but i feel it holds up pretty well

Just dance

Jack Johnson Imagine

Word count: 728

Request: Hi I really love your imagines and was wondering if you could write one where you, jack and jack and a few other people are on holiday in this mansion thing and J has always had a small crush on you and you play just dance 2017 and you dominate everyone even him at every song (including groove) and he starts liking you even more ( cause you’re amazing and chill AF)  then you sit next to him on the sofa and end up falling asleep on him just after he told you how he feels. Happy New Year!! 🎉

We were on vacation with some off our closest friends. Well Jack G, Madison, Jack J and me. Bunch of other people as well. We rented this big mansion in the hills on Airbnb and it was pretty awesome.

We wanted to have a chill night so we played some Just Dance. Got a few beers. I think some off them are even trying to make a bonfire happen but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it. These guys can’t even figure out how to turn on a stove. Oh well, we’ll see.

„Hey Y/N. Bet your ass you won’t win against me in Just Dance.“ Jack J teased me. „Oh it’s on honey!“ I grinned. Madison just dominated against Jack G. So now I would do the same with J. Although he seemed pretty sure of himself.

We stood in front of the screen both grinning like children. Soon our expression changed. We were so competitive it was unbelievable. We shouted and screamed. I saw J struggled a little so I took my chance and shone like a bright star. „Y/N. You won’t win this one.“ J said through his gritted teeth. I just laughed. The song soon ended and I actually won.

„Not fair she cheated!“ I turned to J with a disapproving look. „No I did not.“ I now crossed my arms. „You clearly did this song once.“ I chuckled. Was he really this bad of a loser. „Okay know what. Rematch. You choose the song. I couldn’t care less.“ A smirk appeared on his face. „It’s on now.“ He turned to the screen and chose the next song. Groove.

„Aren’t we full of ourselves today.“ I chuckled. He lightly gasped. „You’ll regret saying that when I smash you to the ground with these moves baby.“ I couldn’t help but laugh at him swaying his hips back and forth. „We’ll see.“ And so we started the rematch.

It was tough though I did win in the end. J looked defeated. We sat down on the couch completely exhausted and drained might I add. „Honestly. I gotta give this one to you. It was a challenge.“ I looked over to Jack. He had a smirk on his face. „You know you could give me a rewarding kiss for this“ He lightly mumbled but I still could hear him.

I raised my eyebrows. Was he serious? Is this a feeling, a joke or? „What?“ I now turned to him giving him my full attention. „Just forget it.“ He said trying to get away from me. I pulled his arm and he sat back down. „No. Tell me. Was this serious?“ I sat there anxiously waiting for his response.

„Okay listen Y/N. I had the longest crush on you. And yeah I would like to kiss you but I know you don’t feel the same way and that you have interest in way different people. But now at least I can say that I tried.“ He sighed and didn’t even dare to look me in the eyes. I grabbed one of his hands. „You are the real winner of tonight.“ I said leaning in for a kiss as did he.

„Bet your ass on it. I am also the luckiest guy on this hill tonight!“ He mumbled against my lips before he reconnected them. We ended up just cuddling and talking on the couch. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard someone step into the room.

„Hey guys! We got the bonfire going!“ It was Gilinsky. „Ssshh!“ J hushed him. „Don’t you see she’s asleep.“ He was whispering. „Sorry! By the way. Nice!“ I heard Gilinsky say and the door was being closed again. A little smile appeared on my face while I drifted off to sleep on Jacks chest.

All Imagines

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Prompto.. how do you feel about yourself? No holding back.

that’s… that’s a pretty complicated question, you know! (・:゚д゚:・)



sometimes i kind of feel like i don’t fit in! i mean, noct is a prince and he’s known gladio and iggy since they were kids and i’m just… some commoner no one, you know~? (;^ω^)

but… well… noct wants me around, and he thinks i’m worthwhile… so… i’m trying to think that too 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

sometimes… sometimes it’s really hard, though… 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

and… i’m pretty good at cheering people up, right? and… that… that makes me happy too~ (*^ω^*)


You woke up lying next to someone, spooning to be exact. As you turn over you notice that it’s Dave who’s holding you in his arms. You shake him a little to wake him up. When his eyelids are fully open he smiles. 

