but i feel like 'you're welcome' is more appropriate

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You're clearly referencing the works of Ivan Bilibin, a Russian artist (and even using the Russian national costume in several frames). Why then is there no mention of our culture? We may be for the most part white, but cultural appropriation is never welcomed. :/

My family is from the Ukraine.  So I do feel connected to where my family came from– my great great grandfather narrowly missed dying in Russian Gulags (my great great uncles were not so lucky) if you’d like me to mention russian culture more?

I’m white and my family comes from an area of the world that Russia constantly claims as their own. My culture is your culture, as the Ukraine was practically razed in the second world war and beyond. And currently.

I have cultural appreciation for the history and art work of the russian people, and I show it in my work.  

http://blindsprings.com/comic/a02 and I even told people that these parts were referenced from Ivan Bilibin’s work, so I have no idea why you’re so grumpy about this.

Cultural appropriation is about people taking a minority groups work and claiming it as their own. This is a serious problem with black music, language, fashion etc, and same goes for First Nations groups. 

How can I appropriate a culture if I’m part of the culture isn’t that exploring your family’s past.