but i feel if yuki developed on her own with feelings and all

My top 10 Magical Girl anime

Its no secret that I LOOVE Magical Girls. Heck, just look at my screen name. Here are my top 10 favourite Magical Girl anime.

10. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Lets start with one of the most unique and complex shojo anime and manga series ever. I myself am not sure if this qualifies as an MG anime but I’ve seen many people say it is so its on the list. Anyone who thinks all shojo is the same should watch this show. By the end, you’ll be left wondering if its even a shojo. It starts off fairly lighthearted but by episode 9, it gets serious and the plot starts picking up. Plus, it features some of the most complex characters ever and it touches on some serious subjects like incest and sexual abuse. I must warn you though, its not for everyone because of the reasons I just mentioned. If you’re someone who’s extremely uncomfortable with sexual abuse and incest, I’d recommend you skip this anime.

9. Princess Tutu

Just looking at the title of this anime is enough to send some people running away and judging it. But don’t let the cute name fool you. This is one of the most misleading anime ever. Like Utena, its a shojo but its fairly dark and has some tearjerking moments. But it also has its fairly lighthearted moments and that’s something I like about this anime. The ending is also bittersweet and will leave you wondering how an anime about a duck who becomes a ballerina managed to make you cry.

8. Tokyo Mew Mew

Looking back at this anime, maybe its not exactly the best. Its got its fair share of problems like how the main character, Ichigo, took most of the spotlight. But I still have a soft spot for this anime mainly because its really adorable to watch when you’re feeling sad. And the whole concept of these animal themed Magical Girls sounds interesting. What I love about this anime is how unlike the manga, it fleshed out the other girls as well. We found out a lot about Mint, Zakuro, Lettuce and Pudding and we loved them. I also loved how Ichigo DIDN’T choose the bad boy (Kisshu) over the nice guy (Masaya). In the end, she’s the one who chooses who’s best for her. So, even with all its problems, I have a soft spot for this anime.

7. Shugo Chara

Another anime that does have its fair share of problems but I enjoyed it nonetheless. What I loved most about it was the main character, Amu Hinamori. Some people may use the dreaded M word on her, but I think she’s a wonderfully complex character and one of the most unique Magical Girl leads. I also loved all the Magical Boys (Tadase, Ikuto etc). Though I will say, it didn’t need all that romance drama. I’m one of those people who doesn’t ship Amu with anyone and prefers her as a girl who tries to find herself before going into romance. 

6. Little Witch Academia

Ah yes, one of the most recent anime. I got into it via the OVAs and I watched the anime when the second season was still airing. It was very different from the OVAs but I still loved it. Its animation and art style are amazing and breathtaking to look at and overall, it just feels like a magical experience. The main character, while she might be a typical cheery MG protagonist, is charming in her own way and the amount of growth she undergoes is amazing. In a way,, she kinda reminds me of Doremi Harukaze. Speaking of which…

5. Ojamajo Doremi

This is one of the cutest anime I’ve ever seen . The character designs are all adorable and the transformation is short and simplistic rather than a long, flashy transformation. And while it remains a cute witch anime, it also handles some rather heavy topics like divorce, miscarrige and even cancer. Seriously, a character dies of cancer and she’s only 9! But it still remains a cute show, despite the tearjerking moments. 

4. Cardcaptor Sakura

I recently finished this anime and I loved every moment of it. It is a really cute anime with a simple art style, great animation and amazing characters. It also did a lot of things differently from other Magical Girl shows, like how Sakura doesn’t have a transformation scene and gets all her outfits made by Tomoyo and how there’s no antagonist. Eriol did come close but in the end, he had to do it for Sakura’s own good. What I loved about it most was how it didn’t forget its non magical characters. Tomoyo is obviously important, but Sakura’s other friends all have their own stories and personalities as well. Also, it features one of the cutest couples in anime history. I can’t wait for the new anime to come.

3. Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Yep, its a tie. I’ve seen people fight over which of these two is better. Madoka fans claim Yuki Yuna is a ripoff and Yuki Yuna fans list of a million reasons why its so much better than Madoka. Personally, I love both anime. They’re both good in their own rights. Besides they’re similar in a lot of ways. They both have great animation, amazing characters, an interesting and compelling story and many emotional moments. They both have their flaws but all in all, they’re both great. Why can’t people just see that instead of fighting over which is the better dark MG?

2. Pretty Cure

The big Magical Girl powerhouse in Japan. Pretty Cure may be a cash cow franchise made to sell toys but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Yes, it has 14 seasons now and that amounts to a lot of characters. But that’s what I like about it. It has a wide range of protagonists. You have sporty protagonists like Nagisa and Hibiki, shy ones like Tsubomi, determined ones like Haruka and smart ones like Mana (much as I don’t like her). They may not all be well developed but with all the wide range of characters, kids will surely find at least one character to relate to. Plus, the series has this special thing that makes me happy, no matter how sad I might be. It just inspires me to someday, make a Magical Girl show of my own. I find this happiness even in some of the weaker seasons like DokiDoki and Happiness Charge. The gif I used is from my favourite season, Go!Princess Pretty Cure. Princess Peach should take lessons in self defence from Cure Flora. 

1. Sailor Moon

I know, I know. Very obvious choice. But like many others, Sailor Moon got me into Magical Girls. Not only that, it got me into other anime as well. It may be cliched now but it still has a special place in my heart. With amazing and strong characters, great storylines and splendid transformation scenes, its no wonder this show had a big impact on the genre. Even with its problems, it is my favourite anime and manga series ever. And yes, that includes Sailor Moon Crystal.

Honourable mention

Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

This is actually the second Magical Girl anime I’ve watched, after Sailor Moon. It has its problems and its a bit cheesy but I loved the concept of mermaids turning into idols. Its an amazing combination of the Magical Girl and Magical Idol genres.


Here it is!! My collaboration with LetThereBeDoodles! <3 This is something we have been working on for the last couple of weeks and it has been so much fun working together and I am so happy with what we created. We both hope that you enjoy these manips and the story that goes with them!(^-^)

We both wanted to do something new so we decided to create our own adaptation a la Disney! >:D We looked at several stories from around the world and got hooked by the story of Yuki-Onna, a mythical spirit from Japan. This is a character that has been re-imagend several times in film/TV before, so we had to take some artistic liberties in order for it to feel new and unique.

Even though this story is not historically accurate in the sense that it’s not based on real life events or people, we still did our absolute best to thoroughly research the era, culture and legends. But bare in mind that this adaptation was made by two non-Japanese creators, so errors in accuracy may be present. If this had been a real, original film project then we would naturally have hired film makers from a Japanese background to help us in it’s production. :3

DISCLAIMER: We do not own the movies which were used to created theses images. We only take credit for editing and the story.
Movies used: Brother Bear II, Fantasia 2000, Grave of the Fireflies, Lilo & Stitch, Millennium Actress, Mulan I-II, Peter Pan II, Pocahontas I-II, Princess Mononoke, Wolf Children

Story Summary:

WINTERTIDE: The tale of Yuki Onna

(developed by TheNamlessDoll and Lettherebedoodles, written by Lettherebedoodles.)

Every Winter when the snow starts to fall, the people of Japan huddle inside their homes with their families, away from the frigid white wasteland beyond the door.

Every Winter she watches them through the frosted glass, her pale skin barely distinguished from the snow around her, her eyes glinting from behind waves of long ebony hair. It is her job to see that the snow falls, that the winter comes and resets the world, preparing for the new beginning… However, human’s don’t seem to like the cold. They dread her return, and shun her when she arrives. They fear her… she is alone.

Yuki-Onna, the snow woman.

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Top 10 anime guys

Thank you @lexinthymia for tagging me again! I wanted to limit this to one character per series; it was hard but here we are! Also, I will admit that some of these choices are not only based on the anime these character were in, but also what happened to them later on the manga (if the anime stopped at a certain point). I probably went into more detail about each of these guys then I needed to and their will be some spoilers for certain series, but I love talking about them!

Honourable mention who didn’t make it on to the list: Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul), D (Vampire Hunter D), Karou Hitachiin and Tameki Suoh (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Germany (Hetalia), Ling Yao (Fullmetal Alchemist), and a whole smattering of characters from BLEACH.

10. Kiyosama ‘Crow’ Senji - Deadman Wonderland

Originally posted by kaizoku-niiichan

Senji’s the biggest badass in the whole series and had some of the best fights. I love his character arc and how he basically become an older brother-figure to Ganta; their friendship has become on of my favourite BROTPs ever. It also helps that he’s voiced by Patrick Seitz, one of my favourite voice actor of all time.

9. Vash the Stampede - Trigun

Originally posted by kaworubunga-surfs-up-shinji-kun

There are very few characters that can be badass one minute and an absolute goofball the next without it feeling jarring to me. Vash is one of these few, and he’s brilliant because of it. All of his actions, whether they’re serious or comedic, make sense to his character - his mystery and loneliness is as much a part of him as his eccentricities and obsession with donuts. And he has a awesome character design to boot!

8. Johan Liebert - Monster

Originally posted by yuzuqi

Johan is such a masterfully crafted character, to the point where you can feel his presence even when he is off panel/screen. He’s present in everyone of the character actions, the puppet master behind the scenes. There’s also his intriguing relationship with his twin Nina, which brings out the very few sympathetic parts of him. He’s low on the list because I haven’t  finished either the anime or manga yet, and while I definitely don’t ‘love’ him in any sense, but he’s somehow both captivating and distrubing all at once. I can’t wait to see how his character unfolds.

7. Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist

Originally posted by paperlittlegirl

I had a hard time choosing between Edward and Ling Yao, but in the end I chose Ed because of how much development he went through. He’s inspiring in a lot of ways, with his steadfast determination and his relateable moral dilemmas, and he’s also one of the few characters that can be badass one minute and an absolute dork the next without it be jarring or taking away from his character. The bonds he shares with everyone only made me like him even more likeable and relateable, especially his relationships with Al, Winry, and Ling.

6. Levi Ackerman - Shingeki no Kyojin 

Originally posted by immanime

Levi has been through so much tradegy and loss. I can’t get over his past as a child (the fact he stayed by his mother’s bedside to the point where he tarved himself and was wearing her shirt, it makes me tear up every time) and with Farlan and Isabel (the emotions he diplayed after their deaths…oh God). His more recent development in the manga was amazing to see: he smiled at his comrades, learned more about his past, and the explosive rage he showed when he lost one of the dearest people to him had me in shock and awe. Also, the animation they put on this guy in both seaons is jaw-dropping a lot of the time.

