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Coming Home (Chapter 15)

I love this chapter! You guys! IronHawk feels for the win! I love them! Clint is so mouthy and sad and Tony is just… ahhhh. I love it! Heads up for some smutty smut near the end of the chapter!


Enjoy :)


“Pepper said you were looking for me.”

Clints voice broke into Tony’s concentration, and he looked up from tweaking an arm plate on his suit, frowning when he saw the Omega looking completely uncomfortable and awkward in his doorway.

“I- um. Yeah, yeah, I was. But like… on Tuesday.” Tony tilted his head. “Where have you been?”

“I don’t think that matters.” Clint ran a hand over his face and groaned. “What did you need?”  

“You look tired.” Tony felt uneasy even talking to Clint, not sure of what to say what to say after… everything. But Rhodey had told him to just hold his family, and Sam had adamant that he reach out to Clint first– so he had waited for the past two days for Clint to come home, asking Pepper to please send him down if she saw him, and now Tony didn’t know what to do. “Are you– are you sleeping alright?”

“Am I sleeping alright?” Clint repeated, and folded his arms, leaning against the door jam. “Let’s see, my Alpha goes missing, kidnapped in some god forsaken desert. Then it takes us three months to find him. Once we do find him, he spends almost a whole week locked up in his lab refusing to see me or anyone else, until finally sitting us all down and telling us a fucking horror story about being tortured and having a goddamn battery in his chest. And then–” Clints eyes flashed angrily even though his exhausted posture never changed.

“And then, I have to spend a whole night comforting a hysterical Bucky, who made himself sick crying over something that happened between you two. And then, oh look, my Alpha is locking himself up in his lab again for weeks, except this time not even Bruce is allowed in there, and crazy shit is happening with some suit that I know is you. We all know it’s you, but it’s just one more thing you are keeping me out of. Then Steve and Bucky leave and all the sudden I’m sleeping alone in a big ass bed that I usually share with two big ass soldiers, and wondering where they are and if they are safe and basically panicking because my fucking family is falling apart. Do I seem like I am sleeping well?”

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Do you have any headcanons for the countries as dads?

So, once again, forever ago, we did a huge post about dad headcanons!!
Though, it was about two months ago, so it’s old..I’ll go ahead and copy and paste the answers below, and maybe add some more new ones while I’m at it!!! Enjoy!!

America: All the dad jokes, white dad dancing at the neighborhood BBQ (you know exactly with that means), good homework helper, A master griller, not super strict but has rules. Fun dad, game night with kids. Dance parties around the house.

England: Strict when young, gives them space when they’re older, paranoid about safety, more books than electronics, turns off Wifi for family meeting, all children must be sorted into a Hogwarts house and watch Harry Potter.

France: King of Bake Sales, fun dad, if not married flirts with single moms, drinks wine with the other moms, goes on vacation with his kids a lot, hosts neighborhood get-together’s often, teaches kids to speak French as first language…then English. Loves to go dancing with his kids.

Canada: Quiet dad, always volunteers to be a chaperone for school trips, has a hard time saying no to his kids, good at helping kids with projects, loves playing board games with his kids.

Russia: The almost perfect dad-bod. Other parents are sometimes scared of hims. Trains kids in self-defense. Very sweet with kids, but is still strict. Kids would be very well behaved.

China: Strict, but still fun. Big on family time. Always buys his kids little gifts. Teaches kids to cook from a young age. Very respectful kids. Plays both mom and dad roles.

