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Melly I read that Zayn in a golf cart gif set in his accent and now I would like you to transcribe the whole scene in Zaynglish please. As a matter of fact, is there a way you can go into every fanfic ever and overwrite every Zayn speech and dialogue in Zaynglish? Thanks, you're the best!

*cracks knuckles and centers self*


Raven: You are a disgrace.

Qrow: …-snuggles down into Summer’s hood-

Best part of being a bird and having a partner/friend/girlfriend who constantly wears hoods…you get to sleep in them.

I don’t know. I just thought of this and needed to draw it. 

Even before they started secretly dating, and especially after, Qrow enjoyed taking a warm, cozy nap in Summer’s hood. She was always a rather quiet girl, and along with her warmth, pleasant yet subtle scent, and soothing voice when she did speak, he was lulled right off to sleep. Nothing was safer and more comfortable for a mid day nap than her hood…unless her lap under a shaded tree was available.

Summer LOVED IT didn’t mind. Her cute partner (then boyfriend) snuggled up in bird form inside her hood? Yeah, she couldn’t resist that.

Sweet dreams...
( darkiplier )
Sweet dreams...

@arlinabloodgrave20 submitted a script for Darkiplier regarding a sleeping listener. Enjoy!

(Sees a listener sleeping) 

“Well…would you look at this. Humans are so fragile even when they sleep. Their life can be taken away and they wouldn’t know it. And yet…humans look like they’re at peace. Strange how it’s possible for this to happen. Perhaps they’re not afraid of what will happen to them if they sleep. This is perfect. I could just “protect them” as they sleep.”

(Listener slowly wakes up) 

“Oh! You’re awake! Did I wake you? ….No? Good. I was just merely watching over you as you sleep. What’s that? Of course I’ll stay with you as you sleep. Just rest.”

(Listener eventually falls asleep)

“Perfect. Now I can get to work. Sweet dreams.”


When I first entered the phandom, I enjoyed shippy Dan and Phil fanfiction, but made no assumptions about their real life relationship. I very purposely tried to avoid making any assumptions about their real life relationship and did not speculate in any way. I felt it was disrespectful to try to speculate about their real life relationship.

And then I watched their videos of the last year or so. And I watched the BONCA Awards. And I read their recent tweets. And I saw the candid photos they posted of each other. And I made my phan timeline and saw how many vacations they’ve gone on together and such. And then I noticed how neither of them has ever taken a date to any significant event or even been seriously paired with anyone in gossip. For like 7 years.

And now I can’t stop speculating. Or making assumptions. Or something. I feel so dirty.

Pretty sure I mentioned it before (or someone else did), but I’ll bring the idea of autistic!David back:

  • Camping/Camp Campbell is his special interest
  • Tends to try and help others enjoy his special interest as much as he does
  • Doesn’t fully realize the intent behind some of his actions; tends to act without realizing some of his actions could be offensive (doesn’t make them okay but this is actually a very common thing for certain autistic people, myself included. Again, explanation, not excuse.)
  • On a similar note, when he DOES realize his actions can be offensive, he tends to go overboard when doing his best NOT to be offensive
  • Very emotional/represses a lot of ‘negative’ emotions and replaces them with ‘positive’ emotions probably because being sad or angry is emotionally draining and one only has so many spoons to spare
  • Told to do something other than camping/take a break from camping, reaction is ‘what…should I do?’ as if he can’t really process doing things outside his comfort zone/special interest
  • Very naive and overly trusting (Again, I am like this myself. If someone tells me something and I have no reason to be suspicious of them, I’ll likely believe it)
  • Often seen as annoying by people who don’t….really….get it….

Authors Note: A little drabble to a certain pic that sets my soul on fire requested by the amazing @nikkitasevoli . Be gentle with me since my brain isn’t fully here yet. Think I lost it somewhere on the plane. If you find it, please return. But seriously…..ENJOY!

Trigger Warning: Smut

“We just need to rehearse one more time,” Jared smiled at me from the stage. “What do you think babe? How is the view down there?”

“Brilliant,” I moaned as I looked up to see him with that goofy hat on his head.