5. Shigeo ‘Mob’ Kageyama - Mob Psycho 100

Originally posted by anime-angel-lover

My second son! Mob is the heart and soul of this anime: he’s such a kind, likeable, and gentle character who only wants to fit in, make friends, and get the attention of the girl he likes. What I love most about Mob is his will to better himself whichever way he can and the hard work he’s willing to put into that goal. He doesn’t rely on his psychic powers to make friends, but as a result of not fully embracing that part of himself and fearing his own abilities, he haa emotionally hindered himself; it makes him incredibly sympathetic to me (I cried with him when he unintentionally tore the school apart and I cheered when he was reunited with Ritsu).

4. Ayame Sohma - Fruits Basket

Originally posted by fewtruevillains

This man and his glorious antics. Oh, Ayame…we go back a long way. Everything about this guy is just hilarious: his past as the student council president, his spontaneous displays of affect and drama, and his innuendos with Shigure. He never fails to put a smile on my face whenever he’s on screen! However, his serious moments are great too: they added a lot to him and I was 100% invested in his character arc and development (i.e. trying to reconcil with his actions made in the past and reconnect with his younger brother Yuki).

3. Makoto Sunakawa - Ore Monogatari!!

Originally posted by barragedanon

This guy is the very definition of ‘bro’. I love how supportive and caring he is towards Takeo. Heck, one of the highlights of both the anime and manga is the friendship between Suna and Takeo: Ore Momogatari!! is one of the rare shoujo series that actually focuses on another type of relationship outside of the main romance. I sense a genuine, platonic love from him to Takeo and vice-versa, and enhance both of them as character and the story as a whole. There’s also the fact he’s perceptive of those around him, often able to tell what kind of person an individual is, and his placid, calming attitude is a nice change of pace for what I usually find in shoujo male characters.

2. Guts - Berserk

Originally posted by casca-chan

Oh, Guts…Like a lot of character on this list, I love Guts for the fact he’s gone through so much tragedy and still strives forward. Why he’s higher on the list is because his tragedy is still ongoing but he’s moving forward growing as character in such realisitic and painful ways. He has a horrowing, painful past even before he got to the Band of the Hawk, and even after the events of the Eclipse, his life has been anything but a happy. He’s such a deep, magnificently-crafted character, and the closest I’ve seen to a ‘character become a real human in all of anime. Every emotion he expresses feels so real to me ( I have cried for him more time then I can count and I have no word to describe how I felt watching him suffering during the Eclipse), and of course this is helped tremendoul by Miruma’s incredible art. I wish I could say SO MUCH more about him, but we’d be here all day and this post is long enough as is. I wait freverently for the day he finally confronts Griffith!

1. Toshiro Hitsugaya - BLEACH

Originally posted by ulquimaniac

Well of course I was going to my fictional son at the top of this list! Okay, in all seriousness though, it’s been a weird journey with Toshiro. I started off being indifferent towards him, but when he revealed other facets of himself through the relationships he had with others (in particular his bond with Hinamori), I really started to like him. And now here we are, eight years later and I love this little guy so much that, as a fan of his, I am so proud of how far he has come. He’s one of the most selfless character I’ve seen, willing to put anything on the line for those he cares about and push himelf to his limit to become stronger…and he’s only a kid (by Shinigami standards)!! I could go on all day about him, but I’ll leave that to my other posts where I’ve talked about his character and development. He, along with Momo, holds a special, nostalgic place in my heart.

I tag @sakura-warrior, @herprettysmile, @ishiyo, @xxhanabifireworksxx  and @johnnysjoestar if you guys want to do this :D

My Top 10 Anime Ships/OTPs

[Possible Spoilers]

This is really late. So sorry for my usual tardiness! T.T Thank you to @lemonadethefifth and @rays-of-fire-and-ice for tagging me! I guess I’m going to have to make mini-essays/explanations again, huh… Challenge accepted! XD

NOTE: There are shows here that I haven’t watched for a long time now, so I may forget some things or even make mistakes. If so, please feel free to inform me of them!

[A fangirl with messy english coming your way!]

10. Vampire Knight: ZeKi [Zero Kiryuu & Yuuki Cross]

The first time these two were introduced, I immediately took a liking to them. With Yuuki’s cheerful and outgoing personality, she balanced out Zero’s seriousness and no-nonsense personality. I even loved the way they bickered!

When Yuuki found out about Zero being a vampire, she was scared at first, but she slowly accepted him for who he was. It was a nice transition, to be honest. Yuuki, the one who was afraid of vampires because of her encounter with one of them when she was little, began to protect Zero, someone whom she had been with for years, even though he became the kind of specie she was afraid of. I’ve always loved slow burn, and I associate it with this pair sometimes. They just have this appealing, mysterious aura about them, and whenever they interacted with each other, I felt the tension and excitement pounding along with my heartbeat.

I still haven’t finished the manga, but I will someday. :)

9. Ouran High School Host Club: KaoHaru [Kaoru Hitachiin & Haruhi Fujioka]

Haha, yup. Not Hikaru, but Kaoru. The less brash twin, the one who thinks things through a bit more. I’ve always shipped him with Haruhi, particularly because I feel that their personalities would complement each other more. Like the other non-canon pairs I ship, KaoHaru has potential.

I’m not sure if it’s Kaoru in this panel (because I’ve never read the manga),

but here’s a scene of them together. I had a hard time finding pictures of them together. They’re not that popular after all. :’(

Perhaps what appealed me towards them is that they don’t have much scenes together. I actually often notice pairings who stand in the background. XD But seriously, I really think they would’ve been cute together!

8. Fruits Basket: YukiRu [Yuki Sohma & Tohru Honda]

Still bittersweet over this pairing. I never got to finish the manga, mainly because I felt that it was wearing me out (not because my ship didn’t happen, mind you XD). To be honest, I’m still surprised why I like them. Like some people say, if they ended up together, they would’ve been a boring couple (not like Kyo and Tohru, who are apparently more exciting). However, for me, there’s hidden potential in this pairing. I would’ve liked to see Yuki bringing out his cold side towards Tohru and distance himself from her, while Tohru would be all confused why Yuki was suddenly acting like that. Kinda like a slow burn. I don’t know, but that’s what I would write. 😂 What I don’t understand, though, is why Yuki suddenly thought of her as a mother figure… I mean… huh…? Maybe I missed something? Because that train of thought from him seems so… misplaced…

Anyway, I still ship them no matter what. <3

7. Gakuen Alice: RukaRu [Ruka Nogi & Hotaru Imai]

SHIPPING THESE TWO IS FRUSTRATING. They don’t have much scenes together (though they are always drawn side-by-side) and they have very little interactions. That New Year’s chapter wherein they got stuck together was literally a brief piece of heaven for me.

I love Hotaru blackmailing Ruka. I also like how they can be bickering together one moment and then become serious in the next. For me, there’s just so much potential in this pairing that I want to scream. I‘ve devoured every fanfic of these two and I still crave for more. I’d do anything to read a doujinshi about them. Anything at all! T.T

This art by the author made me less frustrated, though:

But I still want more of them! (He’s not even looking at her 😭)

Sigh. I’ll probably write a multi-chapter fic about them sooner or later once I get too frustrated…

Honorable Mention: NatsuMikan [No explanations needed; their meeting was fated, and they go well together. Natsume’s a bit too forward for my taste, though, lol (plus the fact that he was only twelve years old back then). However, I still like their chemistry together! The slow burn was really great!]

6. Card Captor Sakura: SyaoSaku [Li Syaoran & Kinomoto Sakura]

[Btw, is this an official art? If this is a fanart, tell me and I’ll take it down.]

…I cannot even believe that I was so giddy over a pair of ten-year-olds. I was in high school when I started watching CCS, and I never expected to become so invested in watching it.

Syaoran started out as someone who was relatively mean to Sakura. He was like a bully at that time, lol. I didn’t think much of their relationship in those moments, but I thought that they were cute. Typical children’s antics, as one might say.

But when Syaoran started developing feelings for her, that was when I exploded from cuteness. Ohh gosh, I literally squealed over them. Me, who was fifteen years old at that time. Me, who was often teased by my friends and classmates as an emotionless person.

(watching CCS)

Mom: Rei…? Are you… giggling…?

Me: ………….No, I’m not. (pokerfaced)

That’s about the gist of it, haha!

Honorable Mention: EriTomo [I just find them really cute together. Also, their personalities complement each other well!]

5. One Piece: LuNami [Monkey D. Luffy & Nami]

One Piece isn’t about romance, and I strongly feel that Oda is not even planning on placing some sure hints about the ones who’ll end up together at the end of series. I like One Piece because of the story, not because of this pair (that I love so much). However, it’s nice to see a lot of scenes of them together. <3

From what I’ve seen/heard, I think they’re the most hated(?) pairing in One Piece. Hmm. What I like about them is their dynamic. I think what most of us can agree on is that the two of them trust each other very much. This particular fact is emphasized back when Nami betrayed the crew at the beginning of the series. She stole the ship, the treasure, left them behind while they fought against a strong enemy… yet Luffy still wanted her on his crew. That no one can be the navigator except for her. He disagreed with Zoro’s negative remarks about her and looked for her until they came to a stop on her hometown.

The scene that drew me to them is the hat scene. Yes, that iconic hat scene. For me, it was beautiful. Luffy treasured his straw hat so much and didn’t want anyone to touch it except for him. However, when he saw Nami crying and asking for his help for the first time, he had no qualms about placing it on top of her head. Then he proceeded to beat up a guy he didn’t even know much. He practically defeated Arlong with all he had not mostly because of the man’s treatment of the villagers, but because of the reason that he made “his navigator” cry.

…I will forever go down with this ship.


4. Final Fantasy VII: CloTi [Cloud Strife & Tifa Lockhart]

In my personal opinion, they’re canon. Advent Children, On the Way to A Smile: Case of Tifa, and the original game itself confirmed it for me.

Cloud and Tifa were depicted to be childhood friends, yet in reality, they weren’t actually very close back then. It seemed, though, that Cloud had a crush on Tifa. It was really cute and sad at the same time, because Tifa had her own circle of friends while Cloud had no one. I don’t think Tifa ever ignored him, though(?).

This pair gets to me because of their tendencies to keep their actual feelings from each other. Tifa was confused about the Cloud who led AVALANCHE to defeat Sephiroth because of his mixed-up memories, yet she never asked him about them and only watched from the sidelines, possibly waiting for an opportunity to learn what the truth really was. Cloud, on the other hand, was a bit confident on the outside, yet was also actually confused deep inside about who he was.

But then the Lifestream scene happened. Tifa got to see the real Cloud inside his consciousness and proceeded to help him fix himself together. This particular conversation struck me in the feels (forgive the inconsistent image sizes; I only googled them):

Tifa: “Someone has to notice you…? …Who?” 

