but i feel need to finish at least one part of this meme

feel free to adjust sentences to make it fit your muse better!

  • ❛ So, hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon, madam. ❜
  • ❛ There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. ❜
  • ❛ Manners maketh man. ❜
  • ❛ Martini. Gin, not vodka, obviously. Stirred for 10 seconds while glancing at an unopened bottle of vermouth. Thank you. ❜
  • ❛ You throw away your biggest opportunity over a fucking dog. ❜
  • ❛ You shot a dog just to get a fucking job! ❜
  • ❛ If you’re prepared to adapt and learn, you can transform. ❜
  • ❛ You’re full of surprises. ❜
  • ❛ How deep does this fucking thing go? ❜
  • ❛ Is this the part where you say some… really bad pun? ❜
  • ❛ This ain’t that kind of movie, bruv. ❜
  • ❛ Sorry, love. Gotta save the world. ❜
  • ❛ I’m awfully sorry. I seem to have my dates muddled up. ❜
  • ❛ Oh, no no no. I cancelled the gala because of you. ❜
  • ❛ Are we going to stand around here all day, or are we going to fight? ❜
  • ❛ The suit is the modern gentleman’s armour. ❜
  • ❛ At least the girl’s got balls. ❜
  • ❛ I thought that brandy tasted a bit shit. ❜
  • ❛ You dirty… little fucking prick… ❜
  • ❛ That tends to happen when you shoot someone in the head. ❜
  • ❛ I suppose asking to borrow a cup of sugar is a step too far. ❜
  • ❛ Do you know what that means? Then let me teach you a lesson. ❜
  • ❛ What did you do to me? I had no control. I killed all those people. ❜
  • ❛ To Pee or Not to Pee? ❜
  • ❛ Not everybody had thanked you for that one. ❜
  • ❛ A gentleman’s name should appear in the newspaper only three times: When he’s born, when he marries, and when he dies. ❜
  • ❛ I’m just a pleb. ❜
  • ❛ Being a gentleman is something one learns. ❜
  • ❛ Sorry about that, needed to let off a little steam. ❜
  • ❛ Looks like a lot of people are going to die. ❜
  • ❛ Do I look like I give a fuck? ❜
  • ❛ What a shame we both had to grow up. ❜
  • ❛ Sorry, sir, but why the fuck did you choose me as the gimp? Am I the expendable candidate? ❜
  • ❛ You need to take that chip off your shoulder. ❜
  • ❛ This whiskey is amazing; you will shit. ❜
  • ❛ Who the fuck are you? Where am I? ❜
  • ❛ This knife can save your life. ❜
  • ❛ Mankind is the virus, and I’m the cure. ❜
  • ❛ You’re a bloody disgrace. ❜
  • ❛ I apologise for putting you in this position. You trained him well. ❜
  • ❛ A little gratitude would be nice. ❜
  • ❛ Fuck that guy, whoever he is! ❜
  • ❛ Do I look like I give a fuck? Just get it done. ❜
  • ❛ Perfect timing. Gentleman’s just finished. ❜
Being BFF’s with Yugkook

Jungkook best friend au ft. Yugyeom 

  • Being a Kpop Idol yourself and being friends with Jackson first.
  • You’re a ‘98 liner.
  • How you meet:
  • Your group finished performing at MAMA and you all went backstage.
  • GOT7 was there and Jackson went to your group to compliment your performance.
  • Jackson excitedly introduced you to Yugyeom since you’re both the maknae’s of your group.
  • Immediately exchanging phone numbers and hanging out within a week.
  • After a couple months of being close with Yugyeom he accidentally sends you and Jungkook a message in a groupchat.
  • Yugyeom: “Does this look good on me?” *attaches body mirror pic*
  • Jungkook: “You look like you have a mushroom on your head.”
  • Y/N: “Look who’s talking, coconut head.”
  • Jungkook then realizes he wasn’t only texting Yugyeom.
  • Yugyeom also notices the accidental group chat but replies with laughing emojis anyway.
  • You three end up hanging out and going bowling the next day and you make fun of both mushroom and coconut head.
  • A beautiful trio blossoms from there.
  • Fans start to pick up on the three musketeers that have been all over the tabloids for their trio selfies and photographed outings.
  • Yugkook becoming distant after you three begin trending on twitter because they don’t want you to get hate for being friends with them.
  • You telling them off for ignoring your texts and bowling invites and reassuring them that you only care about their friendship and not the hate.
  • Yugkook making it up to you by buying you ice cream and complimenting your newest MV.
  • You calling Yugyeom - Yuggy and Jungkook - Juggy.
  • Yugkook teasing you for being a year younger than them.
  • “you’re so small and youthful”
  • “you haven’t even grown out of your baby cheeks yet, aww”
  • Coming down from stage and being met with disapproving looks from Yugkook. 
  • *it gets caught on camera*
  • *fans are beginning to love the trio friendship after this*
  • Yugkook secretly becoming jealous when you pay more attention to the other members.
  • BamBam jokingly telling Yugyeom that you love him more *Yugyeom glaring from the distance*
  • Taehyung wrapping an arm around you as you laugh at a joke he said *Jungkook doing the tongue thing*
  • Yugkook jokingly telling you that you can only be friends with them.
  • You then become annoyed when they start to hangout with your group *but internally shipping the boys with at least one of your members*
  • Interviewer: “Y/N we heard your quite close with Yugyeom from GOT7 and Jungkook from BTS… are they your bias?”
  • Y/N: *dramatically rolls eyes* “MARK AND JIN ARE THE ONLY OPPAS I ACKNOWLEDGE!!1!!1”
  • Yugkook: *choking somewhere in the distance* 
  • How you are at award shows:
  • You becoming nervous when you spot Yugkook in the crowd during your performance but becoming relieved when you see their wide smiles and encouraging thumbs up.
  • You screaming your head off when BTS or GOT7 performs.
  • You trend on twitter later from fan taken pictures of you dancing Jungkook or Yugyeom’s part from your table.
  • #YugkookY/Narefriendshipgoals
  • Hugging each other after a performance or when either group wins an award.
  • After this fan begin to ship you with Yugyeom or Jungkook.
  • You needing to reassure the world that you know too much of Jungkook and Yugyeom and will never date them.
  • Yugkook becoming protective when fans insult you for being friends with them.
  • The three of you fangirling over Big Bang together.
  • You tagging along with the ‘97 liners because Yugkook are always with them.
  • People mistaking you for ‘97 baby because of this.
  • Yugkook picking you up from your dorm to get late night snacks or go bowling.
  • Sometimes they pick you up during the day if they have time and you eat dinner together while talking about your fears and dreams and passions and ON MY LIFE Yugkook can’t hang out with you without ganging up on you and teasing you about whatever.
  • Yugkook not allowing you to date being the protective older brothers they claim to be. (when your dating rule is lifted)
  • Random piggyback rides *usually only Yugyeom does it to Jungkook but sometimes they show you love too*
  • You blushing every time they hug or accidentally touch you 
  • Them “accidentally” touching you to get a reaction from you.
  • You constantly scold them like a mother would to her children.
  • This earns you the nickname “mama Y/N” from fans.
  • When your dating rule is lifted your members begin dating but you stay single earning the nickname from fans: “4eva single maknes”
  • Yugyeom and Jungkook take you on “dates” when you start to feel down about not having a boyfriend.
  • Yugkook reassuring you that being in a relationship isn’t everything.
  • You begin to indulge yourself more in your music and share new written songs with Yugkook who fangirl together over you and your amazing voice.
  • Yugyeom and Jungkook always seeking fashion tips from you.
  • You low key not knowing shit about fashion but telling them what you think the fans would like to see them in.
  • You taking and posting pictures of them while they’re sleeping because “it’s what the fans want”.
  • When either of you are being overworked or stressing out the other two will take said person out dancing or to a movie to relax.
  • The three of you are meme kings/queens.
  • One day Yugyeom calls you noona on accident and you punched him with the strength of a God.
  • *Jungkook records and posts it*
  • fans love the sibling like trio and want more public interactions after this.
  • You making it a point to show affection to Yugkook in public to show your fans that you can have a friendship with the opposite sex.
  • Fans thinking you in person or on social media for making Yugkook happy with your frienship. 
  • *you silently crying bc it’s you who is grateful for Yugkook’s friendship and you pray that you guys stay best friends for ever*.

a/n; I decided to do this because I was daydreaming that I was friends with them lmaoooo. Should I do an actual imagine to this though?


June’s Featured Game: Living Playground: The Witch’s Puppets

GENRE: Supernatural, Puzzle
WARNINGS:   Both implied and shown violence to the children, Emotional abuse, Blood
SUMMARY: With what starts as a simple day at the park, siblings Tony, Pablo, and Octavio are once again caught up in a series of strange circumstances such as strange pocket dimensions, coordinated monsters, and more geese than anyone could ever want to see in their lives. Stranded with them are Haze and Seal, two witches who seem to be connected with whatever nonsense is going down. As witches tend to be.In the simplest of terms, this game is about friendship and relating to others, both the good and the bad. With an unfortunate focus on the bad. It will be mostly straightforward with only one ending. 

Download the demo here!

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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anonymous asked:

Hello! If you feel inspired can you write about the RFA+V & Saeran trying new food like in a new restaurant or while on vacation abroad, and they catch a bad stomach flu. So how would the RFA deal with MC and the other way around what kind of sick person are the RFA? I know it's kind of a weird request but experiences like that really strengthen relationships so... ⊂(´• ω •`⊂) Thanks beforehand! I love you writing <3

I have been taking forever I am so sorry
Thank you for the request and compliment! And yeah I totally agree, taking care of someone when they’re sick is such a strong relationship builder…or breaker lolol
There are few parts to this ask so it might be formated a lil weird but bare with me

I hope you enjoy (ง♥ᨓ♥)ง


Taking care of you:

  • No MC don’t get out of bed just rest!
  • He has the laptop out in front of you so you can entertain yourself. 
  • Brought you tons of blankets
  • He’s terrified of getting sick though, so he’s in and out of the room
  • He keeps bringing you orange juice 
  • It’s too much acid. It makes you throw up, causing Yoosung to almost throw up.
  • “Yoosung?? Are you alright?”
  • Him, refusing to look at you or the trash can of vomit: “Yeah MC I-I’m fine. I’m just gonna..go over far away for a few mins..” He ran out of the room
  • After about an hour he comes back in, looking better than when he ran out earlier. 

When he’s sick:

  • He looks like he’s dying
  • He doesn’t move from bed
  • He tries to muster up the energy to play LOLOL but you reprimand him and make him rest more
  • He’s shamelessly needy when he’s sick
  • “MC can I have this?” “MC…I feel so gross.” “MCCCCCCCC, hellllllp”
  • But you get breaks when he passes out for a few hours at a time, or he’ll get distracted from how gross he feels by watching Let’s Plays. 


