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04.11.17 // notes from today’s history reading 📝🌎 also i hope all of you guys have a nice day/evening/night!! :)

adrien’s giant izaya meta dump

I wanna talk about Izaya Orihara and his twisted character development and how Durarara in general is all about the concept of love so here i go, this is gonna be a Ride

I’ve tried to make this as readable and straightforward as I could, but please don’t hesitate to tell me if I’m making zero sense.

This is also as spoiler-free as possible for the end of Ketsu so no worries. I’m mostly working off the anime and some light novel quotes + the manga.

(This meta dump is 100% gen by the way, no shippy statements, so feel free to read regardless of who you like to read smut fic about instead of doing your homework)

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