I would say more, but I don’t want this to be a really long essay. XD So yeah, this is why I love them!

Honorable Mention: YuffEntine [This pair… Oh gosh, this is kind of a crack pairing, but I am just drawn to them in a way that I can’t fully understand. Vincent, the brooding individual, and Yuffie, the hyperactive teenager… My shipper senses are tingling like crazy! XD I can’t wait to see their HD interactions in the remake! <3]

3. Fairy Tail: NaLu [Natsu Dragneel & Lucy Heartfilia]

Words cannot express how obsessed I was over this ship back then. My first fanfic on FFN was of them as well as several others. I downloaded hundreds of fics about them, searched a lot of fanarts, and squealed over every scene they had in each episode. NaLu had been my online focus when I was in high school. These days, my great liking of them diminished a bit (because I haven’t read the manga for a while). However, I still ship them so much!

It was kinda frustrating that Natsu often seemed dense, especially regarding Lucy (does he know how many times he has made her blush? XD), but that’s a part of his character, I guess, and I admit that it’s also one of the reasons why I ship them so much. They’re always together because they’re close friends, and whenever they somehow teeter towards the line above friendship, I literally wanted to jump up and down in excitement! But then it would always come down to a comical scene, though, haha! Typical NaLu.

Ahh, that hug. I’ll remember it forever. <3

Honorable Mentions: MiraXus [That scene with Mira getting angry at Laxus will always get to me.] & LyVia […don’t ask me why. I just find their chemistry so adorable. I would’ve loved more scenes of them together!]

2. Bleach: IchiRuki [Kurosaki Ichigo & Kuchiki Rukia]

If I was obsessed with NaLu, I was just as much as obsessed with IchiRuki. Heck, before Bleach even ended, I already started writing a rewritten version of the manga with IR as the definite end pairing (because I thought back then that Kubo would give Bleach an open ending… guess I was wrong) as well as a Bleach Movie fic with Ichiruki as a pairing as well. 😂 Damn, I was really addicted to this pair…

What I love about this ship is that their relationship is unique. Like Kubo stated: “more than friends, but less than lovers”. They’re placed somewhere in between, and for me, that’s a special thing. They have a label of their own that isn’t limited by the terms romance and mere friendship. It can also be interpreted as something like: “they’re right in the middle of two boundaries; once one of them figuratively trips, their relationship becomes a new, different meaning altogether”. I’m not going to rant on and on about them (because there are far better metas that explain their dynamics amazingly) so I’ll stop it here.

Even though they didn’t become canon, they will always be canon in my heart! <3

Honorable Mention: HitsuHina [Always-frowning-and-serious Hitsugaya being overly protective of his childhood friend? Threatening someone if they made her bleed, promising to kill someone after they did her harm both physically and emotionally? This ship hits me right in the heart. <3 It’s just a shame there’s not much of them in the ending. I would’ve given anything for them to have a scene together, or even just talk! It’s been long overdue. T.T]

1. Naruto: SasuSaku [Uchiha Sasuke & Haruno Sakura]

Ahh, SasuSaku. The very first anime pairing I shipped, and what an awesome thing that they ended up together in the end! Happy days! <3

Others often have misconceptions about this pairing. For me, though, it’s a pretty simple thing. It was already obvious to me at the beginning that they would end up together, especially after that Forest of Death scene. That scene highlighted the start of Sakura’s character development and it also showed Sasuke’s care for her as a teammate. I mean, why else would he go on a (for the lack of a better word) rampage after seeing her so beaten up?

I personally believe/headcanon that Sasuke began to really love Sakura in the Blank Period. It’s just that he already built a foundation for the two of them way back then. It was fairly obvious that he grew to care for her, after all. I think the forehead poke signified the beginning of him seeing her differently. (Just my own opinion, though)

And, to address a bit of a sensitive issue… Their relationship isn’t toxic. I know it very well. “Toxic” is not a word that should be used lightly. If their relationship is “toxic” then they shouldn’t have ended up together. They shouldn’t have so many fans. It’s just that simple to me. :)

Sasuke’s behavior in Shippudden is not who he really is. The real Sasuke is the one who Team 7 saved, who Naruto himself saved from the Curse of Hatred. The real Sasuke is the one who started smiling genuinely in Chapter 698.

Ahh, I’m rambling again, so I’ll stop right here once more. Anyway, there may be many who hate SasuSaku, but there are also many who love them to the core. We all have different, varying opinions about every pairing. Let’s just not spread so much hate. :)

Tagging @aubreycanalaine to make a list like this. Haha! (Because I know how much you hate writing essays, lol)

So Ruby/Oscars age gap is inappropriate for them to date or be supported by RG shippers? Really, is that true?

(If its not the age gap that bothers you, you can skip down below the keep reading, Clarification on RG, to see we feel about Ozpin being in Oscar mind)

Some people don’t like or think Oscar X Ruby is wrong and bring up the argument that he is too young for her and it’s inappropriate/awkward but with the way shipping is in general and what people ship in other fandoms I can’t help but call bull on the two year age gap reason. Even Miles thought that it was ridiculous when he saw some people saying that and said that the age gap is fine:“ what world do you guys live in?”

I even had some cyberbully just straight up come to me on my ask to rant to me about it like he expected me to help him with his petty struggle and tried to make me think that I was weird for liking Ruby X Oscar(it didn’t work by the way, whoever you are, but I appreciate the time you invested into me. It helped me want to write this post).

So for future clarification and for those who want to say something about Oscar and Ruby’s age gap I’d like to say something….

Remember in Avatar the last Airbender; I’m pretty sure majority of the random knows about that show. Which pair did you ship?

Was it Kataara X Zuko who was 14 and 16 respectively?

Or was it Aang X Katara who was 12(mentally) and 14 respectively?

Did those pairs seem inappropriate to you, I’m just curious

Was the 2 year age gap a problem for you either Kataang or Zutaara shippers?

hhmmm, what about Nanami(16 years) X Tomoe(300+ years) of Kamisama Kiss, C.C(500+ years) X Lelouch(17 years) of Code Geass, Zeno(100+ years) X Kaya(16-18 years) of Yona of the Dawn, Ririchiyo(16 years) X Soushi(20+ years) of Inu X BokuSS or maybe even Yuki(16 years) X Kaname(10,000+ years) from Vampire knight?

Oh, what about some other examples such as manga where there is the teacher student romance or the lolicon relationship; did you ever read and support some of them despite the age gap(even one of them)?

Nah, those example aren’t good enough……oh wait I got it! 

What about the famous Ichigo X Rukia pairing who had more than 100 year age gap between them? The pairing that was the OTP pairing of majority of the bleach random… 

I guess many were just faking their love for that pairing cause of that humongous age gap…..this realization is sad cause they had so much chemistry together but alas; the age gap ruined it

And lastly,

If Ruby was 14 and the rest was 16 at the beginning of the show would you guys still ship her with whoever? Do you think the well known whiterose/ladybug etc still be shipped or would you guys say that it is not right? Would you guys say that they are too young to date(I mean even in the show Naruto,while the characters were still 12-13 people were still shipping them)? Be honest- don’t let your dislike of RG influence you.

So yeah I’m just saying that if someone brings up the argument of the two years apart thing just know that we RG shippers know that it is a load of bull and can’t help but not believe that you believe that reasoning.

To us it would look like your only pulling up/forcing yourself to believe that reasoning at your own convenience cause its not the ship you like; so basically, we would think that you guys are hypocrites.

So yeah, its alright if you have wanna have an argument/have a problem with Ozpin and that you think he’s a pedophile(don’t know why you guys think that) and that he’s a unfortunate third wheel or maybe you just want Oscar and Ruby to be Independent, that’s perfectly fine. 

However, if you try to bring up the Oscar and Ruby’s age gap to support your argument WITH the Ozpin being the third wheel- at that point it would just look like your trying to be petty and hating just to hate.

I mean in some people comments when hearing Oscar age; they were so condescending and you could hear the satisfaction of them pointing out to us and laughing about how Rosegarden is a ship sink and that its wrong

I know you guys hate it to the point that you would try to use that age gap reason when some of you don’t even care about age gaps/ignored it when it comes to your ships but really? Its not Tauradonna/Animal abuse, Oscar isn’t a bad person, Ozpin isn’t attracted to little girls.

Clarification on the situation of Rosegarden and support of it…

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SLBP + Dancing (Western Style)

Now with bonus side characters - gifs to come when my computer isn’t being horrible


West Coast Swing

Making something incredibly complex look breezy, effortless, and fun? Check. Hideyoshi, in contrast to poor Inuchiyo is a great dancer and a better lead – he’ll talk you through what to do and when, but still surprise you with a sudden throw or flip just because he secretly likes when he can fluster you. Aside from those moments, it’s all about making sure his partner has fun, feels light as air, and leaves the dancefloor with a smile. The one downside is that this makes him an incredibly popular partner, and he’s not the best at saying no.


Virginia Reel/Square-Dancing

Toshiie can’t dance, okay. No way. He would try and learn for you, and it would be such a hilarious disaster that you’d both get kicked out of leave lessons laughing hysterically (well you would be laughing hysterically, he’d be an embarrassed grumpy sourpuss about it until your laughter catches on). Boy can’t even manage a passable waltz for you, which, that’s okay, because you love him and he tries. BUT he can probably manage to square dance, because he is given extremely clear instructions on what to do and when to do it. He refuses to have anyone else be his partner, though. Probably ends up picking you up more than is actually called for, because you can’t reach otherwise.

