but i feel it and it is so upsetting

my two cents on the whole thing is this

I do believe if Daryl had stayed put, Glenn would still be alive so I can’t dismiss the reality that Daryl’s actions directly lead to Glenn’s consequence.

I don’t think Daryl reacted the way he did because he was upset about Abraham, I felt the reaction was from Negan taunting Rosita and at the time, I thought maybe it had triggered something about his own abuse and that’s the reason for the huge personality/behaviour regression.

I also think that Daryl, if he considered the consequences at all before or during his lashing out, probably thought the consequences would land on him and was willing to die, but if he had known or suspected that someone else would get the bat instead of him, he might not have been so quick to jump.

I’m upset about Glenn. I acknowledge that Glenn would be alive if not for Daryl’s lashing out, but I don’t hate Daryl.

I’ll reserve those feelings for the writers who seem to relish in spending time building and progressing characters only to kill them off for shock value when they get bored or think they need the ratings. 

My Walking Dead Rant.

I’m looking at all the posts from tonight’s episode and I have something I feel I need to say. A lot of people are getting all mad and upset with Daryl saying he was the one who caused Glenn’s death. His actions very well may have, because yes Negan did say one outburst was fine and understandable but another would be shut down, and one had already happened when he said something about killing Maggie and Glenn reacted, so Daryl punching him was the second. His actions very well could have gotten Glenn killed. But I have something I want to add. 1) Negan is a cruel, ruthless motherfucker and he’s unpredictable. He could’ve killed anyone or everyone and not lose a nights sleep over it. He could still kill any of them but in this case they stuck to the comic. 2) In previous seasons Daryl would go off by himself, away from everyone else. He would sit in the fucking woods and burn himself with cigarettes. He wanted to feel. There was a point he didn’t care anymore, he didn’t care whether he lived or died, but those people are his family and we all saw how he reacted when Rick left Merle on the roof. He went apeshit. I honestly believe he thought Negan would turn his attention to him and kill him, not Glenn. Part of me believes Daryl is ready to die, he’s had enough hurt, enough pain, he’s seen enough, so I think he thought maybe Negan would kill him. I don’t think he ever thought Negan would take it out on someone other than him. He was trying to save everyone else but in turn got Glenn killed. Like no one gives Daryl enough credit and it makes me mad. Like he sat there and didn’t sleep and went all day every day looking for Sophia when she disappeared. He always went above and beyond to help them because they are his family, he did anything he could. Y'all want to go and start hating him because of this but Rick has done shit that led to fucked up situations but do you hate him? Like trust me Daryl is going to blame himself, he’s never going to forgive himself for this, we all saw how he was after Beth. He will beat himself up and probably won’t be able to look Maggie in the eye if he gets back to them, same with Beth. This will torture him, but don’t go hating him because of this. Glenn was going to die. If not there, then somewhere else, but he would have died eventually. Pretty much every character on the show has done something that in turn got someone killed, but that’s the way their world is now. So don’t go hating on a character and talking shit when he couldn’t help how he reacted after seeing someone get their head bashed in. Daryl has a temper and we all know that. He may have had a hand in Glenn’s death but we can’t forget all the good he’s done either. Okay, rant over. OH and another thing! He saved Rick, Michonne and Carl when they could’ve gotten killed by the group he was with sooo there’s another example. I’m sure there are many more I could come up with but I’m tired and my heart still hurts, but yea I’m definitely done now. But to everyone hating on Daryl:

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Just had to give a friend a stern talking to because she was shaming people who were so upset about The Walking Dead last night.

She said that we need to check our priorities and that it’s just a tv show.

I had to let her know that if someone wants to be upset about a tv show or a character, then they can and there is nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make you completely unaware of reality and your own life. It’s something that we enjoy and it helps us escape our day to day lives for just an hour a week. There’s nothing wrong with that.

And to make people feel like they’re doing something wrong with their life is completely unacceptable. I understand that she doesn’t give a fuck, but a lot of people do, including me, so posting that just offended me as a person who loves The Walking Dead and loved Glenn and Abraham and I feel I was perfectly justified to be upset and to even cry when they died.

We’ve been with these characters for so long that we “know” them. They were integral parts of the show. To have them go out, and so brutally, is going to be heartbreaking no matter what.

To shame people and tell them to calm down and that it’s just a tv show is just rude.

I haven’t talked down to her about anything she likes, so don’t talk down to me about what I like.

I really wanted to be back to being positive today but I feel like I have no energy, I still have a migraine and I just can’t get that image of Glenn out of my head 😞

Half of me is like, get over it it’s a TV show but the other half is like, I’ve loved Glenn for literally 6 years and that’s not nothing. Knowing he won’t be in another episode, knowing he won’t ever see his kid, knowing I have nothing more to look forward to, no new Glenn moments. It’s so upsetting and I can’t quite grasp it yet.