Taking care of you:

  • She follows all the online instructions
  • The room temp is changed to be the perfect temp for counteracting your illness
  • You’re positioned just right among a hundred pillows so you’re in the most ergonomic position to prevent you from puking on everything
  • She calls room service to request only nutritious meals to help get you back on track
  • She also calls the restaurant you two ate at and reports to them that you seem to have gotten sick from the food there, managing to get a gift card for the place as an apology.
  • If she thinks you’re about to up heave your guts she just looks away and crinkles her nose a bit
  • She’s basically the bedside angel nurse you never thought you’d deserve

When She’s sick:

  • She insists she can take care of herself
  • But you argue that she’ll get better faster if she just lets you take care of her, and the faster she gets better the faster you two can go back to enjoying your vacation
  • She tries to sleep as much as possible because she knows her immune system works faster then
  • But you remind her she shouldn’t force herself to sleep through her vacation
  • You get her vitamins and tea, and you two just sit on the bed or couch and watch the Cooking network because Jaehee loves watching pastries getting decorated 
  • Who doesn’t tbh


Taking care of you:

  • He waits on you hand and foot
  • Even when you don’t need, or even want, something, he brings it
  • Blankets, vitamins, water, orange juice, this weird herbal drink he found at the market that says it’s good for you, snacks, you name it
  • He cuddles with you despite being sick too sense he has the immune system of a beast
  • You two just sit around and watch movies all day while you nap on and off
  • He still thinks you’re cute, with your flushed face and red eyes and that adorable drippy nose
  • Haha just kidding he is not a fan of you being sick but he does think your sneezes are adorable and the way your eyes flutter when you first wake up from one of your naps is pretty damn adorable
  • When you barf…he is a little disenchanted but he knows it isn’t your fault so he just holds your hair and rubs your back

When he is sick:

  • He refuses to sit still and stay in the room
  • “Come on MC we have sights to see”
  • “But Zen you’re sick!”
  • “I don’t feel so hot but I can keep myself from throwing up at least so come on”
  • If he does vomit he grabs the nearest trash can and you’d hold his ponytail back
  • And cut it off
  • No just hold it
  • He insists he’d feel too awful if you guys sat around during a vacation just cause he has the stomach bug
  • And you insist you feel awful that he feels awful for being sick
  • You guys just go back and forth until you give up and resolve to just keep an eye on him and not stray too far from the hotel in case it gets worse
  • By the next morning he claims he feels better just from being with you all day


When you’re sick:

  • He calls the best local doctor in the area
  • All the high class foreign vitamins 
  • The best Korean vitamins are in express mail on their way to you guys
  • The restaurant is under new management within the hour because how dare they let this happen
  • Jumin please it isn’t their fault
  • You’re resting in bed and he’s by your side, pumped with antibiotics to keep him from getting sick because he refuses to leave you alone
  • He extends the vacation by a week to make up for any lost time spent in bed and sick

When he’s sick:

  • Very similar to the steps from when you were sick
  • You try to make the phone calls for him but he says he’s fine to do it and that you should at least have fun on your vacation
  • He tries to plan for a trusted tour guide to take you around so you can at least enjoy yourself
  • But you refuse, saying you’d much rather be with him
  • He tries to get you to leave so you won’t be at risk for catching whatever he has but you’re persistent
  • And despite him having all the best medicine and care already you do your best
  • You bring him warm or cold towelettes for his forehead when his temperature drops or spikes
  • You brush his hair back and do your best to hold his bangs back while he pukes
  • He apologizes for being so ‘disheveled’
  • You run to a local bookstore and find some interesting reads for him to entertain himself with while relaxing
  • Eventually you just snuggle up to him and nap while he does.


When you’re sick

  • First thing he does is dress as a sexy nurse
  • But then he gets serious…ironically serious considering his outfit
  • He buys some medicine and vitamins, uses the power of internet to get a good read on what may be ailing you
  • He knows you don’t feel like eating but insists you eat a small meal here and there to get some nutrients in you
  • He gets lots of bendy straws for you to drink water, because bendy straws make everything better.
  • You say the word and he is doing whatever you need or getting whatever you want in an instant
  • He’s your one and only bedside nurse <3

When he’s sick

  • “MC I’m fine”
  • “You threw up twice in an hour”
  • “I’m fi-”
  • You take the PhD Pepper out of his hand “No more of this for now” 
  • Cue you hiding all the really acidic and fatty foods he brought along despite his whining
  • He feels guilty doing work on vacation but you assure him that it’s ok since he can’t do much but sit at his computer anyways.
  • Besides, if he finishes some work now you two can have fun when you’re back home
  • He takes a lot of breaks though where you two just snuggle
  • After a while he hints that he has the sexy nurse outfit for whatever reason
  • You tell him you’ll put it on when he feels better.
  • Getting him all riled up while he’s sick is not on your to do list
  • He’s sad, but he understands
  • And while he hides most of it behinds jokes, he really appreciates you 
  • Even the part of you refusing to wear the sexy nurse outfit


When you’re sick

  • He’s a little annoyed. Not at you because he knows you didn’t choose this, but with the situation as a whole.
  • But you can tell he’s irritated and that either irritates you, or makes you feel a little guilty.
  • Cue slight strain on relationship here
  • But after an hour or two he realizes instead of being salty he could be helping you feel better and he does
  • He’s not good at it, but he tries.
  • He gets you water and some vitamins he’s familiar with, and tries to find things for you to entertain yourself.
  • After a while he realizes you’re happy with the two of you just lounging around and talking….and that makes him happy too.
  • Maybe this isn’t such a bad vacation. He wasn’t super excited to go outside into tourist land anyways.
  • Then you started puking and he had to hold your hair back
  • Ok no still kind of bad vacation
  • But even a bad vacation with you is an okay one in his eyes

When he’s sick

  • He’s just overtired and feeling icky and therefore a little more snappy than usual
  • You try getting him to eat but he refuses because his stomach hurts
  • After almost a whole day you bring in a tray of easy to digest foods and try getting him to eat once again
  • “No.” He glares at you and turns his back as he lays down.
  • You glare daggers into the back of his head.
  • “Saeran, you’re going to eat something or so help me god.” He turns to look at you, a challenging look in his eye. He isn’t used to you being assertive but he’s not going to give i-
  • You’re still glaring at him. Dead. In. The. Eyes.
  • “Alright” He grumbles as he takes the tray
  • At first he’s just moving things around with a spoon
  • But eventually he starts picking at things and actually eating
  • And he even feels a little better
  • Weird. It’s like being overtired, sick, and hungry only made things worse who would have guessed certainly not MC
  • You notice he’s sweating and grab a cold towel and start washing his forehead
  • “What are you doing”
  • “Does this not feel good?”
  • “No no.. it does. Thanks.” He looks away as you tilt his face to get all the drops and brush back his sweat matted hair. 
  • Once he’s freshened up a little more you just cuddle him.
  • “MC…”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Thank you.” 


When you’re sick

  • Protective Daddy Mode Activated
  • Much like the others he just takes care of you
  • And even when you whine he doesn’t mind, he understands you don’t feel well
  • He does anything he can to help
  • He does think it’s for the best that you two don’t cuddle or kiss though, cause if he catches it too then you’re both screwed
  • He even wears a germ mask
  • But he’s cute as fuck so you don’t mind
  • He brings you tea and water constantly, along with small nutritious meals
  • He gets tourist books and rearranges your schedule so you two can optimize the time you have once you feel better
  • The vomiting doesn’t phase him, he just holds your hair, rubs your back, and mutters encouraging, albeit strange, things along the way
  • “That’s it MC, get it all out” “You’ll feel better soon” “I’ll be here with you, just relax and do what you need”
  • Thanks V, the vomit was needing that encouragment

When he’s sick

  • He is bedridden
  • Boy will not move
  • He suddenly seems so fragile
  • You kind of think he’s dying.
  • But he assures you he is fine and tries to get you to go out and have fun without him
  • What is with these boys not understanding you’re not leaving them
  • Whenever you bring him something he sings praise about how kind you are to him, and how he doesn’t deserve you.
  • As much as he wants to be near you, he can’t risk getting you sick because ‘he’d be unable to deal with the guilt’ so he banishes you to the living room while he sleeps.
  • You feel bad but he absolutely refuses anything that involves you doing something for him more strenuous than making a cup of tea.
  • Once he feels better a couple days later he promises to make it up to you, despite you saying he has nothing to make up for. 

modify as necessary! cw: drugs, violence, slurs.

  • But why would I want to do a thing like that?
  • I chose something else.
  • The reasons? There are no reasons.
  • Who needs reasons when you’ve got heroin?
  • People think it’s all about misery and desperation and death and all that shite, which is not to be ignored, but what they forget is the pleasure of it all.
  • Pure as the driven snow, that shit.
  • We’re not fucking stupid. At least we’re not that fucking stupid.
  • No way would I poison my body with that shite.
  • Every chance you’ve had, you’ve blown it.
  • Never again. I’m off the skag.
  • I’m finished with that shite.
  • Gonna do it right this time. Gonna get it sorted out, get off it for good.
  • I’m sure I’ve heard that one before.
  • He’s always been lacking in moral fiber.
  • I want a fucking hit.
  • That’s all I’ve got. Take it or leave it.
  • Are you feeling better now then?
  • For all the good they’ve done, I might as well have stuck them up my arse.
  • Under the circumstances I’ll settle for anywhere.
  • I could hardly bear to look at them.
  • Sneaky fucker, don’t you think?
  • At one point you’ve got it, then you lose it, and it’s gone forever.
  • In your heart you kind of know that although it sounds alright, it’s actually just shite.
  • So what is the point you’re trying to make?
  • So we all get old, we can’t hack it any more and that’s it?
  • Do you see the beast? Have you got it in your sights?
  • For a vegetarian, you’re a fucking evil shot.
  • If they think you’re not trying, you’re in trouble.
  • A little dab of speed is just the ticket.
  • There’s too much discrimination in this town.
  • People get all hung up on details, like which school did I go to? How many grades did I get? Could be like six. Could be none. It’s not important.
  • Yeah, cool, whatever you say. You’re the man, the dude in the chair.
  • For me, it’s got to be the best, or it’s nothing at all.
  • I’m doing my best to lose.
  • Excuse me. I don’t mean to harass you, but I was very impressed with the capable and stylish manner in which you dealt with that situation.
  • I’ll come back with you if you like, but I’m not promising anything.
  • I expect you to be a considerate and thoughtful lover. Generous but firm. Failure on your part to live up to these very reasonable expectations will result in swift resumption of a non-sex situation.
  • You can sleep on the sofa in the hall or go home. It’s up to you.
  • Do you know what they do to people like me inside?
  • It’s a shite state of affairs to be in and all the fresh air in the world won’t make any fucking difference!
  • It looks easy, this, but it’s not.
  • Living like this is a full-time business.
  • She told me where to go and no fucking mistake.
  • I want to try it. You’re always going on about how it’s the ultimate hit.
  • Come on, I’m a fucking adult. I can find out for myself.
  • Personality. I mean, that’s what counts, right?
  • We took morphine, diamorphine, cyclozine, codeine, temazepam, nitrazepam, phenobarbitone, and sodium amytal, dextropropoxyphene, methadone, nalbuphine, pethidine, pentazocine, buprenorphine, dextromoramide, chlormethiazole.
  • We would’ve injected vitamin C if only they’d made it illegal.
  • Nothing could have been further from the truth.
  • No matter how much you stash or how much you steal, you never have enough.
  • You’re nothing but trouble to me, but I still love you.
  • You’d better clean up your fucking act, sunshine. Cut that shite out forever.
  • There’s better things than the needle.
  • If that’s not your fault then I don’t know what is.
  • I’ll proceed directly to the intravenous injection of hard drugs, please.
  • I don’t feel the sickness yet, but it’s in the post, that’s for sure.
  • That only made you worse, you said so yourself.
  • You sweat that shite out of your system, ’cause if I come back and it’s still here I’ll fucking kick it out.
  • But there comes a time when you have to turn your back on all that nonsense and just say no.
  • You’ve got to find something new.
  • One thousand years from now, there’ll be no guys and no girls, just wankers. Sounds great to me.
  • If you ask me, we’re heterosexual by default not by decision. It’s just a question of who you fancy. It’s all about aesthetics. And it’s fuck-all to do with morality.
  • Fucking listen to me, you piece of junkie shit.
  • You’ve already been to jail. What’s the deal? You like it so much you want to go back?
  • I just want the money.
  • There’s final hits and final hits. What kind is this?
  • I’d just like to say, it’s been a pleasure haggling with you.
  • Now I’ve justified this to myself in all sorts of ways.
  • It wasn’t a big deal, just a minor betrayal.
  • He’d have done the same to me if he’d only thought of it first.
  • The truth is that I’m a bad person.
  • That’s going to change. I’m going to change.
  • I’m looking forward to it already.
  • I’m gonna be just like you.
NCT 127 reaction to their gf who always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit

‘’Hello, can you do nct 127+bts reaction to their gf always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit 😇 thank you in advance’’ - @sinerwhoisasin

A/N: Thank you so much for your request! I hope you like it! The BTS version is coming soon! ^^

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the gifs! They belong to their rightful owners!
I also do not own NCT.