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So many of you were asking about my favorite movies (besides rise of the guardians and httyd) 
so i thought i’d make a list for you guys (but i gotta warn you, some of those films are very VERY! triggering so please don’t watch if you’re easily triggered)

(those are all movies i haven’t seen/want to see again)

(movies i already watched)

from the movies i already watched i’d recommend:

Finding Neverland (It’s with Johnny Depp about the story of Peter Pan)
The art of getting by (a bit depressing but more in a comedy kinda way)
White Oleander (a bit depressing too, i’ve seen it a LONG time ago, i can barely remember, but what i still know is that i really liked it)
Keith (It’s a super cute and bit sad story about a boy falling in love with a girl)
Wristcutters (pretty triggering, but all in all a cute and funny movie)
Perks of being a Wallflower (Probably one of the most know movies on this list, kinda depressing and sad, but also very cute and funny)
Chatroom (a bit strange, has some triggering moments, but one of my favorites so far)
Archies Final Project- My Suicide (MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER, it’s really really triggering and kinda strange, you should probably watch it alone because some scenes tend to be very “sexy” it’s by far the funniest but also most depressing movie i’ve ever seen, it’s really a must watch if you’re into strange, sad, fucked up stuff! also it got the best movie soundtrack I’ve ever heard!!!)
Ame & Yuki (cute but ends pretty touching, if you’re into movies like Princess Mononoke or other Ghibli movies i’d so recommend this one)
Another Happy Day (It’s been a long long time since i’ve last seen this movie, but as i can still remember it’s kinda depressing and has some selfharm triggers)
It’s Kind of a Funny Story (besides Wristcutters my favorite comedy about selfharm and depression!)
Suicide Room (the MOST depressing movie I’ve ever seen, like seriously this movie is the worst, but besides that I’m really into the character development and the story is also really really good! I guess it’s also on the “movies you should watch” list of mine)
We need to talk about Kevin (pretty good movie about the relationship from a mother and her son, has some sad scenes, but all in all good movie)
The Tracey Fragments (The strangest movie I’ve ever seen! The story is really confusing, it has it’s own style and isn’t made for anyone, I personally really liked it, also it has Ellen Page in it, so if you’re a fan of her you should really watch this)
2:37 (this movie has the biggest plot twist ever, it’s kinda strange but all in all lovely movie, has it’s triggering scenes!)
Dans ma peau (REALLY triggering movie about a woman being fascinated by her own body, some scenes are pretty gross!)
Bridge to Terabhitia (do not watch, if you’re still going to do this, have fun bawling your eyes out <3)
Life is Beautiful (Same as Bridge to Terabhitia, you get tricked into thinking it’s a happy movie, but turnes out to be satans child)
Christiane F./Kinder vom Banhofszoo (I really adored this movie! even tho it had some pretty gross scenes, but the story is really touching, the only thing i don’t know if it’s aviable in other languages besides german)
The Dirties (also one of my FAVORITE movies, contains bullying, but nothing pretty triggering, it’s fun to watch even if the end isn’t sooo good, but still, amazing movie and the actors are very very talented!)
Charlie St. Cloud (Prett tragic movie, not one of my favorites but all in all good movie I would recommend to watch)
Charlie Bartlett (A movie about a kid selling antidepressants in his school, has one triggering scene, is more a comedy kinda movie)
Submarine (I can’t say much about this movie because i split it in two parts, it has some sad scenes but it’s a really good movie!)
The Fault in Our Stars (Do i really have to say anything about this movie.. if i’d have to describe it in one word it’d be heartbreaking xD)
Gilbert Grape (Movie with Johnny Depp and Leo DiCaprio, one of my favorite movies from 1993 ever! Some scenes are kinda boring and some tend to be pretty sad, but all in all amazing movie with great acting!)
Girl Interrupted (i can’t understand the hype about this movie at all, don’t get me wrong it is a good movie with amazing acting, but I expected way more from it)
Reindeerspotting (It’s like Trainspotting a movie about drug abuse, it’s intresting to watch even if some scenes tend to be really disgusting)
Starving in Suburbia (REALLY triggering movie about eating disorders, i always feel bad after watching this, but it’s such an amazing movie, so i really recommend to watch this! also it’s a good way to understand what people with eating disorders are going trough)
The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle (I don’t really want to talk about this movie, it was so wrong in so many ways, beginning is pretty boring and kinda longlasting but it gets super weird at the end)
Mysterious Skin (amazing movie, I’ve only seen it one time before but I’ll defenitly look forward to seeing it again, if i remember it right it contains triggers about rape and depression? i’m sorry if this is wrong, but like i said i watched it only once and that was a long time ago)
Patrick 1,5 (very funny and touching movie about a gay couple wanting to adopt an little child but instead getting an homophobic teenager)
Yes or No (A korean drama about a lesbian and a tomboy falling in love, really cute and some scenes were pretty sad)
Earthlings (a documentary about “using” animals, i got to say i couldn’t watch the whole thing but by what i’ve seen it’s really good and so shocking)
My Sisters Keeper (good movie about cancer, the end is very very sad, even if it wasn’t my favorite mov,ie i’d still recommend to watch it)
Princess Mononoke (a very touching studio ghibli film which always catches me crying, it’s pretty famous in the “anime movie” community but i’d also recommend it if you’re not that much into japanese animated movies, also the soundtrack is so damn touching)
Hachiko (I don’t really want to talk about this movie, this is so heartbreaking, also it’s inspired by an true incident, if you’re into animal especially dog movies i would really recommend to watch this one, and let me tell you one thing - it’s even sadder than marley and me AND THAT SAYS SOMETHING OK)
Waltz with Bashir (I can’t really remember anything about this movie, the only thing I remember is that i really enjoyed watching it, it’s an animated movie and its style is pretty awesome)
Memoirs of a Geisha (tthis movie was beyond amazing, but also really really sad, i recommend watching this if you’re into the old japanese kulture)
Órói/Jitters (movie i watched yesterday, i was expecting a funny gay drama, but got an really depressing and triggering movie, it’s about an icelandic boy falling in love with another guy and he don’t know what he should do about his feelings, it’s an really good movie and i’ll definitly going to watch it again soon)

if you got any questions about the movies itself or about the links to any of those movies, my ask is always open <3

anonymous asked:

Hey! Say! 7 as romance movies? Like idk who would be "The Notebook" or "Flipped" something like that :>>>>


200 Pounds Beauty. Due to the stigma on weight in East Asia, I know it might seem a little hard for anyone to believe this, but Ryosuke fits this romcom more than any other. And, I know what you all are thinking – Mod L, the main guy from that movie was freakin’ asshole. Well, Ryosuke is the main guy SANS the two-faced attitude. If he were the main guy, he would stay true to wanting the main girl, no matter if she was chubby, by his side and wouldn’t feel ashamed of her. And, after the weight loss, he would be the type to say; “I liked you just the same before.” and tbh the movie would just end there cuz he already likes the heroine (lol). Chubby people deserve love too, and he’s the type to give it to them.


Mr. Pride and Miss Prejudice. I can imagine Yuto’s nerdy, Leo, self doing something extra to impress his significant other – just as the main guy from this did for his own girlfriend. Problem was, the girlfriend thought he was too juvenile and dumped him for it. The main guy was a little arrogant, yet had many goofy moments that reminded me of Yuto. I can picture Yuto falling for someone and not speaking on it, like he’s said he probably wouldn’t before, and then realizing his feelings when it’s almost too late. But, the fight isn’t over then. Oh no, that doesn’t mean he’s giving up. The fight is just beginning.


I’m Not Just Going to Do What Kurosaki kun Says. He’s not the main guy, Haruto, but I can imagine Chinen as the secondary love interest, Takumi. An extremely smooth and charming man, yet dominant and knows what he wants. Despite how cute Chinen appears and submissive to Ryosuke he may seem, everyone in Jump talks about how different he is off screen; that he’s actually pretty manly. If he were a bit taller, the cute yet DoS character of Takumi would be perfect for our Chinen.


One Week Friends. Not quite a romance movie, but the main character reminded me quite a bit of Keito and his soft character. The main guy, Yuki, is helped out by this girl who he finds out goes to his school. Because of this, he sorely wants to be friends with her, to the point where he’s asking her every ten minutes to be friends. Eventually, he finds out that she experiences memory loss every week. In relation to Keito, I can definitely see him developing a cute puppy love complex, but also feeling deeply for someone else’s struggle in memory loss. It’s very likely that he’ll still want to be their friend, despite having to remind them of their friendship every week. He’s just kind like that.

thecity-ofhatr3d  asked:

I was just wondering if you could explain to me why Yuki was crying in chapter 9 page 8/9 of VKM? Is it because of her feelings for Kaname?

Hi there,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your patience! Despite your question being straightforward, I think there are several aspects which are worth discussing in relation to page 8/9 in Chapter 9.

To present my thoughts in the clearest way possible, I will structure my analysis under appropriate sub-headings.

Just as a side note, I have also broken some areas into bullet points. The post is lengthy already and I may as well try and be succinct then blab too much. Though a little too late! Apologies in advance for any spelling/ punctuation errors.

1) The reason behind Yuuki’s tears?

From following the plot of Vampire Knight, as well as Yuuki’s recent development in VKM, its clear that Kaname is the reason behind her tears. With Zero acting as Yuuki’s confidant, providing her with the moral support and blood she needs, this is equally apparent to him. This is explicitly confirmed by Zero himself where he states: ‘I know fully well who these tears are aimed at’. After watching Yuuki stand by Kaname’s ice coffin for two months, and be constantly reminded that the simple gesture of holding his hands reminds her of Kaname, those scenes speak for themselves.

Despite Kaname’s ‘dormancy’ so to speak, the characters of VKM such as Ai, Zero and Ruka – and most obviously Yuuki - continue to remember and speak of him. In this sense, Kaname continues to have a presence within the plot - even if to a minimal extent. In Yuuki’s case, despite time passing, she continues to mourn over her loss of Kaname. The extent of her grief and desire to be with – or rather ‘part of him’ is undeniably confirmed in Chapter 9 where she stated her ‘wish’ – ‘these strange things’ that won’t ‘fade away from [her] mind’. She admitted that she wanted to ‘revive that person, to have my life swallowed up by that person – let’s return inside that person’. As highlighted from previous chapters, such as Chapter 66, the concept of consuming your significant other is an instinctive vampire trait. Yuuki’s inner conscious even tempted her with the idea that she ‘can eat all of him’ and that failing to ‘devour what you desire’ will drive her insane. Yuuki even then expressed that her hunger for Kaname was so ‘pure’ that it could not be hidden. Furthermore, in Chapter 7, it is revealed that Yuuki had neglected her personal wellbeing. She did not sleep. She did not eat. During that period, she was completely detached from time and reality, as well as those around her. She isolated herself from everything. Strange as it seems, she treated herself as though she had entered into a deep slumber and was encased within an ice coffin of her own. It was like a part of her died with Kaname.

Collating these and other factors together, Yuuki is crying because of Kaname. Hino makes this dead plain from the text.

2) Secondary factors

Having established that, it is now necessary to examine the crux of your question: was it because of Yuuki’s feelings for Kaname? My answer to this is yes – yes, it is the predominant reason, but I believe there are also secondary factors too. I will go through each one accordingly. This includes 1) her experiences and emotions in experiencing motherhood as a single parent; 2) Yuuki’s increasing responsibility as the head of the Kuran family and leader of the vampire society.

3) Motherhood I: Kaname’s absence

In Chapter 9, Yuuki states the following: ‘The treasure that person left me with, till now I managed to bring it here without harm’.

