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Tidying: It’s Magic.

Out of my many flaws, there’s one that I will admit is probably the most ridiculous: I avoid hyped-up, popular things. Whether that be avoiding Harry Potter for almost a decade, shunning skinny jeans until they were almost out of style, refusing to say ‘on point’ and then when finally working ‘on point’ into my vocabulary, refusing to use ‘on fleek.’ While I don’t think this makes me a hipster, I do feel like I fall into the ‘too cool for school’ category, and not in a good way.

Forget the psychology of why I decide not to hop on certain bandwagons but then practically hijack and take over others (hello: Instagram stalking and hero worship). Maybe it’s a need to be different and stand out from the pack. Or perhaps it’s simply a case of “I DON’T KNOW WHO I AM AS AN INDIVIDUAL AND HAVE ZERO PERSONAL IDENTITY!”

Which brings me to the KonMari method and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo.

I was hooked from page one.

I have always been notoriously organized. I’m sure if my mother ever reads this she will throw back her head in mock laughter until she pulls a muscle as she recalls a period in time - say from when I was 6 until 14 - when my room was so messy you could’ve easily convinced someone there wasn’t a floor. But I quickly grew out of this and organized the hell out of my life.

My school locker was meticulous. My college notebooks were an OCD dream. My handbag always cleaned out every Sunday for the upcoming work week. My kitchen cabinets were an organized wonder to behold.

Don’t even get me started on what I did to my friend’s closets. Many years ago I went hardcore tough love on @traceydanine and spent hours upon hours organizing, tidying and throwing away items in her closet. It was a truly magical evening. I remember holding her childhood in my hands (her Winnie-the-Pooh doll) and harshly examining why she needed it? (She kept it in the end, as she should have.)

So, you’d think, what in the world could I possibly need this book for if I (not-so-humbly) am proclaiming that I could’ve practically written it? Well, in a nutshell? I moved to England and promptly became a hoarder.

Every single item I owned suddenly became a life line back to America. That beautiful black dress I wore to a wedding in 2012 and would love to wear again? Brought it with me. That book I’ve been meaning to read because I loved the TV show? I brought it with me. Those amazing high heels that I lusted after and wore twice in America? I brought them with me. That expensive handbag I bought after I landed my first real grown up job post college? I brought it with me.  I’ve now lived in England for over a year and how many times have I touched/used/read the above? Not once.

And not only that, but my collection has grown. From handbags to make up to shoes to books, I just keep accumulating crap in the hopes that it’ll bring me some sort of happiness, or rather distract my homesickness and FOMO. That’s been my first mistake.

My second mistake and probably the most fatal of personality flaws and the hardest to admit is this: In addition to FOMO, I suffer from some sort of serious hero worship/envy. There are certain people out there that you know/watch on YouTube, read their blogs/are your friends that you think just have their shit together and life completely figured out. Their hair always looks effortlessly glossy, their handbags on point (On fleek? Groan. Stop. Please.) They seem to fall into the camp of those who wake up early, meditate, eat a healthy breakfast, have cool jobs, throw together perfect capsule wardrobes effortlessly, have a life trajectory in mind and slay it, marry the perfect man, pop out a few adorable children who never have stains on their clothes or act up or scream for no apparent reason. Those people. Think about for a second. We ALL have at least one person.

And in comes my fatal flaw, because I think, “Right. If I can just accumulate that handbag/watch/hair product/book she has, then surely my life will resemble theirs, right?”

W R O N G.

So wrong. Not only does my life not resemble theirs, it now looks like some sort of schizophrenic mashup that can’t decide who or what they are. It’s a buffet of life choices. Constant trips filling up my life plate to taste this career or that location. It ends in serious anxiety. And credit card debt. (Editors note: the author is happy to report to put a nip in this monetary bud in 2012 when she paid off her credit card debt. A ridiculous sum that most people could buy a new car with… and has since never been in debt. Small victories.)

I’m not sure when this all got out of hand. I’m sure middle school. Don’t all horrific things in life happen in middle school? But we can’t blame our short comings on middle school traumatics forever, right? We have to grow up some time.

One would hope at the ripe ol’ age of 34, I could finally add “grown up” to my life resume, but I hear most people feel like they’re faking the grown up thing until they’re practically on their deathbed. Even having a kid doesn’t make me feel like a grown up. In fact, there’s nothing that will make you feel more like a child crying for your mommy than having a child of your own. You can quote me on that.

One book really isn’t going to change my life. It might be ‘magical’ but it’s going to take a lot more soul searching to understand the WHY behind the BUY. (Oooooh, catchy. If that slogan ever catches on, I want at least half the profits.)

But it’s a start. A start that ended with several black bags being donated to the dumpster and local charity shops.

So, to end this rambling book review: to the four people still out there who haven’t read this book yet, please do. Go forth and tidy, my friends!

BWAT Recap Part 3 - After the Show

You can catch the first 2 part of the recap here: http://trocoloca.tumblr.com/post/94063287477/bwat-recap-part-2

Now for the REALLY good stuff!!!!! 

So the show ended at about 9:30pm.  My niece and I sit in our seats for a while just relaxing.  I am trying to become more coherent and less like a babbling idiot.   We then stand up and the entire theater is empty except for about 7 people.   WTF?   How did this theater empty so fast?  Where is everyone?   To the left of us is the Meet and Greet entrance.  There are (no lie) 4 people waiting to go in.  FOUR.   And the lady standing next to us made five.  FIVE PEOPLE FOR THE MEET AND GREET!   Are you kidding me Lancaster?   So this lady asks if we are going too and we said no.   And I respond “Well, with only five people doing it, they should let me go too for free!” and the lady gives me a dirty look.  WTF Lancaster lady?!?!  Does no one get my humor? 

So, we leave the theater and it’s empty outside.   How did all those little old couples move so fast!?!?   I mean some actually had oxygen tanks.  I think they ran so fast out of the theater they left tire tracks.  Seriously, I love old couples and I loved that they were there.  Please no angry anons!!!

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