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Hi! You know that I love your webcomic and I have read your novel "Solitarie" last night. I still love the Nick and Charlie pairing. I'm really sorry for my kind of questions but I'm really curious about it: I know you're not going to add nsfw stuff in your webcomic, but: Is there going to be a talk about sexual themes? I have also read that they did have sex after (I think after a year or so) and (1/2)

Hi. Thanks so much for reading my stuff, I really appreciate it and I’m very glad to hear you enjoyed them! I’ve answered a question similar to this on my art blog, but I will expand on it a bit here:

I know you’re just curious, and I understand that my characters are well-rounded and I talk about them very often in detail, but please remember that in Heartstopper, they are both kids. When they’re old enough, yes, Nick and Charlie have a healthy sex life, and yes, as teenagers, as you can probably imagine, that’s when they start to explore that sort of thing, by themselves and with each other. But I am never going to go into detail about it and I am not going to be exploring it explicitly in any of my works. Yes, the comic will discuss sex and explore it in the context of N&C’s relationship development, but it will be in an entirely non-erotic context. There will be no scenes that are designed to turn on the reader, which I imagine is what you’re really asking. It is not appropriate to write or draw erotic scenes between teenagers, and even if they were over 18, I would have no interest in drawing such scenes. 

Nick and Charlie are teenagers in Heartstopper right now. Sexual questions are inappropriate. If you are trying to imagine them in sexual situations - a 14 year old character and a 16 year old character - don’t. And take a step back and ask yourself why you are doing that. I’d also like to invite you to question why it matters to you who is ‘top’ and ‘bottom’, and also to question why you even think that all queer people align themselves to those roles. It baffles me that it’s a fun thing for people to speculate about on the internet, and the idea of people trying to assign those female-gaze power-play roles to my teenage characters is very disturbing to me.

The sexualisation of queer boys and men is an extreme problem here on the internet. I’m doing my best to write and draw a comic about an mlm couple that focuses on the warmth, love, respect, support, and trust between two teenage boys who are growing up and discovering their identities. And my comic is a no-tolerance zone for fetishistic behaviour and the sexualisation and eroticisation of queer boys and men. 

I delete most questions and comments I see like this, but I feel I should say something about it at least once. This isn’t meant to be an attack on you, anon - honestly, I just want you, and others like you, to take a step back and think about why these things matter to you. Because they shouldn’t. Especially in regard to a comic like Heartstopper.

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*shoving in your ask box* Revus showing tumblr to Ignis.

Get cozy for this one. 

Ravus showing Ignis Tumblr:

  • Ravus was surfing Tumblr when Ignis walked into the room. He tried to hide it; it did not work.
  • “Your username on Tumblr is The-High-Commander?”
    • “For some reason, people think I enjoy smoking cannabis because of it.”
  • “These are your likes?”
    • “Don’t click that!”
    • *clicks* *sees naked Ignis fanart*
    • “Is that supposed to be me?!”
    • “Well, you see–”
    • “I’m exposed– And you. You liked it!”
    • “…”
    • “…”
    • “Well, fuck me if I am going to confirm or deny that statement.”
  • *has no idea how to navigate* *doesn’t ask for help*
  • “Oh, people post recipes here.”
  • “Forget it, the outcome looks awful.”
  • “Goodness, does no one have proper grammar?”
  • “I don’t understand what hashtags are.”
  • “I can follow chefs I admire! How practical and accessible.”
  • “Why is it that when I search ‘apple pie’ both desserts and pornography appear within the same tag?”
  • *clicks reblog* *edit screen pops up*
  • “I don’t know what I did.”
  • *sees a blog called we-love-ebony*
  • *clicks it*
  • *more porn*
  • “This…this isn’t right.”

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Texts w/ NCT Dream - When They Find Out They’re Your Ideal Type / When You Find Out You’re Their Ideal Type!

(the request asked for either/or but I did a mix of both and just randomly picked whichever members for whichever scenario!!)

Asgardian Mercy

Thor, Loki

Summary: Thor and Loki are sparring, but Loki keeps cheating, so Thor wants to play Asgardian mercy instead. Loki doesn’t get to opt out.

A/N: Based on this prompt. I hope you like it! I’ve actually genuinely enjoyed writing Thor fics, which I didn’t think I would. No spoilers for Ragnarök as this takes place before the movie when they’re younger.

