but i feel it and it is so upsetting

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Often, polyamorous people who experience jealousy feel particularly ashamed about it. A lot of us feel like being jealous means that we aren’t truly polyamorous. Many polyamorous people tend to vilify or deny their feelings of jealousy because it makes us feel confused and uncomfortable.

The truth is, experiencing jealousy does not negate the fact that you’re polyamorous. Jealousy is a feeling that naturally occurs to many people, especially when we grow up in a society that tells us that monogamy is the only option. It’s also a very natural reaction to feeling insecure, upset, or lonely.

I’ve learned first-hand that denying your envy or berating yourself for being jealous won’t make you feel any better. Instead, it will leave you feeling awful and guilty. So acknowledge your jealousy without shaming yourself for it.

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Could you do 3 for ways to say I love you? Your writing is so great I'm dead

Anon 2: Hey I’m feeling really down and upset and nothing makes me feel better like angst (I’m messed up in the head) so could you please do an angsty fic of Will dying? Thank you.

demi-witch-winchester: Hey. If you could do The way you say I love you number 3 that’d be awesome

  Anon 3: hi I was just wondering: I love your works, and could you do #3 for ways to say I love you?

Anon 4: hey hey hey so first off, I really love your blog, and when I first found it, I think I spent like, an hour going through it, second, could you do number three for “Ways to Say I Love You?”

3: A scream

The Way You Said I Love You

Nico didn’t think much in the heat of battle. He only saw the enemy in front of him. He sought out the best place to slice with his sword, and then where to move to take down the next enemy. His mind was very one track when he was fighting, which was why Chiron had to explicitly tell everyone not to interrupt Nico while he was sparring. Startling him had previously resulted in jerking motions that sliced his opponent unintentionally. Will often teased him for shutting out the rest of the world when his sword was in his hand, but everyone knew that, when he was in “the zone”, Nico was an unstoppable force.

Of course, that was all before Nico and Will started dating.

Will was not a fighter, which suited Nico just fine, because it meant that during a battle, Will was always somewhere safe away from the fighting. He could tuck Will into the back of his mind because he knew he didn’t need to keep an eye on him, and could focus on the threat in front of him. Will would be waiting to bandage him up and lecture him about how reckless he was after everyone was safe.

Of course, that was all until Will wasn’t safe.

“Nico! Will’s fighting a Cyclopes! He needs help!” Lou Ellen’s voice was almost lost to the wind, but somehow Nico heard her perfectly, abandoning his own half defeated monster and following behind the daughter of Hecate. Why the Hades was Will fighting? Who let him have a sword? Not that Will couldn’t fend for himself, but his talents were better suited for healing then fighting.

Will looked bad, his arm bleeding heavily and his movements slow and sloppy. Nico jumped into action, letting Will take cover behind him. He heard the desperate gasping for air behind him, and the thump of someone collapsing, but he focused on the monster ahead of him.

It wasn’t until the Cyclopes lay dead at Nico’s feet that the adrenalin rush left him, staggering and panting. Wheeling around, Nico was faced with the sight of a deathly pale boyfriend. “Will? Oh god, Will, what were you thinking?!” Nico cradled his head in his lap, calling out for help.

Will gave a pained smile, his teeth red. “Thought I could play the hero for once.” All of Nico’s instincts screamed at Nico that Will wasn’t going to make it, but he pushed them down.

“Just- just stay still, okay? Don’t move.”

Will closed his eyes. “Neeks…” His hand reached up and touched Nico’s cheek, wiping away the tear stains. “We both know I’m not going to make it out of this one. I’m sorry.”

Nico shook his head. “No, no, you’ll make it out just fine. Just hang on.” Will’s breathing shallowed out, becoming weaker and with more time in between each breath. “No! Will! Hang on! Please! I love you!” Will’s lips twitched upwards.

“Love… Love you too.” Nico screamed when Will stopped breathing.


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I get so upset cause I'm bi but for some reason whenever I go to explain that to someone important I like choke on the word. Like in my head it's been associated with negative and silly unserious things and I hate it so much. I have such a hard time.

