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I am desperately in need of fluff. Could we see some Lineage bonding? No one Fell or died, everyone is home, from Yoda to Ahsoka, and Obi Wan is actually perfectly happy (which is somewhat shocking I know).

“I just want to be feed cookies.” Ahsoka settled on, her head resting on Qui-Gon’s shoulder as her grandmaster sipped his tea slowly.

Her words caused Qui-Gon to chortle quietly which made his chest rumble and Master Dooku to smirk at her as he continued to gently run his fingers through Obi-Wan’s hair as the redhead rested his head in his grandmaster lap, napping from his long missions.

“Feed yourself you can, a grown woman you are.” Yoda offered before chuckling softly and floating the plate of cookies towards her as he enjoyed his own cup of tea that Anakin had poured for him. “But willing to float the tray to you I am.” The old being offered mischievously.

Anakin sniggered, sitting on the floor instead of on any of the couches or the chairs, just resting his back against Qui-Gon’s legs as he had scones on his own plate stuffed with jam and cheese. “Yeah, a grown woman Ahsoka.” He teased before almost mewling when a broad hand gently petted his curls.

“Oh she’s still a teenager I’d say.” Yan drawled from where he was sitting shoulder to shoulder with Qui-Gon.

“Quite, young and spry just like you Anakin though I don’t think I’d call you more mature then her.” Qui-Gon agreed before peering down at Obi-Wan’s head where it was resting in Yan’s lap. “He alright?”

Peering lazily at his former master, Anakin hummed. “We had a long mission, Obi-Wan mostly avoided sleeping in favor of meditation and you know those things really takes it toll, so he’s now cashing in the debt he racked up in the sleeping department at least.” He shrugged.

There was a sleeve of understanding noises at that.

“Oh Obi-Wan you silly boy.” Qui-Gon chuckled softly and stroked his knuckles gently down the redhead’s cheek. “Taking him out for a good calorie count at Dex soon it is.”

Snorting, Yan raised his brows at Qui-Gon even as he sipped his tea. “And you were the one who trained him, you really should have gotten that kind of behavior out of the poor boy.” He drawled even as he rested his hand back in the copper red hair and petted.

The man was so obviously fond of his grandpadawan that he couldn’t deny it as he seemed to spoil him at any chance he could much to the amusement of the entire linage.

“I tried.” Qui-Gon shrugged. “He’s also as stubborn a boy as he is skilled and smart… and very sacrificial.” He sighed.

“Pair someone up with him for that reason we do.” Yoda waved his cane at Qui-Gon and floated his cup over to Anakin to have the blond refill it. “Prefer my linage alive I do.” He hummed.

Anakin settled back against Qui-Gon’s legs. “Talking about something more pleasant. I managed to upgrade your shuttle Master Yan, it should run more smoothly now and the clunk noise you heard when piloting is gone too.” He tilted his head to look at the other, giving him a cautious smile.

Nodding at that, Yan smiled cautiously back too. “Why thank you Anakin, that was very kind of you.”

The two had a somewhat… strained relationship but it was getting better slowly but steadily.

Sometimes building something slow but steadily to make it last was the best way, or so Obi-Wan would claim at least if he was awake and wasn’t being petted like an overgrown cat.

Gus knows something is wrong with Lucy.

I’m heartbroken. Hopefully the medicine helps but she seems to be falling down more.

One question: She likes to eat from the syringe. I’m scared to aspirate her but she keeps chewing on the syringe like I’m going too slow. Has this happened to anyone? How do you feed them? I tried to get her to eat from the bowl but she won’t. 

I can’t lose Lucy right now.

I see your “Julia survived instead of Magnus” AUs and I raise you a Lup and a Hekuba as her adventuring buddies …Trois Rowdy Gurls, anyone?

Dudley calling Harry up out of the blue in a panic when his 2 year old starts showing signs of magic. Like how does he stop her from sneezing and setting the curtains on fire? 

Dudley and his family visiting with the Potters at Christmas and him finally agreeing to let little Petunia try out James new toy broomstick that they end up crashing into him and knocking him over.

