article for the Blue & Gold by tomorrow,” Jughead said, quickly getting up. Not waiting for you to get up, he  stepped directly over you before nearly running towards the front door. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow!” he called.

Before you or Veronica could say anything, Jughead dashed out of the diner, leaving you to be interrogated.

Y/N.” she stressed, eyes twinkling.

You looked down, feeling the hot sting of tears.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” you said softly.

Veronica’s smile disappeared.

“Y/N?” she asked softly.

You shook your head and tried to cover your face.

“I said I don’t want to talk about it, Veronica.” you said, your voice breaking.

“Whoa, Y/N…” Veronica said, gently holding your hand.

You looked up at her with tears in your eyes and her eyes widened.

“Hey…” she soothed, brushing your hair back with her free hand. “What happened?”

You told her everything. How it began, how you felt before, during, and after. How you didn’t want to admit it was a mistake. And how you thought your friendship was now ruined. When you were all done, Veronica was silent, thinking about what to say next.

“Do you love him?” she asked suddenly.

You jerked your head up to looked at her and wiped your tear-streaked cheek dry with your sleeve. You thought about deflecting the question or just denying it, but knowing you had nothing to lose, you instead just nodded slowly.

“Yeah,” you said. “I love him.”

Veronica nodded.

“Then,” she sighed “I think you should tell him.”

You opened your mouth, about to protest, but Veronica beat you to the punch.

“What’s the worst that could happen, Y/N?” she asked.

You opened your mouth again, but this time, nothing came out. You sniffed and nodded, knowing she was correct.

“Tell him tomorrow, okay? And if you need anything, anything at all, Y/N, I’m here for you.” she said.

You smiled softly.

“Thanks, Veronica.”


A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed it!! Send me some feedback!


Inspired by @talking2thesky​‘s fic: here is the deepest secret nobody knows

Actually, the word ‘inspired’ was not good enough. This gifset wouldn’t exist if there weren’t the story. It’s so beautiful, and sad, and it felt so real, I couldn’t help but thought about it the whole day. Then, I saw this post on my dash. I believe coincidences are whisperings of fate, so I made this. This is my headcanon of the fic. John’s side of the story.

And this is for you, dear @talking2thesky. I hope you wouldn’t mind, and will like this. xx

sal-reblogs-deactivated20170717  asked:

Do you have any head canons?

I have literally written 2000 words on the mogami arc alone. If I posted every single one of my headcanons i’d kill everybody’s dash but here are some of my favorites:

-Autistic Mob!!!!

-Autistic Reigen!!!

-Autistic Tome!!!

-Ritsu is afraid of thunder (The sound reminds him of ???% explosion)

See also: Ritsu has seriously sensitive ears and he can hear lightbulbs going out, he can hear dog whistles, and literally a third of the reason why he doesn’t like Reigen is because Reigen has a plug in roach killer in his wall and it makes the most annoying ‘buzzing’ sound ever.


-Shou bribes Ritsu with candy to be his art model among other things

-Shou is very, v e r y touch deprived so he’s constantly trying to hug his friends

-Shou never realizes when he’s actually really fucking sick. He could vomit and still blame it on his allergies making him queasy.

-When Dimple was alive, alive he was a B-List actor who never made it truly big and he’s salty that he never got the recognition he deserved so thats what fueled the ‘i wanna be a god’ thing

See also: Reigen owns…every single one of his movies because thats Reigen’s favorite type of movie….Dimple will never e v e r tell Reigen that hes in all of them.

-Shou is afraid of the dark because bad things happen in the dark. (suprise attacks, bugs, ect…) and he sleeps with a nightlight

-REIGEN!!!! CAN!!!! SING!!!! (three separate links) and he wanted to become a singer when he grew up, but because children are awful little shits he stopped liking his own voice….buuuut….when Mob was getting sleepy on the way back from exorcisms Reigen would hum him a little lullaby so he could sleep easier!!!

-Shou has never ever been to school. Hes had some tutors before but He never got the chance to go to an actual school with actual people and sometimes he spies on Ritsu in his school because he’s kinda interested in the school life.

-Shou has no idea how to interact with kids his age. He talks about kids like hes an adult but really hes a kid too.

-Teru cannot dance. If he says he can hes lying. He can DDR but he c a n n o t d a n c e

-Mob still hangs out with that ghost fam!!!! Also the Saint hoshino girls!!!!

-Teruki never got the talk…..He accidentally saw an ecchi and was so traumatized he avoided girls for a month before he actually tried to figure out ‘wHA  T THE FUC K DID I JUST WATCH’

-Teruki’s favorite series is ____ Precure. He thinks magical girls are cute and he used to want to be one. (He also watched the magical boy anime)


-Shou never got taken to the fucking eye doctor and he needs glasses, and the first time he gets glasses hes like ‘oh…..vision isn’t supposed to be all fuzzy?’

-Teru is a theatre gay™

-When asked what dances he knew Seri did the caramelldansen and asked if it was still relevant….Reigen lost 10 years off of his life because of that.

-Shou doesn’t eat food unless hes has either watched it being made, or made it himself. This behavior concerns Reigen. He’ll eat prepackaged foods but only if he himself buys them or Ritsu or somebody else he trusts gives it to him.

-During the Mogami arc Mob had to eat his food fast or risk it be taken away, and also He didn’t have food at home very often so he’d often be very hungry…This causes him to eat really fast in the real world. He’ll eat an entire plateful of food in less than 5 minutes because hes subconsciously afraid it might get taken away again…

-Seri and Shou have an odd relationship. Sho had a mild distaste for Seri because he was his father’s lapdog…but also Seri has patched him up and cared for him a great number of times….Their relationship improves tenfold once Seri leaves Shou’s father

-Shou hates being in his actual house because its too large and too empty to be a home. 

-Shou started art because it was like therapy.

-mob got into baking and cooking during the mogami arc because he felt like it was something he could do and profit from; however, mogami made sure none of it turned out great. it was always just half decent. but when he tries again out of the arc its actually really freaking good. it isn’t perfect. but its great and everybody who eats it is like ‘holy shit’ where’d you learn this but mob doesn’t know, because everything he’s ever made has been shit


-she’s impressed with muscles because she respects the hard work and determination behind gaining them. and everybody can get muscles right?That’s why she stopped caring about mob’s powers because it really was like impossible for other people to get it and so it grew boring to her-she doesn’t think just 'being great at something’ without the hard work behind being great is great at all idk

-She doesn’t like being forced into situations that’s why she’s so reluctant to be a dimple follower because 'what the fuck, who even is this guy. it’s just a tree. chill.

-hc that she thinks muscles are so cool that she actually decides to work out herself and she does judo 

#secretlyablackbelt jkjk

but she’s pretty good and she likes the productivity of working hard for a goal.

-Tsubomi wears shorts under her skirts.

-Tsubomi is super touchy feely with her friends and she’s always holding hands or leaning on them or hugging them and sometimes she even kisses them!

-somebody asks her out randomly and her response is 'why’ because she’s never even met the dude before


MLP The Movie review by Ambris

Quite simply, I enjoyed it!

For a fan of the series, the entire movie is fun romp through a variety of locales with a colorful supporting cast in a world that feels alive and vibrant. As a fan of the series, and I enjoyed every moment of it from start to finish. There are numerous cameos that longterm fans of the show will appreciate, but nothing that feels overly self-pandering. If you’re a fan of the series I hope you enjoyed the ride as well! It’s been a long time coming, and it’s with great relief that I can say they did not f**k this up.

Having said that, the rest of this review will be spent looking at the movie from a more objective critical perspective. If that’s not your looking for, then just take my first paragraph to heart and keep on scrolling. 

ALSO SPOILERS. MAJOR SPOILERS even. The weekend has passed, so I’m going to assume most everyone who it really matters to has seen the movie. But I’ll keep everything below the Read More, out of respect for those who may not have gotten the chance anyway. 

So no clicky if you don’t want spoilers. And no clicky if you’re not interested in critical discussion.

You have been warned.

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Word Count: 1904

Author’s Note: So I had a cool case at work. And this is the result. To be clear, currently, it is not within the scope of practice of a nurse to operate. In any situation.

Imagine Leonard McCoy rescuing you from your crippled Starbase…

“I don’t rightly care, Jim!” You overhead the tall, dark-haired doctor holler across the room. “This is damn barbaric, and there is no excuse!”

Your hackles rose. The med-centre on your starbase had been operating without a doctor for months after the Klingon raid had killed half the crew, including the CMO. You and your team of nurses and techs were barely holding the place together, but it could be so much worse.

“Excuse me, exactly who the hell do you think you are?” You rose to the bait, and when he whirled around to glare at you, almost immediately regretted it. You stormed over to him, and placed your hands on your hips, setting your jaw to prevent yourself from saying anything else.

“Leonard McCoy. CMO of the Enterprise. Who are you, darlin’?” You saw his eyes flick to the rank on your cuff and drew a breath in, standing a little straighter. When the previous CMO had been killed in the raid, his assistant had taken over. When the assistant was subsequently killed and left no more doctors on the starbase, as the senior nurse, you’d been put in charge on a technicality.

“Y/N Y/L/N, Acting CMO of this Starbase,” you replied, meeting his imperious glare with your own. You narrowed your eyes, daring him to challenge you without saying a single word.

“You?” He scoffed.

“What is the issue, Doctor McCoy?” You asked. “I mean, don’t hold back. Please, list every single thing I’ve done wrong, chapter and verse. I’ll look forward to my dishonourable discharge. Since it will mean putting some real land under my feet.”

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Season 1      Season 2      Season 3      Season 4      Season 5

Season 6
Mulder checked that the small citrus fruit he carried in the pocket of his overcoat was still there. He had grabbed it on a whim on his way to work that morning from the market a few blocks away from the Hoover building.

