but i feel it and it is so upsetting



Obi-Wan gets a lot of shit about the “Dreams pass in time.” comment but this is not the face of someone who doesn’t care or who is dismissing what Anakin is feeling, as we see over and over that Obi-Wan very much does love Anakin, of course he cares about what Anakin’s going through and wants him to feel better.  And we have the foreknowledge of what’s going to come of Anakin’s dreams and the tragedy that happens because of them.  

But Obi-Wan doesn’t know any of that.

He just knows that Anakin is lingering on something that is upsetting him and wants to help Anakin get past it, wants to help Anakin regain emotional balance.  I have been in that exact place so many times–when someone I care about is hurting, my immediate instinct is to fix it, fix whatever’s wrong so that they feel better and are happy again!  I love them and so I want them to not linger on this thing that’s hurting them.

If they’re worrying over nothing, this is good advice, and for all that the characters know, this is nothing, because they’re Jedi, they do have dreams that might seem important, but will pass in time.  It’s a tragedy that this isn’t one of those times, it’s a tragedy that Anakin had these dreams and then had to live through what happens later, but this moment wasn’t for lack of care, it was precisely because Obi-Wan does care for Anakin that he’s trying to help soothe what’s bothering Anakin.

Wild Space covers this as well:

Obi-Wan reacts to Anakin’s pain with sorrow and regret, but he won’t let go of Anakin, because he loves him too much for that.  And:

“I would have saved her for you if I could.”


Just.  Leave me here with my feelings on how guilty Obi-Wan would have felt, how much he would have wished he could have changed things, how of course he would have saved Anakin’s mother for him if he could have, that Anakin belongs with the Jedi, in Obi-Wan’s eyes, but that doesn’t mean he would just let someone die like that, would just let Anakin suffer through that, wouldn’t understand exactly what it’s like to lose a parent and wish that you could change it, even if you still have to get up and keep going and move forward again.  OF COURSE HE UNDERSTANDS AND WOULD HAVE SAVED HER FOR ANAKIN.

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I actually once worked with a little girl who spoke exactly like your describing. She also dressed in all pink and carried dolls with her everywhere, so she was the absolute definition of "cutesy". I always got the feeling that it was a well-rehearsed act though, and she would get really upset with you if you didn't play along. Very creepy vibe to get from a kindergartner.

Yeaaahhh are you sure she wasn’t a trained assassin? Or a vampire?

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Hi, so this is going to sound really stupid but I love to draw and I have this freind who also loves to draw and when we get together we share each others sketch books and Evey time she see mine she laughs and says that's hers are a lot better or says that I am copying her and it's making me being really private about my drawing to the point when some one looks in my sketch book I want to cry and I don't know what to do so I was wondering if you have any advice for me if not that's fine

Anony.. that is SO unfair. ,(é~è),

I’m truthfully sorry to hear about this happening to you- Artists commonly have self-confidence issues because when you draw something, you’re reaching into your mind and laying it down in reality. It’s soulful work, and to have that mocked is not cool. 😱

It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing to have this skill that you and I are both so fortunate to find pleasure in, and if someone is making you feel bad about it in ANY way, you must, must, must find a way to heal yourself from this. 

Art is as unique as a fingerprint. No matter what kind of content you draw, fanart or original, it’s a drawing YOU created because it came from YOUR fingertips. That’s something to take so much pride in and love yourself over. 👏💖

Anony, I hope to whatever god is up or down that this experience doesn’t deter you from copying other artists. I say this because it’s important to copy. It’s important to know that if you see something you like, be it a character,🐰 a shading technique,🌇 a unique mouth gesture,💋 a pose…💃 you should try it out yourself because ALL artists grow with observing, replicating, molding it into something new, and using it as a stepping stone for improvement. 🎉✏️

DO NOT let that girl get to you. If SHE says her artwork is better, let her believe whatever she wants. Because art👏 is👏 not👏 a👏 race.👏 You have already won in this world because YOUR art is YOURS and nobody elses. Embrace the things that makes your artwork unique.

That was always the hardest part for me. I didn’t like my linework because I liked how so-n-so drew theirs so clean while mine is messy.

But darling, once I learned to embrace my messy lines, I’ve been able to improve and focus more on the soul in a drawing rather than it bein’ pretty. An’ it’ll improve with time, anyway.

My advice; If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right.