By referring to ‘treasure’, Yuuki is clearly talking about Ai. Ai symbolises the light that brought Yuuki out of her depressed state and back onto her feet. Ai reminded and continues to remind Yuuki that ‘there is a light at the end of this journey’. Her existence not only acts as a firm confirmation of Kaname’s last words, but also his love and determination to protect Yuuki to the very end. As their child, Ai represents Kaname in several ways – some of which Yuuki has commented on - from the softness of her hair, her smell to her intellect. Their beloved ‘treasure’ demonstrates Kaname’s selflessness. Not once did he care for his own wellbeing. If you refer to the panels in Chapter 93 – when Kaname throws his heart into the furnace there is no ounce of hesitation. He lived and breathed for Yuuki. With that said, Ai returned the light to Yuuki’s eyes – she gave her mother a purpose to continue living. Ai was Kaname’s last gift to Yuuki before throwing his heart into the furnace. Like Kaname who saved Yuuki on that wintry night, it is through their child that Yuuki was saved once more. Looking at this from a different perspective, you could say that Kaname was also trying to fulfil the one promise that he was not able to commit to Yuuki. The promise that they would live together.

Having therefore received the most precious and final gift from her most dearest person, I can only imagine that Yuuki made a silent promise to herself to protect their daughter – the last remains of Kaname’s existence. However, in making this silence promise, Yuuki must have also spent time reflecting on what life would have been like had Kaname stayed. With recollection comes regrets, ‘what ifs’ and wishful thinking. In Chapter 9, I think this represents one of many occasions where Yuuki has shed a tear and reflected.

Perhaps the following:
  • To see Kaname be a father and raise their child together. For instance, Yuuki’s strong desire to see Kaname hold their new-born is illustrated by the fact that she dreamt about it. As a general basis, dreams reflect our inner conscience and desires. In Chapter 93.1, Yuuki tells Zero that she had a dream about ‘that person’ holding the baby. Upon hearing this, Zero returned a knowing smile. He very well knew who she was talking about - just like Chapter 9 in VKM. From this, it can be implied that Yuuki has dreamt about Kaname (perhaps with baby Ai) on previous occasions. 
  • To see Kaname interact, play and make memories with Ai as she grows up. In Chapter 5 of VKM, Kaname is visited by Yuuki and baby Ai – I assume one of many. Yuuki says the following: To Ai - ‘You wish that you could talk to him to huh?’ To Kaname- ‘Aren’t you jealous that I have her all to myself’. Despite knowing that Kaname cannot not hear, see or respond, Yuuki is determined for Ai to know her father, to know what he was like, and keep her in contact with Kaname.
  • Just further assumptions on my part– his absence during her pregnancy and Ai’s birth.

Thinking these things through, this must have brought up a turbulence of emotions for Yuuki.

4) Motherhood II: Raising Ai

As a single parent, Yuuki had to play the role of both mother and father. In Kaname’s absence, it is likely that Yuuki was adamant in ensuring that Ai received the same amount of love that any child would have received with both parents being present. With Zero’s constant presence, he clearly assumed the role of an adoptive father (despite the awkward period of being Ai’s crush). In several chapters, Ai calls Zero her father and this is reflected by her actions in constantly seeking his support and comfort. But even then, Zero’s role cannot replace the fact that Kaname is her biological father. In my opinion, even if Zero gave Ai the most happiest childhood, the amount of love received cannot replace or be enough to fulfil the love a child may yearn, seek or receive from their biological father. This evident with Ai too. In Chapter 93.3, Kaname pulls Ai into her father’s arms. Embracing his daughter, we see tears in Ai’s eyes. Just before this scene, Hino refers to Zero’s conversation with Aidou where he was patted on the head by Yuuki: ‘hugged tightly and coaxed like a child’.

Can you imagine how Ai must have felt at that time? After hearing so many stories about her father. After seeing her father trapped in ice for thousands of years. To be able to embrace him and hear his voice must have awoken so many emotions within her since a child.

Another aspect worth discussing is where Yuuki states ‘without harm’. This most likely refers to the early stages of Yuuki’s motherhood. This may include Yuuki’s pregnancy which lasted for several years, as well as Ai’s birth and upbringing. Throughout this entire time, despite the help provided (predominantly from Ruka and Kain from what is implied), Yuuki may have been anxious and understandably scared. She may have also lacked confidence in her ability of being a first-time mother. Can you imagine how these concerns may have been exacerbated in Kaname’s absence? For anyone in her position, her concerns may have been endless. Her queries may have been endless. To add an extra dash of complexity, Yuuki had to deal with Ai’s physical and emotional development as a vampire. In Chapter 9, we see Yuuki comforting Ai with regards to her hunger. For the safety of Ai and others, she decides to exclude the opposite sex, including those of their household, from their home. In my opinion, this is similar to when Yuuki was kept inside by Kaname in order to stabilize her hunger. Despite the opinion others hold, Kaname had done this for the purpose of teaching her to use her fangs and to accept her instincts. After several years of dormancy, her physical and emotional state was incredibly unstable and in complete disorder. To allow Yuuki to wonder off into the nearest public area in her unstable state would be asking for trouble. In Chapter 93, after neglecting her hunger for three months, Yuuki made an attempt to attack Yori. Fortunately, Zero was there to prevent that. To say that Yuuki’s time within the Kuran mansion was a form of imprisonment is completely overlooking the matter. Yuuki was clearly aware of this. She is taking her previous experiences as a form of guidance. She is using this and taking a similar stance in order for Ai to go through a smooth transition.

Overall, the early periods of Yuuki’s motherhood was likely a difficult process – not to mention physically and emotionally exhausting. The fact that Yuuki managed to pull through on her own presents her as an outstanding mother. It shows her determination to make things work for her little family – to show Kaname that she’s alright – that she managed to bring their ‘treasure’ into the world, and raise her to the best of her ability in a safe and loving envrionment ‘without harm’.

5) Yuuki’s increasing responsibility: Head of the Kuran family and vampire society

To further my point in 3) and 4), Yuuki’s experience of motherhood (not to mention being a single parent) has been further complicated by the responsibilities that come with being the Head of the Kuran family. As VKM progresses, we see her workload increase as Yuuki takes on a more active role. Upon leaving Yori’s funeral in Chapter 93.1, Yuuki is requested to attend an ‘important annual meeting’. In another chapter, we see Yuuki vote on a matter concerning the execution of an aristocrat who sold weapon deflecting technology. After Ai returns from her errands, she sees her mother reviewing documents in her study. Overall, in Chapter 5, Yuuki apologies to Ai saying that ‘mother is going to be a bit busy from now on’. Even as a small child we see Ruka tell a very young Ai that she will be staying in Cross Academy.

All in all, despite the revelations that come her way, Yuuki has demonstrated her determination to care and love the treasure she had received from her most beloved person.

6) Concluding thoughts

If anything, the infamous bench in VK is not only the place where Zero and Yuuki meet. It represents the only real time that Yuuki is able to detach herself from her obligations and duties. It is a place where she can simply sit, rest and reflect. It is where she can simply appreciate that despite being a pureblood, she too has a humane side where its okay to cry despite the notion that it is a sin for purebloods to show their emotions/vulnerability. But it is also during these rare occasions that Yuuk’s restrained and underlying emotions come to the surface. They consume her. Specifically, her love, sadness and loss for Kaname – her lover and father of their daughter who is their ‘precious treasure’ and light.

After seeking to keep herself busy by preoccupying herself with work, there is nothing to stop the constant and lingering questions at the back of her mind from coming into play:

I miss you - I wish you were here – I want you here - I wish we experienced this together – Don’t worry - I’m okay - Are you proud of me? Are you lonely? Are you sad? Can you see me now? What are you thinking of right now? Did I do everything right? What would you do? Am I a good mother? Should I have done things differently? Should I have chosen this instead? Do you see Ai? What do you think of her? Are you proud of her? I hope you are – and so on.

Respect to Zero, he stated the very thing that Yuuki yearned to hear from Kaname during the thousands of years he slept in his ice coffin. It was simply to receive his praise. To know that she ‘did a good job’ – that she confidently succeeded as a mother as well as an independent woman in managing to raise and protect their daughter on her own – that she succeeded in bringing a sense of order and reform to the vampire society in his absence – that throughout everything she had endured, she had managed to find her own happiness and peace.

Despite the tragic reality that Yuuki had never managed to hear these very words from Kaname himself, upon seeing this:

1) Kaname’s instinctive embrace to a tearful Ai

2) Kaname’s loving expression and reaction to his daughter’s concern for his wellbeing - and tendency to wander off!

3) His tender smiles upon seeing Ai and Ren bicker in the kitchen

4) The fact that he watches over his sleeping daughter and Ren, caressing their heads

There is no doubt within my mind that Kaname would reply with a resounding yes.

NB: Although his vampire instinct and (most) memories of Yuuki are sealed away this is open to question in light of three previous examples where characters of VK regained their memories due to their ‘strong feelings for another. For instance, Yuuki, Zero and the School President.

With recent chapters showing Yuuki and Kaname looking up to a bright, starry sky, there is a strong sense that Hino is confirming Yume’s eternal love – that it is irreplaceable – limitless - timeless – ageless- that they will always remain connected – that they hold an indestructible bond that withstands time itself.

With everything discussed, Yuuki’s tears for Kaname hold a mixture of meanings. Joy. Happiness. Love. Relief. Sadness. Grief. They reflect everything Yuuki has experienced and overcome from the day Kaname threw his heart into the furnace.

Those very tears are worth a thousand words - a thousand words that Yuuki wished that she could convey to Kaname.

This is my take on Chapter 9.

Thank you for your question thecity-ofhatr3d!

Hey, @vampireknightcrazziii thanks for replying.  I understand your opinion, but I still don’t believe that there is a double standard.

Motivation & the Rain/Snow Parallel

There needs to be an understanding of the emotional condition both women were in.  My focus is on the motivation for remembering a particular time with the person which is why I emphasized the feeling of admiration which Yuki had accompanying that memory with Kaname.  Whenever Yuki looked back at it at anytime during the manga, we’re reminded it is the time she began seeing him as someone to look up to because she thought he was a gentle vampire. This admiration is separate from the feelings of love she got growing up because admiring someone doesn’t have to lead to love.  I can’t help but wonder if this later attraction was influenced by Kaname ensuring that no other close relationships with persons Yuki’s age were developed as a measure of keeping her to himself.

Juri was a happily married woman, who loved her husband and was looking back at their relationship.  How was Yuki after a year away from the Academy?  We know she wasn’t happy.  What were Yuki’s feelings toward Zero?  Romantic love. Arc two showed not only that it existed, but it got to the point where memories of Zero triggered abnormal thirst, and prevented her from knowing what it was like to have it quenched (this has a calming effect).  