The sight of him on that stage. Lips merely millimeters away from the microphone as his voice sweetly escaped. Pants barely hanging from his hips as he swayed along with the beat that the others played. But there were no others when he moved the way that he did. I found myself slowly walking toward the stage. I was startled when he noticed.

“We’re good,” he regarded before hopping from the stage. His hands moved around my waist before pulling me in closely. He turned me away from him quickly before gripping my hips as he pushed his pelvis against my ass. I felt his hard mass pressing against me before his lips kissed the nape of my neck. My eyes closed at the pure feeling of his lips. It’s been far too long. “Nikkita. I saw that. You know what that look does to me.”

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Stupid- Miles Wood

Originally posted by adamhenriques

Ok did ANY of you see that fight last night? Omg it was so fantastic I love the Devils! Anyway got another request for the AMAZING Miles Wood! Enjoy guys!

Warning: None

Anon Request: I loved the Miles Wood imagine! Could you do another one with him where you two are dating and you get into an argument before he leaves for a week and you don’t talk while he’s away, and when he gets home from the trip he thinks you left him but you didn’t? Thanks!!


              “I don’t get why you’re so upset with me, Miles! I’m the one that should be pissed with you!”

              “You have no right to be mad! She’s an ex!”

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ACOMAF Playlist (finally!)

so I mentioned a few times that i’ve got a few songs saved for acomaf and i’m finally making that damn playlist so you all might enjoy the music and cry over feysand with me (the music genre is alternative pop, indie, piano stuff) basically stuff i listen to when i’m drawing :) this is relevant to acowar aswell (fu tool face)

Trainwreck - BANKS (i’m sort of obsessed with banks rn soz)

Come Crashing - Digital Daggers (feysand<3)

Remembrance - Balmorhea (legit makes me cry every time)

Foolishment - Thomas Newman

Oh My My - Ruelle

Gemini Feed - BANKS

The Devil Within - Digital Daggers (middle finger to the tool)

Salvation - Gabriella Alpin (many of you will know this from taratjah’s vid)

How I did get here - ODESZA

Soldier - Fleurie 

Mind Games - BANKS 

here’s a link to my youtube where i put them into a playlist: 


hope you enjoy!

That episode truly hurt my heart. I didn’t expect that when Adrian said that there was torture/ things worth than death that there was. At first I wasn’t as shocked by Oliver’s admission because I feel like on some level I knew it was true, at least in the time during the flashbacks. A lot of the times he killed during the flashbacks I couldn’t understand why he saw them as necessary. When he came back to Starling/Star City, I still didn’t see the deaths as necessary but I was convinced by Oliver’s urgency that the names on the list were killing his city and the only way to stop it was for them to die. This admission by Oliver however throws a wrench in all of that. How long after he came to Starling was he killing because he liked it? When did he truly stop enjoying, that words pains me to say, killing? Adrian made Oliver truly face the monster he gave an identity to and I wasn’t prepared for how much it was gonna hurt.

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All in all, I agree the musical was unnecessary, but I did enjoy the WA parts and the Millie and Iris parts, CP did a fantastic job, it wasn't a complete flop but I don't want them doing this again, ever. My favorite thing is knowing that the SB's are seething right now, one on twitter even tried to say the ratings are bad cuz of WA, even though the ratings stayed steady.

Also I was watching a reaction video to this ep with this black kid and his mom that watches together and when Barry sang to Iris, the father came out and started lip singing the song to the mother, even though he didn’t know the words and the son was all mad and then the parents kissed and he was like “don’t kiss each other on camera!!!” It was so cute.

They are definitely going to do it again, but we should at least not have to worry about it until about this time next year. I have been having a great time looking at all of the salty-butthurtness on Twitter today. LOL

That reaction vid sounds cute <3

Never Halfway (Yuri on Ice)

Sorry we haven’t posted anything lately! Things have been nuts. This fic was literally “throw shit into the story and hope it sounds good”.

Notes: this takes place one year after the shows events at the 2016 GPF (I’ve got a whole post about this I might upload, about when the shows events occurred). The 2016 GPF took place in France, specifically Marseilles.