Words: 1 200



“But Loki.”

“I said no, brother.”

“When did you become so boring?”

That snapped Loki out of his persistent staring at a blank spot before him, turning to frown at Thor in dismay. “Excuse you.”

“I don’t need to be excused.” Thor was grinning at him, unable to keep his glee at bay. It felt good to be the mischievous one for once. It quite literally never happened.

“You’re walking a thin line, you know.”

“Is that a threat?”

“It’s a promise of a future threat.”

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Those careless hands

Characters: James Herondale and Matthew Fairchild

Ship: Heronchild

Warnings: Depression, mention of suicide attempt, mention of drowning, if you have read The Midnight Heir, you know what happened with James

Summary: Matthew’s and James’ first conversation after Magnus pulls him out of the river and takes him home doesn’t go well.

A/N: So here it is, at last, 2 weeks late. I am so sorry for the delay, but in my defense: 1- this completely ran away from me, and 2- then Cassie revealed the bomb on why James was acting the way he did in MH so obviously I had to edit it to include that. Special thanks to @alessapenthorn @stardust–stories and @annabeth-herondale that were super excited for this and sent me messages about it. You guys are the best and I hope you and everyone enjoy this 3000-word angst fest!

If you prefer, also read it on AO3!

When James opened his eyes again, the room was dark. The flames had gone out on the fire place a while ago and all the lights were turned off, the living room being lit only by the faint moonlight that came in through the spaces between the curtains that covered the windows. He looked blearily around, trying to remember what had happened, but all that he gathered was that it was likely very late. When he tried to lift his head, though, it throbbed something fierce and he felt immediately sick.

He lied back down and closed his eyes tightly, images from the night coming back to him. The club, Magnus Bane, the running around London, the lake… And the worried faces of his parents and uncle Jem, the bits and pieces of conversation he had gathered. He suddenly felt very sick for an entirely different reason, remembering the words of his father. He had never meant to hurt them, the only person he wanted to hurt was himself, and he now felt once again as he had felt when he had fallen on the pond, drifting lower and lower as the water surrounded him: that if only he disappeared, if he drifted into nothingness, not only all his pain would go away, but everyone else’s as well. His parents would no longer have to deal with a cursed child, hearing whispers of murder wherever they went, he would no longer constantly worry and burden them. They could be happy, father, mother and Lucie, all he had to do was go away, as a shadow among shadows, as many had told him.

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What do you think about EoS?

I didn’t like it as much as the other books, but it was okay. I was mainly really annoyed with Aelin throughout the book so that took away from the enjoyment, but I did like the other characters so that saved it for me. Aelin was just doing everything on her own keeping everything from us what felt like it was just for shock factor. And then they turned out to be mates which felt really unnecessary to me. It was so much more meaningful when they weren’t mates but liked each other anyway.
But like I said, I did like the other characters so I did enjoy it, just not as much as the other ones.

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I was in the voltron fandom for awhile but fell out because of irl friends making it weird and umvomfortable for me (plot twist Im 21+ and theyre under 18). And oh boy am i glad i got out when i did, because despite the fact they shout its people my age who are making the fandom fangerous, im actually scared for my own life and if i try and enjoy my content i could be doxxed, lose my job and have my actual life ruined

Sadly relateable. When I joined the vld fandom the toxicity of the fandom made me move all my vld content to a side blog and swear off all discourse-related content. I never want to be popular or famous as a creator in the vld fandom … it would be hellish and scary. (My salt, however, was too powerful for silence: hence this blog.)

I hope it gives you hope, anon, that irl most people are baffled by anti-shipper logic. While I’ve heard several stories of anti-shippers reporting people irl, I have yet to hear of any of them successfully getting someone fired or ruining their lives … because these people aren’t pedophiles or abusers. What they’re actually doing is so harmless that authorities laugh at it or dismiss the complaint immediately.

we’re gonna be okay irl. not sure about in fandom yet. but IRL, we’re good. 