It’s not your fault at all, and don’t feel guilty for feeling that way sometimes. Don’t force yourself to say it when you’re not comfortable or you’re not ready. I’m not closeted but I’m definitely not exactly ‘open’ for a very similar reason. I think most people think I’m gay though, haha. I only really say I’m bi if someone specifically asks my sexuality. Even then I still feel uncertain sometimes. Ugh, it’s definitely a complicated thing, this. I hope things get easier for you, soon! x

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I love your blog!!!!! But I am sorry but unfollowing since I can't stand cursing :/ but you are so pretty :) but your choice of words aren't so pretty.

if you have followed me for a decent amount of time you know that I never usually swear but this is my blog and I’m really upset so sorry feelings are real and I’m a real person too also why was this message necessary? Just unfollow you don’t have to say anything about it

Confession: When Aiba was much younger, he was a really good actor in my opinion. I’m not saying he’s not good now, but I feel because of his image of being silly and funny and always hyped up, his acting is different - and he’s not getting any serious or solemn roles. My biggest wish is to see him in a proper, slightly tragic movie - kind of like the ones Nino does. But again, because of his persona, I don’t think the industry gives him a chance, and that really upsets me. He has so much potential. :(

This guy though... 😍😘❤️

Last night was freaking emotional.. It sucked watching Finn relinquish the title that he rightfully earned after years of hard work.. I was so ready to have fun and celebrate.. I can’t imagine what was going through his head.. The only thing I kept thinking was you could see he was upset and wanted to cry but he kept a smile on his face and I’d like to think that the reason he kept smiling was to keep his fans from being upset… Just a theory and that’s what I’m going with because it makes me feel a little bit better

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I’m soooo upset I just said bye to my best friends before they leave for college and I’m so emo I love them so much they’re such amazing people y'all I feel like I’m just gonna be sad forever it’s one of those kinds of sadness I’m excited for college but I can’t leave my girls :’( I’ve legit been friends with some of them for 6+ years ugh how do you go from seeing someone everyday to just a couple times a year??

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Listen buddy. My guy. Chum. Listen. Junkrat has memory problems and attention problems. Imagine he comes up with a silly nickname for Lucio that's easy to remember and calls him that all the time. Then a serious moment comes up and the nickname...

“ … seems inappropriate/is making Lucio upset but he for the life of him cannot remember Lucio’s real name and is really upset about this “


Ahh I love me the angst.

Junkrat’s memory sucks, and so does his attention span. He can’t remember stuff for the life of him. And good luck trying to get him to pay attention to something for more than a minute. I feel like Junkrat would come up with nicknames for people and things because it’s easier for him to remember. Roadhog has told him his real name a while back but Junkrat can’t remember it so he just sticks to calling him Roadie all the time. I feel like Junkrat would have an easier time remembering Lucio’s name, he loves the man and he would actively try to remember his name. But he still refers to him by the nickname he’s given to him and Lucio doesn’t seem to mind so that’s what he does. I feel like Lucio would somewhat know about Junkrat’s memory problem, but he doesn’t know how bad it actually can be. Like he just thinks that Junkrat has a hard time remembering something until it comes to him a while later, not that it’s bad to the point where he forgets people’s names until someone tells him what it is.

So when a serious situation comes up and Junkrat is calling him by the nickname he gave him of course Lucio is going to be upset. This is a serious situation, this isn’t the time for cute nicknames. And Lucio’s getting upset, he’s visibly upset and is telling Junkrat that he needs to stop, this isn’t the time. And at first Junkrat doesn’t understand. He’s so used to calling Lucio by that nickname that he doesn’t see the problem, he doesn’t see why Lucio is getting upset. And it isn’t until Lucio tells him to knock it off with the nickname does he understand. He wants to apologize, say that he’s not doing it on purpose, he’s not trying to make him upset. But it’s then that he realizes that he doesn’t know Lucio’s real name, he can’t remember what it is. And he’s trying, he really is, to remember what it is but he can’t for the life of him and now he’s getting upset. I feel like Junkrat would go into a mild panic, because what kind of boyfriend can’t remember the name of the man he loves? And he feels bad and upset and he’s slightly shaking because he’s sorry. And he’s just mumbling that he’s sorry over and over again to himself and to Lucio before walking away because he can’t stand to see the smaller man upset, especially if he’s the one causing it. 

Later on when the situation is taken care of and things are calmer Lucio would go to Junkrat to talk about what happened. It would be then that Lucio learns the extent of Junkrats memory problems and that Junkrat really didn’t mean to make him upset. Lucio wouldn’t be upset anymore, understanding that this is something that Junkrat can’t help and he would work with him to try and make him remember better and just help him in general when he is having a hard time remembering something. 