This next point is old but relevant. Use of her fangs would have no effect on whether her thirst was quenched or not because Kaname still pampered her, and as per her words it wasn’t being satisfied by him because of Zero’s existence.  I want to bring out here a frustration of our own—ignoring the rule Kaname pointed out on this matter which Matsuri Hino added as a compass to direct us on how Yuki felt towards both men:

I noticed that persons have said that she needed both Kaname’s and Zero’s, but the rule disagrees because as Kaname said, the blood of the one she loves was necessary. Her fiancé wasn’t quenching her ‘beastly’ thirst, but we see even now that Zero’s blood can.  This has nothing to do with the fact that Kaname’s poison is inside him because if blood composition mattered, then you’re also saying that Yuki romantically loves Sara (in addition to the purebloods she drank from), Shizuka (and people she drank from), Ichiru, and the insane vampires Zero survived on for over twelve months. Along with everyone they drank from.

Why am I saying this? Because I’m stating how Yuki felt about Zero, and I described it as scandalous because, according to the undisputed rule, it reached a romantic level which isn’t impossible because the feelings of characters can change.  Sometimes without even realizing it until things happen. The hints in arc one are there, and can be seen if read with an open mind to the possibility.  Links to a phenomenon of the real world are what writers and mangakas can use to make characters more relatable so that readers care about them.  It’s not impossible for you to develop feeling for another person you didn’t expect after some time, and it wasn’t for Yuki either which was why it did happen.  

What happened during life at the mansion was Yuki trying to move on from the life she got to know, and taking responsibility of her feelings for Zero, as Kaname put it.  This entailed acting on her initial love for him to behave like his fiancée as promised while still a child.

It’s been said that she didn’t care about her feelings for Zero, which took up a microscopic fraction, yet Yuki made a grand deal out of it when Kaname claimed it was ok, which is why Yuki submits to any punishment he gives.  I’m guessing he meant to bleed out her feelings for Zero, through her arm and neck, in the scene which followed the accidental meeting

The action had nothing to do with what Yuki was doing to help the Purebloods because as per the agreement, any punishment recieved had to do with her feelings for Zero, and notice when Yuki began to speak of accepting such a thing—after the moment with Zero.  At no point did this leave her lips before, even when Kaname’s wolf followed Aidou and Yuki.

Yuki’s reason for desiring Kaname’s blood links back to the necessity of acting on her initial feelings.  She cares about his feelings too, and since being with him was what she had wished for, Yuki accepted the changes, and turned a blind eye at shady things because he did them for her causing Yuki to believe she deserved falling to his low state.   In her mind, Kaname was a gun and she the hand which pulled the trigger.

This is what makes that rain/snow parallel justified—rain starts things afresh, Juri and Haruka’s relationship began to change after that day. Juri’s love, and the smell of rain was motivation for looking back at that moment.  The feelings Yuki had for Zero weren’t simply the love for a brother as she thought and as I said before, she was curious to know what Zero thought of the situation after a year. The motivation is love, and the smell of snow along with wanting to fix their relationship while that memory with Kaname is one saturated by admiration.  

The “she loves x or y more” is there because of a certain mindset that even I adopt as a method of clarification.  You said that Yuki does romantically love Zero, but the consensus is that it’s less.  It’s impossible for a girl to experience true, romantic love for two different men simultaneously in both reality and generally in fiction.  The case has to be that the girl either outgrows her first love for one or it is simply a matter of infatuation vs. something that has the potential to go above and beyond.

The speed at which things change among the trio seems sudden.  This is evident in the fact that people say that her attraction to Zero wasn’t part of arc one, but yet suddenly—BAM!—there it is hitting her hard and affecting her engagement, or so we say.  But the signs are there as said before, and the rapidity of realizing that things weren’t so clear cut leads to the conclusion that what she felt was infatuation or a crush because something could happen underground in relation to Zero despite everything.

When I say that Yuki loves Kaname after all these years, I’m not talking about aishiteru—the long-lasting kind of couple love—that Yuki showed she has for Zero in ‘Life.’  This emotion has many layers, and they shift in a LT.  That’s what Ai learned, and there wouldn’t be this problem in the fandom if Kaname was the true guy.  If yume didn’t give me reasons, I would have stopped reading and found something else because I wouldn’t like Kaname getting rewarded for playing dirty.

I did read the chapter you mentioned again.  Yuki’s childhood innocence showed up, and the ignorance she mentioned shielded her from the reality which caused yume’s distance.  The incident involving Ruka begs me to question what difference Yuki saw between Kaname (seen as a gentle vampire for ten years) and Zero (known for only 48 months). She develops a fear of Kaname after seeing him drink from someone else, while Zero’s transformation doesn’t faze her because “Zero is still Zero” despite still being unable to walk in the town by herself. There is also the ending where Yuki says that she was drawn in by the scent of blood the moment she first met Zero which is ironic because humans, especially Yuki, wouldn’t be enticed by it.  Kaname may have been the beginning and end of her life, but Zero became the driving force in it.

Comic-relief Parallel

The next parallel is also not one of double standards, because Yuki and Kaname’s relationship doesn’t have the natural, friendly tone that Zeki has as the years pass and therefore doesn’t even reach the standard.  You can’t call an egg the chicken.  Yuki and Zero’s relationship attained great depth with the help of living together like siblings those pivotal four years. This foundation helped her feelings to surpass what she felt for Kaname.  This allowed Zero to become her best male friend, so you’ll see them joking around, teasing each other and being brutally honest in a way that you never see in Yume’s relationship.  It was natural, instinctive and comfortable.  Juri and Haruka’s interactions were like this as well.  Yuki and Juri could show their playful side, even as adults.  While Yuki grew up as a human, she had reservations around Kaname because of not wanting to disappoint him.   All this is why I said the similarity of the scene represents this aspect of their relationship.

You used a fanbook page to draw a similarity between Kaname and Haruka, but the former takes being sadistic and masochistic to a level that Haruka wouldn’t touch.  That’s why in that very scene Kaname asks “What are you saying?” because there are times when he smiles on the surface while being serious about his comments.  Kaname has good, high points in his 10,000+ years of living, but I don’t picture Haruka stooping down to a level to do certain things in the name of pure love.  

Kaname doesn’t have his steady character because of a contradicting personality (almost like completely, different split personas in one person which would help explain why Kaname could go from sympathetic, gentle and caring, to downright cruel in a matter of minutes with the right 'triggers’).  Unless we really don’t know this man Juri married who was said to have kindness show in his eyes.  

The conversation is a joke where Haruka used the opportunity to tease Juri with her rainy-day comment and based on the story, Kaname wasn’t just like Haruka. As for that pervert scene, I can’t see the humor when it was a direct result of Yuki’s unnecessary punishment.

Happiness Parallel

Lastly, the happiness thing again isn’t an issue of double standards because yume is the only one of the three with just one person finding happiness in the relationship which isn’t a good thing.  If a friend came up to you and said she was in a relationship where her partner is the only one happy, would you congratulate her? Or feel oh so happy for her boyfriend?  Why would you then have that response for Kaname and Yuki’s relationship?

That’s what makes it completely different from Juri/Haruka’s and Zeki’s.  Both persons in both pairs communicated their happiness at their final moment of separation. You may not consider Juri’s smile after her husband’s last words as communication, because ignoring certain smiles is a trait among you guys (this is another frustration), but it is and Zero did the same before death which was paired with a kiss.  The happiness Kaname spoke about getting during that year was to Yuki’s own detriment, and was said in an attempt to help Yuki feel less hopeless about not being able to be a good fiancée.  To make Kaname happy, Yuki gave up the smiles which came from her heart.

If it is that you want to associate happiness in a more positive light with Kaname, then refer to the times when they were children because during that year neither Kaname nor Yuki found true happiness. There were smiles, but those were few and had little impact on the happiness-o-metre.  

I’ll give Kaname credit here for overcoming his dark desires and opting not to keep her to himself anymore, although the simple act of communicating with Yuki like an equal would have been appreciated because she finds out things the hard way eventually, and he could’ve spared her from extra anxiety.

It was nice talking to you, and as time progresses in this new series I hope we will both get more insight into those years.  Take care.

In response to @ayame-sohma‘s ask here (X).

Okay, everybody sit down, shut up, and just fucking listen for a second.

I realize Yuki has a large fan-base here in the fandom, and in the canon material- but seriously, the grudge everyone seems to be holding over Ayame is 100% wrong, and you guys need to really sit and think about things for awhile.

Please take a look at what kind of home Ayame was raised in; his father was mostly absent as far as we can tell, and Ayame’s mother was about as far from maternal and loving as one could get. Why in the world would it be expected for Ayame to feel loving and protective over a new baby brother? He had grown up in an entirely different lifestyle, his home life had never given him the indication that he SHOULD treat a little brother more gently. Those feelings do not just magically appear.

Secondly, Ayame and Yuki have a ten year age gap. That is a big gap between siblings; Ayame had gone ten years being the only child- by the time Yuki was born, Ayame was already going through school, had his own group of friends, an entire life of his own. Not long after Yuki’s birth, Akito had laid claim on him. Yuki wasn’t even HOME most of the time- how was Ayame supposed to form a bond with him? Yuki’s mother PRACTICALLY SOLD HIM FOR FORTUNE- how the FUCK do you really believe Ayame even spent that much time around him?

Thirdly, Ayame’s worst crime was ignoring Yuki. God-forbid he be a bit selfish and self-centered (as most teenagers are), and don’t forget, he came from a wealthy family. All the Sohma children were brats in one way or another, Ayame’s attitude is hardly out of left-field, coming from a reserved, cold home environment and riches. He ignored him. Ayame didn’t have a CLUE what Yuki was suffering through, had he known, I’m positive Ayame would’ve done something. How was he supposed to just magically know his little brother- who he had hardly spent any time around- was unhappy? How can you hold that against him?

Yes, Ayame was cold in regards to Yuki. He was cold because he didn’t understand, he didn’t realize what was happening in the family, what was happening behind closed doors. Hind-sight is 20/20.

And what did Ayame do once he realized his mistake? HE ACTIVELY TRIED TO FIX IT.

He’s been working SO HARD to fix things with Yuki; Ayame can be a bit oblivious, but his intentions are pure and he’s desperately trying here. He is visibly upset and hurt when his past with Yuki is brought up- not only does Ayame seek council from his two closest friends on what to do, we can see that even Mine, Ayame’s girlfriend, is very invested in helping Ayame and Yuki get some alone time. This is clearly something he has talked about in private with her, this is clearly something that truly upsets him to the core of his being.

And he’s doing the best that he can.

