but i feel this is nessecary

Perhaps I do- Chris Jackson X Reader

Could you maybe do a fanfic with Chris because I’ve never seen one with him and I’d love to see one written by you

WARNINGS: there is like two swear words

“Oh come on just sing it.”

“Only if you sing it with me. Take it or leave it.” Chris told me, crossing his arms and smiling at me.

“You are a way better singer.” I argued.

“Not true, I love your voice. Which is why we should sing it together.”

“Chris I will fight you over this, you are the better singer.”

“Prove it.”

“Daveed, Oak. What do you guys think?”

“We think you love each other and that you should sing something together.” Daveed said, lounging on the couch opposite from us. He then proceeded to say something that I couldn’t hear and Oak burst out laughing.

“Thank you Daveed for your opinion but we only love each other as friends. And that technically means that I’m right.” Chris pointed out, grinning.

“Y'all are gonna get married just as friends and fuck just as friends as well.” Daveed added and I felt my face grow red.

“I probably should-” He stood up.

“Yeah.” I replied quickly and he left.

“Our break is over. We should get back to practicing.” I mumbled and I headed to the stage where my fellow ensemble members were in place already. I got in my spot and everyone else got in their positions.

I was dancing with Chris for Helpless.

“Boy you got me helpless… look into your eyes and the skies the limit. Helpless… down for the count and I’m drownin’ in them.” I sang in harmony with the others. Chris smiled at me and we followed the choreography.

The song finished and we transitioned into Satisfied smoothly.

“Chris we’ve know each other forever and I know when you love someone and it’s obvious that you-” Lin started but stopped after looking around at everyone else who was actively participating in the conversation. He paused for a moment.

“Anyway Y/N, I told you are an amazing singer.” Chris said, turning the attention to me.

“I believe I told you to prove it.”

“In Helpless. We always dance together- Daveed stop thinking about it like that- and I know that you’re a good singer because I am always listening for your voice.” He said, not pausing despite the fact that Daveed was laughing extremely hard.

“Hey you implied that, not me.” He smiled and I shook my head, smiling a bit.

“Lin can you please talk some sense into this man?” I asked, pointing to Chris. Lin held his hands up.

“He didn’t say a word that wasn’t true.” Lin pointed out.

“Lin is a scoundrel and so it seems you.” I said, looking at Chris.

“Meet me on the dueling ground.” Chris cried in defense although he had a huge smile on his face.

“Behind Denny’s at three am. Everything is legal behind Denny’s.” I laughed which made it hard to understand what I said. I rested my head on Chris’s shoulder, trying to stop giggling. He wrapped his arm around me and I heard Daveed make a comment but he didn’t stop.

“I love you.” I whispered quietly, my laugh dying down. I couldn’t even hear myself say it but I felt him hold me closer.

“Chris, quick question but why did you feel it was nessecary to come into my apartment at three o fucking clock in the morning?”

“I waited for you behind the Denny’s.”

“You’re a dork.”

“I’m a dork who’s tired.”

“Fair. It’s my fault that you were at the Denny’s anyway.”

“I brought Daveed and Oak as well and they put it on their stories.”

“I’m sorry but I thought that it was clear that I was joking?”

“Well yeah but just in case.”

“Do you want me to make you coffee or something?”

“I had a milkshake at Denny’s, no worries.”

“You take the bed.”

“I mean I wasn’t planning on staying.”

“It’s three am and you’re staying here for the night. You look exhausted.”

“You look beautiful.”

“You need sleep.”


“It’s almost sunrise but the sky is still blue.”

“Ámame.” He said quietly, to the point I almost didn’t hear it and I looked at him surprised. He really doubted the fact that I memorized the soundtrack from In The Heights, didn’t he?

“Love me.” I smiled and he looked confused before he grabbed my hand.

“Perhaps I do.”