Survivor Series

Overall tonight was such a fun night!! I literally lost my voice screaming when Seth, Dean, and Roman came out. Their match with New Day was AMAZING. It was really a good way to start the show. I was upset how wrong they did Becky and in a way Bayley. I enjoyed Baron Corbin vs The Miz and The Bar vs The Usos a lot too! Bork vs Styles was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.The main event was.. well we’ll get to that later.

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Honestly i love shane (and ryland, drew and garret obvs)?? Ive been watching him since early 2015 and even since then hes grown so much, hes met ryland and garret, got a dog and a cat and just become a lot happier generally. His content has changed so much but you can tell he really enjoys what he does now, its been nice to see him grow up and fall in love and such lmao. My favourite youtubers are always the ones who actually enjoy what they do

Yes!! I watched him a LONG time ago when he did collabs with joey all the time and people thought he was queerbaiting (🙄), but I stopped and just went back to watching a few months ago. It’s like he’s a completely different person. Garrett and drew seem like wonderful friends and ryland is amazing too ❤️

Just following on from @glumshoe’s post about women’s branded clothing, can anyone rec me a good pair of women’s combat boots that aren’t made with faux cardboard soles? I’d like to enjoy style and comfort while maintaining the ability to kick through walls if necessary.

Preferably not Doc Martens, those boots always gouge my feet up cause of how the ankle area is constructed on them. Although I am sorely tempted by their current glitter range.

I did used to have a good pair of steel capped boots that saved my life more than once when I got grabbed on the streets and had to kneecap my way to safety, but my mother got rid of them in my absence and I don’t remember the brand.

summer hinoka and takumi doodle~

Tom and Lin-Manuel: An Appreciation/Jealous Rant

Every writer has a golden period – a chunk of time when her brain is ripest, when the veins he is tapping are the richest, when the ideas, big and small, spill out over the sides of the bucket instead of having to be patiently collected like drops of rain off a leaf. This is true for songwriters, playwrights, novelists, screenwriters, anyone who writes anything in any genre. Go look at John Hughes’s IMDb page and marvel at his golden period, which I would bookend as 1983-1990. It’s outrageous. He wrote Vacation, Mr. Mom, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Some Kind of Wonderful, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Uncle Buck, and Home Alone in eight years. Eight years?! That’s absurd.

But then look at his next 20 years. You won’t find one movie that is better than the worst one he wrote in those seven years. The vein ran dry. It always does. That’s just the deal.

Tom Petty’s golden period never ended. Or, at least, the silver periods on either side of his golden period were seemingly infinite. No matter where you think he peaked – Full Moon Fever, or Wildflowers, or Damn the Torpedoes – the decades on either side were wonderful. He was great from the moment he released his first album in 1977 to the day he died last month. For forty years he wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and the songs he wrote were good or great or amazing.

Tom Petty wrote “Breakdown” and “American Girl” in 1977. He wrote “You Don’t Know How it Feels” seventeen years later, in 1994. He wrote “You Got Lucky” in 1982, “King’s Highway” in 1992, “The Last DJ” in 2002. He wrote “I Won’t Back Down,” “Runnin’ Down a Dream,” Free Fallin’,” “Love is a Long Road,” “A Face in the Crowd,” Yer So Bad,” and “The Apartment Song,” and “Depending on You,” all in 1989, and they were all on the same album, and that’s absurd.

He wrote “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” in 1981 and “Big Weekend” in 2006. He wrote every song on Wildflowers – and they are all great – in or around 1994. He wrote fifty other great songs I haven’t named yet, like “Don’t Come Around Here No More” and “Jammin Me.” He wrote great songs you’ve heard a million times, and great songs you’ve maybe never heard, like “Billy the Kid” (1999) and “Walls” (1996) which was buried on the soundtrack to She’s the One.  He took a break from the Heartbreakers and casually released “End of the Line” and “Handle With Care” and “She’s My Baby” with the Traveling Wilburys in 1989-90. He wrote “Refugee” in 1980 and “I Should Have Known It” in 2010. Is there any rock and roll songwriter alive who wrote two songs that good, 30 years apart? (Paul McCartney wrote “Hey Jude” in 1968, and only 12 years later he wrote “Wonderful Christmas Time,” which is so bad it nearly retroactively undid “Hey Jude.”)