Hugs and kisses Anony, keep your chin up, don’t let anyone put a wet blanket on your passion. XOXO

going zen, ohmmmm

hi guys. I’m doing a little something for my sanity, at least for the next 10 days. I don’t quite know what it’s going to mean but on a personal level I can’t do 10 more days of this bullshit and then fly to Seattle excited to meet Sam and Cait. I spent a hell of a lot of money on this trip and, quite frankly, what’s making me almost angrier and more upset than the picture itself is how much money I spent to see and meet them and I have to stand in between them in 10 days and get my picture taken. I can’t do that and I can’t feel good about this trip if I’m busy being angry and sad about all this and godfuckingdammit I deserve to be excited and feel good about this trip. 

SO for now:

-My inbox is open. I have and will read all of your messages. I know people are hurting because I sort of am still too but I don’t know that I’ll respond to all of them so please just know they’re being read and you’re allowed to be hurt and mad and angry and upset. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

-do I think Sam and Cait are together? fuck if I know but it makes me happy to think that they are so maybe I’m in deep denial but for the next 10 days if you ask me that question, I’m gonna say yes. And I’m laughing the rest of the bullshit off. 

So. This is me. Being zen. and laughing all the bullshit away. I love you guys. 

I’m in love with her. It’s a fact.

Because when she smiles, when she’s laughing, it’s like all the planets and stars are aligned and it’s the greatest feeling in the world to see the person you’re in love with just being happy.

I’m in love with her. It’s a fact.

Because when she’s upset, when she cries, it’s like a knife being plunged into my chest, slowly twisting. It just breaks my heart to know that something or someone has punctured her heart and caused her pain. It’s a horrible feeling to see the person you’re in love feel so hurt.

I’d do anything to make her happy and I’d do anything not to make her cry. Because she is my heart and I want to be with her for as long as she’ll let me. And I want to keep it that way.

Because I love her. It’s a fact.

—  Oko Ninja (1am confessions)

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Mom I'm not feeling so good... I log on to tumblr and it's nothing but people slating the new episode and really horrible discourse and it's really upsetting me I just wanted to escape today but I come here and it's all "the show isn't kara's show rn" (which I agree with) but I don't wanna have to deal with this shit I just wanna read really gay, really smutty fics to my heart's content is that too much to ask for

Oh sweetheart I am so sorry! I know, escape is so powerful. I’ve been seeing a lot of really funny memes and powerful gifsets, and I’ll try to reblog more (hoping I don’t hit my limit o.O). And soon, I should have a series of fluff that I collected from The Girls We Wanna Kiss in my queue, so stayed tuned for that! (There’s some fluffy smut in there, but you know you can always scroll through all those chapters and have as much escapist smut as your heart desires!!!!) I am sending you so much love, sweetheart: you are perfect. And here, have some fun gifs :D ♡♡♡

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I'm writing a story and can you write dialogue or suggestions for a scene where Person A finds out that after like 2 years of marriage Person B is actually evil?

“What do you mean you have a lair in the basement?!”
“I have a lair in the basement.”
“Because you’d be upset that I moved your boxes into a fort.”

“So, I guess it’s time to tell you. This is my partner-in-crime and-”
“Wait, crime?”
“I’m a criminal mastermind, yes. Did I forget to mention that when we got married two years ago?”

“Well, that’s kind of my job.”
“Your job?!”
“Yes, I’m a self employed assassin.”

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since we've been on daddy harry.Maybe it's the first time things have started to get heated between the two of you since you've brought your little babe home and things are going great until h begins to remove your shirt and you just burst into tears and he is so confused and sad bc he doesn't know what's wrong "wha's d'mutta luv? why y'cryin?" and you know it's silly but you're upset bc your worried once he sees you're post baby belly he won't find you as attractive and he'd be so supportive😭

“Heyyy, hey.” He sits up, a worried look on his face. “What’s happening?”

You let out a sigh. You feel so stupid for all of this, but you can’t help it. “Harry I…. don’t look at me.”

“M'lookin at you right now, silly girl. What’s going on? Talk to me.”

“My stomach… its….” You sigh. “It’s not like it was.”

He smiles reassuringly, brushing your hair off of your head. “Love I’ve seen it since the birth. It looks fine.”

“Yeah but not in… this setting. It’s not sexy anymore, Harry. It’s bad. It’s flabby, and I’m trying really hard but…” You don’t even finish your sentence. You reach up to wipe a tear away and Harry takes your hand.