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Su im super mad at my boyfriend right now cause hes being a huge asshole and Idk what to do I dont wanna do something I regret ... what do you do when your angry/upset at someone?

ok so what I do is I immediately stop talking to that person if they really hurt me


1, if im really upset it makes me mad because I feel like I allowed that person to do that to me, and when im angry, im (lets say) outspoken, and the last thing I normally wanna do is hurt someone I care about

2, if it is an argument/discourse where im the one mistreated, I try to get out of that environment before I get more emotionally hurt

so thats why I just bye out of there and it has worked great for me so far anon, you get to clear your mind and maybe a chance to look at things from both sides and get a better way to decide on what you want to do next

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I realised today that one of my SI (the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime) is often hated by many of the autistic community and I feel really bad and upset as I feel disconnected but I just really love the book and play :(

The reason people dislike it so much, I think (I haven’t personally read it) is because it’s a stereotypical and likely poor representation of autism from a man who is not autistic and has no experience with it. However, as an autistic person, there is nothing wrong with you enjoying it or possibly finding it relatable. You are allowed to have a special interest in it. If you ever want to talk about the book, you can message me, okay? I will listen to you. <3

-mod har

re: my last post

this coworker purposely makes people feel uncomfortable and is just a general ass so i’m not too upset about it but i haven’t been feeling ~great~ about my body lately and i’m just wondering how she knew???? is she psychic??? 

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Alright! Longwinded Prompt: Peridot starts asking questions about the crystal gems, and about Rose, and assumes Pearl belonged to Rose so that's ONLY why she started fighting along side her. Pearl gets upset about it, but Peridot is like ??? Someone tries to soothe Pearl like "Peridot doesn't UNDERSTAND what you had. she's only lived on homeworld try to explain your love for Rose to her." Peridot later tries to make up for hurting her feelings by making her a rose(flower) sculpture out of metal.

I DID IT!! I really like how it turned out. Thank you so much for the prompt!!


Or read it right here on my blog, under the cut.

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I struggle with self harm and I told my daddy I wanted to cut myself but he ignored me. Normally he is able to talk me out of it but he didn't even try. He read my texts and sent back a small message then kept playing his video games. Now I have cuts and I feel guilty and sad and they hurt but I feel like I can't go to him for comfort cause I did it to myself. (And l don't wanna be ignored when asking for attention.) No one else knows that I cut myself so I don't have anyone to talk to.

Oh, sweetheart, I’m so sorry *big hugs*.

I’ve struggled with self harm for years, myself. It took me 12 years to get to a point where I only relapse if I am truly, desperately upset, which is extremely rare. I know how hard it is. However, and if I’m out of line saying this, please disregard it, I urge you not rely on someone else to stop you. You have to figure out why you use self harm to cope when you’re in a bad place and what healthy coping mechanism/s you can develop to take it’s place, then implement them. I know it seems impossible but, though it is hard and definitely easier said than done, I promise you it’s not impossible. You are so worth recovery. Relying on someone else to stop you can’t help all the time. People are flawed, they cannot and will not always be there when you need them. You are the only person who can be with you at all times, the only person you can truly, 100% rely on. I know it’s scary, I know it’s so hard, but I believe in you and I want happiness and a life without self harm for you. You deserve that. And again, I’m sorry if I’ve overstepped my bounds, I truly apologize. My intention is never to hurt, shame, judge or anything like that. Everything I say is always out of care. I just can’t hear that someone self harms and gloss over it.