The good intentions of the store owner had added to his tardiness but Mulder had insisted he keep the one dollar bill he handed him in exchange for Scully’s favorite fruit. The old man had stared at him, mouth agape, wondering why anyone would pay that much for a tangerine. He didn’t have time to wait for seventy-two cents in change because he just wanted to get to work, to see Scully.

The tangerine would hopefully be in her possession before she got borrowed to help another department. That’s how it was lately if they weren’t knee deep in cases over fertilizer. It was a total load of horse manure that he couldn’t get the X-Files back after what had transpired over the summer. He and Scully had handed their case for their reinstatement, including the proof of the alien virus in the bee that stung her, only to have his life’s work handed to two people that would be set to destroy it. More so, he hoped Scully was as adamant and willing as he was to get back to their basement office.

The elevator didn’t offer the usual solace that it did. The other agents huddled towards the opposite corners casting side glances in his direction.

“Rough night, Spooky?” an agent he didn’t recognize mocked as Mulder exited the elevator to the sixth floor.

“I didn’t know little green men took swings at people,” another agent added as the elevator doors shut behind him.

The punch to the face he had received for kissing the 1939 version of Scully was healing nicely but it was still slightly noticeable.

“Gray,” he muttered already feeling like this Monday had gone on long enough. He had to find Scully and fast.

His hope renewed itself when he saw a flash of familiar auburn hair among the sea of employees. He tried to catch up to her but the obstacle course of bullpen members slowed him down. All too quickly, his hopefulness was dashed when he spotted the same redhead go into the women’s restroom.


“Looking for the missus?” a cheerful voice offered from behind which Mulder ignored with a slight groan when he recognized who it was. “She’s down the hallway.”

Agent Caswell was the type to utilize Mulder when he needed something such as fodder for office gossip or a profile on a subject. His intentions for a friendly rapport were transparent and shallow.  Caswell called him Spooky behind his back and lived in the camp that believed Mulder and Scully were sleeping together.

It was a rumor that Mulder would gladly make truth. What had happened, or what had not happened, outside his hallway kept him up at night and further ignited the fervor of his fantasies. However, returning from their ordeal and not addressing what had almost occurred showed just how complicated things were between him and his enigmatic partner. People like Caswell wouldn’t understand that what he had and felt for Scully wasn’t just about sex. If he ever found the opportunity to get Scully into bed, he expected it to be forever. She was his ‘happily ever after.’

“Hallway you said?” Mulder repeated pointing to his left and the other man nodded as if the information would be leading Mulder to a tryst with Scully in that instant. He glared at Caswell for his misconstruing of the facts about them. “Thanks.”

He made his way down the hall and scooped the tangerine out of his coat pocket in anticipation. His hand covered it whole so there was still an element of surprise. His eyes darted all over the place searching for her but turned up nothing. He glanced down and made a face at the fruit in his hand as if it would offer further instruction to her whereabouts. Suddenly he came into contact with someone else as their shoulders collided.

“Oh!” exclaimed a woman’s voice but it didn’t belong to the one he was looking for. “Fox, is everything alright?”

Diana Fowley looked more than happy to see him yet attuned to his agitated state. Mulder didn’t have time to exchange pleasantries.

“Yeah,” he provided hurriedly. “Have you seen Scully?”

“Has she still not been able to find you?” she noted with a slight laugh. “She made quite a scene on Thursday.”

Mulder narrowed his eyes pensively and excitement coursed through him at the thought that during this whole time Scully was just as eagerly searching for him.

“She made a scene?” he asked with a smile playing on his lips.

“She barged into Kersh’s office, threatened Agent Spender and A.D. Skinner scolded her outside an elevator,” she said with another laugh. “It was all anyone was talking about on Friday.”

“Oh, that’s funny she didn’t mention anything when we-,” he started but decided he didn’t want to get into the details of his hospital stay.

She narrowed her eyes at him. “When you…?”

He shrugged slightly indicating that he wasn’t going to add anything else.  

“With the way she behaved, I doubt you can get the X-Files back,” she reproached.

“It’s my fault,” he defended right away. “She’s my partner and Scully was only trying to help me. She’s always had my back and if it weren’t for her-”

“I only have your best interest in mind,” she cut him off. Her hand reached for his but came into contact with the tangerine instead. “What’s this?”

He tossed the fruit up in the air and caught it with the same hand. “A tangerine.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and looked irritated at him for stating the obvious. He shrugged and made a face at her indicating that she was the one who had asked.

“Since when do you like those?” she questioned and there was another hint of disapproval in her tone.

That summed up their relationship in the past perfectly. She wouldn’t question the things that would challenge him where it counted but rather personal things like his taste in beer, clothes, and now fruit. They were the type of things that reminded him of the accusatory look in his father’s eyes as well as the disapproving but altogether indifferent expression from his mother when he told them he was joining the FBI.

“They’re sweet and I’ve been told the Vitamin C is good for my health.”

Diana stared back at him with a frown. “Fox, the only fruit you consume is the kind that comes in a plastic jug.”

He furrowed his brows in displeasure that she still recognized these type of relevant details about him. He hoped that the same things he knew about her could still be applied or his plan to get the X-Files back was doomed. He enjoyed a cup of orange sugar water now and then but he had changed in other aspects of his life. He was no longer the shell of a man she left behind for better prospects of a career. Mulder still didn’t have his sister and he had lost his life’s work, but he was a whole person now.

“It’s just,” he began but paused to gather his thoughts. He couldn’t forget the smile on Scully’s face and the look in her eyes when she shared why tangerines were her favorite. The fruit had been part of another treasured exchange with her father when she was a child. She had decided to let Mulder in with that little ounce of information and he valued it wholeheartedly. “Great things come in small packages.”

He tucked the tangerine back in his coat pocket and took a step to show he was returning back to his search.

“Your eye,” she interjected and touched the bruise. “Fox, what happened?”

Mulder winced from her touch and at hearing his given name one too many times in such a short period.

“It’s a long story.”

Diana reached for his hand again and began to speak when he noticed the undeniable profile of his partner by the elevator.


She pressed the button on the wall and turned in his direction, their eyes making contact. He whizzed past Diana and reached her side feeling slightly out of breath at finally having been able to find her. His hand gently grasped Scully’s elbow before reaching its destination at the small of her back. He led them inside the elevator as its open doors welcomed only the two of them.

“What was that about?” she asked curiously but there was a tension in her tone and she slightly raised her chin upward.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” he teased. He reached into his pocket and opened his hand with a similar flourish in which a magician would reveal a magic trick. “Tangerine?”

As of late, Scully had been on a bee pollen and yogurt kick and he couldn’t understand the need for that. Without the privacy that their old office provided she tended not to bring food with her and instead opted for the little cafe a few blocks away from the Hoover building.

“Thank you,” she said and looked into his eyes as she took possession of the little orange.

The expression on her face softened and he felt like he was going to get a gold star. She ducked her head and smiled, her lashes fanning over her eyes. He might as well have offered her a bouquet of flowers because it was the same reaction. It was endearing that a woman as intelligent, beautiful, and independent as she still managed to be so modest and unassuming when it came to personal things. This wasn’t the first time he brought her something that wasn’t a case file and she always reacted with a hint of ‘you shouldn’t have.’ He found it hard to believe that she wasn’t fully aware that she was constantly on his mind. At this point, saying I love you was an obvious indicator but apparently not for Scully.

“I’ve been looking all over for you. Where are you headed?”

“To meet with Agent Orosco,” she replied. “She wants to discuss the results of an autopsy.”

“Oh, she’s the one who just had…”

“Yes. A little girl,” she confirmed in a wistful tone. “It looks like I might be helping her out with her case for a few days.”

Mulder nodded and quickly decided on a plan to spend more time together.

“When do you think you’ll be done with Agent Orosco?”

“I’m not sure. Why, Mulder?”

“There’s something in Nevada I was hoping we could look at,” he said lightly as though she wouldn’t make the connection to Area 51 and government offices.

“Area 51?” she asked.

“Scully…” he whispered proudly.

“Mulder,” she intoned letting him know that this wasn’t a good idea.

“Just outside of Area 51,” he bartered.

She raised a skeptical eyebrow but her curiosity was evident. He wrapped his fingers around her wrist. When she didn’t pull away, he felt extremely grateful.

“I need you with me, Scully. As you can see I can’t be left to my own devices or…” He held up his hands in surrender and made a face indicating that he would be a goner if she didn’t come along. She looked up at him with uncertainty but he could tell she was close to complying. She licked her lips and his heart sped up. He needed to entice her further. “I’m sure there will be science things that need your attention.”


“Yeah?” he asked but continued before she could change her mind. “I’ll pick you up at seven on Wednesday. I need to sort a few things with a contact but it should be fun.”

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I read Tower of Dawn and now I’m angry

FYI, this will be a mess, because I’m determined to put as much effort into editing this post as SJM’s publishing team clearly did to get ToD out the door.

It took me almost two weeks to read Tower of Dawn, which is by far the longest it’s ever taken me to read a Sarah J Maas book. Say what you want about her (and believe me, I’m about to), but her books are damn entertaining. Sometimes for the wrong reasons. But still, so much fun to read.

ToD was… not. At all. I was in actual physical discomfort over how little I gave a shit about anything that happened in this book.

Let’s elaborate on that a little, shall we?

