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Science Partners (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: With all of the Homecoming hype, I figured I would write another little thing about our cute web-slinger. Enjoy!! xx

Warnings: cute, cute, cuTE, and the cheesiest of tropes

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It was a new year. A new year of hell. Peter always did fairly well in his classes, especially his science classes, but he still hated the idea of being invisible as he navigated the crowds of hormonal teenagers. He also hated listening to guys and girls complain about broken phones when he had to worry about broken bones as he kept the streets safe. 

He didn’t hate school quite as much, however, when he walked into chemistry and saw you. You were a new student and you sat perched on a stool, alone at a back table. Your hair shone in the sunlight that streaked through the classroom window. Peter would swear that your eyes glittered like (Y/E/C) jewels when your eyes met his. You flashed him a shy smile before looking away. It was only for a moment but Peter was undeniably head-over-heels. 

“Parker,” the teacher barked. Peter snapped his head to look at the teacher. He gripped the strap of his backpack nervously. “It is nice of you to finally join us. For the rest of the year, I think it would be kind to your new science partner that you arrive on time.” The teacher gestured to you with one liver-spotted hand. 

Peter’s heart leaped into his throat as he willed his feet to move towards you. He placed his bag down with a thud and nervously took the stool next to you. “I’m (Y/N),” you whispered, tapping his shoulder lightly. 

“I’m Peter!” he blurted out as the teacher was going over the syllabus. His face went as red as a tomato and a few students snickered. The teacher shot him a threatening glare before continuing. You smiled and giggled lightly, pink creeping up your cheeks. 

The entire hour, Peter kept stealing glances at you. Everything about you was perfect. The shape of your lips, the color of your eyes, the rise of your cheek bones, the curve of your nose. An oral pop quiz was given and Peter was impressed by your intelligence. You raised your hand for almost every question and every time you were right. 

Every now and then you would catch Peter staring. Your heartbeat was rapid the entire class period. His chocolaty brown gaze made your breath hitch and your stomach flutter. When he wasn’t looking, you would also steal glances. His jaw clenched in concentration. His messy hair fluttered in his eyes. His surprisingly defined arms and chest moved gracefully under his sweater. 

Towards the end of class, the teacher handed out a list of various labs you could choose from to get yourself acquainted with the lab. You looked over the purple paper and looked up at Peter who was staring directly at you. His chin was propped up on his hand and he had a dazed smile on his face. “So, um, Peter, what do you think?” you asked.

“I think you’re amazing,” he mumbled. His eyes grew wide as he realized what he said. You looked away, hoping to hide the intense blush on your cheeks. “I.. I mean no, well, yes, you are, but I, uh…” You could say that Peter was saved by the bell, for the high pitched school bell began to ring and Peter was out the door before anyone else. You stared at the empty stool and your shoulders drooped a little. This was going to be an interesting year. 

Peter made his way to the lunch room, trying to block out the embarrassing image of him making a fool of himself. He somberly waited in line for his lunch and then took his usual seat with his friend, Ned. “New year, dude. New year means new girls,” Ned said, nudging Peter’s shoulder. Peter just slowly shook his head, staring down at his grease soaked pizza. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I met the new girl,” Peter mumbled. 

“Dude, tell me about her! Is she that bad that so you’re like this now?”

Peter shook his head once more. “No, Ned. She’s astounding. She’s so intelligent and she made this really funny joke in class and her face… Ned, her face. She’s the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen. And she’s my science partner..” Peter went on and on with great enthusiasm about you. Ned encouraged it. 

You walked into the lunch room, gripping your bagged lunch and looking around nervously. You finally found who you were looking for and made a bee-line for the table. “And Ned, her shirt fit in all of the right…”

“Um, Peter?” you interrupted nervously, standing behind him as Ned eyed you humorously. You saw his shoulders tense and his ostentatious hand gestures freeze in mid-air. He slowly turned in his seat and looked up at you. “You forgot this in chemistry,” you held up the hand not holding your lunch to show Peter’s backpack. 

He gingerly took the bag from you, his fingertips brushing against your hand. You would laugh at yourself later but you could have sworn you felt sparks when his hand touched yours. “Thank you,” he mumbled, looking into your eyes. You could feel a heat creeping up your neck and you gripped your lunch nervously.

“Would you like to sit with us?” Ned piped up, breaking your attention away from Peter’s gold-flecked eyes. 

You flashed him a smile, and nodded. “Yes, thank you,” you stammered. 

“You wouldn’t mind, Pete, right?” Ned winked at him. 

“Not… Not at all,” Peter said, scooting over so you could sit next to him. You made yourself comfortable as you slid in next to your cute new lab partner. Your shoulders brushed together and Peter cleared his throat. 