Outing level 2

I am so happy that pansexuality exists as a label these days. It’s still a new word though. A lot people -including my parents- don’t know what it means.
This weekend I visit my family and I’m planning to do the next outing step and even with the knowledge of being in a lucky position I am nervous (af) about how I should start the speech.
I thought about not telling them. The fact that I am pansexual hasn’t changed my daily life, I am an adult, I still have a boyfriend - so I had to ask myself if a speech is nessecary.
My answer: It is. It’s how I love and it’s who I am. It’s important to me. How could I not share this with the people who love me no matter what?
So I will do this. I will explain them the concept of pansexual love. I literally have to spread the word for all of us who are scared/angry/tired about hearing the way they love doesn’t exist. I feel so fucking real since I outed myself to my friends (and the internet - lol) Communication is the only way. With this in mind: Wish me luck.


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  • this fucking noodle I can’t
  • he’s so sweet and nice like this dude is the embodiment of fluff
  • I mean yeah we all know about how he can be well thughao but I mean you can’t convince me he isn’t 100% fluff
  • okay so first of he will def try to learn you chinese
  • and if you already know it he’ll be so glad because he’ll be able to say exactly what he wanted to
  • even if you’re just a beginner he’ll love it
  • the first words he’d learn you were swear works no denying that
  • so guys we all know he’s feeling a little underappreciated and ofc you noticed
  • he needs reassurance and if you frequently give it to him like not only that he’s an amazing dancer but like looks and personality wise
  • also if you’re bad with words hugs and kisses make him feel better
  • he basically loves any attention you give him
  • making you laugh or smile is his daily goal he’s honestly addicted to your smile
  • and because he knows how nice it feels he’ll give you so many compliments
  • making him blush rather than you
  • I feel like he’d be a very jealous boyfriend but like he wouldn’t let it notice until later
  • I’m a firm believer that he loves being the small spoon when hugging
  • just having you hold his real close and comfy is what he lives for
  • nuzzeling his face in your neck
  • also when you hug he’d be one to softly kiss your neck but like not in a real way just slightly brushing his lips
  • and feeling his breath on your neck goosebumps alert
  • when you do this to him he’ll giggle because it tickles to him
  • one of his hobbies is whispering I love you’s when you’re hugging/cuddling 
  • it’s not that he’s exactly a romantic guy it’s more that he just has loads of feelings he wants to express
  • Minghao would be one that likes lazy dates don’t convince me otherwise
  • like going watch a movie or just idk chilling in the dorm getting some takeout
  • he loves it when you watch him practice because he gains confidence but on the other side if he fucks up a move he’ll feel twice as bad
  • which then makes him more motivated to get it right the next time
  • Hoshi noticed and almost begs you to watch him practice every day
  • you don’t have unlimited free time but you’ll try to come as much as you can
  • also everyone adores you because you’ll bring everyone food and they love that of course
  • I know the hugging part wasn’t sinning really and I know y’all love it a lil spicy so let’s start the sinning (I take back the 100% fluff part)
  • so let me start off with stating that when you’re making out Minghao is a big fan of using his tongue
  • like you might have thought he’s shy and I’ll give you that he keeps his thoughts to himself in public but when you’re alone whoa
  • he tries real hard being sexy kinky one might say and sometimes he succeeds but sometimes it seems so unlike him you’ll start giggling
  • like when you’re in a heated makeout session he will try grabbing your ass to make it a lil more heated maybe slip his hand under your shirt
  • but let me tell you it’s very rare for him to be like this
  • but it does happen when he’s like frustrated or just downright horny
  • most of the time kisses are just sweet and can barely be counted as making out
  • that was longer than I expected for it to my my bad
  • a lot of stupid small arguments will occur because this dude has the emotional range of a teaspoon
  • saw that hp reference there?
  • but seriously have you seen him with Mingyu I mean yes he’ll love you but rage make no exceptions
  • also if he hears you sing or dance to a svt song be sure as hell he won’t tell you he saw or heard you
  • he doesn’t want you to get embarrassed but he’d be so proud 
  • I think he’d also be this dorky dude that doesn’t know when to stop
  • like you pass a pet store and you’re like “omfg that doggy/kitty is so cute!”
  • and he’s like “when we live together we’ll get one exactly like that! but if you make them sleep outside I will sneak it in because poor doggy/kitty”
  • ”live together…?”
  • ”yeah but not an apartment I want a garden because the pet has to be able to run around without us constantly watching them”
  • ”ah you do really think of everything don’t you”
  • ”and close to the hyungs and their partners, wouldn’t that be nice? I can already imagine it”
  • like dude chill you got the whole future already figured out
  • he loves that tho, fantasising about the future thinking about small practical stuff
  • crynights are also definitely a thing
  • just both letting everything out because talking about what makes you feel insecure or bad is nessecary, reliefing all the stress, having a nice cry and afterwards you’ll both feel way way better
  • like these nights are almost always planned, you have ice cream ready and stuff and if either of you doesn’t feel like crying they’re just there for the other one
  • and if neither of you feels like it it’ll just be a fun date watching a movie or something
  • fluff would easily describe your relationship