“Morning.”he says while looking at you.

“Dave what happened last night?” You asked ashamed of your situation, you have never had a one night stand and you definitely didn’t expect to have one with Dave the most popular guy on campus.

“Well y/n, I think it’s pretty obvious what happened last night.” He sits up smirking down at you.

“Yeah but why, I can’t remember anything.” You exclaimed feeling embarrassed.

“You like me, I like you. It’s really not that complicated.” He laughed.

After he stopped laughing he looked deep into your eyes. Slowly he leaned in pressing his lips on yours. The kiss was gentle and sweet at first but soon turned into a fiery and passionate make-out session. Your tongues were fighting for dominance however his soon won. Moaning into the kiss your arms found their way around his neck pulling him closer to you. However before anything could happen Dave pulled away.

“y/n as much as i want this right now, i would rather take you out on an actual date.” He said tracing his lips.

“You mean this is not a one night stand.” You asked him mildly shocked. he sighed looking down then back at you again.

“Iv’e liked you for some time now and I would really enjoy it if you would go out with me.” He said while laughing slightly nervously.

“YES, OF COURSE” You exclaimed while wrapping your arms around his neck again, while he wrapped his around your waist.

After a few minutes you both got up out of bed and went downstairs to make yourselves breakfast.

Baekhyun’s EX’ACT Interview, « Lucky One » ver.

- Baekhyun -

Keywords: future, reaction, sunset

Q. If EXO was a film, what genre would it be? What genre of film would your own life be?

B. A documentary. All human emotions can be found by looking at our group. About my own life, I don’t know, I’d say a documentary as well. It holds all kinds of human emotions. To be honest, EXO and I are pretty much the same.

Q. What’s your favorite passage from this album’s lyrics?

B. “Hello angel, pretty as a picture / When I look up at the sky, all I see is you”. The melody and lyrics go so well together. It sounds like someone is really saying it, you know. I like it because it feels like actual speech.

Q. When is your favorite time of day, and what is your favorite place?

B. I like my own room the best, and I like the time between 11pm and 12am. That’s when I rest. I rest the best in my own room, and I don’t really like going outside.

Q. Which do you prefer, the familiar or the unfamiliar?

B. The familiar. What’s familiar can be reapplied and changed just the way I want it, because I’ve done it before. I can also feel comfortable and enjoy it. What’s unfamiliar isn’t something I can handle so freely. I think I can show more of what I have inside through what’s familiar.

Q. Can you tell us one thing you love because it’s been with you for a long time, and one thing you love because it’s new?

B. The members are something I love because we’ve been together for a long time. I can see how far I should go just by looking into their eyes. As for things that are better because they’re new, I like new choreography and new songs. It’s a lot of fun to learn new dance moves. I also love singing new songs. I like it when we get to prepare a new album.

Q. Something that brings back old memories for you?

B. Singers, definitely. Buzz, SG Wannabe, V.O.S, Monday Kiz. When I listen to songs by singers like them who’ve gone before me, I’m reminded of the past.

Q. What do you consider the most important, the past, the present, or the future?

B. The future. I always live with an image of the future in my mind. I need to have an image of the future in order to plan out the present to match it. If I think, I’ll be doing this or that at this or that age, then I make good on it. Life doesn’t always go as planned, but I have to do my best to make it work. If possible, I hope that all the goals I’ve set for myself can be achieved.

Q. Have you had an experience that widened your view of the world? If so, when was it?

B. My worldview is still quite narrow. I feel like it’s grown even narrower after debuting. It’s hard to move around freely outside, and I don’t know that much about the world. I learn things about this job that I’m in, but I don’t know anything except what’s in the life of a singer, a celebrity. When I meet fans from overseas, around the world, I go “wow, all these fans, who all look so different and who speak different languages, have all come to see us”. And that’s when my worldview grows a little wider.