  • Wtf even was the culture of the southern continent supposed to be? The stuff that wasn’t straight-up copy-pasted from a Mongolian history textbook was nonsensical. It’s what TVTropes would call a Culture Chop Suey, made up of every not-northern-European culture under the sun. Before any stans grab their pitchforks, I KNOW the Mongol empire was famous for conquering a widespread variety of cultures, and allowing them to keep their traditions/faiths/etc. But let’s take “Neith” for example. That’s an Egyptian war goddess, and… the Mongols never conquered further southeast than Persia. And I don’t even know what to make of the Roman/Italian/whatever the hell “Torre Cesme” is supposed to be crap. It’s one thing to take influences from two closely related cultures when creating a fantasy one, but two cultures that were thousands of miles apart and had as little in common as Egypt and Mongolia? Or ITALY and Mongolia? That’s just a critical research failure, not to mention rather offensive, especially if other pieces of your worldbuilding are practically lifted verbatim from real life history. Cultural exchange is a very heavy, nuanced subject that deserves to be thoroughly researched and sensitively portrayed. ToD really really really really didn’t do that.  YOU CAN’T JUST PICK OUT THE “COOL” PARTS OF COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CULTURES BECAUSE YOU CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO LEARN ABOUT THEM IN ANY KIND OF MEANINGFUL DETAIL.
  • SJM also goes out of her way to tell us all about how the southern continent is SO MUCH BETTER than Adarlan. As a WOC myself, I was at first sort of glad she didn’t make it a “land of barbarians” or something like that. But the sheer saccharine perfection we got instead isn’t much better. Non-white cultures have nuances and ugly sides too, because WE’RE HUMAN CULTURES. WAITING FOR ONE OF THESE MAINSTREAM WHITE AUTHORS TO REALIZE THAT, THANKS. To sum up, the worldbuilding is shallow as fuck. The southern continent is basically just a more diverse Night Court, with giant bird riders instead of Illyrians.
  • Ahem. On the subject of sensitivity, I have complained in the past about how every damn character SJM writes is heart-stoppingly gorgeous. So many narrow waists, “considerable assets”, glistening muscles, and gemstone colored eyes to make any of my high school Mary Sues jealous. And that problem persists in ToD, don’t get me wrong—though we are introduced to one character who is not, in fact, heart-stoppingly gorgeous. And we are consistently reminded of this fact. Said character is also our token lesbian. She’s also a total asshole who ~says mean things about Aelin~. I am the only one who thinks this is kind of weird?
  • I’m not even going to talk about Chaol’s magical healing because it’s been covered by people far more knowledgeable than I on that subject. I’ll just say it surprised me not at all, and fuck you.
  • A lot of the discourse on sexism, rape, immigration, racism, etc. feels copy-pasted from social justice twitter threads. There’s one especially cringe-inducing scene where Kale and Irene discuss the servants providing the royals with sexual favors, and “how it can ever be true consent” (hint: it’s not). They go OUT OF THEIR WAY to explain why it’s justifiable—“don’t worry readers, the southern continent is still perfect.” It’s just weird and awkward and feels hella unrealistic for this setting.

Now before y’all decry me as a whiny social justice warrior who’s just looking for reasons to be offended, let me move on to why even if it HAD been written with a modicum of sensitivity, ToD would still be a trainwreck of a book.

  • It’s predictable as shit. Magical healing and boring-as-hell romances aside, even. Show of hands: when the five royal siblings were introduced, how many of you immediately picked out that Sartaq would be the heir? Purely because he’s the sexy warrior prince? This is also a huge personal pet peeve of mine: historically, military leaders have not made very good heads of state. Alexander the Great was shitty at everything except conquest. How the fuck is fucking Sartaq, who spends his life flying giant birds and fighting, better suited to rule than Arghun or Hasar, who actually seem to know things about politics? AND SPEAKING OF Arghun. Why are non-warrior dudes in SJM books always villainized? It’s sexist and gross, implying that men who don’t fight are weak and/or cruel.
  • There is SO MUCH info dumping. Scenes, especially toward the beginning of the book, would routinely get interrupted to provide us with backstory NO ONE ASKED FOR.
  • So much vague description of feelings—lots of ellipses and sudden stops before we can actually get to the point. You “couldn’t” WHAT, Irene? You felt WHAT? Also, “holy gods” is not an effective stand-in for emotionally evocative prose, sorry.
  • Idgaf about any of the characters. Kale is still the whiny asshole SJM turned him into to make room for Prince Toxic Masculinity, Irene is a less-interesting version of Sorscha, and I swear Nesryn has no personality to speak of beyond “loves her sister’s kids” and “wants to explore the southern continent”. Riveting.
  • CAN WE STOP PRAISING AELIN EVERY GODDAMN PAGE, FOR GOD’S SAKE. WHAT IS SJM TRYING TO PROVE? I mean, come on. Irene literally thinks she’s a goddess. It’s less a compelling story than a complete mess where I’m thinking “take a drink every time we’re reminded that Aelin Is The Greatest.”
  • The spiders are a blatant LoTR knockoff. I’m pretty sure the line about an “ancient malice stirring” (and actually a lot of the spiders’ society, behavior, etc.) comes straight from the Hobbit movies (and of ALL THE THINGS to rip off?!?!)
  • The characters keep swearing “low and creative” or “filthily” or some variant of those. Could you tell us WHAT they swear by? Aside from being an editing fail, it’s a missed opportunity for more worldbuilding that’s not just more vagueness or half-assed references.
  • I am in fact convinced that nobody edited this book. I’ve edited for pay, and by page 50 I was mad at myself for getting the e-book because I wanted to shred everything with my red pen. Recycled turns of phrase, infodumping, overuse of ellipses and em dashes, blatant ripoffs of better stories… oh, and the elephant in the room: IN NO UNIVERSE DID THIS NEED TO BE A 700 PAGE BOOK. It’s approximately 550 pages of pure filler–the only thing of relevance to the larger series is Maeve’s backstory. Thank the gods we’re almost done with this series.

I haven’t seen any talk at all on my dash about the latest SU ep, Rocknaldo, which is unusual. I’ve just seen a few people mentioning in tags that they didn’t like it. I actually kind of did though. It was a little painful to watch at first, mainly over secondhand embarrassment, but I I liked what the overall thrust of the episode was. 

I felt like this episode put an appreciable spin on a trope that has always frustrated me. I remember growing up I saw a lot of shows that would feature an episode where:

  1. An incompetent/clumsy/unaware/unhelpful character would decide, for whatever reason, that they wanted to help the main character
  2. The main character, wanting to be nice/supportive, would give them a chance 
  3. The character would then promptly and repeatedly screw everything up, ruining plans, messing up things the main character worked hard on, breaking stuff, humiliating the main character, and general things like that 
  4. The main character would eventually snap and yell at them
  5. The character would get super sad and everyone else would get mad at the main character for being so mean when the other person was just trying to help 
  6. The main character would apologize for being a jerk and that would be the end (because apparently doing bad things doesn’t matter if you’re not trying to hurt people) 

Rocknaldo was different. It started the same, but the ending was different. We had Steven being happy that Ronaldo wanted to get involved and help the Crystal Gems. But as we saw, Ronaldo quickly got passive aggressive and mopey and started guilting Steven as soon as things stopped being about him. And then Steven snapped at him, like how these kinds of episodes always go. But instead of that being treated as the sole issue, Steven came back and asserted that even though he shouldn’t have snapped at him, Ronaldo was still being a jerk and that he had a right to stand up for himself and tell Ronaldo to knock it off. 

In Ronaldo’s case, it wasn’t so much that he tried to help and messed things up in the process, but rather he was only even interested in “helping” in the first place because of his own fantasies/expectations about how awesome it would be for him to be a Crystal Gem. And he put down a kid years younger than him for not giving him everything he wanted, and Steven stood up for himself and called him out on it. I liked that both Steven and the narrative of the episode argued, “Yes, we are trying to teach and practice love and acceptance–but being loving and accepting doesn’t mean that people need to love and accept others hurting and disrespecting them.” Like, that’s a relevant subject given that we live in a world were there are people who go around arguing that being “tolerant” and “accepting” means tolerating and respecting other people’s bigotry and prejudice (it doesn’t). 

I understand if people didn’t enjoy the episode. It was hardly one of their best and it was certainly uncomfortable at times. (Also CN probably shouldn’t have put out that fake new gem promo which gave some people false hopes.) But there were still parts that made me laugh and overall I appreciated the message the episode was trying to send 

The Promise is a sweeping romantic epic in the tradition of Dr. Zhivago, its lavish budget denoted by its stars, Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale. It includes a scene unlikely to be equalled in importance this year. It is 1915, and Mikael (Isaac) has slipped back through lines of marauding Turkish troops towards his home village, hoping to rescue his family. Instead, he finds the villagers piled like rubbish by a river, the female corpses’ headscarves a futile effort at modesty. The wooded setting could be a Belorussian forest in 1941, in one of the souvenir photos Nazis snapped of the Jewish Holocaust.

But these are Armenians, the Christian minority who lost 1.5 million to systematic extermination by the Ottoman Turkish government in World War One. The term “genocide” was coined by Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin in 1944 to describe the Armenians’ destruction, when its pre-echo of ongoing Nazi slaughter was clear. And yet this is the first time a major film has shown audiences what happened. After 102 years, its visceral impact finally pierces the silence.

Isaac, who made his name as the failed folk-singer anti-hero of the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis (2013), and found true fame as dashing, sexually ambiguous X-wing fighter pilot Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and its upcoming sequel, felt the scene’s impact when he read it.