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legitimate question; how come you're okay with folks using they/them pronouns, but not with nonbinary people?

My conceding to attempting to integrate singular They into my vocabulary is me trying to play along for the sake of civility. Sometimes I don’t feel like announcing my lack of support for “nb people” in every post, cause people complain and the topic gets stuck there for too long.. so w.e it’s a means to an end when nessecary.

Which, by the way, fuck all that shit. This pronoun shit is too much drama and I’m over it, someone who gets bent out of shape about “muh pronouns” wouldn’t like me much anyway so I don’t really care to try any longer. You’ll get bitched at either way so… Fuck it 🤗 It’s too goddamm difficult anyway and I’m not exerting extra energy on someone who’s just going through a phase.

Spent a lot of time going back and forth, don’t get me wrong. Trying to brainwash myself into being behind this, like you people seem to of done. But I don’t care to entertain that any longer.

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To the creator of this blog: how does one make a proper ask blog? I'd like to try and further the Kindergarten class by making a blog for Buggs. However I've never run a blog before, I don't even know how to open the ask box...

((ok this answer isnt gonna have any sort of image since i dont think thats honestly nessecary?? so uh stRAP IN

if you don’t feel like going all flashy with an ask blog, honestly all you need to do is start a new blog or, ‘tumblr’as the site puts it. go into ‘edit appearance‘ and scroll down till you find ‘let people ask questions‘ and click the switch beside it!! (also remember to turn anon asks on, that is if u want them)

and honestly? that’s it! you can also go turn on submissions, and edit the theme if you really want to. if you wanna find themes (ex: the one i have), i suggest looking up a guide of some sort on how to add them in, or you can click the little leaf on my sidebar and look at the ones i chose from. pretty sure theres instructions there aswell

remember to send me an ask once you, if you do, have the blog up!! i’d love to see it :) ))

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I resent scenes like this. Screaming, revealing personal shit in a public place like some nosey bitches who came from fucking caves. They are cringeworthy. I can stomach drama, angst whatever but this shit, screaming at the middle of the pub, fighting, grab each other, its so ridiculous and devaluate the characters in my eyes. I know its a soap and its dramatic. Its tacky and humiliating.

Like aaron seriously? He said right then and there that he knew that she is not a threat. Why? It was nessecary to that point? And robert grabing bex and yelling you are nothing. And then suddently everyone comes in as well. My eyes and ears were bleeding. God… I dont hate this Sl ,i dont hate bexs i hate ridiculous scenes like this one. That feels forced, ooc and cheap. Fuck my eyes

I agree. (Well, I do hate bex…but other than that, yes)

For me this episode did not happen, all that happened was everyone knowing now. I know it’s bad to close my eyes to this, but everything was just so badly written. And we shouldn’t kid ourselves, we will get badly written episodes again, a lot of them. And for me personally I just can’t stand to work myself up over every single one every time. I just don’t have the energy for it.