“So, (Y/N), I’m Ned. Peter has told me a lot about you.” Peter angrily took a bite out of his pizza. You giggled shyly and began unpacking your lunch. “Peter here is very good at chemistry with other people, just so you know.” The boy in question let out a very angry sigh, his jaw clenching. You bit your lip and saw that Ned was playing wing-man. 

“Is he now?” you asked, sounding intrigued. “Maybe you could show me a thing or two… In the lab, of course.” Peter perked up but continued to stare down at his food. 

“So, (Y/N), have you ever studied anatomy?” Ned asked, waggling his eyebrows at you and nodding towards Peter. You suppressed a giggle as you felt Peter kick him under the table. 

You made sure to flutter your eyelashes a little as you looked sideways at the very embarrassed boy and said, “The human body happens to be a.. main interest of mine.”

Peter almost choked on his milk and you couldn’t help but let out a laugh. Ned roared with laughter and Peter was once again bright red. “He’ll get this flirting thing down eventually,” Ned said through fits of laughter, patting your hand reassuringly. “So, where ya from?”

Ned made pleasant conversation the rest of the lunch period and Peter gradually came out of his shell. You could tell that you would become fast friends with the two boys and your feelings for Peter had already begun to take root. Peter, at one point, even attempted a pick-up line. 

“What lab were you thinking of doing?” you asked Peter. 

“Well,” he began, puffing out his chest and looking at you through half-lidded eyes, “I was thinking we could mix copper and tellurium because you’re CuTe.”

“Impressive, Peter,” you said with a giggle. He looked very proud of himself for the “effectiveness” of his flirting. The lunch bell rang and all three of you stood up to leave. “Well, I’ll see you in gym, Peter. See you tomorrow, Ned!” you shouted over your shoulder. 

“Gym, huh? You guys can be gym partners! You can help her with her squats, spot that a… ouch, dude!” Peter punched Ned’s shoulder as he was talking. Peter watched you walk away, a soft smile on his face. You glanced once more over your shoulder and flashed a gorgeous smile at Peter. Peter was not going to hate school at all this year. 

A/N: This ended up a little longer than I expected. Also, this is set up perfectly to become a series! What do you guys think? Would you want that? Let me know and send in requests!! xx

i’m such a fool to pay this price - peter parker x reader

fandom: marvel/spiderman

word count: 804

character pairings: spiderman x reader

warnings: none ion think

prompt: who gave you that black eye? (from this prompt bank)

notes: whew. haven’t uploaded in a hot second but ion think anyone really noticed LOL. anyways, enjoy. a lil somethin i wrote up while waiting for the bus. xoxo. 


who gave you that black eye? 


worrying about peter parker was nothing new to you.

it’s not like you weren’t a generally nervous person; everything gave you anxiety, made you worry obsessively over something until you could be reassured with a solution.

dating spiderman surely did nothing to aid your disastrous anxiety, but i mean- it was peter parker, the boy you fell in love with the second you laid eyes on him in freshman year. were you expected to just get up and leave when he confessed to you that he was the man in the mesh suit?

absolutely not.

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Okay so as a last thing I want to point out before this EDH-discourse thing spirals out of hand (since some lovely individual started talking about rape and cancer in the replies.)

I enjoy magic as a game when its good players playing good decks built with a good balance, wether its standard, modern, legacy, vintage or EDH. The powerlevel/Casual-level comes after that, and I for one base my plays around that at the time. Yanno, hit with narset > give other players extra turns if its just jankmanders around.

ps; we did have ONE guy at my old playgroup who didn’t want to put in removal/counterspells/any answers but instead wanted to ban all tier 1-2 commanders. It’s the same guy that proxied his entire commander containing dual lands, fetches and everything while bragging pre-game on how he’s gonna kill everyone at the table with his infinite-counter combo.

He called me a bitch 5 times in a row after losing before getting thrown out.

Scotch (Justin Foley x Reader)

Warnings : Alcohol, swearing, making-out, Bryce being kinda a dick, and my English still sucks. 
Word count: 2500.

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A/N: Here’s my third imagine, woo! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I’m gonna start working on a Jeff one and another Monty one; so let me know if you want me to post it! xx

You can also read my first Monty imagine here, and my Zach imagine here

Y/N Y/L/N wasn’t the kind of person to host parties very often, but when she did – they were legendary.  Her parents were both businesspeople and were rarely home, which allowed her to do whatever she pleased whenever she wanted to. That’s why her boyfriend, Justin, practically lived with her by now – considering his situation at home. Most of the time the couple would spend time alone at Y/N’s place, invite friends over and sometimes, like today, organize parties.