Q. What do you consider the most valuable thing among the things you can see?

B. My family, the members, the fans who give so much love to me and EXO, and all the folks surrounding me.

Q. What do you consider to be the most remarkable man-made invention?

B. The telephone. Because we can share news immediately, even from far away. If we didn’t have phones, we wouldn’t have the Internet, either. I remember when we used to connect to the Internet through modems over the telephone line. I don’t think today’ s Internet could exist without cell phones, these machines that send and receive messages through electromagnetic waves. And without that, human civilization couldn’t have come this far.

Q. Is there something others consider insignificant, but is important to you?

B. Tact. If you have tact, you can be more witty, and things like that can make life a little bit easier.

Q. Are there any moments in life in which you feel perfect?

B. No. I always feel like I’m not perfect in one aspect or another. I often think, can I really pull this off? I’ve never lived with a day’s full plan in mind. I’m more spontaneous, and I do something on the spur of the moment if I want to do it. So I’ve never felt myself to be perfect.

Q. What one moment would you like to have in your life?

B. I’d love to be tall for once. 186cm. I think that’s the best height for a guy. It’s the best height for looking dependable. 186cm with good proportions! (Laughs.) If I ever get tall, I want to try taking out stuff from high shelves. And I want to look dependable. If you’re tall, you have bigger feet and bigger hands, right? I’d like to see that. To see how big my feet get.

Q. If you had a twin or a doppelgänger, what kind of person would you want it to be?

B. I’d want it to be just like me. I want to watch it. You know, I can only see myself in a mirror. So I’m really curious. I want to observe it all day. Then I’d be able to look back on myself, and also see what I need to fix.

Q. What constantly draws your curiosity?

B. Human vocal cords. I’ve always been interested in vocalization. It’s a really fascinating area. Just today, I felt that my vocalization was really not good. So I want to analyze it, but I don’t think it’s something that changes just by studying. It’s work that takes time and effort, so it always keeps my curiosity up.

Q. What do you think is worth waiting for?

B. For now, vacation. I’m waiting for some time to rest, and after that I’m waiting for our new album to come out. I’m looking forward very much to the fans’ reactions, the public’s reactions when it first comes out. And I have hopes that people will say it’s new and refreshing. I also have expectations that we will do better and better.

Q. When do you feel that a day is too short?

B. When I’m having fun. When I’m playing with friends, when I’m playing with the fans. A birthday party, a fanmeet, a concert, whichever it is, it’s all an occasion to have fun with fans.

Q. At what time of day do you think the sky is most beautiful?

B. In the summer, 7pm to 8pm. In the winter, 5pm to 6pm. When the sun is setting. I like the feeling that the moon and the sun are poised against each other. It sometimes looks like they’re fighting for territory. It gets dark high up in the sky, but it’s bright where the sun is still going down. I like the colors that appear then. It makes me feel at ease and helps me relax.

Q. Have you ever felt that you’re a bigger part of someone’s life than you’d realized? Or the other way around?

B. Our fans, and the general public who watch us. Without them, I don’t exist. It works the other way around as well.

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Do you have headcannons for Azusa's appearance? pretty please? :'D

Sure thing love!

O Azusa’s skin is pretty good, not too dry nor too damaged.

O That being said he does have to moisturize around his scars though.

O He is freckle free and a little disappointed, he thinks freckles are just adorable and sweet looking.

O His hair is extremely soft and doesn’t take to being tied up into a ponytail well since it tangles around the hold and just tangles all together.

O He is tender headed but he’s not telling you that. “Hey, Eve… will you… brush my hair?”

O I like to headcanon that he does have a septum piercing but Ruki won’t allow him to wear it often.

O Azusa cannot wait for a tattoo, if we let him run free he will be covered in them just to feel the pain of the needles and to be covered in pretty pictures. If his S/O is good at art they will have sketchbooks dedicated to his love of tattoos. Which is why Ruki does not allow it.

Halsey BADLANDS  Sentence Starters


“Sick of all these people talking.”
“There’s no use crying about it.”
“I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut.”
“Sick of feeling used.”
“I probably shouldn’t be so mean.”  

Hold Me Down

“My demons are begging me to open up my mouth.”
“I sold my soul to a three-piece.”
“He/she told me I was holy.”
“This is what I live for.”
“I’m helpless, clinging to a little bit of spine.”

