but i felt i needed to do something with this scene


This scene for many was the moment their ship was born or validated; but for a moment let’s just look at what this scene meant to the characters.

Zuko, who so viciously guarded his scar in the past, is letting an enemy touch him. I know, I know. She needs to touch his scar to get a feel for the damage done; I know he understands that. Most profound to me though is the fact that his eyes are closed. This shows a great deal of trust. He is trusting Katara; and Katara, in turn, is trusting him. These two characters are so…amazing. Both Katara and Zuko have done damage to one another; yet, in this moment, they are allowing themselves to be vulnerable in front of one another.

Even when they are rescued, I’ve noticed that Katara steps toward him while Zuko kind of leans toward her. If they were doing something they felt they shouldn’t be, they would have leapt away from one another. Point is: this doesn’t feel wrong in any manner. They aren’t ashamed to be found so close to one another. ((Not that they really have a reason to be ashamed or to feel guilty.)) Katara isn’t ashamed to be caught helping Zuko.

After they are rescued, Katara watches Zuko as she walks away. She keeps her eyes on him until she physically can’t look at him anymore. I don’t know if she expected him to follow Aang and her or not, but she looks sad/disappointed as she turns away.

Zuko, however, adverts his eyes. He is still confused and seems to be slightly ashamed as he looks away. I feel like he was torn. On one hand, he knew which decision was the right one; but, on the other hand, his chase of the Avatar–his misguided journey to regain his honor–was so ingrained in him that it confused him. He was struggling between the right decision and the easy path. Maybe that’s why Katara looked so sad/disappointed. She saw that he was still confused, but hoped that he would make the right decision in the end.

((Sorry if this made less sense near the end. It’s 2 am where I am and I’m tired. So, I’m going to end this here.))

The rings in episode 10

I’m probably really freaking late with this again, but I’m watching the episode a second time because so much happened in it, that I missed a lot.

I know the whole fandom is freaking out over the Viktuuri engagement, but I felt a bit bothered because this episode was chock-full of double entendres. I’m talking about anything that has to do with the rings. I know I’m sounding really salty right now, but I just need more Viktuuri. Actual, literal in your face Viktuuri. 

So I’m currently at the scene where Yuuri buys the *cough*lucky charms*cough*. I paused at the bit where Yuuri opened up the receipt. And y’all are probably gonna facepalm really hard when you read this because everybody already knew and I’m just so fucking slow but please just leave me be I was so happy when I noticed this

lets look a little closer

“something-i-can’t-read gold wedding ring





I know this anime is just one huge metaphor for love and romance but still


the do over

summary: SPOILERS AHOY. Anyway, I’M MAD AF, and I heard there was some kind of romantic scene shot on the JR coming up, and I can only hope that we get the kind of proposal these two deserve, so without further ado, THE DO OVER:

The do over

“Want to tell me what’s going on, yet?”

Killian smiled as Emma nudged her hip with his, an expectant expression on her beautiful face. Her hand felt reassuringly warm in his as they walked down the docks together towards the Jolly Roger. His nerves were getting the better of him at the moment, but his thumb absentmindedly caressed the ring on Emma’s finger, and it gave him the boost of confidence he needed.

“I know you don’t enjoy surprises, Swan,” he said, “But it’s my hope that you’ll like this one.”

Emma smiled in return, squeezing his hand. “I’m sure, I will.”

Once they reached the Jolly, he gestured gallantly up the gangplank. “After you, m’lady. Captain’s quarters, if you please.”

She rolled her eyes good-naturedly before climbing aboard his ship, and he followed after her, watching with pride as she navigated the deck with ease. At the top of the hatch leading to his quarters, she shot him a playfully suspicious look before descending down the steps. He knew the exact moment she found her surprise, her soft gasp echoing off the sails, and Killian hurried down after her.

The room was lit with tiny candles, illuminating the table where a three course dinner was set, complete with a bottle of champagne. Light instrumental music wafted through the air from a small portable device that Henry had helped him set up earlier that day.

“Killian, what is this?” Emma asked, turning to him with wonder, but also uncertainty. “If this is about my grandfather, you know I’ve already forgiven you.”