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anonymous asked:

you have witch powers? i've always been fascinated with "paranormal" stuff, including magic, so i was wondering if u could tell me stuff about it. is magic real? what kind of stuff did ur grandma do? are ghosts and spirits real too? what kinds of spells can witches cast? is it like supernatural? sorry if i'm asking a lot of questions i'm just so fascinated and curious. i didn't even know witches were like, legit until i read ur tags, i just thought that people back then said that so they had 1/2

2/2 a reason to burn a woman they didn’t like. ok now i’m rambling but in short, what can u tell me about witch stuff? i’m just asking cause i’m really curious :)

(about my tags on this)

#whenever phil gets out the tarot cards and pulls something scarily accurate i’m just like…. yes…. good…show us your witch powers…… #(my own experience with tarot? so reassuring. and calming. it’s like asking for a friend’s advice but that friend is your own brain.) #also my great grandmother was a witch by profession and i definitely got some of her magic #i have not yet learned to recognise a feeling when i feel it.. but when stuff happens later i’m like OH THAT WAS MY MYSTERIOUS FEELING #one of our sheep died a week or so ago.. and for two days straight i was outside in the middle of the night staring at the moon #and wondering why i felt death in the air #and the rain made me cry and it felt like release but i didn’t know why #and i immediately started worrying about our sheep but didn’t follow up to see if they were okay #then two days later my mother comes in and tells me one of our sheep died and two days ago had given my mother “the death look” #if you’ve never seen someone or something die… there’s this look they have that’s like a disgraced peacefulness and self-awareness #but basically i knew the sheep was gonna die without any reason for me to think that #and i need to learn to follow up on my instincts because they’re ever-present and i never know when it’s a psychic thing or random anxiety #disclaimer: IS IT ALL BULLSHIT who knows? but science doesn’t know a whole lot about a lot of things and this stuff is natural to me #so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

okay!! i was expecting someone to ask, so here goes. (in case anyone’s wondering, this is a personal post, and no, i’m not making this stuff up.) (feel free to reblog if you want. but it’s so goddamn long aaah)

first off, an opinion: whether or not you believe magic is real in this world is entirely related to whether or not it is real. at least in my books. magic/paramormal stuff can always be observed, but if you don’t believe it’s anything beyond coincidence or skilled trickery, it’s not gonna impact you.

i do believe in ghosts (or djinns, or something else human-like), but in my experience they don’t really do anything except exist in some other realm and occasionally become visible when i’m at my most lucid, at that point between waking and sleeping. most people (myself included) would say it’s just a hallucination. but like…. who’s to say it isn’t real, just in a way we as humans don’t yet understand? y’know?

the most interesting ghost sighting i’ve experienced was when i was fully awake, not hallucinating. i was in a car with my sister, my sister’s friend, and her mother - and we drove over a bridge, and i saw a fritzing semi-translucent black figure walking along the peak. i looked back and it was gone. it wasn’t scary, it was just really cool. i saw that with my own two eyes, i have zero doubt i saw it, and for that moment, it was there.

other times i’ve seen things pass through walls, or felt presences in the room that vanish when i look. i get deja vu maybe once a week. the ability comes and goes in phases, switched on and off whenever i tell someone about it. it’s like that part of my brain gets really shy and goes into hiding when it’s mentioned.

sometimes it can be pretty powerful. there’ve been moments when a deja vu begins, i remember it from a dream, fast-forward through the memory to remember what happens, and i get ahead of present time, so i predict what’s in front of me by about one to three seconds. usually it’s snippets of conversation, or my hands moving to complete an action, or words i’m typing. (let me tell you, it’s so freaking bizarre when you’re consciously typing, thinking about what you’re typing, and simultaneously remembering typing it before, and knowing what you’re about to type despite not yet knowing. and then seeing it happen. i think a lot of people reading this would be like “what?” but i know there’s someone out there who knows exactly what i mean)

for a long time in my teenage years i told people i’d see coloured figures, like auras without physical people, just hanging around out there in the world, but due to health issues a lot of my teenage memories are gone, and the only memory i have of that stuff is the recollection of me telling people about it, and remembering it while telling people. it’s really weird. i sometimes think maybe i made that up?? but i don’t understand why i’d do that when i do actually see other things sometimes.

once, my family visited this old historic building, and i remember seeing a woman in a maid’s outfit duck through a doorway. but she wasn’t actually there. so. idk.

my great-grandmother (or great-great grandmother?) on my mother’s side used to sell love spells to the people in her Indian village. my mother told me about it when i was little. my [great] great grandmother would write a spell on parchment, and the client had to go home and burn it in their fire. and she would curse people, in exchange for payment. that’s all i know about that. but my grandmother (also on my mother’s side) used to have some kind of power, i never got to ask about it while she was still alive. (she was an awesome woman. one of the first women in her country and generation to go to university.)

personally, having been raised as a muslim, i always felt really disconnected from the culture and practices of the religion, even though i believe in the supernatural aspects of it right down to my core. that’s despite my ultimate acknowledgement of facts being deeply rooted in hard science. recently (like, in the past few months) i’ve started to rediscover my faith - directly following on from a quiet interest in the pinterest & instagram aesthetics of paganism and new age magic, which as a concept i was never really sure about. i just really liked how it looked. basically, it clicked in my brain that islamic prayers could, in essence, just be spells. you gotta take everything with a grain of salt. they might not work. but that’s the beauty of it.

a few weeks ago i stumbled across a prayer on tumblr, and read its intended purpose: “Allah will grant whoever recites this seven times in the morning or evening whatever he desires from this world or the next”.

and… i started to think, maybe the purpose is not to actually do that. nothing ought to be a get-out-of-jail-free/do-this-and-your-life-is-made type thing. maybe the purpose is to make you believe nothing can go wrong. and that every bad thing that happens–? it happens so that you can learn from it. and eventually, after many things change, you realise what you desire was not the thing you thought you desired. (idk how to explain that. an example from my life: i really wanted to be a veterinarian growing up. then i got sick, dropped out of school. and now i’m a writer. i want to be a writer more than i ever wanted to be a vet. i had to get sick and my life had to fall apart before i could discover that. writing was never something i’d have considered before.)

my point is, if you believe everything that happens to you will ultimately be a good thing, bad things don’t hurt so much.

and if you take something as a sign, it’s a sign. it’s just your own brain taking hints from the world around you and using them to conjure up a decision. if you wanna believe it’s magic, it is.

personally i like protection prayers/spells and just…generally positive ones. i say prayers for sick friends, people who i see on my tumblr dash who are having a bad time, and if i see or hear about disasters or worldwide events. i’m not expecting it to have a visible impact, but like.. what’s the harm? at the very least it makes me feel like i did something if i don’t have money to give, or i can’t be there with a friend, or the world is falling apart and i’m helpless. praying or saying a spell is just hoping, really, really hard. if some greater being is out there, listening? cool. (but what if god doesn’t wanna do anything? maybe it’s like my cupcake theory. god puts the ingredients in a baking tray, shoves it in the oven, forgets about it. the universe rises as a cupcake. god made it. but the universe is doing its own damn thing.)

regarding tarot cards: again, it’s self-reflection. you can believe answers come from outside influences, but it’s easily just as much about interpreting generic advice and making it mean something to you. but personally i’ve drawn random cards, and known that no other card in the deck would’ve been as relevant at that moment. i’ve used tarot cards to determine the endings for my stories, and coincidentally pulled cards that directly represent my title characters.

one time i was thinking about my fic “The Moonlighter and the Magician” and the card i pulled first was The Magician. and i was like gee thanks tarot cards that’s helpful. (but actually? it meant those cards were on the same wavelength as me. think about it. 78 cards, there’s a one in 78 chance i pull that one on my first try.)

apart from my wonky first-ever tarot readings with the Rider-Waite travel-size tarot deck (which belonged to my mother), i’ve never pulled anything that didn’t eventually make sense. i use The Wild Unknown cards now, i relate to them so much more. plus they’re mine, not borrowed or abandoned for years, which probably helps. (buying those cards was the most money i ever spent on anything. i don’t regret it.)

is any of this like the show ‘supernatural’? not really. the closest i can say my experiences have come to the show would be the episode “faith”. just, the whole episode. it doesn’t matter if it’s the real deal, so long as it works. and boy, does it work for me. and a lot of other people.

like i said, all the spirit-like entities i’ve encountered have been perfectly benign. no monsters, except things i’m pretty sure are nightmares.

but on that note, i take a lot of things to help me sleep. if i didn’t, i’d be waking up screaming night and day (i hit whistle register while screaming, once). i see faces in the dark and creatures in my bedroom, even when my eyes are closed and i’m awake. i sleep with a light on, and i prefer to sleep in the day. i cannot even deal with the presences in my room.

for that matter, my room is definitely the most presence-heavy room in the house. now, although it’s obviously just in a drafty area, i feel the cold spots. all. the. time. i’m feeling one right now as i type this. the door and window are both closed. the heater is always on. the draft comes from the same corner of the ceiling my cat stares at when she’s “staring into space”. there’s definitely something there, but it legit doesn’t bother me. it watches me get dressed sometimes, but it’s not weird about it. like i said, benign.

i feel energy everywhere i go. i can’t stay in my family’s open plan living room comfortably for more than a few minutes, because that room is filled with people and pets coming and going all freaking day, and even when it’s empty, it’s so LOUD. there’s vibrations and voices coming out of the walls, because the house absorbs it all. as a generally tired person, that room exhausts me. i can only stay there if i have social energy. (yes, even an empty room.)

i am so, so sensitive to people’s moods and the energy they let out (to the point where i burst out screaming if i see a negative microexpression during a personal conversation). i find phone calls very difficult, not just because of social anxiety, but because i can’t sense energy as easily as i want to, and is natural for me. skype calls aren’t the same as being there in person. a lot of this could also be autism-related, but nearly everything about me is autism-related, because i’m autistic. go figure.

one time, the day i had my first period, i passed out in a maths exam. all the other times in my life, i’ve seen black or maybe red when i passed out, but this time it was a striking cobalt blue. and i heard SO MANY VOICES, i thought the whole classroom was full of people shouting. my P.E. teacher was observing that exam, she carried me out of the room and lay me on the floor outside. i told her about the voices, she looked at me in confusion and said “there were no voices?? the whole room was silent for the exam.” obviously that was a weird day, but given the amount of times i’ve lost conciousness in my life, before and after that day, i know the warm muggy feeling of slipping away, and i guarantee that one was just a little bit not-normal.