Unfortunately. Wish I owned them. Especially Johnny.


Would definitely be surprised every time your hand would creep underneath his shirt and perhaps jump back just a little. He wouldn’t mind it in the end, though, he’d just laugh about it and let you be.

He would prefer it, though, if you up his sleeves instead as it would make him feel more comfortable - so just to make him more comfortable you would up his sleeve more, only put your hand under his shirt if you two were in a teasing mood, or something. Taeyong would also prefer it if the two of you were alone, the guys were big teases, after all.

When the two of you were alone, he was working and you were simply reading a book. The book became boring after a while, so you’d grab your laptop and casually sit next to him and do your own stuff.

After a couple of minutes, you would up his sleeve unintentionally while watching a video and stroke his arm a bit. Taeyong shivered for a bit, and lost all concentration in his work as he glanced over to you.

‘’Ah, really, Y/N? Now? You’re too cute,’’ he laughed.

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Would probably tease you a little about it every time your habit would show up. Not just with words, but also actions - starting to sit closer to you, stare at you until you noticed what you were doing, and so on.

He wouldn’t really mind it, but just like Taeyong I think he would feel more comfortable if you two were alone. Especially since his hyungs would also tease him about it, and also just the feeling of being touched underneath his shirt in public, where everyone could see it. Of course if you’d up his sleeve, he’d be cool with that everywhere.

Since you and Mark weren’t good in cooking at all, you decided to do the groceries so you did at least something for dinner, instead of letting the other guys do everything. The two of you stood still at the cooling section where the different kinds of meat, chicken and fish were. You were both looking for the meat the other guys told you to get, but couldn’t find it easily.

While just standing there and looking, your hand would up his sleeve and just rest against his soft and fair skin which caught Mark off guard.

‘’I don’t think I would be good to use for dinner, Y/N. Try again,’’ He’d tease as he slightly chuckled.

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WinWin would definitely be so shy about this if you were with the other guys. Not only because they would tease him, but also because he wouldn’t exactly know how to respond to them very well in Korean - he’s learning, though.

If it was just the two of you, he would be so comfortable and casually join you with the skin touching, even if it was just a habit of yours. He loved it, though, he thought it was cute and that you were just the cutest thing ever.

The two of you were just chilling in the living room, watching a movie in silence until your hand moved underneath his shirt and would casually rest on his belly. He’d abruptly look at you as he blinked a couple of times, but quickly wrap his arms around you as he laughed.

‘’Ahhh you’re so cute, Y/N! It tickles, though!’’

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Okay so I guess we’re almost done with the innocent ones, but then there’s Yuta. Every time your habit would show, this guy would tease you so, so much. He couldn’t care less if the guys were around when you’d put your hand under his shirt, or up his sleeve without realizing it at that moment. He would simply tease you back, that’s all.

The two of you were cooking for the others, and you had finished your part so all you could do now was stand next to Yuta and watch him prepare his part. He was cooking the chicken and seasoning it, you just watched.

Without realizing it, you stood closer to him than before and your rather cold hands would slip underneath his shirt and simply rest there. Yuta smirked a little, especially when some of the guys walked in.

He quickly grabbed a glass and filled it with water, handing it over to you as the grin on his face became bigger and bigger.

‘’Seems like you’re rather thirsty, Y/N. Here, drink something.’’ He frowned, causing you to blush out of embarrassment and quickly withdraw your hand.

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Taeil would be rather confused. How did this become your habit in the first place? Did you expect something as you touched his body? He had no idea, but apparently it became a habit and he had to deal with this. He didn’t exactly mind it, but it confused him, that’s all.

The two of you were washing the dishes, and his part was to dry them and put them away. Your task was easy and done quicker than Taeil’s. While waiting for him you’d put both your hands underneath his shirt as you waited.

Taeil shivered a bit and looked at you, confused like usual.

‘’Y/N, I don’t have any ABS!’’ He would respond, thinking that was what you were aiming for.

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This guy’s a meme, though. And a happy bunny. But he would be so incredibly shook every time your hand was touching his body - was it a hint? Was there something wrong? Or right? Were you trying to tell him something?

At the most random moments, he felt your hand resting on his belly and he would look so confused and shocked. He’d clear his throat as he looked at you, slightly uncomfortable of your random actions which turned out to be one of your weird habits.

‘’Eh, Y/N… Something the matter?’’

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Haechan would somehow be like Yuta, but in a fun way. I don’t think Haechan would diss you as much (especially in front of others) like Yuta would. He’d tease you in a way so you wouldn’t mind it, either.

Your habit was to up his sleeve at random times, to feel his skin and then down his sleeve again once you were done. At first it really confused the heck out of this naughty Maknae, but at some point he got used to your funny habit.

Like mentioned before, you’d do it at incredibly random times - when you were out for dinner, maybe, just sitting at home, doing chores; random times. Haechan would laugh mischievously as he felt his sleeve going up his arm again and felt your soft hand against his skin.

‘’I know you love me, Y/N. Words are enough, you know? No need to get so intimate.’’ He’d laugh out loud.

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Would be both confused but also chill about it on the outside, but sort of shook on the inside. Of course he had never experienced this before he met you, but then again - this habit is what made you, you. And that is who he fell in love with. Then again, it had him shocked every time, but he wouldn’t let you know.

The two of you were just chilling in the practice room after NCT’s practice was over, you were planning on going out for dinner soon but you let Jaehyun rest for a little bit. You sat down next to him and after a minute or two he’d feel your hand going up his body.

‘’Ahh, Y/N. You’re doing it again.’’ He would remove your hand from his body as he looked at you, smiling awkwardly. ‘’I’m sweating, it’s gross. Please not now.’’

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Again. Johnny. Where to start. He had gotten used to it by now, and would probably go all savage on you at first, you’d probably get a little angry because you really can’t help your weird habit, but he’d make it up to you soon by kissing your cheek and hugging you, or whatsoever. He did see it as a compliment, though. You wouldn’t touch him if you didn’t like any of his features, so that’s that.

English wasn’t your first language, you knew it well but you wanted to know things better, so of course you would ask Johnny(or Mark, but only if Johnny was very busy which wasn’t often as he always made time for you). He’d explain you the things you didn’t understand, help you with some grammar or expand your vocabulary. He stopped in the middle of his sentence as he felt that you upped his sleeve again while looking at the text he had written.

He frowned as he began leaning against you teasingly.

‘’You know, saying the words ‘oh daddy’ would’ve been a better hint, Y/N. This one’s becoming old.’’

‘’This isn’t funny, Johnny! Ugh, I’m sorry.’’

‘’Don’t apologize. It’s too funny, and cute.’’ He’d say as he quickly pressed a kiss onto your forehead and continued explaining what he was explaining to you before.

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CS Pillow Talk - You’re My Hero

Killian Jones Appreciation Meme: Day 2 Favorite Hero Moments

I really, really wanted to participate in #kjam17, and since I don’t know how to make gifs I decided to write something. This was written in a ridiculously short amount of time for me, because I tend to obsess over every word when I read and write things, and it is unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine, apologies. Have a baby bit of angst about Killian’s heroism.  (Although some of you -@xhookswenchx may read and say where was the angst, I’m allergic to angst, so this is angsty af for me to have written.)


Emma was still shaking as he held her flush against his body, arm wrapped tightly around her middle. “Relax, love. The town is safe once again, and no one is worse for the wear.”

A broken sob escaped before she could contain it, and she rolled over to face him. “That’s not the point, Killian. You could have died!” Again, she thought. Emma had watched helplessly once more as Killian had made ready to sacrifice himself on yet another battlefield this afternoon. Though the need hadn’t arose, she was still  furious with him. She’d barely spoken to him on the way home. She’d taken a little of her aggression out on him in the bed, having her way with him fast and hard.  

Killian had mistaken her rough affection for a battle high, right up until she’d pushed off him moments after orgasm and told him she was pissed at him. Emma had headed straight to the shower making it clear with a look that he was most definitely not invited to join her. Killian had laid in bed wondering what had happened between their victory and this moment. He was sure he’d gotten her off. Twice in fact, if he wasn’t mistaken.  He thought to earlier on the field and suddenly realized what was eating away at her. Being the wise husband he could be, he let her finish her shower alone, then took his own and gave her a chance to settle into bed.  When he finally climbed in behind her, he was met with her shaking body, and frayed nerves.  He wrapped his arm around her waist and cradled her to his body.

“Emma, I-”

“No, Killian. I need you here, we haven’t had enough time yet. I am so sick and goddamn tired of you sacrificing yourself. Let someone else do it for-”

“Like you?” he interrupted, a thinly veiled anger lacing his tone at the mere thought of losing her.

“Like anyone,” she yelled turning over in his arms to face him. “You’ve died more times than I care to recall. You don’t always have to be the hero.”

“In any time, and any realm love, it’s me before you, my life for yours. I will not let you die if I can stop it from happening. If that means that I no longer live so you can, then so be it,” he explained softly.

Emma broke down into tears, “That’s exactly what I mean. I can’t watch you leave me again.” The emotions of this battle had really eaten their way inside her. She was so used to having to attend to everyone around them that it was rare she had to really deal with her own feelings.

Killian wiped at the tears streaming down her cheeks, a few of his own welling up. He rubbed her back gently as she took deep breaths. He knew one of Emma’s least favorite pastimes was feeling out of control.

“I’m going to attempt to tell you what I’m feeling. You and I both know this isn’t my strong suit, but this is important to me Killian,” she said after regaining a little composure.  

“Aye, Swan, I’m listening,” he murmured kissing her forehead.

“Before I ever knew what we were, it killed me to see Cora, Pan, and even Regina threatening your life. It made me ache to know you might die because of me. At first I chalked it up to getting emotional over a human life being threatened, then over time I grudgingly started to realize it had more to do with you specifically. You have always done the heroic thing where I am concerned. You took me to Neverland to find my son, you traded your ship for me, you followed me into an unknown abyss and were my prince. I was falling for you that whole time, and those were the heroics that I could handle. Before you, no one had ever done anything for me, it was me, myself, and I.”

Emma paused, breathing in deeply before she went into the next part. Caressing his stubbled cheek she continued, “Then we were sucked into Isaac’s world. You will never know how much it hurt to watch you die, to see you sacrifice yourself so I could save everyone else. There was no guarantee that you’d be back in Storybrooke even if I succeeded, and up until that moment in my life, it was the single hardest thing I’d ever had to live through.”

Killian brushed at the tears that had started to slide down her cheeks again. “Emma,” he whispered.

“Let me finish.”

He nodded his head silently.

“Then not only did I have to watch you die again, I had to be the one to do it. I know you’ve seen death, and I know you’ve had loved ones die in your arms. I’m not belittling that, but you are my true love Killian, and I had to kill you, I don’t think you know what that does to a person. Then when we came to get you, you promised we’d leave that hellish realm together, and you tricked me into leaving you there.” Her forehead and eyes ached trying to stop the tears that wanted to pour. Her chest was tight, and she was having trouble inhaling deeply again.  

“I’m sorry, Emma. They needed you. Henry and your parents needed you.”

“Don’t you get it, Killian?” she cried out, “I need you.” She pounded her fist against his chest trying to get him to understand. Trying to make him feel just one ounce of the hurt she felt at losing him repeatedly. The floodgates opened again, and she was inconsolable once more.

“Forgive me,” Killian choked out raggedly as his own tears fell. Of course he knew how Emma felt about him. But it broke his heart to hear her telling him that she needed him, as though she thought he didn’t care about her needs. “Forgive me, my love.” He kissed her through the tears, then rested his forehead to hers.