This is hitting me so much harder than what I imagined and still we’re supposed to move on by Sunday. We have 7 days to take in it instead of 7 months. It’s not fair.

A Christian guy gave me a leaflet today and he told me that being a Christian is about more than just getting baptised and he asked me if I know that I need to ask for forgiveness

And it was weird because he was really soft spoken and polite so he wasn’t trying to be rude or anything but I really like living my life basically in sin, so I don’t feel the need to repent for anything.

I don’t act on my hatred of individuals

I had sex before marriage but its not harming anyone

I swear and lie sometimes but its not causing anyone damage

It just feels weird to be told I need to ask for forgiveness when I haven’t actually upset or hurt anyone

 yesterday’s inktober. i’ve been really behind due to my body not feeling so great lately, but i’m ready to do the last few days now. i said i would do another MLAATR one, so here it is~ i actually had a dream about this show kind of recently, that it had some kind of big comeback and i remember being really upset when i woke up and found out none of it was real, LMAO

i still like this pairing and human jenny is cute so why not dsfsdfhdsgfjdfg let me wallow in my self indulgence


Ok so lately I’ve been seeing a lot of hate directed at Misha and Castiel and it honestly breaks my heart. Last night this amazing fandom managed to get #MoreLoveForMisha trending on twitter as a response to all the recent events. I thought it would be a nice idea if we started something on Tumblr too. So, all I ask of you is to make a post or reblog this and say why you love Misha, the impact he’s had on your life etc, and tag it #more love for misha. I think it’s so important to focus on spreading love and kindness, rather than dwelling on or getting upset over hate. So…

I love Misha because he makes me smile. It’s very close to a year since I lost my mum and I remember very clearly feeling like I was never going to be happy or smile genuinely again. And that’s when I threw myself into Supernatural, because I could relate to it in so many ways. And that’s when I discovered Misha’s talent for making me smile. A proper, care-free, guilt-free, happy, real smile. And since then, when my depression has been particularly bad or my anxiety gets really difficult to deal with, I look at a picture or Misha or watch a video and I smile. I don’t know how to explain the effect he has on me, he just makes me so happy. I call him my sunshine because he can literally brighten my day. He inspires me daily to be a better person and to not let my past effect my future. He teaches me that I am capable of anything if I just believe in myself. He shows so much care and attention to every single fan and goes out of his way to make this world a better place. He is the most selfless, genuine, kind person and I’m proud to call him my hero. 

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(Same anon as before) It's just his manner. In some videos it feels like he doesn't want to be there. And in his video with Ro with the Wet Head challenge, he definitely doesn't seem like his normal bubbly self. I'm worried that a lot of the fans who hate on Amy are getting to him and that he's losing the passion he had. I hope not.

I don’t think it will have anything to do with Amy (imo!), up to this point it seems like she has handled herself really well and doesn’t take things too personally from what we can see, and Mark just completely ignores petty hate and doesn’t let it rule his life so I doubt they’d both let it get to them too much.

We know now though that Mark was dealing with some personal disappointment and upset regarding Matt and Ryan which probably did play a part in his mood every now and then, but now it’s out in the open I am hoping he can feel better about it.

That being said though, I think Mark is just Mark. His personality can probably seem a bit brash to some people especially the more he grows as a person and learns more about his humour. 

That is only my opinion though but I can totally see how it’d make you feel this way ^^

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RFA+Saeran finding out that MC doesn't want kids? There are so many reactions and headcanons about them being all excited about MC being pregnant/raising/wanting kids but I don't want kids and it's making me feel guilty T_T

(Don’t worry I’m the same. I don’t want kids either!)

Jumin: It would be a little difficult for him to accept at first, but he would sit and listen to your reasons, and would immediately tell you that he wouldn’t force it.

He wouldn’t make you upset just so he could have children, and would be very happy to simply have you in his life.

Yoosung: He was still young, so children were the last thing in his mind. As he got older, he would think about it and broach the subject with you.

When you told him you didn’t want children, he would tell you it was alright, that he would rather you were both happy.

Zen: with his career, children were the last thing on his mind. He wouldn’t be too surprised that you didn’t want children.

He would tell you he was merely happy having you in his life. That you were all the family he needed.

707: With his line of work, he knew any children he had would be in danger, and as much as he wanted them, he wouldn’t want to do that to them.

So the moment you said you didn’t want children, he felt absolutely relieved, and told you how he felt.

Jaehee: She would feel a lottle sad that you didn’t want children, but would understand how you felt.

She would tell you that your happiness was far more important to her than having children.

Saeran: He wouldn’t want children himself. Firstly because he didn’t have any inclination of fatherhood, and second because he wanted to experience everything with you.

He would actually broach the subject first, and would tell you he didn’t want children, then would be very relieved that you didn’t want them either.