He wrote about rock and roll things, like ’62 Cadillacs, getting out of this town, and dancing with Mary Jane. He wrote about love and loss and heartbreak. He wrote legitimately funny jokes, and moribund memories, and personal narratives, and imaginative flights of fancy. One of his characters calls his father his “old man” and it somehow isn’t cheesy. He was from Florida and California and wrote about both of them, and every time I’m on Ventura Boulevard I think of vampires, because the images he wrote are indelible. 

Petty didn’t just write songs directed at women, like most rock stars. He wrote about women, and he wrote for women, and he wrote with women. He treated the women in his songs as lovingly and respectfully as he treated the men. He cared about them as much, he spent as much time thinking about them, and he liked them as much, and all of that is rare.

He wrote simply, but not boringly. He made his characters three-dimensional, somehow, in a matter of seconds. There’s a famous (probably apocryphal) story about Hemingway bragging he could write an entire novel in six words, then writing: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” I prefer the 18-word novel Petty wrote as the first verse to “Down South” –

Headed back down south
Gonna see my daddy’s mistress
Gonna buy back her forgiveness
Pay off every witness

When I was working on Parks and Recreation, whenever we needed a song to score an important moment in Leslie Knope’s life, we chose a Tom Petty song. It started with “American Girl,” when her biggest career project came to fruition. It was “Wildflowers” when she said goodbye to her best friend. It was “End of the Line” at the moment the show ended. For the seven seasons of our show, Tom Petty was the writer we trusted to explain how our main character was feeling, because he wrote so much, so well, for so long.


It seems like a joke, Hamilton – a joke in a TV show where one of the characters is a struggling New York actor, and is always dragging his friends to his terrible plays. Like Joey in Friends. There’s an episode of Friends where Joey is in a terrible musical called like Freud!, about Sigmund Freud, and you get to see some of it, and it’s predictably terrible. Freud! the musical is arguably a better idea than Hamilton the musical.

I’m far from the first person to say this – I’m probably somewhere around the millionth person to write about Hamilton, and the maybe 500,000th to make this particular point, but it needs to be said – a hip-hop Broadway musical about the founding fathers is an astoundingly terrible idea. Lin-Manuel Miranda should never have written it. As soon as he started to write it, he should’ve said to himself, “What the fuck am I doing?!” and stopped. And after he got halfway through, he should’ve junked it, gotten really drunk, and moved on with his life, and made his wife and friends swear to never mention the weird six months where he was trying to write a hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton. I literally guarantee you that when Lin-Manuel Miranda first told his friends what he was writing, every one of them reacted with at best a frozen smile, and at worst a horrified recoiling. Some of them might have been outwardly encouraging – “sounds awesome bud! Go get ‘em!” But then later, alone, they would call each other and say What the fuck is he doing?

There is a moment, in Hamilton, when what you are watching overwhelms you. (It’s not the same moment for everyone, but most everyone has one, I suspect.) It’s the moment when the enormity, the complexity, the meaning of it, the entirety of it, overpowers you, and you realize that what you are experiencing is new – new both in your specific life, and new, like, on Earth.  The first time I saw it, that moment was a line in the middle of “Yorktown.” Hamilton sang the line And so the American experiment begins / With my friends all scattered to the winds, and I burst into tears in a way I hadn’t since I was 10 and a baseball went through a guy’s legs in the World Series. Something about how casually he says that – And so the American experiment begins – just settled over me, like a collapsing tent, and this thing I was watching wasn’t in front of me, it was everywhere around me, and it was exhilarating and transformative.