“Come to other realms with me when I’m swept away, take me where I need to go to help the town, fight by my side, gamble with the Jolly. Just please stop sacrificing yourself.” Emma kissed him fiercely, holding his face between her hands to make him see her. Looking deeply into his eyes she focused every feeling she had channeling it to him, “Stay. Choose to stay, that’s all I’m asking. Stay here with me, Killian.”

mythbusters starters: seasons 1 & 2
  • who are the mythbusters?
  • we’re what you’d call “experts”.
  • together, they have over 30 years of _____ experience.
  • we do this for a living.
  • i’m trying to locate a pig’s stomach.
  • _____’s SUPPOSED to be an expert.
  • that’s the shit!
  • the chevy impala is the ideal candidate for urban legend status.
  • so, the air force apparently called and turned us down on the jato rocket.
  • did they call us back again? just to deny permission? again? without being asked?
  • oh, fuck me.
  • [making gratuitous car crash sound effects]
  • oh, that’s the coolest toy ever.
  • we’ve got years of experience that keeps us safe.
  • i’m gonna have to have a grin-ectomy!
  • i mean, obviously it’s deflated, right?
  • [opens mouth to show a bunch of pop rocks going off]
  • what about mounting it in our skeleton over there?
  • oh, don’t make me say it!
  • once the belief is out there, you have to take some gargantuan steps to disprove it.
  • _____’s had two cans, he’s out of control! oh my god, he’s having another one! _____! _____, you can’t have those last two cans! oh my god, you’re an animal!
  • okay, i wouldn’t have called that he could drink all that soda and eat all those pop rocks at once.
  • i can’t answer the phone. i’m tying a pig’s stomach into a skeleton.
  • that’s what we call “a hell of a saturday night”.
  • another one bites the dust.
  • scotty, i need more power!!!
  • did you go to art school?
  • it has to be nice and fleshy and soft.
  • i come from the planet butthead.
  • that’s actually ____’s butt.
  • that’s probably the best shot you’ll ever see of your own butt.
  • it really looks great. i’m looking forward to spanking it.
  • think of all the twinkies that go into the actual production of this.
  • we’re doing in one night what most people spend their whole lives avoiding.
  • she’d have one big hickey.
  • a big butt hickey. that’s gonna be hard to explain.
  • we’re prepared to stake… uh… ____’s butt on it.
  • i’m trying to talk scientifically!
  • i was using my arms! if i didn’t have arms, i wouldn’t be able to free myself!
  • you were absolutely right.
  • agree with me.
  • i’ve only broken one bone in my body.
  • this would be cool if i could see.
  • our lawyer just isn’t cutting the mustard.
  • i won myself five bucks!
  • the coroner decided not to file an inquiry in this case because it was such a freak accident.
  • i love breaking things.
  • tub of body latex: $43. tub of gold pigment: $6. watching your friend get naked, covered in gold paint, and then jogging until they pass out: priceless.
  • this is the thing that made it all over the internet a few years ago.
  • we’re not gonna bring the pellet gun.
  • is this something that would be legal for us to do?
  • unfortunately, _____ wouldn’t let us shoot inside the building.
  • you need forty-two of those? good lord!
  • are you sure you wanna do the do?
  • i think it’s fine. of course– it’s your neck, not mine.
  • we’re trying to recreate the mythical flight of ________.
  • _____ had a lot of help.
  • it’s been nice knowin’ ya!
  • cheers.
  • gimme a hug.
  • i think i’ll get a couple of tanks of helium and see what happens.
  • we’re gonna eat some bagels. we’re gonna eat some cake.
  • i think we have to drink a lot of water, ‘cause we’re gonna have to cough up about a half a dozen urine samples today.
  • we bought _____ over the web– a bargain at $16.95 for ten!
  • i hope i don’t get pee shy.
  • i haven’t used drugs in weeks.
  • i think this is gonna cure me of my love for ____once and for all.
  • i think that’s a positive right there.
  • i just tested positive for opiates!
  • welcome to the club there, brotha!
  • so is it gonna be a girl or a boy, do you think?
  • i believe that’s what people do when they go out, uh, you know, uh, partying, or something.
  • you wanna make sure that you’re SHINY.
  • listen, you’re already naked and running on the treadmill covered in gold paint. there’s no such thing as shame anymore.
  • what’s the danger zone?
  • i could die if i’m not careful with this thing.
  • it feels like i’m being skinned!
  • ______’s blood pressure fluctuations are obviously related to the latex.
  • tossing a ____ off the top of the empire state building is not as easy as it sounds.
  • is this– is this excited ____? we’ve got a world first!
  • we’ve got a world first! it’s going out on television!
  • he’s totally [bleeping] [bleep]ing me.
  • wwwwwwwwwhoops!
  • [GLASS SHATTERING] whoops! haha! ha– we should get out of here, that’s mercury vapor.
  • the fbi uses it to test weapons.
  • he wants to do his own narration.
  • i’ll do it. but you gotta do it too, or else you’re, like, a wuss.
  • okay. you go first.
  • OOOOOWW! agh! … that didn’t actually hurt that much.
  • augh! you hit me in the same exact place!
  • it didn’t hurt that much before, but now it really hurts!
  • i always enjoy seeing ____ in pain.
  • go ahead. shoot me in the ass. come on, i can take it.
  • [on the verge of tears, clutching injured body part] i was prepared for the consequences.
  • any time we get to play with explosives and gunpowder and cool weapons and stuff like that, we’re happy campers.
  • there’s a significant chance that there will be an explosion.
  • [puppy voice] do you want the cookie?? is your cookie in here??? get the cookie!!!
  • what sort of foul play is this?!
  • i think it’s really quite obvious that i don’t tan, like, at all.
  • _____ wants to build the microwave oven from hell.
  • i’m gonna take all these microwaves apart and use them to build a super-powerful microwave gun that i can carry around and heat stuff up with.
  • fork in the microwave.
  • it’s like something out of star trek!
  • dude, you are the MAN!
  • in theory, this should heat up a cup of water four times faster than a regular microwave would.
  • [wraps entire body in tin foil]
  • i wouldn’t say _____’s an evil genius. i’m not sure he’s evil and i’m not sure he’s a genius.
  • my watch has stopped.
  • i’m looking for a human skull.
  • it’s his father’s.
  • this has to be easier than getting ahold of a skull. right?
  • it’s busted.
  • this pig’s gonna be one big bag a’ maggots.
  • ____’s mustache is twitching.
  • usually, things don’t work this easy.
  • it’s the world’s most complicated lighter.
  • it’s my new secret escape hatch!
  • it’s taking him a while to do this. i think he’s having a little too much fun.
  • i’m excited. we’re gonna blow some stuff up and go home.
  • it’s kind of a lot. it’s kind of– really a lot.
  • we can’t put gunpowder behind him and try to launch him, that’s just gonna blow him up.
  • cue the bomb.
  • will it work? that’s in the lap of the gunpowder gods.
  • if you catch him, i’ll give you a hundred dollars.
  • you wanna put some protection on, there?
  • he thinks he’s alright.
  • he survived! ___ survived!
  • one got away, and the other two have been quietly decomposing in a 1987 corvette for two months.
  • it just smells like standard death.
  • i see myself as a vegetarian for at least the next couple of weeks.
  • if my baby’s poo smelled like that, i would take it to a hospital immediately.
  • it won’t start, and it stinks of dead pig, but it’ll look good.
  • it’s alive!
  • science or quackery?
  • have we all been injected with mind-control chips?!
  • what happened to these men?
  • the authorities presumed they drowned.
  • the authorities presumed they drowned, but the myth says that they survived on a homemade raft.
  • people often cheer for the underdog.
  • officially, no one ever escaped and lived to tell.
  • i think i’ll fit. i’m not so sure about you.
  • let the break-out begin!
  • seems beer and fast food wasn’t on the menu at alcatraz.
  • i think i tweaked my back.
  • this is where it all happened.
  • it’s a lot of distance to cover in the middle of the night with all that equipment, i’ll tell you that.
  • it seems to simple an end.
  • he spent his life in and out of reform schools and prisons.
  • we’re escaping alcatraz at mach one!
  • wait– was that a guard?
  • anything to say to the ducks back home?
  • well, i guess we’ll find a way of making it complicated, won’t we.
  • don’t let their looks deceive you. they’re actually quite deadly.
  • i asked for some volunteers this morning, and i came up with a couple.
  • that wasn’t so bad, was it? that wasn’t so bad.
  • don’t mess with me, duck. when i say quack, you’re gonna quack, right?
  • quack, damn you!
  • they just needed someone to talk to.
  • you ready to quack for science?
  • where were all those quacks when we needed ‘em?!
  • ____, you wanna come over here and bend over?
  • we can do a little prison hazing ritual.
  • at this point, it looks like i’m not getting off the island. i’m gonna have to finish this life sentence.
  • dude, that’s a ____. i’m really impressed with these prison guys.
  • i give us a 60% chance of making it, a 20% chance of immediate catastrophic failure, and a 20% chance of slow descent into hell.
  • we’re gonna see if we can determine when, exactly, the government installs their mind-control chips.
  • you can proceed, but we’re watching you.
  • this is like a big, grown-up version of battleship! that’s cool!
  • [in a robotic monotone] i do not notice anything at all. i feel perfectly fine now.
  • it would seem that their technology is far more advanced than previously suspected!
  • you look funny.
  • just remember, kid– if it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make a GREAT story later on.
BTS reaction their s/o being a constant meme

“Can you do a Bts reaction of their s/o being a constant meme?”- Anonymous

 Hey lovely Anon! I love this request so much. I would love to do this reaction 😊 I hope this is what you meant by being a meme. I honestly tried my hardest! Enjoy :)


Jin was in one of his dad jokes mood. So he kept going one after another. You and the rest of the boys were tired of it. You looked at Jungkook, and you guys made the best derp face you could muster. It caught Jin by surprise since everyone started laughing at the two of you. “ YAH! I am talking right now. What do you guys think you are doing?” he said while scolding you guys.Jin knew you had a habit of constantly pulling up random faces so he just gave you a blank look. He couldn’t really do anything else.(ignore the caption in gif)

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I am pretty sure he would be done with you. He came home after a long day at work. He thought that he could just spend time with you. But the first thing he saw when he entered was you all hyper and dressed up in your old hot dog Halloween costume. You were screaming at the top of your lungs “Ayyayayayay hands up if you’re feeling the vibe now”He didn’t say anything because he had basically given up any hope of you being anything other than a living breathing meme. “ I give up. Officially” he put his hands up and surrendered.

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You had a habit of cracking dad jokes, much like Jin. Hoseok did not know how to feel about it. It was enough that Jin cracked jokes, and now you too. You and your best friend were having fun exchanging lame dad jokes with each other. Hoseok never really liked Jin’s jokes either. “Hey (friends name) what is Forrest Gump’s password?” You looked at Hoseok and your friend. “1Forrest1” you and your friend burst into laughter. “ I am just going to let you guys finish…” Hoseok said and left the room. 

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Namjoon wasn’t sure what to think. You always took weird selfies, and had a habit of making memes out of them. You even had a tumblr blog with all the memes you created and boy were they popular! Namjoon hated taking selfies with you. “Y/n can you please for once take a proper selfie??” He huffed at you. You couldn’t help but laugh at how it irritated him. If you ever asked for a selfie together, he would immediately make up silly excuses to get himself out of the “torture” . “No I need to go jump off a cliff before that can ever happen” he would wave to you.

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Jimin loved it. You had a habit of dancing. Well it couldn’t really be considered dancing because it mainly consisted of derp faces, and flailing your arms and legs around. Jimin loved it because it always managed to make him smile and he always ended up laughing. “ Sometimes it hurts that you cant really grasp the concept of gracefulness being my gf you know?. He would low key love it, but kind of cringe at the same time when you tried to dance.