New Americana

“Survival of the richest.”
“The city’s ours until the fall.”
“We don’t feel like outsiders at all.”
“ We know very well who we are.”
“What kind of dough have you been spending?”


“I can never keep my eyes off this.”
“All we do is think about the feelings that we hide.”
“California never felt like home to me.”
“It’s bliss.”
“Would it really kill you if we kissed?”
“All we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign.”


“There’s a storm you’re starting now.”
“I’m a wanderess/wanderer.”
“Don’t belong to no city.”
“I’m the violence in the pouring rain.”
“You tripped on LSD.”
“I found myself reminded to keep you far away from me.”
“Beggin’ you to save me.”
“Well lately, I like ‘em crazy.”
“You could devastate me.”
“Come and fade me.”

Roman Holiday

“I remember the fear in your eyes.”
“Don’t look back.”
“And we know that we’re headstrong.”
“The timing’s never right.”
“I imagine the tears in your eyes.”
“Didn’t know where I was running to.”
“But I won’t look back.”
“We’ll be running again.”


“I’m searching for something that I can’t reach.”
“I don’t like them innocent.”
“I like the sad eyes, bad guys.”
“You say that you’re no good for me.”
“I hate you when you leave.”
“But I like it anyway.”
“Where’d you go?”
“What happened to the soul that you used to be?
“ I know I’m gonna leave him.”


“You’re only happy when your sorry head is filled with dope.”
“You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece.”
“You’re tearing through the pages and the ink.”
“Everything is blue.”
“Everything is grey.”
“Now he’s/she’s/you’re so devoid of color he/she/you don’t know what it means.”
“I know I’ve only felt religion when I’ve lied with you.”
“I’m covered in the colors pulled apart at the seams.”

Strange Love

“Everybody wants to know.”
“The ending is the same every damn time.”
“They think I’m insane.”
“I don’t have to fucking tell them anything.”
“That’s the beauty of a secret.”
“They can’t believe I made you weak.”
“I don’t have to fucking tell them anything.”
“I can’t seem to get along with anyone.”
“I can’t seem to make this right.”
“Well, is this fine? Will it be alright?”

Coming Down

“I found God. I found him in a lover.”
“We’re lost somewhere in outer space.”
“I’m such a fool for sacrifice.”
“It’s coming down.”
“He/She told me that I’d never.”
“I don’t think he remembers.”
“He’s/She’s off to pay his crimes and he’s got no time for mine.”
“I’m unforgiven.”
“Every single time make a compromise.”
“I’m such a fool to pay this price.”


“I was as pure as a river but now I think I’m possessed.”
“I’ve been cold since you left.”
“I’m hoping you could save me now.”
“You’ve got a fire inside but your heart’s so cold.”
“I’ve done some things that I can’t speak.”
“I’m begging you to keep on haunting me.”
“You weren’t looking for me.”
“I’ve tried to wash you away but you just won’t leave.”
“I know you’re gonna keep on haunting me.”


“Are you insane like me?” 
“Do you tear yourself apart to entertain like me?”
“You can’t wake up, this is not a dream.”
“You are not a human being.”
“I think there’s a flaw in my code.”
“These voices won’t leave me alone.”
“Are you deranged like me?”
“Are you strange like me?”


“I sat alone, in bed 'til the morning.”
"They’re coming for me”
“My mind’s like a deadly disease.”
“I’m meaner than my demons.”
“Please stop, you’re scaring me”
“Who is in control?”
“I couldn’t stand the person inside me. I turned all the mirrors around.”
“Goddamn right, you should be scared of me.”

Young God

“You know we’re gonna be legends.”
“I know you wanna go to heaven but you’re human tonight"
“But do you feel like a young God?”
“Don’t get cut on my edges.”
“My tongue is a weapon.”
“If you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight"
“You know the two of us are just young gods.”

 I Walk The Line

“I keep a close watch on this heart of mine.”
“Because you’re mine, I walk the line.”
“I find it very, very easy to be true.”
“I find myself alone when each day is through.”
“I’m a fool for you.”
“You’ve got a way to keep me on your side.”