(If I could put this part in a footnote, I would, but I don’t know how to, so: I should mention that I am very far from a musical theater aficionado. I have seen maybe eight musicals in my life. Not only did I not expect to cry, hard, during Hamilton, I did not expect to enjoy it. I saw it like a week after it opened on Broadway, kind of on a whim, knew nothing about it, and the last thing I said to my wife, as the lights went down, was: “We’ll leave at intermission.”)

The second time I saw it, that moment came much earlier (I knew what I was getting into, this time, so I was more ready to be subsumed). It came barely three minutes in, when the entire cast of the show, in a piece of choreography that can best be referred to as “badass,” all walk down to the very front of the stage and stand, shoulder to shoulder, and sing very loudly about how Alexander Hamilton never learned to take his time. The cast has, to this point, trickled on stage, slowly, one by one, telling you Hamilton’s origin story, and then suddenly there they all are, all of them – maybe 20? 50? It seems like 1000? – as close to the audience as they can get, and they are every size and ethnicity and gender, and their voices are loud, and I thought to myself, oh my God, this is a cast of people descended from every nation on Earth, all singing about the foundations of the American experience, and yes I “knew” that, intellectually, but holy shit, now that I see them all, I know it, like in my stomach, I understand it, and what a thing that is.

The third time I saw Hamilton, that moment was during “It’s Quiet Uptown,” when this enormous, sprawling, improbable, otherworldly, multi-ethnic, historical, art tornado presses pause on all of its historical-cultural-ethno-sociological-artistic investigations, and spends four and a half spare minutes with a couple who are grieving an unimaginable tragedy.  Specifically, it was the lines

Can you imagine?
Can you imagine?

What a thing to do, for your characters – to give them four and a half minutes in the middle of an enormous, sprawling, historical swirl, to just be sad. What a piece of writing that is.

(Again, should be a footnote, but: as long as I’m talking about writers here, I should point out that if the late Harris Wittels were alive, he would, at this moment, text me and hit me with a “humblebrag” for writing about how I have seen Hamilton three times, and he would be right. Miss you Harris!)

In the hundreds of hours of my life I have spent thinking about Hamilton since I first saw it – far more hours than any other single piece of art I have ever experienced – I have revisited that same thought over and over: he never should’ve written it. It was an absurd thing to do. It took him a year to write the title song, then another year to write the second song, and how did he not give up when two years had gone by and he’d written two songs?  He must’ve known in his heart it needed to be a 50-song, 2 ½-hour enterprise, and he had two songs after two years, and he kept going. How did he keep going? I’ve been trying to write this blog post about two writers I admire for different reasons since the week Tom Petty died, and I’ve almost given up five times.

At this point, the entire musical is that “moment” for me. It’s the whole thing, now – the thing that overwhelms me is the whole thing. The conception of it, the writing of it, the rewriting of it. The music and the motifs and the themes and the threads and the dramatic shape and the characters and their inner lives, and the eagle-eye writer’s view it took to keep all of that in his head, all of it, the whole time. The writing of it. The utterly impossible writing of it. 


Once upon a time I made a LoZ AU ft. kid Link, black-haired Zelda, good guy Ganon, human Fi, and a whole lot of other self-indulgent junk. For whatever reason, I never shared it with anyone. I’m still super fond of them though.


“Now they’ll be hard-pressed to make me do something I don’t feel passionate about. To be perfectly honest, for as much as people really seem to enjoy the movie [Call Me By Your Name], it pales so much in comparison to the actual process of making it. Other people didn’t get that experience. I did. Watching it feels like reading CliffsNotes of an amazing book. I was there every day, all day, living this thing, so now when I watch it for two hours, it’s just too quick. I wish I could go back to that place.”

Armie Hammer photographed by Amanda Demme for Vulture (November 2017)