I obviously can’t quit them, I love my boys too much. So I will jsut take the facts out of the episode - everyone knows about the baby now, Aaron has a lot of thinking to do - and will move on and wait for the next episode.

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I have a question...why don't you include summaries on your fics? No judgment, I love your stuff!! Just curious :)

Because I don’t feel it is needed. If you buy a collection of short stories you won’t get a summary on each story. A one shot is basically a short story and I already supply a list of warnings which you don’t get with books either. I just don’t want to spoil my stories more than nessecary. 

There are a preview on each of my series masterposts which are kinda a summary though. 

I'm enough

It took me a long time to reel like I was enough, like was fulfilling some purpose.

I was always told we have to find something to be or to do in life. That we can’t just not, there is always someone who has to do something. Even if you don’t know, you have to find it

This was a stressful ideology to live with, it wasn’t all too forceful though.
Just find something to commit to, you’ll figure it out eventually.

My family taught me that what matters most is oneself, that you must respect yourself first, and the family second. Maybe you can have someone after that if you can handle it.
Love was a nessecary part of my families life, right there next to mutual respect for other members as long as they respect you.

I feel like I’m enough now, like I’m needed.
I’ve got someone who makes me feel loved.
Like I never really felt since I was a child.

And I love him, he helps bring purpose back to my life

Things I need to stop doing.

1. Taking naps in the middle of the day. - You know this only ends in disorientation and sadness.

2. Ignoring people’s text messages. - They just want to hang out and make you less lonely. Stop ignoring them.

3. Being so cinical. - There is good in life, too, not everything is awful.

4. Ignoring your own pain and feelings. - You matter just as much as your friends and family. Sometimes you just have to say no.

5. Holding grudges. - Everyone deserves forgiveness; if they make an attempt to be better, forgive them.

6. Being so self-deprecating. - You are trying; that’s all that matters. You will get there one day, have hope.7. Procrastinating. - You will feel better once you get your work done. You can do it.

8. Not eating. - Food is nessecary, even when you are not hungry. No pattern is worth starving and a flat stomach is not worth the anguish.

9. Rufusing to cry. - Crying is a normal function that helps with stress relief, it is nothing to be ashamed of.

10. Thinking about death. - Live in the moment, you will die, but right now, we can live, we can be happy.


Because I loved you - EPILOGUE


Summary: In which you broke up after Yoongi was caught cheating on you…and a couple months later.

A/N: Surprise epilogue! I wasn’t planning on doing this because I felt that the story was best left hanging, but I decided to drop the epilogue on you guys >.<

Read Part 1 HERE, and Part 2 HERE

“Hey, Y/N?” your friend tapped you gently on your shoulder. “I bought you some coffee. You look like you’re desperately in need of some.” 

“Oh, thank you,” you muttered, breathing a sigh of relief. As soon the caffeine was gulped into your system, your eyes shot open from the bursts of energy that exploded throughout your body. You had three long, killer essays due in a few days. Being the lazy person you were, of course you had left it until there was only two days left until the due date. 

It had been about six months since you had broken up with Yoongi after you find out from Hoseok that was cheating on you. You honestly didn’t think that you would be able to get over him as quickly. You thought you’d be one of the cliche, can’t-get-over-my-ex-even-after-a-year type. Guess you didn’t love Yoongi as much as you thought you did. Or maybe that’s what you tried to tell yourself. 

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Owen and Amelia pairing is just about sex. Owen and Cristina were magical, there was that spark and they talked a lot when did you see Omelia just talk instead of jumping in bed or fight?

Anon. You have a REALLY bad memory. Let me remind you and freshen up your memory.

Evidence of Owen and Amelia having meaningful talks:

Episode 11x07
When everybody finds out that Amelia is a former drug user Owen tries to help her! Why? Why would he do that? A normal boss, a normal chief of surgery would have fired her right on the spot without looking into it and without looking back. But no. He tries to help her. He goes to her brother. He goes to her. He says this and I am quoting here: “Amelia, I am trying to help you here”. He is trying to HELP AMELIA SHEPHERD? WHY? He talks to her without judging her. He wants to hear her side of the story.

