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how to make reactions

A/N: Heyy, don’t worry, this isn’t a dumb question! I’ve been enjoying making reactions myself since i started this tumblr account. I’m not the best account but many of you seem to like my work so here you go~

My first tutorial post on how to make reactions!

1. Decide on a topic and idol

This part is completely up to you. At first when my account was new i did not get requests and so had to come up with my own ideas!

TIP: Be creative! do not do something that many people often do, your work will not stand out :)

2. Make sure you know your idols well

Personally, i think this is incredibly important to make a reaction because readers often look forward to reading something that’s realistic. 
It would be weird if you wrote a quiet, kept to himself idol like Yoongi to be loud and hyper like Hoseok. It just doesn’t seem realistic.

TIP: I study psychology so i can tell apart personalities really easily but this isn’t the case for everyone, My tip is that you watch a lot of their videos, TV shows, and interviews so you can kind of see how they react in certain situations better

3. Start writing!

What I do on my blog is that i actually list all the names of the members and start writing their reactions based off of their personalities. It can be kind of difficult sometimes but if i get a writer’s block i watch some of their videos to just get inspired again, (i’m not going to lie… sometimes i get lazy ^^) 

TIP#1: Despite the fact that most of us see them through screens most of the time, please remember that these idols are REAL people with REAL emotions. Avoid writing them to be so robotic and emotionless (e.g. Yoongi) bc behind what we see through the screen they’re just like us ~

TIP#2: Avoid writing the members reaction to be similar, of course there will be members who have similar personalities but not everyone will react to certain things the same way. You have to look more in depth to their personalities ~

4. (Optional) Add gifs

When i surf through tumblr, my favourite reactions are the ones that have gif’s in it so i can kind of picture the members faces in the certain scenario. 

TIP!!!!: This one is kind of important - I prefer to make sure that the gif’s in my reactions correlate to what’s happening in the reaction because it annoys me when it doesn’t. Image reading about a sad breakup and seeing a gif of your idol smiling and jumping around… doesn’t sound very nice to me 


                                         HOW TO ADD GIF’S:




( he’s my ultimate bias by the way ;)) 

4. ~ gif is automatically added when you click on it ~

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Well there you go, it’s not very good but I tried. Hope this helps and good luck in making the reactions for your blog anon! ~

                                                   -bangtan angels-

Auston Matthews - Six Games

Anon: Could you pleaseee do a Auston Matthews where he comes home after a loss and you cuddle and comfort him?

A/N: Idk what to say about this bc I wrote it at literally 3am, hope you enjoy and I hope it makes sense bc I was so tired AHH!!!! Also, not sure if Auston’s ‘goal drought’ was actually six games so soz if it wasn’t.

Warning/s: Suggestive themes, swearing

Word count: 871

Song: Burn - The Temper Trap

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LadyD 500 Followers Giveaway!

Thanks everyone who decided they wanted to follow my crazy blog. Because It warms my heart so, I decided to do a giveaway. Something I do that I enjoy is make chapter banners for my fanfiction. So why not make one for five of my followers!?

Rules etc.

  • The giveaway will end on April 15
  • I will figure out that number/name randomizer thingy, or whatever, to draw 5 winners
  • You don’t have to be a writer to win one
  • You do have to be a follower
  • You do have to be a real person with a blog who is part of the Bioware fandom (preferably ME and DA OCs pls), and not a giveaway blog (whatever that is) or a bot
  • I will do up to two people in the image, ie OC and OC, OC and LI something like that - we can discuss if it will be possible
  • Your OC does not have to fall into the strict options we get in CC

So here’s the thing, if you end up being one of the 5 winners, we will have a chat. You will tell me about your OC and what you want for your banner/picture. I make these in photoshop to look like Illustrations. You can send me face claims (If CC never worked for you, you who just don’t have a CC version of your OC) or screenshots of your OC. Does your OC have like massively curly hair? Do they have a special tattoo that’s unique to just them? We can work with that. Abner has a unique tattoo, a septum piercing, and dreaded hair - but she still gets banners ;)

Thats it! That’s the thing! Like and reblog as much as you want to (without being a prick) and good luck!

Princess question time!! 👑👑

I’ve seen some porn gifs on tumblr that I thought about reposting. So here is my question!!
QUESTION🐳: I know I have a good mixture of daddies and little girls on here. I wanna know who enjoys porn gifs because I know that kinda stuff make or breaks my followers so I wanna know!!!
QUESTION #2🦄 would you guys like me to do more question and answers like this? I’d really like to interact more 💋💋


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCHECMcAIOc)

My latest Karamel vid! hope you all watch and enjoy :D I loved making it, I had so many feels.

Anyway if you can’t watch it just yet, it’s because I’ve literally just uploaded it so just try again later.

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Could you please make a yoonmin spring day collage with flowers if possible? Thank you💜😘

Requested by:  afaflaouamri

~ 🦋 Ahh thank you so much for requesting hun~ I enjoyed making this so much, so I do hope you like it. xox

Yoongi X Jimin Spring Day Flower Aesthetic. 