Okay so FYI I’m very well aware I’m not answering many anons or messages in general right now and I’m so sorry, there’s probably about 300+ (literally) sitting there just waiting for me to reply but I’m just trying to you know… get over this hurdle first which is to come to terms with it and be in a place of acceptance because I’m still very much upset and overwhelmed, although I am starting to feel a bit better.

I need a bit of time before I can start talking about Glenn, the rights and wrongs of the situation, my anger, headcanons, Gleggie stuff, the drama, and my overall feelings on the matter because it’s still so early and fresh in everyone’s minds and I think this is just something that some of us simply need to deal with first. 

Also I’d like to get to a point where I can type a few sentences about Glenn and not cry LMAO so when I get there, I’ll become social again 😂 I promise. 

I’m sorry though, I do see the messages and I love you ♡ Thanks for being patient :) I appreciate it.


Im in your tags again

Fontcest is still a big vile







So let me ask you something? How does it feel when I go in your tags? Do you feel upset? Pissed? Going home after a long day only wanting to look through your tags but just cannot believe you see one teeny tiny hate post in your sea of Giant skeleton dick? Tell me how does it make you feel? And why can’t you ignore it?

~Mod burgerpants

QUICK ARTWORK JUST TO MAKE ME CALM DOWN A BIT. IDK ANYMORE I’M SO DISAPPOINTED AND UPSET WTF. I remember Kubo saying that selling something he do not like is a sin and thus he made the honeymoon spread but now he’s using ichiruki for gain and fame. BUT NO, I’M NOT FALLING FOR KUBO’S TRAP ANYMORE. I’M STILL GONNA SHIP ICHIRUKI EVEN IF ISN’T ENDGAME. I FEEL USED AND SHITTY ABOUT IT. MY MIDDLE FINGER WANTS TO SAY HI KUBO. 

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I don't understand how can't Ross get that he broke Demelza's heart, not her pride?

He will get it. I promise you, he will get it. In that clip he seems very much ‘I’m sorry if you’re upset’, not ‘I’m sorry that I upset you’. He’s not penitent, not yet. Not at heart. He’s confused and distracted and doesn’t know what he’s feeling, and he can’t lift his head to see what anyone else is feeling. When he suggests he wounded her pride, he’s actually talking about himself. The idea of Elizabeth and George wounded his pride. Everything he did that night, really, was a self-inflicted wound to his own pride. He’s not proud of what he did, he’s not proud of how he reacted, and so he’s projecting that onto Demelza.

Of course, the context of the clip itself may change my interpretation of it! From what Ross said about Wheal Grace, and the state of his eye, and the fact that he’s clearly not slept in that bed again, I suspect that at least a few hours have passed since she backhanded him. So things may have been said in the meanwhile. We’ll have to wait and see. But I promise that he does eventually open his eyes and recognise how much he hurt her.

(Also, I bet you anything that Prudie made Demelza go back to bed and brought her tea there, treating her like the queen she is).

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Hii~ Can I request a scenario where V (Zen's fine if udw to write V) comforts MC becuz they didn't do as well as expected? Like they literally spent the whole day studying Bio even tho they knew that they had Bio and Math Paper the next day, but MC's results for Bio was not as expected. Thanks~~~

Ooh sure! I can totally try that. We don’t know much about how V behaves around others yet but I think with an s/o he would be really gentle and thoughtful c:

V feels so bad when he sees how upset you are. He’d spent all day waiting to hear about your results, so hopeful for your sake. When his “hey, love! How did it go? :)” text was met with silence, he immediately regretted hitting send. A smiley face? Of course that would be like spreading salt in an open wound if the test didn’t go well. 

He’s standing in the doorway when you get home, arms ready to wrap around you, comforting words already thought of. You’ve always loved his hugs. The way he pushes his body into yours as his arms wrap around you, how he lets his hands stroking your back do the talking. Sometimes he’ll hum and kiss the top of your head, as well. He has the perfect hugs, and they’re all for you. 

“Are you okay? Can I get you anything?” His voice is concerned when he looks at you. He nearly lets you go, but not entirely. His hands are resting on your shoulders as he holds your gaze. Soft eyes keeping yours from wavering. “Tea, hot chocolate?”

When he thinks he sees a single hint of tears he he quickly pulls you inside. He brings you to the sofa, and sits down right beside you.
“I know it’s hard, honey, but it’s okay. You did good yesterday, studying, even if you don’t feel it was worth anything now.” He offers an encouraging, half-smile, and takes your hand in his own. “You did good, I promise.” 

V knows you well, and can tell when you’re about to argue on something. So before you get the chance, he continues. “I’m sorry it didn’t go as expected. It doesn’t say anything about you- you, are still the brilliant, amazing person I’m always trying to remind you about. No amount of negative test results could ever tell me otherwise. We can’t always do well, you know? Even when we try our hardest.”
He smiles again and wipes your tears away with his thumb. “I’ll help you study for the next test, and the one after that. I know you can do it. I believe in you exactly one hundred percent.”