The party was in full swing, sweaty bodies grinding against one another on the makeshift dancefloor in the living room, teenagers getting drunk in the voluminous kitchen the Y/L/N family owned, couples getting at it in the various guest rooms upstairs.

Y/N, however, was standing in the corner of her living room, a simple bottle of coke in her hand as she kept an eye on everyone from afar. Y/N never got drunk at her own parties – her parents would never forgive her if something valuable went missing, or was broken. She knew her friends wouldn’t cause her trouble, but she wasn’t so sure about the other fifty or so guests.

Her lips curved into a smile as she caught sight of her boyfriend who was making his way over to her, a half empty bottle of beer in his hand and a smirk plastered to his gorgeous face. Biting down on his lower lip, Justin slid his free arm around her waist once he reached her, bringing her to his side and placing a sweet kiss to her temple.

“Hi there, beautiful.” He purred in her ear, giving it a small bite as his grip on her tightened. Y/N giggled, pushing him away playfully. She could smell the alcohol on his breath but she didn’t mind. It was a party after all, and she was probably the only sober person there – as crazy as it sounds.

Justin swiftly drank the rest of his beer before putting the empty green bottle on a table nearby, his now free hand travelling up to cup Y/N’s cheek. His thumb softly grazed her cheekbone as his blue orbs stared into her E/C ones. He pressed his soft lips to hers in a loving kiss, which she reciprocated – her arms moving around his neck, her fingers playing with his hair.

Justin groaned, pressing his body to hers as his hands moved to rest on her hips, squeezing gently. He started nibbling on her lower lip, his leg making its way between her parted ones and his hands now running up and down her body. Y/N tugged at the little hairs at the base of his neck as the kiss turned rougher, making him groan loudly which in turn caused her to smile into the kiss. Justin was always very needy, but when drunk he needed even more attention than usual. Y/N didn’t mind though; she actually loved it. The couple seemed to have forgotten about the dozens of sweaty teenagers surrounding them until a loud crash interrupted their make-out session.

Y/N broke the kiss, leaving her boyfriend flustered and confused for a few seconds. Panic filled her eyes as she searched for the origin of the sound, soon spotting a couple of people picking up pieces of broken glass. The girl sighed in relief as she noticed that it was just a glass, nothing valuable.

“I have to go clean this up, go find the boys.” She gave him an apologetic smile and his hand a gentle squeeze as he nodded, pulling her into him to kiss her once more before letting her go.

Defeated, Justin made his way back to the kitchen – where he knew his friends would be. And that’s exactly where he found them. Zach, Montgomery and Marcus were chatting with a few girls, trying and miserably failing to impress them; while Bryce was going through the kitchen’s cupboards, a permanent frown visible on his face.

“What are you doing?” Justin asked, his voice filled with annoyance, making Bryce stop and turn around quickly, the frown replaced by a smirk.

“Looking for more booze.” The older boy explained calmly, as if rummaging through his friend’s girlfriend kitchen was an acceptable thing to do. He closed a cupboard and opened another one, groaning as he found nothing interesting inside.

“It’s all on the table, man.” Justin said, gesturing to the multiple bottles of alcohol standing on the table while giving his friend a stern look, not even trying to hide how irritated he was by his behaviour.

“Come on, brother. That’s shit, not booze.” Bryce scoffed, his eyes scanning the almost empty bottles. “Y/N must have something better hidden somewhere.” He continued, closing the last cupboard before joining the younger boy at the table. He nudged his friend gently with his elbow, a knowing look on his face. He was fully aware that Y/N’s father had a fine collection of liquor somewhere in the house, he just didn’t know where.  Justin sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers. He had promised Y/N that he wouldn’t let anyone near her father’s liquor cabinet, especially not Bryce.

“Come on, just one bottle and just for us.” Bryce pleaded, determined to make Justin cave in.

“I don’t know, man… Y/N would kill me.” The blue-eyed boy said, looking back at his others friends to make sure that they weren’t listening. To his relief, they were too engulfed in their conversations with the girls to pay attention to what was happening right next to them.

“She won’t even notice.” Bryce reassured, his arm hanging lazily on Justin’s shoulders. A wide smile appeared on his face as his eyes met his friend’s – he knew he had convinced him.  

“Fuck, alright. But just one bottle.” The smile on the baseball player’s face widened, if it was even possible. He nodded, his hand resting on his friend’s back, pushing him gently towards the kitchen’s door.

Walking into the living room, Justin let out a long shaky breath as his girlfriend was nowhere to be seen. Guilt was eating at him from inside but he couldn’t find it in himself to say no to his best friend. But Bryce’s confident demeanour and the bold look he had in his eyes kind of reassured him. After all, Y/N will never find out and neither will her father, right? He owned way too many bottles to notice that one of them disappeared.  