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You know this boy will love it. With all the extra-ness he could muster he would tell you “ I have found my soul mate in you.” You had a habit of saying cheesy pick up lines as part of daily conversation. The rest of the boys weren’t exactly fans because it was cringy to say the least. “ Hey Tae, are you google?” you asked him. He shook his head while laughing “no.why baby? He replied. “Because I just found what I have been searching for” Lets just says Tae lost his shit with that joke, and the rest of the boys felt conflicted about you.

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It needs no saying but he would absolutely love it. You were hyper, so sometimes you could not control it. Jungkook and Yoongi were fighting about what to watch. Jungkook snatched the remote and held it up in the air. “Hyung, dont try. You wont be able to reach it” The rest of the boys stifled their laughs. You on the other hands burst out in laughter and looked at Jungkook.”Salty bae” you said and high fived him. Jungkook could not stop laughing. “I love you, you know that?”

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*Please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors*

I hope you all like it! I really hope its good enough! I tried my best you guys :) Enjoy and I wish you all a very happy day <3



alkja  asked:

I'm sorry, did you say "memes about “Master Kenobi’s sculpted abs”"????? HOW did that come to be? How did it happen that Ob-Wan "always wrapped in at least 3 layers of linen and wool" Kenobi got to be seen in deshabillé? Did Obi-Wan become a Jedi sex symbol? (he ought) Who was more mortified, he or Anakin? Were the Jedi pissed or were they like "mmmmh, good pr this is"? TELL US MORE!

combining this with:

Anonymous said:
/MEMES/ ABOUT OBIWANS /SCULPTED ABS??!?!/ Omigosh I have a sudden need to know how the holonet even got a pic of Obiwan’s abs. Was it a clone? Was it Ahsoka? Was it a jedi youngling? A trolling knight? A lucky-stalking journalist climbing the sides of the temple? HOW? HahahahahHHAha


Anonymous said:
THE HOLONET NEVER FORGET hahahhaha yesss. But really, how did the public get a glimpse of Obiwan’s abs???

I just love that this became a BURNING QUESTION that NEEDS ANSWERS. Luckily I do have answers, but lol. (referenced by this and this)

WARNING: mentions of child slavery and the discovery of child slaves. Nothing graphic what so ever, in fact, the children haven’t been made slaves yet, though they have been kidnapped for that purpose.

It’s the kind of mission that Obi-Wan will do his absolute best to completely forget as soon as it’s over and he’s finished his report. 

For months they’ve fought this war, struggling to keep the Separatist forces at bay and keeping the Republic safe. For months the clones have been at the Jedi’s backs, help keeping them safe. Helped the Jedi be enough to keep the Republic safe. 

The Jedi are not an army, they’re not soldiers… They’re supposed to be peacekeepers but now, at the behest of the Republic, they’re not.

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Off Limits

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~Pairings~ Reader x Jungkook




Off Limits

          The two words to describe the boy sitting across from you as the both of you enjoyed your lunch on a nice summer day at a table outside a small cafe. He was dressed in a plain white t-shirt, blue ripped jeans and a pair of work boots that seemed as if they were permanently stitched onto his feet.

“You look good with the new haircut” you complimented him.

“Really? Thanks!” Jungkook said unnecessarily fixing the parted bangs that framed his face. A little blush crept onto his cheeks, and to anyone else it would have been hardly noticeable. It wasn’t the fact that he was in a disguise, after all who wants millions of fans interrupting a peaceful lunch? But it was more because you weren’t just anyone else. You were Jungkooks best friend and knew him better than anyone else. You knew him better than his band members, and even his family and that in it’s own way was dangerous.

“We should probably leave soon though” you said to him. Even in a small café, Jungkook had a risk of being recognized and you had a feeling that it just happened as you saw one of the customers not so sneakily take a picture of him.

“Want to come over to our dorm?” He said, standing up to pay the bill despite your refusals, saying that he had wanted to treat you this time. “We hardly get to hang out as it is”

         That was one of the cons of being friends with an international celebrity, his constantly busy schedule, and if not that then the hindrance of the necessary precaution that he had to take to make sure all his fans didn’t recognize him in public.

“I can’t right now, I have a meeting to go. Besides, don’t you have practice?”

“It’s later on though, but come to the dinner party then, we’re celebrating the good news and everyone’s been wanting to spend time with you”

“I will, I will” you promised him, and even though your instinct told you not to go, your heart said otherwise and in your rush to get away you forgot to ask what the news was.

               In all honesty, you had missed Jungkook. BTS had just recently finished their international tour and had come back to Seoul. Yet who knows for how long? They always had a busy schedule and sometimes you would get to see jungkook everyday for at least a week, but never more than a week, that’s how hectic his schedule was. Sometimes two to three months would pass by before you saw him again. Of course he always texted and FaceTime in between but it’s not the same in person.

Jungkook: please come tonight, it will be fun :)

     You looked down at the text, tears forming in your eyes because after months of pondering over the issue, you had decided that you must finally move on from him. Of course you would maintain your friendship, but you needed to move on from him because you knew that he didn’t love you like that. Too him you were just a friend, like a younger sister if anything. And in order for you to move on, you needed to distance yourself from him little by little. Starting with the dinner party tonight.

The first step in distancing yourself from the boy that was off limits was to of course distance yourself from his friends as well. That was another reason that you wished to not go to this dinner party and that’s how you found yourself on your couch watching tv. In a pair of short, bright pink running shorts and a black tank top, you turned on the fan, grabbed some snacks and settled in for a quiet Friday night. Yet much to your dismay, at around 8pm sharp, there was a knock on your front door.

“Who is it?” You asked, suspicious because you weren’t expecting anyone anytime soon.

“It’s jungkook!”

“What-”  you started as you opened the door only to have someone lift you up over their shoulders and before you could register what was happening, 7 boys filed into your apartment carrying take out, a boom box, desserts, drinks, and games.

“Tae put me down!” You hollered at the lean and muscular member of the band who gently put you down. After Jungkook, you were the closest to Taehyung. Your friendship had started once he asked you for your number only to send you memes at 3 in the morning.

“What is going on?” You demanded to know as they started unpacking the food and various other materials they brought with them.

“Well since you refused to come to the dinner party, we brought the dinner party to you” JHope said with a huge grin that melted the hearts of so many fangirls. “Hit it Sugaaaaa” He yelled and as yoongi muttered “I’m not your bitch” he blasted the boom box.

You couldn’t help but laugh at these ridiculous boys in front of you and decided to join in on their fun.

It was around 11 when the boys started dozing off around your apartment and so you went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Leave it to them to end a party at 11, you thought to yourself, but you understood that they were tired from their busy schedules.

“Can you pour me one too please?” Jungkook asked as you.

“Sure” you replied with a small smile.


He took the glass from you but didn’t drink it, instead his gaze watching as you drank your glass.

“Hope you guys are comfy and sleep well, I’m going to bed now. Good-” you rushed to finish your words only to be cut off by him.

“Ok spill” he said

“Spill what?”

“You know what I mean. Why are you avoiding us? Why are you avoiding me? I know you’re not okay and you’re just trying to act like you are” he said.

“I’m not avoiding you, I saw you for lunch” you lied.

“Bullshit, you were acting weird and were in a hurry to leave anyways, normally you stick around and I’m always the one that leaves first”  He said as he followed you into your bedroom. He left the door open as you sat down and he crossed his arms, still standing, and glaring at you. You couldn’t look at him as tears threatened to pour out.

“I’m sorry,” his voice soft and a frown on his face appeared because he hated seeing you cry. “I know something is wrong and I want you to tell me. I’m your best friend and it hurts if you can’t tell me what’s bothering you” He knelt in front of you, wiping the tears away in your eyes.

“Please, tell me” he whispered as he held your hands in his.

“Okay fine,” you said, giving up. “It’s just that I miss you. I know we text and FaceTime and Snapchat and stuff but I miss you. I miss going to the movies worth you. I miss going on midnight walks and runs. I miss going shopping and eating ice-cream and-”

Before you could finish, he took you in his arms and engulfed you in a big hug and you cried against his chest.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m trying my best y/n, I’m so sorry for being a terrible friend”

“No, no, Jungkook you’re an amazing friend, I’m so lucky to have you” you said as your tears wet his shirt. Knowing friends was all you’d be to him.

“Thanks y/n but I don’t think we can just be friends anymore, or I don’t have time to be friends anymore.  If you came to he dinner party, you’d have heard the news” he said. You let go of him and looked at him

“What news?” you asked in shock, remembering him saying it earlier. So many thoughts rushed to your mind. If he said he didn’t have time to be friends anymore did that mean that he’d be gone for longer this time? You knew you wanted to distance yourself but it wasn’t like you completely wanted him out of your life. He was your best friend, and maybe over time you would move on from him in the romantic way but he was still your best friend and you couldn’t even imagine what you would do if he wasn’t your friend.

“What news Jungkook?!” You asked as you stood up and started pacing “Are you going to be gone longer? Is it going to be like 5 years before I see you again?What do you mean you don’t have time to be friends anymore?! Omg omg omg, what will I do?” You started panicking.

“Y/N calm down will you?!” Jungkook asked. And he had the nerve to start laughing after that.

“What?! Why are you laughing”

“i just love how you start jumping to the biggest conclusions” Jungkook said. You crossed your arms and yelled at him with a frown on your face “Then explain you dimwit!”

“okay okay, so BTS has been given 3 months vacation time and we were all thinking about visiting our hometowns and chilling with our families” Jungkook explained.

“Then that mean you’re going to be here..?That doesn’t make sense, what are you going to be doing that you won’t have time to be friends?” you asked and he stepped closer to you, you looked at his chocolate colored eyes that were sparkling.

“I will be spending time with my family and when I’m not doing that, I will be out on dates, at least I hope” Jungkook said as your heart sank to the floor, your stomach in a knot at what you just heard.

“Woah woah woah, Date?! With who?! Why haven’t you told me about her? How long have you known this person?! And you have time for her but not me, your best friend?!” you quickly started asking.

 He took a step towards you, “The reason that..” another step “you haven’t heard about her,” he took yet another step closer to you “is that because it’s you” he whispered as he kissed you. His lips more softer and gentler than you could have ever imagined. And as you both pulled away, he said “So yes I won’t have time to be your friend, but time to be your boyfriend, that is if you want to go out with me?” A blush came to his cheeks, one that mirrored yours. And as you said yes and melted into his kisses, you sighed because apparently he was not off limits anymore.

bloomingcnidarians  asked:

2 and/or 19 for Gemma/Jaal, please!

19. kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing 

In which Gemma Ryder and Jaal have their first fight, and Cora does not want to deal with it. 


Ryder’s ongoing quest to climb every mountain on every planet vertically had finally broken the Nomad in ways even the combined efforts of Gil, Jaal, and Vetra couldn’t repair.

“Are you still on fire?” Cora asked, both horrified and impressed. “My God. You’re still on fire.”

Ryder, halfway out of her armor, and looking as close to murderous as Cora had ever seen her, crouched down to peer at the Nomad’s undercarriage. “Shit, we are. Liam — we’re in crisis, respond!”

“On it, boss!” A fire extinguisher arced through the air, barely missing Gil’s head, and landed in Ryder’s hand with a solid thwack. Five seconds later, the fire was out, but the cargo bay was covered in foam, and the Nomad wheezed and groaned as its axles cooled.

“Shit,” Ryder said again, scrubbing at her hair. “Good eye, Cora, thanks.”

“I take it your field trip with Reyes went well?” Cora asked.

Ryder bared her teeth — Cora thought of a mongoose, and took a step back — but before she could change the subject or Ryder could start swearing, Jaal spoke up from the other side of the Nomad.

“Kadara is a cesspool on the best of days,” he said, his mouth curled in a sneer as he wiped a few droplets of foam off his eyepiece. He muttered something under his breath, and Ryder’s shoulder went iron-hard. “And today,” he added, once all the foam was gone, “was not its best day.”