“I know, Swan,” Killian said, stepping closer to her and taking her hand in his. “And you’ll never know how truly grateful I am to have that forgiveness, but this isn’t about that. At least, not completely.”

He closed his eyes briefly and inhaled to steady himself. When he opened them, he dropped down to his knee and looked up at her. Emma’s eyes widened, but Killian spoke before she had a chance to.

“Emma, when I proposed to you, I did so with a heavy heart, weighed down by my secret,” Killian told her, remembering how conflicted he’d felt. He’d been unable to come clean then, loathe to take away her happiness. “But now, I wish to give you the proposal you deserve. No walls. No secrets. Just you and me.”

Emma’s confusion molded into one of understanding, and she smiled softly at her words being repeated back to her.

“There are no words to describe how much I love you,” Killian whispered, looking up into her eyes. In the candlelight, they took on a distinct sheen as he spoke. “Only know that I love you more today than I did yesterday, and that I shall love you more still tomorrow.”

“You helped me find a part of myself that I thought had been lost forever,” he continued, mesmerized by the love in her eyes. “You’ve given me a home, something I’ve never had before, as well as made me a part of your family. There’s nothing I want more in this life than to spend the rest of my days by your side.”

Tears were falling down her cheeks now, and even Killian found his eyes blurring. “Emma Swan, will you marry me?”

Her response was immediate as she nodded fervently. “Yes, yes, I will.”

Hearing the words the second time around was much sweeter than the first, and Killian let the joy he’d been holding back flow through him, smiling uncontrollably as he took her hand to kiss her ring before leaping up and taking her into his arms. Their kiss was wet and salty with both of their tears, but they laughed merrily, arms locked around each other, and Killian knew himself to be the happiest man in all the realms.

“I love you,” Emma sighed into his ear. “Thank you.”

He pressed his lips to hers again in response before pulling away. Reaching behind her, he grabbed the bottle of champagne that had been chilling. “Can I tempt you with a glass, love?”

“What, no rum?” she asked playfully.

“I’m engaged to a princess now,” he quipped, arching an eyebrow at her. “That calls for something a little more sophisticated.”

Emma giggled happily, and Killian grinned, uncorking the bottle with his thumb. He poured them both a glass, handing one to her.

She raised hers in the air. “To our future,” she said firmly.

The threat of Gideon’s dark mission succeeding hung over them for a moment, but Killian nodded. “Our future,” he echoed, clinking her glass with his.

Whatever happened, they would face it together, and Killian knew they would overcome it, as they had done time and time again.


mayhaps im just repeating what someone else has already said and said better but [S]:Collide needed to be way smarter than it was 

like. i genuinely think hussie wrote the scene and its prior framing around the striders, terezi, vriska, and john and/or roxy, and then tossed in the rest w/o regard to what could reasonably be deemed a satisfying ending to their arcs.

here’s what could have been tighter:

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anonymous asked:

You probably getting tons of messages. But when you have time can you speak about Clarke giving Roan the Flame? I mean she stood there thinking about it; Eliza acted that scene out so well! Even while she was offering it you can see she really didn't want to. Then the tear & the face of realizing what she just gave up. The "I loved her mom" Got me in the feels; but her giving him the Flame was just another a "god Clarke. why do yo suffer so much" moment for me.

honestly, i was touched by both scenes simply because clarke and lexa’s relationship was actually in the foreground in both interactions, which is something i felt was needed, because if the writers want clarke to move on they need to give her the moments in which she can face her own emotions and share them with someone else - thank you abby. damn if the scene with roan didn’t hurt me more though. everything clarke and lexa have been through in s3 was re-called in that moment and you felt their history in every single corner.

there is a great personal alchemy at play during the entire scene, because clarke’s goals, hopes, memories and priorities are also greatly tied to what she wanted to achieve with lexa, but ultimately couldn’t. the way she shares her experiences/knowledge helps her with her otherwise sentimental state and overall pain, because it is (as eliza said) not destructive, but constructive.

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Moffat kidding with us?

This an interview about Sherlock season 4 and Moffat talk about Molly’scene. I don’t like the way he talks about Molly’s feelings. Like having sex with anyone and drinking was enough to heal the pain she felt. Will she stay like this forever? Loving Sherlock and hanging out with other guys to forget him? Can not she find a new love? I’m a Sherlolly fan but I’m really disappointed.