The brown-haired boy led his older friend up the stairs, and into Mr.Y/L/N’s office. The average-sized room was dimly lit – the only source of light coming from the window that overlooked the garden, which was illuminated by small colourful paper lanterns. Justin glanced once more into the corridor to make sure that nobody has followed them before quietly closing the door behind them.

Bryce’s eyes immediately scanned the room in search of alcohol and soon enough, they landed on an old wooden cabinet standing in a corner. A wicked smile decorated his face as he quickly moved towards it, frantically trying to open it – to no avail. He groaned loudly as he pulled on the handle once more, but it didn’t budge. Frustrated, he went for a kick but Justin’s enraged voice held him back.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He whispered-shouted, his eyebrows furrowed and his jaw clenched tightly.

“Trying to open that god damned thing!” Bryce chuckled looking back at his frantic friend standing near the door, clearly less stressed by the situation than Justin was.

“Just let me fucking do it.” The younger boy sighed, his face softening as he approached him. His hand searched behind the liquor cabinet, where he knew the key was. Y/N had showed him weeks ago, when they decided to spend a nice evening together. She thought that a glass of wine would perfectly pair with the diner she had prepared. But she made it clear that it was an exception, as her father would surely notice if more than one bottle went missing.

Bryce’s eyes lit up as the cabinet’s doors opened, revealing dozens of bottles from gin to tequila, from whiskey to rum. A few bottles of vodka lingered in the back, but what tempted him the most was the expensive-looking bottle of scotch. He grabbed the dark bottle and another one before quickly moving away with one bottle in each hand.

“What the fuck, Bryce. We said one bottle.” Justin hissed, his hand reaching to take a bottle from his friend. But the older boy was quicker, opening both bottles and taking a big sip from one of them. He chuckled at Justin’s petrified expression.

“Chill, dude. It’s just scotch and vodka. None will notice.” He said calmly, bringing the bottle of scotch to his lips once again and offering the vodka to his friend. Sighing, the boy accepted the beverage. The alcohol burned his throat as he swallowed big gulps, but it just felt so right.

“Let’s get out of here.” Justin said after a few seconds, afraid of getting caught in Mr.Y/L/N’s office. He locked the cabinet quickly, putting the key back in its place before leaving the room, Bryce hot on his heels.

The boys sat at the top of the stairs, deciding that it would be safer up there than downstairs, where Y/N could catch them. Sip after sip, Justin’s head felt lighter and lighter. He couldn’t even tell what the conversation he was having with Bryce was about. His head was spinning from the alcohol and his stomach was hurting from laughing. Everything the older boy said or did seemed to be the funniest thing on earth to an intoxicated Justin.

Suddenly, Bryce’s eyes widened but he quickly tried to cover it with a smirk – which once again caused Justin to burst in laughs. A loud gasp could be heard, his head shooting to where it came from. And there, at the bottom of the staircase, stood Y/N. She was fuming – her eyes wide with anger, her lips pursed in a tight line, her fists clenched. She was looking up at the boys, her breaths short and rapid as she walked up the stairs.

“Are you fucking serious?” She snapped, snatching the bottle of vodka from her boyfriend’s hand forcefully and examining it. She quickly recognized the bottle as one of her father’s.

“Hi babe!” Justin slurred, his eyes twinkling with joy as he watched his girlfriend lovingly.

“Don’t ‘hi, babe’ me, Jus!” She yelled, taking the other bottle from her boyfriend’s best friend. “Do you idiots even realise what you did?” She groaned, gaining the attention of a few guests – including some of her friends.

“Come on Pau, chill. It’s just two bottles of booze.” Bryce laughed it off, earning a glare from the girl, to what he raised his hands in surrender, shaking his head a little.

“Just two bottles of booze.” Y/N scoffed, her hands falling to her sides in defeat. “These bottles are worth six hundred dollars each, you morons.” She said, her voice low and threatening. The words that left Y/N’s mouth made Justin sober up instantly. His eyes doubled in size and his mouth fell open. He could see the disappointment and the hurt in her E/C eyes, and it broke his heart.

“Y/N, fuck, I’m so-” He started, but she interrupted him with a wave of her hand. She looked around, noticing a circle forming around them. All eyes were on them, and she hated it.

“Get out.” She mumbled, her head hanging low, hair falling into her eyes. She could heard them all chat around, whispering things she couldn’t even make out but knew were about them. “Get out!” She repeated, this time louder to make sure that everybody heard her. “All of you, out. Now.” She gestured to the front door.

