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Could you tell me about Nursey's two half-sisters? How old are they and what are their personalities like?

oooof these ’lil munchkins okay i have ~feelings about them ok

  • they’re born pretty quickly after nursey’s dad remarries
    • cassidy is born in 2001 and alexis is born in 2003
  • cassidy feels caught in a lot of ways because she sometimes feels like both a middle and an oldest kid–for a little while she was the baby, but she was also her mom’s first kid, but then her sister came along, so she has all these mixed up identities from that. she really likes to be in charge, but she has a strong sense of caregiving.
    • loves loves loves loves animals; wants to be a vet someday
    • like, actually doesn’t get why her mom would be a people doctor
    • animals are a million times better than people, mom.
  • alexis is the baby of the family. very much a traditional ~girly girl~
    • really internalized derek and farah leaving after their mom got full physical custody, and it took a long time for her to really understand that it wasn’t her fault
    • loves physical spaces and getting her hands dirty–has no idea what she wants to ~do with her life~ but she loves learning about old things and different places
      • is secretly really jealous of derek and farah because they travel so much with their moms, and her parents are so boring and america
  • they get a lot of opportunities–private schools, music lessons, sports, etc
    • cassidy does gymnastics and alexis does ballet
      • she quits ballet and switches to modern dance when she’s ten
      • farah’s so fucking proud. derek tears up a little when he hears.
    • they try to be really conscious of their privilege but their mom is very “of course this is just How Things Are” westchester personality, so it’s hard for them to push back
      • at the same time, they’re both kids in the 21st century, they have access to social media and twitter; they’re biracial; they have older biracial siblings who are both activists–long story short: they’re babies, but they’re woke
  • they don’t see derek and farah that much in person once elijah loses physical custody, but amal works it out so that they have visits a few times a year, and things get easier once they have computers and cell phones–they keep in touch through texting, video calls, things like that
    • there’s a lot of love
    • cassidy is thinking about samwell for college :)

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