Ryder glared at Jaal — the planetkiller stare, her father had called it; Cora heard his voice, felt the accompanying pang of loss and nostalgia — and the cargo bay went silent. The lovebirds hadn’t so much as exchanged tense words since they paired off months ago, but watching Ryder, whose teeth were still very much bared, and whose Sidewinder was still very much in reach, Cora readied a barrier.

No harm in being prepared, lots of harm in letting the Pathfinder spatter her angaran boyfriend across the Tempest’s cargo bay.

Five seconds of absolute silence passed, then Ryder gave herself a shake and exhaled hard through her mouth. “It sure as hell wasn’t,” she said, tight and furious, then turned on her heel and stalked away, without a backwards look.

Cora chanced a look in Jaal’s direction — hell, just like everyone else in the cargo bay — and found him watching Ryder’s departure with a mix of dismay and annoyance. Dismay ended up winning by the time the door hissed closed behind Ryder.

Sure glad I wasn’t tapped for this run, Cora thought, then felt a surge of guilt as Jaal made his way — deliberately calm — toward the makeshift showers in the back of the bay.

Another ten seconds of silence went by before Drack’s head popped out of the Nomad.

“Next time,” he said to the room at large, “someone else can go to Kadara. I’m done.”


Between Jaal’s first and second emotional openness seminars, someone — Cora’s money was on Liam — had taken the guy aside and explained that sometimes it was totally okay, even preferred, to let humans stew for a while before trying to work things out. And Jaal, being pretty quick on the uptake, had taken that advice very much to heart — not that Jaal had any other setting, Cora mused — and let Ryder stew, and stew, and stew, all the way back to the Nexus, where the Nomad could get some TLC and the crew could stock up on rations that were older than everyone except Drack.

Ryder spent most of the trip in her quarters, and for the first time, Cora realized just how much of the crew’s strange cohesion came from the Pathfinder’s relentless, dogged optimism. Everyone stayed as efficient as ever, but without Ryder breezing through the ship, no one seemed inclined to talk, or joke, or even give each other shit.

“I hate this,” Peebee said, two hours out from the Nexus. “They need to get over it. Jaal had the right idea. Kadara sucks, even that time Drack drank the water.”

Lexi’s eyes flew wide, and Cora leapt in before the good doctor could turn herself inside-out over that one. “I’m pretty sure it’s more than Jaal’s feelings about Kadara getting on Ryder’s last nerve,” she said, as diplomatically as she could. Privately, she mostly agreed with Peebee, but a part of her kept whispering that Ryder had held herself together through her father’s death, two of her own deaths, and facing the kett time and again. This wasn’t just being pissed off with Jaal; this was everything on Ryder’s back coming out at once.

She wanted to say so, but Peebee had already checked out of the conversation and was talking to Lexi about the new upgrades to Poc, and Cora didn’t want to ruin the moment. She finished her breakfast in silence, and headed back to her plants. As de facto XO, maybe she should have stepped in, and nudged them toward a reconciliation, but that advice about stewing went for her, too.

If Ryder and Jaal weren’t back to their usual adoring selves by the time the Nomad was repaired, she’d say something. But not before.


Halfway through their first day docked at the Nexus, a swell of whoops and laughter interrupted Cora’s reading. She shoved her datapad away and followed the sound down to the cargo bay.

Gil and Peebee turned around as she walked in, each offering her a quick nod before going back to cheering on Liam and Ryder, who were both balancing on gymnastics rings, five feet above the floor.

Oh, good, Cora thought. We’re back to Tempest Olympics. She’d been roped into enough of Ryder’s challenges for a lifetime, but Liam could always be relied on to take one of Ryder’s dares, whether it was do you think I can throw you over that ravine with my biotics or how many cartwheels can we do in full armor?

At least this particular challenge wouldn’t leave Lexi crying in her sleep. The good doctor was cheering next to Drack, though Cora wasn’t exactly sure for whom.

“How long have they been at it?” she asked, taking up a spot on Peebee’s other side.

“About fifteen minutes,” Gil replied, Peebee being too busy throwing half a cookie at Liam’s head. “Nowhere near the record, but we’re allowed to distract them this time.”

“Bullseye!” Peebee yelled, nearly deafening them both, as the cookie bounced off Liam’s forehead. He wobbled, cursing under his breath, but regained his balance a second later.

Cora grinned, relief rising through her chest. If Ryder was cheerful enough to start demanding athletic competitions, the worst was behind them, without her having to lift a finger. A reconciliation with Jaal couldn’t be far behind — except for the fact that Jaal was nowhere to be seen.

A little of her relief faded away, but then Vetra flicked a bottle cap at Ryder, and she nearly lost her grip as she tried to shift away.

“Oh, you’re going down!” Liam said, grinning as a fine sheen of sweat broke out on his forehead.

“No way, Kosta.” Ryder pulled herself upright, and gave him a wicked grin. “I’m in the zone. Can’t knock me out, can’t bring me down, can’t —”

“Hey, Jaal!” Liam yelled toward the far corner of the cargo bay. “Give a friend a hand, yeah? Distract your girl!”

Ryder’s head twitched toward Jaal as he walked into view, but she clearly didn’t make eye contact. “Pretty low, Liam,” she said. “Must be getting desperate. No wonder I’m winning.”

Desperate your word for creative, huh?” Liam jerked his chin at Jaal, who hovered at the edge of the bay, just in Cora’s line of sight. “C'mon, I know you’ve got moves.”

Cora watched Jaal’s emotions cross his face: reluctance, amusement, and the strange blend of wistfulness and intensity that had marked how he looked at Ryder, almost from the beginning.

I don’t know if I should roll my eyes or applaud, she thought, as Jaal made his way toward Ryder. It’s like something out of Ryder’s vids.

Why she’d expected anything less, she’d never know.

“Hoo boy,” whispered Vetra, and leaned back with her arms folded. Drack groaned, despite Lexi nudging him. And Ryder watched Jaal, her grip on the rings not faltering, her legs pointed straight and true at the ground.

Jaal wrapped his hand around her bare ankle. He didn’t squeeze, or stroke, just held on as he looked up at Ryder’s face.

“Come on,” Liam hissed, smirking. “You’ve got this.”

Ryder tossed her hair out of her eyes, the first trace of a smile curving her lips.

Jaal’s hand tightened on Ryder’s ankle. He lifted her leg — slowly, and Ryder’s smile widened — and kissed the inside of her calf.

Good lord, Cora thought, shaking her head.

“Ah!” Ryder dropped, laughing, into Jaal’s waiting arms. Cora saw his answering smile as he turned, not letting Ryder go.

Liam whooped and let go of the rings, darting forward to slap Jaal and Ryder on the shoulder. “And the champion is…the Kosta!”

Oh, Liam might have been the champion, but Ryder certainly didn’t look like a woman who had lost anything as Jaal lowered her gently to the floor. She kept smiling as she said something to Jaal, too quietly for anyone to hear over Liam’s crowing, and then they both laughed.

“Quite a show,” Gil said, pushing away from the railing. “Guess the kids are back to normal now.”

Cora hummed in agreement as she watched Ryder and Jaal slip toward the exit, hand in hand. “Guess so.”

The Meme and His Tutor

Part 4: The Time Jungkook Broke His Keyboard

Recommended Song: Double Trouble by MAMAMOO

|All Chapters|


A month had gone by and Jungkook’s English had improved.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1706

Length: 4/?

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muse memes; text message edition part one.
  • [text] Today I asked my mother to buy me smaller condoms by mistake, instead of smaller tampons. If she pitifully looks at your crotch the next time you come over, don’t be confused.
  • [text] You yelled at the kitchen sponge and asked for the Krabby Patty secret formula. I’m pretty sure you were drunk.
  • [text] I just finished watching Alice in Wonderland for the third time in a row. I’m starting it again. I’m eating cocoa puffs. I’m a grown man. If you’re ever feeling down about yourself, just remember that you could be me.
  • [text] It’s been twelve hours and I think I’m officially ready to enter into the slutty stage of the break up phase.
  • [text] The last time I heard someone say ‘YOLO,’ I ended up getting arrested for pole dancing in the middle of a shopping mall. Too soon.
  • [text] On a scale of 1 to I should go prepare a grave for [him/her] in the woods, how’re you handling the break up?
  • [text] So anyway, the moral of that story is that they actually have a tiny jail in malls.
  • [text] I caught him masturbating to the Mario Bros. theme song. I’m marrying him.
  • [text] I just remember a disco ball flashing in the bathroom as I finger-banged a drag queen’s cleavage.
  • [text] You ran around town with nothing but my sister’s barbie doll taped to your junk.
  • [text] You know how I sent you that selfie of me peeing on a cop car? Burn your phone. And if the cops stop by your door, I have a twin named Miguel.
  • [text] On the plus side I started dissolving vitamins into my morning bottle of whiskey.
  • [text] Please tell me you don’t know why the dean came to me asking why there was blood in our dorm.
  • [text] You told them the TV just grew wings, unbolted itself from the window and threw itself at the ground, and then started to cry because you believed your own story and thought it committed suicide. I’m pretty sure the police were justified in drug testing you.
  • [text] Hyyypothetically, if you happened to run out of toilet paper and the only other people in the bathroom were the two people having sex in the next stall over, would you act like you didn’t know what was going on and just ask, or politely wait until you heard the chick swallow?
  • [text] I am literally ashamed of what I would do for a Klondike bar.
  • [text] His grandmother ripped off her clothes and started belly dancing. I couldn’t look away. I blacked out and woke up in a fetal position.
  • [text] I remember my bellybutton getting licked, your toe getting sucked and your ex-boyfriend doing better at deep-throating a banana than both of the gay guys in our class. What happens in the back of the bus stays in the back of the bus.
  • [text] I just caught two people fucking in a bathroom stall. At my church. While there was a sex addicts support group going on. Maybe I’m wrong, but this seems a little counterproductive.
  • [text] She climbed on top of me and made out with me and then yelled at me when I got a hard-on. Bitch, nachos turn me on.
  • [text] If she was stupid enough to believe that you’re a student at Harvard, she deserves what she gets if she dates you.
  • [text] She told me she’d flash me if I tried to be happy. I thought she was joking so I laughed. Best mistake of my life.
  • [text] Don’t worry, if we end up getting chased by a murderer, we’ll just split up. Whoever he runs after, sucks for them. That means you’ve got like, at least a 50% chance of survival if you come camping.
  • [text] She called me a fuck twit today. I’m counting it as progress.
  • [text] The Trojan Horse shoved itself through the city wall, broke open, released a ton of little guys into the city and ruined everyone’s day. Explain to me how Trojan seemed like a good name for a condom brand.
  • [text] If you listened to the voicemail you got from me about how much I love [insert name here] … I totally didn’t mean you. I definitely meant this other person I know.
The Only Exception - Part 9


Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: you don’t believe in romantic love, you find it pathetic. But maybe, you make an exception when you meet James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.

A/N: this is way longer than the other chapters, but it is a decisive moment for the reader, and for Bucky. I hope you enjoy it!

Tags: @supersoldierslover @barnesandnoble13 @vivianbabz @petals-overdaisies @damnbuckyishot @brazien @siobhanrebecca @shamvictoria11 @independentgirl @elwenia @flaipa

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(Credits to the owner of the gif)

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so good 3 - sub!jimin drabble series 

He’d been yours for the better part of three months. You’d see each other every few days, the hardest were when someone was abroad. Members walking in and out of rooms, the time difference, it just made anticipating seeing each other again even better. Everything was good until now. Towards the end of September, the blatant sneaking around began. Rescheduling plans, cancelling plans then just turning them down. He hadn’t realised how cemented in his routine you were until you stopped seeing each other. However this cool October day he walks into the dorm having left practice with Jeongguk, to find you with Seokjin, Hoseok and Taehyung eating takeout.