She was enraged and disappointed. She couldn’t believe her boyfriend did the one thing she had begged him not to. But she was also afraid – afraid of how her father would react. Her father was a big fan and connoisseur of scotch, so she was more than certain that he would notice that one of his bottles is gone.

The house emptied itself slowly, her friends kicking drunk and moody teenagers out as she stood on the stairs immobile, her boyfriend right next to her. Her eyes were focused on a wall as she patiently waited for everyone to leave.

“What the fuck, Jus?” Y/N faced him once the front door was shut and they were the only ones left in the house. Justin’s gaze avoided hers, falling to the floor in shame. “I asked you not to go in there, especially with Bryce!” She continued, making vivid movements with her hands to express how annoyed she was. “You know how much my father loves his little liquor cabinet! For fuck’s sake, Justin. What were you thinking?” Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” The boy whispered as Y/N sat on a step, brushing away the few stray tears that had now escaped. “I wasn’t thinking, I just… Bryce wanted more booze, and…” He trailed off, realising that he had no idea how to justify what he did. He sat on the step next to her, leaving a good amount of space between them as he didn’t know if she wanted him close, or gone.

Justin played with his fingers while waiting for Y/N to do something, to say something. He knew he fucked up, and he hated himself for it. He regretted letting Bryce into the office, he regretted opening the liquor cabinet to him. But he couldn’t do anything to change what has been done.

After a few minutes of sitting in complete silence, Y/N moved closer to her boyfriend, taking him by surprise. Justin tensed as she rested her head on his shoulder, making her giggle softly. A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips and he tentatively brought an arm around her shoulders, expecting her to shrug it off, but she didn’t. Instead, she snuggled closer to him, wrapping her arms around his stomach.

“You’re an idiot.” She mumbled into his neck, earning a chuckle from the boy.

“I know, I’m sorry.” He whispered back, nuzzling his nose into her soft hair and taking in her scent. He smiled, leaving a tender kiss at the top of her head. Y/N sighed, pulling away from him and looking into his eyes.

“You’re lucky that I love you.” Justin smiled slightly at her words, his arm bringing her closer to him.

“I am.” He breathed, his nose bumping into hers as he leaned in. “I love you too.”

“And you’re gonna have to make it up to me.” Y/N cocked an eyebrow at him, causing his smile to widen. The boy laughed, his hand cupping her cheek once more that night before crashing his lips into hers.

“I will.” He promised, pulling away from the kiss to take a breath before diving back in.

Well, that was embarrassingly cringy. The end was, once again, terrible. I’m gonna hide somewhere now, byeee.


Most Secrets Come With A Price.

Can be found on AO3 and FF.net, also this chapter under the cut…

Summary: Oliver Queen wants to get his life back in order. He seeks out an old friend, Felicity Smoak, believing she is the one person who can help him. With years passed and both having grown, will spending so much time together forever change their relationship? But not all is as it seems. When secrets, the past, family, and life, all start to unravel before him, can Oliver trust anyone?

Authors Note: Okay so this is my contribution to the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon on tumblr arranged by @thebookjumper, so this is my multichapter fic using the prompts. Firstly thank you everyone for the support!!! I did not realise how hard it would be to write a multichapter with just prompts! :P but it’s fun! :D and I hope you enjoy this one x

Chapter 5: Out of Place.

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Afternoon Sunshine [Chapter 1]

Characters: Diana Cavendish + Akko Kagari / Andrew Hanbridge + Frank

Genre: Gay, Romance, idk?!?!

a/n: im working on getting an ao3 account. i feel like i need to get my gay out that way. anyways here’s this gay mess. it’s diakko/dianakko and frandrew. enjoy

summary: andrew invites both akko and diana out for a picnic with frank. things are gonna get a little bit gay. did i mentiongay

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Before Love - Chapter 1 Sneak Peek

This is sneak peek of my (rp me) past before I met Johnathan and also when we meet. Idk when I will get the chapter up but I wanted to share something 💕. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

SN: I did not proof read yet

I was sipping my drink when Emani tapped my shoulder. “Don’t look now but Scar is staring you down.”

                                “Huh? Don’t be silly. That man is not thinking about me. If anything, he probably making sure no guys are talking to me. You keep attracting them over here.” I laugh.

                                “No…. he is really staring you down like he wants all that thickness.” Emani smirks. This girl a mess, Scar would never find me attractive. Plus, he works close with my dad so he would never. We talk some more when Scar starts to make his way over to me.  For some reason I felt nervous. He was looking me up and down as he bites his lip.

                                “Hey beautiful.” Scar sips his drink.

                                “Hey….” I was getting chills but not in a bad way. I mean Scar is attractive. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think he was.

                                “Are you enjoying yourself?” Scar sits his cup down.

                                “No, you know I rather be home.” I fold my arms. Scar pulls me close smiling.