my cat Wilson follows me everywhere. if you’ve ever seen a picture of a witch and her familiar, that’s me and Wilson. she leaves the house if i leave, and she’ll walk down the road beside me to make sure i stay safe. she only lets me leave completely if i go in a car, but even then, she tries to come too. i know what she says when she talks. she speaks in words for me. it translates naturally in my head without a thinking process.

there was this one time when i was about 15 my parents took me to an after-hours medical centre because apparently i was ~speaking in tongues~ or whatever. i don’t remember it, i remember ‘waking up’ with a doctor’s flashlight in my eyes, crying, then holding my sister’s hand as we looked at the fish in the fishtank afterwards. i can’t say how legit that is because i just.. don’t remember it.

one time as a kid, i am absolutely sure i was possessed for about 30 seconds. i was walking down the street on a balmy English afternoon, pine needles scattered underfoot, with my elderly grandmother (paternal), my grandfather, and my sister. i must’ve been 6 or 7? and a streak of evil just bolted through me. and i stuck out my foot and my grandmother fell flat on her face. my grandfather tried to help her up, a car driving by pulled up and asked if they needed help, grandfather said no, and got her back to her feet. i can’t remember if i felt remorse. i think i just knew instinctively that it wasn’t me who did it. but like.. i wasn’t just A Nice Kid, okay, i was The Nicest Kid. i just don’t do things like that. ever. especially not to a kind and generous grandmother who i love so very dearly. i never had before, and i never have since. that’s the single most evil thing i’ve ever done in my life and it came out of nowhere. being more aware now, i think it was a djinn (aka a demon in christian beliefs, i think). they’re known for being mischievous. (my grandmother was fine, by the way. this is the first time i’ve told anyone about this.) now i think about it, i remember cobalt blue behind my eyes then, too.

whoops, this is a really long post now. but uh… basically, i’ve just always been open to feeling these things, and believing in what i sense for myself, without subscribing to whether or not the science has been done yet. in fact, i think i’m open to it because i experienced the same stuff when i was young. the energy i feel is very much real to me, completely tangible. i’ve never been able to see auras, but i feel them on some people. i think just being open to feeling something makes it more likely to come to you. i try not to ignore my instincts (because they’re always right. always.) but i find it’s super hard to distinguish between anxiety (which i feel often) and magical ability (which is far less commonly felt). also sometimes the instinct is so faint it doesn’t even become a passing thought, just a blur of something i half-considered. but in hindsight i realise what it ought to have been, had i paid proper attention.

i can comfortably manage to go outside in bare feet, shut my eyes and let the moonlight do its thing. it has an immensely powerful energy, i always feel cleaner inside when i go back in. (my cat Wilson sometimes asks me to go outside with her when there’s a full moon. almost every night, especially on warm nights, but even freezing ones, we can just stand out there for an hour together. watching the moon set is transcendent. far more so than a sunset.)

right now, due to years of bad health, i have to force some natural abilities away (like the nightmares) because they’re too much for me to handle. i think as i recover, over time it’ll be easier for me to accept that stuff back into my life.

oh, one more thing, regarding my health - i have celiac disease, which has kept me essentially bedridden for the last 7+ years - WHICH BY THE WAY, my family spent literally 9 years trying to diagnose. my doctor kept doing an anaemia test, telling me there was nothing wrong with me and sending me back to school. i saw various specialists, herbalists, a naturopath, physiotherapists, cardiologists, had an MRI scan, saw family counsellors, school counsellors, a hypnotist, etc etc - basically consulted every medical professional under the sun when a simple blood test would’ve done it. stupid misogynistic doctor who thinks all teenage girls fake it to get out of school.

but one thing we did do was visit a psychic, who told me i had something called a candida. my dad, a sceptic and nonbeliever, googled it and said it was “some kind of magical thing in the gut”, and was therefore bullshit, so we continued the search for a diagnosis. years later - years - after a change of doctor (who i chose because i got a good vibe from her picture) we find out it’s celiac disease, a disease of the gut. of the hundreds of people we saw, the only ones to even pinpoint the right body part were the psychics. i googled candida just now and guess what? literally celiac disease. this woman diagnosed me with celiac disease by kneeling at my feet, holding my hand, and shutting her eyes for 30 seconds.

for the record, slightly off topic, i know very few men in real life, and this is what the men in my life have been. my doctor, dismissing me as a liar because i was a teenage girl. and my father, dismissing my declining health as “not trying hard enough”, even now, more than a year after i was diagnosed by a doctor. i think this is why i take refuge with male fictional characters. they’re better. i want them to be soft and understanding like the men i’ve never known.

anyway, this is the part of my life’s story i never really pieced together until right now. it’s a lot, more than i expected. i happily call myself a witch. most of my magic goes into my stories, and i think a lot of people who read them feel it, even if they translate it as passion or love or good vibes or something. the amazing comments i get would speak to that. i love the energy i get from comments, because it does come through in typed words, even if it’s much fainter than seeing people face-to-face. some comments just hit me with waves of goodness, even if the words themselves aren’t so powerful. so i really appreciate that stuff. it’s good stuff.

yep. that’s all. i hope this satisfies your curiosity, anon!!! <3

Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection - Localization Blog #2

“Rally-ho, true believers!” I shout, swinging into the grand hall on a chandelier, interrupting the fancy party. Everything stops as eyes are focused solely on me – on my roguish good looks, my brand-name tabard, my elk leather highboots. I somersault to the floor, landing on my feet with a flourish and a bow. “I know you must have thought this high society gathering dreadfully dull without me here to tell you about the intricacies of composing prose for novel electronic amusements, so I’ve come to enlighten and entertain thee. Also, did you know all the food here is free? My pockets are full of cocktail wieners right now.”

Indeed, it’s an honor to see you again, dear readers. I hope you enjoyed my previous blog about the upcoming PC release of Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection. As a small refresher, it served as something of an introduction to Zwei: II as a game – what it’s all about, its two main characters, the setup of the story, and its battle and leveling system. You can think of it as a sampler platter to give you a taste of why this game’s cool.

Do a barrel roll

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anonymous asked:

Could you explain the whole obsession with sansa and the hound? i don't get why that relationship is so romanticized at all...

Well, a romantic subtext is indeed present in the books when it comes to Sansa and the Hound. While in the show their relationship was never romanticized (maybe you’re a show watcher?) and the age difference between the two characters is too big, in the books the romanticization is undeniably there.

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The Strange Case of Dr. Jones and Mr. Hector

I was hanging out in one of @fighteramy‘s streams and she played a song from the Jekyll and Hyde musical, which then caused me to listen to the whole soundtrack from the musical and instantly become obsessed with it, which then led to me re-reading the entirety of the original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (it’s only 96 pages and you can find it online), and long story short, here’s a Lab Buddies fic in the style of Robert Louis Stevenson.

Pain was not the whole of what Lalna had retrieved from the memory upload, but it was a large part, and by far the most palatable. At first he had not noticed the rest, or at least not remarked upon it; it came in fits and sputters, like rain upon a window, and at first left as much impression. He had known, of course, about the murders; had kept a tremendously close eye on them, both as a matter of personal interest and out of regard for scientific professionalism; and he had at times been taken by flights of dream or fancy wherein he would picture the scene as it must have fallen out. These brought him no pleasure, or if they did, he quickly quashed it or assigned it a more noble source; curiosity, perhaps, was responsible, or a delight in the impossibly tangled question of how such a monstrous Athena could have sprung, fully formed, from the restrained and laconic forehead of Dr. Jones.

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Into the Wild: Prologue

The dark river warbled quietly as it whisked between its stony bedding, its swift ripples reflecting silver from the half-moon’s bright and ominous glow. A soft breeze whispered through the tall, bushy oaks of ThunderClan’s territory, lightly ruffling Tigerclaw’s brown, tabby fur as it gently brushed past him.

“I’m surprised RiverClan has been so quiet, considering Crookedstar’s threat at the last Gathering,” Redtail, ThunderClan’s deputy, mused aloud to the rest of his patrol. The small tom’s pink-and-black nose was in the air, his jaw slacked as he tested the wind for any trace of their rival Clan.

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 Recap Pt. 3

WARNINGS:SPOILERS; not a D@€n€r¥$ fan; Jonsa shipper ( I still believe)


6.- Back on Eastwatch, we have this morons trying to not freeze, too late for Thoros tho, I mean dude was a walking corpse since the Hound had his fire vision, he was completely obtuse for the plot so they got rid of him. I feel nothing. Guess his conversation with Jorah (that I totally skipped cuz boring) was heartwarmming but still I knew he was dead as soon as the bear got him. They burn his body with his own alcohol.

7.- An invitation arrives for Sansa to go to KL, amd she is like LMAO I think no you trick ass bitch, my girl is not an idiot and there is no way in hell she’ll go, if Cersei wants to make her prisioner again she can damn well bring her ass to the North and try, and she sends Brienne in her stead, Brienne doesn’t want to leave her on her own with LF, Sansa has to snap and her and basically throw her on the street to get her to go (god Jon is gonna have a hissy fit when he sees Brienne at KL and knows Sansa is alone at WF with LF) very wise decision knowing LF wanted to get Brienne tagled up on his schemes.

8.- In Dragonstone Tyrion is trying to stop D from going to the rescue cuz he doesn’t want her to die even tho he is fine with the man that volunteered for this stupid ass mission that was his idea dying (consistent characterization where art thou?) but she goes anyway cuz #YOLO

Also this unsubtle shift to white clothes now that she is gonna do an heroic thing, she honestly looks kinda like Elsa from Frozen, where does she get this clothes anyway, did she brought a new wardrobe from Essos? Are the Dothraki sewing and knitting clothes??