“Love. Look at me.” When you meet his eyes he’s got the softest smile you’ve ever seen. “Don’t talk about yourself that way, hm? This stomach…” He lifts up your shirt and presses the gentlest kiss to your bellybutton. “So pretty. In fact, prettiest tummy I’ve ever seen.” He continues to pepper little kisses across it between sentences. “It’s so beautiful. Carried our baby in it for nine months, and yet you’re being so mean to it. S'not nice. It’s trying its hardest, you know.”

You smile, reaching down to tangle your fingers in his curls while he continues to kiss. “I love you,” you say softly.

He presses another long, lingering kiss to your bellybutton and smiles up at you. “I love you, too. And I love this tummy. And so did our baby. It was her home. And if she’s anything like her mummy, it was probably a very peaceful, beautiful, and wonderful space for her.” You giggle and his nose crinkles at the sound. “And now, its empty. And still just as pretty as ever, hm?”

I never really make any post, but the way all my dash is talking about harry right now is really upsetting me.
I think that dropping a surprise single or like performing it at the brits and then starting promoting it actively and giving all the necessary infos would actually be a good strategy. I genuinely don’t understand why everyone seem to think the opposite. Why do you think it wouldn’t be wise? Cause he was off social media for like an year? I mean, and so what? Surprise droppings are a thing that - surprise! - not only Beyoncé pulls. In fact, I think this town was a surprise drop too.
I feel like larries are the only ones being upset and I don’t get why. I don’t like Jeff too, I swear to god, he makes me so mad, that fucking quote about metrics made me roll my eyes like few other things in my life have, but from hating Jeff to saying that Harry’s work would be a flop or a disaster or that Harry’s gotten arrogant.. I’m sorry but I don’t think any of these things are true and I’m really upset about my dash. Of course anyone is entitled to their opinion and I know that not all the people who are against this strategy are hating on harry, but I am seeing posts of people legitimately saying nasty things about him and I don’t like it. Harry has done NOTHING to deserve your hate and I think that before judging him we should at least giving him and his team the benefit of the doubt.

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I know you mostly go gender neutral with your prompts, from what I've seen, but how would the boys react with a trans girl who's insecure? (Asking bc I'm sadd and need validation from fictional characters bc reality is shitty)

I’m gonna give this one priority. I understand the feeling of not feeling good enough. Not in the exact aspect mentioned, but I understand because I struggle a lot with it in a more general sense. 

With that said, my familiarity with this is super limited so I don’t know if this will help much… but I’ll do my best for you!!

Honestly, I think Noctis would make you more upset at first because he would be all, “But you’re?? amazing?? how could you think otherwise??” but after seeing that he made you more upset he would take you into his arms and just hold you for a while. He’s not really sure what to say, but eventually he makes a royal declaration that, “You, (Y/N), are absolutely perfect just the way you are and anyone who disagrees is subsequently inconsequential, as hereby royally decreed by me, the Crown Prince of Lucis.” And he puffs his chest out while doing it and he looks really ridiculous and it brings a little laugh out of you.

Prompto doesn’t relate to the exact situation, but he knows all about feeling like you’re not good enough and he will be right there for you. Need a shoulder to cry on? He’s got you. Need some advice? He’s got you. Wanna go shopping? He’s got you. Need something to distract you? He’s got you. He knows that the feeling absolutely sucks so he’ll do everything in his power to help you to feel better, and you’ll just be getting compliments for days.

With Gladio, things got a bit worse before they got better. He looked right at you, and he was frowning, and he just says, “You’re wrong.” And you two might actually get into a bit of an argument about it. He’s upset because you’re upset. He’s just… baffled, I guess? He calms himself down, and then he asks what you’d like him to do – if there’s anything he can do, he’ll do it. If you have no ideas, you’ll find yourself in a bear hug, and later on you’ll be at the mall. Gladio’s willing to buy you any material items that might make you feel better, and if you want non-material things, he can do that too. Go home, cup noodle, cuddling. He tells you how much he loves you all the time.

Ignis loves you so much. He hates seeing you so insecure about yourself – if only you could see yourself the way he saw you… Well, okay. He can work with that, he figures. So, whenever he starts to notice that you’re feeling down, you’ll find a love letter. And each one is always about a page long, and each one describes some part of you that he loves. One letter was about your eyes, another about your eyelashes, another about your thighs. There’s also comfort food and lots of cute little things when y’all are alone. Forehead kissing, him kissing the back of your hand, cuddling, the like.