Okay! Enjoy! -Megan

P.S: thanks for tour sweet birthday messages and favors. :)

He’d done it. He couldn’t believe he’d done it.

He was in the lead and so far ahead it would be near impossible to catch him.

And he did it. All of it. Under the overpowering grip of illness.

Competing with an upset stomach was not unheard of in the case of Yuri Plisetsky.

He was unfortunately one of the skaters cursed by having an anxious stomach. So, he tended to compete with an upset stomach and occasionally nausea.

But this. Today was awful.

Its started when he had landed in Marseille feeling a little under the weather. But this could easily be mistaken for jet lag.

So, he went to his hotel room and crashed for the night.

He had not expected to wake up only about two hours later to a very unpleasant churning in his stomach.

He untangled himself from his sheets, making a dash for the bathroom. In less than ten minutes of him getting in front of the toilet, the young blonde was violently ill.

Harsh retches tore his sore throat and shook his petite body, seemingly endless waves of vomit spilling past his lips.

Even after his stomach was mostly empty, he was sent into a seemingly eternal spell of dry heaving and coughing.

Spitting into the toilet one more time to rid the taste, Yuri was trembling. Had the bathroom been this cold when he came in?

His body was sticky with sweat from effort. But the lapse of vomiting drained his energy completely.

He grabbed toilet paper, wiping his mouth before flushing the mess and forcing himself shakily to his feet.

He grabbed the trash can by the desk and put it by his bed.

Laying down, a thought crossed his mind, maybe he should call Viktor or Yuuri, who were in the room next door. But he’d brushed that aside. If they knew he was sick, they’d probably prevent him from competing.

The following day, things took a turn for the worst it seemed. Yuri could not hold anything the resembled food down. And even keeping liquid in his system became a battle.

He didn’t even want to get started on how Agape went. Sure, he got a new personal best. But his whole body was trembling when he finished and he was in so much pain he was nearly in tears.

He’d completely ditched the kiss and cry, grabbing his jacket as nausea started weighing down on him and stepped outside into the silence of the night to catch his breath and settle his turmoil-ridden stomach.

He’d thrown up four times in his hotel room that night.

Allegro Appassionato would be his utter downfall. It was taxing on a good day, when he was healthy.

Running purely on adrenaline—seeing as he’d already thrown up whatever he’d initially tried to choke down at breakfast—he skated.

And he skated with everything he had, throwing himself into this routine.

But by time he struck his ending, he was swallowing convulsively against his sore throat, torn up from throwing up.

His whole body hurt. His head was pounding. His stomach was making him nauseated and the tight fabric of his costume did it no justice. As the nausea crept up, he tasted the bitterness in his throat. His abdomen felt like it was being torn in half and Yuri just wanted to be off the ice.

The pain was undoubtedly bad. If Yuri could even feel it, most people would be in tears. If it was bringing Yuri to tears, it must be something terrible.

The blonde couldn’t take it anymore. When he finished pose time, he collapsed to his knees. His small body shook with sobs. He was in so much pain.

But then a new horror crept up on him. His stomach clenched with the force of the sob. And he had to cover his mouth to prevent spewing the extremely small lunch and water he’d had.

He curled in on himself. Pleading his body to just stop, to calm down.

Someone pulled him to his feet

“Yurio… Lets get you off the ice…”

It was Yuuri

“K-katsu… Y-Yuuri… Get me out of he-” Yuri’s voice pleaded, but was cut off by a weak gag.

The blonde was handed over to someone else.

“Fucking hell kitten… You’re burning up…. You’re really si-”

“Viktor… We’ve got to get out of here.” Yuuri’s voice was stern

Viktor picked up the message quickly.

“I’ll tell Yakov and grab his jacket. Get him away from the reporters.” Viktor said hurriedly.

Yuri’s face was bleached so much paler than usual. Jaw clenched tight, he yet again choked back bile that burned his throat.

Tears trailing down his cheeks, he clenched onto Yuuri tighter.

It was a harsh ordeal, trying to get past reporters, who’s yells and cameras and rapid talking hurt Yuri’s head more and made him dizzy and confused.

“Lets get you outside…” Yuuri whispered to the blonde.