Seriously, if you hold that against Ayame, I will personally come and fight you. Nothing was MALICIOUS, nothing was INTENTIONAL. I’d love to take your past mistakes and rub them in your face just because you didn’t know any better, I’d like to see how you’d feel then. People grow, people change. As far as Fruits Basket goes, Ayame underwent through one of the most transforming character developments in the manga. If you shit on that, I will literally throttle you.

You want to call out people who truly wounded Yuki? Go see his mother. Not Ayame.


Psycho Pass Movie Novel Chpt. 2 - Part 1 of 2

Half of chapter two is done. This part is really nice and features some scenes already seen in the movie and some new scenes.


Akane and Kaori meeting.

Gino’s shower scene. (sorry, I don’t have a pic for this one. If some talented artist would like to make one, I would happily put it here).

Sugou and Hinakawa training.

Thanks to my dear Beth, who has the patience to read and fix all my messes and give me always good advices.


Note before reading: sentences in italics represent the character’s thoughts.


In the chief office at the Public Safety Bureau headquarters, behind the desk, Tsunemori was facing her superior — Kasei Jōshū. Chief Kasei, who is a part of the Sibyl System.

It was not a metaphor; she was a mechanical body, the container of a packaged ‘brain’.

Finding out that thing had been a shock for Tsunemori and even now she could remember her sense of hatred*, but she had completely gotten used to behaving in a manner so as not to show it openly.

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Katabasis as the main theme in Angel Sanctuary and Bleach


Katabasis or catabasis (from Greek κατὰ “down” and βαίνω “go”) is the mytheme which refers to the confrontation a hero makes to death in a journey to the underworld.

All stories that develops around a katabasis counts with a hero which can be a mortal or a deity who starts a trip to the afterlife looking for an object, a loved one, or a superior knowledge. The ability to go to a spectral realm, stay alive in it and come back in the same state from it, gives the hero a superior status than an ordinary human. In a similar way, a deity’s return is considered an eschatological theme as is the case of the natural space-time cycle, or the triumph over death and the possibility of immortality.

One of the most famous katabasis is Orpheus’. He, taken advantage of the beauty of his music (a talent he probably inhered from Apolo), went to the underworld to beg Hades to give him back his beloved Eurydice’s soul. An incredibly captivating story as the one of this charismatic character is not easily omitted and, even if millennia have passed since the first time it was told, it stills charming the world.

Who could resist to the idea of a brave hero who face countless difficulties in a world inhabited by immaterial beings with the solely objective of rescuing a beloved one? Not even great manga authors like Kaori Yuki and Tite Kubo have been able to ignore it.

Katabasis in Kaori Yuki and Tite Kubo’s works

In Yuki’s masterpiece (Angel Sanctuary), Setsuna starts a journey to hell in order to rescue the soul of his beloved sister and prevent her to go to a judgement in the court of the angels to be punished because having committed incest in life. Orpheus’ katabasis is explicitly mentioned in the manga, conveying the readers that it was the inspiration to build the main character.

“Eurydice, my beauty, beloved wife! Oh, I have lost you.”

Hades, king of Tartarus, and his queen Persephone took his beloved one. But when they heard Orpheus’ cries and the mournful song of his lyra, it was so sad and so lonely, that all the inhabitants of the underworld (including the king and his queen), gave permisson to Orpheus for his wife to return to the Earth.

But Orpheus disobeyed the order of the gods: not to look at his wife’s face on the long way back. So, Eurydice covered her face and fell in the dephts of darkness with a cry, like a little bird.

She fell.

–Kaori Yuki, Angel Sanctuary, ch. 21.

In Kubo’s case, Ichigo (Bleach’s protagonist) goes to Soul Society to impede Rukia to be executed as a punishment for have given her shinigami powers to him. Even if the manga doesn’t explicitly mention Orpheus’ katabasis, readers can easily see the inspiration was evident: Ichigo shares the Greek heroes’ characteristics, and his determination to save the woman who stopped his rain and changed his world, make us understand in a very poetically way, that Rukia is his Eurydice.

“I will pass through even 100 million blades!!”

–Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach, ch. 85.

When reading both mangas, despite their inherent differences because both of them belong to totally opposite genres (shoujo and shounen), it is inevitable to notice more elements in common they share and which emerge from the katabasis. To delve deeper into them, a list of comparisons between the two stories can be found below.

Parallels between Angel Sanctuary and Bleach

  • Protagonists

Setsuna and Ichigo, despite being very different from each other in terms of personality and maturity (being Setsuna more disrespectful and immature), have in common their romanticism, determination and sense of protection.

Related to the first characteristic of these two protagonists, we have that Kubo has written poems to express the feelings of Ichigo (especially towards Rukia). In the same line, Yuki did it too with Setsuna.

Rest in peace.

In the moment your life whitered
Were you in pain?
Were you frightened?

Your cold palm holds tightly like a blooming flower
Your scarlet lips and hair flowing in the wind 
Make me wonder if all this is a dream…

With your pain
Speak your last words
And my life ends

Take me with you!

–Setsuna Mudou, Angel Sanctuary, ch. 20.

I wonder if I can keep up with the speed of the world without you.

–Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach, vol. 49.

On the second point, we can say that neither Setsuna nor Ichigo hesitates to do whatever crosses their minds when there is a good reason behind.

Regarding the third point, they share a huge desire to protect people they treasure by any means, even if that means sacrificing themselves.

Another feature that makes them even more different from the rest, has to do with their hair colours, unusual for the Japanese phenotype. One has light brown hair because his father is English, and the other has orange hair, inherited from her mother. This difference has led people to mistake them with troublemakers. Neither of them have been able to escape from fights, and have had to learn to defend themselves.

It is also important to note, that as Sestuna is not a pure human (in terms of soul), Ichigo is neither. While the former is a being who was created with the energy the organic angel Alexiel acquired after hundreds of reincarnations, Ichigo is the son of a shinigami and Quincy. Both of them have the genetic code of a human, but their souls are very different from those of an ordinary human, allowing them to see things that are not part of the material world.

  • Destined love

Setsuna inherited the love Alexiel feels for her brother (Rosiel), this is why in this reincarnation, Setsuna fell in love with his own sister (Sara), who turns out to be the reincarnation of the angel of wisdom (Gabriel), in charge of protecting Alexiel.

From a certain point of view, it could be considered that the love the Mudou siblings feel is product of the feelings that their angelic souls have, in other words, they were destined to fall for each other because of the feelings they had as angels and prevailed in their hearts.

Ichigo and Rukia’s case is even more explicit. He is the black sun and she the white moon; one is the sand and the other rotator; one is intrinsically Quincy and the other Shinigami; Ichigo is the masculine energy and Rukia the femenine, among others. Their meeting was intended thanks to the Soul King so their energetic opposition they represent gets to create a balance, following the spiritual tradition of the Ying and Yang.

  • Swords

Setsuna has Nanatsusaya and Ichigo Zangetsu. Both swords are special because only they can brandish them, and because they have a spirit that only responds to their owners.

Nanatsusaya and Zangetsu are incredibly powerful. They acquire greater destructive power and adopt new appearances as their masters learn more about them or accept their powers.

  • An unrequited love and a trap

Kurai is the imperial princess of Gehenna, the first hell. Despite being a demon, Kurai has a pure and generous heart, and she falls madly in love with Setsuna despite being aware that he loves Sara. Her heart oscillates a good time with jealousy, resignation and despair.

In Kubo’s manga, Kurai can be compared with Inoue, especially for her role in the Hueco Mundo arc. Inoue has unrequited feelings for Ichigo, and constantly deals with jealousy towards Rukia, the owner of the heart of man she wants.

Kurai’s feelings for Setsuna turn out to be her greatest weakness, and lead her to believe in Mad Hatter’s words, who deceives (and threat) her to accompany him to Lucifer’s kingdom without saying a word to anyone, in exchange of a potion that will resurrect the body of her beloved one.

In the same way that Kurai is deceived by Mad Hatter, Inoue falls into a trap and is threatened by Ulquiorra, the arrancar who forces her to accompany him to Hueco Mundo without telling anyone, to serve Aizen in exchange of Ichigo’s safety.

Both characters have similar farewell panels with their unrequited loves before leaving. Kurai and Inoue try to kiss the men who will never look them way they want (Kurai try to do it while Setsuna’s soul is in Alexiel’s body).

Finally, in Kurai and Inoue’s cases, the protagonists are obligated to go to their rescue, having to go through difficult situations because of their selfishness.

  • Deadly sins

Mad Hatter and Ulquiorra represent a deadly sin. According to the plot, Mad Hatter is pride, but all the time it seems that lust represents him the best because he loves to seduce men and women and take them to a total corruption (that’s how he managed to traumatize Raphael). 

As a parallel, after analyzing Ulquiorra, it can be said that he represents all the seven deadly sins because he felt them all for Inoue. However, thanks to the poem included in Bleach vol. 40, it’s clear that lust is the one that defines him the best:

心在るが故に妬み I envy because of the heart
心在るが故に喰らい I glutton because of the heart
心在るが故に奪い I covet because of the heart
心在るが故に傲り I am prideful because of the heart
心在るが故に惰り(あなどり) I sloth because of the heart
心在るが故に怒り I rage because of the heart
心在るが故に Because of the heart
お前のすべてを欲する I lust for everything about you  

–Ulquiorra Cifer, Bleach, vol. 40.  

  • Protection

In Angel Sanctuary, Kurai steals one of Setsuna’s earrings and keeps it as something which will help her to remember him before leaving with Mad Hatter. The earring has a protective power which repels any attack.

In Bleach, Inoue has pins her brother gave her for one of her birthdays. They have the ability to protect her or anyone she wants.

  • An unfair trial

In Angel Sanctuary, Sara/Gabriel is taken to trial to the angel court for have had incestuous relations with Setsuna when she was alive. The trial would decide if Gabriel’s elemental power of water will be taken to destroy her soul afterwards. Fortunately, thanks to Raphael and Uriel, it is known that the trial is invalid because it has been manipulated by Sevothtarte to steal the powers of the angel.

Homologously in Bleach, Rukia is taken to a trial for have transfered all her shinigami powers to Ichigo. Strangely, the Central 46 decides that her soul has to be destroyed as a punishment for have broken the law. Later, it is discovered that the 46 wise men who are part of the Central were killed by Aizen, and that he himself gave the order to destroy Rukia’s soul so he could get the Hogyouku.

  • Masks and false bodies

Uriel, the angel of elemental earth, is an intelligent man who stands by the invention of masks able to control emotions and also, for have created false bodies made of vegetal fibre.

In his first appearance in the manga, it can be seen how Uriel is controlled against his will by a mask that he himself created.