                                “I’m going to give you two some privacy.” Emani walks off. I wanted to pull her back because I don’t know if I can handle being alone with Scar.

                                “I hope you’re not talking to those boys.” Scar whispers in my ear.

                                “No, I’m not….” I back away from him a little. I think he had a little bit too much to drink. He never acted this way before so I took his cup away. “No more for you, all right.” Scar nods looking at me with his eyes low. He was about to say something but someone walks up to me. They say hey to get my attention. I look at them and realize it was Swift. He had two other guys with him.

                                “We meet again.” Swift smiles and Scar puts his arms around my waist from the back putting his head on my shoulder. Swift just chuckles not being phased by Scar.

                                “Hey Swift.” I smile.

                                “Here to party?” Swift tilts his head as he folded his arms.

                                “Nah, I’m here to support my dad, this is his club.” I laugh even though I’m not happy being at here.

                                “Oh, I see. Well, I am happy to see you. You look beautiful by the way.” Swift grabs my hand or tries to. Scar pulls my hand back. Why is he acting this way, I wish he stop at least for right now. “I want to talk to you in private.”

                                “You can say what you have to say in front of me.” Scar lets go  of me then gets in between Swift and I.

                                “I guess boyfriends can get like that huh?” Swift chuckles.

                                “He is not my boyfriend. I don’t even have one. He is my dad’s right-hand man and he watches over me sometimes. I don’t know he seems extra protective tonight. It’s nice seeing you again.” I smile shyly.

                                “This the girl you were telling us about. She is really cute…..and single. Hey love my name is Yuki…..Yuki Cartel.” Yuki grabs my hand and kisses it. Swift quickly smacked the back of his head. I couldn’t help but laugh as Yuki rubbed his head.

anonymous asked:

I'd like to suggest that, while you have the chance, you see if you're the variety of asexual person who doesn't experience sexual attraction but still enjoys sex when given the opportunity.

Why would I do that when there are so many different kinds of food I can try?What if I do actually like pina coladas? I feel as though this is a more important discovery than anything to do with sex.

This human body is… strange. And I am not sure I am comfortable in it. The idea of having sex is still one I find… not particularly pleasant at this point in time.

anonymous asked:

I'm glad that Matt mentioned he is neutral when it comes to shipping. He mentioned he'd advise against people getting in abusive relationships in real life, which I agree, and then he said "BUT this is fiction, so if shipping makes people enjoy SW, it's cool. However people engage with the franchise is good" He also agreed, that if reylo did happen, it's nothing new because Luke & MaraJade and Revan & Bastilla. He's trying to be openminded about it, but ant*s are twisting his words like always.

I didn’t see the abusive relationships comment but I can see ants having a field day with that. Wonder if perhaps he was talking about… idk… a man choking his pregnant wife? But again. This is fiction. Fiction.

Kylo Ren and Rey are not in a relationship. They are on opposite sides of a war, so their relationship isn’t abuse.

But yeah, ants will always twist people’s words to make it into something it’s not. Matt saying he doesn’t condone abusive relationships irl has nothing to do with what he perceives as abusive in Star Wars.

Fun times.


Sure I can! I’m so happy you liked the sentence prompts! I worked really hard on them! Sorry this was really sad, I hope you like it anyway. I tried to end it on a happy note, I just wanted people to know that everything will be okay soon! Enjoy the story! And if it helps, listen to “Stuff we did” from the Up soundtrack while you read it. I listened to it while I wrote it and it helped.

Send me a sentence prompt! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/162137075437/sentence-prompts

“Are you doing okay?” Marco asked. Star was just sitting at the same chair she was sitting in when the funeral started. That was two days ago. She hadn’t moved a muscle. But she wasn’t crying, she didn’t even look sad. She had a confused face, like when somebody was trying to figure out a hard math problem. “Star?” Marco asked again.

“It doesn’t make any sense.” Star looked down at her hands. “When you know what’s best… what’s stopping you from doing the right thing?” She asked. “I knew it would be dangerous for a human… but I let Janna come along anyway… I wanted her here.”

“Because you loved her… you still love her.” Marco told her. “So when Janna told you she could handle it… you believed her… and she told you she could because she loved you, and didn’t want you to go alone.” Marco tried his best to make sense of the situation for her. But Star seemed to be thinking of other things.

“As soon as Janna showed up to fight… nobody expected a human to survive in a monster battle in the first place. Everyone had low hope.” Star sighed. “I should have listened to my mother, for once in my life I should have listened to her.” Finally Star was beginning to crack and few tears escaped. Marco wrapped his friend up in a hug.