“I heard that there’s going to be a grand romantic gesture from a skater soon. If you hurry, you’ll catch it.” Yuuri had lied so simply to the reporters. But it drove them away.

It’s only second after the cool night air is brushing Yuri that he’s doubled over, coughing up thin streams of bile and water.

His hair is already tied back from his performance. So, along with a hand on the young blondes chest to keep him upright, Yuuri kindly strokes his palm along the braid.

Yuri is panting and shaking like a newborn kitten when he’s done. He’s still in tears and Yuuri can’t help but ignore the small winces and whimpers of discomfort.

Viktor is there shortly after, draping his own Olympic jacket over the trembling shoulders of Yuri.

“Looks like he threw up on his jacket…” Viktor said to Yuuri before the Japanese skater could question.

Yuri nodded, as if verifying. “Thought I was gonna be sick… Didnt have time to get a towel or anywhere…” He mumbled tiredly

“I’ll ask house keeping to clean it for you… For now, lets get you back to the hotel…” Yuuri says

“But the Grand Prix…” Yuri weakly protested

“I already competed. Medaling is tomorrow night after pairs skating… We’ll see how you are then…” Yuuri said

The small blonde gave in, slipping his arms in Viktor’s jacket before collapsing back against Yuuri.

Viktor breaks the silence with a small laugh, trying to ease Yuri’s tension with small teasing that even makes Yuuri laugh and in agreement

“You never give up or go halfway. Do you?”

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DID YOU ENJOY THE MUSICAL? What were your top 5 fave things? 🎶

I actually did!!! Lmao.
My Top 5:
2. When Barry and Kara found out that Millie and Tommy were in love with eachother.
3. HEARING Melissa, Carlos, Jeremy, JLM, and Grant sing.
4. Iris saving Barry with a true love’s kiss (ICONIC!).
5. Seeing Martian, Vibe and Kid Flash team up together for the first time.

I have more but that’s what came up in my head first!

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[BAD ENGLISH WARNING] Hi! So, did you see that I translated your comic? I even sent the Link ;w; If you have not seen it yet, I hope you enjoy it when you see!

Ahh!! I didn’t see it. I would love you to send me the link again so I could update the FAQ and inform the followers. Thank you! :)

why did i stress myself so much for swimsuits and bikinis when there are swim clothes and they hide everything you are insecure about + they are super beautiful ? like i can finally enjoy being in a pool… wish i bought them before YEARS AGO

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What is up with you getting anons hating on the musical today? If the concept of a musical episode isn't your cup of tea that's cool but there's no need to be ass hats about it. Especially when this was obviously something CP enjoyed being a part of. Also that anon this episode garnered huge social media attention (WA actually trended which hasn't happened in a long time), music sales are doing well, and critics are giving it great feedback. Ratings is not the only goal geeze.

I still think overall it was a waste of an ep, but I did find a few things to enjoy about it. Damn producers knew what they were doing when they put RHTY in there…

But this ep was great for us, so I can’t be upset with it. 

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Hi💕 Did you think to make another LutteoFicWeek? I really enjoy reading all of your stories. You guys are such good writers!

First thing first thank you so much and we do have so many talented writers in this fandom it’s great  ( @strawberriesindenial the compliment is for you guys) And yes, I’m planning to make another one, maybe not soon (probs when somewhere in july or when the hiatus starts again) but I am planning a second one and I lowkey want to do two a year (if  possible)   let’s see how that goes

Universe Falls Preview

Woo boy here we go! Our first preview of arc 4! I still can’t believe I’m actually in this arc personally like when the hell did this happen. But anyway, have some cute fluff between Steven and Greg because fuck god knows we’re gonna need it when I get to the intense as fuck later parts of this chapter. 

Steven let out a small gasp as the hero of the movie they were watching landed the finishing blow on the monster of the flick: a zombie. Greg couldn’t help but crack a small grin at how engrossed his son was with the film, even though it was quite old and rather cheesy. Still, the young Gem beamed in satisfaction as the protagonist embraced his love interest and kissed over their triumph as the credits began to roll.

“Oh man, that was the scariest movie we’ve watched tonight yet!” Steven exclaimed, propping himself up from his pillows a bit. “I wonder if real-life zombies would be as terrifying as that one.”