I quietly walked into the sheriffs’ office where Theo is locked up. I turn and there he is, waiting for me with those hypnotizing blue eyes. His smile has me nervous; I’m not afraid of him, I just feel…oddly secure when I’m with him.

“Hey there, gorgeous.” He says in a gentle tone and reaches for my hand through the metal bars. A meager smile appears on my face as I slowly walk towards him and hold his tender hand.

“Thanks for coming to see me.” He rubs the palm of my hand with his thumb.

“I would get pretty bored if I was locked up as well.” I say and set my free hand on his cheek and Theo shuts his eyes in comfort.

“I’m trying my best to have them trust you. But, it’s difficult.” I sigh and he nods his head in agreement.

“I doubt I’ll get out anytime soon. But, In the mean time, how about that kiss you promised me?” He smiles and reaches for my lips.

Our lips touch and everything went silent. He tastes so good; fresh mint. He sets his hand on the back of my neck and pushes his tongue in my mouth. They twist together as I take in his scent.

He pulls away slightly.

“I hear the sheriff. Come back tonight before he locks the doors.” Theo whispers and I quickly nod as I run out of the office.

As I’ve now remade my blog as well have I decided to take inspiration from my friend Nick ( @komanoken / @nickleerie go follow him, he’s very talented) and try to draw something every day as I’ve noticed that my school work has hold me up from drawing lately.

Also, I’ve been pretty down lately in general, with school work, family stuff and etc and I just want to make a change that will make me feel better and art is something I really enjoy so I’ll do my best to just create and continue doing that to get an outlet.

“ smile “

even when you think you can’t. 

@heavenfell-au @huntertale-au @survitale-au

(okay serious note: 

obviously the squad isn’t feeling quite well. 

The Queen has been really sick and the King, pretty down. 
Sweetheart had a really bad nightmare and though I haven’t been doing enough to cheer her up, hopefully this does, because I got a shoulder injury again. And yeah it was my fault I fell wrong in training and dislocated the bone, again. 

But whether it be physical, mental or emotional pain, we still feel it.

And yet, they bare this pain, and are strong enough not to burden others with it, not saying that they are. 

But I admire them nonetheless. 

Here, I’m whining like a child about this small injury and there they’re trying to overcome these hardships and trials in life. It’s not something I should be whining about. 

But back to my main point.

I love you guys so much, @heavenfell-au, @huntertale-au, and @survitale-au.

You guys deserve lots of kindness and hugs and smoochies from all of us, and are three of the kindest, strongest, most determined souls I’ve ever come to know in my life.

And despite everything, the pain didn’t quite change you guys.

Despite everything, it’s still you.

And I want to keep being there for you three, not really because I owe you guys anything. More like because you loved and accepted me for who I was and tbh I’m not as cute as I seem to be around here~ 

and I’d suplex any pain that was bothering you if i could..

So just remember, all of us, the six chicks, the children, G, Hope, Rose, your cats and bunnies, and followers, friends, family.

We’re all here for you.

*TACKLE HUGS but very very gently*

Ily guys a lot, so take care of yourselves for me,

‘Cause someone here really cares about you. )

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alpha!Terushima hitting on an omega he likes too aggressively (because he doesn't know how to flirt any other way) because he's really in love with them but ends up scaring them off and now needs to try and win them back?

I don’t like doing too violent stuff, tbh I find what he did pretty violent already. But I don’t think Terushima, the way I write him, would ever forcibly grab hold of someone and feel them up (as an example) so I did it a lil’ differently. Also the ending, is well… well you’ll see! 

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Hold the fuck up, how did you manage to make it to S+ with inkstrike and seekers?

Actually I’m an S rank, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make it to S+…. but anyway,
I mostly played rainmaker and splat zones and I play pretty well in those modes so that’s how I got up to S I guess?? I’ll admit that if the maps werent in favour of the 52 deco I’d switch to the custom dual squelcher. I feel that every splatoon weapon/sub/special is good if used by someone who knows what they’re doing. Like my seekers! If used on the right maps they can be quite handy.