“Hey!” You called through a mouth full of chicken as you got up to greet Jeongguk. You’d both mastered how to act in public, everyone knew you were friends, but you were sure to never be alone together with other’s home, remaining friendly but seemingly professional. The world thought you were closest to Taehyung. Jimin often wondered the same until you reminded him in small praises and light teases between sheets or in dressing rooms between performances. He was yours. So why were you in his dorm when you were supposed to be busy.

“Hi noona.” Jeongguk sang distractedly, glancing over your shoulder at the containers on the table, before grinning excitedly. “Is that for us?”

“Ah! Jeonggukkie, can’t even greet her without thinking about food.” Jin scolded as the maknae made his way towards them.

“Hi Chim. How was practice?” You were as sweet as you’d been with Jeongguk though your fingers brushed gently on the hairs at the nape of his neck. He watched the others eat facing the tv as he squeezed you tightly lips ghosting your neck. You both never discussed why it was a secret. Maybe to avoid questions about the nature of your relationship. You weren’t his girlfriend, so what would he call you?

“I’ve missed you.” He whispered softly before releasing you. Getting lost in you was something he did often but he knew better than to. You weren’t cold or anything, at times you were more warm and affectionate than he was, you were by the far the most perfect person for him but your opinions on relationships contrasted your personality entirely. He couldn’t risk falling further than he already had. “Why’re you here?”

“I was near by and popped round, you and Guk were at practice though. They said you wouldn’t be long but it’s kind of late so I should get going.” Jimin’s face dropped in unison with the collective groans from the sitting area. Eye’s still on him you promised with a wink. “We’ll have some fun soon though.”

Twelve days have passed since and Jimin was real close to searching up ‘how long is soon?’. Sightings of you out and about with the boys, even Yoongi, had him catapulting into the only assumption he could make.

You were bored. 

He always wondered, why him? Why a girl with interests like you chose him? Sure he wasn’t exactly domineering but he wasn’t sure of himself like Taehyung was. He hadn’t even meant to think of Taehyung but another photograph of the two of you posted on the fancafe with:

‘Please let this be real?’ ‘Tae & ___’ ‘Ultimate goals.’ 'Lord help us.’ 'Match made in heven.’

He was three seconds from posting 'Heaven doesn’t churn out girls like her.’

He had debated texting you. He’d always just let you text him first, sure you sent him memes and the odd embarrassing photo of himself, but you didn’t text casually. You saved that for post-sex or lunch 'dates’. He was moments from texting you with plans for tomorrow when his phone unlocked on the already opened fancafe seeing a photo of you with Taehyung, his arm round your shoulder, laughing happily, waving at fans.

You were bored. Bored of him at least.

“Hyung? Ready for practice?”

It was half ten when they’d finally finished practice. Having been ready to leave for the better part of an hour, Jeongguk insisted they stay, swearing he just needed to perfect one more thing, which confused Jimin because Jeongguk had been tapping away on his phone, accepting calls for the the last hour.

Finally though, Jeongguk jumped up and ushered him out of the room. “Gukkie the cars that way, why are we going this way?”

“Because hyung! There is one thing I need to do first okay, come with me please please please?” He wanted to refuse but any time he spent away from the dorm, away from Taehyung, would do him some real good. He had been extremely cold towards him for the past week, debating on asking the nature of his friend’s relationship with his ___. Jimin hated to think that way, you being his, because you weren’t. You were yours. He was yours. Everything was yours. Hell, Taehyung could be yours, but Jimin knew that wouldn’t be Taehyung’s fault though. It’d be yours.

While Jimin was distracted he hadn’t noticed Jeongguk enter the dark room and Jeongguk buzzing in excitement hadn’t realised Jimin wasn’t following him. The door Jeongguk entered, opened again tearing Jimin from his thoughts as he’s met with the very being consuming his thoughts.

“Chim! What’re you doing just standing out here?” The cheek. This was BigHit. What were you doing just standing out here?

You were wearing something he’d have definitely added to the wank bank for times you let him get himself off in your absence. Your orange dress hung low and tight, showing him everything he loved about your body, in your fluffy slides, classically avoiding heels at all costs. You were beautiful. But–

“Why are you here?” 

He knew why. He knew the reason and it wasn’t him. He wanted to be wrong. To wanted to just be dramatic and you really having been busy for the past few weeks and seeing Taehyung, his best friend, when you should’ve been seeing him was just a coincidence. But you were you. Nothing was a coincidence, all things were destined where you’re involved.

“Well uh– Taehyung invited me– where are you going?” You call scurrying after his retreating figure. You hated lying but you could stop now. You just had to get him inside. “Jimin! Stop!”

“You stop.” He was dangerously close to you as he peered at you with watery eyes. “Stop following me. Go back to Tae.”

“What? I’m not here for Tae? I’m here for..” You had to stop yourself.

“___ you’re a lot of things, but you’re not stupid. You came here for him because he wanted you here because you wanted to be here!” His voice was shaking, he was anything but calm and he hated it. Even though he was angry, and had every right to be, it didn’t feel right, him scolding you.

“Chim, just tell me what’s wrong?”

“You! You being here! At my company! For someone else! You sneaking around with someone else.”

“I was hardly sneaking around–”

“You fucking someone else!” He was unsure if you stopped because he’d never shouted at you before or because of what he said. Either way he hated it. Hated that this was the only way he thought he would be heard because he was done being lied to. “You’re fucking Taehyung and you’re a lot less discreet about it than you are about me. Does it make you feel powerful huh? Knowing you’ve got my best friend under your thumb too? Makes you happy knowing you’re killing me here?”

“Jimin, you don’t understand–” He swore he saw your features flash with hurt. It wasn’t enough. You didn’t get it so he had to make you.

“No I do understand,” At this point he doesn’t even believe what he’s saying, he hates the idea of hurting you, but it’s out before he can stop it. “I could be anyone. You’d fuck anything if it let you though right?”

Debating leaving still he realises this is where he works. You were a guest, so you should leave. He looks anywhere but at your beautiful face, brushing past your perfect figure heading towards the door Jeongguk entered.


In all his paranoia he’d completely missed the start of October. It was the twelfth but a surprise party on the thirteenth was unoriginal in Taehyung’s eyes. And unlucky. Little did he know. The room is full of his members, yours, some other idols and most of their staff. Jeongguk runs up and lifts him off the ground spinning him, as Taehyung places a birthday crown on the top of his head, Namjoon carrying a change of clothes for he and Jeongguk. The room is littered in confetti and streamers. A cake with a shrine one of his many ‘mood’ pictures from the BBMA’s is to his left with an unfathomable amount of presents under. Everyone’s dressed up to the nines. The guys all tackle into him while your members squeal and coo at the cuteness of the scene before searching for you.



He ran straight back out of the room leaving everyone calling after him before he’s hammering the down button at the elevator. Realising it’d take less time to run it, he’s sprinting down the stairs, his mind racing with every word he’d thrown at you.

'You’d fuck anything if it let you.’

“Shit shit shit!” He runs to the reception desk to find it empty, remembering he saw her upstairs at the party. “Shit!”

“Your party isn’t over.” He spins round to find you with tear stained cheeks, on the phone with your driver. “You should go, Taehyung worked very hard on it.”

He flinches at your tone, as if you were sickened at the sight of him. He wasn’t sure this was something he could come back from. “I don’t even know what to say to make you forgive me.“

“There’s nothing. Go back to your party.”

“___ of course there’s something to forgive.”

“No, I mean nothing you can say. You don’t get to paint me as some filthy adulterer because I like what I like and then come ask for forgiveness. So don’t.”

“I’m sorry.” He knew begging was useless, you had him begging constantly. He had no other way to show you.

“No you’re not. You’re sorry you said it to me, you’re sorry you misjudged my loyalty to you but you’re not sorry for what you chose to say. You think I’m some kind of whore who just sleeps around because I like shoving my finger up your ass and watching you cry about it. You’re mistaken. Even if you weren’t, even if I did sleep around, it’s my business, not yours! You want to know why? Because I’m not your girlfriend! But who am I kidding, why am I making it seem like me being your girlfriend would make you respect me, because you clearly wouldn’t. You make me out to be some part of your erotic fantasy, a pawn to satisfy that innate desire within you, but I’m not Jimin. I’m ___, your friend, your peer, who you don’t respect!.”

“___, I didn’t mean–”

“You said all those things because you believe them to be true Jimin. So go enjoy your party and keep believing what you do because at the end of the day it’s like you said, you could be anyone, it wouldn’t make a difference, I’d fuck anyone if they let me,” He’d changed his mind. He didn’t want to hurt you like you’d hurt him. He was wrong and you were hurting because of him. He wouldn’t want this even if you had actually hurt him. He just wanted to fix this.

“But I wouldn’t do that to you.. because I’m yours.”

You strode out answering your phone as your last words hung in the air.

“Uh– Jimin.. you good?” How much he heard didn’t matter anymore because Jimin had ruined everything.

“No, I’m not.”

paramountie  asked:

Baze/Chirrut & 48!

Rampage, from this meme.  Set in this verse.

Clutching his chest, Chirrut dramatically fell back among the wreckage of Saya’s rampage. A foam block dug into his back, and he shifted to dislodge it.

“Papa,” Saya chided.

“Right, right, sorry,” Chirrut said, and laid back down. “Dead monsters don’t move.”

The unmistakable sound of Baze climbing the stairs was accompanied by the sharp, fragant smell of delicately fried fish. He must have stopped at the Mon Calamari shop in the southern quarter of the city. The meet was supposed to take place in the eastern district. A change in venue never boded well.

“Papa!” Saya shrieked as the door open.

“What did we talk about?” Baze asked, setting aside the food in order to scoop Saya up.

“Sometimes I’m too loud,” she obediently recited. “I need to be mound—

“Mindful of others, especially your poor tired fathers,” Baze said.. There was a pause in which Chirrut assumed Baze was looking over him. “Are you still dead?”

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RFA reacts to a very sleepy MC

A/N: This is just a little starter/warm up for myself. However please feel free to send requests and I’ll be sure to take my time and post them!

:: Zen ::

-Since the day you started working for RFA, Zen was aware that you hardly come onto the chatrooms unless you need help planning the party.

And since the day you both started dating, he didn’t mind who you are or how different your personality is, let alone what you are into.


It’s good that you get a lot of rest and not to mention you look super cute when your asleep(not that you wasn’t cute before) but can’t this boy get your attention for just a couple hours?!

He wants some snuggles and lovin, not to mention you hardly eat!

He makes a schedule for you; What time you need to eat, what time you can sleep,etc…

However while he is concerned about your health, he will give in to your complaining; “You look so cute when your grumpy, MC~

Don’t expect to go to sleep at night; he wants some of that suga’~

:: Jumin ::

-He doesn’t like the fact that you sleep a lot in Rika’s house.

“ I mean you have a party to plan, wake the hell up, MC

However he got used to it and notice that you ARE trying hard to plan the party. That’s at least a good step.

It gets to the point that he’s in love with you–and that you live with him–that he doesn’t mind you sleep a lot. He will defiantly ask his security to keep an eye on you and makes sure the maids tend to your needs–maybe take pictures of you while you sleep or something.

Jaehee finds this disturbing but won’t say anything; she doesn’t want to think about what he’s doing with those pictures and videos.

Sometimes he’ll have the maids wake you up so you can greet him in his return before taking you to the living room. You both will have a small talk, some snuggles/loving moments, maybe some tv as well before he let’s you sleep again.

Did I forget to mention that he loves the idea of having Elizabeth the 3rd sleeping with you on the bed while you both curl into each other? It will butter his biscuits so much and will make sure to take so many pictures.

If only he was good at taking pictures….

:: Yoosung ::

-He’s aware that you hardly get online, he’s worried that maybe you might have second thoughts on being part of RFA. Soon he starts to get scared if you left all together-or worse!

Tries to reason with 707 in telling him where Rika’s house is so he could see if your alive.