Episode 11x08
The whole “Amelia-Shepherd-is-a-junkie” matter has been dealt with. Amedia continues to do her job. But she feels she owes Owen an explanation. Owen says that it is not nessecary. Amelia wants to though. So she tells him her side of the story. She tells him the story of a very dark era of her life. Who would do that? That does not exactly qualify as chit chat material. She opens up to him. Also there’s that “If you need people, I am around” scene which CLEARLY shows that Owen and Amelia are in it for the sex!

Episode 11x11
Before they were even a real couple! Amelia confided in Owen about her baby! Her dead unicorn baby. No one in Seattle knows that. No one. Not even her late brother! Her brother didn’t know and Owen knows! She trusts Owen. She trusts him more than a family member; Derek Shepherd. The only one who knows and really understands what she has been though. Because he was there with her when their father was shot in front of them. She never told him but she told Owen Hunt. Yes you are right! All they do is have sex and fight! Right on!

Episode 11x20
Owen and Amelia had a fight and broke things off. Owen was mad at her BUT he still managed to confide in Amelia. WHY would he do THAT? Owen tells her all about how guilty he still feels about that plain crush. That he sighned the forms to pay for it. That they were his men and he failed them. Amelia was mad at him too. Pissed at him. But she momentarily let go of her anger and took his hand in hers in order to comfort him. ( her real intention was to have sex with him though…!!!!!!)

Episode 11x22
Derek died. Owen heard about it from Meredith. Meredith faints from the shock and the grief. And what is THE VERY FIRST THING HE SAYS AFTER THAT? I ASK YOU. WHAT? “How is AMELIA holding up?” He thinks of Amelia. She doesn’t know about it. And Owen is the one to tell her. Which is like one of THE most intimate experience two people can have together. The man Amelia loves informs her of her brother’s death. Which leads up to a personal scene of mine. The porch scene. Amelia comes SOOO close to relapsing but Owen helps her realise that life is worth living. Amelia deals with her grief. Owen helps her to. She breaks down because it is too overwhelming and Owen envelopes her in a hug trying to comfort her. ( what Owen was REALLY  thinking was “Oh I really want to sleep with her right now. So hot.”) This scene is the ULTIMATE proof that there is more to Owen and Amelia’s relationship. Even Kevin McKidd confirms that in the special featurette on Caterina Scorsone in the Grey’s Anatomy DVD box for Season 11.

Episode 11x24
The phone scene. The voicemail on Meredith’s phone by Derek. Amelia is too scared to listen to it by herself. Owen sits with her and they listen to it together. Again. They share this intimate moment together.

Episode 12x05
Penny comes to the dinner party. All hell breaks loose. Amelia is devastated and hurt. Owen and her sit in her room. They talk. Owen opens up to her. About the plane crash(again!) One more thing I have to say is that Owen felt relieved when he heard that Cristina’s plane had crashed. Bye!

Episode 12x10
Another personal fave episode of mine. Owen tells Amelia about his sister Megan. Amelia is THE ONLY PERSON Owen told that to. Not even Cristina knew that. And I’ll prove that to you right now. When Meredith finds out about Owen’s sister she says and again I am quoting here: “I didn’t know you had a sister” Meredith didn’t know about Megan. So Cristina doesn’t know. The twisted sisters tell everything to each other.  Meredith is Cristina’s person and Cristina is Meredith’s person. Meredith doesn’t know. Cristina doesn’t know. Owen told Amelia and didn’t tell Cristina. Hmmmmmmmmmm that is indeed interesting! All about sex and fighting it is!

Also there is that whole Amelia Shepherd proposed to Owen Hunt but that is just a joke! It was a prank gone bad! Owen and Amelia don’t love each other! Definitely not.

Point is. Amelia and Owen had shared and will continue to share intimate moments between them. They love each other. They are MARRIED. And their relationship is not all about sex and fighting! Now as you were. Have a good day!