Where are the Unsullied and the Greyjoys????

7.- Yeah so they just kinda waiting around for their Uber, but the Hound is taking none of this boring but safe bull, let’s throw rocks at the wights for funnsies. So he does and the wights get angry? Annoyed? Who knows really? And they begin to close in our heroes.

Jon thinks they’re doomed without D’s help but Beric points put that not really (Beric and his sexy ass voice are winning me over)“as long as they kill the Night King everyone else is gonna be detroyed (this sounds waaaaaay to convinient, almost as if d&d want to get rid of the WW as fast as possible so they can focus on the political/human problems) but Jon is not so optimist.
So yeah we get some fighting in, and things are beginning to look real bad for the Wight Hunters when boom Khaliisi comes in rising and burning wights (and ice) as she goes! They are saved OMG what a relief! (excuse my sarcastic ass) everyone is getting on the Dragon choo choo, except Jon (guess we’re saving the dragon riding for laters) who keeps on fighting.

Now I guess this is relevant, he thought they were doomed until D arrives, she is burning her way through th wights like you couldn’t believe and Jon is visibly relieved, he is getting the hope that maybe they can win this war, he is clearly trying to fight his way to the NK, I thought he wanted to end it right there, go for the NK and be done with it that is why he refuses to go.

Now his hopes get dashed away when NK throws at spear at Viserion and kills him, now I’m really worried, did I broke something inside me? Why is it that I don’t care? Oh right we never got a scene with Viserion alone, if he had bonded with Jon last episode instead of Drogon (Jon still thought this giant lizards ugly af tho) then Hey maybe I could have cared, but this feels like super dramatic and emotionally manipulative from the writers tbh. I feel the whole purpose of killing him off was to have “Cool Ice Dragon” and for some rushed J/D moment (I have a lot to say about it) D is stunned by grief I guess? Jon gets angry but I don’t think it’s cuz he cared about the dragon or for D, i mean of course he must have felt sympathy for her she stated that she loved them just last episode, but i think his rage comes from the frustration of knowing he can’t end this right now, he can’t prevent more people from dying and now with a dragon in the army of the dead…

So yeah Jon tells them to go away cuz the crazy ass bitch wants to die I guess, and he doesn’t want anymore Dragons joining the wights.

The lake gives away, but Jon comes out of the water freezing to death, the Wights surround him but he is too weak to fight, when BAM! Magical convinient Uncle Ben saves him, Jon is clearly surprised and emotional at seeing the uncle he loved so much and thought to be dead (dammit those Starks are hard to kill) but Benjen is having none of that cuz he has to be a martyr saving your ass Jon! So he gives his stupid ass nephew his horse, Jon gallops away while seeing his uncle dying (OK my emotions are back, I love uncle Ben even if D&D made him this protagonist characters convinient saviour).

8.- Back at Eastwatch, you know the actual castle, D is waiting for Jon looking hopefully at the horizon, while Jorah is trying to save her the heartache (I mean if this had any realism anymore Jon would be totes dead) but here he comes riding and all that jazz.

Before we dive into that scene (you know which) I’d like to stablish some thoughts:

-I believe D’s feelings for Jon are real, but they are not based in real things. First let’s ask ourselves why is she even in love (if we can call it that at this point) with him? She is clearly attracted yes, but Love is different than lust, so yeah he is a great guy I guess? But she hasn’t really seen him at that, everything she knows about him is based on the stuff Tyrion knows about him: his brothers are dead, as well as his father,he was at the Wall, he has a wolf?? I dunno if Tyrion mentioned that cuz the only one who remembers Ghost exists is Sansa, and the mystery about the dagger to the heart. And that’s where I think this fixiation comes from, this man could be her equal he is not afraid of her and stands his ground (on her POV) and maybe he is as magical as she is, Drogon let the man pet him!!!

But what she sees vs what actually is, shows she doesn’t know this man at all, what’s more Jon doesn’t want her to know him.

-She talks to him about her brothers when she is telling him the names of her Dragons, perfect oportunity for Jon to talk about Robb,Rickon and Bran(Jon thought he was dead as well) but doesn’t.

-She is talking about Ned on her big speech on their meeting, yet Jon his biggest admirer didn’t jump to defend his beloved father??

-When she is talking about her Dragons he could have very well mentioned Ghost yet he didn’t

-Davos jumped to defend him, and was telling D all Jon went through but Jon stopped him, she asked directly about the dagger to the heart and he said nothing.

-She was happy for him when he finds out his siblings aren’t dead, but Jon doesn’t show any emotion about it.

-As a matter of fact he never símiles or seems at ease in her presence. Fuck it even jondry has more build up in their two episodes together. Jon smiled at Gendry and talks with him about Ned. (not to mention Sansa, she makes him smile like no other.

It all feels almost like he has no goddamned interest in getting to know her (she is always the one to share this information without him asking) as a person, he doesn’t want her to know him. Why???

Reminds me about this quote:

“When you are attracted to people, it’s because of the details. Their kindness. Their eyes. The fact that they can get you to laugh when you need it the most.”

- Jodi Picoult, Sing You Home

Jon has never laughed or smiled near D, and that’s the most telling stuff about this whole romance debacle in my humble opinion.

9.- Boat time! so Jon is just waking up (I knew my son didn’t decided for himself to ditch WF and go to KL instead) and D is there (no I was just joking about the Twil1ght and 50s0g last week stop staring at people while they are asleep and shirtless is creepy) Honestly her eyes when she saw the scars on his chest made me uncomfortable (I could practically see her delusions about how magical Jon is and barfed, cuz yeah Jon is pretty magical, but the amazing thing about him is that he wants none of that he doesn’t want t be a hero or a god, hells he didn’t even wanted to be King!!) Anyway Jon’s eyes focus on her and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is that he is sorry about Viserion?For real? Uncle Ben died to save you and you care about this? Of course not! Have some faith in Jon ffs! Goddamn it he got killed by the NW when he rushed from his office cuz Uncle Ben had returned!!! He loved uncle Ben, why would he care about Viserion?? He does not! This is another ‘they are gorgeous beasts” he is bullshiting her so hard it’s obvious.

She thinks he is her equal and defy her and all that jazz, but in all their interactions (except that time he said I am King to get away from DS) he caters to her, he is never sincere with her, for he has learned she doesn’t listen.

She says she’ll fight the WW and about how the dragon are the only children she’ll ever have, doesn’t mention a thing about kneeling everything seems almost too perfect, so why would Jon bullshit her?? Maybe I am just a salty shipper, but point is I don’t think Jon trusts D a lot, oh yes he talked about trust when he wanted to get away from DS, and he did show trust going to meet her without weapons or a proper guard, but I stand by what I said last week she betrayed that trust the moment she called him a rebell and took his boat making him prisioner in all but name, not to mentionhe saw in frist row how she blamed Tyrion(her hand) for things going wrong and he doesn’t have the luxury of having her turn on him, she is alright now but if another Dragon or one of her friends died what then? She could just go back to Essos, he can’t afford that.

So he calls her Dany, and she laughs (bitch me too the fuck) but he doesn’t smile at all, and he takes her hand, this gave me serious flashbacks of the Jonsa scene Back on S6 when Sansa takes his hand, or the scene from 7x01 when she takes his arm and he looks down, just his time positions are reverted, Jon is the one touching D (this gesture he has come to learn is very effective to have someone listen to you) and D looks down on their joined hands but Jon doesn’t, he looks almost pained and guilty (he is an awful liar) Jon goes as far as to call her my Queen and saying he would bend. Seriously y'all think he was being sincere, why would he go from calling her stranger just last episode to being all Dany my Queen with no development in between the very next? No this doesn’t make sense at all.

Why do you all think all this random ass conversations about Honor=Dead and “bending the knee is OK if you do it for your people’s life” if not to foreshadow this? Jon himself said he went on the mission for the North, why would he seriously ditch his family and people for someone he just met? You can scream he is attracted to her all you want, I personaly don’t see it, but it’s a disservice to Jon to think he could mean any of this, he is not above using sex and romantic feelings (Ygritte) to do his duty, even if he developed feelings in the last situation he choose his duty and he will again because he loves Winterfell and he loves the Stark shipping aside. It would be ridiculous to have Lord Glover talking about foreing whores, Sansa warning about to be smarter than Robb and Ned, Tormund going on and on about Mance’s pride, Jorah and Jon’s conversations about Jeor and Ned and Beric talk about how thrones and Queens don’t matter if Jon is suddenly gonna forsake it all in the name of a love we have no proof but Tyrion’s and D&D’s words (that we shouldn’t trust cuz it’s not likely they would give away such a twist) that it exists at all.

D eats it all up (I kinda feel bad for her, almost, only if she weren’t such an entitled brat) and she tells him to rest. Jon clases his eyes and as soon as she is out he stares at the ceiling and sighs, again not subtle at all.

Anyway that is just what I think.

10.- The wights are getting Viserion out of the lake with some big ass chains, where do they even get this stuff? Hardhome? The had this big ass chains? A convinient again. Anyway so Viserion’s out and his eyes open, and they are blue. Real talk the NK has had more bonding with him in this 2 min than D in all the seasons.


That’s all I hope the finale is a bit better cuz this episode was hella boring.

itsbvbs  asked:

Hi, I need 3 As to get into my first uni choice. But I did really poorly in my mocks :( Do you have any advice on how to pick myself up/pull my socks up? xx

Hi! Sorry to hear that you didn’t do as well as you had hoped. I’m going to put together some tips from a lot of different posts for you (so this might be a bit familiar to people who follow the blog) but I’ve found that these are my most popular and useful posts (and it might be useful to have them all together in one masterpost):

General Study Tips:

Create a timetable (X) and stick to it so that you know each subject is getting the attention that it needs and they’re all being studied equally. Base this on your lecture/class timetable and use that as a foundation to build on, adding study sessions.