LoL silly Yoosung, MC is a sleep~

But it’s now evening! What if they’re dead!?

Suddenly you pop into the chat and my god you made this boy cry so hard–DONT SCARE HIM LIKE THAT!

After you guys confessed and you move into his place, he gets used to you sleeping a lot, gives him a chance to play LOLOL in the mean time. But after a while he’ll miss your love and will bother you for some attention.

Just like Zen; Yoosung thinks you look cute when your grumpy–but also scary so he wont bother you too much.

Overall he’ll make sure you ate, get some fresh air, showered, and spend some time with him before you fall asleep.

He’ll end up sleeping with you too~

:: Jaehee ::

-Got information that you sleep a lot, no matter if it’s day or night. She’s a little iffy if you have what it takes to plan this party, which then she is disappointed because she thinks your slacking. Of course in the end she say some pretty harsh things to the point where you decided to go back to sleep.

And man the whole chatroom became a ghost town after that.

Later on, she begin to do little research and finds out you have hypersomnia and feels bad about what she said. She finds you in the chatroom again but before you could leave, she apologize and asks if she could be of service. Which in the end you said yes.

She makes sure to keep notes of what time you wake up and when you get sleepy, to the point where she schedules her breaks to match with the time you are awake. She also makes sure you eat a proper meal too. What’s more, you both were able to have a nice conversation.

After you both confess, Jaehee decided that you live with her so she can take care of you more. She makes a schedule for you so you can eat, get some air, etc…

You better not argue or get ugly with her, she don’t play.

Damn it woman, let me sleep!

”…Get up now, MC

”…Yes, ma’am…

In the end, she loves it when you snuggle into her~

:: 707 ::

-Well, he’s a hacker, so he already knows that you sleep a lot. He just wonders how the heck you were able to make it to Rika’s house without falling and sleep on the sidewalk.

He’ll make sure that you eat proper meals, though he’s the last one to talk with all that Honey Buddha Chips. But he’s trying! ( I think? )

He watches you sleeping on the spare pc and omg you hears you sleep talking. Totally going to record you next time.

So what’s that about you being a dolphin, MC~? “

Stfu, Seven

He’ll totally use your weird dreams against you but he has to admit, you are so cute~

Of course after reuniting Seven and Saeran back together, and after you and and Seven become a couple, he makes sure to take good care of you and Saeran.

However that doesn’t mean this meme lord won’t stop teasing you.~

It get’s to the point where every time he finish work/on break, he’ll find you sleeping and tackles you; wanting your tender love.

It pisses you off every time he does this but no matter the thrashing, scratches and bites you give him, you both end up making out.

Much to Saeran’s dismay; “ I’m surrounded by morons “

anonymous asked:

Orion/Hadrian :)

(No more requests please.)

I totally knew someone was going to send this. So. Have some CLV spinoffs and snippets that idk will ever show up in the main fic.

1. Angst

“Let me come with you,” Orion pleads, casting his mind around for a good argument, any argument, to make Hadrian relent.  “I can help you hunt those- those Horcruxes.  I know I’m still in school but I’m good with magic, and I’m a werewolf! I can help!”

Hadrian stares at him for a long, strained minute before nodding once. “Fine.  But I’m leaving tomorrow.”

Orion doesn’t know how he didn’t hear the lie.  He wakes up in the morning and Hadrian is gone, and he isn’t even really surprised. He realizes Hadrian left him behind for his own good, for his own safety, for his parents who will go out of their minds if Orion really disappeared on some crazy adventure to destroy the Dark Lord, but none of that prevents him from feeling the sting of betrayal, and for the first time since they became friends, he wishes Hadrian would stop protecting him.

2. AU (somehow this one turned out a lot more Neville-oriented than I planned)

“So you’re the Boy Who Lived?”  Curious green eyes study an anxious Neville closely before shrugging, not at all impressed the way all the other children his grandmother’s made him meet have been.  “I’m Hadrian Potter.” He pulls another boy forward, same age as the two of them but he sticks to Hadrian’s side, and the tilt of his chin is defiant as he looks Neville straight in the eye. “This is my cousin, Orion. Someone’s already told you he’s a werewolf, right? And probably all the horror stories that go with it? So we can skip all that and I’ll just tell you one thing – you hurt him in any way and no one will ever find your body.”

Hadrian Potter is shorter than Neville, smaller too, his hair is fluffy and messy and fall into his eyes, and while Neville is chubby, at least he isn’t as delicate-looking as Hadrian. The other boy could not look more harmless if he tried, and yet, somehow, Neville has no doubt he’s telling the absolute truth, and if Neville hurts Orion, Hadrian will find a way to get rid of Neville so that even Gran won’t be able to find him.

But before Neville can figure out how to respond, Orion elbows Hadrian, who returns it with a swift fierce glance, one that Orion rolls his eyes at but also makes him smile, and Neville feels a pang of envy because he doesn’t have anybody like that. He doesn’t have friends, period, not really. And then they’re both staring at him again, and Neville ducks his head and hastily blurts out, “I don’t- I mean, Gran told me about werewolves and- and Orion-” And she didn’t seem too pleased about Neville interacting with one but she didn’t tell him not to either. “-and I don’t- I don’t care!”

Which might be a lie because what Gran told him made him nervous, but people make him nervous anyway, in fact sometimes getting out of bed in the morning makes him nervous, so Neville figures they’re all about the same thing, and he’ll just have to fight through it the same way he always has everything else.

His answer seems to satisfy the two boys a little at least, although Orion still doesn’t talk to him, and Hadrian gives him another stare like he’s trying to pick out any dishonest bits in Neville’s expression. But they both relax, which is more than Neville can say, right up until Hadrian suggests, “Right then. I guess you’re okay. Wanna go play Hungry Hungry Hippos?”

Neville instantly brightens because nobody’s ever offered to play with him before, they usually just want to know if Neville’s defeated any dragons like in the storybooks or if he remembers Voldemort, and they’re always disappointed when he says no.


“What’s Hungry Hungry Hippos?” Neville asks, bracing himself for a scoff, but he doesn’t get one, and it’s Orion who tells him quietly, “Muggle game. It’s fun, and easy to learn. Aunt Lily- Hadrian’s mum, bought it for us last month.”

“You’ll like it,” Hadrian promises, leading the way to what Neville assumes is one of their bedrooms. “And if you don’t, we can always play something else.”

It’s the start of a beautiful friendship.

3. Crack

Hadrian is Alpha, which means if Orion doesn’t bite, he gets belly rubs. Alpha gives the best belly rubs in the world.

4. Future fic

They’re both thirty-two, Hadrian going on forty, Orion going on thirty-three, and where the former goes, Orion still follows. Aunt Lily was a little worried about that when they were younger (”But isn’t there something you want to do? A career you want to go into? University perhaps?”), and Orion suspects that at least part of the reason Hadrian applied to the Draíocht Academy in Ireland was so that Orion could explore various fields of study to his heart’s content (and they both ended up enjoying their five years there so Orion can’t complain), but his dad understood, and his father understood even more, that instinct is so very intrinsic to a werewolf’s nature, and that once they’ve found Pack, there really isn’t anywhere else they’d rather be, because nowhere else would be as good. If Orion wants to learn, he can always pick up a book.

And here they are, over a decade down the road, and they’re still together, in more than one sense of the word, travelling the world the way Orion has always - on some level - known Hadrian wanted to do, without the urgent threat of a Dark Lord hanging over his head, and Hadrian’s long since given up on asking if Orion is sure he doesn’t want to do something else. Travelling appeals to Orion too, and not just because of Hadrian. There’s so much to see out there, to learn, to experience - he can’t imagine why anyone would want to stay shut up in an office all day.

They stay in spacious hotels smack in the middle of a huge city or cozy magical tents tucked in the midst of a jungle or quaint little inns that are sometimes haunted by ghosts. Somewhere along the way, they pick up a cockblocking kneazle that wrinkles its nose at Orion and serves as a possessive scarf for Hadrian, and Orion learns to live with it.

They visit home at least a few times a year, and they’re always punctual for Yule. Sometimes, they get an extra travel companion for a couple months, when Severus wants potion ingredients for some research project, or Gabrielle gets a week off from training for her next skating competition, or Luna just because.

Orion doesn’t mind. He’s known all of them long enough to consider them friends or at least friendly acquaintances, and he’s not quite as reticent as he used to be, not when he’s living a happier life than a lot of people can claim.

And at night, on occasion, lying curled up beside Hadrian, he thinks back to a fourteen-year-old boy who never in a million years thought he would have anything close to what Orion has now.

5. First time (dancing)

“Still hate balls?” Orion enquires as they fall into step with the beat of a waltz, switching easily yet again from male to female roles for this dance and letting Hadrian lead.

“I suppose it could be worse,” Hadrian allows, but he’s grinning, and it’s genuine even with the lingering bags under his eyes and the thinness that came with not enough regular meals during wartime. Nobody fought harder than Hadrian, and it shows, even weeks after Voldemort was defeated.

The song ends. Another begins. They switch it up again so that Orion is leading this time, and the smooth transition is somewhat astonishing considering they’ve never danced together before.

“Still not my favourite activity though, even if you are by far my favourite partner,” Hadrian mutters, and Orion starts feeling distinctly hot under his collar. He catches Hadrian’s eye, huffing exasperatedly when the Hufflepuff smiles knowingly at him. Somehow, it manages to calm Orion down instead of embarrassing him further.

“Buffet table after this one?” Orion offers as they spin past another pair, and he barks out a laugh at the relieved look he gets in reply.

6. Fluff

“I can see why you’re a Gryffindor,” Hadrian murmurs, tipping his head back just enough to meet Orion’s gaze, somehow challenging and terrified at the same time.

Orion just frowns harder and makes no move to get up from where he boldly straddled Hadrian’s lap not a minute ago and kissed him.

“You said to wait until Voldemort was dead,” Orion reminds him in steely tones. “He’s been dead three years now. You said to wait a few years. I turned twenty as of six hours ago. You said to wait to make sure I wasn’t confusing gratitude with love.” His pale cheeks flush but he doesn’t look away. “I’ve loved you since I was fifteen. I had an entire year and a half before that to get the whole gratitude issue out of the way, so I can say with absolute certainty that I still love you, and that isn’t going to change. Now do you have any other excuses to throw at me? Or-” He swallows. “Or you could just tell me that you don’t feel the same-”

He shuts up when Hadrian presses both a whisper of a sigh and then a firm kiss against his lips, hands coming up to frame his face, and he’s rigid for all of two seconds before he practically melts with relief.

“Only if you’re sure,” Hadrian says once he pulls back, serious in a way he rarely is, but focused so much on Orion, like there’s no one more important, and how can Orion possibly not love him back when Hadrian’s been looking at him like that - knowingly or not - since before Orion even finished his final year at Hogwarts?

Orion hauls him back in for another kiss. “I’m sure. Now kiss me again before my dad knocks down the door with a camera.”

Their next kiss is full of a quiet easy laughter that Orion will never get tired of.

7. Humor

Honestly, Hadrian isn’t that much older than his circle of friends. But sometimes, he still gets mocked and called ‘old man’ whenever they want to be funny. His friends either need a new sense of humour, or he needs new friends.

8. Hurt/Comfort

Orion doesn’t know how to comfort people, not really. He has zero experience doing it after all. But he’s a werewolf with even less qualms about murder than his father - who is mostly genial and kind and diplomatic and patient but still has all the killer instincts of the beast inside him - and when Bellatrix Lestrange manages to hold a Crucio on Hadrian long enough to make him - of all people - scream, Orion calmly carries Hadrian to safety, calmly ensures the best healers are tending to him, calmly waits until they assure him that Hadrian would be alright, and then he promptly disappears for the next three weeks.

He doesn’t return home until he can lay the bloody carcass of Voldemort’s most fanatical follower at Hadrian’s feet.