EW: If there is something fans seem upset about with this episode it’s that there’s no resolving scene with Molly after that very effective devastating call to her while she’s in the kitchen. Did you consider doing one? Is it fair to leave that like that? 

M: But that’s not how we leave her. People need to learn to face their televisions, we see her later on–

EW: We see her skipping into the room but–

M: She gets over it! Surely at a certain point you have to figure out that after Sherlock escapes tells her, “I’m really sorry about that, it was a code, I thought your flat was about to blow up.” And she says, “Oh well that’s okay then, you bastard.” And then they go back to normal, that’s what people do. I can’t see why you’d have to play that out. She forgives him, of course, and our newly grown-up Sherlock is more careful with her feelings in the future. In the end of that scene, she’s a bit wounded by it all, but he’s absolutely devastated. She smashes up the coffin, he’s in pieces, he’s more upset than she is, and that’s a huge step in Sherlock’s development. The question is: Did Sherlock survive that scene. She probably had a drink and went and shagged someone, I dunno. Molly was fine.

Font: http://ew.com/tv/2017/01/16/sherlock-showrunner-season-4-finale/?xid=entertainment-weekly_socialflow_twitter

i gotta say something about humans. i really love this show. genuinely.

i love that it doesn’t rely on action sequences or gratutious violence or nudity or ~shocking twists~ to keep people watching. most shows nowadays go for that GoT vibe of “anyone can die” and tries to be as dark and gritty as possible, substituting shocks for proper storylines.

but humans doesn’t do that. instead, it focuses on characters. yes, there are action scenes and twists and the like but i truly appreciate how they aren’t the driving force of the plot, they’re simply consequences of the situations and choices the characters make.

for example, look at the character development. mia, niska, laura, leo, pete, odi, everyone… all of them have changed from who they were at the start of S1. never at any point has their development felt forced. it’s a natural progression of who they are and how their experiences have changed them.

plus, the arcs concerning the synths this season have been incredible. i love that mia and niska have been allowed to explore who they are away from their family. they’ve been allowed to branch out and become their own people. they’ve been able to have relationships with others. i love the moral debate between max and leo/hester over how best to deal with their circumstances.
i love how karen is being shown having a hard time adapting to having a life of her own and how her struggles are being presented as important.

then there’s the social aspect of the world: i love seeing how society adapts to the synths through the synthie movement because something as widespread as synths is obviously going to have an impact on culture.

basically what i’m saying is that humans is the best example of a well-written character driven show and if you aren’t watching, you’re missing out

OK but can we talk about something??

Remember the scene: Napoleon eats a sandwich listening to some Italian song and then saves Illya from under the water. Remember that song.

Peppino Gagliardi - Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera

I don’t know Italian but my sister’s friend translated this song for me
Here it is:

“I need this music tonight
It brings back something from the past
The Moon was our companion
I felt that you are mine
Only mine
Only mine.

I would like you to be here with me
Now, when there’s nothing between us anymore.
I would like to hear your words
The words that I will never hear again.

The whole world doesn’t exist anymore
Because of the happiness you gave me.
What should I do now
When you are gone?

I need this music tonight
It brings back something from the past
It brings back a bit of your love
It reminds me of you”

So this whole song is literally about love and about missing this love.
Got it?


on grief

Honestly tho, the players’ reactions to Scanlan’s deaths just felt so real and reflective of their characters????

Grog’s was, in the words of @eponymous-rose, a gut-punch. Quick, brutal, unexpected, and utterly painful.

Keyleth responded with anger at first, but then the confusion and what-do-I-do and self-doubt set in and you’re reminded that she’s still so young. Her terror at the possibility of losing Kima and Allura too is palpable up until they reach the beach safely.

Vex didn’t really say much at first (because she was more caught up with Percy’s death) but what really stuck out to me was when they were trying to recognize what was wrong with the teleportation circle and she just burst out that Scanlan would have recognized it. Then there was that scene where she was talking to Gilmore, trying to explain why she needed to go to Kymal and she just started to cry. Eloquent Vex, rendered to tears and unable to get the words out, is a measure of how much she loves this makeshift family.