Stay on top of any work/readings you have. Some topics have required readings; make sure that you read them because they’re required for a reason and you could get tested on this information. Read these textbooks efficiently to save on time. Read the summary pages first so that you know what the chapter is going to discuss. Look at headings, subheadings and keywords so that you know what each section is about. Then read a selection of text (whether a paragraph, a point, a section, etc. is up to you). Once you’ve read that, cover the text and make some notes. Once you’re done compare the notes that you’ve made with the selection of text. This means that you’re actually testing your knowledge and understanding against the textbook. If you notice that a bit of the text wasn’t included or wasn’t fully understood then reread it. The advantage of this is that it allows you to recognise which areas you don’t understand. It’s really easy to write notes and think that you understand when you actually don’t and this avoids this common pitfall. Another advantage of this method is that you’re writing in your own words. Your own words are much easier to remember than the words of someone else.

Something that I find really useful is relating examples in the textbook to things that are personally significant. For example, if I’m reading about cognitive dissonance then I’ll link it with my experiences involving cognitive dissonance; again this makes the general meaning much more memorable.

Go to all of your classes and pay attention. It’s tempting to go to class, listen for a few minutes and then loose focus but really, staying alert and attentive is important. Take good notes, these will be an important part of your revision. If you take your notes on paper then either make sure that they’re organised in a notebook or invest in some folders and dividers so that everything is kept in order and in place. It saves you time when you’re looking for something specific and it’s easier to follow when it comes to revising. Alternatively you can take notes on Evernote (X) or other note taking programmes.

Make sure that your revision is active rather than passive and that you’re trying to understand rather than just memorise the material. Look at applying the information, not only in the contexts that it was provided to you, but in other contexts and different meanings. Instead of repeatedly scanning material over and over again (as most people do to memorise) try and see connections between topics and ideas. Question what you’re being taught, interact with the material essentially. Relate abstract ideas to more commonplace and concrete ones. Look at the similarities between ideas but also their differences. Try simplifying the information in a way that it could be explained to a child or someone who doesn’t take the topic; take on the role of the teacher. Learning material is all about how you interact with it as opposed to just reading and reading and reading. Here are some really good articles here about how to learn rather than just memorise (X) (X) (X).

Some more general study tips can be found here (X) (X).

Have a look at the relevant sections of the studyblr community list; these blogs will be able to provide more specific advice than I can and may even have experience with the test you’re preparing for. 

Study Techniques:

If you are interested in making flashcards then you can make them online using resources like Quizlet, you can make them in apps like Flashcard Deluxe, or you can make your own. The app lets you create your flashcards, add pictures and sounds, and even download flashcards from other flashcard sites like Quizlet (this is the site that I use to create the sites but then they’re all downloaded onto the app). It has a great feature which lets you download auditory files so your device will actually read out your questions and then read out your answers as well. There are also testing modes, so that you can be tested on multiple choice questions (using your answers for other cards) and you can be timed on your answers as well (a kind of quick fire round).

Physical flashcards are made on pieces of paper or card. You can buy packets of ready made flashcards, with the biggest available packs holding 1000 flashcards, but you can also make your own by cutting/ripping your paper/card to the size that you want it. I have used paper cards before and found it was useful to keep them all together on a small metal ring. I use lined cards that I bought from Paperchase or WHSmith because I find that’s easiest and quickest way to go around it (for me anyway). Then I write in my questions. Once a side of card was filled up, I went through the questions to make sure that I wasn’t getting ahead of myself and then made the next card. I also printed some pictures/diagrams onto the cards if I felt that they were relevant to the topics/questions I was testing myself on.

You can write answers on the backs of your flashcards as well but not everyone does this. The actual questions that I write are based on my lectures/readings. I try to cover every topic. If I am struggling with a topic then it is broken down into a lot of questions and then as I get more familiar with it, the questions would become more general. So for example (just because I’m making vision flashcards at the moment) I have specific questions like “what is behind the cornea?” (the answer to which is shown in the first photograph) but when I get more used to this topic the questions will become more general things like “describe the anatomy of the eye” so that I’m not relying on my question wording or anything to retrieve the answer.

I would give a word of warning about flashcards though. While I advocate their use, they shouldn’t be used in isolation. I find that flashcards are a very static approach to revision, which allows you to remember things and get a foundation knowledge, but they don’t help you understand because they don’t ask you to apply the knowledge, or question it, or see links between topics. To do that, other forms of revision are needed as well.

Other methods of revision can include things like mind-maps and posters. Not only are these great for visual learners but the diagrams and colours makes them stand out in your memory. Mind-maps (or concept maps) are a great tool for revision because they allow you to explore the links between concepts and ideas, and allow you to think in a nonlinear way which other forms of revision tend to inhibit/avoid. Mind-maps let you emphasize ideas in a unique way. 

The first thing with mind-maps  is that they’re visual; use colour, use diagrams, use big, bold arrows to show the flow of arguments. They can be messy or they can be neat, it’s really up to you and how you learn. I mean, just google “mind-maps” and you’ll see how much variety there is how people structure their mind-maps; go with the flow. I would generally recommend working on an A4 sheet of paper because anything smaller than that is limiting what you can write and anything larger is eliminating the concise and succinct nature of mind-maps and making them too complicated. Plus I feel like larger pieces of paper would be difficult to fill and can leave a lot of blank space which otherwise would have been used.Start by putting your title in the centre (or top, it’s up to you) of the page. Make it clear, put a bubble around it if you want to separate it from the rest of the page and make it stand out a bit more. Alternatively you could use a diagrams to make it stand out. This should be a simple concept so that you’re not limiting you’re thinking too much. The broader your topic the more information you have to work with. Once you have written your title/main question then start to brainstorm ideas through free association and write them down. Link them to the main title using arrows or lines and make sure that you leave space to add extra links to each of these ideas you’re writing down (the lines can be thin, thick, coloured, dotted, dashes, curling, zig zagged, anything you like as long as they’re clear and visible; the lines are just as important as the words here). If you want to, add drawings to make it even more visual. Remember try to keep what you’re writing limited to a few words or you lose the concise advantage of the mind-map. Think about what, where, why, when and how; these questions should get you to really start thinking about the topic. Continue branching from the topics you just wrote and add links between ideas with more lines (if you want you can use colour coding to make associations and links clearer, for example red for causal links and green for hypothetical links). As new ideas come to mind write them down and expand where you need to. There’s a general idea that the links should be hierarchical, with main ideas first, then related but less important ideas, etc. so that the flow can be followed but if this isn’t what you want in your mind-map then scrap that.

Colours are exciting and visually memorable so utilise them. Even if you don’t think that you’re a very good artist you can still draw. Mindmaps aren’t meant to go on display in a gallery; they won’t be critically reviewed; draw whatever will help you, even if no one else can tell what that drawing is meant to be.At the end of this process you’ll have a poster that shows the links between ideas while also summarising major themes/topics/issues into just a few words (definitely an advantage in revision). As I said, these are a really great tool for visual learners because there’s no limit on what you can do, and no real rules as to what you do so go wild, and make your mindmaps whatever you need them to be.

With more popular subjects there are often documentaries or podcasts that can be downloaded. There are revision websites like “getrevising” which have community forums and resources made by students for students to help revise for particular subjects. Don’t forget to check Youtube either! Just the other week I found that the author of one of my textbooks had a Youtube channel on which he discussed topics in his textbooks (just the act of watching and hearing these topics being discussed helped solidify the knowledge I gained from the textbooks).

Some people like to revise by rewriting/retyping notes, and while I used to do this, I find it takes too long and it doesn’t really result in any long term retention (for me at least; it’s different for everyone though).

Study groups are useful if you have a group of friends who study the same subjects as you because they help you discuss topics, confirm your ideas, question theories, etc. But, be wary of groups because you can often find a social loafing effect in which having other people present makes you decrease your own contributions and efforts (which is ultimately detrimental to your own revision).

The final thing that I’ll mention here is teaching. If you have friends who don’t study the topic that you are then teach them, and let them teach you in return. This is a really good technique because it really tests your understanding to have to teach something to someone else (especially someone who knows nothing or very little about that topic).

Dealing with stress:

Make a list of the things that are making you stressed and look at which ones you can accomplish and cross off. You may find that there’s less you’re stressed about than you think, or that you can get rid of a lot of items quite easily. Just writing things out like this can get it all off your mind and let you sleep. You might even find something good in there. If you can accomplish a task then do it and you can cross it off. Break the tasks down and make them simpler and easier to complete.

Make sure that you’re sleeping somewhere comfortable; it should be dark, quiet, and the right temperature. Wear loose clothes and find a comofrtable position. When I can’t sleep I find it useful to put on a TV show or film, close my eyes and just listen to it; I usually fall asleep to the noises of it.

Have some time to let yourself relax, whether it’s a reading a book or having a nice long soak in the tub; look after yourself. Try some relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga. You can find information about different relaxation techniques here (X). Some people find that physical exercise helps, even just going for a walk because it can help release built up tension. Stressful situations release stress hormones (like adrenaline) that are designed to engage your fight or flight response (not very useful in modern times when sources of stress are more cognitive rather than physical) so walking can decrease these hormones and make you feel better.

Find someone to talk to and let it all out. You’ll feel so much better when you let out everything that’s been stressing you out. You’ll feel a weight lift off your shoulders. If you don’t feel like talking to someone then make a stress diary and write down everything tat stresses you so that you can learn to either avoid stress inducing situations or challenge them.

One really common cause of stress is having too much to do and not enough time so learn to say no, so that you don’t overload. Don’t feel guilty for telling people that you can’t do something, you have to look after yourself.