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hi how do you feel about flower boy seokjin's 0.8 second screen time ?

sad :( really sad :( omg even my friends who aren’t bngtn stans were upset❗️visuals are supposed to get hella screen time n stage time ! it’s like……….bighit doesn’t know how to use a visual omg seokjin should be mcing music shows & getting cfs and shooting for magazines etc etc but they don’t give him the promotion he deserves !!!! i rly hope they keep sending him to variety tho!!! so many ppl loved him on law of the jung

GOT7 Reaction | When you’re afraid of the ocean

| Alrighty so I have a somewhat odd request (pls don’t judge meeeee), but could I please request a bts/got7 reaction to going with the whole group to the beach but then you admit to them that you have a strong fear of the ocean/deep water? (I couldn’t remember if you still did reactions for bts, but if not then don’t worry about it 💙) | I am shookt by BTS’s Not Today i am dead wow~Admin H

Mark: ???? low-key so confused?? he’s an LA boy so like? beach is normal. Once you explain i think he’d understand, even if he still thought it was a little silly but he’ll be gross n cheesy and protect u from the ocean.

JB/Jaebum: he’s gonna low key come off as insensitive, but then once he sees that you’re not kidding and you really are upset by the ocean he feels really really guilty and he apologizes to you even if you don’t realize he was being a butthead about it but he spoils you for the whole day and a little bit after

Jackson: u dont like the ocean? okay!ur never going near the ocean again! never! Jackson is gonna do his entire power 2 make sure that u are comfortable 24/7 and never have to go near the big bad scary ocean unless u want too!! if u guys go to the beach he won’t leave ur side for a second and constantly be asking u if ur okay

Jinyoung: mr gentleman is so so caring and understanding about this alright he’ll never push you any more then your boundaries but he wants you to get over this fear you have bc the ocean is wonderful in so many ways and he doesn’t want you to miss out on having a fun time bc you’re afraid

Youngjae: sunshine would never ask you to do anything that would make you uncomfortable!!! he might be disappointed if you’re afraid of a pool though, just because there’s nothing in a pool that could get you, except him! 

BamBam: Bammie is young, and he might tease you a little bit over it until he realizes that it is a legitimate fear you have and he feels awful about his teasing, and he’ll literally get on his knees and beg you to forgive him, even if ur not offended by it but after that he’ll do his everything to support you and help you overcome any fears you have about the ocean 

Yugyeom: honey pie is like Bammie in the fact that he’ll tease you, but he always knows the line and he won’t ever dare to cross it bc bigger fears like the ocean are hard to get over, but he’ll gently bring up maybe talking to someone about it or maybe even going for a couple’s swimming lessons or even just going and splashing in some tide pools as baby steps

Adoptive parents you're not the only parents

I often see adoptive parents feeling threatened by their child’s birth parents. They might get upset if their child calls their birth mom mom or if adoptees say their birth parents are real. Adoptive parents your child’s birth parents are apart of them. They will always he apart of them. I have two families. My birth family and my adoptive family. I have two moms. My birth mom and my mom. I love both of them. My birth mom is my real mom too. Just because she didn’t raise me doesn’t not make her my mom. I see so many adoptive parents say they’re the only real parents because it takes more than giving birth to make a parent. Yes that’s true. It does take more than giving birth to raise a child. But it takes a lot to give birth then give your child away to strangers. It takes a lot to give birth then wonder if your child you gave up is ok. It takes a lot to carry a child for 9 months then go home with nothing. When I met my birthmom she told me she never stopped thinking about me. She told me it was hard to give me up after carrying me for 36 weeks. Birth parents are parents. No matter how you feel. My birth mom gave birth to me. She carried me. She’s my mom. She’ll always be my birth mom. My birth dad will always be my birth dad.
My adoptive parents raised me. They’re my parents. I call them mom and dad because they are mom and dad. But my birth parents are mom and dad too. My birth family is still family. When you marry you don’t forget your own family do you? So why do adoptive parents expect adoptees to forget theirs. How can you honestly say birth parents aren’t parents just because they’re not raising the child. You shouldn’t feel threatened. If it weren’t for your child’s birth parents you wouldn’t have a child. To keep them away from their birth family just because you want to be the only mom and dad is selfish. You shouldn’t have adopted in the first place.