- Love covered up both there night and day, they stuck by each other even though when things got tough. They had each other to hold. There gift to each other, a small bunch of flowers. - 

~ 🦋 So I do hope you liked the Collage. Please do feel free to send in more ship requests by just sending in an ask through my ask box! xox 

Whenever I play by myself, I usually am really nice and sweet. Like i just want to make people happy when we enjoy the game together! I seem to do it more often when I’m playing support, though. I wanna emotionally support the team as well as help us win the game! It makes me feel good and happy at the end of the day, even if I don’t get much recognition for it. If you’re looking for a positive support, I’m always here to help!

Confession by @kuwata

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Shance, with 'don't leave just yet'? (If you're still taking them)

“Alright,” Lance murmured, sitting up and stretching comfortably.  “As much as I enjoy late night making out, we both need to get some sleep.”

Reaching out, Shiro murmured, “You don’t have to leave just yet, if you want to stay the night.”

(Send me a prompt and a pairing and I’ll write a 3 sentence fic)

PSA - it would mean a lot to me if you took the time to read this !

As many of you know, I am non-binary and use they/them pronouns. I am mostly androgynous in how I present myself and lately have been feeling some discomfort about the name I use online. I have always gone by Carrie in the rp community. It’s my identity and my real middle name. It’s how people have known me for over five years. I used to really enjoy it but now it makes me feel dysphoric. I still feel attached to it, but the overtly feminine nature of it makes me feel uncomfortable. I’d like to use an adaptation of my first name on here. It’s one I’m trying to use instead of my (again) very traditionally feminine first name. I may not stick to it and will be sure to make another post about it if I feel it doesn’t really end up fitting me all that well. 

That said, I’d like to start going by Danny. If you could refer to me as such I would really appreciate it. 

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Cuddling hcs for Viktor?

Yup! I tried to make it fluffy.Hope you enjoy this!

Viktor Nikiforov

  • Before cuddling they’d take a bubble bath together
  • After that they’ll comfortably lay on the bed and cuddle
  • He loves being face to face so that he could see his s/o’s expressions
  • He’d hold them very close and place soft pecks all over their face.
  • When he’s the big spoon,he loves gently rubbing his s/o back to relax them and massage them
  • Sometimes he’d tease them by slowly prying his cold hands into their shirt.Making them shiver with the cold touch.
  • Your hands are so cold,I’ll warm them up’ His s/o would say.They would kiss his hand and rub his hands with them to make it warmer
  • He loves it when his s/o is sharing their warmth with him
  • Viktor also enjoys being the little spoon from time to time
  • Hearing his s/o whispering sweet nothings into his ears make him quite flustered
  • Viktor enjoys playing with his s/o hair,tying it,braiding it,kissing it or smelling it.
  • eskimos kisses all the way!!
  • When his s/o falls asleep he’d sneak in a kiss on their lips
  • And softly whispers this:‘You look irresistibly cute sleeping like this,sorry I couldn’t hold back’
  • ‘Sweets dream I hope that you’ll be dreaming about me’

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one word prompts: 26 - Jared/Evan maybe mMmMm

Enjoy #26 ‘Confessions’


“I have a confession to make,” 

Evan was perplexed. His boyfriend was rather blunt at times, so he was wondering where this conversation was going. “What is it?” Evan asked, he was kind of concerned, hoping it was nothing too bad.

“It’s just…” Jared trailed off. Now Evan was worried, Jared seemed down, almost scared to tell Evan what was on his mind. Evan anxiety was now in high gear, he was really nervous. “Are you okay Jared? Are you in trouble?” Evan asked, concerned.

“No it’s just I…” Jared whispered the last part of his confession. Now Evan was annoyed, whatever it was it must be really bad if Jared was acting this way. “I didn’t hear you Jared, please just tell me what’s going on,” Evan squeaked, he was getting more anxious by the second.

“I had a pregnancy scare, Evan I was so worried,” Jared put his hand on his head dramatically. Evan stopped, and looked at his boyfriend. “You have got to be kidding me,” Evan said. Jared finally let his laughter out at the expression on his boyfriend’s face.

“N-no I’m no-not kidding, I-I was so scared,” Jared snorted as Evan sent him a glare. He was not in the mood anymore. “Ja-Jared! I tho-thought you were in serious trouble!” Evan glared. Jared was still laughing, the kind of laugh that needed giant intakes of breath in between bouts of it. 

“We would’ve been i-in so mu-much tro-trouble Ev! W-were a-are only eighteen!” Jared snickered. Evan was continuing to glare at his boyfriend, Jared could be an idiot sometimes, and now was one of those times.”You are an idiot,” Evan stated, Jared just shot him a look. “But you’re my idiot,” Evan laughed. 

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phone: aphobehatingcharacteroftheday reblogged a text post: "aphobehati..." me, clicking the notification immediately: YESSS MERCY ROAST EM

Hahaha, omg! I didn’t realize I’d become that well-known for “roasting.” I’m glad you guys enjoy my little tangents. Honestly, I worry sometimes that they make my blog less enjoyable.

–Mod Mercy

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hello! just dropping by to say that i really love your letsplay list series <3 i have plans to listen through them all throughout this week - keep up the good work friend!

Wow, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy them, I really love making them💚