“Star, this isn’t your fault.” Marco assured her. “Janna is a human and we-”

“No.” Star cut him off. “Not you too.” She shook her head and Marco looked at her curiously. “Everyone keeps blaming this on the fact that she was human. Like, she died because humans die, that’s all it is.” Star explained.

“Bad things happen, Star.” Marco told her. “Especially when you’re in a dangerous position.” He tried again, but Star shook her head.

“No… things can be prevented…” She claimed. “Everyone was at the funeral saying this was bound to happen… but it wasn’t… I did this.” Star had more tears overflow in her eyes and Marco pulled her in a hug, holding her tight as she sobbed. “This is all my fault! Why didn’t I send her away when I had the chance!”

“She would have never gone and you know that!” Marco cut Star off and pulled away a bit. “How many times has Janna done something stupid for you? Even if it was just something dumb, like in high school how she would skateboard off the dumpster and then hit her head.” Marco reminded. This made Star laugh bitterly through her tears.

“A lot of times.” She agreed.

“And how many times have you said “Janna, don’t do that”?” Marco asked.

“A lot of times.” Star sighed, her smile was fading away.

“See? She loves you. And it doesn’t matter how severe or dangerous the task is, if it’s for you, she was going to find away to do it. Even if you tied her up and sent her back to earth by force, you know she’d end up right back here. There’s nothing you could have done, this is not your fault!” Marco cried out, jumping from his chair. “You were both trying to do the right thing.” He sighed, sitting back down.

Star took a deep breath and looked up at the picture of Janna they posted on the wall. She felt a smile spread across her face. “She always had something to say… something to do… an adventure or quest. She was my knight and I was her princess.” Star laughed, wiping away a tear. “Of course she wouldn’t stay behind when her princess was in danger… and I wouldn’t if my knight was in danger either.” Star realized.

Marco smiled at his friend, but looked confused when she got up and began walking towards the door. “Star?” Marco asked, going to follow her. “Where are you going?” He asked. Star smiled at her friend and handed him her purse, then bent down to take off her heels and gave them to Marco as well. “Why are you giving me your shoes?” Marco asked.

Star laughed lightly. “Well I can’t go on an adventure in heels, they’ll get stuck in the mud.” She responded. Marco looked at her confused.

“A-adventure?” He asked. Star nodded.

“Yeah… an adventure. What me and Janna called a date.” She giggled. She then got a nostalgic look on her face, like she was torn between laughing and crying. “I… bad things happen, and sometimes there’s nothing else we can do but accept them. But I’m not going to let that stop me from being the rebel princess Janna fell in love with.” Star vowed. “She didn’t die for nothing, she saved me and… I’m going to make my life worth something to die for.” Star stood tall but tears were still welling up in her eyes. She turned to walk away.

“Star wait, where are you going?” Marco asked once again. Star turned and smiled a bit.

“Janna always wanted to find a dragon’s nest… so I guess I’m going to find one for her.” Star smiled. “She had so much she wanted to do… a whole list of stuff that could never be accomplished in one lifetime… but I’ll find a way to fit them all in.” Star promised. Marco smiled and gave his friend one last hug.

“Be careful.” He asked of her.

“I will.” She promised. Star clutched onto Marco tighter. “I just feel like I’ll never be able to stop thinking of her.” She sighed, beginning to cry again.

“You won’t.” Marco told her. “But won’t always be a bad thing. Soon enough you’ll think of her and smile because she was here, not cry because she’s gone.” Marco explained. “Now go live your life, it’s all Janna ever wanted was for you to be happy.”

Star wiped away one last tear. “She made me happier than I could have ever been.” She closed her eyes. “I owe her everything… and I’m still going to give it to her.”

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Hi! If your askbox is open, could you do friendship headcannons for Polnareff, Kakyoin and Jotaro? Thank you, have a nice day<3

I didn’t know if you meant in the group dynamic or just like what they would be like as friends, so I did the latter, hope that’s alright. I have never done friend headcanons at all tho))

Jotaro Kujo-

  • He’s not the greatest friend, but he’s not the worst either
  • If nothing else he’s reliable, when things are serious
  • Doesn’t enjoy too many casual hang outs, but is inclined if they involve places he likes 
  • Won’t forgot special occasions but won’t make a big deal out of them
  • Gives gift cards over ‘real’ gifts most of the time, it makes the most sense

Noriaki Kakyoin-  

  • A great friend, never a fair weather friend
  • He is always excited about special occasions and will even plan parties, provided people are the party type
  • Will hit on your sister though, watch out for that
  • It’s harmless
  • Don’t hit him
  • Maybe hit him a little