Percy buried his feelings and acted a bit coldly to the Whitestone guards but that’s because when he’s grieving he defaults back to ‘titled lord’, and retreats to the safety of burying himself in work. Typical Percy reaction and therefore easier to miss.

That leaves us with Vax.
Vax’s grief was, for me, the most painful to watch. It was the quiet, haunting sorrow as he scooped Scanlan into his arms, the heartbreak on his face as he handed Scanlan to Grog (and rolled a 1 on his lock picking for a perfect situational dice roll). The fact that he didn’t announce that Scanlan had fallen or even scream, just quietly arrived with the corpse. Watching Liam mime carrying Scanlan, listening to Kerr try to console Keyleth, folding in on himself in the temple…. that perfectly encapsulated the hollowness in my stomach I’ve felt when people in my life have died. Grief is such a powerful emotion and it was painful to watch everyone react to it because it felt so real and true to their characters

I need to tell you all about my fringe theory about the Klance bonding moment. I don’t think it was originally going to be between Lance and Keith. Let me explain.

During my first watch through of Voltron, I actually burst out laughing during the Bonding Moment™. It felt out of place and out of character. Also it’s important to note that I wasn’t entirely dedicated to a ship at this point. I generally take off my shipping goggles while watching something the first time through.

Alright, let’s back up a bit and look at this scene from episode 1.

-Lance flirts with Allura-

Shiro: We did it!

Keith: Heck yeah, we did.

Shiro: How did we do it?

Then, during episode 2, the paladins are fighting the training centry. Everyone gets rekt and Shiro has a debilitating flashback. Keith jumps to the rescue and asks “Shiro, are you okay?

They both get rekt and Allura yells at them. Notice the camera focuses ONLY on them during this scolding.

“You’re not even close to working as a team!”

So now we have this bonding moment between Keith and Lance:

Keith: Lance, are you okay?

Lance: We did it. We are a good team.

There’s no reason for Lance to say “We do make a good team” because there was no dialogue or anything that prompted Lance to specifically address that together they make a good team. It would have made more sense and be in character if he had said something along the lines of “Heh, I guess we make a good team.” Especially if you consider that he was passed out for 95% of the fight. (He wakes up long enough to shoot Sendak, then passes out again).

I’ve come to the conclusion that they just cut and pasted Lance into Shiro’s place. Straight down to the soft smile and furrowed eyebrows.

Am I anti bonding scene? Absolutely not! This was a necessary scene the story needed to establish Lance and Keith finding common ground and cooperating together. It just could have been done better. I believe the narrative suffers. What we have now goes from “I can hardly stand you on a good day” to “we make a good team” and then back to “I can hardly stand you.”

The writing in Voltron is incredible, but it does have its weak points.

Kiyomitsu and Kogitsunemaru’s running commentary (with the addition of Iwatooshi, Hachisuka and Mikazuki just being themselves) kills me every time I watch this scene xD

[A rough translation xD]

Kogitsunemaru: This is again… Quite a contrast.

Kiyomitsu: Un. Iwatooshi completely gives of the feeling of, “Let get this field work done~!”, but Hachisuka…

Kogitsunemaru: Yes. His awareness of needing to do the job… Cannot be felt at all.

Then, there’s this.

Kiyomitsu: That person… Don’t you think he’s had a huge misunderstanding about something?
Kogitsunemaru: Yes.
Kogitsunemaru: *to Mikazuki* Mikazuki-dono, we’re not taking care of the horses today.
Mikazuki: It is troublesome to be loved by the horses.
Kogitsunemaru: Mikazuki Munechika-dono.
Mikazuki: *laughs* Yes, you’re right. Um… Yes, yes, look, there’s some delicious grass over there. Can you get there?
Kiyomitsu: That horse… Seems hard to handle.


