but i fail everytime

Cursed Items man

So i decided to give my characters a decent magic item, an iron crown that granted the user to add radiant damage and allowed them to gain a flying speed yet since none knew identify they didnt know it was cursed until one of them put it on, Welle (pronounced Well) the Sorcerer.

Welle OOC: so this thing hurts me after an hour of flying?

Me: You seem to get that impression

Welle OOC: I take it off

Me: As you got to take it off you find out that its just stuck on your head

Welle OOC: right i have a plan

Welle: When i go unconcious get this and heal me

Party: okay?

-Welle is eventually rendered unconcious 2 more times trying different ways to remove the crown-

Welle OOC: Can i just roll a strength check to pull it off

Me: Sure, why not

Welle OOC: NAT 20 *very proud* anything?

Me: Nope

Welle OOC: but nat 20 *annoyed and sad that a nat 20 failed*

- Everytime he’s acting a bit proud I now just randomly ask him “Hows the hat?” and he just responds “Fuck you” -

I don’t know what love is, if I think about it. I think nobody knows what it is, because if we knew there wouldn’t be failed marriages and failed relationships. I think everytime we fail, we learn a little more about what it should be and can be. Every time we kiss a frog, we know we’re one step closer to finding the prince, but is there really a prince. I don’t know what love is, and I don’t think anybody knows.
—  l o v e//nikitagupta

JIN : I am an anorexic potato. I hate me.

SUGA: I love people SO much.

JHOPE: I adopted a snakeu and called him “Chill”

RAPMON: I am good at DIYs and fixing things.

JIMIN:  I reach all the top shelves easily.

V: I care about my image.

JUNGKOOK: I can’t do this ! I can’t … I fail everytime

anonymous asked:

How did you get your nails that long? I love them so much but everytime I try to get mine long I fail. Do you have any tips?

I’m still practicing, but I did them with acrylic + stiletto tips, since my own nails refuse to grow long. I feel a bit like Edward Scissorhands now :p should I do a little video on it perhaps? x


Everytime without fail when I see them live or see videos posted of Paul doing this…I smile like a damn idiot every time @rebeccakofficial @rainbowmusictime @headlight-queen @stardust-daydream @starchildluver @tobaccoleaves @belahbelieve @beatleclaudia @mysticalgalaxysalad

Chasing Tail - Falling Rain

The mask that we wear
Covering the burdens we bare
Hiding ourselves from pain.
I look to the sky, feeling the rain
Trying to feel alive
When I’m running for my life

Fighting an invisible fight
Shooting for a target out of sight
Chasing my own tail
Everytime I try I fail

No answers to my questions
I feel insane
No truths come from my lies
No tears, I can’t cry
Waiting for something to happen
That could just be a lie

But under the mask I want to die
I look to the sky for answers
Feeling the rain begging me to stay alive.

—  ~EverStray