Jean Pierre Polnareff-

  • The best friend????
  • Although he is also a flirty friend, but he’ll stop if you tell him to
  • Enjoys bars, and will drag along all friends 
  • Best at birthday parties, sings the loudest and gives silly gifts
  • Never lets you feel lonely, like seriously he is always up to hang out, just call him up
  • Will sleep over all the time, you might just wake up and he’s on your couch??????

so, technically, the first video that got me subscribed to mark was a collab he did in february of 2014. however, i didn’t really start watching til december of that year. i liked the witch’s house and pewd’s playthrough of corpse party, so when mark started to play Misao, i decided to check it out. even though it was less scary and more funny (that telephone death in part 3 was hilarious lol), i still really enjoyed this series ^-^ (and i lowkey hope that maybe mark can play another horror jrpg when he get’s a chance)

and btw, what really sold me on this were Samanthera and Isabelonker. man i loved them lol

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D, I, X

hahaha it’s funny cus it sounds like dicks

D. Is there a song or a playlist to associate with pandemonium? This is really random but I was obsessed with the song Malibu by Miley Cyrus when writing some of this. The lyrics have nothing to do with anything but I associate them now haha

I. I did this! But other guilty pleasures in writing include me making Sebastian so, so in love with Ciel that it hurts

X. A character you enjoy making suffer oh, i think I just accidentally answered that, though I only enjoy making Sebastian suffer a little bit. Terrible Misuse was the most I ever made anyone suffer because I just can’t bear it - I literally gave Seb a cat in Pandemonium just because I wanted him to have some happiness haha and I’m incapable of writing things too angsty because I cave in. Like I try and make them argue sometimes but they seem to make up in no time at all because I just can’t do it. 

Lonesome When You Go

written by 13Ways / @13ways-of-looking  for the @1dbigbang

[Tumblr Post]

“Don’t let her draw the chocolate, Boo. It makes me look dirty,” Harry had said, wiping his face with his sleeves and smusging it all the more, making Louis laugh endlessly.

“Of course we have to draw the chocolate, Harry. How else are we going to remember today?”

Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam are surgeons-in-training at the most prestigious program in the United States.

More than that, Harry and Louis have a history unknown to the others, a history that involves dogs and God, anatomy lessons, food fights, vinyl jazz records, and one hell of an oyster tour.

A story of trust and friendship, of poetry and rock songs, pink-tinged dawns and the darkest nights.

A tale of portraits, tattoos, and everlasting love.


Kara and Lena have dance parties to NSYNC in Kara’s apartment when they both have bad days. Dance parties were never really something Kara did on her own. But after coming home in a bad mood to be met with Lena also in a bad mood, it only took one or two fights before Kara grabbed a CD off her shelf and aggressively shoved it into the stereo saying she knew what would make them feel better. Because really who can keep yelling each other when NSYNC’s Its Gonna Be Me is playing at full volume in the background. 

It takes almost the full song of Kara jumping around and singing before Lena can feel herself start to crack. It is when Kara puts on Bye Bye Bye and points to herself in beat with the chorus that Lena starts to laugh and allows Kara to spin them around the living room. Neither of them able to hear the pounding on the door. 

Maggie leans on the wall next to the door, her boot against the wall next to her knee, having finally given up telling Alex that they are busy and can’t hear them. But Alex is worried after the day Kara had so Maggie waits patiently as Alex digs around for the spare key to the apartment and unlocks the door grumbling about what the hell they could be listening to so loud they can’t hear the door.

It’s not the song the shocks Alex, she remembers it well after listening to it on repeat for so many years through the walls of her parent’s house. It is Lena jumping up and down, and banging her head, hair loose, in time to the lyrics  that stops Alex a few steps into the apartment. Kara and Lena both stop dancing, faces flushed, their argument long forgotten, and stare back at a wide eyed Alex and a grinning Maggie. 
“We’ve been knocking for five minutes and this is what you are doing?!?!” Alex yells as the next song starts. “And NSYNC! Really?! I expect this from you Kara. But you Lena!” Alex points accusingly. “I really expected better!” 

Lena’s face flushes brighter as she and Kara exchange looks and burst out laughing. “Oh come on Alex!” Kara yells back as she starts dancing closer to her sister. 

“Don’t you dare! KARA!” Alex yells taking a step back. Kara’s attention turning to Maggie her eyes widening. “YOU! You are tapping your toes!” It comes out more as a sequel as she points at Maggie’s foot. Alex’s mouth falling open as she looks to Maggie her eyes narrow. “You wouldn’t.” Maggie shrugs, her face guilty as Kara pulls Maggie into her and Lena and turns the stereo up even louder. “Traitor!!” Alex hollers trying not to smile as she crosses her arm watching the three girls jump around in a crazy mess occasionally freezing in unison to sing a line into the invisible mics in their hands.