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Fuck. I said I'd be doing some spamming, but I have literally no music ideas... How about "I Remember" by Deadmau5

Alright, so this song has a lot of build-up, as well as very Time-y lyrics, so, that’s pretty cool. Personally, I believe that this song is most appropriate for a Rogue of Time.

“ Feeling the past moving in
Letting a new day begin
Hold to the time that you know
You don’t have to move on to let go “

It references the past, and letting new days come, as well as holding onto times past, as well as that you don’t have to completely move on from memories to let them go. It talks of Time, as well as balancing between extremities, a very Roguish way of viewing things.

“Add to the memory you keep
Remember when you fall asleep
Hold to the love that you know
You don’t have to give up to let go “

Again, more themes of Time, this time being memories and past events, as well as more reinforcement of balance.

Remember turning on the night
And moving through the morning light
Remember how it was with you
Remember how you pulled me through “

Again, themes of keeping memories and moving on.

So, overall, I personally think that this song best fits a Rogue of Time!

I’ll keep you safe

Words: 505
Carl Grimes x reader
The walking dead

A little prequel to this- We’ll survive /Part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6


I hear Judy crying in the other room. 
“I’m coming Judy” I shout and wipe my mouth, standing up and flushing the toilet. I sigh feeling a little lightheaded. 

Suddenly Judith’s cries stop. I rush into her room and run into Carl but he’s not alone. Carl’s eyes go wide and he pushes me out of the room. 
“you need to leave, he can’t find out about squid” he whispers holding his hand to my stomach. I nod with tears in my eyes. I walk past the room to head downstairs but a hand flies in front of me stopping me from continuing. I look at the arm following it up to a face. 

“well hello, darling, Carl who’s this pretty little thing?” Negan asks holding Judith in his arms who frowns and reaches for me. Negan rolls his eyes passing her to me, she instantly nuzzles into my warmth. 
“y/n not pleases to meet you” I grit making Negan raise his eyebrows in amusement. 
“oh she’s feisty, I like it” he chuckles sending me a wink which makes me nearly vomit again. “who’s this ‘squid’ then huh?” he asks with an evil glint in his eyes. Without a second thought, I bring my free hand up to my stomach and curse myself when I realize what I’ve done. Negan smirks. 
“ahh, so you already tapped that kid?” he asks taking a side glance glance at Carl who tightens his fist, his jaw locking. “how far along are you?” Negan smiles. 
“one month” I whisper bouncing Judy a little. 
“You’ll be good at that” Negan points out and I almost smile before I remember what he’s put my family through. 
“you ready for that kid?” he says to Carl who nods. 
“yeah, look can you just leave, she’s tired and ill, there’s nothing left here for you to take” He spits glaring at Negan. 
“Hm sure, not cause you asked me but cause I’m bored shitless, funny you thought you could keep this from me though” he chuckles. “Goodbye sweetheart,” he says to Judith pecking her forehead, I grit my teeth at the use of ‘sweetheart’ coming from such a malicious man. Judy whines and nuzzles her head in my neck to escape Negan, he looks almost sad for a moment then stands up straight. 

“keep your bitch safe, never know what might happen if you don’t, bye bye squid” Negan laughs and Carl puffs out his chest motioning to the door. Negan holds his hands up and leaves. When I hear the door slam I fall to the floor still clutching Judy. Carl bends down beside me and leans down even further, basically laying down in my lap so he can lift my shirt and kiss my still flat stomach. 

“I’ll keep you three safe, I promise” he sobs. I stroke his hair and cup his cheek. 
“well. he knows now, I love you” I whisper. 
“I love you too, all of you” he sighs pecking my stomach again stroking in circles. 

So did anyone else notice how the ‘03 teen titans series was kinda really good at integrating feminism?

I’ve been re-watching the show because I wanted to see how well it aged and just to see these characters develop again. And I noticed two things One this show has a great soundtrack. Two there was a lot of good feminist ideals portrayed in the show without feeling like it’s being preachy or disingenuous.Three the characters still hold up, which is pretty amazing since the show first aired about 12 years ago.