But, onto the thing you actually asked. While I said that you can’t rely on someone else, what your daddy did was still wrong. Regardless of what the reason was, you were in a bad place, reached out to him for help and support and were subsequently brushed off. If you are upset about anything and go to your daddy, that should be his priority (same goes for *anyone* when their partner is hurting). If someone comes to you for help, they are making themselves vulnerable and putting a huge amount of trust in you. Minimizing and/or disregarding them are the cruelest things you can do. This is particularly unacceptable for a daddy. He has accepted the responsibility of your submission, of providing you care and attention, of being your caregiver. You can’t just put that on hold when something more fun is available.
If your daddy is struggling with dealing with your self harm, which is possible, he needs to talk to you about it. But essentially rejecting you when you need him is so wrong and hurtful. If he is having an issue with it, the absolute worst time to decide not to deal with it is when you feel like hurting yourself. A caregiver should never ignore their little, but it’s even worse to do so when they REALLY need you.
Talk to your daddy and tell him how hurt you are. If you trust him enough to give him the title of “Daddy” you cannot be hesitant to talk to him about things, especially important things, SUPER ESPECIALLY things that he’s done that are hurting you, intentional or unintentional. You cannot allow someone to be your daddy if you can’t talk to them about something they’ve done that makes you feel bad. That’s a dangerous thing to do. I know it’s scary, but it’s something that needs to be done if he’s to be your daddy. You cannot remain in the care of a daddy you don’t feel comfortable talking to about certain things.

I know you feel scared and guilty, little one. But you are no less deserving of comfort or care because you inflicted your hurt upon yourself. You are no less important or wonderful because you hurt yourself. You are deserving of all the love and care that can be offered to you.
Talk to him, please. If he continues to hurt you or brush you off, please reconsider giving yourself to him.

If you ever need to talk, I’m *always* here, okay? Please don’t hesitate to message me or send me another ask.

Be safe and happy, sweet little 💕

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as someone who would be considered to be having OTT hatred of D, i have to say the defense of her irks me more because i don't respond well to having my feelings invalidated (it's awfully reminiscent of gaslighting tbh) yes, objectively, i think you're right, we're finding a villain because we need one. but the insistence by people saying this emotional reaction is wrong is really upsetting to me. i don't choose to feel this way. and lashing out is helping me feel better. so what's the problem?

Anon, I think it helps to remember that all emotions are valid in their own way, but at the same time, emotions are not objective reality. Which can be a very helpful thing to remember.

what if a mage’s emotions is connected to their magic?

inspired by this post/ hc (if anyone has the direct link to the post, please let me know! i can’t find it hbsekdfvdj).

  • unlike elemental mages but similar to their spirit mage cousins, necromancers are subtle in their emotions and rarely reveal their true selves. they appear to freeze still or stop breathing when they are intensely focused on something. when distressed, their skin grows cold and rigid pale alike to the corpses they reanimate. their icy cheeks go rosy or have colour when they are flattered. imagine an apprentice necromancer accidentally siphoning life forces around them when upset. spirits linger around them, so it feels like you’re always being watched even if it’s just the two of you. an aura of utter dread and fear of death suddenly overwhelming those around them when threatened or angered. somehow the scent of burning incense appears when they are content or peaceful, especially around nevarran necromancers
  • entropic mages being hyper aware of creation and deconstruction, balancing the two so carefully everyday (but obvs favouring the art of deconstruction/ destruction). they revel in chaotic energies, whether it be on the battlefield or in the busy mornings of the sleep quarters. tables being thrown out because the wood has rotted where their hands have lingered too long in times of anxiety. sometimes they cast illusions onto others in times of happiness because mere words cannot express it. when angered, the air goes hazy or thin, disorienting or weakening anyone around them by absorbing energy.
  • bloodmages are naturally cold, their cuts more cold. their mouths weep red and the smell of blood fills the nose when they use blood magic. a wide grin on their faces when they sense suffering nearby, even if they don’t mean it. they are more susceptible to an enemy’s emotions as they gain control of the body or mind – desperation or fear flitting across the mage’s face for a second. the air suddenly warm when they stop hearing demonic voices for a minute. bloodmages who aren’t madmen, but ones with moral codes or ideals to destigmatize the field, being more lukewarm to the touch.

I’ve spent all night binging. Like 2000cal + binge. My friend triggered my binge. But it’s okay, I’m looking at it as an opportunity to jump start my metabolism again. I’m really upset it happened but I don’t want to be in a b/p cycle anymore. So I’m just gonna do a 48hr water fast (I’m full enough to not want to eat all day). I just hope that this was a combination of the new contraceptive I’ve started too because I feel horrible and bloated.

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the next chapter of i give up= couple items like a ring+sex LMAO

Hahahah, perhaps. But I writing while upset about losing the other story so things are kind of angsty right now. HOWEVER angst makes for GREAT emotions and y'all love feeling shit right?

But maybe a ring sometime in the future….I’m considering things.