Dudley telling his parents that he’s sending their granddaughter to Hogwarts with Harry’s son Albus and that if they ever call her or Harry’s family freaks, he will never speak to them again.

Harry explaining how Wizarding currency works to Dudley when he tries to buy his daughters wand with a debit card.

Harry showing Dudley and his wife around Diagon Alley, keeping them far away from Weasleys Wizard Wheezes (he still has nightmares about that Ton-Tongue Toffee incident).

Dudley congratulating his daughter on making it into Hufflepuff, whatever the hell that means. 

Dudley not quite understanding what it means to be made Quidditch Captain, but being immensely proud anyways. 

Dudley learning to accept what he doesn’t understand and grow past his upbringing.


“love looks not with the eye but with the mind.”

- [Act I, scene i]

@shelliihe and I were talking about the new official art and this came to mind!

extra (plot twist):

we also talked about that lmao

in all seriousness, the new official art is too beautiful and so is shelli //both art and personality <3 ;A;;;

This is the cloud that lives in my apartment, her name is Rosalind Franklin (Frankie for short) and she has unusually sharp bits for a cloud that she likes to use on me when I don’t feed her soon enough

What I expected in The Punisher: guns, violence, blood, sheer brutality, etc.

What I didn’t expect in The Punisher: Frank Castle  softly kissing Karen Page on the cheek by the waterside.

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Do you ever do complete tank cleans where you have to take Noodle out of the tank? If so, how do you catch her?

Normally I wouldn’t take noodle out of the tank for a cleaning. It stresses her out a lot and she’s really jumpy. (even if i had to do like a 90% waterchange for some reason i would probably leave her in there)

I have had to move her between tanks though and that involves a lot of trouble! (all of these pics were taken last time we moved)

firstly we have to get the eel out in the open. (noodle is almost always at least 70% hidden in a pipe or under a rock at anytime.)

basically, i have to take all of her pipes out of the tank. This is pretty simple until i get to the last pipe (the one she’s hiding in)

now to get her to leave that pipe i have to kinda scare her out. she will never leave it normally and trying to tempt her with food just makes her more bitey (plus i wouldn’t want to feed her before putting her in a bucket for a long car ride)

so i kinda pick the pipe up (eel inside) and take half of it out of the water and then gently shake it. This usually freaks her out enough that she swims out.

so now we have freaked out eel in a bare tank. 

so now’s time for the fun part. 

Left hand on that Large Fish Net

Right hand in that Eel Glove

and then we catch anger eel in the net and we hold her in the tank for a second

now we grab the net part above where the slimey angry squirmy spaghetti is. 

as shown here with this stock image of a person holding a bag of oranges. pretend the oranges are black and white and long and slimey and moving and have a vengeance.

*this step was added after the great carpet surf of ‘15

next, with the eel glove hand, we grab the oranges eel from the outside of the net and turn the net inside out to shove her through the smaller opening in the top of the bait bucket before she even gets to think about jumping. 

this is similar to the bait bucket i use. once the eel is in i tape the lid shut because she really likes to jump. if the journey is long i feed an air bubbler down through one of the holes to give her more oxygen. As a final touch i write 


all around the sides and top of the bucket. 

and that’s how you move an eel!


even after pearl got her a glass of milk AND sprayed out her mouth with the sink sprayer theres STILL peanut butter stuck between her fangs!!! unbelievable! 

“Zippity, guess what? You may have two meeces pieces for dinner tonight!”

Yes want. Give two foods.

“Do you want to choose which one to eat first?”

No choos. I eet two foods.

“Yeah, sweetie, you get both. Which one do you want first?”

Want both first. Give two foods. No choos, eet both.

“Yes, you can eat both! First one, then the other.”

No. Both first. Om nom, like dis.

“…Oh. Well as long as you’re happy I guess.”

au where natsume tells the fujiwaras about his ability to see youkai and the biggest problem to come out of it is that touko insists that she feeds all invisible guests

Now that mercy is less powerful will that one teammate in every match stop asking me to play her instead of healers I’m actually good at