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Hello~ Can I request a Jin sensual angsty smut, if that makes sense? Maybe where you're extremely conscious about if you annoy people or not, and you're surprised that an idol like Jin is with you. For a week, Jin's not talking to you, and you think he's fed up with you. You get upset, but don't say anything. Then maybe one day he flips at you, for nothing, and you cry. He feels guilty, and you tell him you're sorry, and how he deserves better. He proves you wrong by making love to you~ THANK U

I’m having major Jin feels tonight so… Enjoy~ 

[Recommended listening]

I’m Gonna Be - Jin (M)

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Jin could tell instantly when something heavy was on your mind. Your body stiffened and you averted your eyes. It usually happened in public or when you came across something online. He would always ask you about it but you constantly told him that it was nothing, giving him excuse after excuse. The truth was that you were super insecure sometimes about being with him. After all he was so beautiful and talented. It was only natural for you to question why he was with you. 

One night as the two of you were huddled in the corner of your favorite cafe, Jin was finally able to pull it out of you. You finally spilled that most of the time in public you were so self conscious it was starting to get hard to want to go out. You asked him very seriously why he was with someone like you. Jin’s jaw clenched as he slid his eyes down to stare at the coffee in his hands. “I can’t believe you.” He shook his head and was distant for the rest of the night. When he dropped you off at your apartment he refused to come up. Turning around he quickly walked away from you, not even giving you a good night kiss. 

For the rest of the week you texted him with little response. He kept brushing you off about hanging out and you were starting to feel worse then before you brought up your insecurities. Finally Jin agreed to come over to your place to pick up a sweater he had left there and wanted to return to one of the boys. When he arrived you stood out of his way as he grabbed the sweater off your couch. Mumbling a quick thanks he headed for the door right away. Clearing your throat you spoke up, your voice a bit more shaky then you would have liked and unable to keep the tears from filling your eyes. “I’m sorry that I’m not good enough for you.” 

Jin stopped in his tracks and turned around slowly. You noticed his gaze narrow at you and his jaw clench like it did all those days ago at the cafe. He threw the sweater down on the floor angrily. “Shut up Y/N. You say the dumbest things sometimes! You never used to be like this!” With every word he took a step closer to you and you stood frozen in shock. Jin never yelled at you before, at least not seriously. When he got to you his hands grabbed your shoulders and pulled you against him. His mouth was gentle as it pressed against yours even though his fingers dug into your arms. 

When he pulled away, both of you were short of breath. Your head was spinning because you were sure that he was too good for you but with a kiss like that it was hard to imagine why you doubted him. Leaning in slowly, Jin’s hands slid up to hold your face between his large hands, his forehead pressing against yours. “Let me prove how wrong you are.” You could only manage a small hum of agreement before nodding. 

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Hey, I'm sorry to bother you, especially because you said you didn't want to talk about it, so please feel free to complete ignore this ask. But you are the only one who won't get me totally wrong and be upset, so I still wanted to ask. About the white-washing thing. Even if the artist had pictured Lance and Hunk as 'white' (I didn't even see the art) or a writer wrote about, I don't know, Shiro being African, or Pidge as Asian, it's still their headcanon isn't it? Why would that be racist?(1/2)

I mean, it’s not denying that Lance is Cuban in canon or implying it would be better if he was white and being Cuban is a bad thing(isn’t this what racism is about) why would it be okay to draw him as Altean but not as as ‘white’ or something else? (I really don’t want to offend anyone, I just want to understand the problem, and sorry if I’m too stupid to figure it on my own) thanks, and have a nice day!

Hey, it’s not stupid to ask questions! It’s good to think about these things and try to understand them. I’ve spent some time thinking about this so I’ll try to put my thoughts in order.

It IS funny how no one seems to have a problem with Lance being Altean, haha, given how awful this fandom is about racial issues. Then again, maybe someone IS upset and quietly seething over it. I have no idea.