Also, how cute is Ryuji in Kiyomitsu’s uchiban outfit! ♥

I LOLed so hard at this moment. That look on his face in the third pic when Kiyomitsu spots Mikazuki leading the horse out xDDD

lily’s writing tip #1

there’s something i always do when i’m writing a story and i wanted to share it

when you are writing a heavy dialogue scene, focus solely on the speech and nothing else. (this works especially well when it’s a scene with only two people.)

only write the dialogue, almost like a script, and don’t bother with adverbs or adjectives or anything else until later.

if it’s a pivotal scene then you need to spend your time on the bulk of the speech, not whether they screamed the words or ran a hand through their hair while they said it.

then, once that’s done, you can go back and flesh it out afterwards and work around what you’ve already got down! 

conversations are essential to a story and they can be the making or breaking of a scene - so definitely spend time going over just what the character says and think about how they’re saying it afterwards.

hope that helps! 


victorian sheriarty AU

But I could not rest, Watson, I could not sit quiet in my chair, if I thought that such a man as Professor Moriarty were walking the streets of London unchallenged.

Anyone else thought of this...?

*gif set is not mine*

11X02 had a lot of interesting moments, especially for Sam. I mean we actually got to see a lot of his resourcefulness and ingenuity, things that I feel were a bit neglected last season. Homemade long range stun gun anyone?

But I really felt the need to address a parallel I noticed in the cleansing scene. Its no mystery that SPN is heavy in imagery of fighting personal demons, and I felt this was such the case. As someone who has wrestled with depression, and had loved ones who have as well, this really struck a chord.

You have this thing that you can’t control, it tries to take over, and it affects people at different rates. For some, it becomes fatal. And you know it needs to be cured, that you have to fight it. See where I’m going with this?

And then the kicker. You decide to try to do something about, to seek help or try to help yourself. And what happens? There’s this voice - and it often it sounds like your own - telling you not to do it, you don’t need “cleansed”, you won’t be better if you try. And, just like Sam did, you have to fight that voice, flip it the bird and still try to better yourself, even if it feels like its gonna hurt.

Then you’re ok, or at least ok enough to keep going, even if its just for another day. And you’re surprised and relieved.

Perhaps I read too much into the scene, but still. Its stuck with me.

Hey everyone :) I hope everyone’s having a good day, getting some rest, having some fun, whatever your energy and/or free time levels need the most <3 Follow under the cut for Nel having a mini emotional implosion over-not-a-thing (with a bonus trip down memory lane of my academic aspirations/fantasies).

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I’ll Take Care of You (James x MC Fluff)

(Alright, I finally finished the fluff! :D Btw, there’s a scene where fainting happens and that’s totally based on real-life events of when I got the flu last year. Even my response was the same as in the fic lol. 

Also I wasn’t sure about the story at the end, but I guess ten points to anyone who recognizes it? :P And no he wouldn’t tell her the exact same story!



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the “beast is so extra that he shows belle his library to prove her wrong” sounds funny and i guess to many people it was but to me it killed off the genuine romance of the original and idk i guess im just really fucking jaded about the typical str8 “guy and girl bicker till they fall in love” plot being overused in movies (which i do enjoy at the best of times, but a batb remake was the last place this kind of plot was needed imo) 

sharabeydameronpoe  asked:

I felt like if Bonnie had died instead that scene that we got with Stefan and Lexi would of been for her and Enzo. Last week was the goodbye scene between Bonenzo, this one was short, not really a goodbye but him making sure she didn't die and she lives her life without him first. I wish we saw more of them, what we got wasn't enough. Steroline and Bonenzo ended up being the tragic love stories of the show.

True, which worked so well for Stefan and Lexi, but probably not so well for Bonnie. I do like that she lived but I’m left now wondering wtf the point of killing Enzo really was other than shock value. 

It just needed one more scene of them in the afterlife, kinda like what DE got, right? Just something to let us know they reunited just as Enzo said they would and they had - as Julie said in an earlier interview - one of the most eternal loves of the show.


“You need a light to guide you in the darkness, people of Atlantis. My people.”

Arthur Curry in Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

The “Per Manum” Timeline

First, a quick lil’ story about hyperfocus.  I’m ADHD af, so if I need to do a quick bit of research for something I’m writing, the next thing I know, I have an organized and highlighted 2,100 word .doc file to keep track of it all.

That said, I’m pretty sure I figured out the timeline of the “Per Manum” flashbacks with Mulder’s confession, her testing, and them eventually hoping for a miracle.  It makes so much sense in my head.

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