In Bleach, we see how hollow have masks and act very differently than they did when they were human.

Uriel creates false bodies, as the one he gave Yue. They are comparable to Urahara’s gigai since they act as containers for souls and take their forms.

  • Unscrupulous scientists

Sevothtarte is an angel who has taken his scientific depravity to the limit, and does not think twice when it comes about experimenting with their own kind.

Similar case in Bleach is Mayuri’s. A scientist capable to experiment with hollows, arrancars, quincies, shinigamis, human and whatever he finds interesting and relevant for his researches.

Final thoughts

When a katabasis is written, possibilities may be endless, but undoubtedly, the ones that always catch the readers’ hearts are those that have a direct connection with the strongest feelings people can feel.

Love never cease to be a compelling issue, especially if those who write  stories are people who easily understand emotions and know how to express themselves in an artistic way: full of symbols and figures that analysts enjoy.

After paying attention to the high number of similarities between Angel Sanctuary and Bleach, arguably a story inspired the other, at least that was I thought at first. However, being the Orphic katabasis linked to a particular journey, the creative possibilities are greatly reduced, and Yuki and Kubo’s case might be nothing but a big coincidence. The truth is that, whatever it is, it is indisputable that what these great authors have in common is the fascination they feel for the afterlife.


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Radcliffe G. Edmonds III,Myths of the Underworld Journey: Plato, Aristophanes, and the ‘Orphic’ Gold Tablets (Cambridge University Press, 2004).

Can I gush over Hotaru for a bit?

I’m not sure how much longer I can hold it in, because oh my god, I just love, love, LOVE Hotaru so much, and I feel like she’s VERY under appreciated by the fandom. 

This post will contain spoilers, so beware of that.

First of all, she’s a fantastic female lead. Even with the whole pretending to be a guy thing, she didn’t change her personality one bit, and it’s a damn strong one, too. Although she’s bold, headstrong, and in some cases even reckless, she’s developed from the Hotaru that’s quick to judge and jump into situations that, logically, someone would stay away from, to someone who’s able to find the right answers with a clear head. 

Evidence of this is in Episode 11, when Midori says all that shit about how he can fill the role that she was basically forced out of, she could have easily agreed with him and decided to join his group just to spite Mattsun and Yuki. She had EVERY reason in the world to– they straight up abandoned her without a single explanation, especially after she had grown so attached to them.

However, she’s able to think of her own decision without letting any manipulation mess with her head, and we learn that she’s not a vengeful, spiteful person. She’s incredibly loyal, almost to a fault, and this is shown numerous times in the later episodes and the manga.

I just can’t get over how well written Hotaru is, how she has flaws to balance out her positive traits, and how relieving it is to have a strong female lead that doesn’t fall into boring tropes that most anime females fall into. She’s adorable and upbeat, but that’s minor compared to her other traits, and how important she’s become to Mattsun and Yuki. I do feel like without her, they’d be stuck in a gigantic rut (at least, a far bigger one than before), and I’m not sure how much longer they’d be around.

Conclusion: Hotaru is a fantastically written character who definitely needs more appreciation, because it’s not often that a female has a cute design yet doesn’t fall into boring, tsundere tropes that are often associated with tomboy-ish girls in anime.

There are Nights and Here is Tonight

As she stepped through the door of the house, Akane was immediately embraced by the smell of spinels. She didn’t turn on the lights, already aware that another human being was present in the house. The encounters were not unusual. The nights have almost become routine. It began when he had stationed work in Japan. Of course he had to sneak around the street scanners, but it was worth having even a few minutes in her presence and to share a handful of words. These were not words of affection, but rather words of concern. Now, neither Kogami nor Akane were in positions to judge each other but there were moments when mere words were necessary. Consequently enough, over time, those words became long conversations, embraces, kisses, and more. Both of them were aware of the dangers in their affair, but in both their lives, nothing else existed to keep them sane as they kept each other.

   In the dark, Akane steadily walked to the couch in her living room. She knew he was definitely laying there. She extended her hand to brush his mess of hair, and then felt her wrist pulled, thus causing her to be jerked forward until she landed upon her guest on the couch. She tried to relax atop him but the realization hit her that she was wearing a silk dress too thin to restrict her from feeling his figure completely through. She was already stressed from the Ministry of Welfare’s gala, where she was requested to make a speech in front of the entire section, and just wanted to relax. As Akane lay there, she explicitly heard Kogami’s steady heartbeat. It sounded deep and steady, making her feel as if he was saying “I’m right here” with his heart.

   "You’re very tense.“ commented Kogami, as Akane lifted her head from his chest to look straight at his, even though there was minimal use of making out anything in the dark. Akane responded with "Well, I can tell you’re in no better state than me.” Kogami gave a soft chuckle. “Ok, fair enough.” Akane then proceeded to lightly peck his lips. Once she withdrew, she started getting up to go change but Kogami scooped her up in the classic bridal position to the stairs, and probably up to her room.

   "I could’ve walked upstairs on my own.“ complained Akane but Kogami continued to carry her despite the protest, and Akane already got the message of his plans. After he gently set her down on the bed, he just stepped back and admired her radiance. Her silk dress shimmered as the moonlight reflected off of its skirt that was sprawled across the bed. Kogami put his forehead to hers and caressed her cheek. Akane lightly traced her fingers across the healing scar that was drawn across the bridge of his nose. After removing her fingers, she returned them to the surface of his face by cupping the sides and pulling his lips to her own. Had she been in this situation with another man, she wouldn’t have dared to show such boldness, but the man in front of her was Kogami. Her friend. Her confidant. Her Kogami.

   He followed her movements as she pulled him over her, and soon, the silk dress was discarded and forgotten, as were Kogami’s clothes. Touches made up for the lack of conversation, but the two were satisfied by the exchange. There, under the moon, with Akane’s approval, Kogami took her. The girl he doubted at first sight had now grown into the woman that he cherished. She didn’t deserve someone like him—someone who lost himself to the darkness with no hope in finding his way back. Here, wrapped in the soft sheets, with his one love in his arms—he felt at home, a feeling that had been foreign to him even during his time as Inspector.

   After they met together in perfect synchrony, both Akane and Kogami were left panting, desperately trying to breathe, but Akane giggled softly and kissed the corner of her Shinya’s mouth. Once his breathing had steadied, Kogami kissed Akane’s forehead, then her nose, then her lips, trailing down to her breasts, then returning to her lips. She was something perfect in his eyes that didn’t belong in this dark world. He vowed to let his hands be stained with blood so hers wouldn’t have to, but he still felt hurt when realizing she still had to witness so much bloodshed. Sibyl selected her because her psycho pass wouldn’t deteriorate from such trauma, but this didn’t mean her heart didn’t. That was a completely different part of her, one that she entrusted in his care, as he entrusted his heart in hers.

   Kogami moved himself of off the hovered position he had on Akane, using his arm as leverage, and settled next to her, while wrapping her tenderly in the sheets. He reached over to the nightstand, and found a cigarette pack that Akane would occasionally light from. As he put a cigarette to his lips, another hand received it with a lighter. It was Akane’s hand. She sparked the flame and closed the lighter after Kogami lit his cigarette. After a few drags, he left the remainder on Akane’s tray. In the afterglow, she didn’t say anything like “I wish you didn’t have to leave like this” or “I’ll find a way for you stay here”. She knew those thoughts weren’t pragmatic. It was the two of them against the world…and the world was winning. The world always wins. Every morning that he is taken from her arms, the world always wins.

   Kogami swept back Akane hair strands, sweaty from their past intense hour. “Something on your mind?” he asked. Even as Akane was about to respond, her eyes welled tears and they slid across her face slowly. Remembering the time she cried for Yuki, for her grandmother, and even for Kogami, when he left her that letter. Kogami instantly wiped the trails off her face and pulled her closer so that her face rested on his bare chest. Akane whimpered a bit, and Kogami just uttered a soft “Shhh”. He let her empty out her tears some more afterwards. Akane finally straightened out her breathing and in a soft voice said “Thank You, I guess I just haven’t had a time to cry some of my feelings out.” Kogami just kissed her again reassuring that he understood and he would remain there if she wanted to cry some more.

   Akane broke the momentary silence to say “To think this was only going to be a one night.” Kogami chuckled and played with her hair locks. He said “Akane, you would never be a one night. Not to me.” This made Akane smile, even though Kogami couldn’t see the smile in the dark, he felt her joy and agreement. Her arm reached over to his back, and traced the scars, the muscle lines, whatever her fingers could follow. It was a habit she developed while they talked. Her mind wandered to thoughts of Sibyl and psycho passes. People weren’t really happy in their world. It was all a façade. Were they safe for the most part?-Yes, up until Sybil decided to eliminate an unfortunate soul to protect its legitimacy, and the nation would move on with such atrocities unnoticed. In the midst of what Kogami and Akane were working towards, were they star-crossed lovers? Were they destined to end in tragedy? Their connection was one Sibyl did not predict in Akane’s selection. It was assignment to the MWPSB that initiated the relationship. Since, Akane didn’t even bother to look at her potential matches, much to her parents’ dismay, but marriage to another wasn’t even included in her agenda at all. Meanwhile, Kogami stood at the front lines of the violence, as she stayed shielded inside taming what was left. Sybil wanted raw human nature grinded to dust in its reign. After seeing everything that Akane had seen, she awakened from her safe dream into the reality of the world. A world that wouldn’t allow her the two things she desired most at the moment—justice and Kogami.

Finally settling her thoughts, Akane looked up at her Shinya, asking “Any new books tonight?”

Kogami kissed her forehead and said “Mmmmm…It’s a surprise.”

He stroked her head in rhythmic motions and after the prior many restless nights, sleep finally acquainted itself with Akane.


   Akane didn’t wake up from an alarm or the smell of something warm cooking, but she woke up from the absense of someone next to her. She was still completely naked in her sheets as she accepted the fact that Kogami had already left the premises and was exiting the city soon. A book replaced his side of the bed though. It was titled The Odyssey penned by an ancient author of the name Homer.

   She walked out of the room to the kitchen and on the counter, sat a cup of coffee, with the warmth still emanating from it. She took a sip and smiled. Akane took the cup back to her room, and sitting on Kogami’s side of the bed. Lighting a cigarette on her stand, she let the smell of the spinels waft around the room. In only her lingerie, she opened Kogami’s gift and began to read, hearing Kogami’s velvet voice in her head with every word, as if he still had his arms around her and never left their haven.

Odysseus would return to Penelope again. Despite what anyone told her, she would forever keep her faith in him and until the day he comes back to her arms, she would continue unraveling her burial shroud each night.



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