“Eh, probably not, kiddo,” Greg shrugged, smirking. “I mean, that zombie was pretty slow. The guys in the movie probably could’ve easily outran him if they had gone at more than a light jog.”

“Oh yeah? And how would you know?” Steven asked with a faux challenging chuckle. “Have you ever outran a zombie, Dad?”

“Can’t say that I have, Sto-ball,” the former Rockstar laughed. “And I can’t say that I’d really ever want to either.”

“Well what about any of the other monsters in here in Gravity Falls? You’ve lived here for a super long time-”

“I’ve only been here for 26 years, Steven. Then again, I guess that is kind of a long time…” Greg frowned. “Yikes. I’m getting old.”

“Yeah, but still,” Steven interjected. “You’ve been around long enough to see all the cool stuff here. Have you ever been chased by gnomes? Or have you ever high-fived a manotaur? Or hugged a werewolf?!”

“O-oh well, uh, I don’t know about all that…” Greg frowned apprehensively. “Your mom and the Gems usually would handle all that supernatural stuff. I’ve always figured it’s best not to get involved with it.”

“Aw, but you could have totally helped them, Dad!” the young Gem exclaimed enthusiastically. “It would be so cool to see you fighting alongside me and the Gems using—wait for it…” Steven paused, tapping the side of the van to create a dramatic drumroll. “The power of music!”

“Heh, well, I’m not really sure what good the ‘power of music’ would do against a werewolf or a zombie,” the former rock star chuckled. “Still, it’s good to know you still think your old man cool enough to keep up with the best of them.”

Steven laughed warmly as his father pulled him into an affectionate headlock and noogie. The playful moment was soon interrupted however, as a bright flash of light from outside flooded into the van through the windows. It only lasted a second, but that startling second was enough to catch both Steven and Greg completely off guard. “Whoa!” the young Gem exclaimed, breaking free from his father’s embrace as he ran to the back window, peeking out of it to find nothing but the Gem temple the van was parked in front of. “What was that?!”

“Eh, it must have just been a flash of heat lightning,” Greg shrugged with a casual grin, glancing out the front windows himself. His smile faded however, upon looking down the hill to the Mystery Shack, noticing as another sudden burst of blue light pulsated from the ramshackle building. The former rock star knew exactly what this meant, but even so, he had made a promise not to get involved in it. And that was a promise he was honor bound to uphold to his former boss. “U-uh, hey, Steven!” Greg quickly quipped, forcing a tight grin onto his face as he turned towards his unknowing son. “Hows about we pop another one of these movies in, huh? This next one has a mummified cow on the cover.”

“Oh! You mean The Cowwy!?” Steven grinned, plopping back down in his spot beside his father. “That’s one of my favorites! Put it in! Put it in!”

“Way ahead of you, kiddo,” Greg smirked, putting the tape in as Steven settled in to watch it. However, as he turned to sit down once more himself, he happened to steal another look at the shack, which was still lightly enveloped in an ominous pale cobalt glow. A years-old fear started to fill the former rock star, especially as his mind turned back to the warnings Rose had whispered to him long ago, warnings that even the Gems themselves no longer had. Greg had hoped that Stan would have given up on this risky pursuit by now, but if the conman was nothing else, he was persistent. But even so, one thing was clear: the once-forgotten ghosts of the past were still very much around. And given how much things had changed since then, getting rid of them would be far more difficult this time around.


Lol so because I’m a genius I never posted this (????). I guess I (thought that I) was gonna finish it (LOLLLLLLLL, GOOD JOKE, ME) since these were just supposed to be planning sketches but

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So yeah, this is a Chobits AU where Adrien/Chat is a persocom that Mari finds (he slips between his Adrien/Chat personalities and hair lol). Gabriel built him but when his wife vanished it was too painful to keep him around, so he ends up with Mari. Cuteness ensues. Bonus:

//JJ pose// iiiit’s CHOBITS STYLE lol

Anyway, enjoy!! 

PS I feel silly watermarking sketches but I did b/c of crappy reposters, so if you think you’re gonna repost (aka steal) this:

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