Here are a few examples Starfire and Raven are never treated as weaker or a less valuable members than any of the guys on the team. And they were not portrayed as superior to the guys; everyone on the team is seen as important. They dive into the fact that there are different forms of strength for different people and just because strength is shown in different ways and forms doesn’t mean it’s lesser as shown in the episode “Switched” Starfire’s power comes from her open and strong emotions and Raven’s power comes from her focus and reserved nature and both those approaches to strength are seen as valid.

Starfire and Raven are also shown to both be equal parts badass even though Raven is a Tom boy and Starfire is a Girly girl. Usually characters that are girly girls get shown to be less competent than male characters and female characters that happened to be more masculine, but teen titans was above that.

They also showed that toxic masculinity was a bad thing and that being more adult isn’t about being aggressive, but being more mature.  Like in the episode “Beast Within” when beast boy pulls the whole I’m a nice guy shtick and starts acting like a jerk to everyone. But then he realizes that that behavior isn’t good and changes to be a more mature person.

It also shows that girls forcing guys to go out with them is a bad thing. Feminism is about men and women and everyone in between or who identify as neither having equal rights and being treated like people. It’s often over looked when men are forced to do something they don’t want to do by women because men are supposed to have more power and “real men” are strong enough to handle women.And the episode “Date with Destiny” shows that it’s bad to force someone to go out with you even if you’re an attractive girl and the person you’re forcing is a guy.

It also acknowledged that if a girl isn’t interested in a guy, that guy should just leave them be no matter how much they claim to, or do love or care about the girl. In the last episode “Things Change” Beast boy accepts the fact that Terra doesn’t want anything to do with him and the titans, and leaves her alone even though he had feelings for her, and doesn’t resent her for it and respects her wishes.

It also showed guys being sensitive and opening up like Cyborg, and that they weren’t weak for opening up and talking to people, and that even if you look different than the norm that doesn’t make you less of a person, And their friends will still support them either way.

Another part of the show was the fact that it showed that just because you have a family that is abusive to you, doesn’t mean that you aren’t valued as a person, or that you will never have people that care for you. Which is shown in the episodes “The End” “Birthmark” “Sisters” and “Betrothed”  They also showed that girls could be abusive too, which again is a very important, because some people don’t believe that women can be abusive to the extent men can.

There was also a heavy them of choice that everyone is capable of doing better that you can do good even if you feel good isn’t always an option like Jinx and Raven, you don’t have to take your problems out on people.

And their was never one of those cliche boys vs. girls episode which tries to talk down to kids about sexism and always miss the mark.

They just showed the characters being themselves and let their actions speak for their character and didn’t always rely heavily on gender sterotypes.Which makes it great. I highly recommend re-watching or watching teen titans for the first time it’s a good show for kids and older viewers. Granted there are some plot holes in the series, and some of the villains aren’t as good as the first major Bad guy Slade. And there are one or two episodes where the writing isn’t that great.  It’s a shame that they’ll never put this show back on the air because look at all the feminism it had back then in the early 2000’s could you imagine it now? It’d probably be on par with Steven universe; I also think now that’s become more accepted in cartoons they’d showcase some queer coded lgbt+ characters, again kinda like Steven universe does.

Uncanny X-Men #272, ““X-Tinction Agenda (part 7): Capital Crimes” January 1991
Written by Chris Claremont. Art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. 

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I want the weiss gold reunion to be like, everyone gets to meet Weiss before Ruby

like team RNJR goes to Mistral and gets separated and everyone has their WEISS!!!!!!! -hug- moment

And when Weiss sees Jaune she’s like 

“:D!!! Jaune!!”
“………………………………. I can’t believe I’m happy to see you.”
“Oh. I see!!! Well if you’re gonna be like–”

and then she’s like “shut up idiot” and gives him a big hug and he feels pretty good about it until Ruby finally gets her Weiss reunion and its like– Ruby and Weiss spot each other across a field, and everything is in slow motion, and she’s like “Ruuuubbyyyyy” and Ruby is like “Weeii-ii–iisssss……!!!” and they hold hands for like the next two episodes