But anyway. The reason changing Lance from being Cuban or Hunk from being Samoan and making them actually white or something is actually hurtful to real people is because it feels like something is being stolen. It’s about representation. The English-speaking world is definitely white-dominated, even in our entertainment, and though there have been some attempts to change it, that is still true and probably will be for as long as America (producer of a large portion of the world’s movies and tv shows and popular music) is majority white. So it’s hard for black people and brown people to find fictional characters who look and feel like themselves. And that’s a problem. Good representation isn’t just about having role models in media, like Uhura in Star Trek, but also just ordinary folks. Non-criminals. Non-majority race characters who have strengths and weaknesses and story arcs, who are funny and heroic and smart and interesting, who are more than tropes and stereotypes and object lessons.

Hunk and Lance are both fantastic characters. Say all you want about how Season 2 treated them, but they both have PERSONALITY. They are well-rounded. They are interesting. They have strengths and weaknesses and backgrounds and relationships. And that’s relatively rare for people with their skin color in visual media.

So changing their skin color and their race to match the majority of Americans (and no, not just playing with a piece of art or using a pastel palette), feels like erasure. It feels like something has been taken away, and that HURTS. I absolutely understand, and I would never, ever do something like that. I don’t want to hurt anyone.

I think there should be room for creativity. You should be able to imagine and write and draw whatever you want, even if it might be hurtful to someone. That’s freedom of speech, and no one should take that away. But we still want to be thoughtful and kind. We still don’t want to take away anything that’s important to other people. So yes, do whatever you want. But think about how it might affect someone else.

For some reason, white folks don’t seem to mind it when you turn white characters into different races. I certainly don’t care. Playing is fun. Probably because we have so many white characters we won’t miss a few. It’s an embarrassment of riches, really. We can deal with a few changes, or we should be. It’s harder for other folks, because they have less to lose.

That’s why I told my one nonny that if they had ACTUALLY hurt someone, they should apologize and do their best to do better in the future. Race is a tricky issue, and we need to be kind and sensitive. What I object to is the moral hysteria and lynch mobs ginned up by folks who were not personally wounded by some mistake or error, but are just looking for something to be outraged about because it feels good to have what they think is the high ground.

This feels like a subtle difference, but I hope my answer makes sense.

What Are You Hiding

Request: Could I request a Reader x Scott, but the reader has magic/is a witch and doesn’t know how to tell Scott so she talks to Deaton and Scott is upset because he can feel something is wrong/she doesn’t talk to him as much?                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Warning: None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Note:I hope that you’re going to like it so if you do let me know..:)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       “Come on Y/N focus.’ Apparently I was trying to practice my magic with my mom..’I’m focused.’  I was trying to create a damn energy ball the whole morning..’No you’re not,stop thinking on something else and concentrate on this.’ *BUSTEEED*  She was right I wasn’t completely thinking on this.Actually I was thinking how I’m going to tell Scott and just then my phone started ringing,seeing it was Scott..’Hey baby!.’                                                                ‘Hey Y/N what are you doing now?’                                                                   ‘Umm nothing much,I mean it’s saturday.’Yeah I was always bad at lying..’Why do you ask?’                                                                                                         “I was thinking if you want to come over at my place and watch a movie?’         ‘Well I umm,sure at what time exactly?’                                                               ‘In one hour?!” I started playing with a hem on my shirt   ‘Sounds great,I just need to take care of something then I’m all yours.’                                               ‘Y/n is everything okay?’                                                                                      ‘Umm yeah,why?’                                                                                                ‘You don’t sound good.’                                                                                        ‘It’s because the stress and school but I’m fine really..So don’t worry i’ll see you in a hour.’ And with that I hung up ‘Honey why don’t you take a break we’ll continue tomorrow.’I nodded and she kissed me on my head before walking away.                                                                                                                     I was outside the Animal clinic even if didn’t work today,I somehow had a feeling that Deaton would be here it’s basicaly his second home.So I walked in and then I saw Deaton doing something..’Hello Y/N what brings you here?’       ‘I need an advice.’ He stopped what he was doing and his full attention was on me now..’What for?’ I used my hand to lift his pencil from the desk and he looked confused ‘You’re a-’                                                                                 ‘A witch?Yeah.’I put a pencil back down.’But that’s impossible,it should at least once in 100 years.’ I looked at him..It can be surprising sometimes for a man who’s a vet to know this much about the supernatural..’Yeah I know,my mom told me everything.’ He looked at me confused and smiling at the same time..’So for what the you need my advice?’ I looked around the room..’I don’t know how to tell Scott’                                                                                         ‘Easy,he won’t be mad..Believe me.’ I just nodded my head ‘Thank you Deaton.’ He nodded back ‘Anytime!’                                                                                                                                                                                                  I was outside Scotts front door getting courage to finally knock,but then the door opened ‘Hey baby!’ I put a fake smile on my face ‘Heeey!’  He hugged me and felt every nerve in my body tense..’I need to talk to you.’ He looked at me confused ‘Are you okay?’ I nodded ‘Yeah it’s just I need to tell you something but I don’t know how so I’m just going to show you.’ He still was looking..so I started making that energy ball from this morning and Actually it worked..’How did you do that?’                                                                                                 ‘I’m a witch.’ He looked at me with his mouth  almost opened..’You’re what?”     ‘Believe me I had the same reaction as you right now and I get if you think that I’m some freak.’ I looked down but then I felt his hand on my chin..’You’re not a freak I just got surpriesed..I think that’s pretty awsome..’ I smiled ‘You do?’And the he smiled too ‘Yeah and now I have a badass witch in my pack.’ I couldn’t help but smile louder and the he kissed me.The feeling was great. 

