but i feel nathan today

Both Nathan Chen and Yuzuru Hanyu are capable of taking first place at a competition. I understand the idea of wanting your favorite to win at all competitions, but this isn’t about your favorite. I see people making fun of the silver medal curse and that’s fine because it’s all in happy bitterness and jokes. But what irks me is how people struggle to reason with the idea that Yuzuru is not a perfect human and attempt to lower Nathan’s achievements because apparently his best shot at winning is when Yuzu messes up. Actually hold on—some people may actually think this so I won’t go into logistics as we all have our opinions. but I will say that peeves me a bit.

All I want to say is that every athlete has his or her strengths and weaknesses. Part of accepting Yuzu is accepting his not clean programs. His normal performances, so to say, is not shattering world records or perfection. And when that happens, yes he is often dominant to other male skaters in the same circuit. But you have other exceptional skaters with varying levels of beautiful skating and wowza jumps who are also here to win. Don’t be a Yuzu fan just to shout really loudly about his accomplishments and overlook the scope of the competition he’s facing.


“No. Fucking. Way.”

Warren took another sip of his coffee, feeling a blush creeping over his face. “I told you that you wouldn’t believe me.”

“No, no, that’s not it, it’s just…” It was obvious that Nathan was trying really hard not to burst out laughing, but that guy just did not have any self-control. “I just can’t imagine Warren fucking Graham having a ‘bad boy-phase’.”

“As I said, it was like forever ago”, Warren said, regretting bringing this up at all. He was hoping that Joyce would come over to ask if they needed anything else, just to change the topic, but of course, waiters never came to your table when you wanted them to. Then again, maybe she ignored him on purpose because she was still mad at him for graffitiing the table, even though he had done it on accident. Warren just seemed to have a gift for embarrassing himself. Despite all, he was incredibly thankful that Joyce allowed Nathan in the Diner, after everything that had happened.

Nathan sneered. “Yeah, because you’re a fucking adult now, Graham.”

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