There’s one thing you love even more than V’s hugs- his kisses. He kisses you the same way he does everything: carefully, gently; so slow it’s like time pauses for just long enough to be considered a moment. 

He’s practically glowing when your lips part. “Now, how about that hot chocolate?”

I know there was a lot of angst leading up to this episode about an impending Captain Swan fight. Angst that I did not share because I wanted them to talk about it and work it out. And it feels like weird poetical justice that we didn’t get a fight and as a result the situation got worse. 

Killian didn’t voice his opinion or his thoughts and feelings on anything he was supportive and just let Emma dictate everything. And bless Colin for his acting and the body language that clearly said that Killian was upset, that he wanted to talk about it, and that he wasn’t on board with Emma’s plan despite what he said. Killian should have voiced his opinion. They should have had the fight so that he and Emma could get past what happened and work as a team. But he didn’t and now he is the one keeping a secret plus a dangerous bit of magic.

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(I'm from the life decision question) I want to work in planes so I can travel the world which is my life's dream, but my girlfriend is upset she wouldn't see me often and she's the girl of my dreams. I feel stuck.

So @beinghappyiseasier said

For the anon with the decision about the career or person they love I’d say they should go for the career. People come and go but if you go for that career you can do what you like for as long as you want. Buuuut it’s always up to them 😜

You do what you think is best


After her talk with Fiona, Fawn went to find her mother to apologize.

Fawn: Mama, I’m so so sorry for how I’ve been treating you lately. I shouldn’t have gotten angry at you about the baby. I was just upset, and I took it out on you. I know I’ve treated you so horribly, but I really hope you can forgive me.

Eve: Oh honey, of course I forgive you. You’re my little girl, I can’t stay upset with you.

Fawn: Even though I was so mean?

Eve: I know you were feeling sad and unsure because of the new baby. That’s perfectly normal. I was hurt by how you reacted, but I understood why you felt the way you did.

Fawn: I promise I’ll try my hardest to talk about my feeling from now on instead of getting angry.

Eve pulled her daughter into a tight hug.

I want to read a Baffy story where, when Lola goes on her randomly falls head over heels spree (which she has, i think, twice in the Looney Tunes Show? Once for Pepe Le Pew and then for Daffy when she got him to say what ‘all women want to hear’), she dumps and leaves Bugs and Bugs is like legit upset about it. Like maybe he was feeling close to popping the question, or he was starting to think about asking her to move in with him– just a huge life change to show how committed he was to her. And then, BAM, that happens. And for once Daffy steps in as ‘so in sync and ready for Bugs’ needs’. (Makes me think of the episode where they were both on the same page dealing with Yosamite Sam.) But yeah, Daffy actually had big plans that night, plans he swore would make him a billionaire… and he cancels them for Bugs, because he knows his best bud needs him. (Which was honestly a good thing because that night the group he was going to meet up ended up being criminals and caught by the police.)

So yeah, Bugs and Daffy go out on a big ‘guys night out’ of their life where Bugs really gets a chance to remember why he actually enjoys having Daffy around. Have this clarity spread over time, maybe a span of a week, where Bugs just lets himself be a part of daffy’s schemes and way of life and suddenly getting an ‘oh shit’ moment of realizing that he’s in love with Daffy.

The problem, though, is that Daffy is oblivious to this and happily still dating Tina. So that leaves Bugs Bunny, for once in his life, in an underdog situation. He’s not used to not getting the girl at the end of the day. He’s not used to life making him suffer some in a situation he can’t just instantly fix through quick thinking and out manuevering some opponent. 

So yeah… that would be nice to see. Mostly because i feel it’s a lot easier to write the couple from Daffy is in love with Bugs pov. Bugs is the ultimate guy to look up to, to inspire to be! Everybody falls for him. But Daffy is a charming trash can– let’s see Mr. Right fall for Mr. Wrong.

Just my thoughts on last night’s episode of The Strain. First, I’ll be honest…I was waiting to hear Quinlan’s fate the whole time. I was getting so impatient. You can imagine my relief when he walked in towards the end. I was upset Justine died. I don’t understand why they saved her earlier, only to kill her off a few episodes later. She could’ve done more work outside of NYC. She had a lot of knowledge to help DC. So now we’re down to two female characters on this show. Two. I can’t believe it. This really is a sausage fest. Anyway, I’m glad Eichorst got shot. I wish he would’ve died instead of Justine, but the male writers wouldn’t do that. Nah. I feel sorry for Gus. Now he’s truly alone. So sad. I hope he meets up with Q & The Gang later.

BTW if you haven’t noticed…Q has a swagger.

I pay attention to how a man walks. It’s kind of a turn on for me.

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