Exam Tips:

Common Mistakes & Improving Exam Performance:

Lots of people don’t do as well in exams and tests as they would like to and hopefully this post will give you some answers and tips. To find out where you’ve gone wrong and how you can improve you need to reflect carefully on your past exams. Look back and think about how things went. Refer to feedback on exams or coursework if they’re available to you. If you don’t understand some of the comments then try and meet with the marker or a personal tutor to elaborate on them for you.If one of your friends got a particularly good mark you can ask to have a look at their work so that you can see what made their work get that mark and use it improve your own.
Try to do something about the faults you’ve identified in your work. Many of the causes of poor exam performance are easy to correct once identified.
There are a number of reasons for getting poor exam marks, a few of which are outlined below:

Not answering the exact question can be due to failing to recognise specialist terms, failing to carry out the instruction of the question, or failing to address all aspects of the question. Make sure that you are considering all aspects of the question and that your work is well-planned. Explain what you understand the question to mean or try rewriting the question in your own words. Keep your writing to the point and make sure that you answer all elements of the question. Make sure that you include basic information such as terms and definitions to ensure marks. Consider the context of the question. At more advanced levels, issues might stem from not providing enough in-depth information, providing a descriptive rather than analytical answer, not setting a problem in the relevant context (something that we are always told in psychology) or not considering both sides of an argument or debate.

Poor time management involves failing to match the level of the answer (the weighting) to the time allocated and thus not having enough time to answer the question sufficiently well. To combat this look at the weightings of the different questions and and time of the exam to work out the time allocations for each question (sometimes this is stated on the paper and sometimes it isn’t). To do this translate the total exam time into minutes. Allocate some time to consider the questions to answer, and some to review at the end of the lecture (about 5 or 10% each) and subtract this from the overall time. Share the time that’s left over between the questions, giving more to those which are allocated more marks. You can review your answers all together at the end of the exam or after each individual answer (I prefer this method because it gives my hand a rest in between answers).

Failing to weigh the different parts of the answer correctly involves not recognising that one part of the question may be worth more marks than others and therefore should be allocated more time and more effort. To combat this develop an essay plan before you begin writing. We are always advised to spend the first five minutes of an exam reading the paper and coming up with answer plans for this exact reason.

Failing to provide evidence to support your argument. Some subjects will require this more than others (psychology for example requires a lot of evidence in essays) so you should realise when material needs support in order to receive marks. Again this can be solved by developing a proper essay plan.

Incomplete answers involve failing to answer the question properly and not considering the topic in sufficient depth. To combat this people need to develop a better revision strategy, or a better understanding of the thinking required at university level of education.

Providing irrelevant information is basically “waffling” in your answer to fill in the space. Avoid this by referring only to material which is directly relevant to the question at hand.

Poor English involves poor communication of ideas and can be improved by planning writing. In particular reading fiction seems to improve writing technique and we’ve had this recommended to us at university. There are also a lot of blogs available which focus on developing writing skills like writeworld.

Factual errors are generally caused by poor note taking, learning, revision, or recall so different study strategies are necessary to combat this. Have a look at my study tips tags here (X)(X).

Remember that the markers don’t want you to do poorly. They want you to succeed. Seeing little errors like the ones described above probably frustrate them as much as you. They can’t assume that you know information that you haven’t included on your paper.

Exam Nerves/Anxiety:

Try to think positively about the exam, develop a mantra and repeat it to yourself. Mine is that “I can do this. I have done the work. I know the material. I can do this.”

Not feeling prepared is one of the most common causes for being nervous about exams. Many people begin to panic. When time is limited, effective use of it is vital. Create a revision timetable that helps you optimise your activities and stick to it. So many people create timetables and then don’t use them. Spend time with others in your class to exchange ideas about what’s worth studying and to share answers. Be strategic in your approach to the work; pinpoint critical subjects from lectures and handouts, make sure you have a basic understanding, focus on key facts, and then finally, if you have time, add details and examples.

Another cause of failure anxiety can be perfectionism (something I struggle with). Exams have time limits and tough marking criteria and I’ve had to force myself to realise that with these constraints my work will never be perfect under exam conditions (not that it ever is). Don’t go into an exam expecting to produce perfection. Don’t spend too long planning an answer; yes, plan your answers (especially to essay questions) but only spend a few minutes on this. Don’t spend too long on the initial parts of an answer-focus on actually answering the question.

Sleeplessness is another cause. Make sure that you get enough sleep and don’t stay up revising before an exam. Make sure that you eat something, but nothing too heavy or you might be uncomfortable. Confirm dates and times of exams; take a walk to the exam room to familiarise yourself with the routine of the exam day, If you start panicking in the exam, try some relaxation techniques and then return to your paper. If you still feel bad explain how you feel to an invigilator and ask if you can go for a supervised walk outside or something. If you have problems with the wording of a question see if a representative of the department can help you understand the question. Don’t panic when you’ve got five minutes left, you can write a lot in that time; keep writing until you are told that you have to stop. If you do need to use the toilet don’t be embarrassed, just go and you’ll feel more comfortable when you return (taken from my post on anxiety here)

Before the Exam:

Make sure that you’ve revised well prior to the exam. Study guides are great materials to begin with because they list all of the topics that you’re expected to revise so you can cross each off as you finish that section. Make your way through the topics, allocating more time to the ones which you struggle with but not ignoring those you find easy. Remember just because you know a topic when you revise it doesn’t mean you’ll remember it in the exams. Information we think we have stored in memory can be lost so keep going over the material to keep it fresh and to consolidate it into longer term memory.

It’s always tempting to use the day before the exam for las minute cramming but please don’t do this. Use this alst day to relax and slowly go through material/notes. Don’t introduce any new material at this point. Take a bath/shower to relax. Maybe go on a walk. This is the day to get yourself mentally prepared for the exam.

The Exam Day:

When it comes to the exam day make sure that you know what you have to do. For some exams you may need to register or sign in so arrive with time to do that. For others you may need time to find your seat.

During the Exam:

Make sure that you enter the exam well prepared. Take in a bottle of water and wear clothes that you’re comfortable in; you could be sat there for several hours depending on the exam. Make sure that you’ve eaten breakfast, but not so much that you’re uncomfortably full. Check that you have any IDs or stationary that you need to take in with you and that you know the location (it might be worth taking a walk to the location a few days before so that you know how long the journey takes and you definitely know where you’re going).

Read the rubric of the paper so that you know how many questions you’re expected to answer, whether each answer is in a different answer book, whether there are any rules to question selection (only one per section or something like that). Look carefully at all of the questions and, if you have a choice, choose which questions you can best demonstrate your knowledge and skills on. Work out the order in which you’re going to answer your questions (best first, worst first, fact based first, etc). I usually go with the best question first because it lifts my mood and gives me time to think about more difficult questions while I write my answer. Also writing that answer might make me remember material for the other questions too.

If you get thirsty in the exam then drink but try not to drink loads because you’ll make yourself uncomfortable. Spend a few minutes planning your answers but don’t make these too elaborate and make sure you cross them out before the end of the exam. If there are standard abbreviations that you can use, do use them but remember to define the abbreviation the first time that you use it in the essay. Keep an eye on the time so that you know how much is left. Consider the speed of your writing; yes you want your exam to be readable but there’s no point in wasting valuable time writing slowly so that it’s neat. Markers are not going to give you extra marks for your penmanship; as long as it’s readable it’s good.

When you’re actually in the exam, everyone has from time to time faced the dreaded mind blank. If this happens, leave a black space and come back to it later. Alternatively, brainstorm connections from things you do know about the subject, work from the basics and ask yourself “Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?” Look for associations; read through the other questions and material; they might trigger your memory (this is the one that I tend to use) and get on with the other questions if you can.

When it comes to the end of an exam most people like to leave as soon as they can. But you should use this left over time to review your answers. As you’re reading and checking your answers you might notice mistakes or you might remember more relevant material which can be added using a footnote and an asterisk (*). This time can be used to check that you’ve numbered your questions and filled in your details on the paper correctly (even if this seems basic people get this wrong; only this week people wrote the wrong year on their exams and some wrote their answers in the wrong answer books so it’s always worth checking). Check your spelling and grammar. Sometimes markers can be lenient in spelling and grammar but there are times when they’re not (especially with key terms that you should know how to spell). Reading your answer will also tell you whether you structured it well and if you answered the question correctly and fully.

After the exam:

After the exam is finished it’s always tempting to spend lots of time with friends comparing your answers. However, this can be a bad idea because it can make you feel as though you’ve written the wrong answers and if you have more exams to come, this feeling really won’t help you. Feel free to discuss the exam and how it went but don’t let yourself feel down about it. After all the exam is over and at that point there is no way to know definitely how you’ve done and there’s nothing that can be done to change anything until results are given out.

Finally, remember to take care of yourself. Grades are good, but your health is more important.

Summaries – What Tone to Use, How to Write Them, and Where to Center Them.

Ah, summaries. You have such a pesky way of striking down a writer’s confidence in their writing ability – in two paragraphs or less!

Whether we like it or not, we all have to write one eventually. No one escapes; not the novelists, nonfiction authors, fanfic writers, bloggers, college students, or anyone beyond.

Well, a great saying goes “brevity is the soul of wit”, so the idea in a summary is to keep it short, punchy, and to-the-point. You don’t want it to be TOO brief, otherwise there’s no hook for your reader and they’ll pass you by for the next book. You don’t want to be too long, otherwise you sound longwinded or you end up giving up all the anticipation. A good summary can be the difference between an audience and cricket noises, so it’s important to have the right mixture. Give your reader a tantalizing taste that will make them want to open the book to find out more.

There are three great points of your story to focus your summary on:

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