I just want to say how thankful and happy I am to be in this community and have you guys with me. I didn’t post about this here, but yesterday I thought I lost this blog. I accidentally logged out and I couldn’t remember my email to get back in. I contacted Tumblr support but there’s no promise I could get it back because I couldn’t remember the email. I was upset; I had built this blog up and I love it here. I feel so encouraged and loved here and the thought of just simply ‘starting over’ wasn’t appealing. Then I remembered my old computer and that I was logged in on there, and I quickly set to work grabbing my email and changing it so it’s something I remember. Needless to say though, I appreciate you guys so much. Thank you for always encouraging my art and me as a person. I’m always striving to be a better person, and Mark has really made such an influence on me when it comes to that department. I read as many posts and replies you guys leave on my stuff, and it’s always so sweet and encouraging – I never have been so inspired to make things for you guys and to push myself to actually color things on my own instead of using premade colorings. So thank you, sincerely. Please know that if you guys ever need anything, that my inbox is open. I might come off as a little quiet and awkward, but that’s just the person that I am – it doesn’t mean I appreciate you guys any less or want to talk to you any less!

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I'm into girls but I feel ashamed for it. What do I do now? It stresses me out a lot because on the one hand it's a part of who I am on the other hand I wish I could control it or even stop these feelings.

I’m so sorry! Sounds like you have some internalized biphobia, and that can be really stressful to deal with. 

First thing to realize is that you cannot voluntarily change your orientation. If you try to “control” your feelings of attraction, you will end up frustrated with yourself and more upset than before because your orientation is a part of who you are, and it is not going away. I know that might be hard to hear, but coming to terms with that is an important part of dealing with internalized biphobia. 

In our society, we are surrounded by a lot of negative messages about ourselves as bisexuals. It is almost impossible to avoid internalized some amount of this, but you can overcome it and love yourself as you are.

If it’s not too distressing, it might be helpful to try to consider the root of your feelings of shame and address the cause. It may come from believing stereotypes about yourself, fear of how others perceive you, etc. You may find that looking at some of these fears logically helps you to overcome them.

You should also try to surround yourself with positivity and support. Try listening to music by LGBTQIAP+ artists, or watching shows or movies with positive representation. There are lots of lists of both on tumblr! Tumblr is also a good place for following positivity blogs and support blogs, so that you’re not just hearing negative messages from society. It’s also really helpful to have an ally in real life, if/when you are able, ready, and willing to come out to someone trustworthy. I know that can be a big step when you’re struggling with feelings of shame, but if you get to that point, it’s also a big help. 

Good luck, and lots of love from your fellow bisexual.

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as someone who has gone through a miscarriage I can say you fully hit the nail on the head with the range of despair you feel. And I can say with utter confidence that how she is feeling right now, being terrified that it will happen again is exactly whats its like when you are faced with a positive pregnancy test. I hope the best works out for the two, and that we have baby's soon *fingers crossed*

Thank you so much for the feedback! I’m always really nervous about writing things like this since I personally have no experience with it, and I’m afraid of offending or upsetting people if I make a mistake, considering it’s not a very pleasant topic to deal with.
I’m sorry to hear you had to experience it, though, and I hope you’re doing well, anon. <3

as a side note, I love that you didn’t write “baby” in singular form >u> ~